The Treetop Inn - Chapter 5

Story by Smokescale Aquatos on SoFurry

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#5 of The Treetop Inn

Yay! Another chapter of The Treetop Inn!

I've been neglecting my posting schedule quite terribly. Life's been awfully busy... and not really conducive for feeling productive.

Anyway, finally reposting this one. The previous chapters sort of followed events as they occurred within the Inn proper. The idea was originally meant to show the Inn as a setting in which all my characters lived, in canon. To that extent, I felt I should delve a bit into the origin stories of some of them. This was back when I didn't have a terribly great grasp of flowing narrative. If I had started writing all of this from scratch within the last couple of years, I probably would have saved this kind of a chapter for later, after I had better established the Inn, it's setting, and the characters within it. Oh well, that's not why you read this stuff now is it?

Sirius finds himself back in the realm of his origin. Betcha never guessed he was a time traveler, didja!? Granted it wasn't of his own doing. Having been trapped in the present we've all seen him in rather than what that period considered the past, he had grown a little despondent not being able to see his people. Brian, being the naughty thing he is, decides to fix this. Granted this was more thoughtful than naughty. Of course, one could argue the temporal prime directive and all that but I guess it doesn't really matter too much.

What sorts of shenanigans do these mischievous two get up to heading forward to the past? Find out now!

There might still be a few errors here and there. I found a few just perusing it trying to figure out what all was in it (it's been a while since I proofed it).

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It was a brisk, bright mid-autumn's afternoon. The trees were all in the middle of turning their brilliant colors. With each passing, the sun rose to a lower peak, shortening the days and lengthening the glorious beauty of the night. Sirius looked forward to the coming evening, wondering what position the stars were in. It had been so long since he returned home. Just being in the woods he was so familiar with seemed to re-energize him. A second set of eyes watched just behind his, drinking in the feeling of the muted elation coming from the white wolf, his 'host.' The pair continued on through the wilds, walking along a well used path as the afternoon's light warmed the lupine's snowy pelt. After a while, he simply could not remain silent any longer.

"It's so good being home. The inn's nice but, nothing can replace the love of the old stomping grounds." Sirius sighed happily, then inhaled through his nose. The scent of the forest overpowered everything and tickled the nape of his neck with a few chills.

A voice echoed softly behind his mind, inaudible to anyone but the wolf.

~You love this place more than me?~

Sirius laughed quietly, rolling his eyes softly at the comment. Cheeky fellow he was indeed. The wolf continued walking, breathing in deep the crisp air, laced with the scent of pine, oak, and elm, tasting so very clean.

"Different kind of love honey. No offense but you don't make my spine tingle when I sniff you." A laugh surrounded his mind, obviously amused by his comment.

~I'll keep that in mind to work on later.~

In the relatively short time the two had been together, Sirius and Brian had found they had a great deal in common. The fox, though he had only just begun his new life but a few months ago, had thrown himself completely into this new reincarnation he had been granted. It was almost like he was a completely different person. While he very much enjoyed curling up in his new boyfriend's stomach or other crevices, the kitsune found he rather enjoyed simply melting into him, feeling the wolf's body and senses along with him, as if he were just watching and along for the ride. For this particular trip, it was rather ideal. Not too many people in this world were fond of the idea of two boys being romantically entangled. Sirius was familiar with it. Brian had only just been introduced to the environment.

A different time indeed. The wolf was eternally grateful for the gift of his new home. Nonetheless, he was eager to return to where he had come from, and when. His family, his tribe, was here. He missed them dearly. Brian's ability to bring them both back to this era was a tremendous gift, one they would not dare squander.

~So, I don't think you ever did really explain how you got to the Inn. I'd rather not go rifling through your memories. It'd be rude to do that without your permission. That and it might distract you while we walk.~

The wolf chuckled, "Back when I lived here, I would leave the tribe to go wandering from time to time. I loved traveling, seeing new places, learning new things, and mapping it all out. I would always come back home after a while of course. I'd only just left for one of these trips, a day out or so, when I was suddenly overcome by a strange dizziness. I found myself unable to stand and I collapsed. The world spun around me and everything became a huge blur. Eventually, I passed out, and when I woke, I was looking up at three dragons staring down at me. And they were more than just a little shocked."

~Smokey, Shayna, and Carmel?~

Sirius nodded, not entirely sure why he did, "That's right. They were working on an experiment that had to do with the Promise and the seasons of the garden. This was back when they were trying to tie them all together in one complex enchantment. Somehow, it yanked me out of my time, and into theirs. We're still not entirely sure how that happened. If you get with them, they might be able to tell you more. Who knows, maybe you could figure out what went wrong. It's been bugging Shayna for a while."

~Really? That far back? How long have you been away from home?~ The fox was now somewhat concerned. Being so heavily displaced from one's timeline often led to powerful depression. And the wolf was rather good at hiding that side of himself.

"I've been gone for a few years now," He left a pause between his words as he walked, inhaling again to savor the rich scent of the pines, "Years and I never forgot the smell of this forest. We're close. A few days away." That same tingle ran up his neck. Brian took great comfort in how he responded to it all.

~I tried to aim as close as possible to when you vanished. It's hard to get it just right when you weren't the one who did it, and you don't have an exact point of reference.~

"It's fine honey. It was the end of summer when I left, and now it's deep into autumn. As long as it's the same year, we'll be just fine," Sirius paused again, chuckling to himself, "Listen to me... I've been in the future for so long it's changed how I speak. Gotta force myself back into the language of the day so speak. Forgive me if I sound a little odd when I talk."

Brian giggled quietly in the back of the wolf's mind, already more than eager to hear his boyfriend change his vernacular. Of course, for that to come about, they would need to be around people. A lone wolf walking along the road talking to himself, most would think him to be mad.

Hours passed as Sirius finally reached a rather large town, bustling with life. It came sooner than he had originally anticipated, thanks to a generous traveler allowing him to book passage on his cart. He hopped down off the wagon and thanked the driver, offering him a few coins for his troubles. Generosity begot generosity he always believed. It was a fine afternoon, slowly fading into evening as the sun drooped lower and lower. The air began to chill further with a crisp breeze, carrying the aroma of the forest he loved so much. The wind then shifted, carrying new smells to the lupine's sensitive nose. Delicious scents. Food, drink, company, and the like. It brought a new smile to his lips as he followed it to a nearby pub.

