Infatuating Hips Pt. Two

Story by Drianazz on SoFurry

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Eden got all the more aroused as Mr. Luther told her to roll over onto her side, she hitched her leg up making the perfect flipped 'h' so that her leg hooked around his waist as he sunk right back inside of her tight ass. It was then that he noticed that her perfume smelled different today, more like that of masking the scent of her normal scent. It dawned on Mr. Luther that Eden had been with another woman today. That made his cock twitch inside of her ass dripping pre in her glory hole as he looked up at the porn video that had been forgotten in the background. Closing his eyes he thought about Eden with another maid.

A maid that wore more of a french outfit with a hem that allowed an ample view of her legs as she bent over and the hidden lingerie that they were required to wear. Her breasts were held tightly within the top which was cut to push her tits up exposing the tops of them for him to look at. His cock hardened more inside of her ass, having her leg brought up to his shoulder as he inched himself closer having his balls brush against the thigh that was trapped between his legs. Brushing every time he rocked his hips drilling his cock inside of her bouncing round butt.

He loved his buttslut, thinking of where she could've possibly had fun with the other maid he settled with the thought of the bookcase in the main office. Pre shot out of his meatus, she was such a dirty whore, Eden was sure to have had that maid purposely using the ladder to reach the top to be sure to dust off the bookcase. A few words exchanged between both females, having the other maid stretched out while cleaning, stretching to the very back of the shelf to ensure that the dust was removed. Her dress was too short to cover her while she was up there. Mr. Luther was enjoying the little fantasy that warped in his mind as he pinned her leg up turning his thrusts more feral driving his prick deeper and deeper. "You have very nice thick legs." Eden told the maid, "Do you run?"

The conversation faded as Eden observed how great her companion's legs looked. It was then that the maid had finally stood on her tip toes reaching the far ends of the bookcase. The warmth between Eden's legs were hard to ignore as she slid her hand up her very own skirt dancing across her panties rubbing her clit through the material as Eden probably thought about what was hidden under the Maids dress. Everyone had read the stories about the French Maids growing up. Was she wearing panties? Did she have a garter belt on? White stockings? Eden was secretly hoping for thin white silk panties, thin enough for her to see the outline of her pussy.

Mr. Luther's mind was specific on the details that it was straining his pending orgasm from shooting his first load into her tail cunt. The fantasy was getting too much for him that the excessive skin to his balls tightened up, grinding them against her inner thigh as she screamed out in pleasure her pussy was drooling with the orgasms he had given her, her scent was enough to finally drive him over the edge as he pulled out of her ass jerking his cock sending streams and streams all over her naked body. He was shaking as he cuddled up behind her, nuzzling her locks of hair as he listened to Eden drifting to sleep. His mind however returned to the fantasy with the need to know how it turned out.

Eden's Perspective In The Fantasy.

I finally looked up noticing that she was cleaning some of the higher shelves, her dress followed suit moving up her fine shaped legs exposing her ass. She was wearing a garter for sure. No doubt about it. Underneath it was a pair of peach panties that that left a majority of her ass uncovered. The sight of her almost made me cum as I let out a slow moan, frantically rubbing my own clit through my own panties. I was close. Just a little more. She knew what she was doing, she had dressed this way to capture my attention, I was sure that she had heard me moan. What man or woman wouldn't if they saw her ass right now.

Each time the maid in front of her moved her arms I got to see more. She lifted her arms and exposed her spreading cheeks, the panties sinking and being clung to by the crack of her ass and did not reappear again until they came to her pussy. The peach cloth was a torture to me, she shouldn't have worn any, seeing that this little display was getting her wet in the front it was hard to ignore the little moans that were leaving my lips. My own thighs were trembling as I felt the familiar pulsing of my pussy as my breath rushed out, bucking my hips into my fingers creaming my own pair as wave after wave of pussy girl juice squirted. What I hadn't realized was that the maid was looking at me through the mirror in the corner, seeing how frantically I had just been rubbing my own clit.

"Miss, I'm ready to clean the very top shelves now. Could you please come hold the ladder for me." Her innocent voice carried over to my ears, afraid that my legs were a little too wobbly to walk closer.

