Keeping it in The Family

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God, what a cheesy title. Sorry, I couldn't think of anything better lmao

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"Wes! Breakfast is ready."

After a brief moment of silence, Carl smiled in satisfaction as he heard his son's footsteps padding down their carpeted staircase. He turned back to the stove, flipping the rashers of bacon onto a plate and setting it on the table as Wes came into the room, clad in a pair of loose pyjama shorts and a vest. It was the middle of summer, so the pair of them were glad that they had loose garments and the windows wide open. The cool air was nice on their typically sweaty fur.

Wes slid into a seat as his father sat opposite him, already digging into the mountain if fried food that sat before him. Wes picked at his food here and there, before he started to eat more normally. For the most part, they sat in silence, chewing and munching away for a good few minutes, before Carl finally took a breath and spoke.

"Are you excited, then?" He asked, and Wes snapped his gaze up to his father, a sheepish smile spreading across his face.

"Yeah. I haven't seen Uncle Jeremiah in a long time." He replied, though he felt his stomach twist with nerves. Jeremiah was much like Carl, in the sense that they were both Raichus. Wes's Uncle, however, had moved away from the city a long time ago to spend time on the tropics to the far west. He occasionally returned for a visit and usually stayed for a couple of weeks, but he had inexplicably changed last year when he returned with different fur shades and some peculiar psychic abilities. According to the doctor he had seen, his change in 'environment' had caused his physiological make-up to change completely. Whilst he retained the same body type, he had become something utterly different. It had been both surprising and interesting at the same time.

But, that wasn't the reason for Wes's nerves. Truthfully, the majority of his fetishism for a large body type stemmed from one particular night many years ago, when he had crawled out of bed in the middle of the night to use the bathroom. He had finished flushing the toilet when he heard the scuffles and giggles of people downstairs. Wes could vividly remember how he had slowly made his way down the stairs in the dark and looked over the banister to see his Uncle at the front door with an unknown man. Jeremiah had been visiting at the time, and whilst Wes was too young to understand what it meant at that age, he knew that Jeremiah was openly gay.

He could remember what he'd seen as clear as if it were happening in front of him. The unknown stranger was on his knees, his head bobbing back and forth against Jeremiah's crotch. The Raichu had been stark naked and the dim moonlight shining in through the front door's small window had illuminated his chubby frame. Since then, Wes had never been able to scrub the memory from his mind, and as he grew into the budding young man he was today, he had regularly masturbated to the thought of that night, over and over. He'd would be ashamed to admit that he had a crush on his uncle, but it was also true. Though, he was far too nervous and far too afraid of the consequences to ever take it further.

This time, however, was different, and it was for one primary reason: Wes and his father were openly intimate with one-another. They had never done so before, but it had now become a regular occurence. It was a like a switch that seemed to flick itself on inside Carl's head: around 90 percent of the time, he was the same loving father as he always was. Then, in an instant, he became a dominant, passionate lover that often left Wes a little weak at the knees, and usually a little gaped as well. Wes knew his father and uncle shared an incredibly close bond. Part of him was worried that Carl might be thoroughly open with what he and son his got up to. If that were the case, Wes had no idea how his uncle might react.

"You look a little...spaced out." Carl sounded concerned, and Wes snapped his gaze back up to his father. He realised he must have zoned out for a minute or so, and he put on the best smile he could, shaking his head.

"I'm okay. Just a little nervous, I guess." Wes admitted anxiously.

"Well, don't worry. You have plenty of time to work up the courage to say hello, I'm sure. He's not coming until the afternoon, anyway." Carl assured him. Just as he was about to stuff another mouthful of bacon and eggs into his mouth, the doorbell chimed it's way through the house. Carl frowned and he got to his feet, making his way across the kitchen and out into the hallway. Wes sat in silence for a moment, wondering who on Earth was coming to the door at this time of the morning.

Wes heard a cheer from the hallway, and realised rather quickly that Jeremiah was here already. There was some loud talking from hallway before Carl reappeared in the kitchen's doorway, making his way into the room with a brown-furred Raichu behind him.

"There's my favourite little nephew! C'mere!" Jeremiah was just rotund and chubby as ever, but sported a more ruggish, almost laid-back style to his clothes. He wore sandals on his feet, loose shorts around his waist and a large, Hawaiian shirt, painted with blue and yellow petals on a red background. The contrasting colours was a little startling at first, but Wes didn't have to stare at it for long: in a matter of moments, Jeremiah yanked him into a hug and squeezed him tight. Wes's face was planted between his uncle's 'man breasts', and he felt his stomach twist. His Uncle smelt like the beach and sand.

