Order of the Future: EXTRA CHAPTER – The Alpha

Story by Imya on SoFurry

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#25 of The Order of Future

Like promised I air the extra chapter right after comming back from my vacation.

This is the final chapter of this series and closes the idea of the "Order of the future".

Feel free to write short stories in this story line (maybe of one of the side or main characters here or of one of the childs of the order) but please put the link to this story/folder in the disclaimer.

The same is for pictures (I would love to see some hybrid pictures). Here is a small hybrid lexica to know how they might look like.

Hybrid forms of "Order of the Future" all stories:

Crossbreed between hybrids and other species can only happen with a cross breeding liquid.

Crossbreed between Hybrids of the same kind or offspings of the same kind can happen without chemicals to allow it. (Like Feral Hybrid can be impregnated by a Hybrid but not by a Feral Charr.)

Charr-Feral Animal mix - "Hybrid":

Look alike the feral cat in whole appearance apard from the ears (4 ears).

Size and furr from the feral parent, eyes can differ.

No voicebox (so only able to speak the feral language).

Other animals than cats follow basically the same rule that they are very alike the feral parent (i.e. wolf, bear etc) but have 4 ears.

Exceptions are animals without ears who might show other signs (like small horns) or no difference from their feral parent. I.e. a Hybrid gryphon might look like a normal gryphon but have a charr like tail or small horns. They will lay eggs like their feral parent but are born like a charr child comming directly from the womb of their mother.

Matures like ferals. Intelligence like Charr.

Char-Hybrid (feral) mix - "Feral Charr":

Looks like a hybrid but with horns and the face is sometimes closer to a charr than the feral part.

Furr can differ between original feral color or charr colors.

Could be described as a "Feral Charr" and has a voice box so it is able to speak charr language.

Matures like Ferals. Intelligence like Charr.

Hybrid (feral)-Feral mix - "Feral Hybrid":

Same as hybrid however when they are mixed again and again the charr intelligence will change to a more feral one.

Hybrid-Hybrid mix:

If the hybrids are from different species (like wolf hybrid and cat hybrid) they need liquid to cross breed. The child tends to be more like the mother (but exceptions occure where the litter is more like the father).

Charr-Norn mix - "Norn Charr":

Looks like a charr but is a bit smaller and has a bit more delicate features and no horns.

Can easily mixed up with a slightly smaller charr on first glance.

Got the ability to transform into a soul beast like the norn from birth (if born in feral form) or by training (if born in humanoid form). If born in feral form the soul beast is always the same as the mother (and can only happen if mother is Norn). If born in humanoid form it can be different.

Charr-Human mix - "Charr Human":

Head and arms like a human but from the chest (sometimes even shoulders) like a very slim and delicate charr. The body is only a bit more bulky than a human body but covered with furr and for females with charr-like lines of dugs instead of breasts. They got a tail and the genitals can differ between charr specific or human specific.

When in clothes the difference from a normal human could only be detected by a not hidden tail or the legs.

Charr-Asura mix - "Asura Charr":

They look much alike their asura parent but with a charr tail and sometimes small horns. They can become a bit taller than asura but would be seen as a tall asura as long as they hide the tail and horns.

I hope you enjoyed the story. I thought about next doing either a feral story with a complete new setting (so now fan project but all me) with either ferals, anthro or both or a fan story with a feral movie (lion king etc.).

I would love to hear your opinion here what you would prefer.

Disclaimer: This story is based on the game Guild Wars 2 and the story at the beginning of the race Charr, an antromorph sabretoth cat race with horns. While you might notice some setups and characters being close to NPCs they were influenced by the personal story in the game but crafted new with names and characteristics. The race Charr is owned by NCSoft. The story is copyright by me (Imya). Feel free to do art about characters or scenes in the story but please link to the story or name the story and me.

This story includes catmorphs and sexual content. If you do not like these kinds of content or if you are under the legal age in your country (normally 18) please stop reading here. For the rest: Enjoy and please give me comments.


Cole did not hear much from Trellock in the last few years. As he lived with his new order and he was not always up-to-date what was going on in the black citadel. Only once a year when he visited Amra in the new Fahrar he got news because he stopped by the black citadel. If it was because of the new order or that Trellock was just too occupied with his work Cole did not know. Trellock had become the imperator of the blood legion and therefore was not much outside. What Cole knew was that he still met regularly with Eru, who now was a tribune, Wyan and Inia, both now centurions, Lari who became a legionnaire as well as Nana and Mia who were still teachers at the Fahrar of the ash legion. The activities of the order of the future seemed to have halted in the last years as there was no new cub for any of the females. At least as far as Cole got note of. Only Amra, who used the liquid he provided her with to breed with different feral beasts, constantly went pregnant and had a few hybrid children to add to the Fahrar. The valley had become quite lively when he last visited her. Not only his offsprings with all the hybrid cats, his daughter with Amra or Amra's other hybrid children were there but the charr also bred the girls with feral beasts or the male hybrids. Whenever Cole came to the Fahrar he would also impregnate a few of them and so half or more of the children at the Fahrar had his genes and Amra kept Luna ready for him so all the children of the panther were his as well. As the hybrids matured much faster than charr or other races as they followed the growth of the feral parent most the hybrids were on missions or had been in battles already. Some did not return and so the valley was still not overpopulated.

In their hideout for the order of peace it got very cramped. They managed to build an addition to the house to have extra rooms but still there were too much people living here now. All his wives, how he called the girls of the other races as well as Yu and Sal now, reached adulthood together with him. All but Yu and Sal were only in the hideout for a short time now because they were on missions for their races or hunting. Cole had orders from the Black Citadel to keep an eye on the happenings at the Lion's Arch which came in handy for him. He was not sure if Trellock knew about his new family but he still supported Cole and organized for him to get a well-paid and easy job. With all the earnings of his wives they had saved a good fortune by now and for months they were now searching for a bigger place to live. Yu and Sal watched the kids most of the time and taught them everything that they learned from Cole and the others. Cole managed to be home as much as possible to help them with the big pack of kids. There were in total 17 children now with the oldest 9 being of the same age but not same size. The big races seemed to have a very similar time for aging and so they all had only one or two years to finally reach their first heat. The next 7 children were one year younger than their sisters as Cole directly knocked their mothers up after their first pregnancy. This had led to a few problems but after their second brood they agreed to not breed actively anymore and so he would take them during their normal heat but without the cross breeding liquid. The youngest girl was a pure human girl 3 years younger than the oldest. Arem had by mistake knocked up his twin sister when she was in heat and therefore she had a third child. All the children accepted their differences as they were mostly cross-bred species. Yu and Sal had all their paws full to keep them in check especially the most energetic one which was the first born Bella of Bahija. None of the families of the girls knew anything about their children or their order. It had been a bit of a problem when he knocked up Bahija in her feral form again as Cyrene had to explain where Bahija was. The others had to make sure to return to their families now and then and this was another reason for them to stop breeding for the moment as it was impossible to keep anything hidden when they were bloated like balloons. Cole had the idea to ask Trellock about his approval to move to the Fahrar of Amra with all the children. There was still enough space and if it would get problematic there was another valley close by that they could try to secure. Asking Trellock however would mean to put all his cards on the table to tell him what he had done and Cole was still afraid that Trellock would not approve. The more was Cole surprised when he got note in the Lion's Arch on his daily patrols through the city that Trellock sent him a message. Now he was sitting in the middle of their living room and read the letter while around him there was a loud screaming of the playing kids. Bella and Cym, the daughters of Bahija, ran around in their feral form as snow leopards and played catch with the other children who screamed and tried to run away. Cole managed to read the letter even with this distraction and it contained a message of urgency. He noticed that the letter was not in the writing of Trellock but from Eru.

Cole Silkheart!

There is an emergency in the Black Citadel. Our leader is badly wounded and he wished to speak with you personally. He mentioned that there is an important message he could only tell you personally.

Please hurry as we do not know if he will make it or how long he has left.

May the wind guide your way safe and fast!

Eru Whitestorm

Behind the signature Cole could see the sign for alpha. He was sure she wanted to tell him this way that the message was important for the order of the future and even if he had not been active in it for a long time he still felt bound to the promise he gave back then. He had to follow this request as fast as possible. If he was fast he could maybe catch a gate to the Black Citadel from Lion's Arch before they closed them for today.

"Yu! Sal!" he shouted and the women who had been preparing dinner came into the living room. "Silence for a minute!" Cole shouted and the kids instantly stopped and looked at him with shocked faces. He did rarely shout at them and they knew that he would only be so commanding when it was of great importance. "I have to go to the black citadel. Something happened to the imperator of the blood legion and I have to report to them instantly. I will rush to get the portal from Lion's Arch." He rose from the chair, hugged and kissed the twins first and then opened his arms to give a big hug to all the children that jumped into his arms nearly burry him under them. "Be obedient and don't make Yu and Sal angry, okay?" he asked the children. "I am sorry that I have to leave everything to you two. Jukki wanted to be here in the next days and I think Bahija and Cyrene will be here by end of the week. I am not sure how long it will take but if it takes longer than a week I will let you know." He equipped his sword and put the cloak on. "Thank you my sweethearts. You can go on with your game." He smiled and waved to the kids who instantly started to scream and run around again. He winked to Yu and Sal who followed him to the door and left the house. The sky was already beginning to darken and he started to run to make it to the portal. When he shot a last gaze back he could see Yu following him with her eyes and a worried look in her face. Cole managed to get to the portal in time and soon rushed through the Black Citadel towards the quarters of Trellock.

When Cole entered the room he directly saw that Trellock only had a short time until he would die. He looked weak and tired and had thick bandages full of blood around his chest and stomach. Before he went next to the bed Eru told him that he had been assassinated. Trellock had killed the assassin but was critically injured and would not make it. They could not find out who the assassin was but it looked like it was someone inside the Black Citadel had ordered it and Cole understood that this also meant that all people who were associated with him were in danger. When he sat down next to Trellock the old charr opened his eyes and whispered something. Cole bent down so that his ears were next to the muzzle of his alpha and listend to his message.

"I am... happy that you... made it in time Cole. You need to... protect all the... girls of the order. They... will be... the next targets... Take Eru and the... others to the Fahrar with... Amra. Also the kids... they might know..." he coughed. Cole wanted to raise his head because he thought that Trellock was finished. It hurt him to see the once so strong charr broken and on the edge to death. A weak paw stopped him and Trellock continued. "Eru... You need to become the new alpha... and for that you need to subdue her... when she submits to you... the others will accept you as alpha... and listen to you. Promise me to protect... Eru and the others... Cole!" Cole took the paw of Trellock in his own and whispered. "I promise my alpha!" Trellock chuckled. "She is in heat Cole... The best way to subdue... an alpha female... is to have her bear... your cubs..." Cole shot his head up and looked at Trellock surprised. The old charr just nodded weak. "You have to become the alpha." He whispered before he closed his eyes. Cole felt the paw in his hands go limb and a minute later he realized that Trellock had moved on and parted from this world to join the next one. He quickly waved the doctors to the bed so they could find out what he knew already. The imperator of the blood legion was dead; murdered by someone who would most likely be after the members of the order if they knew them. He had to make sure they all left the black citadel but like Trellock said he was not sure if they would listen to him. They would want revenge and try to find the culprit but it was too dangerous. Trellock had requested him to protect them. He slowly went to Eru and with a sad face shook his head. She knew what he meant with that and her eyes softened in sadness. She did not shed a tear. Cole knew that she had a lot of self-control and tried to hold the tears back. He pulled her into a hug to console her and padded her back. "He left his last words with me. We need to assemble all of the order in the hideout tonight and give him our last respect." He whispered. She would know how to get them all together. When he let her go and she hurried to Trellock he took a deep breath through his nose. Trellock was right. Eru was in heat.