"Yeah, just a second." ........................ 'Shit' I thought taking a deep breath taking one step in front of the other trying not to let my knees give out on me. The ladder was slanted out too far, "I will have to stand in front of it while you are on it." I moved and stood between the ladder and the bookcase. Holding the sides for her as she started to climb, first only going two or three steps before she placed her stomach directly in front of my face. It was a pleasant surprise getting a good view of her tits as she went another step or two. I had thought she wouldn't go much further but her pussy was directly in front of me.

She was doing it all on purpose raising her arms up making her dress go further up exposing her pussy even more. I could see that she was very wet and extremely close to my face that every breath that I took in I could smell and taste the sweet scent, the sweet fragrance of her honey. It was hard to hold the ladder steady. Leaning close to her pussy with the strong desire for just a lick. More than a lick. To tongue fuck her wet cunt.

"You alright Ma'am?" she asked me, "Anything I can do for you?" a taunting question that this maid already knew the answer too. She even moved her pussy closer to my face.

"Would you like to taste my pussy?"

Unsure on how to respond I croaked out a husky yes.

"Don't move until I tell you to." She instructed, "if you do everything I say, I'll let you fuck me with more than your tongue. But! If you do not do exactly as I say, I will leave and you will have to take care of your horniness in your way without any help from me or any of the other maids. Do you understand?"

"You drive a hard bargain ... tell me, what do I have to do?" I asked standing there, looking at her wet panties, she at the very least reached down and pulled her panties up forcing them between the folds of her pussy. Each lip glistened with her wetness. She jerked the panties in a see-saw motion stroking her clit and entrance with the cloth. What a lucky cloth. Each time that she moved it back and forth it was hard to ignore how much wetter she was getting. Little beads of her juices slid around the material landing on my face.

"Take your panties off. I want you to play with your clit." She mentioned that I was not allowed to cum either nor allowed to finger myself in any form. Her gaze burned into mine slowly rubbing my clit in circles. My pussy was raging hot and she seemed to really like how my fingers were moving because her panties started to move at the pace I was going. The minutes passed like they were nothing, speeding up my twirling fingers until sweat broke out travelling down the side of my face. Her watching made her only wetter. Eventually she shoved her panties down to her thighs and her fingers found its way behind the folds of her pussy fingering herself right in front of me.

This was about to be a losing battle. I was shaking and my feet pressing hard onto the floor for support, watching her finger going in and out deeper. Breathing heavier as I was fighting the urge to cum, she was playing unfair with me, her finger slipped out placing it in front of my blue nose. "Would you like to taste it Eden?" offering her finger, my lips barely parted to accept her finger. "Please..." I whispered closing my lips around it, running my tongue in a swirl tasting her sweet juices. Moving my mouth back and forth taking her finger in and then releasing it.

Briefly forgetting that it was by her rules my hand moved faster and faster like a speeding clock, making my clit more sensitive and tightening. The little bead that formed on my clit was a tale tell that I was close but I continued to suck on her finger looking hungrily into her eyes. She was not stopping me either. She had planned it specifically to not let me cum and here I was seconds before I lost control.

It turned her on even more as she watched me. Her other hand slid into her pussy slipping two fingers inside of her depths resting fully on the ladder finger fucking herself. I desperately wanted my mouth to be buried in there. She was hot. Gently biting down on her finger as I listened to her moans I clenched my thighs together. Knowing that I needed to stop but it was too late. Arching where I stood I cried out of mercy as my pussy squirted all over my thighs and hand. The maid didn't outlast me either. Even if she hoped to outlast, she saw the mess I had just made, quivering from the intense release. Beads of girl cum rolled down my legs..

"I'm CUMMING!" She screamed as the white fluids squirted all over my face, pushed by the contractions of her spasming body. I did the only thing I could, pushed my mouth into her pussy licking frantically over her tight walls not letting any more of her precious juice escape. She pumped her hips frantically against my tongue. The ladder was only in the way. A true sight I wouldn't change. It was past the point of no return.

Taking a few moments for them to recover, I helped her down from the ladder, staring at her pussy where my mouth had just been. Still the arousal was there. It felt like electricity flowed in the room. "Did I tell you to stop playing with yourself?" .....................

To Be Continued.........

Written for Xrosskies of his character Eden.

Written by Driana Le Souris

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