Virginity Pt 2 - Blindfolds and Boyfriends

Story by Shannon Grady on SoFurry

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#2 of Virginity Lost

Tegan gets mopped up from her first experience...only to leap right into her second. And along the way, she discovers a brand-new kink to really get her engine revving.

Tegan had to take some time to catch her breath, to cool off, to recover.

She'd just thrown away her virginity in the most over-the-top way she could think of - walking up to a complete stranger and asking him to take it. And he'd done it without a moment's hesitation - taking her out the back of the nightclub and rutting her like a wild animal...while her loving fiancé looked on from hiding.

She knew that she should feel dirty for what she'd done. No, no, not dirty - she was_dirty, on a very practical level. The seed that was rapidly cooling in her fur saw to that. No, what she should be feeling was _sullied. She should be feeling like she'd sinned, for committing fornication. Instead, as she lay spread out atop a row of plastic bins behind the club, her legs spread, her fiancé kneeling to inspect the aftermath of another man taking her virginity, she felt exhilarated.

Mark still seemed almost disbelieving of what he was seeing - several times reaching out to touch her, before pulling his fingers away at the last moment. She let her head drop back and her eyes drift closed as she panted lightly. "I can pull my shirt down, right?" she asked him, with a little breathless laugh. He gave a wordless grunt of affirmation, and gratefully, she tugged her bra and her shirt back into place, relieving the discomfort of her displaced bra digging into her skin. The pre that the collie had released onto her belly had thankfully dried out and didn't stain her top - she was sure that the scent would hang around her like a cloud, however. Her own nose was all but burned out to it, numbed by being soaked in the scent. "What are you thinking?..." she asked him softly, gently tapping his shoulder with a foot. "Um, my legs are tired..." she added after a moment. Though being inspected like she was made her ears flush, she didn't actually mind- but she could only keep them spread like that for so long!

In response Mark grabbed her ankles, gently placing her feet on his broad shoulders to let her rest, something that her aching muscles were glad for! He gave another grunt, this one thoughtful-sounding. "Thinking about plenty of things," he told her, not taking his eyes off her.

"Good things?" she prompted when he didn't elaborate.

He chuckled in response. "Mostly. I feel kind of guilty," he admitted.

She opened her eyes again, propping herself up on her elbows. _"You_feel guilty?" she asked him incredulously. She gave him a long look, then looked down at herself and the mess left behind by the collie man. She looked at him, then the mess. Mark, mess, Mark, mess. Then she lightly smacked the top of his muzzle with her foot. "You say _such_dumb things sometimes, sweetie," she told him with a long-suffering sigh.

He responded by trying to nip her toes. "I'm allowed to! I ain't nothin' but an unedumucated country dog!" he told her. After a moment he gave her a sheepish look. "You aren't the only one to make a mess you know," he admitted, rubbing the back of his neck awkwardly. To try and recover a little from his sheepish admittance, he grabbed her ankle, bringing her foot about to snuffle at her pads - letting his cold, wet nose tickle her.

She gave him _another_look, one that she hoped truly conveyed how ridiculous he was being - before giving a soft yelp and tugging her foot away from his muzzle. "Oh, so you masturbated, big woop! You should feel _so_guilty, Mark. It's not like I just _fucked_a stranger or anything!" she told him, rolling her eyes. "It's kinda fun to say that," she added with a giggle. She let herself fall back again, her head hitting the plastic lid with a thump. After a moment she cracked one eye open slightly, lifting her head once more to look at him. "You _really_enjoyed it, didn't you?"

"More than I ever imagined," he replied earnestly.

"It's _way_better to be doing it instead of watching it, trust me."

He looked up at her, one eyebrow cocked. "But you _haven't_watched it yet."

"I watched it when we were researching!" she shot back defensively, ears flushed. "Um...I am going to watch though, yeah?..."

"Watch me?...doing the same as you?"

She nodded.

He licked his lips, still staring at the fennec's gaping slit. Up until a few weeks ago, he'd been too scared of temptation to even _look_at that particular part of her body. Now he was seeing it like this. His mind reeled from the sight, the intoxicating scent - the scent of his lover and the overpowering aroma left behind by the stranger. He didn't see what she'd done as a betrayal, not in the slightest. He'd _asked_her to do so, and she'd done it. So far as he was concerned...wasn't that an even _better_show of love than staying faithful?

She cleared her throat pointedly, grabbing his ear between two of her toes and giving it a quick tug.

He realised that he hadn't actually answered her, and finally ripped his gaze away. "Sorry. I'm a little bit distracted," he told her sheepishly.

"I gathered," was her dry reply, those soft brown eyes of her twinkling.

"Of course," he told her simply, giving her a smile. His lust had subsided for a while after what he'd done watching her, but it was starting to return already. He adjusted his jeans with one hand before continuing. "I'm going to...fuck a stranger, just like you," he told her. Just like Tegan, the foul language was unnatural coming from his mouth. At the same time, however, it felt _right_for the situation.

"Tonight?" she asked, rotating one ear down while the other stayed vertical - her 'hopeful curiosity' face. Part of the reason he loved giving her surprises.

He thought hard for a moment, his gaze drawn right back to between her legs. After a moment, he shook his head. "No. Tonight's your night, sweetie. I'll get mine. I'll be able know, deal with it," he told her, glancing down at himself.

"Onan, much?"

"Shut it, you," he replied - though he couldn't help but give a guilty laugh.

She was laughing too, until the fire escape that they'd left through swung open, and a man stepped out.

Both of them immediately froze, staring at the newcomer with a kind of horrified guilt - her laid out on display, him with his face right down between her legs. Like deer in the headlights, they just waited silently, utterly transfixed by what was happening.

