A Fox Behind Bars part 24

Story by Wip on SoFurry

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#24 of A Fox Behind Bars

Part 24, y'all In which we find out how our pals handle the situation from part 23, and we get some more insight into how Regal and Dimitri's relationship is developing.

I tell ya, this would have been done sooner but for some reason the weather decided to smack me with a few consecutive days of flesh-melting temperatures. If I was a better writer I would have been strong enough to deal with it and accept the blame if I failed, but luckily I'm still working on becoming a good writer so allow me to shift the blame :-) The week before I was wearing a jacket, taking up my seasonal hobby of hiking, then BAM! It's like that episode of the Twilight Zone where the Earth is getting closer to the sun. And after being out all morning in 98 degree heat, I really only had the energy to laze about in front of a fan and read. :-(

I gave it my all, but if this installment isn't as good as previous ones, it's because my brain melted, and I didn't want to put off part 24 any longer than I already did. I'll try and make it up to you next week.

Thanks for your kind understanding and I hope you enjoy

Feel free to point out anything that needs improvement!


Styen's cell was at the end of the walkway. I brushed past half a dozen furs milling around at a dead run. One stuck his leg out to trip me. I jumped over it, and if this wasn't a life or death situation, I would have made it a point to look back and remember which of the fuckers it was.

I grabbed the bars on the last cell and slid in on the worn soles of my shoes. Fuck! Just his cellmate "Hey, Kalvin," I narrowed in on the ripped sheets he was braiding, flashbacks of the time I covered for Jake and let this hare whip me.

"Howdy, Regal. You wanna try something?"

"Receipt!" I instinctively eeped out the safeword I used with him. He laughed, but I wasn't exactly joking. "Uh, actually I need to find Styen. You know where he his?"

Kalvin pointed to the stairs. I'd really hoped that I wouldn't have to go down to the common area. I said thanks and dashed for the stairs, taking two at a time until the last few. I caught sight of Piter's right hand wolf standing at the bottom.

Max looked up at me, a cold smile on his tattooed face. "Been awhile."

Sanders and Styen were at the feline table. I didn't have time for this. With a deep breath I vaulted over the side of the stairs, faking left and catching the wolf off guard when I sprinted past him on the right. I heard him curse and follow for about three paces before Sanders saw me. The lion was on his feet and heading to meet me.

"Everything alri-" he started to ask.

"Sort of, sir. Dimitri needs to see you and Styen right away," I panted.

They followed me, keeping an eye on Max as he backed away from the stairs. I stuck my tongue out at him. Fuck the consequences.

Making our way along the walkway, Sanders leaned close, "what's going on?"

"Piter sent a wolf to fuck with Dimitri. I'm positive it's a set up to get Dimitri in trouble!" I barely noticed how the crowd of furs that tried to trip me on my way out parted quickly and respectfully now that I was flanked by a lion and panther. I came to a stop before Dimitri's cell, afraid of what I might see.

Sanders patted my shoulder and walked past. I waited, listening to the three felines talk in hushed tones. I couldn't resist any longer and peaked in. The Wolf was motionless on the floor but there wasn't a puddle of blood, so I was optimistic.

Dimitri noticed me. "Pet, we're moving this fucker over to Jake's cell. Go get rid of his cellmate."

I nodded and took off. Jake was several cells down. He was still blissfully unaware of the situation. I walked in on him bouncing a wad of paper off the wall while laying down. His possum cellmate was on the top bunk, reading. I watched the possum for a second. I felt guilty about how his only interactions with me and Dimitri brought him nothing but trouble and inconvenience.

"Hey. I'm Regal. I know we've never been properly introduced, and this will probably come off as rude, but you know Dimitri, the big tiger? He kinda has to borrow your cell for a while." The possum sighed and put down the book he was reading. "I'm really sorry about the inconvenience." I put out my hand to shake, "I'm sure we'll look back on this and laugh..." The possum walked right by me, flipping me off on the way out. Damn. I was hoping that would have went better.

"What the hell, Regal?" Jake asked quite reasonably.

Before I could give him an answer Dimitri and Sanders barged in, carrying the slumped wolf between them. Jake lept off his bunk, skittering to the back of his cell, his eyes like saucers. I moved to stand with him. I think he was afraid they were coming for him until he saw Dimitri toss the wolf to the floor. Jake positioned himself behind me.

"Is he dead?" I asked.

