World of Chaos: Chapter 11

Story by HowlingNightWolf on SoFurry

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#11 of World of Chaos

This story contains scenes of violence and sexual interactions, often times between creatures of different species. If this offends you, or you are not of legal age, than you should not be reading this story. Otherwise, as always, enjoy, and let me know what you think!


Quite the tale was told of the elvish princess and her unlikely saviors. A gnoll and an orc. Now, much like me and Aklys, these two were honored guests.

A strange company, it seemed, as we traveled northeast, far beyond the city of Drifa.

It was somewhat amazing how much more comfortable the road was when in a caravan of wagons, staying in tents, with hot food, served nightly. A halfling could get use to this.

The gnoll was up and walking again within a week. He was still watched with suspicion, but given free reign of the camp. Despite this, he seemed to keep to himself. I was impressed with how quickly a fresh, new doeskin tunic was made for him, embossed with that same graceful elvish spiral I'd come to expect in their decor.

On the road to Rainhaven, I had managed to find the gnoll one night alone. He appeared deep in thought, staring off into nothing.

"Sir Rekkdyr?" I asked, approaching him.

"No sir, my lady, I'm not a knight." he said, eyes meeting mine.

"No lady, I'm not a noble." I joked poorly, coming up to him.

"Fair enough, what can I help you with?" He asked. It was only a bit unnerving to see this monster of a humanoid, jaws easily large enough to snap me in half, talking so eloquently, with the undeniable hint of a human accent.

"I'm sure you've heard. I seek my brother. You saw no signs of any halflings in the arena, did you?" I asked.

He closed his eyes, a pained look crossing his face. His injuries were well mended now, so I suspected the pain was not physical.

"I'm sorry, my lady, I saw none of your kin while imprisoned." He replied, eyes opening to meet mine again.

"I'm sorry if I brought up painful memories. Thank you for your time." I said, turning to leave.

"Hey! Let me know if any word reaches you of his whereabouts?" He asked.

I nodded, a faint grin on my face.

It was about three weeks before we finally came to the city of Rainhaven, a beautiful city resting in a small mountain valley amongst the trees and lakes of the Sutvalds.

I had heard talk of the city's beauty, but never before had I witnessed it for myself.

We were all ushered to a beautiful palace, carved from white stone, spiraling towers and turrets reaching skyward.

A grand feast was to be held, all honored guests were to attend, even the orc woman, Skempta.

Through all of the festivities, I grew more and more worried. I could sense that same worry in Aklys, despite all the merriment around us. Camden was still missing.


Much had happened in such a short time. We had gone from enslaved gladiators to honored guests. Our accommodations were incredible, and despite the occasional wary glance or hushed whisper, we were treated well.

I found myself in a beautiful new elvishcrafted tunic of soft doeskin leather. I almost felt like my bestial side washed away as I donned the garment for the first time.

Now, I found myself in a large chamber in rainhaven, one wall open to the sky, a large balcony reaching out to overlook the valley below.

Vailadriel was an elvish princess. I couldn't quite get over that. She never mentioned anything of the sort, and while she behaved with grace and beauty, I had never seen much else from her kin.

Furthermore, she had kissed me. A bestial gnoll, blood and gore dripping from face and claws. I had just brutally killed my foe. The fear in her eyes as I turned on her.

I shook my head, clearing the thoughts from my mind. The door to my chamber opened.

"Excuse me, Lord Rekkdyr, Lady Vailadriel is here." the elf, Ivaylis stated.

She was an elvish guard personally charged with my safety while I walked in the city of Rainhaven. Perhaps it was just a front, and she was there to keep an eye on the gnoll to ensure he didn't try anything. I couldn't decide. Still, it felt strange, always being accompanied by an escort.

I stood up immediately, ensuring my fur was not matted, and my tunic remained unwrinkled.

"Please, send her in." I said, standing as straight as my hunched gnoll back would allow.

The door swung wide, and Vail entered, accompanied by four of the royal guard.

"My lady." I bowed, "What honor your presence brings me."

She was wearing a gown of pure white, her arms and shoulders bare, save for a thin strap that swept up from the gowns front to clasp about her neck. Her skin bore none of the dirt and grime I'd grown accustomed to, but was as white and smooth as cream. Her silky brown hair fell about her shoulders, intricate braids woven throughout.

Her full height brought her only to about my mid chest.

My heart raced as she smiled.

"Rekkdyr, the honor is all mine. I've come to ask for your accompaniment. We have a gift for you." she said, stepping forward and reaching her hand out.

I could see the guards tense, but made no move to intervene when I accepted her arm, being escorted from my chambers.

We walked the corridors of the elvish palace, eyes staring at the princess and her bestial companion.

I ignored them, however, trying hard not to silence my thundering heart. I was certain everyone could hear it's pounding.

"How has your accommodations been?" She asked, looking up at me as we walked.

"More than sufficient, my lady. Your kin have been too kind." I replied, taking a deep breath.

"That's good." she smiled, coming to a stop in front of a large oaken door.

One of the guards pulled it open, revealing a beautifully decorated room, plush seating and a roaring fireplace. Lord Livillios, the Lord of Summer, stood by the fire, a large cloth draped over what appeared to be a statue beside him.

"Uncle, as you asked, here is Rekkdyr." Vail said, entering the room. One of the guards motioned for me to follow.

"Ah, Rekkdyr! The noble gnoll." he said, grinning as he held out a hand. I took it in the warriors greeting, gripping forearm to forearm.