For his part, the guy...didn't even notice them at first, or the bag propping open the door. He was a staff member, a scrawny cat with a lanyard around his neck, apparently the guy in charge of the sound system. He'd stepped out to take a call and chatted on his phone just outside the door, holding it open with his foot - blissfully unaware of the couple nearby. "Yeah. Yeah. Uh-huh. Okay. Sure. Yeah, see you then, bye," the cat mumbled into his phone, sounding like he'd rather pull teeth than talk with the person on the other side. The call done, he stuffed his phone away and grabbed a packet of cigarettes and a lighter. He fished one out and lit it up, and was starting to take a drag on it when he _finally_looked in their direction - where they were still frozen, staring at him.

He actually didn't register them on the first glace - only to perform a double-take worthy of the movies, suck in a giant gasp on his cigarette, and promptly start coughing wildly. In between the startling and the coughing fit, he managed to drop both his lighter and his cigarettes, and began hurriedly grabbing them. "Oh, fuck! Shit, sorry guys, didn't Sorry! Sorry! Sorry to wreck the mood!" he told them, scrabbling about for the dropped cigarettes, still holding the door with a foot and struggling not to cough. "Just lemme get these...okay...I'm gonna..." he mumbled, pointedly avoiding looking _anywhere_near the couple. He managed to get most of the cigarettes stuffed haphazardly back in the pack, then made to go back in - before realising that he still had one in his mouth. "Aw fuck. Hang on. Okay..." he told them, hanging in the doorway for a moment longer, his back facing them. Despite the fact that he was still coughing a bit, he proceeded to hurriedly suck down the rest of the cigarette in record time, then tossed it to the ground. "Okay, gone now! Sorry! Uh, enjoy yourself! Sorry!" he told them - then shot back inside, letting the door thump closed against Tegan's bag.

For the longest moment there was silence as they looked back at each other. Finally, Tegan piped up. "...Must have been Canadian."

It was rare that she managed to make Mark laugh as hard as he did then, and she joined him - both of them laughing until their eyes watered. It was more than just the hapless cat's reaction - they both just had one hell of an adrenalin spike from the surprise!

Tegan recovered first, wiping her eyes with the back of a hand. "Oh, wow. Okay...well, this stuff is getting cold..."

Mark was still struggling to stop laughing, but he at least had a grip enough to reply. "What do you want to do?" he asked, tilting his head to the side. He was glad he'd recorded the sight on his phone...he just wished he could record the scent! He'd smelled his own, of course, but the fact that it was another man's - and in and on the woman that he was going to marry! - made it seem like something so much more.

"I've got a pack of tissues in my bag. We can use those to try and get some of it out."

Mark nodded, heading over to her bag and rummaging through for the tissues. Despite the fact that it was a small bag, he still took long enough for her to give exasperated directions where to find them. He returned to her, the little travel pack in hand. "How can you even fit all that in there?"

"How can you be so bad at looking?" she replied, once again resting her feet on his shoulders when he knelt down in front of her. He made to hand her the pack, but she pushed it back at him. "Nu-uh! You can clean it up!"

"What? Why me?" he protested, his ears flushing. He was cute when he got flustered. His accent got thicker too, like he was fresh off the bus.

"Because if you want to watch, you can at least help clean!" she told him, giving her hips a little wiggle. "And I can tell that you want to," she added matter-of-factly.

He opened his mouth to argue the point, then closed it again without speaking. He tore the plastic bag open with his teeth to retrieve a couple of tissues, frowning as he tried to work out the best way to tackle the job at hand.

"You know that there was a little tab on the other side, right?" Tegan pointed out mildly.

"Oh. Oops," he replied. Mark gingerly eased a hand towards her, holding a couple of scrunched-up tissues. He hesitated before making contact and pulled his hand away. He did that several times, before meeting her eyes. "Um...I think that...maybe..." he told her, trailing off. He knew what he was thinking, but he wasn't quite sure how to articulate it.

Thankfully, she'd guessed what was going on in his head. "You don't want to touch me there yet?" she asked, getting a nod in return. "We do things with other people, but keep each other for the wedding," she told him - noticing just how breathy she was suddenly sounding. Not to mention how warm she was, just from the thought. Of course, they'd already more or less come to that agreement - they just hadn't put it into words in quite this way! "By the time I'm your wife..." she murmured to him, reaching down - he pressed the tissues into her hand automatically. "Who _knows_how many men are going to have had me?"

Mark had started panting already. He was so hard it hurt - his shaft fighting with his clothes. He'd masturbated more than a few times in his life, and it had always been a source of shame for him - he'd been taught that it was a sin to self-pleasure in such a way. But watching Tegan pressed against the wall, whimpering and begging...he'd feverishly worked himself to the biggest orgasm of his life, spraying the wall and ground in his hiding spot with his seed. And he knew that he was going to do it again. No doubt about it in his mind. He watched Tegan press the tissues to herself, mopping up some of the semen that oozed from her and clung to her lips. He knew that she was talking for his benefit, and he showed his appreciation by ducking his head and planting a kiss on her thigh - dangerously close to the juices that had wet the insides of her thighs.

Tegan had recovered from the after-effects of her orgasm. While she was sore, she wasn't so painfully over-sensitive any more, allowing her to wipe herself clean with the tissues. The two she'd been handed got soaked through, so she took another couple from Mark and kept going. "Look at the mess he made! And just think, Mark...this was only one man. How messy am I going to be if I'm taken by more than one?"