At this evening when it was dark Cole made his way to the hideout and when he entered all the others were there already. He saw Eru, Wyan, Inia, his sister Mia, Lari with her companions Shadow and Silver and Nana. They also brought their children. They were about the age of Amra when she joined the order or a bit older. Their body clearly was not fully matured yet but Cole could see that there was not much missing for their adulthood. Enid looked sad like her mother but with the same control to hold back her tears. Reena and Starlet cried in the arms of their mothers and Noir snuggled with Inia. Like the rules in the hideout demanded they were all naked and Cole also started to disrobe and stored everything away in the chest. He could smell the heat of Eru and by the potent smell it was her second or third day so the day where it would be the strongest. He had to control himself to not have his member get erect by this smell. He greeted all of them with a hug and kissed the children on their forehead. Then he kneeled down and put the sword of Trellock on a pelt at one side of the cave. He kept sitting there on his knees and Eru sat next to him in silence. Her scent made his member come to live and a bit of it poked out of the sheath still concealed by his paws. As sad as this moment was he knew that he had to make his move soon. He had to keep a promise with Trellock even though he had not yet completely come to a conclusion on how to start it. He bent forward and held his weight on knees and hands when he lowered his head to the sword and kissed it. "We will not forget you, alpha of the order of the future. Your last words will be remembered and the promise I made will be kept." He looked around and all others had their heads faced down on the floor in sadness. Because he turned the way where Eru was her smell directly got into his nose and his member crept out of its sheath. Eru did not look at him and the others were not watching as well so it went by unnoticed as his member got completely hard and Cole fought against it without any success. He wanted to get up when he noticed Eru also bending forward and kissing the sword. His instinct came to a conclusion within a second when he saw the alpha female bending forward on all fours and bending down. Her hind went up and weaved her scent to him. Her neck was unprotected and clearly accessible next to him. Overcome by her sadness she was vulnerable and weak right now. If he ever would have a chance it would be at this moment. Cole pushed away all the guilt he felt about his future actions. This was to protect them and he needed them to submit and trust him as a leader. And Trellock told him that if he subdued Eru the others would also submit to him. Cole was sure the others would drag him down of her instantly but still he had to try to keep his promise. When Eru raised her head he quickly moved atop of her and skillfully bit into her neck making her gasp surprised. By the instinct of the pheromones traveling through her body her tail moved aside and Cole smelled the heavy scent of her heat with pleasure. When he parted her hot and drenched nether lips he heard gasps behind himself but no movement whatsoever. The others seemed to just watch him and he would sure take this opportunity to go as far as he could. Eru began to moan and he could see her eyes glimmering in anger but shortly after she moaned as he pushed deep into her gliding through her tunnel and breaching her cervix with his first entry. He was a grown up charr now, bigger and heavier than Trellock and with that bigger than Eru as well. He knew that in a fight he would still not stand a chance most likely but with her being pinned and having the hormones going crazy in her body he would manage. He felt her will fighting and trying to hold in her moans and gain control to throw him off. Her muscles even rippled a few times and tried to push against him but he was too heavy and strong for her weak attempts. Cole took a deep breath of the heat filled air around him and then let his body go into a rut. His aim right now was not to make her feel good but to fill her with his cubs. Trellock said that with that he would get the rank of an alpha and all females would be under his command. Finally Nana would not be able to resist him when he asked for her. He was not yet fully taking in that he tasted of the forbidden fruit. He took the female that he never had been allowed to touch. And in addition she was in heat and he would claim her. Make her his own and make sure that her belly was full of cubs and she would forever submit to him. It was a good thing that he was pent up from the last weeks where he did not get any sex. He would not stop until Eru would accept him as her alpha. He would not let up until she begged him to breed her and have his cubs. He felt himself reaching his climax and pushed in to the hilt smacking his balls against her clit. He gushed his seed into his female in heat and purred while Eru just moaned and ripples went through her body. She would also not take long until she would climax and Cole would make sure that her mind would break and give in to the pleasure. He never felt any love or overly affection more than to an alpha in their order towards Eru. As he knew from the start that he would never be allowed to be with her and she was much older he had not have any interest in her like he had for Amra or Nana. It was not the same love he felt when he started to pump into her again. Yes, he liked her a lot and she was important for him. He wanted to protect her. But at the same time it was just lust and his duty to fill this female with his seed and have her bear a cub. She was a breeding stock for him and he needed to subdue her as the alpha to get every other female to follow him. Eru erupted around him and roared in her orgasm but he just pushed through it. He had experience with the climax that turned into a spiraling orgasm when he just continued and halted in her again and started to inseminate her she milked him off his load. Despite her reaching her climax he still felt that there was fighting spirit in her. Her muscles rippled and tried to throw him off again when he relaxed but she did not succeed and he bit down a bit harder on her neck immobilizing her completely while he started to push in and out while still spurting. He would not stop until she dropped unconscious and he would be sure that she would not fight back. The tribune sure had endurance. She was the woman with the most endurance that Cole ever had seen. Her tight tunnel clamped around him when he came again and rested atop of her but still he felt that she was not exhausted. Cole did not know how long he had been at it by now but he could feel that she still twitched around him all the time since her first climax signaling that he never let her out of the orgasm. He felt the pressure at his tip and when he pulled back a bit of his spunk splashed out of her pussy. He felt her belly and it was bulged half way to the ground already and she started to emit a mix of groan and moan at every spurt from his member. Her belly jiggled with every push he did inside her. When he spurted into her again he felt her legs wobble a bit and her hind legs spreading even more. Her belly now rested on the floor as her lower body descended with the spreading of the legs. The resistance in her muscles went weak and Cole was sure that he finally tired her out. He was sure she was more bloated than she ever had been and he did not remember how many times he came in her. He looked at her face and noticed that she was losing her consciousness and collapse from exhaustion. He let her neck go and licked her ears. Then he licked her eyes and cheeks until his licks woke her up. "Don't go to sleep yet. I will only let you sleep when you submit to me completely and accept me as your new alpha!" he said so loud that everyone else could hear it as well. When she opened her eyes he could see that there as a part of a love daze in it but her will still shined through and she fought against her pleasure while she moaned like a breeding bitch. "You will follow every of my commands." He stated. "Now you will clench hard when I pull out and not let any drop out." He slipped his member out of her love tunnel feeling how she clenched at it. She moaned and groaned when he slipped out and he checked if she was complying with his command. It seems like her mind did at least follow the command as nothing dripped out of her pussy after he pulled free except for the remnants of his cum and her own fem cum. "You are a good kitten Eru. Now clean me up and show all of them that you submit to me and I am the new alpha they need to listen to." He commanded and presented his slick dick in front of her muzzle. He saw the will in her eyes trying to fight down the urge of her love daze and her heat. After a minute her will gave in and she licked and slurped around his member and balls until they were cleaned from all remnants of their love making. He bent down and kissed her on the muzzle and whispered: "Make sure to keep all my spunk contained in you tonight. Then you might sleep now and tomorrow we will make sure you are truly bred." With that he helped her to lie on her side and licked over her bulging belly and cleaned her nether region. She purred and moaned from his licks but soon he heard her breathing calm and steady and sleeping with a purr. "Trellock asked me to take over his place and to protect you all as his death shows that danger is upon us." He explained to the other females who were still watching with open muzzles. "Show me that you accept me as your alpha and I will lead you to a safe place so you will not have to fear anymore." He demanded and approached them. He started with Mia and she lowered her head in submission. Every female he passed put their heads down and submitted to him as the new alpha, even the children, Shadow and Silver.

When he finally reached Enid he smelled something sweet and familiar. He took a deep sniff going a bit closer to her and this confirmed it for him. The adolescent charr was in heat like her mother. By the smell it was her first or second heat. "Crouch down and let me observe you a bit Enid!" he whispered to her and she shot her head up and stared at him with shocked eyes. "Is this how you show obedience to your alpha?" he asked and reluctantly she moved on all fours for him. His member sprang into action and was hard again. The ride with Eru had not tired him out at all as he had done much harder trainings of mating. He noticed that the other females stole a few glances on them but they did not say anything. He pulled the tail of Enid up and saw her puffed and slick pussy. She clenched it and was surely aroused. He extended his tongue and licked along her slit earning a long moan. Enid looked like her mother just a bit smaller and it aroused Cole to have a virgin version of Eru in front of him. "Don't worry Enid. I will help you with this unbearable burning in your loins." He told the girl and saw in her eyes that she was horrified. He was not sure if he should do this at all. He remembered Whity and how she looked back then and it was the same fearful stare. He would at least lick her to orgasm and help her to fight the itch, he decided. Her moans got stronger when he continued to lick her tail hole and pussy. He even pushed into both openings and probed her inside. The girl was very sensitive. It did take the girl a few minutes but he was skilled and finally drew out a strong, and maybe first, orgasm from the girl. He tasted her innocent fluids and his member was rock hard. He could not hold back, if the girl was afraid or not. "This might hurt a bit but soon feel very good." He whispered and while her pussy still twitched he mounted her. She was far too small to bite her in the neck. Cole decided to take his old trick that he used on Jukki and climbed over her blocking her shoulders with his arms. The tip of his member already parted her quivering folds. He bent down his head and saw that her eyes had softened. The fear had given way to her pleasure and this was enough for him to press his muzzle on her, push his tongue into her muzzle and at the same time push in hard popping her cherry and her cervix in one second. She screamed inside his muzzle and he kept buried to the hilt in her. He felt himself stretch her small womb with his member. Her walls clamped around his dick that it nearly hurt. She was as tight as Ariana had been at the start and Cole moaned while he waited for her to relax a bit. When he pulled back her walls clamped in pain again and had him stop and push in again. The next ten minutes Cole raked her inside with pulling out a few inches and then pushing back in when she clamped down until her insides were sore and numb and she did not lock him at every pull. Cole started a slow but steady rhythm and even though he felt her tears in the fur of his jaw he moaned from the immense pleasure this ride brought him. She still groaned a bit when he pulled out and when he pushed in to the hilt and stopped to flush his spunk into her he earned her first moan without a groan. He broke the kiss and Enid breathed heavily from the pain and energy consuming ride. He felt that she would most likely not have much more energy. Her belly was slightly bulged but not as much as her mother's. Her walls clamped down hard in her climax and Cole noticed that he would have to hurt her a lot if he tried to pull out right now. He licked her face and dried her eyes and cheeks from her tears before he rolled around pulling her with him until he sat on the floor with her on the lap pinned on his big meaty dick. The other females were all still watching him. "I think we should go to bed." He told them. "There is a lot that we have to do in the next days. Make sure you get a good rest." To his surprise they all complied. He could see their sadness and confusion about the death of Trellock and his actions this evening clearly in all of the eyes. While the other females settled down he stood up and took Enid with him. The repositioning made him move slightly inside her and she moaned softly while he went next to Eru. He felt her consciousness drift away to sleep when he rolled Eru to her back and kissed her on the muzzle before snuggling up next to her. He also lay down on his back because he still was deep inside Enid. The side of her belly touched the big belly of her mother and Cole caressed the big belly of mother and daughter softly. "Good night little one." He whispered and pulled her head into her neck to give her a deep good night kiss. He felt her returning his twirling of the tongue weakly and moaning into his muzzle. Then he let her breath freely and closed his own eyes while he still caressed her belly and nipples.

The next morning Cole woke up with a strong pressure on the tip of his dick, a twitching around his rod and a mix of moaning and groaning from Enid. He opened his eyes and noticed that she was clamping around him and he shot his sperm into her belly that was now bulged nearly as much as her mothers. A bit of cum had found its way around his dick and so her tunnel and his balls were slick and slimy from the fluids. Cole looked to Eru who was just about to wake up by the looks. He was astonished that she managed to keep her seal tight the whole night while sleeping. Her belly looked the same size as the last evening. He kissed her good morning and stood up with the cub still impaled on him. He moved his slick balls over the muzzle of the waking Eru. "Lick me clean." He commanded with a whisper and in her half sleep the alpha female extended her tongue and licked his balls. This sent pleasure down his spine and he knew he would soon climax again. He was not sure if Enid could take any more and so he pulled out of her and put her on the muzzle of her mother having her hug the big belly of Eru and rested her own belly on her mother's chest. Eru was certainly surprised by the sudden flood and gargled cum before she managed to gulp down at least half of it. The rest spilled over the edges of her muzzle and over her ears on the ground. The head of the alpha looked like she showered in cum in no time and Cole smiled. He moved behind Eru, pulled her tights up a bit and while licking over the big belly with his tongue he pressed hard into her tightly shut libido and penetrated the seal of her cervix. The moment he hilted himself he rested against her belly and spurting his load into her. He could hear the spurt with the ears pressed to her belly and closed his eyes to enjoy this moment. He could hear Enid moan and Eru emit a gargling groan. The cervix shivered and Cole noticed that the alpha was getting close to her limit. He opened his eyes and looked into the face of Enid who had the expression of bliss and relieve. Looking down he noticed that she was only leaking a bit and her belly was nearly back to normal. "Come here Enid. We have to relieve your mother as well." He positioned the legs of Eru in front of her so he could press his shoulders against her knees while the adolescent cub climbed down her mother and came over obediently. "You will put your open muzzle here." He explained while pulling out. A bit of semen followed him making her pussy slick already but the alpha still managed to hold in for a moment. He had Enid position her muzzle in front of her mother's pussy and lick her quivering slit clean. Cole had her placed into the perfect mating position with her shoulders pressed against the legs of her mother. "Try to drink as much as possible but if you can't manage just let the rest spill." He explained the cub while he lifted her tail and looked at her messy backside. Her pussy was ragged, red and sore. Cole went with one finger over the opening and felt its heat. Then he pointed his tip towards the entrance and slammed home. His moan united with the moan of Enid. He licked the belly of Eru and leaned on it increasing the pressure for her while his hips pumped in and out of her daughter. "You may let loose now Eru. You did wonderful." He allowed Eru and the alpha finally moaned and relaxed her muscles. Cole could feel her orgasm on the spot by the pleasure of emptying and the gush of semen over her clit. Cole checked on Enid who started to gargle and it was clear that she was not able to take this quantity. Most of it splashed around her head and bathed her in fluids. He could hear her gulp but with this flood he was afraid she would drown. He pushed her head down so that her muzzle was lined up with the tail hole of Eru and saw her closing her eyes from the stream of cum showering over her head.

Cole did not stop to push into the tight pussy and he moaned together with Eru and Enid. He could feel the fluid of Eru's pussy reaching his balls while the stream slowly subsided. He looked down again and saw that only a bit squirted out of Eru and her belly was nearly flat again. He pulled the cum-coated head of Enid up so that she could lick her mother's pussy again and clean it. She looked adorable with the sticky fluid in her fur from head to the legs. On his hind paws he could feel that the fluid formed a puddle under the cub. He started to lick the teats of Eru while he pumped her daughter and she moaned even louder from the pleasure of her daughter licking her and his tongue on her dugs. He heard her coming down with a climax pushing out the last gush of cum before the rest was sealed inside her womb by her cervix. Cole pushed a few more times into Enid until he felt her twitch around him as well and reaching her climax. She erupted at the same time he came to a halt and started to inseminate her again. He pulled her with him back away from her mother's nether region and sat down next to the heavy panting Eru. The twitching Enid was impaled on his still hard member and panted exhausted in his lap. Her belly started to bulge a bit again with his last spurts. "Your daughter is wonderful tight." He whispered to Eru while he caressed her ears and the belly of Enid softly. Eru opened her eyes now full awake and looked toward him and Enid. Her gaze turned into surprise and bit of anger. She shot up and Cole thought she would try to hit him. She seemed to just realize that it was him and not Trellock who had taken her on a ride. Cole looked into her crystal eyes with a stern look. Something seemed to change in her look. She seemed to remember that she submitted to him or maybe also that he already impregnated her. Maybe it was the heat calling to her and the memory that Trellock was not anymore and he was the only male that could help her through the heat. Suddenly she crouched on all four paws and lifted her tail high presenting her quivering pussy. It also looked red and abused. The strong scent of her heat had Cole push into Enid excited and his member skipping any thought about going limb. The tight tunnel around his dick still twitched. "Take me and let my daughter rest. I will take her part." Eru pleaded. Cole understood. She wanted to make him change to her to make it easier for her daughter. What Eru did not understand was that Enid needed his dick inside her as much as she did now and also he was not yet finished with savoring the small charr. "You will be served when it is your turn." He answered and chuckled. "Let her enjoy this too. I will take you afterwards. For now just stay like this." He smiled and licked her pussy which made her moan. Her pussy juiced up and her tail went high to give him the best access. At this moment she was not sacrificing herself for her daughter or anything. Whatever she said Cole knew that right now she was burning in need and lifting for him to beckon him to mount her and scratch the itch inside her. With small movements he pushed his hips up in a slow rhythm making Enid bounce slightly in his lap while he licked the pussy of Eru purring. He saw the other females waking up as well and watching the show. "Mewl for me." Cole demanded with a whisper from Eru and the alpha started to mewl softly while she presented to him like a feral cat in heat. In the eyes of the other females Cole could see that there was only one message they read in this. Eru had completely submitted to him and was begging him to take her. He teased her, making her mewl higher, until he felt another orgasm from Enid in his lap and that the girl exhausted her last reserves. "You will do like mama, right Enid? Keep your tight tunnel closed and do not let any of my valuable seed escape until I tell you." With these words he pulled her up carefully and licked her clean. Her belly was not bulged much so Enid managed to keep her womb locked and Cole put her on the side covering her with a pelt to have her rest.

