The Serpent and the Gryphon

Story by Cheetahs on SoFurry

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Ilyniel the Eastern Dragoness patrols her territory on a bright and ordinary day. Things become slightly less normal when she returns to her favorite cave to find it inhabited by a strange, half-feline half bird creature. Spurred by curiosity and excitement, Ilyniel explores her new companion, only to discover she was pestered by the terrible affliction every female had to go through at certain points in their lives: heat. With her instincts flared by this delightful mixture of scents, Ilyniel relieves the gryphon off her troubles. After all, what better way is there to make a friend than giving them a wet, throughout licking?


Firi soared, higher and higher, until the harsh winds battered her ruffled feathers. The forest below turned thicker and smaller with each flap of her wings. From up here, it bore the shape of a fish, brazed by valleys, punctured by clearings, and marred by a gully that ran underneath her. A muffled cry burst from below, followed by eerie silence. A hunt?

Firi flapped harder and faster, until sleet pelted her body and twirling vapors surrounded her form. She lidded her eyes against its sting and pressed on. She counted up to thirty heartbeats, then dove towards the warmer, more favorable currents. Whoever claimed that prey's life wouldn't have spotted her through the layer of clouds.

She banked left towards the mountain range and spread her wings for a steady glide. She circled a clearing several times before breaking into a sharp dive. As soon as her talons found the purchase of grass, she dashed down the slope and into the cave she spotted from above. Its narrow, jagged mouth raked at her wings and sides. Firi bit back her irritation and wriggled through the gloomy darkness. At least the tunnel expanded enough to allow a steady shuffle.

She took the only available turn to the left and settled onto her belly, a few feet away from the slivers of light penetrating the surrounding darkness.

Was this territory claimed as well? And if so, by what sort of beast? Both gryphons and dragons competed for the forests sprawling at the base of the mountains, yet Firi encountered none while scouting. A warm shudder rippled through her frame, bristling her feathers and drawing an inquisitive squawk from her.

One flier must have claimed it. The question was which.

Ilyniel slithered between the canopies. She preferred the menace of a brawny branch over the tranquility of the sky when she got overly lazy. Twisting this way and that, she moved around the branches like a ribbon of sun. She was sleek and lithe enough to squeeze herself through, and graceful to slide between the branches without as much as a scratch. Almost. Growling, she greeted a tree, then another before she emerged from the forest with a roar. From above, it looked like an organized mass of green, a heavy contrast to the chaos she encountered below.

Snorting her irritation, Ilyniel took another dive. She wasn't about to let some unmovable lumps of wood get the better of her. She flared wind energy. A shocking warmth traversed her scales then burst outwards, blasting the weakened leaves from the trees. The same branches that nipped her snout now fled or broke before her like waves against rocks. It was an empowering feeling, one that satisfied her after her first Awakening. Ilyniel calmed the raging storm and unleashed a burst of regenerating salve, mending every damage. She didn't want to leave the poor critters without a suitable home. Besides, she liked her trees, as thick-rooted as they were. By the time she emerged back into the sky, her scales were as dirty as any dragon had the right to be.

She needed a good bath, and the waterfall nestled in the heart of her favorite mountain was the best. Ilyniel flew quickly, pushing her serpentine form into an amalgamation of dances and shapes. Her head swam, tail felt stiff, and limbs trembled once she found purchase on a rocky ledge. Ilyniel dropped on her side. Nothing felt better than a lounge in the sun after a thorough flight.

...Or the suave scent of a foreign predator. Ilyniel's nostrils flared, taking in more of that strange scent. It was too close to belong to one of the forest's denizens. Licking her maw, Ilyniel rose on her fours, claws clenching with excitement. So few fliers wandered around her den recently, preferring to stick to their own, drab habitats.

"But not you," the dragoness rumbled happily. She took to the air again, circling the mountain until the scent led her to the occupied cave. She plummeted towards the ground, collapsing with yowl under the heavy strain of her unceremonious landing. When shock dispersed from her limbs and stars left her vision, she could finally catch a glimpse of her invader.

It was a bird. One big, feathery, stationary bird.

"You're a bird," Ilyniel stated the obvious. "I knew I smelled feathers when I entered this cave!" Her fluffy tail curled around a front leg, warming the dragoness' neck as she lowered her head with predatory anticipation. She was interested in this unreasonably big buzzard, and there was no way she was letting it escape

Firi's breath caught in her throat as a rich, suave voice slithered past the cavern's entrance. A bird? Feathers? Firi bristled at the words. A predator! Bigger, stronger, confident. She took a whiff to catch its scent, but only stale, moldy air crept into her nostrils. She sneezed due to its pungent touch, loud enough to produce an echo. The predator outside saw her, but now it definitely heard her.

Firi's feet sprawled in every direction in her rush to flee. She wobbled, scratched with all of her feet at the slippery floor for purchase. One hind paw slipped. She lurched forward, fell flat onto her belly, scrambled to her feet, and crashed on her side at the first stride she took. Behind, the dapples of light shifted and twirled. Then darkness.

The predator was making its way inside the cave!

Firi trudged across the slick floor, using her paws and tail to maneuver through the narrow corridor. The more she advanced, the more squat it became, until the sharpened stalactites above nudged at her wings. She stopped to take a deep, shuddering breath. Wiggle through and be trapped, or charge at the foreign predator and take it by surprise. Her beak clattered due to nerves, and her heart thundered in her chest as she shifted. Sharp, rocky protrusions bit into her hide and wings, but pain only registered a dozen heartbeats later.

Once she crawled back into the wider parts of the cavern, Firi got to her feet, tucked her beak tight against her chest and broke into a maladroit stride to the mouth of the cave.

Ilyniel growled. The bird was getting away from her! She crouched, poking her head into the cavern's inner passage. It was dark, smelly, and probably full of slime. Flicking her tail impatiently, she snorted a gust of flames before settling on her belly. When cornered, prey had no choice but to lash out at its captor.

"You'll come to me, little bird. Yes you will."

Minutes passed slowly. Bored, ilyniel splayed on her side. The buzzard surely took its time. She ran a few hunting scenarios in her mind before one thought made her hind paws clench. She never mated a bird before! Blinking, Ilyniel craned her neck to gaze upon her serpentine body. Her scales shone like motes of gold in the sunlight. She licked along her belly until her tongue met the smaller scales surrounding her slit. The dragoness' tongue retracted back, allowing her nostrils to take in all the lingering scents. She was still half a moon away from the peak of her heat, but her sensitive muscles clenched even when her warm breath tickled the sensitive scales. Ilyniel flicked her tongue out and ran it quickly over the snout-sized crevice. Her frame shuddered and all her paws clenched under rippling, stimulating shivers.

