The first time.

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#1 of werewolf love

my first porn story. i didn't know what to do with it. i hope i did good.

should i continue this as a series, or should this be one shot.

P.T i don't know about the name, but i have no idea what to call it.

Why do I get talked into these situations? Walking though these dark woods, in the middle of the night, ALONE, I keep repeating the same thing over and over again. I thought of how I got to this point.

My name is Valrez, odd name really, blamed my parents for it most people call me Val so that simple. I am 19 years old and still in high school after falling to graduate last year. Most of my friends already graduated and went to college, so I am mostly lonely here. Some students treat me like an idiot for being held back, most just ignore me. This leads me to be desperate to keep the connections I do have, even if I disagree with it like so.

As to getting into the woods, I blame Fredrick. He is my best friend, ever since I started high school. I didn't live in the area originally and he was to only one to give me a chance, so I clung to him. The fact he was hot and have a huge crush on him also a reason I clung to him. He just came back from a college in the next state over, and the first thing he said was go werewolf hunting. I didn't know why but I went with him and a few others on his crazy idea. I heard rumors of werewolves living in the forest, but so far I never saw any.

Almost thirty minutes after starting I got lost and separated from the others, that was about three hours ago. I just started to curse myself here. I pulled my cellphone out. Still no signal. I sat down on the ground. Why, I ask. Because you are desperate, I answer, even though it is half true. If it made Fredrick happy, I would do it no matter what it was. I might need help, both now and for my crush on Fredrick.

I heard a rustling sound nearby. I looked around frantically, I hoped it was not something that could harm me. The moon gave a pale light though the trees of the forest, making it easier to see. I found the source of the sound, it was some deer. We just stared at each other than it just digging though the leaves.

I got up from where I was sitting, I needed to get to a road or at least find a good place to camp if I need to. Leaving the deer to its dinner I started to leave.

I heard a second rustling noise. I didn't think much of it and continued walking. However, something large collided into me. It knocked me down then trampled me. It was the same deer that I just left, it was running fast, he could have apologized. That was I saw what it was running from.

A large thing was chasing after it. It was fast, it closed the distance between it and the deer in seconds. It jumped on the deer and brought it to the ground. I got up and I clearly saw the figure.

It was a large wolf-like thing. It had black fur, almost making it difficult to see it. I knew what it was. Werewolf. It was eating the deer, covering the werewolf's muzzle and claws in its blood. I was terrified, utterly terrified to what it might do to me, but I couldn't look away.

I tried to back away slowly, the reason I said 'tried' is that I failed. I tripped on something, causing the noise of crunching leaves to be made. The wolf heard it and turned to me.

I was paralyzed, it saw me and could kill me. I was hoping that the wolf would go back to its kill and let me go. I saw it stands on its hind leg. The walk it did was slow, like he was not even in a hurry. Every step he made only intensified the fear I already had.

I started to run, the fear taking control of my body. I knew I should not be during this. He already showed how fast he was, he could catch me in an instant. I tried to keep whatever distance that was between us. The wolf was making some weird noises behind me, maybe cramps from eating and running.

I keep running, not looking where I was going. I didn't know how long I was running. Then I heard a voice, "Val stop!" it was Fredrick, but it was too late. At that point the ground disappeared, I ran off a cliff in my panic. I was falling.

As I fell, the world seemed to have stopped. I was going to die, the thought racing through me, and what worse this is happening in front of Fredrick. I felt like crying, cursing at anything to make me feel better. I am so sorry.

I hit the ground, pain moving though my body. At first I didn't move because of shock. I ran off a cliff, how am I alive? Looking back I saw the cliff was 10-15 feet. I thought was going to die, relief filled me as I just escape death. But fear filled me again when I notice the werewolf at the top of the cliff.

I tried to get up, but pain in my leg caused me to fall back down. I turned and see the wolf descend the cliff, when he hit the ground, my heart stopped. I was in a panic, I was flailing around, and making sobbing sounds as the wolf came closer.

I don't want to die. I keep repeating it in my head. He just keep getting closer and closer. I notice more details as he came closer, but what terrified me was the blood I saw on his muzzle and claws.

The world slowed down considerably then. He stretched his arms towards me, inch by inch, centimeter by centimeter. I cried. I was about to die and I couldn't stop crying.