Eru was now mewling high pitched and there was something demanding in her mewls. Cole was sure that her heat, lit by his hard fuck, was burning inside her and only his member could satisfy it. He finally had mercy with the kitten in heat and mounted her. He bit her neck and pushed inside her making her moan until her belly was full to the brim again. When Enid woke up he taught her to present to him properly as long as she felt the itch in her snatch and soon he had one of the white females present while he still enjoyed the other and bred both of them good for the whole next days. Cole had sent the other females away to check the heat in the Black Citadel. The information they brought was not good. Inia got an intel report from secret channels that there was a strong faction behind the murder of Trellock most likely because he was in their way. But other intel reports pointed at the direction that someone found out about the secret order and saw a threat in its existence. He had been too powerful for these people and Cole was sure that it was only a matter of time until they knew who the members of the order were. The biggest danger would be for the cubs because they had amber eyes and there were not many with amber eyes in the Black Citadel. When they found out that none of the other rare owners of amber eyes had cubs they would soon know that they were Trellocks children and if it was for the order or not they would try to kill them. After he got note of this he kept them all in the hideout to make sure they were not in danger. As they graduated from the Fahrar already and were in a warband of Inia it was not hard to find an excuse for them. Cole had Wyan made sure to find an excuse for Eru to miss out on her duties for the next days.

Eru moaned lustful when the big charr finally pushed into her and scratched the itch of her heat. She could not believe how fast she had submitted to him and developed something like love towards him. She had affection for Cole like for a brother before but she never had seen him as an object for her lust. She also never thought she would love someone else than Trellock but the old charr was no more. Eru had no time to think about it as she was swimming in pleasure right now. She felt a bit guilty to present herself to someone who was not Trellock but she also realized that the only one who she would have fallen for would have been Cole and that only he could make her get over the death of her loved Trellock.

She had been surprised when the boy, in her eyes he still was a boy before this evening, suddenly mounted her, made her immobile by biting the special spot in her neck and pounded her in front of the other females. None of them helped and Eru was unable to do much as the pleasure rose in her and made her submit to him. It was not that she did not try to fight him but her muscles didn't listen to her commands and her body was giving in far easier than her mind. Eru had to realize that Cole scratched her itch. She did not want to admit it to herself at first but he was more endowed than Trellock and it seemed he got a lot of experience in pleasuring women. She now remembered that soon after he started she had forgotten that it was him already. Now and then she still tried to fight it in her mind but her body knew already that he was a far better lover than Trellock. If it was her training to obey her alpha, the fact that he made her understand that he was the best male in the Black Citadel or just a strong voice in the back of her mind driven by her heat to comply to any of his requests Eru did not know but when he asked her to hold the immense load of semen inside her she did not think about it but clenched as hard as she could. She remembered that she felt bloated like a big balloon and it hurt at first but after a few minutes the pain faded away and it had felt good in a strange way. He had done her until she had collapsed and when she woke up she saw him taking her daughter. She remembered that she had been angry at him that he defiled her daughter but when she smelled the heat that was not coming from herself she realized that it was not so much her motherly instinct to protect her child but rather jealousy that made her angry at him. Her heat drove her crazy and made her crave for him to take her but instead he was pounding her daughter. She had not experienced the feeling of being left waiting. Trellock always had taken her first and stopped with any female if she demanded it but Cole was different. He had left her hanging and she still felt shame crawl up her skin when she remembered how she mewled and begged him to mate her in front of all the other females. She knew that this, when not the actions before already, had sealed the deal that he would be the new alpha as she was totally in his control right now. In the moments after he filled her good and the itch was not taking over her mind she realized that he did not do this to be cruel, it was quite the contrary. He was a very caring man who tried to tend to the needs of any female and was taking them all equally when they were in need. She was not special for him like she had been for Trellock. She was just the alpha of the pack that he had to submit to take over and a female helped through her heat. On the one hand this rubbed her in the wrong places but on the other hand she admired him for his sense of responsibility towards all of the members. This realization, and the fact that his dick made her squirm, had been the reasons for her to fall in love for a second time. While he pushed in and out of her she knew that not only her body submitted to him now but also her mind would follow him anywhere. It was a different kind of love than she had for Trellock before. She had admired the tribune and late imperator. She had respected him and had been happy when he chose her to be his lover. But it had always been more a responsibility that tied her to him; her sense of duty towards her superior in the military and in the order. Before he took her for the order he had always been more of a father figure for her that then suddenly became her lover. But now she realized that her relationship with him had always been a strange one and her affection never changed towards him as the affection of a daughter to her father. It had been her mind that was consumed and taken in by Trellock. Her conscious, training and sense of responsibility that made her love the now deceased charr. But with Cole it was different now. For the first time she felt the overwhelming warm feeling in her chest that was love from her heart. She would not follow him because he was her alpha now or he would have a higher rank. She would follow him anywhere because she loved him and she wanted to be a part of his life. Unlike with Trellock she did not want him to recognize her or see her as a valuable asset. She wanted to be near Cole and help him find happiness. Trellock had told her a few times about Cole having a special talent that would make him a strong diplomat and leader one day. Right now she understood what he meant. It was not the fact that he mated her or that she would bear his cubs. It was not only her heat that demanded for him to take her. His kindness and strong sense of equality, his soft and caring nature and his charm made him connect to others in an emotional way that could only be understood when one would open her heart. Eru was not sure if Trellock ever planned for Cole to take over the order. She was sure he told him something like that with his last words the day before but Cole was a much better suited alpha for the order than Trellock had been. Trellock always had a sense of business and politics in mind. He took them because he wanted to gain influence and power. But Cole took her because he loved her and wanted to create a future for them for real. Not one to gain influence in the Black Citadel but one to make her happy. She was sure Trellock also loved her and wanted her to be happy but the order itself had never been a harem build on affection and love for him. Only Eru had been special but the others had only been breeding vessels that could be exchanged any time. Strong samples to give strong litters for future wars. For Cole all of the members were special like she was. He would not needlessly let any of them get into danger. In these times Eru was sure that Cole was the only one that could bring all of the order through the future dangers safe and sound.

Eru moaned again and climaxed around his member. She felt him fill her with more of his spunk and her belly was bloated again. He pulled out and while Eru enjoyed the warm flood pressing through her quivering tunnel she saw her daughter Enid present for Cole. The young girl was sure competing with her mother like a trained breeding bitch. Eru knew that this was her second heat but she never had behaved like this before. Cole must have lit something inside the young charr that made her crave for him just like her mother. But how could Eru possibly complain. Her daughter was in the end just the same as she was. She was completely her mother's child. While Eru got some rest and cleaned herself up she watched Cole take her daughter. She saw his big penis pushing inside the tight folds and hilting inside her. She watched him making the belly of the small female bulge with his cum. When Cole pulled out Eru got up again and presented to him. Moaning she welcomed his member inside her. 'Some things never change!' she thought while she moaned and mewled in pleasure. 'He still seems to have endless endurance in mating.'

Three days of endless mating had the heat in Eru finally diminish and this evening she only presented to him once and let him concentrate more on her daughter. Her heat was also at the ending but she still itched and Cole would make her moan whenever she requested it. But right now Cole put his gear on and next to him the three young charr Enid, Noir, Reena and Starlet were already wearing black capuchins with the hood pressed deep into their face so that their eyes would not be visible. They all got weapons under their coats and Cole just girdled his sword. He was not wearing a hood. The reason for the getup was a new intel report from Inia that someone was asking questions around the ash legion. Whoever it was got information about amber eyed children in the Fahrar and also that one of it looked very similar to Nana. It was known that Nana and Mia were especially nice to these children and it seemed to have leaked to the wrong persons. Inia, Wyan and Eru seemed to not be in danger yet but Nana and Mia as well as the children needed to leave as soon as possible. Nana put her hands on the shoulders of her daughter who looked up. She was wearing a black battle suite with twin blades on her back. Her face was hidden with black cloth. This was the normal getup for a stealth mission and would not raise suspicion. Cole just was happy that the spies seemed to not know that the cubs they were searching for were not in the Fahrar anymore. He had Inia smuggle Mia out of the Black Citadel already and she was on her way to Amra's Fahrar together with Lari, Shadow and Silver. It was easier for the two female charr and two feral cats to get there without being noticed instead of a whole group as they went on missions before. Inia disguised the leave of them as an official scout mission and that the selection was rather randomly. Cole wanted to get Lari to safety because she had gotten personal assignments a lot and there already had been suspicions of her being in an affair with Trellock before. Inia, Wyan and Eru officially only met with Trellock for their duties and as Eru was well known as a competent fighter the special treatment she received was not seen suspicious. She had also not shown any sadness in the public. If they should sense any danger he told them to leave directly and go to Amra's Fahrar. This would be the last evening that they would meet in this hideout here. Cole planned to take the girls and Nana with him to Lion's Arch. The disguise was that he wanted an assassin troupe of the ash legion to protect him with some of his negotiations. He was by now known for being a good diplomat who negotiated trade terms with some asura, norn and humans. To be on the safe side he wanted to use the last portal to Lion's Arch but there was no time to lose before they were searching for grown up charr rather than little cubs.

One hour later the black citadel was already under a dark sky. Only a faint light at the edges of the horizon gave a glimpse of the day. Cole stepped in front of the gate and had the guards check their papers. As far as he knew the names of the girls or Nana were not known yet and so they used their original papers even if this would bear a danger for Cole as well. "Back to duty, right?" the guard asked and Cole nodded. "I heard you went to see the old imperator on his dying bed. Were you a friend of his?" Cole scanned the eyes of the guard. The question might have been harmless and natural in this situation. Everyone in the city was talking about the dead imperator. Cole let his eyes look around without moving his head. A group of charr was standing in a dark corner and he was sure they were observing him. "Not really a friend I would say." He said loud. "It is more like I owed him once because he helped my sister Mia and me when our father died." The guard nodded. "Oh I remember the case. That was quite a chaos when tribune Metalfist died." He returned the papers and stepped to the side. "You are lucky. This is the last one for today." Cole smiled and slapped the guard on the shoulder. "Well I had to negotiate with the ash legion to get an escort back. Originally I only got here because of this but then the old man died. It was quite a hassle to negotiate with the tribune. All I could get was this here." He made a gesture that showed that he did not think much of his escorts. He told the girls before that the disguise they were using was that he would not show any affection for them but act like he did not like them at all. "At least one of them seems to be a bit experienced but other than that she only gave me blood new recruits fresh from the Fahrar. I hope they at least know which end of the sword goes in front." He laughed together with the guard while Nana and the girls followed him to the transport gate with the pass for the other side. He saw the group that observed him concentrating on another group that just hurried in and now was in a heated discussion with the guard to get through but the guard sent them away and then Cole and his companions were already through the gate and stood under the night sky of Lion's Arch. They moved through the city and a few small paths until Cole was sure that no one was following them. He fetched a dark coat from his bag and hid himself in it. Then he led the five women through the paths to the mountain where the hideout was located. They all checked various times and made sure that no one was following them.

When they arrived at the house he could see a small shadow that only could be Jukki standing in front of the door with a weapon in her hand. Cole brushed off the hood and raised his hands. "It is me Jukki. I bring friends. I don't think we were followed." He heard the asura girl breath out in relieve and knocking softly at the door. Yu opened and when they entered he could see Sal rubbing the sleep out of her eyes. "The children are sleeping so be silent." Jukki whispered and Cole hugged them in turns to greet them. After the door was closed Jukki lit a light and Cole signaled the girls to take off their coats. Nana also removed the cloth from her head and revealed her face. "These are Nana, Enid, Reena, Noir and Starlet." He explained with a low voice. The kids were sleeping in a room further away so as long as he would not shout they should not wake up. "They are members of another order that I am in. I will tell you all about it tomorrow." He promised them. "It is too much to explain this all now but you do not need to worry. They are friends and will not be any danger for you or the children. ... This," he added and now facing his companions, "are Jukki," he pointed at the asura girl, "Yu and Sal. I will explain the relationship tomorrow but for now I can ensure you that you are safe." He showed them the cupboard where they could put their weapons and Yu opened it with a key. "We lock the weapons away to make sure the kids to not find and play with them by mistake and hurt themselves." He explained and when they stored all weapons he guided them to his room. "They will sleep in my room for today to not wake the children." He explained and kissed Yu, Sal and Jukki good night. His room was close to the door and there was another room at the other side of the floor that had windows to the outside making it possible to hear approaching persons on the rocky path. There was always one adult sleeping there to make sure they were safe while another adult was sleeping with the kids. He had his own room because he needed to sleep at day sometimes when the kids were playing or do important work. Also he would go here with one of the females when they wanted intimate time. The room was not too big and hosted a table, a couch and a king size bed. Cole disrobed completely and put all his cloths into his cupboard and signaled the girls to do the same. He could smell the faint scent of heat from Enid and when he looked down he saw her presenting for him on the floor already. The girl was clearly antsy and Cole suspected that she held it in for a long time already. He sighed and kissed Nana, Starlet, Noir and Renna. "Okay Enid but we have to be quite, do you understand? I do not want to wake anyone up or disturb their sleep." He pointed at Nana and the girls that now settled in the bed together. It was big enough so they all could comfortable lie in it. "Good night girls." He whispered and he got a whispered good night back before he mounted Enid and pushed his rod into her earning a muffled moan. His paw was in front of her muzzle to make sure she was not too loud. After they both came a couple minutes later Cole pulled out when his last spurt entered her and got up. "We need to sleep as well." He urged her and kissed her cheeks. She sighed and got up as well. The other girls already slept and Cole carefully moved between Reena and Noir. Starlet was snuggled up with Nana at the wall. He signaled Enid to lie atop of him because there was no more space on the bed. He put his arms around the girls next to him pulling them towards him so that they were now snuggled up with him tightly. He moaned softly when Enid cheekily grinded her hips down and found his still half erect member. She slipped it inside her pussy and made it twitch and harden again. "You are a naughty little girl." Cole whispered and licked the nose of his small cover. He felt her walls clamp softly in the after effect of her climax and his hands caressed the base of the tail of Reena and Noir making them moan softly in their sleep. Then he felt Enid pull the cover over all of them and closed his eyes. He enjoyed the tight tunnel around his cock and soon both he and Enid joined the others in the dream land.