"Uncle Jeremiah..." Wes began, his voice muffled. "I'm your only nephew."

"And that's why you're my favourite." Jeremiah pulled back and Wes took in a gulp of air when he was finally let go, his cheeks flushed. The young Pikachu rubbed the back of his head and took a bite of his food as Carl made his way over to the stove.

"You hungry, Jer? I can put on some bacon." Wes's Father asked, and the other Raichu held up his hands.

"No need!" He replied. "I got some grub before I came."

"Honestly, we weren't expecting you until this afternoon." Carl remarked, sliding back into his seat to finish off his breakfast, whilst Jeremiah took the last available chair around the small dining table.

"There was an earlier flight, so I nabbed it. No sense wasting a day, right?" He grinned, and Wes awkwardly smiled in response and the Raichu's eyes swept across the two of them.

"Jeez, look at you!" Jeremiah remarked in awe, staring at his nephew. "I swear you were a couple of inches shorter when I last saw you."

"Maybe," Wes replied awkwardly. "Must have got a growth spurt or something."

"I bet!" Jeremiah smirked, before looking over to his brother. "Now, if I know you well enough Carl, I'd suspect that you haven't even got the guest bed set up yet, right?"

There was a moment of silence, and Carl's cheeks grew hot and flushed. He rubbed the back of his head and Jeremiah chuckled to himself, patting his brother's back.

"Don't sweat it. I thought that it might be nice to take my nephew out for a little bit of shopping anyway! Gives you time to get stuff set up, yeah?"

Wes hadn't been expecting that, and his head snapped up to stare at his Uncle with a look of surprise. Carl seemed momentarily surprised as well, before a grin spread across his face. From what Wes could guess, his father seemed to enjoy his uncle taking a more involved role with his son. Either that, or he was happy to get some alone time.

"I don't see why not." Carl assured him, glancing at Wes. The Pikachu rolled his eyes and nodded, and Jeremiah gave the pair of them a broad grin.

"Alright, cool. Come on then, skipper. We can get lunch at the mall." Jeremiah got to his feet and already making his way out of the kitchen. Thankfully for Wes, he had almost finished his food, so the Pikachu chewed down the rest of the bacon and got to his feet.

"I'm just going to quickly get dressed." He stepped back and made his way into the hall, barrelling up the stairs. He was nervous, hopelessly so. He hadn't really had any alone time with his Uncle last year, but it seemed he was getting it early this year. He was nervous about what might happen, but part of him was excited, too: his Uncle always had money to spare and always seemed to enjoy pampering people, especially his 'favourite nephew'. The young Pikachu stripped himself of his pyjamas and put on some loose clothes: a pair of shorts, a T-Shirt, and his usual baseball cap. He pulled on some socks and shoes and made his way downstairs, where Jeremiah was waiting for him with an expression that young Wes couldn't quite read.

"See you later, dad." Wes called, and his father replied courteously, before he was out the door. It seemed that Jeremiah had gotten the keys for his brother's car, and Wes sat down in the familiar passenger seat of his father's car. They pulled out of the drive and made their way down the road. The mall was barely 20 minutes from where they lived, so it'd be easy to get to.

The drive was silent, for a few minutes or so. Wes's heart was pounding in his chest and he felt a lump forming in his throat. He didn't quite know what to say, but he felt this awkward, almost suffocating tension in the air that he couldn't quite place.

"'s your studies? Good? Going okay?" Jeremiah asked out of the blue, and Wes looked down at his hands.

"Y-Yeah," He croaked, then coughed to clear his throat. "Yeah. They're going okay."

"That's good..." Jeremiah replied, and there was another awkward breadth of silence, before the Raichu spoke again. "So, uh...your father's told me some things."

This was it, Wes thought. He knew that his father couldn't keep what they were doing a secret, especially not from his own brother. Wes had never brung up the suggestion to Carl, but Carl had never said he'd spoken to Jeremiah either. He felt his breath catch in his throat and found himself subconsciously holding it, waiting anxiously as the Raichu collected his thoughts.

"Just so we're clear, it's's okay, okay?" Jeremiah said. "You know. Looking at porn. And being gay. You know I'm gay, right?"