He gave a wordless groan, his hand going to his jeans, almost desperate to free himself again. He pulled his hand away when he remembered the cat - he didn't want another person coming out to catch him!

"I'm nearly done, then it's your turn, sweetie," she told him, folding the tissue to find a relatively dry part before ducking down - carefully wiping away the cum that had dribbled over her ass while leaving the rest in place. "There. Now you can clean me up. You're going to be my husband, and you're not even allowed to touch my pussy or my ass. Just think about it! Tonight, I'm gonna try sodomy, and you're gonna watch..." she told him. She pulled the tissue away, then ran a finger over that little pucker - ostensibly to check that it was clean, but actually just to tease him.

Mark groaned again, much louder and slightly pained. "Tegan, stop!" he told her.

She immediately whined softly, pinning her ears down and pulling her fingertip away. "Too far?" she asked him meekly - worried that she'd upset him.

"Yes. No. Kind of," he replied, flustered. "If you don't stop, I'm going to need to change my pants."

"Oh. The good kind of too far," she said with obvious relief.

He closed his eyes and took a deep breath through his nose to steady himself. Given that enchanting scent in his snout, it was less effective than he'd hoped. Nonetheless, he took some fresh tissues, opened his eyes, and began gingerly mopping up the mess. After her slit, Tegan's tail had probably taken the worst of it - it had been hanging limply under her when the collie man pulled out, and the torrent of cum had spilled down onto it and soaked into the fur. It was a balancing act for Mark, between getting her clean, and not touching the goop - one that he did not entirely succeed in. And cleaning up that mess - wiping it from his fingertips as best he could, a thought started to stir somewhere in the back of his head. Not solid enough for him to actually grab hold of, yet...but a stirring nonetheless. He paused a moment in scrubbing at the underside of Tegan's tail to look up at her. "You are..._so_beautiful," he told her, leaning in and giving her thigh another kiss. Well, was about as high up her thigh as he could possibly get without going too far.

Her response was twofold - first, the insides of her ears blushed bright pink, and she gave a wordless, pleased, embarrassed sound. The other was that she reached down, and gently pushed his mouth away. "Not for a few months!" she scolded playfully. Truth be told, however...she really wouldn't mind if they decided not to wait after all. She was sure that her opinion was more than obvious, with his face where it was!

He groaned softly, kissing along her leg as he pulled away, dropping the last scrunched-up tissues onto the ground to join the rest of the pile. God, that was a sight - a puddle of semen that had run down the side of the impromptu 'bed' the collie had laid her out on and collected on the ground. Scattered around it were the tissues, soaked in the seed that he'd mopped from her fur. The collie man had certainly been prolific...but then again, so had he. His own load had sprayed onto the ground at his hiding place, marking their first shared steps into depravity. He'd stroked himself in time with the collie man's thrusting, and squeezed his knot to simulate a tie when he came. He'd 'tied' before the collie did, desperately biting back any sound while he milked his load out to the sight. "Done, more or less," he told her, standing up and taking her hands to pull her to her feet.

She stood up and stretched a bit before stooping to pull her panties back up. There, fixed. Sort of. She looked up at him with a giggle. "It's still really obvious, isn't it?" she asked him, smiling guiltily.

"You look and reek like you just had sex, yeah," he replied simply, returning the expression in kind. "Think that it'll help?..."

She shrugged. "I don't I guess it's time to find out! Are you going to wait here?"

He nodded. "Yeah. Uh..." he looked down at himself. In the mighty battle between manhood and pants, his pants were fighting a losing battle. He didn't exactly feel like walking back in that way!

Tegan giggled, pulling him down into a kiss. It was gentle and loving - such a contrast to the way they'd kissed right after she was done with the collie stranger...or indeed, the way the collie had drunkenly kissed her. "It's okay, you can wait. I'll be fine. I right now."

"You look it, too," he told her honestly. It was less the messed-up fur and hair, and more the body language - she was confident and relaxed, but at the same time obviously eager.

"Flatterer," she told him with a giggle. "Alright! Once more into the breach!" she declared, pointing melodramatically towards the club and blowing a stray strand of hair out of her face. After a moment she realised what she'd said, and the obvious innuendo. Rather than point it out she simply wiggled her eyebrows at her flustered fiancé, grabbed her bag, and stepped back into the club.

Mark, for his part, went to his hiding spot and tried desperately to keep his hands off of his dick.

Tegan didn't go immediately looking for her next suitor. First, she took a moment to slip into the bathroom and take care of business. The curse of being a fennec fox - her body wasn't used to drinking much. Just a glass of lemonade, and she needed to pee like crazy! She took a few moments to make herself slightly more presentable when she was finished. She had a brush in her bag, of course, and she gave herself a very quick once-over - striving to strike a balance between looking like she'd been laid, and looking at least slightly respectable. She also sprayed herself with perfume, to try and hide the scent that clung to her. She...rather doubted that it was going to be very effective.

Right from the moment she walked back into busier areas, Tegan noticed people throwing glances in her direction. Furs, of course - the few humans present seemed as oblivious as ever in regards to scent. Things weren't much different when she came back out with the entirely-inadequate perfume cover. What she didn't realise was that in her eager state, her tail was subconsciously lifted - twitching back and forth every now and again - and it had copped the worst of the mess. Mark had done a great job, but she'd need to thoroughly shampoo herself to really get clean. As it was, every movement of her tail sent another nose-full of horny fennec and fresh collie cum to everyone nearby.

There were murmurs between people every now and then. Maybe they thought that they were drowned out by the music - and they very nearly were - but her oversized ears were for more than just looks! She swivelled them this way and that, picking up snatches of conversation here and there as she passed.