Inside, the atmosphere was lively and convivial, reminding the wolf of why he loved this era so much. Feeling rather saucy, Sirius found himself a seat at the bar, ordered a drink, and downed it quickly. A conversation was struck up with the barkeeper, giving him a bit of insight into where the pair had landed and what year. Another drink was poured and downed before the wolf felt an old urge begin to tickle and claw its way to the surface. He grinned as he retrieved his violin from the pack he carried with him.

"I don't suppose you'd mind if a bard told a few stories would you?" The bartender shook his head and pointed to what looked like a small make-shift stage on one side of the pub.

"Not at all, but please, keep it contained over there. The last one I let perform decided to dance around on top of the tables." He snickered a little, the memory seeming to be a fond one.

The wolf agreed and strolled over to the designated area, calling the attention of anyone who would listen as he began. He strummed a tune as he told his story, relating it in verse and with great passion. Brian was taken by surprise. He didn't know his wolf was a bard. And the colorful language he used was horribly amusing. The fox just had to get him to perform at the Inn sometime. Laughter rose through the crowd during the more humorous parts and a hushed silence dominated as the more dire events of the plot unfolded. The story itself was a tale of two lovers separated by fate and drawn back to one another by destiny.

The fact that it was rather explicit during some of the more steamy portions didn't seem to bother anyone in the crowd in the least. Perhaps it was his way with words. Such vivid detail was usually best left to scholars rather than orators. And yet Sirius seemed to have the audience in the palm of his hand, especially one certain individual in particular. The second pair of eyes watching behind his picked up on the rather stout ferret, sensing something somewhat displeasing from him but it was dismissed as the story continued.

Finally, after a good two hours, the bard's song and dance came to an end. Night had long sense fallen and the stars above beckoned him to step outside to view them. He bowed to the room, receiving a grand applause, paid his tab, and made a discrete exit, sighing happily in delighted satisfaction. He had missed doing that. As he looked to the sky, he smiled all the wider. The twinkling gems above were in their proper place, the configuration he had grown up knowing. For some reason, it brought great comfort to him. Unfortunately, that comfort was short lived.

"You there, bard, the one with the rather... dramatic story!" It was the ferret from before.

Sirius' companion contained a faint wave of mild revulsion as the air of distaste returned. Something about this fellow simply put them both off, though Sirius was used to such surroundings in towns like this.

"Yes? How can I help you?" In spite of his subtle revulsion, the wolf maintained an air of composed distinction.

The well-fed, moderately well dressed creature pulled his thin lips into a grin that would have turned the stomach of a young child.

"Oh it isn't what you can do for me, it's what I can do for you. That story you told was rather interesting. It tells me you're into the more exotic experiences in life, am I right?" Of course, he was a peddler of the flesh.

Sirius laughed as he slipped his violin back into the small pack slung over his shoulder, "You could say that. Why do you ask? Are you a merchant in such matters?" It was quite clear this rodent fellow had not picked up on the hidden aroma layered within the wolf's scent, otherwise he might not have approached. Or maybe he would have done so prior to the song.

"In a manner of speaking. Come with me, my place of business should speak for itself." The ferret backed away softly, extending an arm to guide the lupine.

Sirius nodded and decided to give the ferret the benefit of the doubt. His passenger was less than enthusiastic about the prospect of spending any more time than necessary around this oddly repelling beast.

~I don't know what it is about this guy but... something's just off about him. I can't put my finger on it but I don't trust him.~

Silently, the wolf responded, not wanting to draw attention to the third party listening in on the stranger's conversation.

~I know, I get the same feeling from him too. Don't worry, I don't plan on staying long. Just bear with me a bit longer honey. I wanna say I remember something about a guy like this. I'd like to see if the stories are true.~

The other voice grew silent, trusting the lupine at his word. A short walk through the chilly night air, just right in Sirius' opinion, saw them both arrive at a door protected by a set of iron bars. Two small torches hung on the walls on either side illuminated the area as the ferret unlocked the first door. Was he trying to keep others out? Or perhaps keep something in? Either way, the wolf would soon find out. A squeak of the hinges and a clicking of tumblers saw both barricades opened before them.

The ferret entered and held the door for his guest, closing and locking both wooden portal and iron gate behind them, "You'll have to forgive the rather strict security measures I have in place. I can't have my business threatened by... well, shall we say, unfortunate circumstances."

If it was the sort of establishment the wolf thought it was, Sirius could foresee a series of 'unfortunate circumstances' befalling this odious little man.

The wolf dismissed it politely, "Perfectly fine, but I'm eager to see just what it is you mean by 'dealer in the exotic' if you'll forgive the artistic license."

The ferret chuckled and shook his head, leading Sirius deeper, down the stone stairs into what felt like a basement of sorts, "There's nothing to forgive. In fact, I rather like the phrase. You'll find out the meaning behind it shortly."

The dark, poorly lit cobblestone path under the earth finally gave way to a larger chamber, nicely furnished and well illuminated. Unfortunately, the meaning behind the ferret's words became all too clear upon examining the room. It appeared he ran a sort of harem or slave market, though his selection was somewhat sparse. What he did have however was rather unique. An equine of lovely shape, proportion, and garb sat on the far left, striped in black and white; a zebra. She seemed bored but not altogether uncomfortable with her current situation. Either she enjoyed the work or she had given up trying to escape. It was difficult to tell from the other side of the room.

Upon walking closer, her eyes lit up and a huge smile spread across her muzzle. Clearly she was here by choice. Immediately to her right sat a curious creature Sirius had only seen after being stranded in the distant future, but it took only an instant to recognize what she was, a red panda. The owner seemed to have quite a range to him despite his portly build. The wolf continued around the room, passing other creatures rarely seen in this region if at all, finding a cheetah, a gryphon, and a coyote in an outfit not too dissimilar from that of his own tribe. There was even a kangaroo. All of them appeared female and wore a sort of pendant about their necks, no doubt a symbol of ownership.