Wes blew out a long sigh of relief and rolled his head back. Thank god he was only talking about the porn.

"Yeah, I know." Wes chuckled in response, feeling a little more at ease. He could feel the tension melting away from the interior of the car, and he relaxed a little.

"Well, good." Jeremiah chuckled in response. "...What kind of things were you looking at, anyway? Anything juicy?"

Jeremiah nudged his nephew, and Wes suddenly felt uncomfortable. He didn't know if it was wise to discuss that sort of thing with your Uncle, but Jeremiah was always a little laid-back and relaxed. Wes supposed it couldn't hurt.

"Well, just, like..." Wes wasn't sure where to begin. "Just know, doing stuff."

"I gathered as much," Jeremiah chuckled. "But what about kinks? Fetishes? Body types?"

"Uh..." Wes thought that this might be delving in a little too deep, but Jeremiah was well known for getting personal quick. "Like, chubby guys. I didn't really look at the fetishy stuff."

"I see, I see..." Jeremiah muttered, slowing to stop at a red light. "...So like me, then?"

There was an uncomfortable silence, but Wes might just be assuming as such. He felt a little awkward, but Jeremiah looked as relaxed as ever. The young Pikachu looked out the window and tried to collect his thoughts, but they were jumbled and fragmented. He felt a hand on his wrist, and turned his head to see Jeremiah grinning at him.

"Uh, what're you...?" Wes began, before his voice trailed off as Jeremiah pulled the young Pikachu's hand over towards his side of the car. He slowly guided Wes's hand to his crotch, letting his small fingers feel up the firm bulge that was pulsing within those loose shorts.

"Like what you feel?" Jeremiah asked in a quiet, silky tone that made the fur on the back of Wes's neck stand up, and his heart skip a beat. He remained awkwarldy quiet, his cheeks growing redder and redder as Jeremiah started up the car again, taking a left turn towards the main car park for the mall. He began making his way around to find a parking spot, and deliberately picked one at the far back. The car trundled into the space and Jeremiah killed the engine.

"I won't lie," Jeremiah began. "Carl told me what you and him got up to."

Wes didn't seem to care about that now, considering his hand was still firmly on the Raichu's crotch. He could feel it throbbing underneath his fingers, which told him only one thing: Jeremiah was turned on, presumably by him, and presumably by what his father did to him.

"So..." Jeremiah reached down and stuffed his hand into his shorts, moving himself around inside. He shifted something to the left, and after a moment or so, Wes could see the head of Jeremiah's cock poking out from the end of his shorts, steadily throbbing against his inner thigh. Wes couldn't help but reach down and grip the foreskin on the end, sliding his fingers into it and touching the head of the cock. He never knew himself to be so adventurous, but his heart was pounding and his mouth was dry. He wanted this, as wrong as it was.

"Like that?" Jeremiah smirked, watching the young Pikachu nod anxiously. The older Raichu reached over and opened his car door, gesturing the Pikachu to get out.

The two of them stepped out of the car, but they weren't heading into the mall, especially not with Jeremiah sporting such a vast erection. Instead, the Raichu simply moved himself towards the back and opened up the passenger door for the back seats, clambering in. He reached down and popped a few levers, which slid the seats forward.

"This car, you see, it also fitted to be a bed. The joys of a family car." He reached under the back seats and pulled a long metal bar. Wes watched as the seats slid forward considerably, leaving ample space in the back. Jeremiah pulled a lever near the head of the back seats and they swung back, laying almost flat. It seemed that the Raichu was knowledgeable about cars, despite his laid-back lifestyle. Slowly, the chubby Raichu climbed in, and Wes followed suit on the other side, closing the doors behind them.

Jeremiah was wasting no time as he peeled off his shirt and tossed it to the side, revealing his chubby frame. He tugged the zip on his shorts and yanked his member free, and Wes gawked at the size: 12 inches of thick, fore-skinned cock bobbed in his direction tantalisingly, and Wes clambered forwards, perhaps a little too eager. He reached over and stroked his hand along the Raichu's white belly fur, stroking up and down as his other hand trailed down to the thick erection. He could barely wrap his hand around the girth, and he wondered how on Earth he was going to take it.

"Don't worry," Jeremiah began, almost as if he'd read the boy's mind. "I'm not a top."