"Hey, why don't we get out of here-whoa, I smell jizz."

"Haha, I love it when chicks think they've covered it up."

"Urgh, check out that slut."

"Lucky fucker, whoever hit that."

"_There she is, dude! Told ya!"

Slut?_ That was...strangely exciting, and she felt her ears flush in response to the comment. The last thing she picked up, however, made her look - and sure enough, there he was. The collie stranger - he'd rejoined his cheetah friends, and had clearly been bragging. The pair of them looked at her with expressions of obvious curiosity, and she met their eyes. She wasn't sure exactly how to convey 'you can have me too, if you want' via body language. Well...not via body language that she wanted to do in front of so many people, anyway. She settled for twiddling her fingers at them in a little wave, and giving a smile.

God, she was tempted for round two...

...but she was more tempted to further defile her relationship by sleeping with another stranger.

The three of them didn't seem to want to take up her offer, to her disappointment - so instead, she made her way to the bar to grab another lemonade. Every step felt slippery and warm - she could feel her panties clinging to her body, and she knew that it wasn't just her own juices doing that. "I thought I cleaned all that out?..." she mumbled to herself under her breath. Well...obviously not.

She sipped her drink and looked about, trying to see someone who was...well, hot. She'd lost track of the collie guy, so that temptation was gone. Rather than finding someone that she was interested in, she instead found someone interested in her. He was a wolf man, but he didn't seem to be pure-bred - his fur was a bit off, and his build a bit too tall and thin for that. He was only a few metres away, and was looking at her, his nostrils flaring.

Full of confidence, Tegan moved over towards him, stopping in front of him and looking up to meet his eyes. She enjoyed going out, but it was hell on her neck to always look up during conversations! "Hi! Smell something interesting?" she asked him brightly.

His reply was neutral, almost flat-sounding. "I suppose," he told her, taking a swig of his beer.

"I guess you know I just got fucked, yeah?" she said to him, almost shouting to be heard over the music. The thrill of what she was saying made her heart pound in her chest. "Right out the back. I was a virgin five minutes ago..." she told him, twirling a lock of hair in her fingers in what she felt was a flirtatious manner. Okay, perhaps she was exaggerating the time a little...but he didn't have to know that, right? "He was a border collie man. I don't know his name, and I don't want to know yours. Do you want to give me my second time?" she asked him. That was the ticket! Bold! Just...go up and ask! It had worked for the collie, after all.

The wolf took a deep breath through his nose, and another swig from his drink. He didn't raise his voice - well, raise it above the half-shout needed to communicate in the first place. Nor did he sound angry. Just...disbelieving. "Wow...I can't think of any possible_thing less appealing. Jesus, _fuck. Just...christ," was his response. Shaking his head, the wolf pushed past a pack of frat boys loudly demanding shots, and disappeared into the crowd.

Tegan's confidence immediately deflated like a balloon, and she almost felt herself shrink along with it. She knew that she shouldn't have been surprised to be turned down...but that didn't stop her self-esteem from taking a massive hit.

She was so absorbed in her disappointment that she nearly jumped out of her skin when a pair of hands grabbed her hips from behind. She felt a breath and a set of long, stiff whiskers tickling the inside of her ear. "Hey, I overheard. Don't turn around. I wanna take ya up on it," he told her. The man's voice was a bit nasally, but not enough to be off-putting...certainly not when combined with the feeling of his warm breath washing over her ear, or the firm bulge pressing against her back. She couldn't quite work out his accent; it seemed like a mix of a few things. There was more than a little Cajun in there, though. He ground himself against her, pulling her back firmly. "Ya don't wanna know names? Not knowin' faces is even better, right?"

Tegan was reeling from the sudden emotional whiplash - going from bitter disappointment to sudden overwhelming excitement. After a couple of failed attempts to say something coherent, she instead settled for pushing back against him harder, and nodding furiously, her ears bright red.

He laughed and squeezed her hips. "Good, let's go," he told her. And so, just like that, her second suitor began leading her through the crowd from behind, steering her with his grip on her slender hips. "Don't look at me. If you have to turn around, close your eyes," he instructed.

"I won't!" she promised, voice quivering from excitement and nerves. She realised that he was steering her towards the bathroom and shook her head. "Out back? Please?" she asked - trying to turn her face sideways to be heard better over the music, without going so far as to see her suitor's face.

He complied without complaint, still steering her by the hips. That changed when they stepped into the hallway leading out back, and were confronted by a decorative polished steel panel. It wasn't exactly a mirror, but it was enough to give her a vague impression of the guy's shape - an otter, she thought - so he cursed and quickly clapped a hand over her eyes. "Fuck," he muttered.

Tegan yipped softly when the hand went over her eyes - then let out a soft moan, closing her eyes tightly and trying to press herself more firmly into his hand. Her heart was pounding in her chest like it wanted to escape, her breath coming fast and her knees weak. She could already feel collie seed dribbling into her panties - but she was sure that she was adding her own juices to the mess. How was it so exciting to have him cover her eyes? She hadn't even known for sure that she'd enjoy sex when they started the night! Not asking the man's name had been Mark's idea, not hers. But now...well, the concept seemed to have taken on a life of it's own in her libido. Not knowing who was fucking her, who was holding her hips and groaning while he emptied himself into her...just the thought of it made her hike her tail up even higher.

He seemed to know that she was even more excited to have his hand there - he didn't take it away as he led her out the back, carefully steering the blind fennec. "Nearly there. Ya know, there are better clubs to go if ya want this stuff - ya don't always get perverts like me hangin' about."

