Gold Fever Chapter 8

Story by Rick Coona on SoFurry

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#8 of Gold Fever

Sorry for the late posting been having internet connection problems for the last week or so

but here it is

chapter 8


_ =8= _

Setting the Ferret on the raised platform that served as the bed "So, how would you like to start Shawna? Though with this arm in a sling I won't be able to be as, creative as I usually am, but I'm sure we can find a way to make this work and get you fully satisfied." the Possum said caressing the slim demure ferret's body. Starting at her shoulders, moving down to her breasts, belly, hips, thighs and knees, running his hand up her inner left thigh to lightly caress the crotch of her Tye-died panties before continuing over her right hip and down the outside of her thigh running his hand to her knee before returning up her inside right thigh to lightly massage the Ferret's mound eliciting a warm trill soaking her panties, then moving up to caress her taught very soft furred belly and up to her delightful diminutive breasts. circling from the outside edge in to the pert perky chocolate rosettes of her rock hard nubbins. As the acolyte of the goddess writhed beneath his masterful foreplay.

"Shall I start by saying hello?" he asked. The Ferret nodded and Greg peeled off her Tye-died gift wrap.

""Whatdda ya know, hard wood floors!" he said with amusement leaning down caressing his beard along her inner thigh as she spread her legs wider to welcome him. Greg inhaled Shawna's intimate and most personal of perfumes, a heady mix of personal musk and pachouli, gently blowing on the ferrets glistening lips and Planting a soft kiss on the crest of her smooth tan mound, she shuddered in delight muttering something incoherently as the Possum leaned in and delivered the lightest of licks to the petals of the fun-sized Ferrets sex. She whimpered, her hips trembled in anticipation. Greg planted a string of kisses along the length of the Ferret's lips Greg knew ferrets were supposed to be flexible but the way this gal was holding her legs wide by grasping her heels giving him the maximum access to her nether regions.

Greg started to lick her slick slit working his tongue the full length pressing deeper as her lips opened like a delicate flower, it's dew dappled petals opening to the sun. Shawna moaned rocking her hips rhythmically. As Greg worked his way deeper into the flowers blossom gently teasing her pearl from it's hood painting the glistening surface with small puffs of his warm breath as she started to leak liquid love from her hidden depths.

Greg rested his free hand on her smooth furless mound tracing a sideways figure '8' the Ferret moaned deeply and he moved to her soft belly expanding the movement crisscrossing her belly the center-point over the ferret's navel adding a circling motion before continuing. feeling the femme trembling he moved his hand up in a direct line to the center-point between her delightfully perky breasts before continuing the figure eight encircling her chest, his broad open palm caressing the mounds and craggy peaked nipples for maximum contact.

Resuming his masterful 'tongue lashing' of the ferrets sex, working deeper, alternating between slow broad firm strokes and quick deep probing ones. Seeing the Ferret was approaching the point of no return.

Greg pulled back blowing a cooling breath over Shawna's overheated sex before covering her smooth skin with his mouth and Hummmmed deeply....

Shawna's arms shot out to her sides grabbing fist fulls of blankets arching her spine, tossing her head back as the cry was ripped from the depths of her soul. her screams of pleasure echoed off the canyon walls as the Ferret writhed in her release. Fountaining her liquid love into the possums maw.

Becka paused and softly applauded "Way to go, partner" she said almost to herself a wide grin on her muzzle as she finished her clean up.

'The first cannon shot in the Eighteen twelve overture has been fired, it is going to be a long night.' the Badger thought. Heading to the tent to join in the fun.

"Well, I think that qualifies as a proper introduction..." Greg said as the Ferret gasped trying to catch her breath her hands cupping her breasts. "Now that you are all warmed up, I think we can get down to some good old fashioned lovinz!"

Shawna tried to get her eyes to focus as she looked at the blurry possum. " mean, that...that was just..." she slurred.

"A bit of foreplay? Yeah, pretty much. You said you have been having quite a dry spell there so I thought it would only be proper to get you all warmed up. Ya know, get your motor revved up for a long night of sweet sweet unconditional love. Now you didn't expect me to just lay you down and plow you strait off, without so much as a by-your-leave, did ya?" Greg asked tilting his head at the absurd notion as the Ferret just nodded.

