Rex and Connor (Part 1: A Wet Surprise)

Story by DireWulfAlpha on SoFurry

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#1 of Rex and Connor

I'm baaaaack! I intend for this to be a three-part mini-series. Hope you all enjoy it, and stay tuned for the next part. Who knows what these two will get up to ;3

"...And don't forget to mow the lawn! And water my plants!"

"Alright, Mom, I got it!" "For the fifth time," Connor thought.

With a slam of the door from downstairs, his parents were finally out of the house and the eighteen-year-old Arctic Fox was left alone. Not a moment too soon in Connor's eyes - he rarely, if ever, got time away from his parents when he wasn't in school. He loved them and all, but he needed his own space, too.

Actually, this was the first time he could remember having the house to himself for such a long period of time. His dad would sometimes have to take a trip out of town for work, but now both of his parents were leaving for the whole weekend. One of their mutual friends was getting married in a different state, and they were treating it as a mini-vacation; flying out Friday night, and not coming home until Monday night, so Connor himself couldn't afford to go without missing a day of school. His mother had, obviously, been freaking out a little bit, not fully trusting Connor to get done everything she wanted him to as well as keep the house standing until Monday. Thankfully, the sound of a car pulling out of the driveway signaled an end to all of that, and hopefully at least forty-eight hours of relaxation. Some homework, too, but that could wait until Sunday. School was the last thing Connor wanted to think about at the moment.

"Just you and me for a while, buddy," Connor said as he passed Rex, the family's pet feral husky, on the way to the kitchen. Rex panted in agreement and padded after him, probably intent on getting some of whatever food he had planned on making for dinner. Rex had been at Connor's heels since his parents had gotten him as a pup three years ago, and the two lounged together on the couch after Connor made himself a sandwich. Right now, the fox was content to spend way too much of his night watching Netflix and browsing the Internet on his phone. Tomorrow, he had plans with his tiger friend from school, Ethan - they were going to catch the new Marvel movie at the theater and then hang out at Connor's - but tonight was for lounging around.

Eventually, Netflix reruns got boring, and while it wasn't terribly late by Connor's own standards, he _was_tired from being in school all day. If there was one thing about graduating High School in a month that he was looking forward to, it was hopefully never getting up at six-thirty in the morning again, at least for a few years in college if he was able to get a good enough class schedule.

Yawning and idly scratching the back of his white-furred neck, Connor made his way up the stairs after making sure all the lights and electronics were off downstairs, making his way to the bathroom. It had been a long day and he was looking forward to washing off any residual stress from the school week with a nice, hot shower. Rex padded along behind him and decided to race the fox up the stairs, nearly knocking him over. At the top, he just sat there proudly, tongue lolling out as if to say, "I win again!"

"Heh, okay buddy, you got me," Connor acknowledged with a pat to Rex's head as he passed the dog. Rex gave him a quick lick on the paw in return, and the fox made his way into the bathroom at the top of the stairs, stripping off his shirt as he entered and shutting the door behind him. Rex could hopefully deal with having fifteen minutes apart, Connor thought with a chuckle.

Hot showers made Connor feel all kinds of nice. Since it was nighttime and he had nowhere to be besides his bed, the fox was free to take his time, lingering and letting the hot water flow over his body long after he was done cleaning his slender frame. A thorough toweling when he was done left his fur poofy. Once the mirror un-fogged, Connor admired himself in it, enjoying how pristine his white fur looked after a good scrubbing. After brushing his teeth, smoothing his fur somewhat (especially on his ever-unruly tail), and putting on his boxers again, he decided there was nothing left to do but flop into bed.

Of course, being a horny teenaged canine, Connor only laid down in the darkness of his room for a few minutes, tossing and turning, before his mind wandered to something and he felt a slight stirring in his sheath. Jerking off had become an almost daily occurrence for the arctic fox in recent months. Who could blame him? After all, it was a good release of stress after a long day at school, and it wasn't like he was getting any... the fox was still a virgin, something he was hoping to remedy during his freshman year at college in a few months. He wasn't the most outgoing fur in his school to put it nicely, the whole issue of his sexuality notwithstanding. Only a few of his closest friends knew he was gay (Ethan the tiger among them), but they were all straight. Hell, Connor thought he might be the only gay fur in the whole damn school besides the two or three overly effeminate furs who were DEFINITELY not his type.

