Slick Space - Final Chapter

Story by BrassOtter on SoFurry

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#4 of Slick Space

And here we are. The end of the thrilling saga of kinky, latex-y creatures and their trapped, needy hosts. It picks right up where part 3 leaves off, on the morning after the romp in the brothel-penthouse. What's Slick going to do with a bunch of girls in heat and a needy, pent-up host?

Special thanks to Aetos for sticking this out with me. Go give the feather-butt some love <3

For the first time since the two had been together, Slick hadn't put Axus to sleep when the time came. No, the sadistic little shit had kept him up, to better experience the bizarre sort of hell he'd found himself trapped in. He hadn't had much time for lucid thought during his ordeal, but what little he had was dedicated toward cursing Slick and his twisted idea of a good time. Trapped inside of one's own body, surrounded on all sides by lusty, heat stricken ferals of every imaginable species, and unable to so much as lift a finger. Let alone reach orgasm.

At some point, Slick had to have chosen to store the girls' femcum somewhere other than his internal testes, because they were beyond overfilled by now. The night passed slowly, one girl after another arriving, getting a few tendrils inserted into them, and quickly collapsing into an orgasmic bliss. All the while, Olivia had remained in her spot, dutifully riding Slick's fake cock, even after she finally passed out.

Trapped as he was inside of his own head, Axus had plenty of time to experience just how hard Slick had to work to keep him sane. The base, primal part of his mind was a ferocious, insatiable beast, always clawing for more and more of his conscious mind, but Slick was doing well at keeping him at bay. At some point, the dragon became aware that the sun had risen again outside, and a new girl hadn't arrived in a while. Inside of his mind, a tiny, cautious voice reached out, unsure of what was going to happen next, ||Slick...?||

||Good morning, Axus! Are you ready to talk to me like a civilized person, or are you just trying to get my attention so you can curse at me again?|| Slick replied, clearly quite cheery.

He'd have let Axus fall asleep hours ago, but his host just couldn't keep his manners. It wouldn't do to have such dark, mean thoughts towards someone allowing him to experience a harem without needing to stop! Being rude would ruin the experience, and Slick... Slick...

Well, Slick was an asshole, frankly. He damn well knew it too, reveling in Axus's frustrated mental screaming at him, making the dragon endure the hellish torture of never-ending edging while more than half a dozen females all reached orgasm after orgasm, every single one of them in heat, and every single one of them here to serve Slick and Axus until tomorrow!

||Your first twenty-four hours is up! You did quite well, Axus. If you can reel in your insults and be nice, I may still let you cum at the end of all this.|| Slick teased, not wanting his host to feel the situation was hopeless. Slick was an asshole, but Axus had done well. He was even recording every moment with the Nanites that composed his body, wanting to show Kira later.

For now, though, he needed to wake Olivia. The Gryphoness had been the first to pass out, and since then Slick had been controlling her body for her, making it ride the fake cock between Axus's legs that transmitted the sense of touch to his real, trapped cock. Slick started to slowly rouse the Gryphoness, forcing a particularly strong orgasm from her body to try and bring her around right.

A weak, raspy squawk burst from the gryphoness's hoarse throat. Olivia's eyes fluttered open, a flush immediately flooding her face. "O-Ooooh~" she moaned, her light body shuddering atop Axus. Even after so many consecutive orgasms, Slick's pleasuring was still enough to make her curl her toes, her manicured talons digging into Slick's soft surface. Her sore thighs protested as soon as she was aware of them, but the steady thrums of pleasure coming from her nethers was more than enough to drown it out. "K-Keeping me riding all night? I expect a h-helluva tip when your time is up!" But a rakish grin betrayed her true feelings, the gryphoness giving a firm squeeze with her trembling inner walls. The feeling was transmitted through the latex, right into Axus's reeling mind.

||N-No Slick, I can't! I can't do any more! I-AH|| The sensation of Olivia's cunt contracting around his faux cock exploded inside of his mind. ||J-Just do what you have to do with the females, but put me to sleep first, PLEASE!|| It was his only hope, but in the back of his mind Axus knew that even the unconscious haven of sleep wasn't safe from Slick's tormenting.

||One second...|| Slick replied to Axus, letting Olivia ride out her orgasm on the faux shaft.