"Well, yeah, sort of... That has been what usually happens with these things. I lay back, open the portal of the goddess and the guys just sort of go for it." the ferret replied with a shrug.

"That is no way to make love, Shaw-paws." Becka said coming into the tent and stripping to her fur before handing the Ferret a bottle of electrolyte sports drink, lemon-ice flavor. The grateful gal drank it down almost not pausing for breath.

"Thank you Beckers, that was freeking awesome! Haven't cum that hard in months!"

"So, did he do a good job of blowing your Chakras?" the Badger chuckled.

"I have never had my Chakras blown so totally open before, it was magic! Whatever he did with his hands felt like electricity and when I came it was like a cascading overload! Boom-Boom-Boom-Boom-Boom-Boom-Boom!" the much more recovered and Re-energized Ferret enthused.

"I am really glad you came out to spend the weekend with us Shaw-paws. And I know you have always loved to play with these." Becka cooed cupping her ample chest pinching her nipples stiff before sensually crawling over the bed to hover her breasts over the ferrets face

"The Breasts of the mighty Badger Goddess! I must worship them!" Shawna trilled as Becka playfully buffeted the ferrets face with her 'loose boulders' Shawna chortled delightedly as she fondled them suckling the delightful turgid nipples into her maw. Becka gave a throaty moan of pleasure as Greg divested himself of his clothes as the girls played. Becka leaned down to give the Ferret's nipples a looong, slooow lick before ever-so-gently biting down on the pert craggy rosette. Shawna squeed shivering with pleasure. Becka looked up seeing Greg standing between the Ferret's legs at the edge of the bed

"Let me give that thing a kiss before you go to work lover." she said and the possum moved forward Becka sucked the head of his cock loving the taste before rocking back to reveal to Their guest what awaited her, the Ferret's eyes went wide.

"Oh great God Of the Forest! Plow this willing maiden with your hunting horn!" the mesmerized Ferret babbled at seeing the size of 'Big Willy' for the first time.

Shawna seemed to almost bend herself in half wrapping her hands around her knees providing a perfect triangular patch of bare land for Greg to plant his old growth redwood in. Placing the thick head against the Ferret's diminutive sex he wasn't sure he would fit, but the intensity of the ferret's stare as she watched with rapt attention as he slowly pushed his way in. Shawna gave a throaty moan tossing her head back only to have her muzzle nestle between Becka's nethers the badgers spicy arousal caused Shawna to snake out her tongue to get a taste of the Badgers honey.

Slowly, inexorably Greg pushed his way into the incredibly tight yet flexible Ferret. her walls caressed him sending waves of pleasure along his shaft as he finally hilted himself against her quivering cervix.

Becka adjusted herself to give her lover better access as she was licked bracing herself by balancing on the balls of her feet and placing her paws on the Ferrets breasts massaging the B-cup mounds as the ferrets tongue worked it's way into Becka's love canal.

"Oh Shaw-paws, you know just how much I love to be licked." Shawna was moaning into the badger's crotch as Greg started to slowly piston his way in and out of her tunnel of love.

"My god, she is a tight little thing!" Greg grunted as he placed his hand on the crest of her arch to polish the ferrets 'pearl' with his thumb. Shawna moaned louder redoubling her worship of the 'Badger goddess' and rocking her hips in time to the possum's pistoning, giving a small shudder every time he bumped her cervix.

When Greg changed the pace to three fast hard strokes and two long slow ones, Shawna mewled "Harder! Faster. Oh-goddess I am going to cum again!" Greg felt the girls hunger.

"Get ready Sweety here we go!" he grunted quickening the pace and pushing the ferret over the crest she screamed as her inner walls spasmed around his thick shaft. Growling Greg hilted himself bucking his hips to get every bit of him into the orgasming ferret as he was pulled into his own massive release shooting into Shawna's womb as wave after wave of his sweet sticky lovesauce painted her baby locker.