"Better place-ah!" Tegan responded, cutting herself off when he came to a corner. Instead of turning immediately, however, he had shoved her forwards against the wall - and lightly bitten at the scruff of her neck.

He held her there for a long moment, nipping at her and grinding his bulge against her - clearly biting back the urge to just fuck her right then and there. "Yeah. Tell ya after," he told her, a bit of a grunt to his voice. He pulled her away from the wall and continued on their way - taking only a few more steps to reach the fire exit, and emerge into the cool night air. Tegan offered him her bag, and he propped the door open with it. He paused and sniffed the air. "Can smell that this is where he fucked ya," he commented.

"How do you want to do it?" she asked, voice high and breathy. Where was Mark? She hadn't had an opportunity to send him a text. But her suitor would have said something if Mark was there, right?

"Ya still wanna go, yeah? Just checkin'," he asked, sounding eager but trying to control it. She had the suspicion that this wasn't that much of an unusual situation for him. "No rubber? Ya clean, yeah?" he asked, taking his hand off of her eyes. There weren't many STIs that could be passed between species, but they existed - and they tended to be nasty ones, too. He pointed at a cinder block that had been left by the wall, opposite the door. "Stand on that. It'll take ya to the right height for me," he told her, giving her hips a firm squeeze.

Tegan blinked as her eyes were uncovered - though the light wasn't bright outside, it was bright enough after her pupils had dilated! She was relieved to see that Mark had apparently hidden himself away again. No doubt he'd be eagerly watching, probably with his hand already wrapped around himself. Had that brick been there before? Or had he put it there as a handy platform, knowing that her suitor would like to take advantage of it? Don't worry, you're going to get a good show, she thought to herself. She nodded quickly, desperately. "As far as I know. The collie guy looked fine. Please...I need it so badly..." she told him, a whimper to her voice. Then she reached up under her skirt, grabbing her panties and tugging them down, then stepping out of them. She was sure to press herself into her second man as she did, of course. She held the lacy black thing up to show him - only to ogle disbelievingly at it herself. What seemed like the entire crotch was soaked through with thick white semen, that stood out starkly against the black fabric. "What the..." she said, stunned. She thought that they'd cleaned up!

"Fuck, that's hot," the guy behind her said, giving a low whistle. He reached past her and plucked the panties from her hand - giving her a better look at his brown-furred hand and the red jacket he was wearing - then tossed them behind him. "Alright...we're gonna do this right..." he told her, licking his lips. "Strip down naked for me. Not a stitch on ya..."

She could hear his heart thumping away in his chest, behind her - and in the quiet before they got started, she could faintly hear heavy breathing, somewhere off to the right. She was no longer shocked at how quickly and eagerly she complied. She all but ripped her top off, then went for her bra. The guy popped the clasp for her, rather than making her reach around and do it herself. What a gentleman. Last but not least was her skirt. She let it fall, completely exposing herself to the faceless man behind her, then bent over and braced her hands against the wall. Her tail went up, exposing herself to him - like a hot, needy slut.

He groaned, his hands going to her ass and pulling her cheeks apart, the act spreading her recently-fucked slit for inspection too. He leaned in and sniffed deeply, giving another long groan as he took in the scents. With the mess in her panties and the feelings she had, she could only imagine what he was seeing.

After a moment his hands shifted, and Tegan let out a gasp as she felt a finger push into her. After the collie's cock, it felt so_small_...but that didn't stop it from feeling good. She let out a whimpering moan and pushed back against his hand as much as she could, trying to get more of the digit inside of her. It was a little uncomfortable, and she was sure that it'd hurt a bit to get fucked by him...but god, was she ever ready.

He started pumping his finger in her tight little slit, enjoying the feel of canine semen squelching around it as he moved. And she was_tight_! Even right after getting nailed - and presumably tied judging by the volume - she still felt like a virgin, once he got past the very start of her pussy. The first couple of inches were left slightly gaping by the knot, but after that...if it wasn't for the cum, you'd never suspect. She was responsive too, her muscles squeezing around his finger as if trying to hold it as he teased her. There was no way that he was going to wait any longer, and she knew it - as he tugged his finger out and hurriedly fumbled his way free of his pants, she was squirming and whimpering from anticipation, her tail lifted as high as she could possibly lift it.

He freed himself, then used his hand to guide himself home. There was no drunken missing the hole here - his first try, he slipped into that tight, cum-lubricated pussy of hers. There was an audible_squelch_ as he sunk in, followed by a thick splat - a glob of cum squeezed out of her by his cock falling thickly onto her little perch. He wasn't going to go all-out in a frenzy like the collie man did. He wanted to savour the experience, take his time to really enjoy the tiny fennec woman who'd practically fallen into his lap.

Tegan shivered as he found his mark, giving him the longest, hottest moan she'd yet made in response. He was long, thin, and tapered. She couldn't actually work out his exact shape just from the feelings...but she knew that he was hitting the right spots. She threw her head back and cried out in bliss. "Oh! Yes!"

Despite the fact that her eyes were closed, he still put his hand over them, just in case. He held it there as he fucked her nice and slow, her hips rolling to meet every thrust and make it deeper. He pressed his mouth to her ear, groaning into it, his hot breath washing over the sensitive inside. "Fuck! Goddamn, you feel like you're still a virgin..." he told her. Some tiny, ridiculous part of her mind protested at the blasphemy. At that point though, she really, really couldn't be bothered to scold him. No, at that point, all she wanted was to squirm and whimper and claw at the bricks, and just lose herself in the pleasure of her second-ever fucking. She couldn't see it of course, but she knew that she was probably bulging from the penetration again - she dropped one hand down from the wall to confirm it. Every time he hilted in her, her tummy bulged slightly in response. She pressed down hard on the bulge, making him groan lustily in response - the added sensations from the pressure making her own knees go weak.