"Well, exotic indeed. Creatures from all across the world in one little room. Impressive. Are they all here by their own volition?"

The ferret nodded lightly, grinning and chuckling a bit, "I was lucky enough to locate ladies who had found a propensity for submission or prostitution. Don't worry, they're all quite healthy."

The wolf nodded, not actually detecting a proper answer to his question. He paused as his sensitive sinuses detected something out of the ordinary. He furrowed his brow and continued on past the girls, many of them looking almost hurt that he was ignoring them. The scent led Sirius towards the wall opposite the means of entry they had used. Despite its solid appearance, the voice in his mind assured him there was a way through, a switch or something that would operate the wall. His hands slid along the rough surface until an odd little circular divot was located.

With only a light pressure forced upon it, the indentation gave way, depressing easily enough as the wall swung forward, opening into a short passageway leading towards a large room of stone. It wasn't terribly hospitable but a certain venue that a select demographic might enjoy. Particularly those of the surlier, "manlier" persuasion.

A single, large bed stood at one end opposite a great blazing fireplace. One of the walls was decorated with all manner of curious gadgetry that appeared to be nothing more than a medieval version of many of the adult devices Sirius had come to be familiar with back home. He had not realized just how far back such depravity reached. What truly caught his eye was the smallish, dark crimson scaled creature lying quietly on the bed. He lifted his head to gaze at whoever had opened the hidden door, seeming to be expecting someone specific.

A look of surprise took him when he spotted the wolf, "You're not my usual customer..."

The lupine snickered, eyeing the little dragon, his thin frame and short stature no doubt making him a prime subject for dominating, "I should expect not. I take it you usually only get one person this far past the front gate?"

Before the young fellow could answer, the ferret who had shown his new guest here hurried around in front of the white beast, trying to gently coax him back out into the foyer.

"I highly doubt you'd be interested in this little guy. Not much meat on his bones. You look to me like a fellow who likes his playthings to have a bit of strength to them! Besides, he's reserved for a special guest." Unfortunately, his attempt to guide Sirius back out of the hidden passage only served to strengthen the canid's curiosity. He stopped the portly fellow from all but shoving him out the door, his eyes locked on the little dragon.

"And if he's reserved for a special guest, the only person he's ever been 'hired' by, what makes you think I wouldn't be interested in him? The very idea that no one but a single person gets to spend time with this little one makes him the embodiment of the exotic... in a manner of speaking. I'd like to have a little time with him if that's alright. Before his usual customer arrives of course."

At first, the slave owner was hesitant to even consider the possibility, trying to hurry the wolf back out before the conversation could go on any further.

"Oh no I don't think you'd like him that much. He's so little and weak...he's not even very enthusiastic about his job." The ferret pushed and pulled, trying his best to direct Sirius away and out.

That caught the wolf's attention, "He's here against his will?" His voice had changed, no longer sounding quite as jovial as before, now seeming a bit more irate. The ferret gulped quietly and nodded a little.

"Y-yes. He's a debt he must work off before I set him loose. We had an agreement and he's honoring his end of the bargain."

"And just what was this bargain of yours? To not hit him if he does what he's told?" The lupine's now stern demeanor was quickly draining the good cheer out of the moment.

The owner of the questionable establishment refused to argue any further on the matter, returning to the previous concern of removing the wolf from the hidden parlor.

"Please sir, if I could just ask that you return to the foyer..."

The wolf then reached into his pack, retrieving a sizable leather pouch trussed up with thin, gold rope. He dropped the heavily laden bag to the ground, letting the contents make a sound the rotund rodent was all too familiar with. He dove for the bag and opened it, finding at least a hundred gold pieces within. His eyes suddenly bulged widely at the sight, whipping his gaze to meet the ivory lupine's.

"I've got more. And if you want to even see any of it, I would suggest you be a little more accommodating to your customers. Now if you don't mind, I'd like to have some privacy with my purchase." The wolf stepped around the ferret. The fat little man was still on his hands and knees counting the gold coins in the sack his customer had dropped. Greed had taken over his mind, the thought of more bags of gold like this driving him to do as he was told. He collected his payment and hurried out into the foyer, closing the hidden door behind him.

Satisfied, Sirius turned back to the dragon laying on the bed, smiling warmly to him despite the rather emotionless stare he was offered in return.

"So how long is this going to take? I'd like to be done before Kraven shows up. He doesn't like sharing me with anyone else. That's why he told Randle to block off the entry to the bedroom here. Now he just lets customers take his 'pets' out to their own rooms in the nearby inns." His detachment was somewhat disconcerting to the wolf, making him frown sadly. Such an attitude could only have been brought on by years of abuse. And having lost any hope of going free.

"What's your name?" He completely ignored the first question.

The little dragon blinked, never having had anyone care enough in his time as a sex slave to ask his name, "N-Nathanial...but I used to just go by Nate."

The snowy canid nodded, taking a seat on the edge of the bed, patting the area next to him. The dragon obediently moved to his temporary master's side, looking up at him curiously.

"I'm Sirius. It's nice to meet you." He smiled, wrapping an arm warmly around the smaller fellow.

Nate's brow furrowed in confusion. He knew he was there to be used for pleasure. No one ever took the time to have a polite conversation with him, let alone say it was lovely making his acquaintance.

"Thank you?" For a brief moment, he dared to let himself imagine something better than his usual endeavors, but his experience came crashing in around him. "Look, Kraven's a creature of habit. He always shows up at the same time of the week, and tomorrow afternoon is his usual arrival window. He stays through the weekend and leaves Monday morning. If there was something specific you were hoping for, you might as well just get it over with unless you want end up a red and white smear under his foot."

Once more, the wolf seemed to not listen to his warning, choosing to remain on a more casual subject, "How long have you been here?"

Once more, Nate's face contorted with incomprehension. Why was this odd male so interested in mundane details? Especially those of the life of a slave?

"About fifteen years, give or take. I can't really remember much from before I came here. Why?"

