Star Fox H: Fox and Krystal

Story by Natsuru on SoFurry

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#1 of Star Fox H

It's finally here; the first chapter to my Star Fox H series. This damn short chapter took me two-three months to finish, and I feel so much relief for it being done.

Pairing: Fox and Krystal

This scene takes place immediately after the ending of Star Fox Adventures

Star Fox and all characters © Nintendo

Star Fox H

Scene 01: Fox and Krystal

By Natsuru

Fox stood with a big red blush across his face; a hand of his placed over his chest, as he felt his heart thumping at a rapid pace. Standing right next to him was Krystal; a blue vixen he rescued prior to restoring the dinosaur planet; Sauria, back to its proper state. Krystal had boarded the Great Fox to thank the vulpine up close and personal, since they really didn't have a lot of time to properly have a chat with one another. With how flustered he was at the moment, it was very obvious to everyone on the ship that Fox had developed feelings for the vixen; even if he did only just met her and hardly knew anything about her. And just like him, but unlike him at the same, Krystal had developed feelings for the vulpine as well; she was just a lot calmer about it though.

After giving her thanks, Krystal began to make her leave, but immediately came to a stop. She returned her attention to the whole team, "Um...before I leave, I would like to request something. If it's not too much of a bother, but is it alright if I could join your team?" Fox's face turned completely red as he felt his heart skip a beat; clearing he wasn't opposed to the idea of having the vixen as new member. "O-of course you can join our team", Fox answered back immediately; "I certainly don't have a problem with it, and I'm sure nobody else here does." The vulpine turned his attention to his crewmates and asked, "What do you guys think?"

Fox's crewmates seemed ok with his decision of letting Krystal join them, with Slippy excited about them having a new teammate and friend, Rob just simply agreed, and Falco didn't care either way as he was just hoping that the vixen would be of better use than Slippy. Peppy didn't have a problem with the vulpine's decision; stating that Fox is the leader and that anything he says, goes. However, he did say that he'll inform General Pepper about Krystal, so she could have proper training upon returning to Cornaria. Fox smiled as he gave nod of his head and returned his attention to Krystal, "You hear that Krystal; looks you're now a part of the team. Welcome to Star Fox." Krystal was overjoyed with the news, as she ran over to Fox and embraced him; the vulpine embracing her right back.

As their hugging came to an end, the two stared into one another's eyes before Fox said, "How about I show you around the ship?" With a nod of her head, Krystal moved a hand down and intertwined it with one of the vulpine's; causing him to blush in embarrassment again. With their hands locked, Fox escorted the vixen out of the main room; Falco watched as the door immediately closed upon the two leaving, "Tsk, I know what's going to happen afterwards. Thank God for sound proof walls."

Half an hour had gone by and by that small amount of time, Fox had finished showing Krystal around the Great Fox. Krystal thanked Fox for the brief tour, saying that she'll be sure to remember every part of the ship, and hopefully not become lost. She then asked him if there was an extra room for her to rest in, and Fox responded back with, "I'm sorry, there aren't any spare rooms on this ship, but don't you worry. You can use my room as much as you want, until we eventually build in another room." The vixen was thankful, but then asked if it was truly ok for her to use his room. Fox replied that it was no big deal and he didn't mind it at all.

"Although; assuming you're about to head off for a nap, I think it would be better if you wash up first." Krystal was silent from the vulpine's words; this in turn made Fox nervous as he felt that he may have insulted her. "I-I mean...since you've been trapped in that crystal for who knows how long...I-I just thought it would be a good idea to...uh...freshen up first." The vixen took the time she had to give herself a few sniffs, "Hm, I suppose you're right; freshening myself up would be much better." Fox gave a sigh a relief; feeling calm that he didn't upset the female that he was starting to have feelings for. "Though, I think it would be best if you joined me", Krystal remarked as she brought a hand over her nose; "You're in need of some freshening up as well, hehe."