The experience was undeniably erotic, that was for sure. The way his hand was over her eyes, the way she wasn't allowed to look at him or know his name...everything about the situation just absolutely set her on fire. But it was also just so, so very intimate in a way her last encounter hadn't been. The closeness of their bodies, his mouth on her ear, the way his off-hand wrapped around her and pulled her tight. "Don't stop, please...kiss my ears? Kiss me?" she asked him, her voice failing her into breathiness.

He obliged, pulling her closer, thrusting that much deeper into her as he kissed at the inside of her ear. She whimpered in response as she felt his tip bottom out somewhere deep inside - grinding, she knew from her research, against her cervix. It hurt each time it hit, a real sharp pain that shot up her spine both ways - making her tail twitch in sync with her ears and her whines. She didn't mind one bit - she was rapidly becoming accustomed to sex being a bit painful. More than that, she was finding that she actually kinda_liked_ it. He dragged his teeth over her sensitive ear, she clamped down around his shaft and whimpered all the louder. He pulled her head further back, arching her spine even more, pressing his mouth to hers in an upside-down kiss; she kissed him back with all the passion that she could muster.

She wondered what it looked like to Mark, in his hiding spot. Did he like what was happening? Did he think it was better than what the collie man had done? Worse? Was he jealous? She wanted to look for him, for some sign that he was there and enjoying himself - but her new friend's hand was on her eyes, and the sounds of their ragged breathing, of his cum-slicked shaft sliding through her folds drowned out everything else.

He was still kissing her, and the worries couldn't stay lodged in her mind for long. His teeth were sharp, his tongue strong and adventurous. In another situation she might have laughed - she'd already guessed that he was an otter, but she hadn't expected the faint taste of seafood in his mouth, and a scent that clung to his stiff whiskers. It wasn't an unpleasant thing by any means, but the stereotype caught her by surprise. At that moment though, she was lost in just how good kissing him felt.

The arm around her torso squeezed harder, enough to start to hurt slightly, and she whimpered into the kiss in response. His hand gripped tighter too, his claws pricking the side of her face slightly. He was breathing hard through his nose as they kissed; his thrusting getting slightly harder and faster, more urgent. Tegan responded by bending her knees slightly, pushing her rear back into him - welcoming those oh-so-deep thrusts.

He broke the kiss, and his nasally voice was strained with the effort. "Gonna blow..." he grunted to her, pressing his lips to her other ear in a kiss. He took the tip into his mouth, suckling lightly on it.

Tegan's head was whirling, her knees quivering. The pleasure was building up in her, but she wasn't at that peak yet, like she'd reached with the collie. She didn't care, though - she just wanted him in her. "Do it! Please!" she begged - trying to push back in time with his thrusts.

He obliged her. One, two, three more thrusts, and he was done - he buried himself in her again, his tip neatly bumping up against her cervix, a final jolt of pain to underline the act. He grunted, the sound near-deafening with his mouth at her ear, and came inside her. It was the same as the collie, yet different - no knot swelling up to tie them together, for one. Her second suitor's squirts were much bigger, much stronger, to the point where she could feel the strong pulses spraying as deep as they could possibly get inside of her. Just like with the collie, his balls came to rest against her when he came, letting her feel them twitch and clench with each new squirt. His orgasm was over so much faster than the collie's - a handful of those big, powerful spurts, and he was done. He stayed in her, his breathing ragged in her ear, his hand still over her eyes to keep her blind.

He held still in her for a long time, seemingly happy to just catch his breath and enjoy the heat gripping him. Eventually, he murmured to her. "You made me all messy, fox."

The words came from her mouth without her meaning to. "I'll clean you then."

In his hiding place, Mark could barely choke back a sound of astonished bliss when he heard that. What he couldn't resist was feverishly squeezing his engorged knot even harder. He'd came long before the otter man having his way with Tegan - he'd lost it when his beloved little fox had been bent over backwards to kiss the other man. He knew he should have been feeling at least _some_jealousy at what was happening, given that she was _his_wife-to-be...but no. Even after what he'd just watched, his opinion hadn't budged one bit. God, he loved her. He quivered, his toes curling as another pulse shot from him, another white, sticky string that splattered against the brick wall he was hiding behind. His last load hadn't dried yet, and the new one added to the mess even more.

The otter laughed softly, pressing his lips to hers again. "Alright...but I want to make sure ya don't see me..." he told her. He pulled his hips back, and with a soft slurp he came free of her. Globs of fresh cum splattered down to land between her legs, making Tegan's ears twitch with each impact. "Wait here," he instructed. He didn't bother to put himself away as he gathered up her skirt off the ground, and after a moment of thought, went to her bag propping open the door. The thin strap was a clip-on type, perfect for what he wanted. He returned to the little vixen, folding her skirt a couple of times to make a nice rectangle of cloth, then using the strap from her bag to tie it over her face - a nice little improvised blindfold.

Tegan had been waiting patiently as instructed - eyes still closed, head and body tilted back, one hand bracing herself on the wall - the other dropping lower, lightly tracing along the fresh mess of cum left on her by her second fucking. When she felt his hands on her again she moaned - and moaned louder when she worked out what, precisely, he was doing. She opened her eyes again, but all she could see was darkness slightly tinted the colour of her skirt. She couldn't see the man who'd just finished fucking her even if she wanted to.

"There, that's ya can clean me," the faceless otter told her. He took her hand, guiding her down off of her perch, then pushing her down to her knees. Then all it took was a hand on her oversized ear to guide her in.