Wes blew a small sigh of relief, and he bent his body down, getting on his hands and knees and dipping his head low. He ran his lips over the thick member, gliding down to the base and applying some sweet, sensual kisses to the Raichu's balls, cradling them in a free hand. They were the size of tennis balls, or perhaps even bigger, and each one was deliciously hot. He heard Jeremiah groan his approval as his small tongue slathered across those fat orbs, kissing sweetly at the base of his member, before he slid his mouth back up. A hand went to the edge of the foreskin and he peeled it back, pressing his lips over the head of the cock.

A sweet blob of pre-cum met his tongue, and he rolled it around in his mouth, getting a taste for it. The cock was simply too thick to take in his mouth completely, but it didn't stop him trying to pleasre the Raichu as much as he could. Jeremiah seemed to appeciate it as he stroked the top of Wes's head, rubbing his ears between his thumb and forefinger, and occasionally cupping his cheek.

"You're sweet, but I think it's my turn." Jeremiah eventually said, and Wes was obedient enough to pull back submissively, manoeuvring himself onto his rump and sitting down. He spread his legs a little and Jeremiah took it as a sign to go in. He reached down, popping the button of the boy's shorts and sliding them past his hips, revealing the loose blue boxers underneath. He reached up, grabbing the Pikachu's shirt and tugging it over his head, taking the hat with him. Wes awkwardly grinned as he sat in the nude, a little clammy with sweat. The car had gotten quite hot in a matter of moments.

Jeremiah's mouth pressed against the boy's chest, and Wes found himself moaning quietly as he felt his Uncle's lips around his right nipple. A hot, wet, slathering tongue rolled around the nub and he reached up to cup the back of the Raichu's head, biting his lip and gently moaning his approval. He'd never had such stimulation before, and it was intoxicatingly sweet. His toes curled in delight and his cock throbbed needily against the inside of his boxers, forming a wet, damp spot on the fabric.

Jeremiah made sure to give both nipples amply attention, often alternating between the two to suckle and kiss, and even bite on occasion. His hand went to Wes's cock and he gently stroked him through his boxers, much to the Pikachu's delight. Wes lightly thrust up against his hand, panting quietly as his nipples and cock were assaulted with all manner of pleasures. Eventually, though, Jeremiah stopped, leaving the Pikachu wanting more.

"I got a special finalé, don't you worry." Jeremiah assured him, his own erection twitching and throbbing in the air, needing as much attention as Wes's own. He slipped himself out of his shorts, kicking off his sandles and tugging the shorts off of his feet, before pulling his own boxers down, exposing himself completely. Wes anxiously glanced out the windows to make sure no-one was watching them, before he looked over and admired the other's frame. His eyes ran over his chubby belly, down to his fat, throbbing cock and low hanging balls.

Slowly, Jeremiah crawled forwards, until he was towering over the young Pikachu. He straddled him, his legs on either side of the Rodent as the young Pikachu's legs were in between him. He reached down between his legs and toyed with Wes's cock a little, smirking as the Pikachu squirmed.

"You want some fun? Take off your pants." Jeremiah commanded with a dominant tone, and Wes obeyed instantly, lifting his hips up to slide the boxers from underneath his ass and pushing them to his knees. He wriggled a little and then sighed as he finally managed to kick them off his ankles, leaving himself in the nude.

Slowly, Jeremiah lowered his body, until Wes's 6 inch cock was sliding between the Raichu's chubby cheeks. Wes's cock pulsed up against the warm flesh an he shuddered, groaning his delight as he pressed his body up against Jeremiah's chubby belly, sinking up against his flesh. His member twitched a little against the Raichu as Jeremiah shifted and moved, before he felt the head of his cock poking against something warm and tight.

After a moment of adjustment, Wes felt his member sinking into the Raichu's behind, and he leant back, sighing out his pleasure as his 6 inch cock sunk deeper and deeper. Jeremiah put his hands on his nephew's shoulders and lowered himself a little more, a lewd grin plastered across his face. Wes wondered how on Earth he wasn't at least a little in discomfort, but he could only guess that the Raichu must have done it many times before. Wes brung his knees up to plant his feet against the car seat, and he pushed his hips up a little, letting out a weak gasp as he felt the muscles around his cock spasm the clench.

"Eaaasy boy. Just let your Uncle do all the work." Jeremiah suggested, stroking a hand down his nephew's chest, before he pushed his hips down harshly, taking the rest of the cock in a single thrust. Wes bit on his lip and groaned out his approval, his toes curling in his shoes and his cock throbbing powerfully inside the other's behind. He'd never put his dick inside anyone before. This was a wholly new experience, and one he could very easily get used to.