"Do you remember if it was against your will?" Sirius squeezed his arm gently around Nate, watching as the lad shivered softly, clearly fighting his enjoyment of the contact.

The little red dragon frowned, slowly growing irritated with this seemingly irrelevant area of discussion.

"What does it matter?"

Sirius' eyes betrayed a look of earnest yearning to know the answer, "It matters to me... please..."

Nate sighed and looked off into space, trying to piece together the fragments of his shattered memories.

"All I remember is the boss saying I owed him money and he had a way I could work it off quicker than the traditional means. I don't particularly enjoy this, but if I'm paying him back, I guess I owe it to him to do it until we're square." His voice didn't carry any detectable sign of certainty. He himself was not fully aware of the circumstances of his being here. He looked down, sensing something more sinister.

"And has he been keeping you informed of how much longer you have to work here, or how much more money you owe him?" Sirius watched as the dragon shook his head, "Don't you find that just a little odd? Saying you owe him and then demanding you work like this without ever being told for how long or how much money you have to earn to honor the 'agreement' you two made?"

Nate shrunk a little in his seat, crumpling under what he assumed was anger.

"I'm sorry, I just don't remember how it was I came to be here. But there's no way for me to get out whether I deserve to or not. I get fed, I have a place to sleep inside out of the cold, and I'm pretty much left alone. It could be a lot worse."

The wolf turned the dragon to face him, looking down into the little fellow's dark eyes, devoid of passion, desire, and the fire of a free person.

"And it could be a hell of a lot better. Why haven't you said anything to him? Why haven't you confronted him about this?"

Emotion began to flow into Nate's gaze, not passion, but fear.

"Do you have any idea what Kraven would do to him, let alone me if I tried to leave? With or without the boss's help!? He'd break both of his legs, then hunt me down like an animal and do god knows what to me! He'd drag me right back here, chain me back up, and without the boss to make sure I got food, I'd probably starve to death waiting for Kraven to come by to pay his usual visits."

Sirius settled it in his mind. He would just have to have a little chat with this Kraven fellow and the slave owner once they were both available. Little Nathanial's situation simply would not abide in the wolf's eyes.

"Frankly, I don't care." Sirius ripped the necklace, identical to those worn by the ladies in the foyer, from the small reptile's neck, holding it up for him to see, "I think you've been here well more than long enough, and I'd say it's about damn time you were allowed to leave."

Nate's eyes widened seeing the necklace removed, reaching up quickly to grab at the little amulet he had been forced to wear, "Give that back!! It's supposed to stay on!!"

"Says who? Your 'boss'? Is it one of the rules he made for you and the others?"

A new, greater look of fear filled the dragon's eyes as Sirius continued to jerk the trinket out of his reach.

"You don't understand...they're enchanted to kill should they be removed for too long! Please! Put it back on me!!" Sadistic indeed this ferret was.

Sirius growled quietly and eyed the pendant, examining it closely, "What else does it do?"

Nate continued to attempt to snatch the necklace back out of the wolf's hand but to no avail, speaking as he pulled against the chain around his neck.

"It lets whoever 'rents' me control my gender. If they want a girl, I turn into a girl. If they want a guy, I turn into a guy! Now please give it back!!" He continued to grab towards the necklace, clearly desperate to keep from dying.

The wolf frowned at the dragon, not upset with his incessant need to return the bauble to his person but for another reason.

"It's rude to speak while someone else is talking."

Confusion reigned in Nate's mind. He had not heard the wolf speak, and they were the only two in the room. He had asked a question of him hadn't he? "But..."

"Shhh... Now, you were saying before you were so rudely interrupted?" He held a finger aloft to Nate's lips to keep him quiet, his gaze fixed on the necklace as the odd conversation the wolf seemed to be having with himself continued.

"You weren't saying anything though..." It was barely a whisper, more Nate talking to himself to try and comprehend the lupine's odd behavior. The silence continued for several moments before Sirius nodded and turned to look at the dragon.

"My friend tells me this necklace has several enchantments on it beyond the measure to keep you in line and alter your sex to appease your customers. It lets the 'boss' know where you are, if you're telling the truth or not, and even administers pain should you disobey one of his direct commands. Does that sound like a fair trade for anything to you?" The wolf tipped his nose down, keeping his eyes on the red fellow. It was as if he were peering over an invisible pair of glasses.

Once more, Nate blinked, utterly baffled by this lupine's questionable sanity. He grumbled and snatched at the necklace again, feeling his time slowly running out. At least he was certain there was an hour's delay on the removal curse.

"Look, I don't know who you were talking to just now but please just give me back my necklace you lunatic!"

A laugh rose up from the white canid, finding the comment horribly amusing.

"Funny you should call me that. A term that refers to periodic insanity somehow linked to the phases of the moon. Considering where my companion comes from, it's quite the appropriate term. Now take a seat and calm down while I try to figure out what to do with this nasty little trinket."

The dragon grumbled and sat with a plop, crossing his arms indignantly, "Why do I always have to deal with the crazy ones? Kraven's psychotic... and you're either delusional or you hear voices."

Sirius grinned, "That's right, I do. And his name is Brian."

Nate raised an eyebrow, now seriously beginning to question if the wolf was truly out of his head or if he was simply going along with the gag at the little dragon's expense, "Excuse me?"

"It's a long story and I'll explain it later. For now, you said this little thing changes your gender depending on what the client wants. What were you before you came here?"

More erroneous questioning, aggravating the little red beast, but it was clear to him that he wouldn't get the necklace back unless he played along. Perhaps that was how this particular wolf extricated his enjoyment, tormenting those smaller then himself. The question was thought over for a moment as a somber realization came to him. Nate couldn't remember. He hung his head as his shoulders drooped, his arms falling uncrossed as his hands came together in his lap.

"I-I don't's been so long and I've been changed around so much..."

Sirius frowned softly and eyed the amulet with distaste, "Well no more."

The hand holding the odd little trinket glowed for a fraction of an instant, the necklace losing its brilliance in that same moment. Sirius' other hand moved to take the symbol of ownership in his other hand, holding it between both thumb and forefinger of both hands. With a firm bending motion, he snapped the coin-shaped pendent in two, destroying it and tossing the two halves into the fire across the room.