Not that she even needed that. She could smell him there, inches from her sensitive nose - she could smell the mingled scents that soaked his body. She could smell the difference between his cum, and the collie cum that covered him. And she could smell her own lust that had practically soaked into him. Rather than use her hands for guidance, she merely pushed forwards with her muzzle - finding him when his half-hard shaft bumped into her snout and smeared with mixed fluids. She gave a little yip when she found her target, pulling back slightly - then extended her tongue, moved back in, and dragged it up the length of his cock to the head. His cock was thickly coated with the sticky seed, and just one stroke brought a sizeable amount into her mouth.

The taste was...not what she expected, given some of the things she'd read online. It definitely didn't taste like any sort of fruit! It was sort of salty...but that kind of failed to properly define it. A second lick solidified the description in her head: 'male'. It was silly, but that was the best she could manage to express it. It tasted like man. A third lick brought a different flavour to the fore - and that, she decided, was definitely her. Both tastes, she decided, she definitely liked! The texture though...that took some getting used to. She pulled her mouth away without swallowing, and turned her head up to him. "It's weird!" she exclaimed, voice slightly thick from the semen on her tongue.

"Do ya like it, though?" he asked in reply.

She nodded rapidly without hesitation.

He laughed at her exuberance. "Then swallow that, and keep going. Don't forget that ya made my balls messy, too," he told her.

The little fennec giggled lowering her head again. She was still shaking a little bit, but her second experience wasn't nearly so draining as her first. Maybe it was the fact that she hadn't quite reached that blissful peak again? Whatever the reason, she found herself diving into her task with gusto, lapping rapidly up and down his shaft. Before she'd fully finished she instead shifted to his balls, running her tongue over the short, bristly fur covering them. They seemed so much bigger to her tongue, than when they'd been slapping up against her body! She was glad he was an otter - although the mess sat on top of his fur it didn't seem to sink in, and it came off easily onto her tongue. She opened her mouth nice and wide and took one testicle into it, sucking on the orb - letting out a playful moan that was matched by a groan from the otter. She increased the pressure she was using a little, causing a sharp intake of breath and a gentle rebuke from him. Sheepishly, she treated him much gentler as she moved onto the next one.

Mark was finally jealous.

Not of the otter, though - no, he was jealous of Tegan, for getting to clean the otter guy's dick off. The thought that had first occurred to him a while ago while he used tissues to try and scrub the collie seed from her fur had finally more-or-less solidified in his mind - the idea that he'd like to try it himself.

Not that he was gay though. Was he? No, no, he definitely didn't think that was true. But that didn't change the fact that as he squeezed his swollen knot and fired off yet another shot of cum, he was imagining himself on his knees, cleaning that long, slim otter cock. He watched as Tegan moved back to it, collecting more cum on her tongue, then lifted her head - poking her tongue out to show the otter the collected seed, before swallowing it with an audible gulp.

He'd half-softened after he came in her, but he got hard again with her attentions. She knew it, too, feeling him grow inside of her mouth. She swirled her tongue around the head to finish cleaning, then swallowed and spoke. "It feels like you want to go again!" she told him.

He laughed, one hand idly rubbing her ear as she worked. "I do...but the spirit is willing, but the body is weak. It's just 'cause of ya cleanin' me. Even if I fuck ya, it'll be a while before I can get off again."

"I can wait!" she told him cheerfully, then dropped her head to kiss his tip. In the shadows, Mark shot another spurt at the sight.

"I can't, though. I've got places to be, tonight."

Her face dropped, as did her ears. "You do? I wanted to try sodomy!" she told him, disappointed.

"Wha-...ya mean anal? Shit, girl, ya just don't stop, do ya?" he asked, laughing.

She'd already taken his tip back into her mouth, and giggled around it. She pulled away to answer. "I guess not!"

He took a step back from her, and she heard him do up his zipper. She gave a whine in response - one that was very softly mirrored by Mark. "Sorry, fox, but I really can't stick around..."

She hadn't asked Mark about it, but she didn't have the opportunity to. "Can I see you again?" she asked hopefully. After a moment she corrected herself. "Um...I mean...hear you again, I suppose."

"Easy, with those," he told her with a chuckle, brushing his hand over her ears, making the kneeling vixen push her head blindly towards him. "But yeah...I'd like that."

"You can have my number!" she told him immediately, rattling it off to him rapidly. He read it back to her to check that it was right, and she confirmed. Her heart was thundering away in her chest the entire time.

She heard him tapping his phone, and a moment later, she heard the camera clicking. Seemed he wanted proof of his conquest, just like the collie man had. He moved around behind her, grabbing the blindfold and lifting it on one side. "Open your eyes," he told her.

She complied, blinking to adjust to the brightness of the screen. There she was in his contacts list, with the picture of her kneeling, blindfolded with her on clothes, face tilted up to the camera. There were little smears of cum clinging to her whiskers, and she licked her lips automatically to collect them. The mess on her face paled in comparison to the mess between her legs - even as she cleaned him, more seed had drooled out thickly to pool on the ground under her. She shifted her gaze to triple-check the number, and realised that he'd saved her in his phone as 'Slut'. "Um, wow," was her dumbfounded response.

"Ya like? Might have to get ya a collar with ya name on it. Whatcha think, slut?" he told her cheerfully, squeezing her neck lightly from behind. He didn't use the slur with any degree of cruelty - he was using it as a pet name for her.

Tegan reached up and tugged the blindfold back down to cover her eyes. That just felt right. "I love it," she told him honestly. She leaned backwards, resting herself against his legs and turning her face up to him. It was no coincidence that the movement pressed the top of her head to his bulge. "Will you call me...sir?" she asked, taking a guess at what to use for him.