"Grrowr!" she licked her snout before dipping in for another taste. She thrust and clenched around her own tongue, urging it deeper into her moist vent. Ilynien pushed nose to her twitching slit, then lapped at her folds, feeling that delightful warmth coarse through her shivering muscles. A muffled growl escaped her-

Then vanished as a peculiar sound distracted her. In an instant, she whirled her neck around, starting into the depths of the hungering cavern. Still pitch, impenetrable darkness. Her fire could chase it away, and then what? Eat roasted chicken? No, that was much too drab.

A click drew her attention. Then another. Ilyniel scrambled on her fours so quick she met the ground again. When the ground steadied under her limbs, she waited in a crouch, drawing loops with her unreasonably long tail.

"Faster, little bird. I promise not to harm you, but I may consider plucking a few feathers if you keep me waiting," Ilyniel said, her voice shimmering with the burden of arousal. Wicked thunders! She was tempted to fly back to the forest and find a branch to thrust into, if only to cure this ravaging affliction.

Movement stirred inside the cave. Ilyniel wanted to wait, but curiosity and impatience got the better of her. Leaping forth, she dove into that dark, slimy cave to pounce her prey. Sort of. Her paws went in all directions when she touched the treacherous ground, and Ilyniel met the cold stone with an unceremonious growl.

Firi dashed, skidded across the slick rocks, lurched forward, and evened out with a flap of her wings once space permitted. She raised her head from her chest just in time to notice something big, glistening and scaly covering the exit. A shriek burst from her beak as her claws gripped nothing but rock. She faltered, and the momentum carried her straight into that coiled, muscled mass. Her feet tangled within the pile of paws, a wing caught against the thin, fluffy tip of a tail. Firi flapped her other wing to adjust her balance, then met something hard that blocked her wing.

She fell onto her side and screeched as she tried to wriggle her way out from underneath this great serpent, but her paws and talons slipped as soon as she put weight onto them. Her wing trapped under its bulk. All Firi could do was fall limp and curl into a ball, her talons ready to lash out once this predator revealed its head. Its scaled hide glistened with draconic durability. Ivory spikes ran along her back, concealed by thick, soggy fluff. One of them poked at her haunch, its tip sharp enough to draw blood. Firi muffled her whimper of pain. If this predator knew just how defenseless she was, her life was forfeit.

Something stirred, and Firi clacked her beak menacingly. She tapped into the only sliver of magic she had--wind, and exhaled it around herself. Gusts of wind whooshed and whistled through the cavernous depths as her magic condensed the air into an ephemeral pocket the size of a grain of sand.

Scratch its sensitive snout, or blast her under the chin. Either worked for the necessary distraction that would allow her to slip away.

This time, prey found its way into Ilyniel's grasp. The dragoness had yet to make sense of her tangled body when a force slammed right into her belly. Growling, she lashed with her paws, trapping the creature within a firm grip.

"Caught you!" she growled her victory, nuzzling into the buzzard's neck. She was warm and feathery, as expected, but there was a lot more to this strange bird. Her wings were uncommonly large, and Ilyniel saw an extension swishing under a wing. A tail? She pushed her snout forth to investigate, only to be stopped by a sudden clack. She turned to face the buzzard, fangs hidden under her twitching lips. Her restless tongue wanted to lick, not remain caged within a toothy prison.

"Pecking me would be most unwise, dear feather," she drew back to allow more room and lessen the intimidating pose. "I vow not to hurt you, unless you strike first." She licked her snout with a quick swipe of tongue. "However, I would advise against that. You have such an exquisite plumage, and it would be most shameful to damage it!"

Without waiting a reply, she drove her snout under a luxurious wing. There was definitely a strong body hiding under those feathers. Ilyniel felt around the creature's anatomy until she met a muscular flank. A quadruped? With feathers? This was exciting! Flicking her restless tongue, she tasted fur and feathers alike, losing herself in the thrill of exploration and the soft, joyful growl leaving her throat.

Firi's spell fizzled. Paws and claws appeared out of nowhere and latched onto her haunches and forelegs.

Then, it spoke. This oversized, maned serpent with legs actually spoke. Firi didn't respond to its ramblings. Whatever this particular predator wanted involved exploration, the gentle sort. Her elongated snout darted under her wing, drawing a screech from Firi as its slimy tongue slid along her side. She squirmed inside the serpent's tight clutch, yet her slender digits coiled harder around her limbs. Without any way to fight back, Firi splayed her wings in submission, rose a hind paw towards the sky, and exposed the white and black of her belly.

"You are unnecessarily loud, dear bird. Just allow me to-" Ilyniel's words trailed off as the avian's pose relaxed. All her limbs became stiff, aside from her amber eyes. She blinked quickly, no doubt startled in this helpless, captive position. Ilyniel stared upon her belly, admiring the intricate spots marring the white, fluffy fur. She was a strange creature, this bird, but she was warm. So warm.

Exhaling softly, Ilyniel pushed her snout into that fluffy belly. She rubbed her nostrils softly along the silky fur, taking in the creature's scent. She had a soft, earthly tinge about her, mixing with the soft flagrance of something else. Parting her maw, Ilyniel allowed her moist tongue to slide out. She pushed the tip against the creature's flesh, trailing between her muscular flanks until it met her sex. Ilyniel lingered briefly between her lips, poking her tip slightly deeper to catch a good taste.

Pushing back, she swirled her tongue inside her closed maw, analyzing the suave aroma. "You're fertile. And young, by the taste of it," she nuzzled into her neck feathers, making use of her lubricated tongue to calm the creature. Several licks after, she touched her beak with the soft scales between her nostrils, whispering softly. "I don't know what brought you to my mountain, but you will linger for a while. You can resume your quest for a mate or whatever you were doing after this fair serpent indulges her curiosity."

Ilyniel liked to refer herself as such, even if she had very few things in common with those dirty, slithering simpletons. She continued sniffing the creature, poking and licking the pads of one of her hind legs. They were so squishy and warm, and soft unlike her own, scaled paws. She slid the tip of her tongue inside and between the toes, tickling the poor bird to the point of madness.

Firi blinked hard and fast, just like her breath. Her heart pounded in her chest when the serpent's emerald eyes fixated on her, the slits wide amidst the surrounding darkness. Even in this gloom, her scales had a certain beauty to them. Her teeth, however, did not. Her nostrils flared, and her lips twitched and parted for a brief moment to reveal rows of sharp, snow white fangs. Firi cooed in submission at that and uncoiled her tail from her lower belly when the serpent's snout pushed against her.