Just like the vixen had done prior, Fox gave himself a sniff and cringed for a bit. Considering how long the vulpine had been on Suaria and how long it has been since he last showered, Fox really was in need of wash. Taking his hand, Krystal escorted themselves to the shower room. There was only one problem, however, and that was the shower room didn't have separate showers stalls, meaning they had to share one since the Star Fox crew never expected to have any female members join. However, once the two started washing their bodies, they both stood on one end of the shower room; far from each other.

Despite that, this didn't stop Fox from passing glances at the vixen cleaning her body. Watching her washing her hair, rubbing down along her hips, and fondling her breasts was quite the arousing site for the vulpine; he didn't even notice the head of his cock had stuck out from his sheath. However, he had to put an end to his perverted glances of the vixen, as he noticed that she was turning her head towards him, and he quickly turned himself around to face away from her; making it seem like he wasn't staring at her. He gave a sigh of relief as he felt that he was in the clear, and at that point he noticed the head of his poking out from his sheathe, and proceeded to place a hand over it. "I have to keep it together; I shouldn't be having these wrongful thoughts about Krystal. I have to control my urges; she is a new member after all, and what if it's possible that she's not really interested in me like that."

With his back turned to her, Krystal had briefly stared at Fox before returning her head back and gave a sigh. What the vulpine didn't know about her, was that she was a telepath; meaning she could read the thoughts of Fox's mind. She was very aware of how much Fox wanted to get intimate with her, and honestly Krystal was disappointed. While she did like his respectful nature, she really wouldn't have mind if he had made a move on her; that was pretty much the reason why she suggested they shower together in first place. With those thoughts leaving her mind, the vixen continued with washing herself as she attempted to wash her back, and that was when an idea came to her.

She walked over to Fox's end of the shower room, and tapped him on his shoulder to get his attention; the vulpine blushing hard as he was face to face with the vixen. "Hey Fox, do you think you could help me out", she asked before turning her back to him; "I'm having trouble washing my back. Can you do it for me?" He gulped before giving a nod of his head, "Sure thing." With rag in hand, the vulpine began washing the vixen's back; causing her to moan as he sensually scrubbed up and down. As his hands moved back upwards, Krystal surprised the vulpine when she suddenly grabbed both of his wrists, and brought his hands to her front side; making one hand hold one of her breasts and the other caress down her abdomen to her cunt. Fox was left speechless by the vixen's actions, and although Fox was thinking about doing exactly this, he was just awestruck that Krystal was making him fondle and caress her. The sweet moans that she emitted upon making the vulpine squeeze her boob, and nearly getting his fingers inside of her cunt, was enough to make the vulpine's cock extend out from his sheathe; seven inches of fox meat.

Turning her head to face him, Krystal narrowed her eyes downward and saw the vulpine's erection; feeling the head prodding against her tailhole. With a chuckle, she grabbed the shaft and sensually rubbed along the base, which culminated in Fox moaning through his teeth, "Well now, it would seem that I've gotten you all excited." Turning herself around, Krystal brought her body against Fox's own and surprised him further when she locked her mouth with his; french kissing him while she continued to rub his cock. Fox allowed the vixen to continue having her way with him, with her tongue locked with his dancing between their mouths, and using her free hand rub along the vulpine's chest and abs. The kiss didn't last too long though, as the vixen ended and parted away from Fox's lips, as a small thing string of saliva broke between their tongues.

"You know Fox, there's something about me that you didn't know." Bringing her lips to Fox's ear, she whispered, "I'm a telepath; do you know what that means?" Fox gave gasp as his face became redder in embarrassment, "A telepath you say? So, I guess you've been hearing my thoughts since we've been in here?" The vixen nodded her head as confirmation that what Fox said was correct, "Those were some pretty interesting thoughts you were thinking about the both of us, and I honestly wouldn't mind that we did those things right here, right now." She gave the vulpine's cock a squeeze and kissed on him on his neck, "And since we're alone, I can now properly thank you. Would you like that?" With the look on his facing changing to that of a smug look, Fox gave a nod of head as he brought an arm around the vixen's back, and moved his hand down to her butt; "Yeah, I would like that a lot."