"From now on, you decide what gender you will be. And at the earliest opportunity I can arrange, I'm getting you out of here."

Nate's eyes widened seeing the object that had been the leverage over his life destroyed, standing sharply to reach out as if to catch the two halves. As if he could do anything to reattach them if he could snatch them out of the air.

"No!! What have you done!? I'm going to die now!! Please!! Tell Randle what's happened!! He'll come in with a new necklace and I'll be able to live!!" He had been in situations like this before; a stranger coming in, paying for some time and promising to free him, to remove the necklace and ensure his independence. Every time he had seen it before, it had been nothing but a tease. He was certain that was exactly what was happening now. He yanked on the chain restraining him, crying out for the ferret to help him.

After so many years, his owner had grown to ignore any cries for aid the little dragon might scream. He had learned his lesson to not interrupt clients when they were busy. After several minutes, Nathanial gave up trying to get the ferret's attention and crawled up to the headboard where he collapsed into a sobbing mess.

"I'm going to die! I don't want to die! Not like this! I don't want to die here, as a slave!! I just want out!! Someone please help me!! I don't want this!!"

The wolf frowned and crawled up along side the dragon, wrapping his arms tenderly about poor little Nate. He had underestimated the sort of effect attempting to emancipate the dragon would bring about. He cooed softly, trying to rock him back and forth as the seemingly youthful crimson creature sobbed and trembled horribly. He pushed away from Sirius weakly, blaming him for his impending doom but the lupine would not let him slip away, pressing him firmly against his warm, luxuriously soft pelt.

"It's okay. You're not going to die. I promise."

"You broke my necklace. It's destroyed. Even if I tried to put it back on now it wouldn't work. I can't get the boss's attention and you won't go get him. I won't get a new necklace to replace that one and I'll die inside an hour. "

The wolf lifted his chin to force his gaze to meet the lupine's, "No, you're not. All the enchantments that had been cast on that thing have been removed. You aren't going to die. No one can change your gender anymore but you until you pick one permanently. No one will know exactly where you are unless you want them to know. And that horrible little man out there can't cause you pain anymore if you disobey him. You've nothing to worry about anymore."

Nate couldn't bare to hold his eyes on Sirius, tearing himself away from the oddly inviting stare. He found himself burying his face in the wolf's chest, not caring if what was being said was true or not, only wanting to find comfort and peace for as long a time as he could hold onto it. As he sat there sobbing and shaking, he found himself wanting to get lost in that warm embrace, but his twisted sense of logic told him he knew better, that it wasn't real.

Surely this white wolf was just doing this to torment him, make him feel he could trust the wolf, then do something decidedly horrible to him he couldn't normally do without that trust. He sobbed unintelligibly for a solid hour before finally crying himself to sleep, having managed to let enough slip for Sirius to piece together a picture of what had been going on before he arrived. He didn't like the image that was conjured up. With the little dragon now asleep in his arms, he sighed and laid down next to him, squeezing the little wingless fellow comfortably before slipping out of most of his clothes and pulling the sheets over them both.

He had his work cut out for him trying to convince Nathanial he was sincere. A lifetime of deception had carved out the little dragon's ability to trust. Rebuilding it would take time. Time he was more than happy to spend if Nate would let him.

Morning came, though it was difficult to tell that it was. There were no windows in the room, no soothing rays of sunshine, no hints of daylight seeping in anywhere. It was disorienting, but Sirius' internal clock told him the sun had risen and he had roughly twelve hours to convince Nate he was there to help him. Waking him wouldn't prove useful. If anything, it would simply greet the little dragon with a renewed sense of depression. It would be better if he woke up on his own. The wolf remained on his side, keeping the little dragon's cheek pressed tenderly against his chest, holding the back of his head affectionately. Poor little guy had been crying in his sleep. His fur was wet with tears. Sirius sighed and stroked the lad softly between his two little horns, letting himself drift back to sleep again. It would be at least another half hour before Nate woke.

A quiet, cute little squeak of a yawn rose from the almost rusty red dragon. His hands lifted to rub his eyes, still moist from the tears he'd shed in the night. Something felt odd. Normally he woke up in a very uncomfortable position, somehow unaccommodating for his size, but this morning was different. He was still in the wolf's tender embrace. Sirius had not done anything to take advantage of him in the night. He wasn't sore, at least more than usual. And he was alive!

The necklace was still gone, and he was still alive! The wolf had told the truth! The curse that awful ferret had placed on him had been lifted! Without saying a word, he buried his face back into the canid's fur, wrapping his arms as far around Sirius as he could reach, squeezing tight. He owed this wolf a great deal for going to such lengths for him. The tight squeeze woke the larger of the two from his little nap. A pair of pale yellow eyes gazed down at the small dragon now firmly attached to his torso, making him chuckle quietly as his hands resumed their affectionate caresses.

"Now you see? I told you. You've nothing to worry about anymore. I'm here to help."

Nate fought back his tears once again, this time not sorrowful, but overjoyed that someone had finally, at long last come to his rescue.

"Thank you! Thank you so much!! I don't know how I could ever repay you but whatever it takes, I'll do it!"

"All I ask is that you trust me. Getting you out of here is going to be a little tricky and I'll need you to do as I say. I promise, if you listen carefully and do as I ask, you'll see daylight again." Nate nodded firmly, pressing himself even more firmly against the wolf's form.

"I'll do whatever you say, my life is yours!"

Sirius chuckled and craned his neck down, pressing his lips gently against little Nathanial's forehead, "Isn't that sort of talk what landed you here in the first place?"

The dragon pulled himself back to speak, staring directly ahead, into the thick tuft of fur before him.

"I-I don't know. I honestly cannot remember exactly how I got here. I can't even remember much of my life before this. I just know that every year I age, I don't look any older. I don't know if it's because of my species or if it's something the boss has done to me, or if it's something Kraven might have done. I can remember celebrating a birthday several years before ever coming here and the visions of myself in that memory are almost identical to how I look now."