The next day Cole explained everything that happened to Jukki who understood that he did not tell her before because he was not allowed to. As alpha he had now the right to let her in on the information of the order of the future. Together with Yu and Nana he talked a lot about their future while the children made friends with Coles kids. Nana had been very surprised to hear that Cole had more children than Trellock and when he told her that there were even more waiting for him at the Fahrar of Amra she finally realized that it had been natural for him to become the new alpha as he had more experience with this than Trellock. The itch of Enid vanished at the next day slowly and so she was not demanding Cole to take her and he was able to concentrate on the future. He was happy that Jukki, Yu and Sal welcomed them all like family. Nana was the one who needed the most time to accept the mix of races in Cole's order. The girls did not mind at all and soon they looked over the kids so that the adults were able to talk and plan what was about to happen. At the next weekend Bahija and Cyrene arrived and with them a message from the Black Citadel. Cole had collected it in the morning when he went to Lion's Arch and when the norn siblings entered he just raised his hand as a greeting consumed in the report. "We were just in time." He told Nana when he finished the report. Bahija and Cyrene joined them at the table and Jukki was in the middle of the explanation about Nana and the girls and the other order. "Someone approached Inia and was asking for you. It was a centurion of the iron legion and he said you were behind the murder of Trellock." Nana looked shocked but when Cole looked into her eyes he also saw a thankful gaze that she was safe here. "They now know that I took you away because Inia had to give them your names. She seems to be safe for now as they do not suspect her to hide you. The request from me was officially registered and they should not be able to read anything from that." Cole sighed and looked to the other women around. "But this means we only got a small time frame to act now. I think we need to abandon this hideout and move somewhere else. The people in Lion's Arch know me and if they come searching for me here it would only be a matter of time until they find us." He knew that if they really sent assassins they would scout the surrounding of Lion's Arch very thoroughly. "We will take off tomorrow. Jukki please make sure to get us a wagon and provision for two weeks in Lion's Arch. Yu, Sal and Nana you will make sure to pack up everything here and leave no trace of us. I will organize a few more weapons for our journey." Jukki looked at him with big eyes. "Where do you want to go darling?" she asked and Cole smiled and winked to Nana. "Oh, I know a big valley that is much hidden with an old friend and member of the order of the future. I think this will be our new home. We will be safe there." Nana returned his smile and he saw that for the first time after the death of Trellock she seemed to see a light of hope. The last days her face had given away that she was afraid of what happened but now she seemed to see a path out of the danger. "Bahija and Cyrene, can I ask you to inform Elena, Ariana and Arem?" both of them nodded. Cole got a map and described the siblings how to get to a town that was near the new hideout. He would make sure to send someone there every weekend to get them when they arrived.

The next two days were very busy for all of them Bahija and Cyrene already left and Jukki was out of the house for most of the time as well as Cole. Nana, Yu and Sal cleaned the house and when Jukki brought a big wagon with two horses they started to pack everything leaving space for the children to sit. The wagon was a closed one so no one would be able to check the inside and they packed the provision and other stuff towards both exits so that everyone riding inside would be hidden. Cole got two horses in addition to carry additional luggage. Big packages of weapons were loaded into the wagon and made ready for the horses to carry. Jukki managed to get tools for wood work and her alchemy in Lion's Arch and organized more of the herbs she needed for the liquid. There were still a lot of vials here and more at the hideout because he brought a big stock to Amra but Jukki just wanted to be prepared. At the third day they departed after checking the house that nothing was left behind. In the last days they heard about people asking for Cole and so the departure was very urgent. To not raise suspicion when they would all travel together Cole had Nana, Enid, Noir, Reena and Starlet join him together with Yu and Sal to drive the carriage and lead the packhorses. Bella and Olija, the oldest norn charr, took their feral forms and joined them to strengthen their combat power. They were not fully trained for battle but knew the basics. Cole had his other children with Bahija and Cyrene as well as his children from Yu and Sal walking close to the wagon in big coats. Because they were still small Cym and Lokar looked not much different from a normal charr and wrapped in the coats no one would be able to tell the difference. The other 8 mix race kids and the pure human Anni were in the wagon together with Jukki during their ride. Cole had planned the route together with Bahija and they had marked the caves along the way to stay safe and hidden when they were resting. They managed to escape Lion's Arch and cross the norn territory without any trouble. When they entered the warmer Diessa Plateau he noticed a change in the behavior of Starlet, the child of Nana. Up to this point she had been talking a lot with the other girls during their travel but now she separated herself and seemed a bit shy. At night when they rested she would not snuggle up with the others and Cole followed her outside to check if something was wrong. When he found her he directly knew what was wrong with the girl. She just put off her soaked underwear and started to lick herself in frenzy. The smell of fresh heat was everywhere and by her actions it was her first one. Cole disrobed himself and deeply took in her scent. His member jumped to action poking out of his sheath when he silently approached the girl. She was so occupied with her own burning itch that she did not notice him until he touched her shoulders. "You should have told me." He whispered and she barely held in a scream. She watched him with big eyes as he put his nose between her legs and sniffed. "I will help you to get through this." He promised and extended his tongue. She moaned when he rubbed his tongue over her slit taking in the sweet and strong taste of a first fresh heat. He soon had her moaning and panting in pleasure when he probed into her folds and caressed her clit with his tongue. He was painfully hard but did not stop to wash her nether region until the little girl came down with her first ever climax. Cole licked his lips when he watched her shivering drenched pussy and then looked into her face. Her eyes were blurred and Cole was sure that she held this in for a few days now and she was in the phase where it was unbearable. When he rolled her over her heat naturally had her take up a mounting position. He licked her pussy earning another moan and then he mounted her. "This will only hurt for a short while." He whispered to her and then blocked her shoulders with his arms and pushed in hard. She was as tight as Enid but because she was so lubricated and the tunnel relaxed from the spasms of her climax he went right through her hymen and cervix directly into her small womb. When he felt her clamp down in the pain of her defloration with a groan he already was to the hilt inside her with the head of his member poking the backside of her womb. Cole noticed that he would not be able to bend his head down to kiss her because she was already too big for that. He had no chance to bite her down but she was only two heads smaller than him and so he also could not do the same than with Yu and Sal at their first time. Instead he pulled his head a bit up to face downwards and managed to lick the nose of Starlet. He saw tears bursting out of her eyes and waited until her groans subsided to start his movements. She groaned for a few more minutes while he pushed inside and out scratching her tunnel with his barbs but finally she came down with another clamping climax while still mix in groans into her mewls and moans and Cole moaned loud in unison and started to spurt into her. Nana had been much smaller back then but Starlet felt so much tighter than Cole had Nana in memory. He was sure that this was only because he now was more endowed and he wondered how it must have felt for Trellock back then. Cole began to move again and now Starlet only moaned. She came around quite nicely for Cole and he noticed that her eyes entered a love daze. Her heat must have been so strong that she had been in agonies the last days. Cole pitied the poor girl and decided to make it so much more fulfilling for her in the days to come. When he climaxed a second time he heard a rustle in the bushes around and spotted Nana who looked at them with shock in her eyes. She must have wondered as well where her daughter was. Finding her here with a slightly bulged belly from Coles cum and the latter balls deep inside her was possibly not how she imagined finding her. The moans and chirps when Cole started to move again however proofed that she was enjoying it. Nana seemed to think for a while before she disrobed herself and put herself into mating position in front of Cole. He looked at her slightly glistening pussy but a sniff confirmed that she was not in heat. Maybe she thought he would overdo it and wanted to make him switch like Eru did a few weeks ago. Maybe the show just had her crave for something as well. Cole did not know the reasons but right now her daughter was in more need than Nana and he would not switch. He however extended his tongue and started to lick Nana and the charr woman juiced up while soft moans of her joined her daughters chirping mewls. When he came the next time he felt Starlet bulge strongly and even though she did not groan from it yet he did not want to make it hurt for her. He pulled out and let her empty while he continued to lick Nana to her climax. When Cole filled Starlet a second time he seemed to have exhausted the young charr and so he cleaned her up and let her rest while he moved over to Nana. He mounted his old friend and made her moan while her daughter watched them and rested against a small rock. Cole saw his cum tickle out of Starlet and smiled while he filled Nana a second time and she also panted heavily in exhaustion. When he saw her happy smile while he cleaned her and her paw roaming over the slightly bulged belly he chuckled. "You had to wait for this for quite a long time, didn't you?" he whispered and the shy gaze away from him told Cole that he guessed right. "You should go back and tell them that we are fine." He whispered and placed a kiss on her muzzle. "I will take care of your daughter for the next days. I think she would not want to sleep with the others in her state. She seems quite shy about her heat." Nana just nodded and purred when she returned his kiss. Cole did not feel quite love but most certainly affection in her kiss. He moved over to Starlet and snuggled up with her taking her into his arms. The night was warm but he made sure to hold her warm with his body as well. His still erect member crept under her tail and he pushed softly into her tail hole earning a soft mix of a groan and moan from her. "Sleep well my little Starlet." He whispered and licked over her face until she closed her eyes. "I will keep you warm tonight." With this he also closed his eyes and pushed in a bit further until he stopped half way in her. He felt her warm anal tunnel and the wet cum that dripped out of her snatch and along his shaft to his balls. He hugged her tight and with a united purr they fell asleep.

The next morning Cole was up before dawn. He woke up Starlet by pushing his member that slipped out overnight into her wet pussy. She moaned and he licked over her face while rolling around with her and making her settle on all fours with his member still in her. Her moan got stronger when he established a fast rhythm and soon he felt her clenching around his member while she chirped and mewled in ecstasy. He muffled her voice a bit to not wake up the others in the cave. He pushed in and out of her twitching tunnel until his member also started to explode inside her womb and made her belly bulge a bit again. He kept hilted inside her and purred while she milked his member off his live giving seed. "Good morning little Starlet!" he whispered and caressed her bulging belly with his paw. "Keep my seed good bottled up inside you today and I will reward you in the next night with even more fun." He told her. He knew that when she had his seed inside her the heat would not go so crazy and she would not lose her mind and present to him in the middle of the street. When his last spurt entered her womb he slowly pulled out and felt her cervix sealing the entrance of her cavern tight. He pulled out completely and she only winced a bit from the scratching of his barbs over the inner walls of her love tunnel. He presented his penis in front of her to have her clean him up and after he pushed it between her lips she got the idea and suckled on his dick and licked his balls until they were clean. He made sure to clean her from any remnants of their love making as well and both of them put on their clothes and when the rest woke up they were in the cave again. In the coat the girls were wearing Cole was not able to see the bulged belly of Starlet but this was also a good thing because she did not have to bear the questioning gazes of the others.

When Cole had Starlet strip this evening he was happy to see that she had kept all of his seed inside. Nana was there again as well and Cole had her lick Starlet and drinking the spunk that the girl was now allowed to spill. Meanwhile he also licked Nana and made her climax at the same time Starlet reached her orgasm. The rest of his spunk and her own fluids splashed all over Nanas face. Cole had Starlet move into mating position and continued where he left off this morning. If not for the pussy of her own mother that Cole had her lick now her moans and mewls would be overwhelming loud and surely would have woken up everyone. All that was audible was a faint slurping sound and a muffled moan. Cole filled her up good and also had two climaxes for Nana before he settled down with Starlet and sent Nana into the cave again. The next morning Cole filled Starlet with two loads bulging her belly even more and gave her the same task as before to keep all inside. Starlet managed to hold them in as well and Cole kissed her at the third evening and took her on a longer ride than before. Nana had to settle with licking because Starlet was having much more endurance this time. When Cole filled her the last time she bulged even more but the girl was still purring and moaning not showing any discomfort. Cole remembered the time Nana had been filled by Trellock. Back then Starlet's mother had been filled with even more and it looked more bulged so he was sure the girl could take it. He stayed inside her sealing the tunnel so nothing could go out just like Trellock back then. Purring and caressing her belly Cole fell asleep with the girl in his arms and his dick deep inside her. When Cole woke up the next morning he felt himself spurting into her twitching womb. His hands roamed over her belly and he noticed that she had gained girth. The girl seemed to be awake and softly grinded against him purring and moaning. Cole chuckled and licked her nose. "You like being filled so much by me?" He whispered and the girl eeped in surprise. "Yes..." she replied shyly. "Then let's see how much you can take little Starlet." He opened the challenge and while still spurting he began to grind against her pussy with small movements meeting hers. He just kept lying next to her and pushed into her. Nana came to check on them a few seconds before he hilted the girl again and started to spurt his last load. With the load only half way through he felt her breathing faster and starting to groan. Her belly had approximately three or four time it's normal girth and Cole was sure he filled more into Starlet than Trellock had back in the old times into Nana. "Does this look familiar to you?" he asked Nana who looked at her daughter's belly. "It seems she is totally her mother but I guess we are at her limits." The moaning vanished completely and Starlet only groaned now. Cole tried to pull out of her but her tunnel clenched so hard that not only it sealed the spunk inside her but also made it impossible to pull out without hurting her badly. "You need to relax Starlet!" he told her. "I can't pull out like this." He felt the last spurts entering her womb and she groaned in discomfort while he still tried to either break the seal inside her or carefully pull out. Nana had crouched down in front of her daughter's nethers and licked her clit. The theory behind it was good as Starlet started to mix moans into her groans again but at the same time she licked the base and balls of Cole making him getting closer to a new climax. Both of them reached their climax at the same time and Cole felt her contracting around his member even more but then the tunnel relaxed and opened for a moment and this broke the seal. In the rhythm of her spasms cum splashed out of her pussy and on his balls. Nana did her best to lick it up and Cole just moaned with Starlet and pushed new seed into her. He noticed that her belly did not shrink because only a bit splashed out every time and his spurts were nearly the same quantity. Before the spasm of Starlet would stop he pulled out the next time her tunnel relaxed and with two more spasms he managed to pull free completely. His cum was flooding out of her over his balls and into the open muzzle of Nana. Surely the charr could not drink all of it and after a few seconds she got up licking her lips and purring. Cole, still spurting, painted the tail base of Starlet with his cum and poked around until he found her tail hole. He pierced into it to the hilt helped by the gallons of sticky fluid that coated her tail base and his member and sprayed his last spurts into her anal tunnel. Cole felt the stream subsiding with Starlets belly still being a bit bulged and when he looked at the girl's face surprised he saw her smile and her tongue licked his jaw. "I need to keep a bit, right?" she giggled and Cole chuckled on her remark. "Whatever makes you happy!" he whispered and hugged her while he pulled out of her tail hole and felt Nana's tongue cleaning their nethers. They managed to clean each other and put on their clothes before the first of the group exited the cave and Cole kissed Nana and Starlet before he went to give all others a hug for the morning as well.