"The goddess has been Filled!" the Ferret cried before promptly passing out.

"Oh my god..." Becka giggled "She Came and went! I've never seen that before."

"Looks like La Petite Mort." Greg sighed pumping the last of his load into his unconscious lover before pulling out with a very wet shluurp.

"damn if I didn't just give her baby locker a new coat of paint. Good thing I'm a Sport model or I think she might have just caught a case of the nine month belly bulge. I believe this sweet little Ferret might be in heat."

"I wouldn't be surprised Love, she is a very passionate little thing. Going to feed her a load in the next round?" Becka asked repositioning herself and tucking a pillow under Shawna's head as she slept off the torpor from her second massive release.

"That would totally be up to her. Looks like she helped you get a nice little glow on." the Possum observed as Becka had her back to him with her glistening lips deliciously displayed.

"Oh yeah, she definitely got my motor purring. Want to help a girl out while our guest is recovering?" she asked wiggling her hips playfully, flagging her tail.

"Anything for you lover, what would ya like, more of the same or would you like me to give you a hand, this time?" he asked with an evil wink.

"OoOh we haven't tried that one yet, you feeling up to it?" she trilled scrunching down pressing her chest onto the bed and giving him better access by raising her hips and spreading her knees wide on the sleeping pallet.

"i don't see why not, we've talked about it and that rump looks darnd inviting." he said turning to sit on the side of the bed so his left hand was in a good position making a fist he gently rubbed his knuckles along her slit coating his fingers in the combination of her honey and Shawna's saliva.

"Oh... That feels relay nice." the Badger purred wiggling her hips a little as the possums knuckles worked their way deeper into her lips.

"Up and down back and forth...fluidize." Becka trilled, putting the panning mantra to a whole new use as her juices started to coat his hand as he slowly nudges his way in a bit deeper, still sliding up and down along her length adjusting the angle tel Becka Gasped.

"That's the sweet spot! Slowly work your way in that waaaaaaay! oh-fuck-Yeah!" she exclaimed as she felt her lips close around Greg's wrist. He slowly pumped his fist back and forth working his way into her love canal

"Oh Fuck! That's intense!" Becka snarled

Ready to go over the top?" he asked. And started rotating his wrist left and right Becka Howled out a massive orgasm clamping down on the Possums hand tighter than he would have expected her to. The contractions actually pushing him out of her as a string of orgasms triggered one after the other she Gushed so hard Greg wondered if she had lost bladder control. But no, it was clear slightly viscous and sweet. Becka joined Shawna in the bliss of La Petite Mort, collapsing to a boneless heap on the bed next to the snoozing Ferret.

Greg chuckled reaching for a small bedside towel mopping up the delightful mess his partner had made. After which he covered them both with a quilt then got out the small one burner camp stove setting it on the camp table and made a pot of coffee.


Shawna awoke to the gentle glow of a kerosene lamp and the wonderful aroma of freshly brewed coffee! She slowly sat up. Greg set his book aside to attend to her.

"Welcome back, how are you feeling?" he asked gently, handing her a water bottle. She accepted it with a grateful smile drinking deeply.

"Alive for one, I thought I had died from terminal orgasm my soul flew free from my body, it was very spiritual. Thank you love. I felt you fill my womb it was the most intense sexual experience of my life. Is that coffee I smell?" Shawna asked hopefully.

"Indeed it is, what do you take in it lover?" Greg asked with a smile

"Sweet and dark, like the mysteries of the occult." the ferret smiled softly. As Greg poured her a cup.

"What happened to Beckers?" she asked of the inert Badger snoring softly laying next to her covered with the same quilt she found herself wrapped in.

"Synaptic orgasmic overload... I, um gave her a hand when you passed out." he said slowly pumping his fist side to side.

"I never knew Beckers was so kinky. You are an amazing three G guy to be so loving and accommodating." she said sipping her coffee.

"All part of the service love, and as to kinky, we are all consenting adults here and no one is being forced to do anything they don't freely choose to do, love is love, and it is all good, as long as you know what you are doing, take your time... and use plenty of lube." Greg chuckled,

"Yes, especially with certain toys." the Ferret giggled with a blush.