Sirius nodded, kissing his forehead again to sooth the little dragon, "We'll see if we can't get your memory back in order, figure out exactly what happened to land you here. If it can be salvaged, I promise, I will do everything in my power to help you remember."

Nate nodded and hugged the wolf tightly again. He wasn't sure if he was dreaming or not. If it was just a dream, he wished with all his might to never wake up from it. As he sat there, wishing and mashing his little cheek against the wolf's warm coat, the discussion from last night returned to the forefront of his thoughts. Mention of this other person boggled his mind.

"Who's Brian?"

Sirius, having forgotten he let that particular confidence slip, chuckled quietly. Trust was a funny thing. One couldn't expect to earn it while keeping secrets. And he did say he would explain at some point. Now was as good a time as any.

"Well you probably wouldn't believe me if I tried to explain through word alone, so I'll skip the description and go straight to the introductions." Immediately, the wolf began to glow, his form wrapped in a warm, pale blue light. Nate's eyes widened at the sight, trying to back away slightly. The aura strengthened, growing brighter and brighter until it separated from Sirius, floating gently around the pair before seeming to settle near the lupine. The light faded to reveal a silvery-grey kitsune, smiling as he practically pounced the little dragon, giving him a broad, wet slurp on the cheek.

"Hi! I'm Brian! Sirius' boyfriend!"

Poor Nate only had time to let out a surprised yelp as he was overwhelmed and pinned, "What are you!? Some kind of demon!?"

Brian laughed, squeezing the little lizard affectionately, "Nah, I'm not a demon! I'd try to explain but I don't think we have time to answer all your questions. We've got our work cut out for us. Let's get you hidden."


The wolf nodded, trying to pull the overly affectionate fox off their new friend.

"We can't just stroll out with you in plain sight. Goodness knows what that odious little man might try."

"So how do you plan to hide me?" Nate looked between them, distracted by the topic from dealing with the fact that the one person who had slept with him all night was actually two people.

Brian grinned, suddenly shrinking to match Nate's size and build. The little dragon blinked, not sure if he was still dreaming or not. The fox winked, scooting closer to his wolfen companion.

"I'll show you! It's a lotta fun, not ta mention comfy!"

"I suppose I should assume the position?" Sirius ruffled the miniature fox's hair lightly, offering a quiet chuckle. Brian grinned and nodded rapidly.

"Yep! Strip and spread, honey! Now watch closely Nate. This is our famous disappearing fox trick!"

The wolf eased himself out of his undergarments, revealing an already bulging sheath and plump, fuzzy scrotum. The musky aroma, while unique to a certain degree, was all too familiar to little Nate, immediately drawing an almost Pavlovian response. His eyes glazed over slightly and a light gag passed quickly, not in disgust but rather repetitive use slowly training him to keep from choking.

"What exactly are you two doing?" An almost morbid curiosity had begun to grip the dragon, the wolf refusing to answer directly.

"Watch and learn!" Sirius leaned back against the cold metal headboard, his legs parted quite wide. With one hand, he reached down and scooped up both weighty orbs resting between his thighs. What the little dragon saw was something he was familiar with but did not suspect to find it here.

"You're a girl!?"

The starry-eyed wolf laughed and shook his head, "Nope, I'm a little of both. Alright Brian, dive on in!"

Nate furrowed his brow at that, confused by the request Sirius made of the fox. Dive in? Surely he didn't mean it literally. The wolf's sharp gasp and subsequent long, delighted moan shook the dragon from his fevered rationalizations, his eyes widening again upon drinking in the scene before him. The small kitsune had managed to shove his entire head into Sirius' moist nethers. A new scent wafted over from the two canids, carrying an almost intoxicating effect. Nate closed his eyes and breathed deep and slow. The strangely sweet air passed over his sinuses, producing a mild, delightful dizziness. He opened his eyes again as a new moan filled the room. The little fox had succeeded in worming his shoulders into the wolf, already making a visible bulge in Sirius' belly.

What had been a partially swollen sheath had managed to erupt into a long, smooth shaft, pulsing softly, arching up towards the wolf's torso. The fox below wriggled wildly, pushing with his legs to slip deeper out of sight. The white wolf moved his hands to knead his steadily growing middle. His breath came in pants, hastening each time he felt the fox gain traction. Brian shoved again, working himself in up to his waist, both fluffy tails wagging about energetically. A few more wet slurps saw Sirius' pint-sized lover locked away in his impressively stretched belly, the wolf trying to catch his breath as the dome shifted under his hands. Giggles of glee filtered through the fleshy walls encasing the little fox, leaving Nate in utter shock.

"This can't be real. I'm still asleep. I'm dreaming, that's what's happening." Disbelief and doubt filled his mind, yet he found himself desperately hoping it was more than a fabrication.

The wolf shook his head, reaching over and pulling the little red beast to him, hugging Nate against his 'pregnant' tummy, "It's quite real. Like they say, truth is stranger than fiction. I hope that doesn't frighten you."

Once pressed against the writhing lump, Nate rest his hands against the odd distensions in what he thought ought be a smooth, spherical dome.

"He's really in there," The dragon looked up, his gaze meeting those pale yellow lupine eyes, "Did it hurt? Him going in like that and all?"

Sirius removed one of his hands from his tight middle, resting it softly on top of little Nate's head, caressing between the two short nubs of black that interrupted his rusty hide, "Not in the slightest! In fact, it feels rather good. I've been on the other end of it too. It's quite soothing once you're curled up inside. Warm, safe, and soft."

"Really?" Nate's gaze shifted quickly back down to Sirius' belly, the fox inside pressing outward against Nate's hands.

Brian's voice was slightly muffled but still coherent, "Why don't you come in and find out for yourself?"

The lizard's cheeks flushed brilliantly, not sure if he found the concept alluring or frightening. Sirius smiled, pushing forward with his hips softly.

"Room for one more. I'll take care of you. I promise. I won't let anyone hurt you."

It was a lofty goal and after seeing Brian simply appear from Sirius then curl up in his womb, Nate was beginning to believe he could make good on the bargain.