For a brief, blissful moment, everything went dark. Axus was put to sleep calmly, the stimulation and his mind-shattering need gone... And then, after only a few seconds, it all came back at once. The room, the scents, the need, the sensations of touch, the discomfort of internal tested filled with male and female fluids. He was asleep, but Slick was replicating everything that was happening in the real world!

"Ssshhhh, Lady Olivia; We don't want to wake the rest of the girls." Slick cooed, pulling Olivia into a kiss, nuzzle and beak intertwining. All the other girls were still being pleasured as well, reaching orgasm after orgasm in their sleep thanks to the almost spider-web like patterns of latex tendrils spread across the floor.

Slick brought Axus's paws up to start massaging Olivia's overworked legs, pressing and kneading the tension from them while they kissed.

"Mmmm~" the gryphoness moaned, eagerly letting her tongue dance with Slick's. The goo had transformed its tongue into a silky pillow texture some time ago, so the feeling was a little off, but Olivia had enough experience to make up for it. The soft smacking sounds of the two making out were all that could be heard. Her aching legs appreciated Slick's efforts, her muscles slowly loosening and the pain dimming somewhat.

Meanwhile, every protest had vanished from Axus's mind. But his rest was anything but peaceful. The dragon still felt every terribly pleasurable sensation he'd felt while awake, but now he couldn't even scream at Slick about it. Trapped in a nightmare within a nightmare, Axus was left to slowly endure whatever Slick had planned in real time. The short break in stimulation was the worst trick yet. For the briefest of moments, Axus was reminded of what it was like to not be constantly tormented, before the torture began anew.

Slick kept making love to the gryphon for a few minutes, gently rolling his hips to slowly fuck her and torment Axus at the same time. The feral part of his mind was harder to keep at bay when he was asleep and not fighting it on a subconscious level as well... Damn, this might not work out as well as he thought, but he at least still had total control over the dragon's body to keep him from hurting anyone in his lust-craze.

"Mmm... Lady Olivia...?" Slick purred, finally breaking the kiss. He simulated a blush on Axus's latex-covered face in the form of a few fibers of red silk while he spoke, nuzzling the gryphoness.

"I don't know much of courtship or relationships of you organics... But, I have a proposition for you; Right now, my host is nearly gone insane with need, as I've denied him for so very long. Meanwhile, you want to retire with a few of your favorite girls and start your own business. I-I know I shouldn't have looked at those thoughts, but they were at the forefront a few times while you were conscious..."

He gave her another gently nuzzle before continuing. "If you allow me... No, Axus to breed you, truly breed you with, no holding back, I will transfer twenty thousand credits to you, no questions asked, so you can retire early and start that business." He sits quietly, even stopping his grinding to allow the gryphoness to think.

"I don't want to be the only one of my species, and any offspring you produce would be truly gorgeous."

Olivia blinked a few times as the goo made its outlandish offer. It wasn't the first time that a customer had expressed their interest in knocking her up, sometimes she'd even tease them with the possibility. With some of her regulars, just a few whispered words about her vulnerability could make them shoot off instantly. Not that there was any real possibility of it happening. She didn't use any protection, but she kept very careful track of her heat calendar. Now, with a full-fledged heat raging inside of her, she'd be in real trouble if the symbiote let its host spurt.

Then again, was it really trouble? A twenty grand was a lot of money, easily enough to cover the start up costs for a new business venture. The gears in Olivia's head started turning. Suddenly, the gryphoness was shocked she was even considering such a forward proposition. "Wh-What?! What would even happen? How does your species even reproduce?"

Slick smiled. She was thinking about it, which meant he might be able to get some leverage in this deal! He gently wrapped his paws around her back and started to kneed, nuzzling gently under her chin.

"It would be nothing like a traditional pregnancy and birth, of that I can assure you. I'm something of an android, a strange amalgamation of machine, latex, and organic life. I could fuse my nanites and microbes to Axus's sperm cells and modify them as needed. It would technically be a three-way hybrid... But I'd be passing along my 'genetics'. I've done my experimenting while Axus was asleep, it's doable, and safe for you and the offspring. Our child would be capable of taking the form of a gooey dragon-gryphon, or just pure latex, and would consume whatever sexual fluids they could get from their partner." Slick explained. He'd taken all that time out at space to look into how biological beings reproduced, what DNA was made of, how it could be modified... He needed two surrogates, but it could be done.