Going at it tongue first, the two returned back to their kissing; moaning into each other's mouths as their tongues twisted and twirled between them. Krystal resumed her rubbing of the vulpine's cock and using her other hand to feel along his chest and abs, while Fox used his own hands to rub down along the vixen's back, until he made it to her butt where he grasped and squeezed the cheeks. After a while, the two ended their kiss and panted slowly as they recovered some much need air. Upon recovering some oxygen, Krystal locked her mouth around Fox's neck and simultaneous licked and sucked along it, "AAAHHH", Fox moaned out; that combined with feeling his shaft being rubbed provided much sensations to him. Moving her attention away from the neck, the vixen proceeded to give kisses along Fox's body; bringing herself down until she was on her knees and had the vulpine's shaft in front of her.

Her hand continued rub along the base as her eyes were focused on the shaft; impressed by the size of meaty flesh. Starting off, she planted a kiss on the head, which culminated in Fox blushing again as he grinned. After giving her own lips a lick, the vixen sent her tongue out and started licking along the base; slowly trailing her tongue up and down. The hand she used to rub the shaft was now being used to just hold the flesh up, while she brought her other hand to fondle the vulpine's balls, and she brought her tongue down to give a few licks to the orbs; sucking and nibbling on one of them as she continue her rubbing. Fox only stood moaning out in pleasure, as he let the vixen slicken his cock with her saliva; her slow sensual movements along his shaft sent sensations of ecstasy coursing throughput his body.

Putting a cease to her licking, Krystal looked up at the fox and gave a brief chuckle before giving one last lick to the head. After giving the shaft a few more strokes, the vixen brought her mouth to the head; the cock twitched from the contact of the vixen's warm breath. Bringing her mouth around the head, Krystal simultaneously licked and sucked on the head, as she slowly started moving her head forward and taking in half of the base. "Mmm", she moaned around the shaft as she moved her head forward and back along half of the base; using her tongue to lick around the cock with each movement of her head. The combination of Krystal's warm breath, moaning, and sucking along sucking around the erected flesh, sent a great deal blissful sensations to travel through the vulpine's length to his body; nearly making Fox's legs tremble as he stood in place, "Ah aaahhh!"

Krystal narrowed her eyes upward as her ears twitched from the moans that emerged from the vulpine's mouth; just from his pleased expression, she could tell she was doing a good job. To increase the pleasure he was feeling, the vixen moved her head further along shaft; taking in every inch of the flesh as deep throated, and going back to just half of the base, before immediately returning to take in every inch again. As she continued to bob her head, the vixen moved herself forward to bring her hands to Fox's body; her left held onto and rubbed along the side of the vulpine's waste, while her right had returned to fondling the balls. "Mmm", she moaned, sending more vibrations to course along the shaft; her tongue never stopped twirling around the whole base. This culminated in Fox bringing a hand over the vixen's head, where he proceeded to rub his fingers through the strands of her hair, "Unh're so amazing...with your mouth...this really good...aaahhh."

The vixen started picking up the pace of her bobbing; going forward and back along the length fast, and her moaning around the cock had increased. She would even occasionally switch back and forth between slowing down and speeding up, as she continued her sucking to bring about added pleasure. Not only that, but she would even cease from sucking, to go back just simply licking along the shaft and balls sensually, and the return back to sucking the meaty flesh; causing Fox to release even more louder moans. The hand that she used to rub up and down along the side of the fox's waist had travelled around to his backside and proceeded to rub along one of Fox's cheeks; occasionally squeezing it like the vulpine had did to her earlier. Shooting out onto the vixen's tongue were bits of pre; a sure sign that Fox was just nearing his orgasm.

Even if it was only just pre, Krystal found the taste to be rather intriguing; it was sweet and a bit salty. There was no denying that she wanted more of the sweet cream, so she focused on sucking the vulpine off faster, with no plans of occasionally slowing down to help Fox blow his load in no time. And to edge him even further, the vixen decided to do something she thought she would never have to do. With her left hand still rubbing along one of the fox's buttocks, she moved it closer to his tailhole and without any warning sent in her finger to thrust in and out of his entrance; the fact that her hands were wet from the still running shower water, did provide as a good substitute for lube. "NGH", was the immediate response given from the vulpine; having his tight tailhole finger fucked by a female no less really helped him release, "UNHHHH!"

