Examining Spark

Story by LEVIATHAN White Dragon on SoFurry

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#5 of Commissions from Draconicon: Spark The Police Husky

Another wicked AWESOME story by draconicon

Being woken up with a hose was something Spark was unfortunately getting used to, but the high pressure water still sent him flying to the other side of his cell. He sputtered and spun around, struggling to get his feet under him and to protect his more sensitive parts from the water blast. It didn't completely work; he managed the latter, but only because he held his hands over his balls and his crotch as the water slammed against his back.

It took them a full minute to stop, and then they reached in, pulling him to his feet and locking his hands behind his back. The husky was barely able to get his feet under him when the police officers started leading him out of the cells towards the labs at the back of the station. With water running down his back and leaving puddles with every step, he looked towards the only one of them not wearing a hazmat suit.

"What's going on?"

"The docs want to take a look at you. Figure out what's going wrong?"


"Well, you're not a police dog the way that you should be. Something's really fucking wrong with you."

I think you're talking to the wrong person, Spark thought, but he didn't dare say that out loud. The police were bad enough without being incited to further violence, and he could already feel a few bruises forming along his back after all the water pressure. Better not to get them tempted to bring out the batons and everything else.

They walked through the main desk area, where the police officers and detectives on duty sneered at him, and passed by a cluster of cells. The bikers that he'd roomed with a few nights ago had already finished their transformation, having become poodles with leather vests and boots. The rest of their bodies were completely bare, and they had gone from thugs to...well, if they were ladies, they would have been of the night. They kept flashing their bodies at passing cops, who hurried on with grunts of disgust.

Then again, those same cops grabbed and groped his ass as he walked by, so he didn't know what their standards were. Maybe they only liked fucking those that they saw as more...he didn't know, lower than them?

It didn't matter. He couldn't do anything to fight back, even when one cop rubbed a baton against his hole and pushed the first few inches in. His escort laughed at the event, and he could only blush as he was violated. It only came out when the doors to the lab opened and he was forced to walk off of the damn thing, otherwise he was pretty sure that the cop would have found a reason to shove the whole thing up his ass.

A number of doctors in lab coats, with vials, syringes, and who knew what else were gathered around one of those standing tables. The hazmat team led him to it, and then strapped him down. His wrists and ankles were held down by leather straps, while his chest and thighs were pinned down with metal bars that arched around the metal table. Even his neck was fitted with one of those, keeping him from struggling or moving more than a few inches in any direction.

When he was securely pinned, the hazmat team pulled away, leaving just the doctors to attend to him. And just his luck, one of them was the tormentor that had been there since the very start of his time as a dog. The human grinned as he leaned down, tapping his finger against the metal collar around Spark's neck.

"Look who's here. We finally get to work on figuring out where we went wrong with you."

"Please. Just...just change me back. I don't want this."

"That's impossible. No, no, you can still be useful. But first, we need to figure out where things went wrong, so things don't get slowed down by another SCREW-UP!" The human shouted the last at his assistants, who bowed their heads. "After all, you are a good start. Flawed, but a good start."

"But -"

"Now shut up, be a good dog, and hold still while we get some samples out of you."

"But -"

The human shoved a rubber ball into the husky's mouth, and his protest was muffled as efficiently as one could imagine. Spark could only watch as the needles and the assistants approached, and he shuddered as he imagined what they'd do.

Their prodding and poking began, pushing at different parts of his arms and legs. Sometimes, they just drew a little blood, sometimes they drew a great deal more. They shaved his thighs, pulling hair samples off, and the only time that they took the gag out of his mouth was so that they could get a saliva sample. He was tempted to bite someone, to try and start another transformation to freak them out, get a little revenge, but he was too scared of the consequences.

Whatever they needed the samples for, they evidently needed a lot of them. He saw hair, bits of skin, blood, drool, and more go into their collection bags, and he had no idea what they were going to find. Some of the blood went into a spinning machine, while other samples went under the microscopes then and there.

But that wasn't the worst of it. His tormentor and another one of the lab doctors were talking to each other, arguing over who should collect the next sample. From the way that they were talking, and just what they were pointing at, Spark had a pretty good idea of what they were wanting, but he hoped he was wrong.

Soon, they stopped talking, and the other doctor pulled on two pairs of latex gloves. When he reached down, rubbing his fingers over the husky's sheath, Spark's fears were confirmed, and he blushed as he shook his head from side to side. Taking advantage of the lack of his gag, he spoke up.

"No, no, you don't...you don't need that."

"It's the main transformative liquid you have," the new doctor said. "We need a sample of this to make sure -"

"But I transformed that biker with my spit!"

"You - what?!"

"I licked one of their cocks, and their feet, and they started to change."

"And it wasn't from...from just you spilling seed on them?"

Spark shook his head. The scientist pulled back immediately, shouting at the top of his lungs.

"Who handled his gag?!"

One of the younger assistants at a microscope started to raise his hand, then screamed. Spark could make out white fur growing on his hand, and winced; there was someone else that was going to be thrown into a cell.

Sure enough, the hazmat team was called, and the rapidly transforming man was pulled out of the room. He had a muzzle, and his boots were splitting under the growth of his new paws as he was dragged out of sight, but the effect lingered around the room. Everyone, including the man in charge, was at a loss.

Then the one that had been about to 'stimulate' him slammed his hands down on one of the other exam tables.

"Damn it, I told you we shouldn't have done this! It's a mutable virus. That means it changes! We can't control this."

"Charles -"

"No, this is stupid! Do you know what we've unleashed? The only way that we're going to be able to contain it is to purge all the subjects. If they keep mutating, then they're going to make a whole race of themselves, and what do you think is going to happen to any human in their way? We have to -"


Spark stared as Charles' diatribe was stopped in its track, the white-coated doctor looking down at a spreading red mark in his chest. It flowered with more red as he collapsed, bleeding on the floor. The other doctors stared at the shooter, and so did Spark. He knew this guy was insane, but to kill someone in the police department...

The doctor holstered his gun.

"We have created one of them. The virus can be tamed, and will be. All we need to do is find out where we went wrong, and we'll have all the enforcers that we could ever need."

"You're insane!"

They all turned to him at that point. Spark shook his head, blushing as they stared at him, but he spoke up again.

"You...you can't do this! You're crazy. And you should be locked up!"

"So should you, dog, but we're still studying you. Now -"

"I'm calling the rest of the police. He's right, you're crazy."

One of the doctors walked to the door, only to be interrupted by another bullet. The crazy one had his gun in one hand, but more dangerously, he had a cup of white goo in the other. Spark and the rest of the doctors stared at that, before one of them broke the silence.

"Where...you can't -"

"I told you. This will continue. And when I'm done, we won't need the police. We won't need you. All we'll need are the things we've made. Obedient, useful, and enforcing the laws the way that none of you can.

"We'll start with you."

And with that, he threw the goo - Spark's seed - through the air. It splattered over the assembled doctors and assistants, and the transformation began. As they screamed and tried to wipe the stuff off, their fur began to grow, and their faces distorted with the start of muzzles, even beaks in a few cases. The crazy man ignored it, turning around to face Spark again, and held up the cup.

"You are my only weapon right now. And right now, I need you to give me another sample."

"I...I can't!"

"Then I'll take it."

A pair of blunted rods - usually used as an electrical exam on body parts - were shoved under his tail. The husky arched his back as much as his restraints allowed, howling as he was milked to 'reload' the mad scientist.

How could this get any worse?!

The End

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