"Ah well," he thought, "Nothing next year's change of scenery won't be able to help." _ For now, he had more _pressing issues at hand. Specifically, a certain hard, red issue pressing into his mattress through his extremely tented boxer shorts.

The fox threw his covers off him and hopped out of bed, his boxer-tent bouncing once freed from being pressed against the bed. His tail swishing excitedly behind him, he made his way over to his desk and grabbed his laptop, turning it on, unplugging it from the wall and carrying it over to his bed where he set it down on the side. He might as well be comfortable while taking care of his business, he supposed as he tugged down his own boxers and stepped out of them, exposing his package and bare rump to the air. He gave himself a quick fondle, noting that his sac seemed a bit heavier than usual, if only because he hadn't had time to... "relieve" himself in two days.

His laptop booted up, Connor crawled back onto his bed and laid down on his left side, using his left paw to find certain naughty folders he kept on his laptop while his right paw gave his crotch some more teasing strokes and grabs. More and more of his cock had slid out of his white-furred sheath, and he took the opportunity to pull it past his knot while he clicked from picture to picture of male furs of all kinds of species engaging in various lewd acts. His meat fully exposed, Connor let out an "...ohhhhh," and a series of gasps as he gave himself a few full strokes. His left paw had found a particularly hot image, one of Connor's favorites - a buck getting his cock licked by a saber-tooth tiger while the tiger shoved two fingers in the buck's tailhole, and right next to it, an image of the tiger pounding the buck hard. His right hand sped up and he moaned as he liked, knowing no one else was home. God, what he'd give to be that buck, fucked by a real dominant male...

Connor let his mind escape into that fantasy, where he was in the buck's position, pumping up and down his now-dripping member all the while, until-


"What the FUCK? REX!? Bad dog!"

Lost in bliss, the fox recoiled in horror and scooted back on his bed defensively as he was greeted by the site of his faithful husky with his muzzle buried in his crotch. He hadn't closed his door all the way, knowing no one else was home besides he and the dog, and had apparently gotten too lost in bliss to notice when Rex had padded softly into the room, probably drawn by the sounds and scent of what was occurring. After an initial sniff of curiosity, the dog had unabashedly licked across his balls and paw. His tongue would have worked right up the fox's shaft if he hadn't been in the way!

Connor sat up, naked and still hard, shocked at what had just occurred - er, ALMOST occurred. Nothing bad had happened yet, he told himself, trying to calm down.

Rex just moved his paws off the side of the bed and sat on the floor, cocking his head to one side and giving a confused "Rrrrmm?" before going back to panting happily.

Well, Connor couldn't very well finish now with Rex watching him, he imagined. Yet when he looked down, his angry red tool looking back at him, he was reminded of how much he desperately needed to finish. "Poor Rex will just have to wait outside," he thought, preparing to get out of bed.

Or did he?

A dirty thought flashed across Connor's mind at that moment. He had heard of furs having sex with ferals before. He had browsed enough porn to see sites dedicated to it, even if it was still frowned upon by the greater part of society. He had to admit, a few of the images had turned him on, but he had never thought he would ever do anything with a feral. It was so unlikely to even get that kind of opportunity that it wasn't even worth considering! Now, it seemed the opportunity was actually presenting itself, and a single thought through the fox's head was enough for his mind to engage itself in a tough moral battle.

"What if I let Rex keep going?"

His companion was still there, just over the side of the bed. He had damn near given the fox an impromptu blowjob, and he would have if Connor's hand wasn't in the way. Even so, Connor couldn't deny that for the fraction of a second the dog tongue had caressed his fuzzy sac, it had felt intense. That same tongue had been less than an inch from fox meat, and Connor realized with a blush that he was really, REALLY curious to find out how that would have felt.

Fuck it.