A few days later they left the plains and entered mountain paths that sometimes had not been used for years. Because they could not travel over the Black Citadel they had to take the longer and harder route through the mountains. It would be hard to find provision here but on the other hand they had not to be wary like before. They did not meet anyone and the only danger was to be careful not to fall down a cliff. After Starlet's heat had worn off she didn't need Cole's special attention at night anymore. She had become much closer to him and would hug him very intense at the morning or for good night but she was sleeping with everyone again and Cole saw her talking and giggling with Enid a lot. And then there came the day where Cole woke up with a familiar strong scent in his nose. He smelled the heat the moment he got up and it did not take him long to realize that Noir and Reena both had finally gotten in heat for the first time. He was not able to speak to them about it before they left for their journey on this morning but he saw them eyeing him the whole morning with a need in their eyes. Cole would not have thought that they would bring the topic to him before he could approach him and so they surprised him when they made a stop for a rest at a big plateau. Cole saw the gold furred Reena pull off her cloak and she was not wearing anything under it. She mewled and crouched down presenting her glistening puffy red pussy to him and he just stared at it first before realizing that Reena just beckoned him to mount her totally in the public. Jukki, who was about to leave the wagon, directly had the children stay put and with a gesture she signaled Cole that he should just go ahead as the girl was obviously in need. Cole looked to the kids who were still outside. Yu and Sal quickly made the younger ones entering the wagon for a lunch while Bella, Olija, Yahira and Simia looked at the scene with interest. Noir took the example of Reena and also disrobed. She also seemed to not wear anything under her robe and Cole now had two mewling kittens in front of him presenting and her heat scent had him hard already. "You are very naughty kittens." He scolded them but they only replied with a stronger mewl until he finally disrobed himself, crouched down behind them and started to lick them in turns which made them moan. Cole was not sure if they got the idea from the time he had done Eru and Enid in front of them or if they secretly spied on him and Starlet but the girls seemed to know exactly what they wanted. Cole explained them that their first would hurt a bit until it felt good but he was sure they did not listen. While he licked on of them the other was mewling to urge him to change his target. He had to control himself badly as his member was close to exploding just from licking them and the heavy scent and taste of their heat. When both finally came he already spilled a bit of pre cum on the ground and he knew that he would not be able to hold back any longer. He rolled Noir on her back and lifted her knees so that her legs would block the shoulders of Reena that he placed with her head over the pussy of Noir. This way he could block her from evading the pain forward when he entered her because for biting down they were a bit too small. Because he knew that he could climax any second he aimed at the pussy and then pushed into Reena in one go like with Starlet piercing directly through her hymen and her cervix into her womb. The sensation of rushing through her tight tunnel had him climax in her tunnel already and the lubricant helped him slide in even easier and his second spurt already splashed heavy against her womb. The groan of Reena was muffled because Cole pushed her head down on the waiting pussy of Noir and Reena pushed her tongue into it earning a moan from the black kitten. Cole filled the golden girl fast and kept in her while licking over the small nipples of Noir. He felt the orgasm of Reena kick in again after it stopped for the pain. His spurts must have aroused her even more and the pain had subsided. He enjoyed her milking him and because of his high arousal he soon came to a second orgasm filling her with a clearly visible bulge. "You need to hold it in." he commanded Reena when he pulled out and earned a long groan from her. His barbs scratched her tunnel for the first time and Reena had not been prepared for this pain. Her tunnel clamped down sealing her passage as soon as his member was out tickling from her fluids. Cole rolled Reena over and had Noir crouch behind her the same way as Reena did before. "Make sure to get a good taste and drink up." He told Noir and pushed her muzzle into the folds of Reena. The black girl pushed her tongue into the pussy of Reena like her friend did before and with a few additional licks of Cole at the dugs of Reena the girl finally relaxed a bit. "You can let it go now." He told her and cum started to leak with each spasm of her pussy. Noir slurped the fluid from the snatch and gulped the first load down. Cole licked her head and then mounted her smearing cum with his dick over her tail hole and pussy until it caught in her nether lips. He pushed in hard like with Reena and when he hit her womb piercing through hymen and cervix like with Reena he heard her gasp in surprise and pain and cough. He looked down and had to chuckle. He must have timed his intrusion with her gulping down his cum and she had pressed air out hard at the same time. Cum had gotten into the wrong exit and drops of cum dripped down from her nose while he saw a mouthful of cum on the bulged stomach of Reena. Cole pulled back earning a muffled groan from Noir who tried to manage drinking cum while her body groaned and moaned by itself. Cole established a slower pace pushing in and out until her groans turned into moans. A few more loads had exited through her nose but it looked cute how her nose was covered in cum. Cole still was very aroused and when another orgasm finally shook Noir he allowed himself to explode inside her. Like with Reena he waited for her body to milk him until he came a second time. The girls switched positions again and Reena seemed to have the same problem to manage her ragged breathing with drinking the liquid out of Noir. She also soon had a cum-covered nose and Cole chuckled. They both seemed not to mind after the first surprise. When Cole filled Reena with two loads again he told her to rest and to keep her cervix sealed to keep it inside. He also granted noir a second ride and after he sat back panting he saw both kittens mewling satisfied and with slightly bulged bellies. He had them cleaning him up and then helped them to get a clean fur. They put on the coats again and he also put on his garment and weapons.

Reena and Noir were by far hornier than Starlet or Enid had been. After one hour they already snuggled up with him while running and mewled and they pulled up the backside of their coat lifting their tail and presenting their backside where he could see drops of cum tickling down from their pussies on the legs. He had the others go on slowly while he put the girls against a rock, making them lean forward a bit and took them standing from behind until their womb had two more loads each. Their bellies were now visible through the coat and they had to run to catch up with the others. After a few hours they would leave a small trial of his cum as they demanded him at least every two hours and when it was evening they presented for him again in the middle of the camp while their bellies were still clearly visible bulged. Cole moved them to the edge of the camp but there was nowhere to hide here in the middle of the mountains and so it was unavoidable that the other kids stopped by for a few minutes and watched his rutting. He needed one hour to finally satisfy them for the evening and their tights and legs were coated in cum. This night he did not sleep much. Every three hours he was woken up by one of them and he could see that they were hard in need so he filled the girl and lay down again just to be woken up by the other girl three hours later. At the next day both of them didn't even put on the coat. As the mountain was lonely and no one was around they had decided to go naked to taunt Cole all the time with their scent and the sticky backside. He told Yu and Sal to lead the group and he went at the back behind the wagon with the girls and also did not bother with putting on any clothes. He took them hourly and their bellies were now bulged out strongly all the time so that Cole was wondering if they were holding it in to show everyone that they had been bred or because they loved the feeling of being bloated. At the evening Cole tried out different positions with them and found that he should give them a bit of a punishment for teasing and demanding him all the day. He had just pumped Reena full again and rolled her on the back placing Noir over her. The big bellies bend like cushions and they groaned a bit by the sudden pressure. Then he mounted noir but this time he took her tail hole. He hammered her fast making her moan and she began to join into a deep kiss with Reena. Cole came three times until he could hear Noir groan at his last spurt. He kept up until he was ready to burst again. "You did not eat much today. I think you should feed Reena a dinner." He whispered when he started to spurt. Noir coughed and wanted to break the kiss with Reena but Cole pushed her back and the eyes of Reena opened wide when she suddenly felt a mouth full of cum entering her muzzle. Cole felt Noir's body contract around his member and heard her throw up a large load of his cum that was resting in her stomach. A small stream spurted out of her nose but from the hard and hastily gulps of Reena he knew that she fed most of it to the other girl. After the third time and when Reena also coughed because it was too much at once he allowed them to break the kiss and pulled out of Noir. He flipped the girls and started to pound Reena in her tail hole until she also fed Noir a few mouth full of cum. The girls were exhausted and Cole snuggled up with them to rest. This night he was able to sleep through until a demanding mewl and two kitten in heat woke him up the next morning. The heat was clearly declining at the third day already. They only demanded him to take them every three hours and at noon they even started to wear their coats again. When Cole took them both a last time this evening he made sure to clean them up completely and kissed them on the muzzle. Even though he was happy that the demanding girls would let him rest in the next days it had been a fun distraction of their journey and with them soon reaching their goal it was the perfect timing to get back to business. Even though the heat of them was gone and they would not present for him anymore they still sought his company and snuggled up with him at night for the next days.

A few days later they finally arrived at the hideout. The wagon was too big to pass through the tunnel and so they hid it in a cave they found near the entrance to the tunnel and loaded the luggage on the horses or took it on their backs. Cole went ahead leading them while Yu and Sal went last to make sure none of the kids got lost. When they passed the secret door the kids screamed in excitement and the adults were astonished by the big valley. Not even Nana had been here yet and so Cole was the only one of the group who had seen it before. Half way to the big rock in the middle with the cave a group approached them. It consisted of a few hybrids and a young charr. "Ruby!" Cole called out to her and the girl ran to him and jumped into his open arms. The four hybrids also huddled around Cole and snuggled their heads against him and he greeted them evenly warm while holding Ruby in his arms. She just looked like her mother Amra and she had grown a lot since he had seen her last. She was just a year younger than Yahira and Simia but already nearly their size. They guided the newcomers to the cave that still was the center of their home. Around it the area had changed a lot from Cole's first encounter with this valley. There were two big houses build of wood next to the rock. The shed still was there but it got two additional sheds of the same size next to it. The sheds were now mostly used for food storage. Cole knew that there was another house near the other exit of the Valley. There was enough room for them to live and if they needed more they could build new homes. Now they would even have more hands to build them. The first thing he did was getting rid of his sweaty traveling gear and stripping naked. This was their hideout after all and not only had he found it more natural. After seeing that all the habitants of the valley ran around naked the newcomers all put off their clothes. The hybrids and charr kids from the valley observed Jukki and the children very interested because they looked so different but soon Cole stopped them to make sure that the travelers would get a good rest.

The next day Lari and Mia came back from a hunting trip and Cole noticed directly that Lari and Silver were both in heat. Shadow was running around aroused but it seemed Lari had prevented him from taking Silver. Cole had Amra put Shadow and Luna into one room of the house so he could have some fun with the younger panther. Then he called Lari into another room together with Silver as he was about to make sure he would get his right as an alpha. He left the rest with Jukki and Amra. When Lari and Silver entered the room he directly was next to Lari sniffing the older charr fur. His member was erect from their heat and he did not wait for her to get into position. He bit her neck while standing and picked her up from behind spreading her legs. He aimed his hard rod towards her dripping entrance and let her sink on it earning a long moan from her. He went in to the hilt led by gravity and while still holding her neck bent her forward over a table. He started to push into her at a frenzy speed feeling her tight tunnel glide around him. Cole was sure that Lari let Shadow take her often but her moans signaled him that she loved to be fucked by a charr and that this had been a long time for her. After he came in her the first time together with her reaching her climax he carefully moved her into the mating position on the ground without pulling out while Silver prowled around them running her sides against Cole and waving her heat scent at him. Cole began to mate Lari slower and scratched his barbs over her insides slowly before pushing his big member back in to the hilt in the same slow motion. The snow leopard started to lick his balls and Cole had a hard time to control himself. He ever had dreamed of taking Silver and at this moment the snow leopard begged him in high need. But he decided to first finish the task with Lari and for Silver he had some additional preparations planned. Lari was by now moaning and mewling like crazy. He knew that she loved to have Shadow pin her and he was sure she had him take her during their hunt to vent her frustration but regarding the info Cole got Trellock did not mate with any of them, except Eru, in the last years. He would make it last for Lari before he would turn his attention all to Silver. Cole knew that Silver was most likely in stronger need right now but he would make up to her after he pumped Lari full of cubs. Coles member started to twitch as he was about to climax a second time. He held it on one more minute but then he exploded stronger than before and his spunk flooded her already filled womb making her moan and climax herself. Cole roamed over her stomach and felt the erect nipples and the bulge that was starting to get stronger. He knew that the bulge was already more than she would show during her pregnancy. Charr did not give a big display while they carried a child. If one would not know that a female was pregnant they would just think the female gained a bit of weight. Cole finally released her neck and moaned with her. He would fit one more load into her. He felt the energy of Lari diminish. She had a hard hunt behind her and Cole was sure that he would tire her out with one more run. "Let's make this last one exciting." He whispered into her ear and lifted her to put her on the table. He twisted her around his member that was still spurting deep inside her so that she was lying on her back. He put her legs at his shoulders and pressed them forward with him when he leaned into her to push extra deep. She just moaned and looked at him with a dazed gaze while Cole pushed in and out in this position and her knees were nearly touching her chest. The big bulged belly under him jiggled with each of his thrusts. He made her chirping and mewling in pleasure while he grunted and moaned with her from the high sensation of her hot folds. He felt himself coming close to his climax fast but she beat him to it. This position seemed to make it very pleasurable for her and so she came ahead of him squeezing his member hard. Cole felt her consciousness slowly drift away in exhaustion and wrapped his arms around her while pressing her knees against her chest. He picked her up and pulled her into a kiss while he lifted his upper body. Gravity helped him once again to slip into her as deep as possible and he came down inside her standing with the quivering female embraced in a deep kiss. His orgasm didn't want to stop as the contractions of her tunnel and the licks of Silver spurted it on. Lari first returned his kiss softly but then Cole felt her drift off to sleep and he broke the kiss. He felt the pressure in her becoming very strong and carefully pulled her off his member. A stream of cum floated down on the ground and without hesitation Silver was there directly and savored the taste. Her heat seemed to have her in unbearable need and she did every little bit that could give her a bit satisfaction and drinking his cum seemed to be one of them. He felt the head of Silver beneath his legs with her head up and her open muzzle in the stream. Cole stepped a few steps back and the flood of cum gushed all over Silvers body before she could jump out of the way. "You look sweet." He told the feral cat with a grin while he observed the cum-coated snow leopard. Her fur was damp from her head over her back to the tail. It dripped down on the ground and soaked into the fur on her sides and legs. Silver seem to not mind this. While the stream out of Lari subsided leaving only a small bulge and a dripping cunt back the snow leopard started to present for him again. In her cum-covered state this was very appealing and arousing for Cole and he carefully put Lari on the bed to finally take care of Silver.

"I need you to drink this first!" he requested from Silver and opened a vial that he prepared in advanced. He carefully poured the liquid into the open mouth of Silver and the moment she gulped it down he could see it taking effect. Her heat increased instantly and Cole smelled her heavy scent. She now started to mewl demanding and loud standing in the middle of the room, dripping cum and presenting her drenched pussy towards Cole. With her stronger scent he also was at his limits of control and without wasting a second he was atop of her, bit into her neck and pushed into her in one go. He directly started to hump her hard. The fur on his chest, belly and throat were soon soaking wet from his own cum and he could taste his cum with a mix of Lari's fluids in his mouth. Cole took Silver on a long ride, even longer than Lari before. Her inside burned hot and he felt his dick melting inside her. He came after a few pushes already and she was not much behind him. He just hammered through his own orgasm. After she climaxed she entered a whirling orgasm milking him every few seconds while he pushed in and out at frenzy speed. Silver was wonderfully tight but her hot inside and the strong lubricant of her heat made him slip in and out without any problems. She felt as tight as Luna at her first heat and Cole was sure that Trellock did not allow anyone else to mount her and she had to wait a long time for this. Her tightness was just about the same as her daughters had been. She was demanding like Whity had been back then but at the same time seemed to have the endurance of all three. After his forth orgasm he checked her belly and found it bulged nearly to the ground. When he looked into her face he found only bliss and love daze in it. Cole still wanted to go on but he was sure that the snow leopard already reached her limit of stretching. He pulled out and while the fluid flooded out of her he lined his member up with her tail hole and pushed in. He did not slow down and Silver did not object in her love daze. She just moaned while Cole filled her anal tunnel with his spunk and then switched back to the now empty pussy. After his seventh orgasm the snow leopard finally was exhausted and her legs wobbled. Cole helped her to lie down while he shot the last splashes of his cum into her. "You are a good fuck like your daughters." Cole mentioned and had her lick his member and balls clean. He looked down at the feral cat that just finished and closed her eyes to sleep. Covered in cum and in a puddle of fluids she looked like a feral whore right now. Cole still had two more shots in him and so he moved to the bed and lay behind the sleeping Lari. He pulled her tail aside and pushed his member inside her snatch from behind. Lari reacted in her sleep with a soft moan but because he went slowly she did not wake up. After he came two more times and felt sleep knock at him as well he just pushed in to the hilt to seal her and put his head on hers. With a satisfied purr he fell asleep buried deep in the older charr.

