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#4 of werewolf love

here is another part. i introduce more of the pack, but it is not going to be some love triangle. i played around with Fredrick's sex fantasy at the end. i also changed what Val said when he passed out.

i did finished it and edit it before i head to bed so grammar errors are expected.

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P.T. do not know if the content of Fredrick's fantasy fall under BDSM.

We were playing this game again, not that I minded. My prey runs and I catch him, simple as that. However, each time I see him he get smarter and smarter. It takes more effort to catch him, but that what makes the game fun.

My prey leaned against a tree trying to catch his breath. If I move any closer, he would see me before I could get close enough. But a game is no fun without a challenge, right? I turned my head and howl away from my prey. The sound would bounce off the trees, making it sound like I was coming from a different direction. My prey fell for it and ran away.

I intercepted his escape and once again I caught him. I sat on top of him and pinned his arms away. He struggled but it was just for show. When we first started this game, he had a look of terror and fear on him when I caught him, but now satisfaction. However, the game has ended and I must now clam my prize, a kiss on the lips.

That how the dream goes sometimes, it ends after the kiss. I would be lying if I said I didn't wish for the dream to continue, but I am telling the truth when I wished the dreams never started in the first place. The prey I keep chasing is my friend, Valrez.

On month ago, I had sex with him and I regret it. When it happened, Val was completely vulnerable and I took advantage of that. No matter if Val had some idea and consented to it, I can only think of it as a rape. I didn't even let him see me off when I left. I wished last month never happened, just so these vile feeling just go away. I felt I needed a shower just to get rid of this feeling.

I headed into the bathroom and turned the shower on. The good thing about not living in the dorms is bathroom privacy, that and no curfew. We had to do a lot of stuff to get on this house for our personal use and it was worth it. No more worrying about the curfew on full moons or if one of the pack killed there roommates, a great relief.

I hoped the water was washing the smell off of me, I don't want to go to breakfast and I smelled like I was in heat, though it might be a good idea to get rid of this erection before getting out. I started pumping my dick, I wasn't think of anything in peculiar, just doing it.

Then Val entered my mind. I started to think back on that night and how good it felt. The feeling of him playing with my dick, the taste of his dick, and the euphoric feeling of fucking him, I came on the shower walls. But what I got rid of in horneyness, got replaced with shame.

No matter how much I hated what I did last month, I stilled enjoyed it too much to stop. It was like a drug for me. I am supposed to lead a pack, yet I can't stop jerking off to that event. Maybe Shan has some miracle drink to make me forget that moment.

I got out the shower and headed to breakfast, the rest of the pack was already there. The pack here consists of six people, including me. They were Shan, Gazet, Steven, and the twins Palma and Poram. Most of us are natural werewolves, but Shan is a magical werewolf, affected by the curse that created the earlier werewolves. We all got accepted at this college so it was natural to all try to live together.

"Oh, Alpha," Poram said, "Gazet is cooking again, make her stop."

"I am not that bad a cook." She says as the air filled with something burning.

"Steven, why don't you cook again?"

Steven was reading a book in the corner, "I cooked the last few days, besides I need to finish this assignment."

"Then Shan."

"Pass" Shan replied.

"Why not eat some poptarts if you don't want eat Gazet's cooking?" I asked.

"Hell no," Palma exclaimed, "we just got him off that junk, he will eat a proper food like a real werewolf, so no junk food!"

"But how is Gazet's cooking proper food?" Poram replied.

"God, cause one incident with food poisoning, and he thinks I should not be allowed into the kitchen."

"I don't believe a women's place is the kitchen. Well women and you, Gazet."

"Enough," I interjected, "Poram, you are eating Gazet's food. If you die we will blame it on Gazet and pursue criminal charges." I can tell Gazet is upset, but it is better that we play along with Poram's antics.

"When I die, put 'murdered by bitch in kitchen' on my tombstone."

"We would put it after 'chocking on own foot' that alright?"


"Poram, has anyone tell you why it is a bad idea to insult a girl with a knife?" Gazet said carrying breakfast to the table.

"Yes, Palma has but it never sticks."

"Alright everyone, we have classes in an hour so let's have breakfast before we go, okay." Everyone took their place at the table and started to fill their plates. It was moments like these you think that the pack as a family, even if they are around my same age; I am responsible to make sure they are safe, they all look up to me.

We all finished breakfast without anyone dying, contrary to Poram's belief. We divided up the chores for today then left for class, Poram and I stayed behind to do the dishes before leaving. Out of nowhere Poram asked, "Had that dream again?"

"What are you talking about?"

"You fucking Valrez." Good things my hands were empty or I would have dropped them.

"How did you know?"

"I heard the shower in the master bedroom running."

"So I took a shower in the morning, it's not that unusual."

"It is when you jack off during." He knows that too!

"How did you know?"