If he didn't try it now, Connor knew he would likely always have that burning curiosity at the back of his head. How would it have felt? Would he have liked it? Was he into ferals? He didn't even have a blowjob from a fellow fur to compare it to. To say he was anxious to get a muzzle or tongue around his dick would have been the understatement of the century. If it happened to be a feral dog - his dog - would it really be that bad?

The arctic fox's heartbeat raised a good twenty paces as he slid his naked body towards the end of the bed. Rex was big enough now that all Connor would need to do would be to sit on the side of his bed with his legs spread to give the dog access to his most intimate regions. He had to admit, Rex was a handsome pup. His white muzzle and underside stood at a sharp contrast to his grey fur, and he had the cutest sky blue eyes which were currently locked right on Connor's own brown pair. With a final gulp, Connor took the last step and spread his legs over the side of the bed for Rex, looking away as he did it; he couldn't lock eyes with Rex any longer for some reason, though he eventually settled on his still-open laptop. Maybe porn would keep his mind off the taboo act he was about to indulge in.

Rex, meanwhile, just seemed excited. It was as if he discovered a new toy, but had it immediately taken away and was left wondering where it went. Now, the sight and scent of Connor's arousal were back in the open and Rex panted and hurried back to the side of the bed, sniffing around the fox's balls and thighs.

"oooOOHHhh Rex... good boy..."

The sniffing turned to licking before long and Connor couldn't contain his moans of pleasure. To have a tongue playing with his sac for the first time... wow. He couldn't even be sure if Rex knew exactly what he was doing, but his eager lapping was driving the fox crazy. His six-inch member stood proudly at attention, harder than Connor could ever remember it being with knot fully engorged.

He wanted Rex to lick THAT.

To give Rex a clue as to what he wanted him to do, as well as grant him better access, he used his paw to angle his cock down slightly so it wasn't sticking straight up. His pup didn't waste any time upon having the dripping tool come closer to his muzzle. Connor shuddered in pleasure as Rex delivered a lick from the base of his member past his thick knot and all the way up to the tapered tip. Precum leaked from his member continuously before his dog licked it up greedily. Rex was seriously going to town on him; that wide, rough dog-tongue slobbered up and down his shaft, teasing the tip, encircling the knot, and lapping hungrily at any drippings.

Before more than a couple minutes, Connor was getting close. The thought of what he was having his dog do to him was turning him on to no end. He hesitated a look down, and the sight of Rex giving his dick an eager tongue bath had to be one of the sexiest things he had ever seen, he decided. He panted uncontrollably as the hot wetness continued washing over his nether regions and pushed him closer and closer to climax.

"Ffffff.. oh f-fuck, Rex... you're gonna make me cum, boy..."

A couple more licks to that pulsating member and an especially strong slurp to his red-hot knot were all it took. Connor shut his eyes tightly and his claws dug into his sheets as the first blast erupted from his tip, shooting out far past Rex into the darkness.

"...FUCK!" was all he could yell as the orgasm hit his body harder than any he could remember. The second blast caught Rex right as he was licking up the shaft again, that rough tongue making his fox dick jump and shoot out more cum, some of it actually getting in Rex's muzzle this time. Dribbles of cum landed on the tip of his nose and Rex licked up any more that spilled out of Connor's tip like it was the best thing he had ever tasted. Connor was a shivering mess the whole time, clutching at his sheets so hard he was afraid he might tear them as he rode out the best orgasm he had ever had from his first muzzle-job.

After he was done spurting and dribbling into Rex's waiting maw, the dog seemed to know that he had gotten his reward. Connor opened his eyes to find his pup licking at his lips to get any seed that had missed his muzzle, even licking up to his pink nose to slurp up some stray drops. Connor was impressed at how much he had shot, and the fact that it had all been because of his own pet was surreal.

"Good boy, Rex. Heh, you're a real good boy," he said as he reached down between his legs to give the husky some affectionate scritches between the ears. He closed his laptop and set it on the floor next to Rex and his discarded boxers, too exhausted after the whole ordeal to bother walking to the other side of the room. Pulling up his sheets and feeling the soft comfort of his pillow underneath his head, the fox knew sleep would overtake him shortly. Only one thought accompanied him as he started to drift off:

"Maybe tomorrow Rex and I will have even more fun..."

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