Sanders shook his head. "No." Dimitri kicked the wolf in the ribs, eliciting a groan that proved what Sanders said. The small cell was quite crowded with six furs crammed in.

Dimitri's fists clenched and unclenched. "Alright," he growled. "Styen's gonna watch you two," he said to me and Jake. "We're going to have a chat with Piter."

"Sir," I whined.

Dimitri growled and left the cell. I made to follow him but Sanders put up his hand, stopping me.

"It's gonna be ok. It's really just talking. I won't let Dimitri do anything brash," the lion said with a reassuring smile.

"Thank you, sir." I trusted Sanders, but I was still worried.

"I said, you don't have to call me sir," Sanders called as he went after Dimitri.

I took a deep breath and looked at Jake and Styen. The panther flopped down on Jake's bunk, making himself at home. "Busy day, huh?" he asked.

Me and Jake nodded.

"Wanna fill me in on what's going on? Dimitri just gesticulated and swore a lot. Hard to understand him sometimes."

I did the best I could to explain what I thought was going on. Jake listened intently and I realized he was probably more out of the loop than Styen was. I told them I figured this wolf was a sacrifice to take Dimitri out of play for a while. I didn't even know the wolf. He could be a nice fur when not forced into the role of assassin.

"I know him," Jake said quietly. He waited until me and Styen were both looking at him before realizing we wanted some details.

"His name's Winslow. He was always mean to me when I was with Piter. Making me do things..." he trailed off and looked away.

Styen was propped up on his elbow, looking over the edge of the bunk at the wolf, then to Jake, "if you want some payback, I'd say now is the time."

Jake didn't need a second invitation. He knocked me out of the way, his fur bristled and his teeth exposed in frothing snarl. He set to work stomping and kicking the wolf's already injured stomach. Styen egged him on, cheering Jake's fury.

I turned away. I couldn't watch this. But I couldn't rob the red fox of his revenge. Don't get me wrong, if this had happened a few days ago I would have been the voice of reason I always am, but after learning that Jake's been fucked-over his entire life I couldn't say anything. Taking this away would just hurt him again. I wished Dimitri would hurry with whatever he was saying to Piter.

When I looked back at Jake he was sitting on the wolf's chest, wrenching open his jaw.

"Hey," Styen called to me. "Did you want to have a go, too?"

"What? No!" It didn't escape me that this was probably one of the wolves that Piter let rape me, but if I gave into vengeance I was no better than them.


Dimitri stormed back into the cell. He was unphased by Jake ramming his cock into the wolf's slack jaws and shouting something about returning a favor. Jake saw the tiger and jumped off the wolf, ducking back behind me while tucking his gleaming cock back in his pants. Even Styen sat up on the bunk as if jumping to attention at the tiger's return.

I took unwarranted pride in the respect and fear Dimitri commanded. Then he glared at me for a second. He looked pissed, like I'd done something wrong. My ears flattened and I looked at my feet.

There was a shuffling and I glanced to see Dimitri dragging the half conscious wolf out of the cell.

"What's happening?" Styen asked.

Sanders was just on the other side of the bars. He squeezed past Dimitri and backed into the cell. "We negotiated." He sounded a little nervous, I'd never heard Sanders like that. "Piter apologized..."

Sanders sounded like he didn't believe what he'd just said. I'm not sure I did either. He continued, "Dimitri is not happy," he gave me a sad smile. "He took this personal, but Piter offered to take care of the wolf so there's not going to be any prolonged lockdown, and Dimitri's not going to get questioned. All if Dimitri walked away without a fight. I told him to take the deal. It's the best outcome we could hope for. We took out one of Piter's pack without any consequences."

"Then why is Dimitri upset?" I whined.

The tiger stood in the cell's doorway, a handful of wolves taking away their injured comrade moved swiftly behind him. "I'll tell you why Dimitri is upset." I cringed. "Because he listened to his idiot pet. Now I'm fucking knees deep in this goddamn political bullshit!"

Styen tried to break the tension. "So, there's not going to be a gangbang tonight?" Dimitri shot him a look that shut him up better than an uppercut.

"Get your ass back to my cell, pet," Dimitri growled and stomped off.

I looked around for any kind of help. Styen and Jake avoided my eyes, and all Sanders could do was shrug apologetically. My shoulders slumped and I slunk off after my angry owner.


Dimitri paced up and down the cell, ranting and practically rabid. I knelt in my corner willing myself not to freak out.

Just let him vent, I kept thinking.