"You've inherited our genes. Already pretty big for a kid your age." Jeremiah smirked, clearly quite impressed. He slid his hips back up and Wes felt the tight suction around his cock, pulling his foreskin up and making him shudder in pleasure. Then, just like before, the hips slammed back down and took his member in a single thrust again, leaving him delirious with pleasure. He reached forwards and placed his hands around the Raichu's firm cheeks, squeezing his ass as he pushed his hips up against him again. He couldn't stop himself from thrusting, if only because the pleasure was so sweet.

Slowly, they began into a rhythm. Jeremiah lifted his hips up and pushed down, and Wes would instinctively thrust into him as the same time, groaning with pleasure with every thrust. Their movements were slow and calculated as first, but as the two of them got into it, it became clear that their instincts were taking over. Wes began to thrust with a little more earnest, keeping up a loose, slightly irregular rhythm of thrusts as Jeremiah gripped and cock and firmly stroked himself, letting dollops of pre-cum deposit themselves on his Nephew's chest. Wes occasionally strained his head forwards and suckle the tip of his uncle's cock with every other thrust, but trying to do both things at once was too much for him.

"Yeah, you like that? You like fucking your uncle's ass?" Jeremiah asked, and Wes nodded his approval, his eyes closed and his mouth agape with pleasure. His moans had subsided into heavy, carnal pants as his hips bucked and thrust with earnest. His cock had grown wet with pre-cum, and soon enough, the slaps of flesh against flesh were growing wet and audible as well. The car began to rock with Wes's powerful thrusts, but thankfully no-one was nearby to see or hear them.

"Oh fuck..." Jeremiah groaned, leaning forwards and quickly stroking his member, feeling a pressure in his loins beginning to build. When he had heard from Carl that he and his son were doing the dirty together, he knew he wanted in. He and Carl shared this peculiar rivalry with Men, often competing to see who'd win out on top. Carl had subsided from that lifestyle when he'd had a child, but now it was picking back up again in the most peculiar of ways. Jeremiah was glad he'd decided to bust a move on Wes: the boy was a passionate lover and a great top, and his cock was fantastic.

"I think I'm...O-Oh shit...!" Wes groaned out his desperation, his thrusts growing manic and powerful, slamming his hips up against the Raichu's behind. They quickly grew irregular as his pleasure began hitting it's peak, and Jeremiah worked himself into a frenzy, desperately trying to match the boy's timing so they could finish together.

Wes groaned out rather suddenly and firmly tugged himself against Jeremiah, pushing his hips up. His body tensed for a moment and then suddenly relaxed as he orgasmed. He felt like he was unloading the biggest nut of his life, as thick ropes of cum shot into his uncle's behind, splattering his inner walls and leaking down onto his own cock. With each convulsion, he shuddered and groaned, overcome with pleasure and ecstasy like never before. He finally leant back and Jeremiah knew he needed to finish. In that moment, he rapidly jerked his member, watching Wes's pleasure expression. It was all he needed.

He rolled his head back and sighed as a wave of pleasure swept over him, and he orgasmed. A thick, gooey rope of cum splatterever over his nephew's face and dribbled down his chest, before another rope soon joined it at a slightly different angle. He plastered his nephew's face in cum, dribbling it down his chest and neck as he thoroughly squeezed his cock, making sure to milk every last drop of his load. He finally straightened his head, and his eyes widened in surprise as he saw a rogue strand of cum had splattered against the inside of the car window.

The two were quiet for a while, panting in their post-orgasm bliss, their cocks twitching and slowly softening. Jeremiah leant back and moved himself off of his Nephew's cock, sitting opposite him, drenched in sweat. They both were, really.

"Maybe..." Jeremiah began, in between gulps of air. "We should skip the mall. For now."

Wes nodded his approval of the idea, but the two continued sitting there for a while. Wes's mind was clouded with thoughts and worries. He wondered how his father would take to knowing that he'd had sex with his Uncle. Would he care? Be aroused, mush like Jeremiah was in a similar fashion? He didn't know for sure. His eyes focused and he saw Jeremiah grinning over at him.

"These next two weeks are gonna be fun." Jeramiah remarked, lifting up a hand to lip the cum off his fingers.

Wes gulped.

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