With a loud grunt, Fox had unintentionally tightened his grip on the vixen's hair, as he blew his load within her mouth. Copious amounts of semen was rushing down the vixen's throat; nearly making Krystal gag as she attempted to swallow every drop of seed. Try as she might, there was just too much of Fox's seed flowing out within her mouth, that she could hardly ingest it all, and some of it was sliding out down the sides of her mouth; droplets of it dripping to the floor. Not being able to take it all in, Krystal removed herself away from the vulpine's cock; coughing as her face was being shot from the rest of Fox's cum, and some of it even shooting onto her breasts. Relieved and spent of his seed, Fox removed his hand from the vixen's head, and used it to help Krystal onto her feet; the vixen took his hand without any hesitation.

Once on her feet, Krystal backed herself against the wall and licked her lips clean of Fox's cum, while of the rest of his seed was washed off of her body from the shower waters. Bringing her hands to her body, Krystal placed one on one of her boobs, and the other just above her vagina; using two fingers to spread it open. She was practically beckoning for the vulpine to come over and do as he so pleases to her, "So Fox, are you going to come over and have a taste of me?" The vixen winked at Fox; his smug expression returning back to his face as he walked over to Krystal, and placed a hand on the boob she touched and the other over her cunt. He rubbed her boob and had two of his fingers slide vertically along her pussy, "Oh, I'm ready have a taste of you; I'm sure you'll be just as sweet, hehe."

Fox brought his muzzle to the vixen's tit; a breath of warm air breathed out onto it as the vulpine licked around his lips, and saliva was dripping down his fangs. Sticking out his tongue and bringing it to the boob, Fox started off slowly licking on and around the nipple, before placing his whole mouth around the breast and sucking on it. "Unh...mmm...aaahhh"; moans were slowly streaming out from Krystal's mouth from the vulpine's simultaneous sucking and fondling on her tit, and the moans were starting to grow and get louder as Fox's fingers continued to rub along her vaginal lips. He slowly inserted both of his digits through the lips and slowly finger fucked her pussy; made easier by the fact that the inside was already wet and it wasn't just from the shower water. "AAAHHH"; Krystal moaned out somewhat loudly as she felt the surges of ecstasy coursing within her body, due in part of Fox thrusting his fingers in and out of her cunt, and from the sucking on her left tit; her body was starting to feel hot from such pleasure.

To feel even more bliss, the vixen brought her right hand to her right tit and massaged it; using her fingers to sensually rub the breast and pressing her thumb on the nipple, "Unh...hah...ah!" Fox continue on with his licking and sucking of left the tit and even gave the nipple a little nibble, before removing himself off of the breast; giving peck on the nipple afterwards. From there he decided to focus his attention on the right breast; doing the exact same thing he did on the left tit, all the while keeping his right on the left boob, to continue fondling it. "Aaahhh...unh...ah", Krystal's face had turned red; her soothing moans were going through Fox's ears as a good sign that he was giving her everlasting sensations. Just like he did with the other tit, the vulpine lightly nibbled on the nipple as he sucked on the boob hard; his tongue rapidly licking around the nipple. He started thrusting his fingers faster and deeper through the vixen's cunt; slightly stretching her vaginal walls apart.

Feeling that he was done with giving the right tit some needed love, Fox removed himself from the breast, but before moving on he gave it one last lick on the nipple. The vulpine had his sights set onto the vixen's neck, where he slowly licked up the side of, and then brought his mouth around it and proceeded to suck, "AAAHHH...oh certainly...know how to treat...a lady." Fox proceeded to suck down along the vixen's neck until his mouth was on her shoulder, where he continued his sucking there along with some nibbling. His fingers continued to travel further through the vixen's tight vaginal passage, until gave what felt like a final thrust, and felt his digits being covered in some fluid.

