Chapter 39: A Terrible Power

And lying there twisting in the sheets as yuri gulped away at her sex, enya realized for the first time just how much yuri had really missed her. "oh -- oh, yuri!"

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A Lamb Among Wolves Ch:47

yuri continued. "and it's all we know how to do." yuri was right. his therapist was right.

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Chapter 4: I Belong to You

"yuri, i love you!" zane moaned, squeezing yuri tightly in his arms. he sounded so sincere, so earnest that yuri whimpered miserably. "please say you love me. say you love me and i'll care for you the rest of my life!"

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Chapter 2: Yuri Awakens

#2 of the mating season 4 chapter 2: yuri awakens yuri awoke with a start. she'd been having that dream again, that horrible nightmare.

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Chapter 13

yuri laughed. enya's blue eyes softened. "but for you . . . i'd do anything, yuri." she speared a bit of fish on her fork and fed yuri lovingly. yuri took the morsel carefully in her teeth and slid it off the fork.

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Chapter 23

"you can always be honest with me, yuri. i'm not delicate. i can take it." yuri snorted. "i know you're not delicate," she returned, "that's why i'm afraid to be honest!" ohana laughed, delighted. "yuri, yuri . . ."

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Chapter 3

Wynn bounced up from kilyan's lap and came to yuri, beaming up at her. yuri smiled down at wynn.

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Chapter 37: I Still Love You

yuri was horrified when talib nodded, and without hesitating, he suddenly swung yuri over his shoulder. yuri hung there, her red buttocks and swollen pussy lips in plain sight for enya to see.

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Red Storm chapter 2

yuri looked around for kiril and saw him rummaging through an ammo crate. "kiril!!!" yuri yelled to his friend and the feline spun around and ran as fast as he could twords yuri. "found this. take it." he handed yuri a ppd40 smg. "let's go then."

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Chapter 12: Brotherly Love

#12 of the mating season 4 chapter 12: brotherly love yuri didn't know what do. enya was destined to marry theo the very next day. enya had asked yuri to run away with her, but yuri had refused. running away didn't solve anything.

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Chapter 22: Sisterly Love

#22 of the mating season 4 chapter 22: sisterly love "very good, yuri," zaldon said proudly. yuri grinned.

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Longest Tale Part 2

He looked at yuri and sighed, yuri only grinning sheepishly back. "time for a good story, isn't it, yuri?" yuri merely nodded and gestured for the chair across the table. "have a seat, hank, it'll take some time."

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