She squeaked and shuddered against her foreign touch. Her limbs jerked, her talons flexed, and she swept her tail at the intruding head. She let out an apologetic whine when an eye fixated on her and shifted onto her side to accommodate the slithering snout. Warm gusts of air battered her sensitive fur, until Firi chirped and shivered from the tickles. Fortunately, the serpent didn't notice that. She traced lower, and lower, until Firi froze.

The serpent's tongue lashed out. It dashed across her haunch and slid across her slit. Firi quivered, and her paws kicked at the air as a fiery jolt ran through her frame. It ruffled her feathers, stiffened her muscles, and drew a deep caw from her throat. It overwhelmed her senses, and Firi squeezed around the fleshy tongue for a curt moment before a stinging pressure welled within her lower belly. Her hindquarters bucked at that, and against her will, she sprayed.

The serpent drew back at that, away from her twitching, itching folds. Firi wrapped her tail around its slender neck and kicked at her chin softly, urging her to do what she just did before.

Too late. Her snout already inched closer to her. Firi averted her gaze and shut her eyes, only to chirp as a moist surface brushed against her neck. She swerved her head towards the serpent, and her beak met its snout. It bore her own subtle scent, along with the serpent's prickly sweetness. Definitely female, one that most definitely knew she was in heat after tasting Firi's slimy slit.

Firi had questions of her own, but only a squeak left her beak when something brushed against her paw. Firi jerked, pulled it away, even tried to tuck it under a wing, but the serpent allowed none of that. Her tongue coiled around her foot and slit across her pads with soft, wet, tantalizing strokes. Firi's feathers stood on end, and a drawn-out screech left her beak as tingling ripples washed through her. Being covered by no fur or feathers, her pads were the only erogenous and sensitive parts of her body apart from her nether depths. Firi's lust flared, and a glob of clear liquescence fled her trembling depths to trickle across her rump.

The creature's eagle-like screech tugged at Ilyniel's attention, but she didn't allow herself to be distracted by it. Curling her lithe tongue around the flaring toes, she squeezed softly, prolonging the bird's blissful song. Ilyniel knew lust when she smelled it. This poor feather had such an enticing taste, it was a wonder how males didn't get inside her shivering slit yet.

Hissing softly, Ilyniel released the captive paw, cleaning it with another broad lick. "My, I didn't know they are so sensitive!" the serpent said, lowering her snout towards the wet patch of fur below her tail. A quick clench was all it took for fluids to push out of the bird's glistening depths. The drops tasted freedom briefly, shooting a claw's length into the air before falling back, dripping between clamps of wet fur.

It all looked...delicious! Ilyniel's nostrils flared. She took the mesmerizing scent deep into her sensitive nostrils, analyzing it. Yes. She was rather close to that bothersome heat. With no snout to caress and long, wicked claws, the poor creature probably had no means to even relieve herself from that terrible urge. She had to stick to rubs or dreams to bring her what a tongue or a male could not.

Purring softly, Ilyniel flicked her tongue out. A drop of saliva fell from her tip, wetting the bird's trembling slit. A needy caw left her throat, and her tail slapped backwards, failing to reach her blooming lips. Ilyniel waited no longer. With a slow, deliberate caress, she washed her tongue over the wet, puffy lips. Her tip sailed over the slick flesh, then briefly sank into the wetter depths. Warm slime bathed her tongue, and the restless flesh trembled under her touch. Ilyniel flicked her tongue back, testing her findings. The bird had a slightly bittersweet taste, diluting into sweet flagrance the deeper she pierced. Strange, but exciting. She gave a couple more licks, tasting more of the excess slime. The flagrance stirred not only her senses, but her need as well. Ilyniel coiled her great tail around one of her hind legs to keep herself steady. Lust stirred within her, stirred with every stroke of her restless tongue.

Ilyniel hissed. She had enough time for herself after pleasing her bird. With a delicate push, she probed the sensitive lips and gently inserted the tip of her tongue between them. The answer was immediate. Wild shivers and unruly spasms took hold of the bird. And Ilyniel barely pierced her! Retreating her tongue, she lapped quickly around her oozing entrance, slurping the excess fluid with hungry scoops. The creature spread her shivering flanks, trilling excitedly. Concealed claws left their sheath as her paws clenched. With a shove of her tail, the bird released her pent-up pressure.

And Ilyniel was there to clean every squirt. Her tongue expertly moved around and inside her folds, drawing out further spasms. She was so quick to release! Ilyniel pierced her again, pushing past the collapsing entrance. The poor bird probably never had something so wet and warm delving into her untouched flesh. She screeched and squirmed within the serpent's embrace, no doubt melting under the intense stimulation. This was most likely her first time. Ilyniel remembered the wildness of her first release. She tore the earth apart with her claws, and her tail ached for days, all because of one, desperate attempt to keep that bursting pressure inside. She knew now it couldn't be caged, but back then...

Ilyniel growled. The rush of warmth and the intensity of that orgasm aroused her even now. She turned her senses back from her throbbing sex and focused back on her companion, breathing out another gust. Warm air ruffled the black speckled fur while her tongue wriggled inside her tight companion. Her walls overflowed, making the penetration a lot easier. She deserved a similar, breath-cutting release, and Ilyniel had every intention to provide it.

Pushing in and out, Ilyniel allowed her slightly rough tongue to do all the work while she took in the bird's enticing fluids. She felt her own lips shudder as stray drops worked their way between her well-lubricated flesh. With three quick clenches, she pushed the stray liquid out. It felt a lot more intense than it should have.

She hissed, tongue trembling inside her bird. Although he tail twitched and her paws flexed with unbearable expectation, she wanted to finish her bird first. Pushing her tongue deeper, Ilyniel drew out another screech. Yes. She wasn't going to last long, this one.

Firi swished her tail, slapped it across her belly, jerked it to no avail. She couldn't rub the pressing itch away, and the serpent's tongue only served to enflame it. Firi let out a persistent series of squawks and shook her paw. The serpent didn't relent. Her tongue snaked between her pads and slithered around her toes with soft, enticing strokes. Firi yanked one more time in her grasp before her breath caught at the shivers of bliss racing through her. Her toes curled inwards, claws grapping at the serpent's snout as she loosened another feeble spurt.

Firi sucked in a deep breath when the serpent let go of her paw. She brought it to her beak to nibble at the slick clump of fur between her pads. An earthy scent filled her nostrils, rich and strong. The touch of her own beak against her over sensitive foot made her tense and her hackles rise.