"Oh, you brought some toys with you?" he asked with interest. The Ferret blushed.

"oh, um yes, I wasn't sure what we would be doing and I really wanted to be able to play with Beckers. she is so powerful I was kinda hoping she would be okay with fucking me silly with a strap-on. I have this fantasy of her with this massive strap-on grabbing me by the hips lifting me up and impaling me on it just taking her pleasure with me, and me being helpless to resist and just taking it like a furry fuck toy." the Ferret blushed grinning.

"Well now, that sounds worth a try, we are all pretty Good-giving-and Game here, would you be open to the idea of the two of us 'Spit roasting' you?" Greg asked with a chuckle the ferret's eyes glowed.

"Spit Roasted? I think I've herd of that before, refresh my memory if you please." Shawna chirped getting wiggly with arousal.

"Spit roasting is where a gal takes it in both ends and is pushed back and forth between the two and if you can get it right rotated between them. Can be either oral and vaginal or oral and anal depending on your preference, but it would be one way to make '_ The three who become one' _." Greg chuckled at how animated the ferret was becoming.

"Oh goddess, that is getting me wet just thinking about it. Would you be okay trying that one?" she asked

"Sure, I'm up for just about anything at least once. Though I might have second thoughts if you wanted me to pierce yer nipples or something like that, but you can add it to your 'lovins list' sweet Shaw-paws? What would you like next" Greg asked.

"Oh my sweet lord and lady. I never dared to dream of a lover so accommodating or open to anything before..." she paused sipping her coffee looking deeply into the dark liquid before answering.

"Um, well, Beckers mentioned something about _ 'No Holes Barred' _ but not sure if I should ask."

"Why not? If you want to be fully filled I can deliver a lode in both ends of your G.I Tract if you fancy the idea, it's totally up to you." Greg smiled warmly.

"Thank you, I never would have believed an old guy like you would be this open and loving, most older folks are way too conservative to even admit to liking sex... Why are you so different?" Shawna asked sitting cross-legged on the edge of the bed Greg handed her the bedside towel. She gratefully accepted it folding it and settling on it.

"Thanks I think i'm starting to leak a bit. You really pumped a load into me. Greg, are you okay about all of this?" she hedged.

"Oh, you not mentioning you being in heat, hoping I'd impregnate you?" He asked with a playful smirk.

The ferret ducked her head "Uh-oh, busted... How did you pick up on that?" she asked honestly wondering.

"Oh, that is easy, when a fem is in heat their juices get stringy. And you have an almost tangy spicyness that really tickles a male's nose. And I am not mad at you, but remember me saying you were safe?" he asked pouring another cup. She nodded.

Well I am a 'sport model' so no worrys."

"Uh... sport model? I don't understand." the ferret looked confused.

"Well normally if a male had cum as deeply into you as I had, and you being in heat as you are it would be an almost foregone conclusion of you becoming pregnant as a result, and despite the species differences, sometimes the genetics click and you would have a nice ferret possum hybrid. But not in this case I am afraid."

"Well, if it's the goddess's will, it could still happen, we came together in unconditional love, so it might happen... Time will tell. Would you Be okay with it if I did receive that blessing from the goddess?" the ferret asked with a hand caressing her lower abdomen lovingly.

"personally, pregnancy is a fem's prerogative I feel I'd have no real say in the matter, it's your body, your decision, but it is not possible for me to impregnate anyone no matter how hard I try, or how much it would be desired..." Greg said.

"But, I felt you fill me it was electric, magical."

"I'm shooting blanks Shawna, that's why it is safe for me to do this with you and Becka."

"Oh my god, does Beckers know?" Shawna asked looking sad. Feeling a light touch caress her back.

"Yes Shaw-paws, it was one thing he told me first off." The Badger said softly rubbing the ferrets back as she say up. "it is why he can freely plow me into Badger fudge ripple. I never have to be afraid of accidentally winding up pregnant. And I truly love him for it, which is why I can freely share him with you." Becka said nuzzling the ferrets cheek.