"I was fucking content!" the tiger roared. "I minded my own business and everyone stayed outta mine. Should've snapped your fucking neck the first night."

He doesn't mean it, I repeated, and planned to keep repeating it until I believed it.

"Piter wasn't the least bit surprised I didn't kill the bitch he sent. He acted like I did him a favor." He rubbed his eyes. "What the fuck is he up to?"

Dimitri had been at the brink of madness after so long spent locked in solitary, and who knew how stable he was to begin with? I don't know why, but for some reason he had become attached to me in an unconventional way. Probably my charming personality and razor sharp wit. He had no idea how to process those alien feelings of affection so he reverts to his default setting of rage.

He wasn't really mad at me, I realized. He was mad that he couldn't see how to protect me from a manipulative bastard like Piter. Even outright killing the husky would mean losing me during another long stretch in solitary, that I think even he knew his mind couldn't handle.

"If I didn't listen to you, I be fucking the life out of that piece of shit right now. Not horny and pissed."

What would Hash do in this situation, I asked myself. He would have been smart enough not to be in this situation was my first thought. "Sir," I whispered.

Dimitri stopped pacing.

"I- I know how you can work out some of your frustration," I kept my head bowed and my hands clasped behind my back. He liked me exposed and helpless when it came to the two of us. I whimpered softly to sell it.

He let out a long breath. I glanced up, keeping my eyes hidden behind my lashes. He was looking down at me. "I should do to you what I was planning on doing to that wolf," he said.

"I'll try not to struggle if that's what you want, sir." Somehow I managed to say that without my voice cracking.

Dimitri undid his pants, letting his slab of meat flop out. He didn't need to say anything. Sucking his cock was becoming a depressing second nature to me. I began to reverently lick him to erection.

I felt him put his hand on my head and prepared for the sharp pain of getting my hair pulled. It never came. Instead, Dimitri just let his thick fingers wander through the long mess like he did when we were relaxing together. As pathetic as it was, my eyes teared up at the realization he wasn't going to use me like he would have used that wolf. It would have been so easy for the big tiger to take me any way he wanted, but he restrained his appetites and let me move at my own speed.

"Good boy," he purred as I stretched wide my mouth to accommodate him. I could taste a hint of soap from the showers we took earlier. I ignored its bitter aftertaste, sucking until all I could taste was Dimitri and his slick precum lubricating my throat. My hands moved over the back of his thighs, I wished he would have taken off his pants so I could feel and see that soft, vibrant fur of his.

Even through the over-starched pants I could feel his corded muscles starting to tense, and I knew I was doing a good job. It gave me the confidence I need to relax my throat muscles as I pushed myself until my nose was pressed up to his coarse pubic fur. I held him in me, letting him cut off my air for as long as I could stand it before pulling my head back.

I drew back until only his leaking tip was held between my lips. Craning my eyes until I could see Dimitri towering above me, looking down. I didn't see any hint of the rage he'd had when he pushed me to my knees when I followed in here.

I went at it, moving up and down his length, taking him as deep as he could go and letting the tightness of my throat start to milk him over and over. The vein on the underside of that massive cock began to throb, almost in rhythm with my own pounding heart. My mouth work furiously until I heard Dimitri's growling and his hand palmed the back of my head.

The hot cum began to pump down my throat, giving me a unique sense of fullness. I almost wished it wasn't over even as I pulled back, gasping in as much air as I could.


I swallowed Dimitri's seed twice more that evening before the tiger had spent all of his pent up anger. He finished just in time for the cell doors to crank shut for the night. I spent some time at the cell's sink, taking in sips of cool water to sooth my overworked throat. I think the evening went well. Dimitri didn't kill anyone and I've made it through another day alive.

"Pet," Dimitri called to me.

I guess celebrating the day's survival may have been premature. I hopped to the side of his bunk and dropped to my knees. Dimitri was laying down, I knew he had an insatiable sexdrive, but this was pushing beyond my abilities. "Round four, sir?" I asked nervously.

"No, Regal," he chuckled and used my name, instantly putting me at ease. "I'm satisfied. I was just going to say, if you didn't feel like sleeping on the floor tonight, I'd let you keep me company."

My tail wagged excitedly. Dimitri let me sleep in the bunk with him once before as an act of forgiveness, and sometimes he'd let me sit next to him on it during the day, but to be invited. "Y-you don't mind?"

He turned his head to me and gave a soft smile. It wasn't permission to finally get the unused top bunk that taunted me every time I looked up at it, but with all that was going on, this was probably the safest arrangement in the world.