She didn't even notice the serpent's head inching towards her tail until her tongue slid against her slit. Firi let out a shuddering yelp as the same climactic shivers ran through her spine and dispersed through her wings. She lowered her tail to expose her whole slit to the serpent, and grappled at its neck with her hind paws. Her claws protracted halfway to find purchase between her soft scales. When the serpent didn't mind, Firi began kneading her scaly hide, rubbing tingling pleasure into her pads.

Each stroke against her nether lips enflamed her lust. Enthralled in the fetters of pleasure, Firi flexed her wings and rocked her hindquarters in an attempt to fill in her itching tunnel. The serpent perked up her head, its glistening snout dribbling with Firi's slimy fluids. The gryphoness clacked her beak, trilled, and urged the serpent to resume with a stroke of her tail.

Her tongue flicked out of her snout and dashed across her slit before sliding into her tunnel. Firi screeched at that. Her muscles responded with a soft squeeze, but the slimy tongue left her shuddering depths as fast as it entered. A second stroke came, and a third. Firi tried to clamp down upon it, to squeeze and urge it deeper within her, but it was far too nimble. The soft barbs on the serpent's tongue stimulated Firi like her tail, beak and talons never did. It slid rather than piercing, stroke instead of scratching, and ventured deeper than Firi ever could.

Her chirp died in her throat after the last stroke. Excess fluid fled through her stretched insides and along the bold tongue. The serpent slurped them, narrowed her forest green eyes and pressed her snout against Firi's slit.

The gryphoness sucked in a deep breath in anticipation for what followed. She wouldn't last; her vent twitched uncontrollably, her lips squelched under the serpent's touch. When the serpent entered her again, she pressed harder and harder, sinking her increasingly thicker tongue within Firi's narrow depths. Firi let out long, passionate shriek as she felt her insides warp and loosen. She shoved her hindquarters hard into the serpent's tongue to rub her itch against its soft barbs.

The sheer stimulation brought Firi on the edge. Spasms wracked Firi's insides and her breath caught. She never had something so big and so soft so deep inside her! She clutched it as tight as she could, milking it with soft rapid strokes that picked up in intensity as Firi's climax approached. It welled within the base of her tail and spread along her haunches in the form of fiery tendrils.

Firi couldn't hold back anymore. With a screech and a flare of her wings, she loosened her tormenting torrent through quick, terse spurts, each more blissful than the other. Her vision flickered, and her hind paws pressed hard into the serpent's neck as she rode her first orgasm. Its sheer intensity overwhelmed her senses. Wave after wave of ecstasy rushed through her shivering form, each accompanied by a spurt of hot climax upon the serpent's snout.

She closed her eyes when her spent body slumped. Her head whirled, and she felt numb and cold without the fiery lust to warm her feathers. With a soft chirp, she snuggled under the serpent's forelegs, where it was nice and warm.

Ilyniel knew her feathery companion soared over the peaks of pleasure when her slick walls collapsed. She was still almost half a tongue deep, wriggling her mobile tongue along the nubs of flesh when the bird squeezed and screeched with all her might. Ilyniel closed her eyes. She couldn't hold back her own lustful growl as her tongue got practically squeezed by the powerful muscles.

Then, the rush came. A riptide of warm, fertile fluid squirted from the spasming flesh. It took Ilyniel inside a nostril, drawing out an awkward snort. She refused to pull back her tongue, pressing and pushing into the bird's deepest depths until her flanks bucked under the pressure. Ilyniel pressed her snout against the bird's leonine tailhole just in time to take in the erupting fluids. With a desperate yowl, the bird unleashed her essence. Wave after wave it came, each more powerful than the last. With her tongue milked ruthlessly by the shuddering depths, Ilyniel had no choice but to slurp the overflowing climax. She swallowed quickly, tasting the slightly bitter flagrance inside her salivating maw. Tasting a female was a rare treat, and the big bird didn't disappoint. She had an awfully arousing flagrance, one that almost sent the great serpent into a mating frenzy.

With both her maw and limbs occupied, Ilyniel gleefully ate out her companion, ruffling her clumped hairs with mighty breaths. Her own sex felt soggy and warm, ready to be taken by something long and fleshy. Clenching back her own arousal, the serpent hissed. Very rarely she put another's needs above her own, but this bird was a different case. The first few orgasms were always memorable, and Ilyniel intended to impress. When the tremors died down and the bird's limbs lessened their grip, Ilyniel pulled out her tongue. That summoned another drawn-out screech from the bird's screeching throat, along with a riptide of liquid lust. Ilyniel slurped it quickly, licked along the oversensitive lips with the thicker barbs of her mid-tongue, then pushed the tip inside. She literally tongue fucked the bird, prolonging the dying orgasm for a few more drawn out spurts.

When she stood completely spent, Ilyniel drew back. The base of her tawny furred tail was completely soaked, as was the ground below her rump. Sniffing briefly, Ilyniel cleaned both of her holes, then roared out her unyielding lust. Below a flank, her own lips shuddered with arousal, forcing more lubrication upon her soft, sensitive scales. The translucent liquid dribbled down like honey, feeding the stone with warm, tasty nectar. Ilyniel arched her head. A lick, she wanted. Just a single, little taste. She approached, teeth clattering with arousal. Her own scent was sublime and watery, enticing her eager tongue. With a long, drawn out lick, Ilyniel slid along her folds. Her lips trembled, then clenched, gripping her tip with uncanny bliss.

The female growled and whipped her head around, burying her frustration with quick licks and nuzzles along the cat-bird's belly. She was still lost in the afterglow, chirping softly as her limbs trailed and gently gripped around the serpent's spiked head.

"Hisssss, you needy feather. I know how much you liked it," Ilyniel hissed softly and licked the underside of her beak. The bird cooed softly, huddling tighter in the serpent's warm embrace. Ilyniel was pleasantly surprised by the affection. She felt the same after a release: warm, cuddly and fulfilled.

Laying her bulk gently on the ground, she worked her paws around the bird's feathery form and squeezed her closer to her belly. Sharing another's warmth felt exotic and fulfilling, almost like a release! Ilyniel's mind kept leading that way, even if her snout was busy nuzzling and licking along the bird's plumage. She wanted that sinewy tongue in a totally different place right now. Slapping her tail, she coiled tighter.

Firi trilled under the pleasant touch of tongue upon her belly. It caressed her fur with sweeping strokes, warm and slick unlike her hard beak. She quivered under the pleasant treatment and tousled her feathers when the tingles peeked. She kept kneading around the serpent's neck with her hind paws, basking in the faint prickling sensation of pads rubbing against scales. Then, the serpent's head shifted, and Firi's paws had nothing to hold onto anymore. Her hindquarters collapsed on top of sleek, serpentine coils.