"Yeah... Soul-mates are like that... Unconditionally loving each other, yet being open to freely sharing that love with others. Thank you, both of you for opening your hearts to me... oh wonderful, the Goddess is laughing at me for being a silly little wench trying to move from maiden to mother without being totally above board." Shawna chuckled "Okay, me culpa, I'm sorry, I learned my lesson. At least this is a loving one. " she smiled. "Blessings are best when shared with a loving heart and open mind."

"Indeed they are." Greg said "Coffee, my lovely Squidgy Fudge Badger love?" He asked holding up a cup.

"Oh yes please. My god that was incredibly intense! I came-and-went, that time. That was such a powerful cascade orgasm, I think I got a cramp in my baby locker!" Becka chuckled.

"Sorry about that love, it was so powerful it pushed me right out of you and you came so hard I thought you lost bladder control, but nope it was all your sweet liquid love, it seemed like you literally came in quarts! then you went boneless collapsing next to Shawna so I cleaned you up and let you both sleep it off."

"Anyway, as to your question of why an old guy like me is not an old uptight stick-in-the-mud when it comes to sex? Well, I am free from the jealousy, insecurity and manipulative game playing that makes most folks so set in their ways when it comes to the notion of sex. Call me an old hippy if you will, but I live by the rule that '** Love is Love; and it is ALL good. ***'* Which is why I can freely plow you into a satiated puddle of Ferrety fun with Becka here, and you both can play together with me here and we can all play together because people are NOT possessions, we are all consenting loving adults. And I respect your wishes, if you want to be plowed in a 'No Holes Barred' arena, than we can do that. If you want just oral or more P-I-V. Or if you are really into getting your tail hole plowed, it is all good."

"I think you broke my fuzzy little brain." Shawna giggled rubbing her head. ""Why can't everyone be this free open and loving? The world would be a much better place." she said then giggled.

"I want more sex, but I am not sure what I want first; I can hear the goddess saying_ "Flip a coin." _... then it hit me "Heads or Tails!"

I've got a quarter right here!" Becka chuckled holding up the coin.

# #

Becka Flipped the coin and Shawna stood up and bent double to see how it landed. "Ooh Tails" she said showing off her shapely tush Greg and Becka shared a look as Greg stood behind her "Yup, that is just about perfect." he said resting the head of his cock against the flexible ferret's tail-hole,

"Oh wow" the Ferret giggled Becka reached out and applied a dollop of thick Jell lube working her finger around Shaw-paws tight ring it relaxed under the Badger's attentions and soon she was able to slip a finger in sinking it to the first knuckle Shawna moaned "Gotta have it!" The ferret braced herself against the sleeping pallet flagging her tail spreading her legs wide as the Possum took his position.

Greg placed the head of his cock against the Ferret's star grabbed the base of her tail and pulled her back onto his shaft. her ring resisted momentarily before the possum's cock pressed into the girls tight tail hole.

"Oh Goddess, Yes!" Shawna cried as Greg pushed his meaty shaft into the Fun sized Ferrets backside, rocking her hips as he worked his way into her tight passage. "Oh-Oh-Oh-Oh-this is intense!" Shawna moaned shuddering in pleasure as Greg Finally hilted himself pausing to let his ferret lover accustom herself to this new sensation.

"M-ore." Shawna crooned flexing her ring around the possums girthy shaft. ""I want you to pump a load into me." she trilled and Greg was only too happy to comply. He started with a long slow build up drawing out the Ferrets pleasure until she was trembling all over knowing he was close to the edge as well.

"Ready to accept delivery?" he chuckled.

"Yes please oh great forest lord." Shawna giggled Greg delivered ten rapid thrusts causing his lover to squawk unexpectedly his balls slapping the ferrets puffy wet lips swatting her left cheek he once more hilted himself and with a primal roar pumped a load of his sweet sticky lovesauce deep into the Ferret's backside.

she shrieked as his explosion pulled the teetering ferret tumbling over the precipice into her own squealing release painting his balls and thighs with her gushing liquid love.


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