At the next morning Cole woke before the girls. He started to push into Lari and caress over her bulged belly. Silver was laying on her side and the cum partly already dried in her fur. When Cole shot his first load into Lari the female charr started to wake up. Her belly was now bulged clearly and Cole decided that he should let her empty her womb. He did not want to have the bed swim in cum and therefore shuffled around and put his feet on the floor holding Lari on his lap. Lari moaned and half asleep roamed over her own belly with her paws. Cole licked her cheeks while his last spurts entered her womb. Then his gaze fell upon the still sleeping snow leopard. He loved the view of the cum drenched cat the day before and before putting in a second thought he stood up taking Lari with him and positioned over the sleeping snow leopard. He quickly pulled out and slipped his dick at the entrance of her tail hole before pushing in again. He let her rest impaled on his dick while he felt the liquid flushing out of her very fast and her belly deflated quickly. He heard Silver sneeze under him as she had got some cum into her nose and raise to her legs still a bit shaky. Cole looked down and saw that her belly, chest and throat fur was dripping from cum and now that she stood on all four also her back, neck and hind got a fresh layer of cum over the dried one. The snow leopard did not regard her cum-coated fur though. After she had fully sneezed out what got in her nose and shaken away her sleepiness she turned around presenting to him. The liquid in addition to her natural heat had her more horny than even Whity had been when he put her on an overdose of the liquid. Cole kneeled down and put Lari on the ground. Her belly fur soaked in the cum puddle under her and Cole turned her around that she now lay in the puddle with her back and was coated all around her with cum. Then he got Silver to stand over the panting charr and moved on her back pushing inside her waiting hot snatch. He pumped into her like the day before and soon the big belly of Silver pressed against Lari's belly and both of them moaned and joined in a kiss. When Cole felt that the belly of Silver was getting too big to fit between them he pulled Silver up while spurting his last shots into her. Then he pulled out and this time gave Lari a shower of cum. He put Silver on the ground letting her rest while he pushed into Lari in missionary position and with his paws started to massage cum into her fur and over her nipples. The massage with the sticky fluid seemed to pleasure Lari a lot and she came twice around his dick before he shot another load into her. The rest of the day was a continued action of the previous day and when the heat of both subsided slowly on the third day they had a lot of dried cum massaged deep into their fur. On the last day Cole took them three times each and in between they cuddled up and purred while enjoying the close connection of their damp fur. In the evening when it became dark outside the three slipped out and went to the small sea half a mile from the house and they helped each other to wash out the dried cum of their coat. The view of this beautiful females drenched in water hat Cole aroused directly and he took both of them two more times in the water until they all laid down next to the edge of the water exhausted but cleaned. Only the slightly bulged bellies of the females and a small trail of cum at their snatch was the evidence of their actions in the last three days.

The next morning when he entered the house he saw Mia standing in front of the kneeling Amra who was licking the snatch of the bigger charr. One sniff in the air showed Cole that his sister also joined in and got in heat and Amra tried to help her though the burning itch. While Lari and Silver went off to the cave to search for the others he approached Mia from behind and then softly put his arms around her and pressed his already hard member against the base of her tail.

"Look who is in heat. My beautiful sister!" he said loud and Mia yipped in surprise and without him holding her she would have jumped. "Cole?! By the cats you scared me like hell by sneaking up behind me and suddenly grab me." She breathed heavily. "But yes, it happens to me too but Amra was so sweat to help me." She said and then moaned because Amra ran her tongue over her clit with a grin. Cole could smell the strong odor of the heat and already knew who his new mate would be. He crouched down a bit to slip his dick against her tail base. "You don't need her anymore now that I am here. I will make sure to bring you through your heat with a lot of fun and pleasure." Mia stopped moaning and pushed his arms away. "Cole! You are my brother. We can't.... Uuuuhhh...." Cole did not let her have time to react. When she pushed him away he took a step back and crouched down some more and then bit into her neck and gripped her legs pulling them up. She dangled in front of him with a moan and her legs spread and he pushed her a bit up over his rod and lined it up with her pussy. "You forgot something." He mumbled not losing his grip in her neck. "I am your Alpha!" and with these words he pushed up and moaned in unison with her from her hot and juicy pussy. It was exhausting to push her up with his arms and lower her on him again impaling her pussy on his rod but gravity had him push deep into her womb every time. She could not fight the pleasure. Her tail and arms just hung down and she moaned with each of his pushes. Amra even started to lick his balls and her clit and soon both of them came and Cole sealed the fate of his sister by putting a lot of his spunk deep into her womb. While still shooting his sperm into her he dropped to his knees and put her into mating position. Then he started to pound her again. His sister could not do anything else than moaning in pleasure and her body even started to grind against him. She seemed to have accepted him atop of her and now enjoyed him scratching her itch. Cole grinded deep into her womb and scratched his barbs along her tunnel. His sister moaned and mewled and soon she panted from exhaustion. She did not have the endurance of Lari and when he came a second time and she also reached her climax again she grew weaker with every minute. Cole was not yet satisfied. He picked her up still deep inside her vagina and carried the relaxing body into the room he spent the last three days in. There he dropped them both on the bed and started to pump inside his now sleeping sister. She moaned and her body twitched weakly around him. Cole filled her two more times and made her belly bulge big. His sister was tighter than he imagined her to be. It was clear that after giving birth she had not gotten any actions with Trellock and the last time Cole remembered he still had been in his growing phase so the girl tightened up a lot. Cole started to pump in and out slowly and hugged his sister from behind. They lay on their sides and the big belly of Mia jiggled a bit with his thrusts. When he spurted inside her Mia groaned a bit in her sleep. Her belly was stretched strongly and Cole caressed over it also exhausted now. He did not pull out or move. He just kept buried inside her and closed his eyes pulled Mia close to himself and putting his head on hers. "Good night sister. I hope you will get a lovely cub."

Mia did not raise any concerns the next days. She just moaned under Cole and her heat made her forget about the circumstances. Cole made sure to make her moan the whole time she was awake not letting her mind catch up. He never let the belly of Mia deflate much. It was clearly bulged all the time and even if he pulled out to let her empty a bit he never waited until everything flushed out but pushed in the middle of it to fill her again. He was excited by the fact that she was his own older sister and that he would breed her. Sometimes he whispered into her ear while pushing in and out and other times he just rutted her even forgetting that she was more than a female in heat he had to breed. In the future he would surely let some other male, maybe a hybrid, have a cub with Mia but the first cub of the members of the Order of the Future should be from their new alpha. Like he did with Eru this would bind them to him in love. They will follow him as father of their cubs and respect his position as the alpha.

In the next weeks both orders grew together. Cole explained the members of the order of the future about the order of peace and the other way around and he welcomed them in the new order. It took a while until they accepted Jukki as a new alpha female but the little girl showed excellent leading skills and organized the tasks and cared for all of them so that eventually all accepter her to be the leader after Cole. The kids were the first to find together and soon they played catch and other games and the children of the former order of peace were accepted by the hybrids and other children very well. One day Cole sat with his back on a tree watching Bella play with Demon and Shun, running over the grass and trying to catch each other. Bella was in her snow leopard form. She had taken a liking towards the older hybrids. Demon and Shun were already adults now and fully grown. They had been very lovely and supportive in showing the new girls around. In some distance Cole saw Cym playing with Olija. There was no one else around. When Coles gaze went back to the two hybrids and his daughter in front of him he saw that they caught her and now licked her face softly. She seemed to enjoy it and Cole looked to his side. He had a bag with a few vials with him. He did not even know why he brought them but he had an idea. It would be a year or two until the first heat for his daughter maybe but on the other side Bella had bugged him a lot about what she saw during their trip. He waved to them and called out to her. "Bella? Please come here for a moment." The girl left her friends with a gaze over her shoulder and followed her father's request now standing in front of him with a questioning gaze. Cole chuckled because she looked so cute like that and he caressed her behind her ears and bent forward to kiss her forehead and lock her face affectionately. "You asked me a lot what I was doing with Reena and Noir on our journey here, right?" he whispered. The head of the small snow leopard nodded and her eyes were sparkling in excitement. "You know it is hard to explain but do you want me to show you how good it feels?" She nodded again and mewled running her head against his hand. A bit hesitant he pulled her a bit closer so that she was now directly in front of him and he held her head in his arms. "Okay, then I will give you a lesson in mating now. You have to do everything I say sweetie, okay?" The eager girl purred and snuggled her head against his chest what Cole took as a yes. He reached out for the bag and recovered a vial. "Because you are a bit young I need you to drink this so you can experience what Reena and Noir were experiencing, okay?" Bella opened her muzzle and he carefully poured a bit of the liquid into it. He only poured a third into it because he did not want to overdose his daughter. When he put away the vial he already smelled the heat rising in Bella and the scent hit his nose hard. She twitched in his arm trying to get free. He knew from experience that she would roll around on the ground from the tingling and hot feeling inside her but he held her shoulders and kept her in place. "Just stay like this sweetie and concentrate on this feeling. What you feel now is called a heat." He felt her shutter and she mewled while his member grew to full length from her smell. He took her head with one paw and bent it down so her muzzle was facing his member and her heavy trembling nostrils picked up his strong musk. "Go ahead and suckle on it Bella." He encouraged her and pushed her head down on his hard member. He moaned and released a bit of pre-cum when he felt her hot little muzzle slide over his rod. His musk and taste had her tingle even more and he noticed that she put her tail high and took a wide stance with her hind and emitted an even stronger odor than before. He stretched his arm and probed with his paw at her soaked entrance. Then he licked off the sweet syrup and moaned from the potent taste. Demon and Shun by now had caught the scent and closed in to them. "This will hurt a bit at first dear, but it will soon feel wonderful." He prepared his daughter who could not do more than moan and slurp in response. Then he turned to Demon. "Show my daughter a wonderful time you two." He invited them and Demon did not need a second invitation. He was atop of her instantly and managed to bend enough to bite her scruff. Cole heard a mix of a muffled groan and moan from Bella followed by a gag because Demon had pushed her head down and pushed Cole's member into her throat. Cole felt her still breathing heavily through her nose so he just let her get accustomed to the new feeling. He felt her gag and clamp around the head of his dick a few times before she seemed to handle the new situation and take his tip in without gagging. Cole began to slowly push his hips up driving his member into her throat to the hilt. His daughter gagged a few times when his member got bigger in her throat but it seemed that she was not suffocating on it. He looked at her half shut eyes and saw the beginning of a love daze already. Demon on the other hand did not go slow. He pushed into her at high speed taking her on a crazy ride on her first time. Shun waited next to them anxiously with his hard member swaying under him. When Cole pulled back a bit Bella groaned from his barbs ragging her throat but she moaned soon after she got used to the feeling and it did not hurt that much anymore. "You are doing wonderful sweetheat." He whispered to Bella and he heard Demon grunt already and finally coming to a stop. He heard a muffled moan from Bella when he started to spurt into her. Demon dismounted Bella but Shun was already ready to take his place and pushed into her right away. Cole caressed the chest and belly of Bella and noticed that it was slightly bulged and her nipples were erect. He felt the tongue of Bella snake out of her muzzle and around his balls to lick them while he still pumped into her slowly. When Cole felt his climax closing in the small snow leopard in front of him twitched and he could feel that she climaxed around the still pounding Shun. The hybrid boy let out a long moan and came to a halt. Cole saw him inseminating her twitching womb and her belly grew a bit more. Combined with her heavy scent this took Cole over the edge and he pulled just enough back to rest the head of his member in her muzzle. "Drink it all up Bella." was all he could say before spurting his potent seed into her muzzle. He heard her gulp and cough. When he looked down some cum came out of her nose and it was clear that with her ragged breathing it was hard for her to gulp all down but she did her best and only a bit exited her nose and was rubbed into Cole's fur. "You did wonderful Bella. Now go along and play with the guys and let them show you a great time." He said while licking her nose and face. Shun dismounted but Cole stopped Demon from directly humping her again. He pushed Bella away from him and she trotted a few meter in a love daze before Cole allowed Demon to mount her again and she stopped by his weight suddenly dropping on her again. Cole enjoyed the view of his daughter's pussy being penetrated by the eager Demon. He saw her cunt dripping and his balls smashing against it with a wet smack each time he pushed forward. Bella only chirped and mewled in the rhythm and when Demon came in her and dismounted Shun was already ready to pound her again.

"What are they doing?" Cole was startled by the sudden sweet voice of Cym. He looked to his side and saw the girl standing next to him in her charr form. Behind her he could see Olija in her wolf form watching at the scene with dropped yaw. "They are just playing a fun game called mating Cym." He replied and chuckled at the sight of the awestruck wolf. "Can I also play this game?" Cym asked. Cole remembered that the girl tried to imitate her sister a lot. "Well, I think it is still too early for you sweetheart." He replied and saw the disappointed face of Cym. "I am not." She said in protest. "If Bella can do it I am sure I can do it as well." Cole chuckled. He knew that Cym admired her sister and tried to excel in everything the same way she did. Her protesting face was cute but he also knew that she would bug him until he would give in. He was hesitant to let her join in. It was far too early for Bella already and Cym was one year younger. They were younger than Yu and Sal had been and he was not sure if the girl would be ready for it. He scanned the protesting girl and she looked at him with big eyes. "Let's make a bet." He decided suddenly. "If you manage to deep throat me like your sister before and make me cum I will also introduce you to this game, okay?" Cole saw that Cym did not understand because they just joined them and did not see what Bella was doing before. "Turn into your feral form and come here." He told her and she transformed and approached her father. Cole revealed his fully erect penis and she looked at it surprised. "Start with licking it." He requested and the girl reluctantly licked over his flesh which made him moan in arousal. Olija changed her target from Bella to Cym and now observed her father and half-sister in their game. "You are doing well so far. To win this bet you need to slide this into your muzzle so deep that you are touching my base here with your nose and then slide back and forth until something comes out of it. And you need to drink everything that comes out." He explained and pointed at his dick. He was sure that the girl would be bewildered and stop but to his surprise Cym opened wide and pushed her small feral muzzle over his hard member. She did not even stop with it in her muzzle but pushed further in determined to take it all in her first push. He felt her gag around his member when his tip pierced through her throat but the little girl pushed further while her throat convulsed around his member. It felt strangely arousing. She started to breath fast and heavily through her nose taking in his strong musk. He started to smell a faint and sweet smell and his paw moved to her snatch scooping a bit of girl juice from it. He tasted the innocent liquid from his daughter and moaned in the intense feeling of her tight throat. When Cym pulled back he could hear her muffled groan from the pain his barbs were causing her and she coughed and gagged around his member. His baby girl felt even better around his cock than her big sister. Cole looked up to Olija and the older girl had turned into her charr form but still stared at their action with an open muzzle and a bit drooling. He could also see a faint glistering from her pussy and was sure that this show did arouse her even though she seemed not to know why.