She cracked an eye open at that. Blazing scales filled her vision, rippling with suave movements as the serpent pushed and pulled her head at the thicker half of her body. Firi glimpsed a stretched hind leg, thin and bony and wan underneath, much like her own front legs. The slender, curved claws matched the ivory of her spikes and mane, a shade lighter than her pale, twitching underside. Firi lifted her beak and snorted when a gust of faint sweetness filled her nostrils. She craned her neck to peer closer at what the serpent was doing, but all she saw was a glimpse her tongue. It slid against a thin, ruddy crevice nestled between her hind legs.

Firi chirped when the serpent's head swerved in her direction with a faint growl, and she drew back at the sudden movement. The serpent's thin tongue tongue flicked across her snout, and Firi took the cue to approach her. That rewarded her with a lick across her cheek.

Purring, Firi leaned into her new companion's caress, draped a wing over the serpent's head and snuggled closer into the warm embrace. Her serpentine form shifted as well, wrapping tighter around Firi's hindquarters while she brought her tail up to her beak. The gryphoness preened the soft strands of fur, cooing her bliss at the warm shudders brought by the tongue's gentle caress.

She sprawled onto her side, tucked her wings, and kicked and groped and kneaded along the serpent's muscular body with her hind paws.

Until her left one slipped and sank into a pool of slick warmth. Firi let out a sharp chirp and tried to shake her paw free out of the meaty fetters. The narrow tunnel she slid into warped around her paw, trembled and rocked. Surrounded by such overwhelming slick hotness, all Firi could do was squeak and tug.

She broke free when the serpent loosened her grasp. Female juices, thin and slimy, dribbled from her paw. She twitched it, over and over again to get rid of the gooey strings, but they still clung to her pads like sticky water.

Ilyniel roared, a high pitched and desperate sound climactically uncharacteristic to a dragon. Something slid inside her needy lips with a wet, unexpected squelch. It squeezed between her slick folds, piercing so deep and so quick! Ilyniel climaxed instantly, giving in with a long, wailing roar. Her eyes squeezed shut with pleasure and strain. The pressure. She had to hold it back.

Ilyniel grabbed onto the thick intrusion and thrust into it with raw desperation, unleashing the waves of liquid heat trapped inside her clenching, shuddering depths. Tail slapping, she gushed out a spurt, yowling like a wounded beast. She couldn't handle that burning, blissful stimulation. It slithered throughout her whole body, churning under her scales, consuming her. Gripping onto one of her front paws, Ilyniel bit. Such a poor, inconvenient distraction. The pain only flared her pleasure, ruining any attempt at resistance. She tensed again, muffling her yowl as she thrust harder and deeper. She knew not what pierced her, but the thickness felt unreasonably good. It felt too much like mating, and Ilyniel completely lost her grip on awareness as instincts took over.

With quick, relentless thrusts, she rocked her hips back and forth, scratching the stone with each thrust. Healthy spurts leaked between her rapidly clenching lips, drowning the lacerations with hot, liquid lust. Ilyniel was well used to her tongue. A good mating lasted about several gushes, but she was well into a dozen right now. One orgasm rolled into the other, mounted by the raw need of mating. Her walls craved for something thick and long, practically eating around the intrusion as she pulled it deeper and deeper.

Ilyniel took another, desperate breath as her muscles tensed and rippled with the strain of delight. The peak came like a crackling thunder, intense and unexpected. Her breath suddenly cut, and her claws curled inwards as three quick gushes left her overflowing sex. Ilyniel would roar if she had the strength. With a pathetic growl, she sailed over her dying orgasm. The throbs slowly lessened, but they still took their toll until the protrusion pulled away. That drew a hiss from her, along with another burst of pleasure. The quick stimulation and the absence of purchase unleashed all her trapped essence. Grinding against one another, her lips squelched and slapped, hungry for a male's fertile touch. None came. With several, weaker throbs, the dragoness unleashed her last, feeble spurts, growling out her fading lust with a drawn-out yowl.

Finally, she relaxed, even if her tail still twitched with unspent strain and her claws clattered on the stone from the shivers. Panting, the dragoness licked the frayed scales where her fangs pierced and dropped her head on the bird, tongue lolling on the side. She hasn't expected that, whatever it was. Working her fatigued hind paws in a comfortable position, she still managed to draw out a few weaker gushes before coiling her tail around the lukewarm puddle of her ejaculate. She had to groom it later, but for the time being, she just basked in the warm afterglow of a most intense and unexpected climax.

Firi perked her ears at the dying growl reverberating within the serpent's maw. Shivers traversed her lower belly, and her hind legs buckled and shook, claws flexing and relaxing. She shifted her hindquarters for a better purchase and leaned forward, towards the area covered by the Serpent's head. Rasping squelches filled her hears. Firi tensed at their intensity, and her lower belly shuddered with remembrance at how good it felt to have the same tongue rub against her. She first chirped her intention to peer, but when the serpent didn't budge, the gryphoness dug her head under her angular chin...

And cawed when the tip of her beak sank within pink, soggy flesh. Raw scents invaded her nostrils, sweet and pungent. She took them in, cooing at the pleasant fragrance. It stirred her heart and urged her tail to slap against her shivering slit in a poor attempt to replicate the stimulation from before. Her own touch only drew faint shudders and a faint purr from her.

Then, everything shifted. A weight pressed on top of her head, the muscles of a haunch rippled as a hind leg kicked at Firi's rump, and the pink, smooth, soggy flesh beyond the washed yellow folds convulsed. Firi cocked her head, then squeezed her eyes shut when a watery spurt took her straight in the beak. She drew back with a screech, stretched open a wing, and rubbed the slime against her feathers. Their glossy surface only served to smear it.

Firi tucked her wing, and turned her soaked, dribbling beak towards the serpent. She saw a yellow haze move through her nictitating membranes, and squeezed her eyes shut in anticipation at being licked clean.

Ilyniel closed her eyes, enjoying the warm shivers coursing through her spent muscles. The heat dispersed slowly, creating an aura of pleasant warmth around her. Her feathery companion enjoyed it too. Snuggling closer inside the gentle grip of the golden dragoness, she chirped softly, beak clacking with contentment. Ilyniel dashed the tip of her tongue against her ruffled head, sliding slowly down her ashen beak and soaked chest plumage. She got a thorough bath shortly after Ilyniel's climax, but the dragoness didn't mind sharing further affection. She loved cuddling, and her feline-bird was warm and tender, just like a wee hatchling. Ilyniel groomed both her feathers and fur, erasing any traces of her delicious fluids with broad tongue strokes. She paused around the small, twitching slit concealed between the creature's feline-like haunches, inhaling more of her young heat. It failed to stir her instincts like it did before, but the sharp flagrance still held an exquisite touch. Ilyniel licked it quickly, washing away any errant moisture before sliding her tongue across her tail. She gripped the white tuft gently, playing with it briefly. It was soft and smooth, almost like her own tail fluff!