"Your deeds in that damned arena have become somewhat of a legend here." He grinned warmly.

"Thank you, my lord, you do me much honor." I said, bowing.

"You underestimate just how much we care for our Vailadriel." He stated.

"She tells me your sword was sundered in defense of her life." he said, pulling a long oak box from the mantle of the fireplace behind him.

"Therefore, I had this commissioned for you." He said turning to present it to me.

I froze, glancing at the beautifully carved parcel.

"Go on, then! Open it!" he laughed.

"My lord, you--" I began.

"None of that! You are deserving of honor. You did what many of the most stalwart knights would fail, and for that, We are eternally in your debt." He interrupted.

I fell silent, slowly opening the box, revealing a beautifully crafted bastard sword.

"Go on, take it." he smiled.

I pulled the sheathed weapon from the box, slowly drawing it from it's scabbard.

It was absolutely stunning, the edge as sharp as a razor, it's balance better than any other I'd ever seen.

Elvish script gracefully ran along the blade.

"Silvernight, the light in the shadows. Few blades can match it's edge, few armors can resist it." he said. I stared in awe at the beautiful leaf-bladed bastard sword, grip wrapped in fine leathers and stitched perfectly.

"Thank you, my lord!" I said examining the amazing weapon.

"There's more." He said, grinning. Turning to the cloth-covered mass beside him. He pulled the drape free, revealing an armor stand bearing a beautiful silver breastplate and matching pauldrons.

"This mithril breastplate is designed to be agile and quick, not restricting it's wearers movements." he stated.

"This is too much, my lord! Such an armor is befitting nobility!" I said.

"Perhaps. That is why we are asking you to have it. What else are you going to wear at your knighting ceremony?"

At that, I stared blankly at the elf.

"The council has decided that your actions have proven you're more than worthy of the title of Knight of Rainhaven. Furthermore, we shall require no oath of fealty, as you have fulfilled any oath we could have asked of you already."

I took a deep breath. "My lord, never have I been honored so." I stated, trying to keep the emotional quiver from my voice.

He smiled.

"You shall always have a place in Rainhaven, Rekkdyr."

"Vail, would you do the honor of escorting our guest back to his chambers? Ivaylis, could you ensure his new armor is brought along?"


Istas and I approached the waiting wolves, each eyeing me suspiciously.

"Istas, what is the meaning of this? Bringing an outsider to our den-site?" Haeko growled, leaping down from a large boulder.

"Check your eyes, Haeko, this is Aatu! Your brother!" She replied.

Haeko's eyes widened, and he glared at me.

"Impossible. Aatu is dead." He barked.

"Fool, look at his eyes. How many wolves have you seen with white and black eyes?" Istas snapped.

Recognition came to his face. There was no relief, however.

"Aatu. Our long lost brother. You stink of human, and bear their signs. Where have you been!" He growled, accusingly.

"Haeko, I was taken by slavers, the same ones, I suspect, that have been causing you great troubles." I replied, stepping forward.

"You led them here!" He growled, stepping forward threateningly, a low growl rumbling from his throat.

"That's not true. I managed to escape when another captive opened my cage. I immediately set off to return home." I stated, voice calm.

"And, what, you expect to be welcomed back with open arms? Your entire adult life has been spent in solitude. I doubt you are capable of pack life." he growled. "Besides, how can I trust you are truly who you say? Perhaps there is some magic here. You smell different, and you wear a symbol of humans." he growled, eyeing my feather totem that hung from my fur.

"Brother, I am who I say I am. I am Aatu, born one of seven to the she wolf Eluniss. My brothers and sister surviving into adulthood were Haeko, Istas, Melrakki, and Cadno." I stated.

"Your human mark?" he growled.

"A gift from the man who saved me. He was a druid from the circle of Autumn, near Drifa." I replied, eyes locking with his. He grew angry at the unintended challenge. I quickly lowered my gaze, realizing my mistake.

"So, you admit your allegiance with man!" He roared.

"I would never have made it home without his aid! He was unlike any man our father had spoken of." I replied, lowering my gaze. I'd grown accustomed to Fornvarr's body language, such as nodding and head shaking. I had forgotten how much certain eye contact could threaten my kin.

"Haeko." Orlo said, standing wearily. The old wolf had been watching our exchange.

He rose on shaky legs, making his way over to us slowly.

"The druids are a different breed from their common kin." he stated, eyeing me as he approached. "They are wise, and act not with greed or malice, but seek kinship with all natural creatures."

"How do you know, old wolf?" Haeko snapped.

"Because, we once knew a great druid, who saw our pack through truly trying times." he replied.

"Welcome home, Aatu. I remember you when you were but a tiny pup! How you've grown into a powerful wolf." he gave me a wolfish grin.

"Orlo." I nodded, returning his smile.

"It appears the rest of the pack has already made their decision." Haeko barked. "Very well. You may remain with us, but you will currently take the rank of omega, until I can see your true intentions." He said, eyeing me fiercely.

With that, he turned, storming off.

Istas brushed up beside me.

"He's worried. Don't mind him. The pack now has only three breeding age wolves, and they are all siblings." she said, silver eyes meeting mine.

"I hadn't known it had grown so bad here." I said.

"Those human have been ravaging our kind, taking pelts and pups, for who knows what." Orlo said.

"Not just our own. Men, elves, orcs. Even bear and beast." I told them.

"I'm not sure our pack will survive to the winter." Istas said at length.

My heart, which had just been full of joy at seeing my homeland, had already sunken lower than it had been in a long time.

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