"You promise?" There was real doubt in the dragon's voice, but it was nowhere near as strong as it had been only hours prior.

The wolf nodded, swearing to hold to his word, "I promise. Cross my heart and hope to die."

"How long would I be in there?" The puzzled lad asked, not sensing a possible means of trickery, but expressing genuine curiosity.

"Until you feel like leaving." The wolf gasped softly as Brian turned about, poking against a tender region inside. He grinned a bit as he gazed down at his domed belly, squeezing the naughty fox inside.

A new thought occurred to the little dragon, bringing a rise to one of his eyebrows, "Would I end up being your child?"

The same warm smile greeted him as the wolf leaned down to kiss his forehead, "Brian and I certainly wouldn't mind, but that's completely up to you."

It was worth considering. If Sirius really could protect him like he said, perhaps he would make a good father figure. So far, he had been nothing but kind and caring. Such a proposition required more thought. For now, just getting out of this hell hole was the primary objective.

"I'll keep it in mind. Just tell me what I need to do to get out of here."

"Well, having you in plain sight would cause trouble. I think hiding you with Brian is the best choice. Are you okay with that?"

Nate considered the statement for a moment, seeing the logic in remaining concealed. He could only imagine what that ferret would do to him if he saw him leaving with the wolf. And Brian did make the concept of slipping into the wolf seem rather enticing. Finally, he made his choice.

"Okay, I'll do it. Anything is better than this. How do I get in?"

Sirius opened his mouth to speak but instead he gasped, the fox within moving once more. A fluffy grey head emerged from between the wolf's legs, grinning from ear to ear.

"Gimme yer hands. I'll pull ya in!" Two little paws slipped out of the warmth making the wolf moan again. Brian reached out to the timid dragon who tentatively took his hands. Before Nate could ask what to do next, the grey kitsune was slurped back up by the slick, moist folds that had consumed him earlier, dragging the surprised dragon's forearms into the tight embrace. Sirius moaned again as his second passenger began slipping in.

The little lizard swallowed hard, afraid he might be crushed, "Is it gonna hurt?"

Sirius looked down over his rounded middle, shaking his head as his breath left him once more.

"N-no...n-not at all." He winced, flexing the powerful musculature wrapped around the drake's arms, squeezing to pull firmly as Brian provided his own support. Nate yelped in surprise again, trying to ask one last question but the fleshy lips devouring him forced his muzzle shut. The sweet aroma of feminine nectar filled his nostrils, the honey slipping past his lips. His eyes lit up as the taste hit him. Immediately, he pushed his tongue free in an attempt to get a greater sample.

The wolf, holding the sides of his expanding tummy, shuddered in delight, his tongue lolling out of his mouth as his eyes glazed over. Brian tugged firmly, managing to reach Nate's halfway point. He moved his hands along the little dragon's form, reaching forward to grip under his arms and pull. A pair of red legs protruded out from under Sirius' heavy scrotum, kicking lightly as a thin tail instinctively sought out anything that could be used as an anchor, wrapping about the throbbing spire above dribbling its musky essence down the pink flesh. A new groan of pleasure rumbled away around the two contained in the wolf's belly.

The sound elicited a grin from the two-tailed fox, "He must really be enjoying this. Just a little more big guy!"

Nate's smooth scales slicked by the sweet secretions simplified his steady slide inward, speeding his entry so that he might settle safely in Sirius' serene surroundings. His calves glided along until his feet disappeared, his tail uncoiling from around the wolf's member only to be swallowed up by his puffy nethers. Sirius lay there under his new, even larger belly, working to catch his breath. A great smile crossed his lips, pleased with Nate's decision.

"Mmm, that's a good boy. You two comfy in there?" His hands roamed over the bloated swell, feeling both passengers moving about under his fur. Nate felt over the slick walls of his new hiding spot, the fox clinging to him happily. A rapid heartbeat thumped away nearby, gradually dropping back to a normal pace. The steady, deep sound was indeed very soothing.

"Yeah, it's nicer than I expected. I could get used to this... for a while at least." His hands fell from the walls returning Brian's embrace. He fought back tears of joy. It was too early to celebrate just yet.

"If you'll give me a moment, I'll catch my breath, get dressed, and we'll take off. Are you going to try to work with him on his memory at all, Brian?" His belly shifted softly.

"I'm gonna do what I can. Hop you don't mind just one lil guy in here." The fox pressed his lips to the dragon's cheek, speaking to both of them with that comment.

"Not at all. Just do what you have to." Quietly, the wolf would miss the extra mass, but his middle would still be bigger than it had been the night before, and that was always good in his mind.

Brian nodded, giving the smooth wall an affectionate lick. Then he turned his attention to the little dragon, "Now to do this, I'm gonna hafta enter you the way I did Sirius before we arrived. It can be a little disturbing at first but I promise I won't hurt you. But if you don't want me to, I won't do it. What's your choice?"

It puzzled Nate seeing Brian drop the oh so playful spirit but it was not unpleasant. He trusted them both this far. A little further wouldn't make much difference.

"Go ahead. I'm used to people just doing whatever they want to me."

Brian frowned unhappily. Without another word, he leaned forward and gave Nate a tender little kiss on the nose then cuddled tight against him, nuzzling up under his chin. Light filled the dark chamber as the fox returned to his natural state, that of a formless mass of energy. He then began to seep into the dragon's form. Nate gasped as he became Brian's host, shuddering softly. Outside, Sirius looked down at his tummy as it glowed, light from within filtering through his flesh and fur, looking quite diffused but still very noticeable. The great dome shrank as the light faded.

His hands moved to caress the smaller swell, feeling a special bond form between the three of them. "How do you feel?" His answer came as a loud, long purr, making his tummy tremble softly. The wolf smiled and squeezed the little dragon's form lovingly, "I take it you approve?"

"It feels wonderful. Like if joy was a lake and you could sit at the bottom of it. Is this what you feel when he's inside you?" Soft pressure from outside squeezed the little dragon, a sensation he was quickly growing to enjoy.

Sirius lounged comfortably under the new weight. His tail wagged happily hearing little Nate's pleased description.