And it tasted of Ilyniel's sweet, watery fluids. The dragoness lowered her snout, licking at the cold liquid bathing the cold stone. The dust gave it an earthy tinge, but the flagrance remained the same- savory and healthy. She swished her tail purposefully and clenched her lithe toes whenever her tongue darted to close to her clenching slit. She was still sensitive around the edges, and a plunge inside her slick walls proved just that. Hissing, Ilyniel splashed her burdened tongue against her wet snout. Thick drops of female flagrance splashed back against the curving toes of a hindpaw. Ilyniel licked them clean, treated her tail, dabbed back at her slit to clean the emerging ooze, then released a drawn out huff.

With her grooming done and her curiosity satisfied, Ilyniel buried her large head under the warm feathers of a wing and exhaled softly. The intensity of her release made her feel as spent as her relaxing lips.

"You are a most unique creature, dear feather. I have braved the skies and traversed the lands, yet never encountered your kin before," she pushed further, giving that curious beak a quick lick. "It would please me if you linger in my den a little longer. I can sate any of your urges and protect you from any needy males."

It seemed a rather desperate ploy to keep her around. but it felt right to explain the benefits of companionship. Sometimes, a few words earned her greater rewards than wit or physical strength.

Firi trilled under the pleasant caress of tongues upon feathers. It slithered across every surface, every crevice with serpentine dexterity and, unlike her beak, cleaned every trace of the slimy fluid drenching her feathers. She stretched her wings when the serpent poked at her ribs, and began licking them as well. Yet, no matter how pleasant the serpent's ministrations were, her feathers didn't allow her to extract maximum delight.

She tucked her wings to the sides and shifted her hindquarters towards the serpent's inquisitive snout, her tail raised and her haunches rippling with pent up tension. As expected, the tongue slithered between her haunches, up her rump and along her shivering slit. Firi's hindquarters shook and her tail twitched, but her fur already clumped and hardened due to the slimy juices. Better to have it cleaned before her wings.

To reward her companion for her blissful treatment, Firi rubbed her neck against her scales, nibbled and dabbed at them with her beak. The serpent's muscles twitched underneath, and she tensed up. Firi's ears perked. She did not expect her to be that sensitive, under that protective layer of hard scales.

A squawk escaped her when the serpent wriggled her head underneath a wing. Firi stretched it, then brought it down to envelop her with her warmth. If she truly was a serpent, then she preferred it.

Her thoughts proved true, for the serpent spoke again. Firi tilted her beak to the side to receive her lick, chirping with delight at how good hot moisture felt upon her head. Her offer flared it, and her feathers ruffled at the prospect of having a companion to guide her through this strange new lands.

"My kind isn't meant for damp, dark caves. Makes our feathers wet and useless." She lifted her head towards the horizon, excitement welling within her taut limbs. "We need a nest. With dry, soft bedding underneath our paws."

She wriggled out of the serpent's grasp and flicked her tail across her snout to entice her. Then, she took off with one powerful flap of her wings to circle the cave. How did the serpent even fly? She couldn't have slithered up the rocky incline.

Firi didn't wait to find out, Her heart raced in her chest at the prospect of finding a nest and curl with her new found companion upon soft, dry bedding.

Ilyniel couldn't hold the startled rumble from leaving her lengthy throat. The creature spoke! Her tone was melodic and chirpy, but a lot rougher than a songbird's. How she formed words inside that tough beak of hers was a mystery best left for later.

"A nest, you say?" Ilyniel licked her rather small head again, teasing the poor bird with her slick tongue. "Very well. I will find you a suitable bedding to rest your delicate paws onto."

The bird raised swiftly, her fluffy tail tip almost causing Ilyniel to sneeze. She opened her maw quickly, lashing her lengthy tongue under that bothersome tail for another tease. It failed to reach its mark. Hissing, Ilyniel got on her fours and leaped off the edge of her cave. Her winds immediately enveloped her form, carrying her above the stone far more effectively than any pair of wings. She had no need to neither flap nor hold them still to glide like most fliers. With a simple flicker of concentration, she could soar in any direction she desired.

She barely slithered away from her cave when a burst of radiant sparks shot above the tree line. Ilyniel flexed her claws, coming to a stop. The heat signature of the spell was rather pitiful; probably another one of those mischievous forest goblins seeking to impress one another with shiny displays. Ilyniel waited two heartbeats, then swirled around. She was in too much of a cuddly mood to teach the lesser creatures another lesson. Rushing towards her bird, Ilyniel distracted her with playful attempts. Her companion was rather timid, so Ilyniel took the lead.

She chased the bird around her cave, teasing her with an occasional nibble or a smack of her fluffy tail. She was so slow, and far less elegant. Ilyniel's form rippled like a ribbon of gold, fluid and graceful under the sun's warmth. Loops were not a proper way to test neither speed nor expertise. Ilyniel caught the cobalt bird's attention with another roar. They were well behind her cave now, but more distance couldn't hurt.

"I'll race you to that burned tree." The landmark was obvious. She ignited it seasons ago for the same purpose: competition. "Outfly me, dear feather, or I shall think of a proper punishment. My roar will start the race."

She slowed down to a maladroit hover and waited three heartbeats. Then, she unleashed her joy through a roar so loud it scared the poor birds out of their trees. Ilyniel burst forth, slithering across her gentle currents. The gryphon beat her wings steadily, slowly gaining lead. She was quick for such a big feline butt. Ilyniel swerved to the side, bumping into her. Racing was delightful, but teasing was like a climax: tender and warm. She danced and rubbed around the bird like an oversized snake, catching her taste every so often. Feathers and fur had a drab flagrance. The closer they approached their destination, the bolder Ilyniel became. She lagged behind, licking purposefully at the bird's tense crevice. Her annoyance was rather amusing, considering how much she enjoyed her release back in the cave.

Ilyniel ceased her ministrations near the third quarter of the distance and surged forth, amplifying her winds in a frenzy. That launched her forth faster than any winged being she knew. The air shrilled and crackled as it met her scales, creating visible sparks of electricity. Her companion was but a mote when she reached her charred tree. Ilyniel pulled herself up, then bent into half a loop, graciously going over her aerial bending and stretching. When she touched the ground, every muscle in her body felt warm with the strain of movement.