Pulling his fingers out from the cunt, Fox rubbed his digits together as he felt the sticky substance between them. Putting a cease to his sucking and nibbling of the vixen's shoulder, he brought his fingers to his nose where sniffed the fluid before licking it up; he smirked as he just had his first taste of the female's juices and he wanted more. Taking his right hand away from Krystal's left tit, Fox got onto his knees in front of the vixen, and placed his hands around her hips as he brought his muzzle towards her cunt, "Now, I'm really going to have a taste of you." With the tip of her tongue, Fox began licking along the vaginal lips a few times, before his wet muscle slowly penetrated through crevice. The tongue explored every inch within the cunt; licking all around as it travelled further between the walls. Fox moved himself forward and had his whole mouth around the cunt, where the sucked from the outside while his tongue continued to lick deeper; completely eating out the vixen.

"Aaahhh...oh...unh"; Krystal placed her hands around the back of Fox's head, and seemingly pulled him forward, "Oh...y-yes...aahh!" The vulpine's grip on the vixen's hips had tightened, and his head was pulled further which helped to send his tongue go further to reaching the sensitive area. Krystal sent out a stream of moans, as she felt her clit repeatedly being poked from the tip of Fox's tongue. He could taste more of her juices squirting out onto his tongue, with every poke to the clit he gave. Managing to move his mouth off from around the cunt, Fox went on to send his muzzle through the cunt; sending his wet muscle to push against the clit, "AAAHHH...FOX!" Krystal couldn't hold in her orgasm any longer; with a loud moan she reached release, and was shooting her juices on the vulpine's tongue and muzzle. The vulpine took every drop he could take; licking it all down his throat as more of the fluids spilled onto his muzzle. Krystal's hold on Fox's head didn't seem to loosen; she continued to firmly hold onto him and seemed to forcing him to all of her juices, "Aahh...hah...ah!"

Soon enough, Krystal's orgasm was coming to cease and her grip on the vulpine's head was loosening. Feeling that he ingested every drop of the vixen's juices, Fox loosened his own grip from Krystal's hips, as he removed his muzzle from her cunt and licked his lips clean of leftover juices. Completely spent, Krystal relaxed herself against the wall as she was giving out light breaths. "Huh", shooting her eyes open upon feeling one of her legs being raised up, she turned her attention to Fox who was now stood on his own feet; he held the vixen's leg over his shoulder and the head of his cock was a mere inch away from her cunt. "So Krystal, are ready for this"; the vixen smiled at the vulpine as she grabbed his cock and gave it a rub, and brought herself over to him and locked into a brief passionate kiss, "Mmm, when I'm with you, Fox, I'm ready for anything." With her back to the wall, she nodded her head at Fox and in response he nodded back, as he slowly entered the head through the lips.

"Unh", Krystal gritted her teeth as she began feeling the rest of the vulpine's length inserting inside of her. Fox gritted his fangs as well as he had gotten half of his cock inside of the cunt; even after the fingering and licking he'd given her, the vixen was still quite tight on the inside. "Ah...AAAHHH"; Fox was nearly balls deep within Krystal, but upon hearing her loud moan he came to immediate stop, as he felt that he was hurting her, "Are you ok Krystal; would you like for me to pull out?" The vixen shake her head to the vulpine, "No...please don't...stop. It does hurt, but...I need able to handle you...if we ever do this again. So...please continue for me...Fox." Fox was both surprised and amazed that Krystal wanted their sex to continue, despite the pain of her first time that she was feeling, "Alright Krystal, but I'll continue to take it slow for you", Fox nodded. Continuing from where he ended, the vulpine proceeded to insert the other half of his cock inside, until he was completely balls deep within the vixen. From there he decided to stop for a while to allow Krystal to adjust to his size; her walls were completely stretched apart.