The rational center of Olivia's mind knew she shouldn't even be considering this. She was in heat, she wasn't in the right state of mind to be making decisions like this! But her heat was way too strong for her to be swayed by such trivial forces as reason. Images of pregnancy and motherhood flitted in and out of her addled mind, making her well-fucked twat even wetter than it already was.

"H-Hnnng, I-I don't know." she panted, resisting the urge to squeeze and grind that lovely pole of latex some more. "Wh-What does th-the dragon want?"

Deep inside of his own subconscious, the dream-Axus hadn't stopped bellowing since he'd heard Slick's proposal. At this point, he wasn't even sure if he was still fighting against his feral instincts. Every facet of him was screaming with his need to cum, to breed a female and put an end to her maddening heat.

"I've forced him to sleep to try and preserve his mind, and I'd rather not wake him unless you agree so he can act on his feral urges... But, if the screaming is any indication, he says 'yes'. Rest assured, this won't be anything like a traditional pregnancy; You'll have a blob of latex sealed into your womb that will constantly pleasure you, make you orgasm again and again for nine months straight and lock you in heat until it's grown and completely coated your delightfully tight cunt in latex . Then, once it's matured, it will induce something akin to labor and free itself from--"

"I'll do it." Olivia groaned.

The words were out of her beak before she knew she'd said it. The gryphoness's eyes widened, unable to quite believe what she'd just said. But looking down, at the latex-covered dragon's eyes, she knew why she'd done it. A nine month pregnancy of endless pleasure? Her heat, which would torment all the males around her, but with no further risk to herself. And at the end, the knowledge that she'd been the first mother to a new species of sentient life. No, there were no questions about it. She leaned down and gave Slick an eager nuzzle with her beak.

Olivia was about to ask if they could begin when the gentle moan of one of her coworkers caught her ear. A naughty grin flitted across her beak. "I'll do it, on one condition. Your dragon friend's going to save up enough seed for every other poor girl you've forced into heat. Don't worry about paying them; they'll all have a place in the house I'm going to be opening."

Slick blinked, surprised. But that would mean having to let Axus cum more than once! He was already sacrificing the gourmet quality of pre he was feeding on for this, he didn't want to ruin everything! But, at the same time, he did want to make sure his genetic material was passed on. Gragh... In the end, he decided that having a lineage was more important than tasty pre, and Axus would surely appreciate the alleviation of pressure.

"Fine, but only if they all accept the risk of pregnancy with you."

Olivia grinned, already imagining how many customers she was going to get with the scent of so many in-heat ferals saturating the air. The regal gryphoness looked around, observing the gently-shifting forms of the needy females surrounding her. "Oh, they'll accept all right. Let me borrow and I'll explain the deal to them. You won't even have to stop pleasuring them."

Slick smiled and bowed his head, using his goo to ramp up the pleasure each female was receiving to try and rouse them from their sleep all the faster. One he'd gotten their attention, he looked back at Olivia, flexing his hips and cock.

"You have the floor, I'll do as you ask."

Olivia grinned, seeing the confused, lust-stricken faces of the other workers around her. This was going to be a piece of cake. "Ladies, you all know I'm going to be retiring soon, and I'm planning on starting up my own house with a few of you." The gryphoness sat up straight, warbling happily as she sank down a little farther on the latex faux-shaft.

"Now, our gooey friend here has decided to become an early investor, but there's a catch: he wants to be a daddy." Olivia waited until all eyes were on her and Slick before continuing. "I've already agreed, and Slick's promised me that you'll experience nine months of pleasure like you've never had before last night. Slick, why don't you give them a little taste of what they're going to be feeling?"

A few of the girls had opened their mouths to protest, but Slick cut them off with rippling, rolling pleasure through their loins. The tendrils of latex swelled and surged even deeper inside them, forcing its way into their cervixes. A mass of latex began to form within them all, vibrating and rubbing around, trying to draw out more of their fluids. Needless to say, they were all writhing in ecstasy, rubbing at their slightly-bulging stomachs and swiftly hitting orgasm.

"Can't forget about the ringleader, of course..." Slick cooed, giving Olivia the same treatment. Her 'egg' was easily the largest of them all, filling her womb and vibrating twice as hard. Slick grinned through Axus, rubbing at Olivia's chest.

For half an hour, the girls got to experience their 'pregnancy' before Slick began to withdraw his gooey mass, looking around the room.