He lightly scratched at her chin with his claws. "Of course. Gotta fuck ya ass, don't I? I'll show you around the local swinger clubs. They'll welcome ya with open arms," he told her. He took a step back, and a moment later she felt his mouth on hers again. "Now, I'm sorry, and my cock fuckin' hates me for it, but I gotta go. I'll be in touch, slut...okay?"

She nodded. "Okay. And I hate you for it, too!" she told him playfully.

He laughed, and she heard his footsteps moving away, towards the door. "One last me a favour?"

"Of course!"

"Don't take off that blindfold or get cleaned up until you've gotten off again," he told her.

"But you're going!" she protested.

"I am. Ya got hands, though," he told her. She heard her phone beep from her bag as she received a text. "Call me when ya done," he ordered her.

Tegan's voice was quivery when she responded. "Okay, I will," she told him. She didn't wait until he left to start - completely naked, blindfolded, kneeling in an alleyway facing the door, she put her hand between her legs, and pushed two fingers into her well-fucked slit. She used her other hand to brace herself as she followed orders.

"Good girl. I want that call, ya hear?" he told her. His voice sounded pained. She could tell that he was desperate to stay and enjoy the show, to use her again, but he couldn't. She nodded, gasping out an affirmative, and she heard the door open, then close again, thumping against her bag. His claws clicked on the hallway floor as he walked away, and faintly, her sensitive ears picked up him muttering to himself. "God fuckin' dammit. Should scrap the fuckin' deal. No I shouldn't. Fuckin' fuck myself over for pussy, that'd be right. Goddamn she's hot..." his voice faded as he got further away, until even her huge ears couldn't pick it up any more.

With him no longer taking up all of her attention, she could hear Mark's panting nearby. He didn't move for a moment, apparently making sure the coast was clear - then she heard him approaching. She didn't speak - she was too busy performing her little 'favour'. "Oh, oh yes, yes, mmrf!" she whimpered softly through clenched teeth. The two strangers' cum filled her up, squishing thickly around her fingers as she pumped them into her body - feeling for herself what the otter man had felt before. The way she gaped open at her entrance from the collie's knot, only to rapidly tighten up after the first couple of inches. She'd down some exploring leading up to this night, that was true, but it was clumsy and nervous and hesitant. She'd only even braved putting two digits in herself once! This was entirely different - she was rapidly_fucking_ herself with her fingers, trying to emulate the sensations that the collie man had given her. Over the sound of her frantic fingering and her ragged breathing, she heard a faint splat- the sound of another shot of thin canine seed hitting the ground. Her worries about Mark were instantly eased. He was enjoying himself just the same as she was.

She'd only explored fingering herself before, but the brief touches to her clit from her experiences had opened her eyes to how good it felt. She changed the angle of her hand slightly, pressing her palm to her clit as she worked - instantly magnifying her pleasure tenfold. She let out a wordless cry, quivering from head to foot. She knew that Mark would be staring at her, desperate to touch but knowing that he couldn't - and enjoying himself all the more for it.

She could feel another orgasm coming, but she didn't want it yet. She'd been deprived of losing her last virginity, tonight - she'd already decided that she wanted her otter to be the first man to take her there. That didn't mean that she couldn't do something about it though. She shifted the hand that was bracing herself, laying down on the concrete with her face pointing toward Mark. She brought her hand back to join the other one, exploring. She'd left the little bottle of lubricant in the bottom of her bag, but that was okay...she knew that the seed squishing around her fingers would do well enough. "Mark! Mark, baby, watch..." she told him.

"I am..." was the husky response.

She gathered up some off the thick cum on her fingertip, then moved it up under her tail. She pressed, and found herself resisting. She relaxed with a conscious effort, and felt her fingertip slide into that forbidden hole - her gasp matched by Mark's.

"How does it feel?" he asked her, urgent and excited.

Her response was just to shove all three digits in as deep as she could, then cry out as she came again, the second time that night. She could feel both of her holes twitching and clamping around her fingers - her pussy contracting so hard that it forced her fingers out, along with a gush of her fluids and the mixed cum.

For a long time she just lay there, whimpering softly, trying to catch her breath. Finally, though, she brought her shaking fingers to her mouth, and started licking them clean, just like she'd licked the otter. She didn't pull the finger out from under her tail - she'd put it in there knuckle-deep. The strange, pleasurable sensations made her twitch and groan softly any time she moved it.

She heard Mark moving - going to the door, rummaging in her bag, then coming back. He put his big hands under her arms, pulling her effortlessly back into a kneeling position. Then he grabbed her wrist, and pulled her fingers from her mouth. He kissed her, pressing his tongue into her mouth - then bringing it back and swallowing. With a thrill, she realised that he was stealing the seed right out of her mouth, and swallowing it down himself. He broke the kiss. "I love you," he told her.

"I love you too," was the breathless reply. He took her hand and pressed her phone into it. He'd already dialled the otter's number. Naked, kneeling, still blindfolded with her own skirt, still with her left finger buried to the knuckle in her own tailhole, Tegan put the phone to her ear and waited for the otter to answer. Mark wrapped his arms around her, and she leaned against him.

The otter picked up. "Hey."

"I'm done. When can we meet again?"

At Month's End

The end of the month is always a special time for me. It's when my husband goes all-out to make me happy: gifts, date nights, breakfast in bed, taking care of the kids for me, the whole nine yards. The fact that he has an ulterior motive never really...

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Virginity is important, right? (Part 1)

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