Cym started to slowly slide his member in and out by bobbing her head in long strokes. His tip nearly retreated out of her throat before the little snow leopard pushed in to the hilt again. Cole just let her do the work and was surprised at the skill of his girl. He knew that he was about to lose his bet but he would stay to his words. He did not think about how to hold his promise because right now the pleasure was this intense that he just moaned and watched the small snow leopard giving him a deep throat. The girl gagged a few times now and then but seemed to have accustomed for him already. Cole already felt himself getting ready to burst and closed his eyes while continuing to moan. From his crotch he could hear a muffled moan and this confirmed to him that Cym was actually enjoying it to suck him off. When he felt his orgasm being inbound he opened his eyes and caressed the head of Cym. "Okay Cym. I will soon cum and you need to drink all of what is coming out, do you understand?" the girl just looked up to him and he was sure that she wanted to agree with this gaze. Then he felt himself explode deep in her throat and he held her head for a second in place to splash it deep into her throat and then slowly pulled out. When his spurting member exited her throat he could hear a muffled gargle and her breathing became ragged. She coughed around him but seemed to keep her lips sealed tight around him. Cole watched his daughter splotching his fur with his own cum through her nose. He heard her gargle and gulp in haste and three more time a big load of cum exited her nose but she did not release the seal of her lips. He could see that her muzzle was close to bursting but the girl opened her gullet and he could literarily see his cum flooding down her throat. When his last spurt entered her he pushed her head back carefully and pulled his member out of her muzzle. "You did great Cym." He praised her and caressed her head. She still had some cum in her muzzle and now showed him a sticky smile. "Let me return the favor." He asked her and turned her around so that her glistening pussy now faced him. He pulled her tail up and got a good view on her innocent pearl. She was sure aroused from sucking him off. Her cunt was dripping a few drops of fem cum and Cole pulled her rump up to lick her. She yipped in surprise and he could hear her gulp down the last load of cum in haste before he heard a long moan from her. He started to probe inside her pussy and lick her clit to pay her back for the wonderful blowjob. Her innocent smell and taste had him hard within a few seconds and he felt himself poke against her fur. Cole paid no mind to this until he felt Cym pushed herself a bit up with her front legs and a lick over his hard member. Cole moaned but did not bother to check. His little girl seemed to have found a liking on his dick and while moaning he made sure to eat her out good. He put her legs on his shoulders to have an easier effect. This also made it easier for her to lick his member as she now did not have to put so much afford into pushing herself up. Cole moaned in surprise when he suddenly felt her muzzle slide over his cock and suckling on the tip. He was so surprised that he let go of her legs and the girl slid down until her nose poked between his furry balls. He felt her gag a few times and grabbed her quickly to pull her up but then he noticed that the gagging was stopping and she started to lick around his member while he was deeper in her throat than before. He could also feel her hot breath on his balls and from the girl juice that now rushed into her pussy she seemed to be aroused by his strong musk and maybe even the fact that she deep throated him again. Instead of pulling her up he just held her lower body so she would not topple over and started to push his tongue into her pussy again. He could hear a muffled moan from her and a tightening around his member as he scrubbed over her clit and maidenhead. He also licked over her tail base and pushed his tongue into her tail hole noticing that the girl was very sensitive there as well. Cole felt himself getting close to explode again but he held it in. He wanted to make his baby girl climax before and after a few minutes he finally felt her spasm and a mumble from her muzzle that he interpreted as a muffled mewl. Then he let go himself and he felt the splashes flushing into her throat strong. He did not pull her up but just shot it into her digestion tunnel so it would go directly into her belly. After licking her twitching pussy a few times he moved a bit lower and licked over her belly and the small erect dugs. He could hear the gargle of her stomach when it opened its dam for the strong flood of cum pushing upwards. When he felt his spurts die down he pulled his girl up letting her breath freely. He put her down at the side to have her catch her breath. The girl looked a bit exhausted but at the same time she seemed to have enjoyed the ride as much as he did. "Come here Olija!" he reached out to the other girl that now snapped out of her daze and hesitantly came closer. "Can you lay down here on your back?" he asked her and she did what he requested but seemed to not understand why he did this. Cole smelled her faint innocent scent and saw her pussy drip girl cum. She must have liked the show. He positioned the charr girl with her knees upright and then he turned around to Cym. The snow leopard girl already recovered for most parts and looked at him with a big sticky smile. "I want you to crouch down here and lick your half-sister's pussy, okay?" he asked her and helped Cym to get into the right position where the legs of Olija would block her shoulders. The girl already started to lick and made her older half-sister moan in pleasure. Cole went to his bag and got the vial that he used for Bella before. Then he approached the girls and mounted Cym without a word. His hard member already parted her slick folds and drew a moan from the snow leopard. He felt himself touch her maidenhead and opened the vial. "I need both of you drink half of this." He explained and then poured half of the remaining content into the open muzzle of Cym who gulped it down fast and Olija who took her time until she let it advance to her stomach. Cole could hear the sudden moan of both girls and feel the pussy around his tip twitching and gripping. He put away the vial, bent forward and locked Olija in a kiss while he pushed forward hard and broke through the hymen of Cym. His hard push had him pass her twitching cervix before the pain had the girl lock up and clench around him. The tightness of the girl was unbelievable and he was sure he did not have any girl this tight before. He was only able to move a few millimeter at a time buried deep into her womb pushing hard against the walls of it. His balls were swaying and touching the wet clit sometimes but he was not able to hilt inside his daughter. He moaned into the muzzle of Olija who moaned back in her heat increased pleasure. Even though he could not move inside of Cym he did fast but small movements pulling the girl back and forth with him and making his balls smack against her pussy. Her clenching nearly hurt but his pleasure blocked it for him. He heard a muffled groan from her now and then. While Cym groaned Olija moaned into his muzzle and suckled on his tongue. Cole broke the kiss and licked her throat and chest. His tongue caressed her erect dugs while his paws caressed the head of Cym to comfort her a bit. He felt his balls tightening and getting ready to spurt and he stopped his movements and just let the tight walls rest around his member. He felt her girl cum running along the part of his shaft that was still outside, over his balls and then drop down on the ground. Her groan stopped and she just breathed heavily while Cole continued to lick the dugs of Olija. He moved one of his paws to the chest of Cym and played with her hard teats. He could hear her moan in pleasure and her tunnel clenched again but this time in pleasure. She seemed to have accustomed to his size and when his dick was milked he exploded inside her tiny chamber. His paw roamed over her belly and he could feel his spurts enter her and bulging her out a bit soon. The rush of cum and her heat made her moan and a minute later he felt a small orgasm going through her body milking him again. This motion of her inside was enough to keep him hard inside her while he spurted his last load of cum for this climax into her.

"Change into your wolf form." He ordered Olija while he sat back taking Cym with him. He lay down on his back placing the snow leopard that was still impaled on his dick on his belly. "You are doing a great job Cym." He told her but the girl was so absorbed by the pleasure and pain that she just moaned and groaned in response. Cole picked up the scent of heat and noticed that Olija turned into her wolf form and now stood next to him presenting her canine pussy to him. "Come here and stand over me. You can join Cym in a kiss." He invited her to step over him. He pulled Olija into a wide stance so that her pussy was right above him and pushed his tongue up to her maidenhood into her snatch. At the same time he started to slowly push into Cym and the moans of Olija and groans from the snow leopard were silenced when they joined in a kiss. With the scent and taste of Olija's heat he soon felt himself close to the next climax again and this time he did not hold back. He spurted while continuing to push inside her and he managed to make Olija climax as well right afterwards which awarded him with a load of fresh heated girl cum. Cole roamed over the belly of Cym while continuing to push into her and eat out Olija. He noticed that her belly was strongly bulged and from the looks of it she was at her limit like Starlet had been a few weeks back. He stopped his movements but her tight seal and the heat scent around him had him approach a new climax after ten minutes nonetheless. He had tried to pull out but his barbs and the strongly clenched tight tunnel of Cym prevented that. He heard her groan and knew that she broke the kiss with Olija. He made Olija step off him and returned into a sitting position. His dick now had room because the little womb was stretching and so he slipped in to the hilt. This direction seemed to work despite the tight tunnel but when he tried to pull out he noticed that his barbs locked him inside and if Cym did not relax he would have to hurt her to get free. Olija mewled demanding and presented to him and he let her sit down and showed her how to masturbate herself so he could concentrate of getting his younger daughter free. He bent down and licked her face and then placed a kiss on her muzzle. "I am sorry dear but I am stuck. As long as you do not relax I will not be able to pull out." He explained her but the small girl did not seem to relax any time soon. "Olija help her and lick her here." He requested and pointed at the clit of Cym. Olija followed his request and started to lick not only her clit but also his balls and base. Cole moaned and wasn't sure if this was a good idea but it felt too good to make her stop. His member was tightly squeezed by Cym while the tongue of Olija massaged his balls and he felt his climax already approaching. Cym started to relax a bit but not enough yet to pull out and then Cole was unable to hold in anymore. He spurted hard into her. This third climax also was the strongest and Cole could feel with the paw on her belly how it stretched. The pressure inside her nearly pushed his cum back into his shaft. The groans of Cym turned into a painful mewl and then she started to cry. Cole saw tears flowing down her eyes while she whimpered and mewled in agony. All Cole could do was licking her face and placing soft kisses on her muzzle. Cym held on for half of his orgasm but then fainted from the pain of her stretching womb. Cole was afraid she would be hurt and tried to pull out but she still was too tight. When his spurts ended he felt the pressure being too much for the seal and a bit of cum found its way past the cervix and coating the tunnel. He belly felt like an overfilled balloon and Cole tried to pull out again. He was able to go bit by bit but only very slowly. She relaxed more now but he still pulled carefully because his barbs now dug deep into her tunnel. With all the pain she was in and the fact that she already did faint it did not hurt her that much. It took Cole two minutes to finally be past her cervix and being able to pull her up carefully and scratch her love tunnel raw. The tightness and friction of him pulling out bit by bit had him aroused and close to his next climax and when he started spurting again he finally only had his head in her. Cum flooded around his dick already onto the face of Olija who savored the taste. Cole just pulled the snow leopard up and held her over the head of Olija while cum splashed over her head and neck and even her back. When Cole looked down after this cum flood subsided she was drenched in his cum from head to toe. Only her tail was not cum covered but even her hind legs and the tail base was dripping in cum now. This reminded him of the look of Silver a few days back and it aroused him greatly. His member still spurted semen over her head and while holding Cym with one arm he used his other paw to lift the head of Olija and push his spurting dick into her muzzle. While he filled her mouth with his spunk he started to clean up Cym. The girl panted in her sleep and was totally worn out. Cole knew that this had been too much for her but he also knew that there had been nothing he could have done to get free earlier without hurting her even more. He softly licked her pussy and even pushed his tongue a bit inside. He could taste a bit blood and flesh from her sore inside. Now that she emptied and the pain slowly subsided she even moaned a bit from his tongue in her sleep and her face showed a small satisfied smile. He cleaned her face as well before placing her under the tree on a patch of moss. She curled up and started to purr in her sleep. Cole's member slipped out of Olija's muzzle but he was not spurting anymore and was half limb now.

Cole took a look towards Bella and the boys and found them still pounding. The girl looked pretty exhausted by now but her legs still held on and her mewls were still clearly noticeable. She seemed to be accustomed to their big rods now as they slipped in and out easily and she only moaned in pleasure. She hadn't been able to move from her spot and still was standing where Demon first mounted her. Cole could see her delicate pussy stretch from behind to make room for the big rod of Shun who was currently atop of her. The view of his oldest daughter being fucked by the hybrids and the heavy scent of Olija had his member twitch again and when he looked down the wolf had turned around and presented for him and his member was at full length again. Without thinking a second time he was atop of her and blocked her shoulders with his arms. She yipped and groaned when he pushed in hard and pierced through her cervix and he bend down to join her in a kiss. It was lucky that they were still so small so he could bend his head down to face them like he did with Yu and Sal back then. He moaned in her muzzle while he felt a few teardrops fall into the fur on his yaw. He enjoyed the second time he was pushing into a wolf but Olija was far tighter than her mother had been back then. Cole tasted his own cum in the muzzle and on the lips of Olija while he started to push in and out of the tight wolf. It took him a minute to finally breach her cervix as he did not push as hard as before with Cym. Olija had growled and groaned when he pulled back the first few times but now she was only moaning. Cole heard Shun dismounting in front of him and a strong moan that showed that Demon instantly took his place. Cole as well felt his climax nearing but Olija beat him to it and came first. He spurted half a minute later into her twitching womb and filled it with his spunk until it was slightly bulged. He pushed through his climax and established a good pace. He broke the kiss and looked at the couple in front of him while he mated his young female wolf at the same time. Olija just moaned and huffed and let her tongue dangle out while her climax never died down completely. Cole came two more times without any change but at the end of his fourth climax he heard an uncomfortable groan below him. He came to a halt hilted inside her and looked down. The face of Olija showed a bit of discomfort and he could see her belly below that bulging over half the distance to the ground. Her eyes showed a bit of a love daze and Cole bent his head back and licked her nose. "You did great." He praised her and slowly started to pull back and push in again. She emitted a mix of moans and groans but as Cole felt that she was tight enough to seal the fluid right now but not as tight as Cym he knew that he could pull free any time he wanted. When he came a fifth time she groaned from his first spurt and when he saw her tears flowing out of her eyes he quickly pulled out and let her womb empty. He pushed into her tail hole while the stream of cum splashed against his sack and then on the ground. She groaned again at the first ten pushes and pulls but soon her anal canal was coated in his cum and he slipped in and out easily and earned only moans from her. She finally came down with a strong orgasm when he spurted the last of his load into her tail hole. When he pulled out the wolf dropped into the puddle of fluids and Cole smiled at this sight. He was too exhausted to clean her up as she was completely soaked in fluids now but he moved her to a dry spot before he picked up Cym carefully and softly pierced her tail hole. He only pushed in a few inches until he felt it was becoming too tight. She groaned once and then moaned in her sleep and did not wake up. Cole let her rest on his belly and watched Shun and Demon taking Bella. Bella finally also was out of energy and after Demon dismounted her she sank down on the ground. Shun was however eager to continue and just rolled her around and crouched low to penetrate her while she was lying on her back. Cole watched Shun and Demon taking the weakly moaning Bella once each in this position before the girl was totally worn out and they were satisfied. They let her rest on her side with a stream of cum snaking through the grass starting at her pussy and Cole saw that they lay down next to her and kept watch. His member twitched and a small climax pushed a bit of seed into the tail hole of Cym when he watched cum leaking out of his oldest daughter snatch. With his dying down spurts he closed his eyes caressing the belly of Cym and then let his body and mind rest as well.