Feeling comfortable and ready for their sex to continue, Krystal turned to look at Fox and smiled as she gave a nod of her head. The vulpine understood very well what that meant and nodded back at her, and began to slowly remove his cock up until the head was the only thing left in. He immediately thrust every inch back inside, which in turn rock the vixen's body forward. Once again, Fox pulled out to the head and like before he thrust back inside; he continued to thrust his shaft in and out of the pussy in steady, rhythmic movements. True to his words, Fox was giving only slow humps, which sent the vixen's body thrusting back and forth against the wall; her breasts jiggled up and down with every thrust she received, "Ah...hah...ah!"

"Unh...hah...ngh"; moans were streaming out through Fox's teeth; the wet inner walls that his cock was pumping in between, provided much stimulation for the vulpine, as veins stating appearing all around the member. Even with just slow and easy thrusts, his balls would slap against the vixen's pussy; low slapping, wet sounds were made, but were blocked out from the sounds of the still running shower waters. Krystal continued to moan between pants; the flush of redness had reappeared across her face, and her tongue was hanging out from her mouth. Krystal was quite clearly enjoying her first time of sex with Fox; the sweet sounding moans of pleasure that emitted from her mouth were proof of that. "Ah...oh Fox...this feels so...amazing. Please...go...faster."

Complying with her wishes, Fox began picking up the pace of his thrusting, as he fucked her pussy at medium speed. His humps felt like they have gotten harder too. The vixen's body was rocking back and forth faster, and the sounds of the vulpine's balls slapping against the cunt could almost be heard, "Aaahhh...Fox...y-yes...aaahhh!" Their moans have grown louder and their bodies were becoming hotter, as sweat started appearing only to be washed away by the shower waters. The air around was now filled with the scent of sex. At the speed Fox was going, his cock was thrusting further to nearly reaching Krystal's clit; the vaginal walls around the length felt like they were closing against the shaft. Orgasms were building within the both of them; bits of pre were shooting out from Fox's cock and there were evidence of Krystal's juices forming. "Oh...Fox...I-I'm so...close."

"Ngh...m-me too...Krystal...I'm just about...there myself." Fox had just increased the pace of his humping once more; his harden cock was thrusting faster and harder through the vaginal passage. Krystal's moans had gotten louder as she was rocked wildly against the wall and back. The wet slapping sounds of the vulpine's balls smacking against the cunt, were now echoing throughout the shower room. The both of them were emitting even more pre; making the inside become slick and thus allowing Fox's cock to make contact with the clitoris. "AAAHHH"; Krystal sent out a loud moan as her clit was repeatedly poked fast and hard from the head of Fox's cock; her vaginal walls had closed against the member, "Ah...I-I can't...hold on any...longer Fox."

"I'm...just about...there myself. Krystal...let's cum...together; are you...ready?" The vixen moaned out a series of yeses, as practically begged him to her achieve release. Fox gave one final, hard thrust forward; the head poked deep into clitoris, and the two moaned out in loud unison, as the both came together. A stream of Fox's seed mixed in with Krystal's juices; flooding her insides with their combined jizz. Small trails of their seed had trickled out from the cunt, and down the vixen's legs. Fox and Krystal were releasing heavy pants as their orgasms was just about dying down, but Fox didn't dare to remove his cock from the vixen's pussy; choosing to just leave it in. Upon their orgasms coming to a cease, the two lowered themselves to floor; with the vulpine still inside of her, Krystal sat on Fox as he held onto her and let the shower waters pour down upon them.

With some strength she had left in her, Krystal placed an arm around Fox,s neck and brought her head to his, as she kissed him again. The vulpine kissed back as he connected their tongues together; passionately frenching each other as they swapped saliva. From time to time during their heated kiss, the two would occasionally open their mouths wide to only let their tongues dance, and shower water would drip down onto the wet muscles. The two eventually end their kiss; slowly panting once more as they stared at one another. The vixen had then rested her head against the vulpine's chest and held onto him, "You know Fox; I think I'm going to really enjoy being the new member here; especially since I can always be with you." Fox smiled down at Krystal, as he moved the hand he was using to hold her up to her shoulder, "Me too, Krystal."


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