Pony Tales: Brown and Derpy

Story by minatek616 on SoFurry

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Hey guys, this is a little story centered in the MLP: FiM universe and features Derpy Hooves and my own character, Brown Bag, finding what friendship can blossom into, messy sex and muffins. Enjoy!

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You (a dark brown stallion named Brown Bag) are making your way home after a morning shift at the general store when you spot Derpy. The gray pegasus has her head hanging low as she shuffles slowly along. You jaunt to your longtime friend seeing she seems to be rather distraught. Her blonde tail drags behind her, wings drooping, and her eyes never leave the ground. "Hey Bubbles, you okay?" You call her that because at some level you feel she never liked the name Derpy, though she'd never said so. She looks over at you for a second and then back at the dirt, head still low and you can see that she'd been crying.

You lower your head to her level, "Oh, hey, what's wrong?" She sniffs, "I... I think those ponies over there were making fun of me." She sniffs again, nodding behind her. You look to see a multi colored trio of young Earth mares huddled together and giggling some distance away. One peeks at you from behind her friends before whispering back to the others which starts another round of giggling. You snort in their direction and return your attention to Derpy. "Why do you think they were making fun of you?" you ask. She looks up at you intensely for a moment, before her left eye droops downward, "They were talkin' about my eyes, Brown!" She sags again, "I heard'em."

You take a look back at the trio who seemed to be moving on, "If they were, it was only because they're jealous." "Jealous of what?" she returns harshly looking away. You put a hoof under her chin and turn her back toward you, "Jealous because you're special, unique, one of a kind." Derpy's eyes look sharply to the right refusing to meet yours, until the right starts to drift upward, "Yeah right." You look into her unfocused eyes, "I am right, I know it. Why those three, they're nothin' special, with their manes and tails done up all fancy. They gotta pay good money to look even half decent. But you, you get out ah bed beautiful."

Derpy sniffs, her eyes finally meeting yours, "You... you think I'm beautiful? Even with this?" she points a hoof at her eyes one headed up, the other down, with chin still in your hoof. "Everyday I get to see you," you smile. She breathes out in what might have tried to be a laugh and pulls away. "And that's not all." You exclaim, running a hoof along Derpy's delicate gray feathered wings, "You can fly. Us earthbounds have always been jealous of that." Derpy looks back at her wings and tucks them in from their drooping state, "Really?" "Truly! I myself have often envied you for being able to fly up and walk on clouds. We must all look so small from up there." You affirm, looking to some passing clouds in the endless blue sky.

Derpy looks up at them too and you take a moment to admire the young pegasus. Her solid rain cloud gray coat, cutely pointed ears standing around her carefree blonde mane, the most adorable little nose ending a short and feminine snout, and her large glittering amber eyes. She also has a rather lovely body, not too thin or toned, but healthy with plenty of appealing curves. It was a shame so many fixated on her unusual condition, because they were missing out on a true beauty. "More for me I guess." You murmur. She looks back to you, "Huh?" You start, realizing you said that out loud, "Nothin', nothin'. You know, I just got off work, why don't we head over to Sugarcube Corner and have at some banana nut muffins? My treat." Derpy brightens considerably at the mention of muffins, "Uh yeah, ok!"

You pay and thank Mr. Cake for a dozen and he winks showing you the inside of the box. He's made it a baker's dozen and smiles nodding knowingly at Derpy, who is impatiently waiting outside where you asked her to, face pressed against the bakery window. Everyone in Ponyville knows Derpy can put away muffins like few others, rivalling even Pinkie Pie's appetite. The moment you're out of the store, Derpy flutters and hops around you in joy, the problems of earlier apparently completely forgotten.

"Hey Brown, can I have a muffin?" she bubbles. "I thought we could have'em at the park." You reply, keeping them out of her reach with one hoof. "Can you wait that long?" "Awww, ok, I guess." She groans in mild disappointment as she lands and trots beside you, gravitating to whichever side you hold the muffin box on. As you make your way to the pond at the center of the park, Derpy contents herself by smelling deeply the aroma drifting from the box containing your treats. You look over at her smiling as she takes in whiff after whiff, seemingly getting some kind of high from just the scent.

You find a nice spot, pond side, under a tree to set down. Purposely, you slowly put the box on the ground between the two of you watching Derpy follow it, mouth open and tongue sticking out with drool dripping off the end. You pop it open, "Alright, dig in." Before you have the second word out, Derpy has a muffin in each fore hoof and another in her mouth. She is absolutely adorable when she eats particularly because she does so without a hint of embarrassment. You grab two of the fresh banana nut muffins, finding they're still wonderfully warm. You take a large bite out of one and it's delicious, sweet but not overly so, flavorful but well balanced, and incredibly moist.