In the next days Cole looked for the others when the girls were sleeping to not raise suspicion. He told them that the girls were under the care of Shun and Demon. He had made clear that Shun and Demon were allowed to mate with Bella but not with the other girls and he knew that they would not break this rule. He took Cym and Olija whenever they were awake but they did not have as much stamina as Bella even though both of them kept presenting to him when they found out that this was how to demand him to take them. The oldest girl gained more endurance with each day moaning under the males without even having to present for them. When Cole smelled that their heat was declining he took Bella himself a few times and she was as wonderful as Bahija had been when she conceived the girl. When their mind was cleared from the heat he explained them that they would not be able to transform as long as they would be pregnant.

The next week went by in a flash and Cole cared a lot for all the members of his order. He helped with the training of the children and went hunting with a few hybrids. Luna and silver were already showing first signs of pregnancy and Cole also found that Enid had a slightly bulged belly. Then the day came when Yu came back from her check at the nearby village and brought back Bahija, Cyrene, Elena, Ariana and Arem. Cole was happy they arrived and that nothing happened to them during their journey. He introduced them to Amra, Lari and Mia. At the evening he led Bahija and Cyrene a bit away from the others who were talking and getting to know each other. He took only Shadow with him. They knew what was up when he opened one of the vials and gave it to them. "We will not have any problem raising a few more here." He mentioned and they looked at each other and then downed half of the liquid each. Both moaned when the liquid took effect and he could already smell their heat. A look down confirmed him that Shadow also picked up the odor and seemed very excited. "May I ask you to take your feral form Bahija?" he requested from her and she just smirked. She knew that he preferred her in this form. Bahija did this favor for him and turned into her feral form. Cole was not sure if she really wanted to be stuck in her feral form but on the other side she was used to it. Cole licked her slick pussy while Cyrene tried to vent her need by masturbating hard. Shadow already was nervous and ran up and down not risk taking a move before Cole would allow it. He saw Bahija close her eyes in pleasure and soon she came into his face. She kept her eyes closed and enjoyed her afterglow while Cole picked Cyrene up and closed his arms around her. She lifted her legs by herself and he felt himself poke at her pussy. With a strong push he entered her and also pulled her into a deep kiss. Cyrene moaned into his muzzle while he leaned against a tree and started to push into her standing. She bounced up and down his big rod. Cole now gave Shadow a sign with his hand and allowed him to claim Bahija. Bahija moaned when he bit her neck and pushed into her. She probably still thought it was him and just mewled and moaned with her eyes closed in bliss while Cole watched the show in front of him and pushed into Cyrene in her norn form. She was as tight as he had her in memory and he made her squirm and moan from his big rod pushing inside her womb and then pulling back until he came and made her belly bulge a bit. He waited until his last spurt entered her now twitching pussy before he pulled out and had her crouch down on all fours behind her sister. It was either the movement in front of her or that she did smell a bit of the strong musk of Shadow or the heat of Bahija but Cyrene looked in front of her when Cole mounted her again and pushed into her womb. He earned a surprised yipp when Cyrene noticed that a feral beast was pushing into her sister and just came inside her. His sacks dangled just a few centimeters in front of her and Cole was sure that she was able to smell his musk. At this moment her own climax started and she moaned while Cole felt her clamp around his dick. Shadow tried to pull out but hit the nose of Cyrene and looked back in surprise. "Just go on Shadow." Cole encouraged him and then he whispered to Cyrene: "Don't you want to help him by licking his balls?" To his surprise Cyrene did really start to lick the balls of Shadow who moaned again and pushed back into Bahija. In the face of Cyrene Cole could see the beginning of a love daze. She seemed to be extreme sensitive at this moment and Cole started to pump again at the same time Shadow did. Cole heard Bahija come down with a powerful orgasm and soon after Shadow joined in. Cyrene also climaxed before Cole reached his own second climax. The smell and taste of Shadows balls seemed to arouse her in addition. Cole and Shadow did not stop this evening before they had tired out their females. Cyrene was the first to get wobbling legs and Cole pulled her back to sit against a tree buried deep inside her bulging belly and together they watched her sister getting humped by Shadow. "She seems to enjoy it very much." Cole whispered and Cyrene only emitted a soft moan. Her eyes were already starting to close while her pussy still twitched in her orgasm around his member milking the last spurts out of it. Shadow came to a halt atop Bahija again and Cole saw his balls contracting to spurt more of his spunk into her. Her belly was now clearly bulging and her legs seemed also to wobble as she was very tired herself. Shadow rode out his orgasm before he pulled back and left her pussy. A small river of cum gushed out of her and Shadow moved next to her and licked her softly. This was the first time Bahija looked over her shoulder and Cole could see her surprise. In her exhausted state she toppled over to the side and stayed lying on her side while cum still dripped out of her. Her gaze also showed that her mind was clouded by the pleasure and when Shadow moved his nether region over her head and started to clean her nether lips she also licked over his member and cleaned her lover. Cole saw him lay down behind her and put his head over her neck. Cole was sure that Shadow was very happy right now as he never had been allowed to take Silver but right now he finally also got his own snow leopard... almost.

If the heat corrupted her mind or if she just learned the pleasure Shadow could bring Cole did not know but Bahija presented for Shadow the next three days and had him atop of her nearly all the time when she was awake. The big panther was happy to help her through her heat and Cole had his own work to do by filling Cyrene. When they got back to the others after the three days the belly of Bahija was clearly bulged from cum and Shadow did not leave her side even now that her heat had diminished. Cyrene also had a slightly bulged belly but Cole was sure that the others did not need these indicators to know what they had been doing. They had been away for three days after all and they all knew him. Their kids welcomed Cyrene and Bahija back and Cyrene asked "Why are they running around just in their feral form?" - "Well, they can't change right now." Whispered Cole and nodded at the gaze of Cyrene. He crouched down and picked up Olija. "How are you feeling my dear?" he asked his daughter and she rubbed her head against his and howled softly. Arem and Ariana were in a heated discussion with Yu, Sal and Amra. Cole smiled to them when they sat down next to the others. Ariana had become a beauty and Arem a strong and handsome man. They still looked very similar except for the clear differences.

A few weeks later a new change came upon their valley. One morning unexpected visitors came through the secret gate and Cole was surprised to see Eru, Inia and Wyan. He welcomed them all with a soft kiss but he looked at the tribune with a wondering gaze. "What happened Eru? Why are you all here?" - "We got out just in time before we would be the target of the assassins. Luckily Inia got the information before they raided our quarters and was able to warn us. It was shortly after you left that they searched for any connections of Trellock. It seems that someone in the blood legion is the one giving the commands and they want to take over the power in the Black Citadel." Cole was a bit shocked that his alpha just barely seemed to have escaped death. "But you are all okay, right?" he asked to ensure himself that they were not insured. "Yes, just a bit exhausted from the journey." Eru replied and Cole sighed in relieve and hugged his alpha. "Then I am glad that you are here and safe. It will be a big blow for the Black Citadel that their best tribune left them but for now let us not worry about the Black Citadel. We can think about this after we settled down." To be honest Cole had not much attachment to the Black Citadel but he also did not hate them. Sure he was angry at whoever targeted his girls and killed Trellock but he knew that this was possibly just one or a few charr in high powers who played their cards. If they would stay at low profile they would surely be able to walk within the Black Citadel without danger in one or two years when everything calmed down.

This evening they all sat together and Cole introduced them to each other. He explained that the orders would now unite and that Jukki and Eru would be both alphas of same ranking. He had Eru sit in front of him and caressed her slightly bulged belly. This cub had been the beginning of his reign over the order of future and led to them all being safe here now. He just hugged Eru and purred into her ear while listening to the chatter of the girls. They all got along quite well. When everyone lay down to sleep Cole cuddle up with Eru from behind and pushed into her snatch which earned him a moan. He just did small movements while he closed his eyes and purred in unison with Eru until both came and he splashed his semen into her already fertilized womb. With his dick buried deep inside her he closed his eyes and went off to sleep. The next day Cole decided to hold a big feast for the official unison of their orders and have them become one family. He pondered a bit before finally deciding on an even which would bind them together and form a strong bond. He prepared everything in the big cave for the ritual to come and did not tell anyone but Jukki and Eru about his plans. When dusk closed in he had all assemble around the cave and he had ten females stand by in the middle. He lined them up with the order: Jukki, Ruby, Wyan, Amra, Nana, Inia, Elena, Ariana, Yu and Sal The small girl Ruby was very excited because she was the center of attention together with the other nine. Cole revealed five veils of liquid and together with Eru he poured half a vial into the mouth of every female in the line. The older females moaned while Ruby chirped in high pitch because this feeling was totally new for her and overwhelmed her. He had them all go into mating position and it took him a minute to explain the heat crazed Ruby what he wanted from her. Then he went around and assigned males to the females who would directly step behind their females in heat and start to lick them. For Ruby he assigned Jarod. The asura charr was a bit bigger than his mother but the smallest of the males. For Wyan he assigned Lokar and he was in his charr form right now. Amra, Nana and Elena got the charr human males Enderu, Andru and Jun. For Ariana he assigned Shadow and Shun and Demon positioned behind Yu and Sal and went to work already. Cole got behind Jukki and supervised Jarod as the boy was inexperienced and it was the first time for Ruby as well. Cole had them lick their females to orgasm and when they were swimming in pleasure he went around and had their partners mate them.

Cole already came in Jukki once when he turned to Ruby and Jarod. The boy just managed to make Ruby cum and she was chirping and lifting her tail for him. Cole knew that for the next step it would be best to bite down on the neck of Ruby but the size difference was too big and he knew Jarod would not be able to mount her and bite down. So he helped the boy and moved in front of Ruby to prevent her from jumping away. He caressed her head and slipped his slick member into her muzzle before holding her shoulders stead and gave the signal to Jarod to go for it. Jukki was next to him and supervised him to go slowly and Cole heard a muffled groan from his daughter when Jarod entered the first time. The first insertion was slow and Jarod moaned in pleasure. He managed to control himself for the next two pushes and a groan of Ruby verified that he broke her hymen but then the boy just gave in to his instinct and pleasure and started to hump her at a fast pace. Because his dick was very like a charr one just a bit smaller he scratched her insides with his barbs earning groans from the young charr that were muffled by the dick of Cole that was still in her muzzle. When Jarod came the first time Ruby was still far from her second orgasm but she at least started to moan now. Cole pulled out of her muzzle and left the pair to Jukki who tried to explain Jarod how to pleasure his partner more. The boy was already rutting again directly after his climax died down.

When Cole came to Wyan he stepped next to his son and whispered something into his ear. With a grin the boy stepped a meter back and transformed into a bear before he approached Wyan again. In his bear form he was bigger than Wyan already and he had no problem with biting down carefully and hilting inside her in one go. The old charr yipped in surprise over the heavy weight on her back and the big intrusion but directly started to moan from his strokes. Cole ruffled the head of the bear as he went crazy and pushed into Wyan with a high pace.

Nana and Amra already showed Anru and Enderu the ropes and the boys were pushing into them and moaned in unison. Elena seemed a bit more hesitant and when Cole came to them he showed Jun how to mate her. Soon he also happily pushed into Elena and made her moan in pleasure. Cole stood a while in front of Elena and let her lick his balls before he moved on. Shun and Demon didn't need any instructions. They already had Yu and Sal pinned and mated them at a decent pace but Shadow seemed to be puzzled on how to bite down on Arianna. Cole showed him how to mount her without biting down but just locking her shoulders with his head and soon the feral cat rutted the human woman fast and made her moan and chirp.

Cole watched the show of them all mate and reminded them that they were not to stop until morning. Then he returned to Jukki and did his best to have her filled as much as the others. When Jukki was exhausted Cole switched to Eru and had her satisfy his lust while he observed his boys humping the females they were assigned to. The males did not leave the side of their females for the next three days and while Cole left it to the rest who was not involved to get food he took his alpha females all day long until the heat of all females finally subsided. Even after their heat the eager boys urged the girls to give them a ride once or twice until they finally completely refused and got their rest. Ruby and Jarod had become inseparable and they were together from this day on all the time. Ruby also seemed to have found a liking in sexual topics as Cole saw her giving Jarod a blow job or even letting him take her every now and then.

From this day on the new order was prospering and when the time came all cubs were born healthy. In the following years the population in the valley grew and it was normal to see cross breeds between races or with feral animals now. They finally had to populate the second valley they found a while back as well and Cole made sure that all youngsters were training in combat or magic depending on their natural talent. Years after rumors about a mysterious army that sometimes appeared on battles of one of the big races when they were at the edge of being defeated spread through the land. No one knew who they were and they always were hidden in long coats and cloth all around their body. The rumors told about different species fighting in the group as well as strange beasts that no one saw before and they were always victorious before vanishing as fast as they appeared. Cole did not bother with politics and he did never try to claim any power in the Black Citadel but he protected his family and their relatives. May they be norn, charr, asura or human. The mysterious army never revealed its true intend or origin and even after Cole died many, many years later the valley still was a place of one big happy family where the four big races lived together. But this is another story to be told and does not concern the order of the future anymore.

The only thing left to note is that even if the outcome was different from the vision of Trellock his order really did change the future. And even if the order of the future and the order of peace ended at this day in the cave where Cole did the final unification ritual the spirit of both orders lived on forever.


The Order of Future: Special 7 – Mounting up

## Special 7 - Mounting up The birth of a bear hybrid cub had been very exhausting and painful for Amra. It was much bigger than the cubs she bare before and even if there was only one Amra remembered the birth as a very painful experience. It took...

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The Order of Future: Special 6 – A heavy surprise

## Special 6 - A heavy surprise Amra watched the three wolf hybrid pups playing. They were just born one month ago and Amra already recovered from giving birth to them. They looked like a wolf with a head that was mix of a charr and a wolf. The muzzle...

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The Order of Future: Special 5 – Challenge the Pack

## Special 5 - Challenge the Pack A year had passed since the first visit of Cole in the new hideout of the order of the future. He just had been here until a month ago looking for their litter Ruby, a very energetic little charr girl. He also visited...

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