Even with Dimitri's abundance of hard muscles, I was convinced he made a much more comfortable bed than the cold floor. Dimitri woke up first, and I was treated to tender caresses that coaxed me into a new day. I stretched out, feeling the warmth of the tiger beneath me.

My eyes snapped open with a sudden frightening thought. "I didn't oversleep, sir, did I?" I asked in a panicked whine. I only slept past the morning bell a few times, missing Dimitri's preferred morning ritual of me fetching his shoes and kneeling at attention for him to use to take care of his morning wood if he so chose. Each one of those instances left me with a painful reminder that lasted several days. I shivered at the memories.

Dimitri just kept running his fingertips through my fur. "Shh," he breathed, "you didn't oversleep. It's still early."

I sighed in relief, my body calming down and molding itself back into the unique contours of Dimitri's massive frame. So powerful and so comfortable. "Do we have to go to breakfast? There's never any good news out there."

"It's Wednesday, pet. I think they're serving muffins for desert."

Dimitri talked me into it. I rolled off of him, forgetting how high off the floor I was and hit the ground with a thud. At least it let Dimitri start his morning with a laugh.


From the look on Sanders face as he saw me on our way to the cafeteria, I think might have earned some respect by just being able to walk under my own power after seeing the mood Dimitri had been in. Hell, after all the shit that went on yesterday, I even impressed myself.

Standing in the breakfast line, I scanned the canine tables looking for the wolf that cheated death. He wasn't there and I felt a pang of concern. That concern blossomed into worry when I noticed Piter wasn't there either. What the fuck was his angle?

Burnt toast, powdered egg that was sort of mixed into a rubber mockery of scrambled eggs, a suspiciously familiar looking scoop of cloudy off-white goop that I really wanted to believe was just grits like it was labeled. I skipped the unidentifiable meat and grinned in excitement at the muffins being handed out at the end of the line.

"Can I have two, please?" I asked the goat in the kitchen scrubs.


So it was going to be like this again. "Dude, we go through this every time. One little extra muffin. That's all I want."

"Listen, cock-slut, if you want a second muffin you c-"

"Give it to him," Dimitri growled.

Funny how the goat was more agreeable when looking up at a mountain of a tiger at my back. I stuck my tongue out in immature celebration of my victory. The celebration stopped at the sight of a jackal milling around where the food line ended and canine territory began. I held Jake back and looked to Dimitri. After what Piter tried last night, I was even more on edge about him sending a fur to try and shank us.

Dimitri walked up to him, fearless as ever. A second later he glanced over at me and Jake, holding up a folded note. I was beginning to hate those notes from Vince. But I couldn't really think of any better way to be told who was renting my ass that day. Maybe a stripper-gram would soften the blow.

When we got to our usual seats Dimitri tossed me the note. I unfolded it slowly, savoring the last few seconds of freedom before I was reminded what I was reduced to doing in here. With a deep sigh I read Vince's miniscule chicken scratch.

"Jake. Blowjob for a bison named Rick after lunch out on the Yard. Evening, a hare named Kalvin wants his usual for an hour..." I stopped reading and looked at Dimitri. The time I covered for Jake I learned Kalvin's "usual" involved bondage and whipping.

Dimitri cleared his throat. "Y'know, Jake, if you ever don't want to go through with one of these, just tell me."

Jake was blushing his way to a brighter shade of red. "It's alright. I want to." He hunched over, but I could feel the breeze from his wagging tail behind us. I guess Kalvin was serious about Jake being into it.

I exchanged a smirk with Dimitri and read on to my part. "Ellie-" I growled at forgetting to correct that before I spoke. "Regal. Raptor, Tox. Wants anal and touching. Be ready at lunch." I took a big bite of my lemon poppy seed muffin to hide my elation. Tox was one of the few inmates I really enjoyed having sex with. And after the stress of the last twenty-four hours, I could definitely use some pleasure...

Damn! I remembered Dimitri's rule about asking him for permission to get off. I was perfectly ok breaking that rule with Hash, but Tox might talk and I didn't want to chance it. I swallowed my bite of muffin. "Sir?"

Dimitri looked up from his alleged eggs.

"Um, could I please have permission to cum?"

Dimitri raised an eyebrow. "Right now?"

"No! I mean-"

"That was a joke, pup. Loosen up."

Jake was laughing now. "Not funny," I murmured at the red fox. But it was always nice to know Dimitri was in a good mood.

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