You finish off one, "Like'em?" "Mm-hm," Derpy nods happily through a mouthful, her cheeks puffed out and crumbs falling everywhere. You start on the second and hear giggling nearby. On a bench a little ways away sit two mares enjoying each other's company. Derpy notices them two and even though they aren't from the earlier trio, they seem to remind Derpy of them. She suddenly loses her enthusiasm, her hoof falling away as she was going for another muffin. You watch her eyes drop as she falls back on her rump, chewing solemnly.

Putting back the second muffin and moving the box, you scooch over to her side, "And you know what makes you especially special?" "Hm?" she mumbles, not looking up. "You're my dearest friend." You tell her truthfully, wrapping a hoof over her opposite shoulder in a hug. The gray pegasus leans into you appreciatively, her body warm and soft. You put your cheek to hers and you can feel her chewing. She swallows, turns, and kisses you. A warm tingling runs through your whole body and you feel yourself blush as a stupid little smile creeps on your face.

You turn to the beautiful pony and she looks shyly away, smiling a little. So you snuggle into her cheek playfully, enjoying the feel of her coat on your snout until she looks back at you. Your eyes meet and you can see yourself in hers. You look truly happy. And then you both kiss for the first time, her eyes closing and arms wrapping around your neck. Her soft inviting lips taste wonderfully of muffins. Your eyes widen as you feel her tongue tentatively peeking out and you meet it with yours. Her eyes open with the contact and you look at each other for a second before both smiling into each other's mouths and giving in to the moment.

You turn your body toward her and stroke the lush blonde mane running down Derpy's elegant neck, keeping her close. She does the same, her fore hoof running up behind your head, pulling you into her. You explore her mouth with your tongue, moist and warm. You even find muffin crumbs along her teeth and gum line, and licking them makes the young pegasus taste delightfully sweet. Her tongue glides across yours in the most interesting way. Then your fully erect stallion hood poke's Derpy in the thigh.

Intensely embarrassed, you break off the kiss and turn away from her. Trying to hide your equine penis under you leg, you beg Celestia that she didn't notice. "What was that?" she asks trying to look over your hip curiously. "N-nothing, just, give me a minute." You call over your shoulder, curling into a ball and trying to will your erection away. Derpy starts to climb over your side, "Was that your dick? Come on, I wanna see." You try to push her away with one hoof and whine, "Just give me a minute, ok?" but she is determined and cranes her neck over you.

She's stops moving and you look over at her. Derpy's amber eyes are fixed on your flaring head, poking out from behind your shielding leg. She slowly reaches down and tries to push your leg away, but you hold it firmly in place. "Come on Brown, I'm not gonna bite it. I just wanna see." She tries to push away your leg again and you reveal your throbbing length to the curious little pony. She reaches for it and you pull away. "I'm not gonna to hurt it, relax." You let out a breathe and lay on your back, legs spread, solid caramel colored cock angled up toward your belly, while you prop yourself up on your elbows.

Derpy reaches for your cock slowly, very gently putting a hoof on its side. A warm tingle radiates out from where she touches and your feel your butt flexes as your cock pulses and shoots a glob of precum onto your stomach. She laughs delighted by your reaction and runs her hoof along your length, eager to see more. Then she starts to sniff the air, her sniffing leads her to the precum cooling on your belly and she looks at it curiously. Then her gaze turns to you and you raise an eyebrow. Then jump as you feel her tongue lap up the goo. Staring wide eyed at the gray pony, she swallows, "Mmm ,that was good. Make some more." She demands, allocating both fore hooves to stroking your cock.

The sensation in wonderful and you feel like an idiot for doing anything to make it stop but start to say, "Uhh, Derpy, I can't just... UGH." Your cock pulses again and more precum spurts free. Derpy hold you skyward so it ends up pooling on your flare and dripping down the side. She seems overjoyed that her efforts have paid off and eagerly licks up the dripping precum, her hooves pulling down hard on your cock. It feels amazing and you decide to just let the girl have her fun.

She enthusiastically licks you all the way to your head and when she reaches your flare, she surprises you again by opening wide and taking the whole thing into her mouth. You feel her tongue running circles around your urethra, taking the precum with it and you groan your approval. Her eye catches yours and she smiles knowingly around your thick shaft before she starts stroking you again. The pegasus' moist soft mouth around your cock is heavenly and you feel a wonderful warmth over your body, making you relax and lay back.