"So, what do you say, ladies? Nine months of something much stronger than that, constantly?"

The various ferals looked at each other with widened eyes, the dragons, taurs, and gryphons breaking off to confer in hushed tones. Olivia knew what they were going to say even before they turned back, though. As one girl after another eagerly accepted her and Slick's deal, she could already imagine her new operation. For their first few months, they'd have a genuine heat scent so strong it would draw males from all over the city. And once they started showing, they'd get a loyal clientele that was into egg-heavy girls. She'd lose a few who were going to want to raise their kids elsewhere, but she'd be making credits hand over fist. And helping to launch a new species while she was at it. "Well, it looks like you've got your answers, Slick. Ready to let the big guy loose?"

Slick watched, using his goo to listen in. A few of the girls were very skeptical, but all were swayed by the prospect but a couple; And even then, they agreed to help out. Slick was definitely pleased; He wouldn't have to worry about continuity of his 'species', and could circumvent those pesky breeding laws on new species before he was fully registered. Unregistered hybrids were a bureaucratic nightmare, but Slick would rather let some desk jockey suffer than have to wait years to be approved to knock someone up.

"Only if you're ready for the wildest, roughest sex of your life..." Slick replied, bringing Axus out of his life-like dream and into the waking world again. He directly stimulated the dragon's mating instincts again, making sure to get him into a true frenzy, and barely managed to keep him in check while he conversed with Olivia.

"Ready, hot stuff?"

Axus had been watching everything, keenly listening in during his forced sleep. Now that he was back in the waking world, able to converse with Slick, he was completely silent. He'd come this far, and his goal was within reach. If Slick held up his end of the bargain, he'd be able to cum, right now, and he would be damned if he fucked this up by saying a single word. Axus sat silently in his mind, and waited, every neuron focused on the pent up feeling in his testes, and the gryphoness who was dismounting him.

Olivia was a little nervous, to be honest. A dragon of Axus's size, continuously teased and pent up for weeks?! And she was going to be his first in all that time, the first to take his seed. But Olivia was a professional, and didn't let any of that show through. As sexily as she could with her messy feathers, she dismounted the dragon, getting a few paces away before letting her front drop low and her rump stretch high, her tail eagerly flicking out of the way of her rather stretched sex.

"Don't spend it all on me, now, Axus. You've got a dozen more girls afterward."

Oh, she was good~ Slick could sense her concerns, but she made sure to keep things as sexy and heated as possible. Her fears were for not, though, as Slick had full control over Axus's body. He'd be sure to keep the dragon from harming any of the girls present... Unless they were into that sort of thing. Remaining in control for just a bit longer, he had Axus gently mount Olivia, paws wrapping around her midsection.

For the first time in weeks, Axus's cock was exposed to the air. The layer of latex around the red shaft melted away, leaving it twitching in the warm air of the room, no plug to keep him from cumming. The nanites in his body set about finding his sperm cells in his overfilled orbs, sorting through the soup of cum and femjuices to make sure they had his genetic material and not Kira's or Avery's.

Once the proper cum was modified, mutated, and primed for release, Slick simply gave Axus full control back, continuing to bombard his mating instincts. He was free to fuck as long and as hard as he wanted, and Olivia was going to be held to her word...

Axus's reaction was instantaneous and explosive. The huge dragon roared aloud as soon as he had control back, his powerful haunches immediately hilting his cock in Olivia's feline rump. The sensations were completely unbelievable. For the first time in these sex-filled weeks, Axus felt like a true male, humping and thrusting and grunting like a male should. And with his mating instincts and weeks of build up behind him, it only took him four or five thrusts before he was spurting. Oh GOD it was glorious! He didn't stop thrusting, pounding Olivia into the soft nest, while his balls were FINALLY free to drain some of the seed they'd been clogged with for so long. Tears dripped freely from Axus's eyes, the beautiful, pure relief coursing through this whole body and making him feel happier than he ever had been before.

Olivia, for her part, was a little disappointed with his performance, but that was to be expected from a male with no outlet and constant stimulation for weeks. "G-Get it nice and deep in there..." she groaned happily, feeling his boiling-hot seed starting to lance inside of her. No turning back now, with how strong her heat was, she was sure to be pregnant.