She coiled her tail around her front limbs, grooming the fluffy end until her companion landed inside the same clearing. Ilyniel greeted her with several licks, then led her into the depth of the thicket. These trees grew unreasonably tall, and bushes were everywhere. Fortunately, Ilyniel had no wings to mind, and the bird was sleek enough to pass or leap her way through the vegetation.

"It has been rather long since I nested, but it should," Ilyniel leaped ahead. Twigs cracked below her paws, and wide, shield-like leaves were scattered everywhere, punctured and slashed. She sniffed the ground. No traces of her scent lingered. Everything was dry, scattered, or rotting on the forest floor.

"It's a pity," Ilyniel growled softly. "These lake leaves feel delightfully cold in the midday heat and surprisingly warm during night's chill. I just...didn't realize time passed so quickly."

She turned back towards her avian companion, nuzzling into her feathery neck. "Worry not, night-feather. We'll build another."

Firi screeched as sparks burst into the air from the forest below. The fiery motes swirled in enticing patterns, tugging at her curiosity. She flapped in their direction, once to bank sharply once the serpent hovered in front of her. A keening cry left Firi as she collided with her scaly companion. Her paws slid across her sleek spine for purchase. She flapped hard and strong to disengage, dive, then sprawl her wings to slow her descent. Her talons almost scraped the jagged rocks spreading beneath her, and the gryphoness whipped the air with all her might to gain height and speed. Her chest seethed from the strain, and she had to spread her beak wide open to suck in deep, sporadic breaths.

Even so, the serpent trumped her efforts. She flowed across the sky, a ribbon of shimmering gold, slithering closer and closer to her. She passed the gryphoness in a flurry of fluff and whistling winds, swishing her troublesome tail. It caught Firi across her beak. Rather than lashing out with her talons, she squeezed her eyes shut and took the buffeting. The serpent's mastery over the wind element surpassed hers, and Firi wanted not to aggravate her companion.

Firi glimpsed the landmark, secluded within a charred clearing. She spread her wings into a glide, flapping feebly to maintain her height. She heaved through her parted beak, while the serpent's nostrils did not even flare.

Firi tapped the magical reserves rumbling within her belly. For a limited time, she could mold the currents to her will to conserve strength or to provide a speed boost, maybe even outrace the serpent. When she burst forward with a deafening roar, Firi shuddered, her focus all but gone. She flapped to catch up, slow and steady at first, then fast and powerful. Her wing joints burned, her heart threatened to burst, and her vision flickered from the exertion. Faint squawks and cries escaped her when the serpent evened out, slowed down, and bumped into her. From left, then from right. Then her paws tackled her own, and her tail flicked around her flanks. What sort of tactics were these? Didn't she want a race? Firi kicked her hind paws at her inquisitive snout when her tongue dashed across her pads, but that only emboldened the serpent. With one majestic sway of her body, she curled her neck towards Firi's hindquarters and licked at her slit.

Firi tensed up. Her tongue itched and burned. With a faint squeak, Firi bucked her hindquarters and sprayed her snout. The serpent jerked at that, slithered away from her, and took the lead. She surged forward, so fast her scales shimmered like crackling embers. Firi blinked at the display. It was so shiny!

When she landed within the clearing, ruffled and panting, all Firi had eyes for was her hide. She swung her head away from the licks to nibble, sniff and prod at her scales. What were they made of? She wanted some for her nest when the serpent shed them. They were so durable and shiny!

Her nuzzle drew Firi out of her reverie. "Worry not, night-feather. We'll build another," the serpent said. Firi barely heard her. Her head pounded and her throat was dry as coarse sand.

They stood within a nook deep within a thicket, dried foliage scattered around them. A heavy scent hung about them, raw and stifling. Firi found a clump soft enough to accommodate her furred side and curled on top of it with a loud exhale. She screeched at the stinging pain within her wings and joints and rubbed her beak across her tender flesh to ease it.

Ilyniel had to do most of the work. She swiped the ground with her tail and gathered the leaves in a messy pile. Building a proper nest took effort, and right now she wasn't feeling up to it. Doing lone work was both boring and tedious with a companion that did nothing but huff. The serpent threw her the occasional glance while she worked on the nest, itching to ask the obvious question.

"What tired you so, broad-wings? Was my race too vigorous?" She finally gave in to her blazing curiosity and approached the bird, licking affectionately around her feathery head. She was still breathing rather quickly. Ilyniel was no stranger to fatigue, but flying rarely wore her out the same way it did to other fliers. The bird's tongue was so small and pointy inside that half-parted beak. How could she groom or attend her other needs with it? It was a curiosity best left for later. Breaking away with a long hiss, Ilyniel finished her nest and settled on her belly. It felt lovely. The small twigs were a comfortable bedding, and the pile of leaves smooth like her fluffy tail. When her companion joined, Ilyniel yelped happily and wrapped her long tail around her companion. She purposefully slithered it under the bird's to tease and rub her sensitive slit whenever she liked.

"I hope the nest is to your liking. I prefer broader twigs to scratch and treat my scales, but your fluffy underside requires special considerations," she said, then dashed her tongue along the gryphon's side. A stiff wing or a meaty haunch were of no bother. She pushed her head into that furred underbelly and lifted the tufted tail with her own to expose the gryphon's sex. Ilyniel flicked out her tongue, licking greedily around the trembling slit. She was so soft, so defenseless, and so tasty. Ilyniel never met such an exotic creature. She pulled back her head, nostrils twitching with the burden of intense scents.

"You are young, and I can taste your receptiveness upon my tongue. It must be a burden to lust for a male's seed when none is around. I know these mountains and the forests as well as my own scales, but I have never seen your kind around. What are you?" she licked and slithered her tongue inside until she shrieked her climax, then quickly slurped the excess fluids. It pleased her to provide and taste another's pleasure, and the bird's fertility was so arousing! it was no telling how other males took it. Ilyniel shook her head off the dizzying delight and breathed in the warm air. The forest carried many scents, but neither belonged to dragons. They were real pests when aroused, and for now Ilyniel had much simpler desires.

Firi realized she dozed off when something warm and moist brushed across her nape. She perked her head with a wince, then chirped when the serpent's iridescent scales and emerald eyes filled her vision. She rubbed her cheek against the serpent's snout in gratitude and clacked her beak to taste her scent. Suave, with a tint of sweetness to it, much like hers. Firi half lidded her eyes, stretched open a wing, and sought to lean her weight against the serpent's sleek body when she hissed took a step forward on spindly legs.