With another pulsing of your equine endowment, you give Derpy another burst of precum and she laps it up gratefully, her mouth never releasing you. After she's finished it off she strokes faster and starts to suck vigorously as if trying to force more out of you. You prop yourself back up, "Ugh, that's a little rou-oh ugh UGH!" The intense stimulation has you reaching orgasm unexpectedly fast and you fire a hot load right into Derpy's mouth. Her eyes widen as she works to swallow it down and you give her another, and another. Her cheeks puff out with your deposit and she valiantly tries to take it all, swallowing plenty but not enough. Cum bursts from her nose, the thick warm goop landing on your hip as she breaks away from you, coughing up sperm.

You let loose a few more weak ropes that land on your stomach as sudden fatigue forces you back to the ground, breathing hard. You feel your own warm cum spraying your thighs, cock, and waist as Derpy tries to clear her throat and nostrils to breath. She takes in a gasping breath and then coughs some more. "Oh, Bubbles, I'm sorry, I should have warn..." "That was too much." Derpy rasps trying to catch her breath. "Ugh (cough) my nose burns." She adds wiping at it with her hoof. "Are you ok?" you ask, too tired to do much more than lift a hoof in her direction. "Yeah, yeah, it was just a lot, ooo." You hear her say before you feel her licking at the spilled cum all around your groin.

You let out a breath and lay back, looking up into the tree above as slivers of light break through the leaves, very much enjoying the afterglow and clean up. Derpy stops, "Mmmm, do we have any more muffins?" You lazily reach over for the muffin box and slide it down to your leg then use it to put the box between your thighs. A moment later you feel something strange on your stomach and look to see Derpy running a muffin through the cum on your belly. Then you watch her in stunned amazement as she takes a bite. "MMM!" she exclaims, adding, "Oh, Brown you gotta try this." Offering the goo covered snack to you. You turn your head away, "Uh, no thanks, you enjoy it." She shrugs and takes another bite munching with audible relish.

You watch in utter disbelief as she sops up your seed with her muffin after every bite. You look around to see a few ponies starring, mouths hanging open. A mare holds her hoof over a filly's eyes as they pass, glaring at you scornfully. You feel like you should be embarrassed, but with Derpy doing all the work, you mostly just sit back and enjoy it. After a minute the incredible gray pegasus makes a noise of disapproval and you look down at her. She has another half-eaten muffin in her hoof, and looks around you as if she lost something. "All the frostings gone." she complains, "Brown, make some more, please?" "Ugh, I'm too tired, I don't think I can right now," you groan honestly. "Please?" she begs licking you cock's sheath. "Uhhh, tell ya what. Why don't we go to my place? By the time we get there, I think I'll be ready to make some more." Derpy brightens at this, "Really?" You nod and work to get to your wobbly legs.

Derpy looks at the muffin she's holding for a long moment as if considering whether to eat it now or wait for your "frosting." Astonishingly, she places it back in the muffin box with the last few, closes the box and picks it up. You watch her in amazement as she trots on ahead and then looks back at you impatiently, "Aren't we going now? I'm still hungry." You hurry to catch up to her, thinking there might be something to her new culinary invention.

The two of you arrive at your small house. This isn't the first you've had Derpy over so she strolls in comfortably and sets the box down on the living room table. You flop into your comfy green padded chair and watch as she carefully removes each muffin and places them in a neat row. Derpy then turns to you smiling , though her left eye seems more interested in the floor, "Ready?" "Uh... well I'm not quite ready just yet," you mumble and she approaches you frowning. "You said you'd make more if we came to your house." She complains. You spread your legs and show her your still sheathed cock.

She looks at your crotch in disapproval then brightens, "Oh, I know." The gray pony then climbs up on the chair on top of you. "Hey, whoa, what are you doing?" you protest. Derpy lays her delightfully warm soft body on yours, and looks at you, nose to nose, her eyes strangely focused. "I'm gonna help you make some of that frosting for us," and with a knowing wink, the she begins grinding her groin against yours. Eyes wide, you look down at her mare hood rubbing against your sheathed penis in wonder and delight. Derpy puts a hoof under your chin and raises it back up to her and then kisses you passionately.