Slick was intent on making sure Axus wouldn't leave Olivia disappointed. Or any of the girls, for that matter. The ever-present plug in his rear started to vibrate nice and hard, pressing against his spasming prostate, trying to drive the dragon to fuck the female beneath him harder. To help spice things up for Olivia, a little tendril of his latex found its way to her clit, covering it over and teasing it mercilessly.

Not wanting the others to be left out, the other girls would find their snatches stuffed with a replica of Axus's cock, which thrust and speared in time with the real thing, giving them the same treatment as Olivia, sans the weight of the male on their backs.

Axus blushed slightly as he came, redoubling his thrusts. With how overstuffed his testes were, his orgasm never stopped, more and more seed packing its way into Olivia's womb until she looked a little bloated. Slamming into her nice and hard, the dragon obeyed his mating instincts, not planning on stopping until he was sure that she was bred. As he continued to pump his rock-hard length into her, he could feel her climaxing around him, her passage getting even more slick. It felt wonderful against his bare skin, instead of through the layer of latex.

Slick took control of Axus's body as he felt Olivia orgasm around his ever-spasming cock, forcing him to hilt nice and deep, unloading into her cervix. Once it had waned, he had the big dragon pull out, leaving Olivia's backside dripping and streaked with the never-ending release. Slick was pleased to find not white cum, but jet-black seed leaking from Olivia's entrance. Seemed the microbes really had fused to Axus's sperm... He was even more pleased when the residual mess in Olivia's tight folds started to move of it's own volition, slipping deeper inside her, collecting in her womb and already starting to vibrate. Right out the gate and it was already forming its own consciousness! Amazing!

Slick gave her rump a playful thwap and looked at the moaning crowd of females, eyeing them carefully... Who next? Slick decided to let Axus pick, giving the dragon control back and hoping he'd get the idea.

Axus huffed and grunted as his orgasm finally tapered off. He watched his seed as it seemed to magically find its way deeper into Olivia's twat. There was no doubt about it, she was bred now. His mating instincts were still going strong, and his need was only marginally lower than before. Thankfully, there were plenty of girls here. He padded over to the nearest one, a golden-scaled dragoness who was sprawled on her back. He draped his larger body over her, watching the gooey dildo melt away before his advancing cock. As he slipped himself inside her tight twat, he managed to find the words to growl, "H-How does it feel to agree to have a stranger's egg?"

Sky was so enraptured with the feeling of that wonderful shaft pounding into her needy, swollen folds that she didn't notice Axus's approach until he was, quite literally, right on top of her. She gasped and opened her eyes, looking into his. His question took a minute to process, and it took another minute for her to stop moaning and answer him after that nice, thick cock of his really was crammed into her tight vent.

"A-Aaah! Feels a l-lot better than being manhandled by a living gimp suit..." Sky shot back, grinning up at the latex-covered dragon

Axus gave a deep growl at that, accelerating his pace. Her tight pussy felt heavenly, and it wasn't long before his prostate was spasming again, spurred on by Slick's vibrating tendrils. His hot seed lanced into her, packed in nice and deep by his relentless thrusting. But he made sure to give her one nice, deep thrust and held it there, his tip kissing her cervix as he dumped a potent load inside of her womb. "Take good care of it." he murmured softly, hips gently working to rub his seed in as deep as possible.

On and on it went. Girl after girl, orgasm after precious, life-giving orgasm... And meal after delicious meal lost. Slick was resigned to going back to horrible, protein-deprived pre for the next few weeks, but Axus couldn't be happier. He'd gone from the depths of the ninth ring of hell to the gates of heaven in just a few quick thrusts! He got to breed each female as many times as he wanted, Slick helping to stimulate cum production and keep the seed flowing.

Finally, after nearly three hours, every girl but the two who had decided not to get pregnant were bred and writhing in agonizing pleasure, the goo inside them making late night's fun seem like a gentle groping. Axus had performed perfectly, but after all that, he was exhausted. Slick finally let him have a true, unaltered rest, letting him nod off in the pleasure of afterglow.

Looking around the room, Slick felt a sense of pride, and contentment. His 'legacy' would live on, his offspring claiming hosts and showing them the wonders of a promiscuous symbiote. Slick sauntered over to Olivia and curled up next to the bucking, spasming gryphoness to wrap around her and hold her close. She moaned and shrieked and squawked in bliss while the life inside her fed, and Slick, for the first time in his short life as a sentient being, slipped off to sleep as well.

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