Firi drew back at the harsh sound and followed her swaying steps up to a broad and thick nest. Her eyes widened at the sight of it, and a joyful squeak escaped her. With a leap and a flap, Firi glided onto the nest and crashed amidst a pile of swaying leaves and crackling stems. She trudged closer to the serpent, seeking her warm underbelly to press her chest against. Once scales, feathers and fur pressed tight against one another, Firi wrapped her tail and hindquarters around one of her haunches, kneading at the taut muscle with her pads while cooing her bliss.

Her chirps acquired a deeper hue when the serpent's tail slithered along her belly. The fluffy tip rested between her haunches and covered her lower belly. And it twitched! Each dab at Firi's slit sent a jolt through her, enough to make her feathers ruffle.

Her words were lost among her own murmur to Firi. She splayed onto her back when the serpent's slim tongue caressed her flank. She kicked her hind paws at the air and curled her tail inwards to cover her slit, only to have it brushed aside by the serpent's fluffy tip. Firi's ears stood up, and her muscles grew taut in anticipation for what was to come.

The serpent's slick touch across her searing lips drew a squawk out of her. She flicked her tail, flapped her wings feebly, and pushed into the serpent's snout to rub off her itch against her scaly snout. Shivers of elation ran through her frame. Firi squeaked and rubbed harder, until a slimy glob slithered through her shuddering depths and left her twitching lips. The serpent licked it. She licked it all, until Firi parted her beak to shriek her climactic ascent.

Then, it stopped, and Firi snapped her eyes open to the serpent's raised head.

"You are young, and I can taste your receptiveness upon my tongue. It must be a burden to lust for a male's seed when none is around. I know these mountains and the forests as well as my own scales, but I have never seen your kind around. What are you?"

Half numb with the haze of delight, Firi craned her neck forward and rubbed against the serpent's snout. "A gryphon," she chirped. She wanted to say more, but the thoughts of seed and a male filling her stirred her heart and drew a faint spurt from her slit, rich with her fertile scent. She wanted a male. More than anything. Yet the thought of meeting one sent a cold shock along her spine, whereas the serpent's touch was warm, and moist, and delicate.

Firi leaned on her side and exposed her belly to her companion. She didn't know what this flying serpent was, nor why she chose her to nest with. Only that her tongue filled her like any other male, and that she proved her willingness to build her a nest. She dabbed at the serpent's snout with a hind paw to encourage her to continue her treatment.

She needed no cue. The serpent dug her head beneath Firi's swaying paws and snaked her tongue out, pushing and pulling it out of Firi's trembling depths. The gryphoness shrieked at the overwhelming assault. Her hindquarters shook, her paws latched around the serpent's neck and claws left their sheath as Firi gave in to the bliss welling within her. She blinked hard and fast against the waves of pleasure coursing through her, clamped down upon the serpent's tongue as searing fluids rushed out of her depths in thick spurts to splatter against the serpent's snout. Once her climax slowed to a steady dribble out of her throbbing insides, Firi released her pent-up breath and snuggled into her warm embrace. A soft chirp rumbled in her throat as Firi closed her eyes, dug her head under the serpent's jaw, and gave in to her tiredness.

Seeing her bird tremble and croak with delight was a pleasure as intense as the one Ilyniel inflicted. She pushed her tongue deep, forcing the gryphon's walls apart as she sought the depths of her gripping walls. The deeper she went, the louder the gryphon's shrieks became, and the tighter she gripped. Ilyniel would have roared out her lust if she could. She was easy to arouse, and the haze of fertility inflamed her passion like no other.

Ilyniel pulled her tongue half-way out, then slid inside again, and again, and again, effectively mating the avian with her long, sleek tongue. She liked that. She liked it a lot more than a female had the right to. Her hindpaws scratched along Ilyniel's underside while her talons gripped, sliding their pointy tips between her scales. She was about to release, and ilyniel knew it.

Pushing in as deep as she could, Ilyniel growled, her throat vibrating with the raw need of mating. The gryphon's walls tensed, froze for a few raging heartbeats, then spasmed heavily around her tongue. The great burden held within their bosom burst forth, ramming against the thicker base of Ilyniel's tongue. There was no way out for the liquid lust to ooze, only startling pressure and a tongue too wriggly and stubborn to pull out. The gryphon milked Ilyniel's tongue with throbs and shudders, sending her infuriatingly close to her peak. Her own needy sex was dripping with arousal, wetting the leaves beneath. Ilyniel flexed her trembling paws and thrust into her bedding. Leaves stuck and caressed her overflowing sex, while twigs scratched and prodded her oversensitive flesh. The shock straightened Ilyniel's tail and cut her breath. Fire traversed her spine, flaring until it reached her tensing lips. Before she could even roar, she burst into her nest, unleashing waves of scalding essence.

Ilyniel roared, and awkward and pitiful moan compared to the glory of a proper roar. Pleasure took her too quickly and too suddenly thanks to the gryphon's fertility. Pulling back her tongue, she allowed the gryphon's slime to cascade into the nest while her lips contorted with the strain of release. It was long and drawn-out, longer than a single climax. Ilyniel dropped on her side and coiled around herself. The pressure increased instead of drying down, turning into another full blown orgasm.

That's when she roared her bliss and agony. Her muscles burned with fatigue, but they still clenched and spat, wetting the nest with fresh squirts of liquid heat. When her peak settled, Ilyniel finally took a proper, growly breath. Her head felt light and her muscles too heavy. She crawled along the pile of twigs and grabbed the gryphon with her forepaws, pulling her closer to her chest.

"Gryphon, you say?" She licked her lazily across that small head of hers. "I will remember your kin as well as your taste," Ilyniel said, then brought her head around and buried it under a wing. Relaxing felt like a cold breeze during the summer. It washed gently across her scales, snuffling the melting tension. Her tail and hind paws were terribly messy, but Ilyniel could groom them another time. Right now, she just wanted to rest.

And she did, for a lot less than she intended. Twigs cracked, too rhythmically to be stirred by small critters. Ilyniel opened her eyes half-way. Her ebony slits narrowed, adapting to the bothersome specks of light. She looked around, blinked, then closed them. It obviously wasn't worth the effort when her ears picked a lot more.

"Go away, boar, unless you want me to eat you," Ilyniel hissed. Only they had such an obnoxious breath. Her nostrils twitched, picking only the combined scents of their climax. The huffer was hidden by the wind's grace, but that did not matter. She didn't intend to hunt or scare creature away. That took energy, and right now she had none to spare.


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