I felt something, it wasn't teeth tearing me apart or claws ripping me, it was comfort. The giant werewolf was hugging me. I didn't realize it at first and just keep crying. I cried into the wolf's broad shoulder, his fur absorbing the sound and tears coming out of me. The wolf's hold felt like something for a lover or parent, comforting and firm.

After some time, I seemed to have calm down. The wolf loosened his grip on me and pulled himself back. I got a close look at his face, I could tell it was the same face as before but it seemed more...human I think. There was still blood on his face, but it didn't bother me as much as before. His face got closer, I could feel his warm breath hitting my face, the smell of blood on it. Then he connected with my lips.

I felt his tongue try to enter my mouth, I should have refused, but I let him in. I could feel our tongues touch. My body felt ecstatic, every little move sent some warm signals though my body. The taste of his kill from earlier was still on his tongue. I didn't hate it, but it felt odd.

He broke the kiss, I was panting. Part of me wanted to continue the kiss, but he had other ideas. He got up, keeping his hands on my shoulders, and brought his crotch close to my face. The musk from it was intoxicating. I heard of a sheath before, but never thought I see one like this.

I buried my face in it, trying to absorb all the musk I could. I notice a small red thing sticking out. Against my better judgment, I put it in my mouth. At first, it was small, then it felt like it was getting bigger. It keeps getting bigger till I had difficulty fitting it in my mouth.

I pulled back, finding it difficult to breath. I then got a better understanding how large it was. The wolf put his hand on my head and forced me back to his cock. I couldn't put it back into my mouth, but I had another plan. I put the middle of the meat rod in my mouth and moved up and down his pole, using my free hand to play with his balls.

The wolf's grunting was telling me I was driving him crazy. He made quick trusting motions, almost seeming close to climax. My own penis was harder as well, to a painful degree. The wolf then pushed me away. I was on my back and the wolf was now crouching. He notices my own hard on and grabbed the waistband of my pants.

I expected him to tear them clean off, the force he was using seemed to suggest that was his intent. He seemed transfixed on my cock. I had no idea why, nothing stood out about it. It was a little thicker than most others but that was it.

I felt his nose touched it, it was cold and I shivered at its contact. He then open his maw and started sucking it. I was aroused and terrified. He was sucking it pretty good, in a mouth full of teeth that could bite it clean off.

Sensing my fear, he spread my legs and started to lick my asshole. It felt so weird, his tongue going in and out of me. I hoped I did a good job cleaning it before I left, I don't want it to kill me if I got shit in him.

He then put a finger in it. Fredrick gave me a dildo when I turned 19, so the pain was bearable. The wolf then put a second finger in and spread it wider. I started to moan, I never did it with another person, but the pleasure I felt was so good.

He pulled his fingers, I whimpered. I saw his cock and knew what was coming next.

The penetration was slow, I couldn't stand how slow it was. He then thrusts it in deep. I could feel it, his cock was in me. He didn't move at first, waiting for me to adjust to him.

"Go" I said. He started to move slowly, trying not to hurt me. He then started to pick up the speed. I felt every inch of his meat going dipper and deeper in me. My moans got louder and louder. I was euphoric, the pleasure was almost scary. I keep felling like part of my brain was shutting down with each trust. He was fucking my brains out.

His pace increased, knew what was coming, but I was ready. The thrusts was getting more force full. So close, almost there.

The wolf then released a loud howl as he claimed me as his bitch. The feeling of being filled made me climaxed as well.

I then felt so tired, I just wanted to sleep. There was a chance he would eat me in my sleep but I didn't mind. The last thing I remember was feeling empty as h pulled out of me.

It was completely dark, I didn't know if I had died or not. But I heard a voice, it was distant and I couldn't make it out. It seemed to get closer.

"Val, wake up." I open my eyes then closed them. I am alive, I thought. "You okay?" it was Fredrick.

"Fred, it hurt to move." I said.

With no hesitation, he helped me up. I felt like a rag doll. I leaned on him. We both said nothing. I could see the sunrise through the trees. I have been out the whole night. "We were looking all over for you, let's go back I know the way."

I was so tired, even when I fell down he carried me on his back. I felt the wolf inside me, his semen in me, the wolf probably is watching me, but something was off. I thought it was fatigue or maybe I was mistaken but why does Fredrick smell like the wolf?

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