"Your body language said it I heard you say 'Val' while in the shower." Was it that obvious? My face was red with the possibility.

"Does anyone else know?" I was worried what would happen next.

"Doubt it, I only notice around the end of breakfast, so the others have no clue," Poram grabbed a nearby cloth to dry his hands, "but they might notice that hard on the next time they see you."

I looked down and saw my erection stretching the front of my jeans, it was completely visible. I was getting more embarrassed by the minute.

"I am heading to class, think of Val and that would go down in seconds." He left before I could reply. While crud, he was right it was noticeable so I had to go back to do round two. I barley had enough time to make it to my first class.

My morning classes went fine, though I felt really warm in them. I ran into Steven on my way to another class, "Fred, you alright?"

"I don't know, just feel warm is all."

Steven pulled me aside to the bathroom and sniffed me, "Jesus, you reek of hormones."

"You mean I am going into a heat?"

"Most likely." Great, just great, the one day a year where a werewolf hormones go wild, and it is today.

"Now what?" in case of a heat the werewolf ether goes somewhere to let nature takes it course, which could take days mind you, or they have sex with someone in there pack. Both don't appeal to me, but the longer it goes on, the more likely I may turn into a wolf and fuck some random student in class.

"Alpha, if I may," Steven said, "why not takes some of those anaphrodisiac pills Shan made. They may not stop it, but at least they should lessen it till the afternoon."

"Thanks for the thought Steven, I going back to the house take care of it, tell the others we are going to need a 'sacrifice' tonight." Steven shivered at the thought. A 'sacrifice' is a term we use as a pack member used during a heat. While it is usually the mate's responsibility to help during a heat, if they don't have one, a pack member has to volunteer. It was not a job anyone wanted to do, or at least not one to do willingly.

Walking back, I managed to keep in control and not fuck anything that moved close to me. When I saw the house I sprinted to the front door. By now I started to transform: nails get longer, hair growth, and my fangs get longer. After getting though the door, I stopped resisting and transformed to full werewolf.

It felt so free just turning into a werewolf, like a weight was lifted off of you. My cock was also happy to be out. I headed back to my room to get a toy that would help me. I have some sex toys I could use, but since I was part wolf at the moment, I went with the dildo. I really did not want my knot to be stuck in a fleshlight again.

I grabbed the lube and prepared myself, I lifted my tail and inserted my fingers. My other hand was working on the dildo that will be in me in a few minutes. Once prepared enough, I trust it in me full force.

I never did it gently with myself, I never saw a need to. I then started fantasizing Val fucking me, hard and rough.

"So you think you a good boy?" he would ask.

"Yes master," I respond.

He would stare at me with a sadistic smile and place a hand on my head before forcing me to the ground. "See we have different views on good and bad. Can you guess what I think you are?"


"Nope," with a single trust, he entered me, "you have been a very bad doggie and bad dogs are punished accordingly." His trusts become faster and faster, he keeps squeezing my balls to make sure I don't come. "You want to come puppy?"


"Yes what?"

"Please let me come master!"

"I might if you apologize."

"I am sorry, master!"

"What are you sorry about?"

"For fucking you last month."

"Wrong guess." He squeezed my balls harder, "don't worry I will give you another chance, why are you sorry, puppy?"

"I ran away after fucking you, I am so sorry master!"

"Good, was that so hard puppy?" His grip loosened and started to stroke my penis. His strokes were matched with his trusts perfectly. He leaned over and whispered, "You can come for being such a good boy, puppy."

"Thank you" at that moment I climaxed covering his hand in my semen.

Back in the real world, my semen covered the walls my dick was pointing to. It was going to be a pain to clean up before the others get here. First I tried to wash off the lube before it ruins my fur again.

Fredrick, help me. I'm scared.

That was Val, right? I heard him he need my help. I ran out of my room and crashed into Shan.

"I'm not the sacrifice, don't fuck me."

"Shan where is Val?"

"Val, he should be back at home with your brother, why?" Yes he should, he is away and should be safe. Maybe it was the heat taking over, I need to calm down and be rational.

My phoned ringed in the pants I tossed away when I shifted, I reached into the pockets to get it. "Hello?"

"Fred, it's me," William, "Valrez just collapsed, I think he is going into a heat." What!?


I was running it was natural to run. I was covered in bruises and scratches since I keep running into things. My body was exhausted from all the running I have been doing. Looking back I saw nothing, but I knew he was there, hiding was his strong...

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The first time. WWV

I couldn't find him. I have been looking for the past few hours, but I still can't find him. Isighed, why did I think this was a good idea? My name is Fredrick I am 19, 20 in about a month, and a werewolf. I wasn't bitten by one, I was born this way....

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The first time.

_Why do I get talked into these situations?_ Walking though these dark woods, in the middle of the night, ALONE, I keep repeating the same thing over and over again. I thought of how I got to this point. My name is Valrez, odd name really, blamed my...

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