Exquisite warmth and pleasure course through your entire being and you let lust take over and kiss her back, your tongues dancing together. You wrap your legs around her neck and feathered wings, holding her close as your hips grind back into hers. In no time at all, you cock begins to poke free and swell. Derpy looks down to see it throb enthusiastically and she giggles before shoving her tongue back into your mouth. As you grow for her, she uses a fore hoof to stroke you, encouragingly. You can feel her nether lips moisten parting along your base and coating your underside with feminine honey.

Her scent is strong, like Derpy but much more. It's intoxicating and it seems to cloud your thoughts until all that exists are the two of you. You're both breathing rapidly when the beautiful pegasus leans back and stands, her hind hooves on either side of your hips. She angles your fully erect cock, aiming for her lovely moist mons. "What are you...?" She sushes you before you can protest any further and lowers herself onto your flare. The heat radiating from her glistening lips is incredible. She lowers herself steadily putting on more pressure. You can feel her parting as the heat begins to swallow you whole. Her wings flap to help keep her balanced and she moans loudly as you enter her wonderfully slick love tunnel. Your eyes go wide and you feel you mouth open in pleasure as she slowly slides down your length.

Her hot tight embrace glides over you, welcoming you in deeper. Derpy gets to her knees carefully and sits atop you, letting your stallion hood impale her to your sheath. Once you're completely inside her, she lowers her body back down atop yours and rests there. You look into each other's eyes, mouths hanging open and breathing heavily before smiling at each other. She seems about to giggle before she begins kissing you again. You hold her close, returning her affection, and you feel her delicate wings fall atop your arms.

Her hot inner walls flex marvelously around your entire length, massaging you as you begin to thrust into your beautiful blonde lover. She moans into your mouth appreciatively, swirling her tongue around yours. As you increase your pace, you place a fore hoof over Derpy's soft gray butt and begin to push down in time with your thrusts, mashing the two of you wonderfully together. You can feel her honey lathering and slickening your cock from within, seeming to heighten your sensitivity.

Derpy has stopped kissing and simply pants inside your mouth, her eye lids heavy. She lifts herself up, both fore hooves on your chest and begins bouncing on your cock. As you pant with her, you laugh a bit as her mouth hangs open and her tongue lolls out in pleasure a she rides you. Suddenly she constricts around you, her butt flexing, and she looks up crying, "Ahhhhh yessss!!" You feel a flood of hot moisture along your length as she climaxes. The intense heat and pressure are too much and you feel the familiar tingling in your loins. "I'm... I'm cumming." you warn. Derpy flops back down onto your chest, her nose to yours, her eyes lustful, as she coos "Good, good, cum inside, I want you to fill me with frosting."

You look at her again surprised as she kisses you hard. Then you have to close your eyes to the intense pressure and heat welling up from the base of your cock and firing with force up and into your gray lover. Derpy's eyes and mouth go wide in surprise as she takes the first powerful shot. You feel your seed filling what little space there is around you with liquid warmth as Derpy exhales a bit every time you give her another load. You thrust into her firing off rope after rope of thick semen, painting her insides white before it starts to leak out around you, the body warmed batter dripping down your balls, legs and hips.

Derpy looks down at your groins as you fill her to capacity and then some. She looks back to you in amazement before dropping down, her head resting in the space between yours and your shoulder. You can feel her heart beating rapidly as she breathes, her wonderful soft body pressing against yours as you empty into her. Once you finally taper off, Derpy jumps up as if remembering something of utmost importance, "Muffins." She mutters. With new strength, she lifts herself away from you, warm cum pouring out as she pops your flare free of her. She holds a hoof over her crotch and wobbles on her hind legs over to the row of muffins she left on the low table. Cum drips readily to her legs and the floor as she puts one hoof on the table, angling her leaking mare hood over the first muffin and letting a thick glob fall over the top of it.

You watch, too exhausted to do much else, as she carefully hobbles to the next, and let's more of your apparently delicious cum out onto that one too. When she gets to the last, the one you bit into, she sighs in relief, letting all that remains inside her drown it in body heated spooge. That done, she run out of energy and flops on the floor breathing hard. Derpy then rolls over, bits of cum staining her coat from what she left on the floor, thought a tired smile makes her look proud. She then reaches blindly on the table top, seizes a cum covered muffin and mashes it onto her face. Her eyes are heavy with exhaustion but the muffin moves around a bit as she eats it.

After you catch your breath some, you lean forward and get a thickly frosted muffin of your own. You sniff it, before taking a bite. You don't know what it is, your milk, her honey, or maybe a combination of both, but you find it to be quite tasty.

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