"For the most part. He's quite the interesting fellow. It's very difficult not to like him. Now, you just get comfortable in there and I'll put some distance between us and this place." The lupine sat up and moved off the bed. Dressing was an interesting matter with his new belly but not impossible. He had learned to deal with it on prior occasions. His shirt refused to cover the entire dome but it reached far enough. Outside in the foyer, the girls were all just beginning to wake up, yawning and stretching as they each rose. The sight that met them was a plump white wolf looking over the lot of them. The zebra spoke up before the others, seeming to be the leader of sorts.

"Weren't you thinner?"

Sirius snickered quietly. He strolled over to the lovely lady, giving her cheek a little kiss before moving one of her hands to his belly. A slight shift under his fur made the rather sizable striped equine gasp, her eyes jolting down to the swell.

"Thanks to little Nathanial, I've got some extra girth."

The zebra glanced up at the wolf's face, utterly shocked, "You ate him!?"

The other girls all turned and gasped at the supposition. Sirius tilted his head back and laughed heartily. Another little peck on the cheek was planted.

"Certainly not. He's in a much safer place," He grinned as the equine female furrowed her brow curiously, unable to imagine what this wolf could be driving at, "Let me show you what I mean," Once more, his pants were removed and once more, he took the zebra's hand, guiding it to his groin. Her fingers explored the warm region until they came across a most fold of flesh. A quiet rumble rose from the wolf's throat as he smiled wider, "Now do you understand?"

The horse's eyes widened more as she came to realize what exactly happened to the little dragon.

"You're a hermaphrodite?! And you put Nate... in here!?"

"That's right. I'm his daddy for the time being." The mood in the room suddenly changed from horror to disbelief, the five other girls rushing over from their own cushions to examine Sirius' belly. Giggles and whispers surrounded the lupine as the ladies began to consider him more like a female with child, giddy over the idea.

"I've never heard of anyone doing anything like this before! Could you teach us how to do that?"

Sirius grinned, enjoying the attention and their eagerness to dive into the concept. He looked to the zebra again as his firm tummy was loved on by the group, "What's your name honey?"


The wolf brought her lips to his, kissing her affectionately before pulling away but to speak, "Because I like to know the names of my students."

Randle, the odious little ferret, whistled a little tune as he strolled down the street, unlocking the gate to his place of business, locking it back behind him before he practically danced down the stairs. The wolf had proven most profitable as a customer. And he wasn't about to stop at just one big bag of gold. He would pump Sirius for every coin he could get. Such an opportunity put him in a very agreeable mood. A mood which was quickly replaced by utter shock at the sight he walked in on.

"That's it Joselyn, you're doing great, just keep breathing. Tiku, see if you can't help pull Kiara any deeper. Your 'mom' is running out of steam." It was Sirius' voice, coaching a couple of the girls.

The large gryphon panted fiercely, holding the sides of her great, round belly seeming to get bigger as the spotted feline between her legs sank in even further out of sight. Ferra was on her back caressing her own bloated middle, looking quite pleased. And the while wolf, Randle's proverbial jackpot, was sitting between the feathered feline's legs, helping the cheetah slide in.

The ferret froze, unable to believe his eyes as the lovely spotted cat's legs and feet vanished into the gryphon's ravenous groin, the now spent Joselyn going limp on the cushion. Her newly stretched middle shifted, eliciting a delighted coo from the beast. Sirius smiled and stood, sporting his own supple swell, moving to the lady's side. He kissed her cheek and caressed her wobbling belly.

"You did great sweetheart. How do you feel?"

A deep, loud purr rumbled away in her throat, signifying a rather powerful satisfaction, "Like I'm in heaven. It feels marvelous."

The wolf chuckled patting her gravid belly once more, "Wonderful," He stood, running his hand along her tight, squirming middle. Upon turning around, the wolf spotted the speechless ferret, grinning at him broadly, "And hello to you my portly friend. Sleep well after counting my money?"

Randle starred on in utter mortification before finally screaming his response, "What in the name of sanity is going!?"

"Oh I'm just teaching the girls a new trick. I got bored with Nate so I came out here. I must say, there're all quite talented. I think I'd like to buy them." Sirius grinned powerfully, knowing how that might process in the rodent's mind.

Randle stuttered watching as both zebra and gryphon cuddled, exploring one another's new swells. He couldn't help but feel a strange sense of allure seeing them in such a state, but he quickly shook himself out of his reverie and shouted, "They're not for sale!"

Sirius strolled over and wrapped an arm around the plump fellow's shoulders. He pressed the ferret's side against the round dome he carried while walking them both around the room.

"Oh come now Randy. Everyone's got their price. One way or another, I'm leaving this town with those lovely ladies. Now you can either profit by this or it can mean ruin for you. I would very much like to avoid the latter. Now how much for all six of them?"

At first, the ferret seemed to be considering the offer, but dismissed it quickly for several reasons he planned on bringing up. The strongest point was his leading argument, "It makes little difference! It would take far more gold than you've got!"

"Is that so?" He strolled the exasperated fellow towards Nate's room, the entire chamber awash in gold coins. The mounds conveniently obscured the bed where the little dragon almost always could be found. Randle practically fell over at the sight, not knowing how his customer managed to get so much money moved in so quickly, locks be damned. He stuttered again, trying to respond, but the words would not come. Sirius simply smirked, "I'll take your silence to mean we have an accord?"

"I... how... so... th-that..."

Sirius chuckled and turned back, strolling casually away from the stupefied ferret, back towards the main chamber where both heavily swollen ladies laid in wait for him. Randle's befuddled leer was finally broken by his even more powerful greed. This wolf had untold fortunes at his disposal, enough to throw a room full of gold away on a few petty slaves! Surely the ferret could manage to persuade him to lighten his wallet a bit more.

He wheeled around and raced after the canid, finding his tongue once more, "My good sir!"

Sirius paused his conversation with the lovely zebra to give her owner a chance to speak now that he could again.

Randle huffed a little, just slightly winded from the brief run, "Despite your generous offer, I'm afraid I cannot part with my girls so easily. There are things you may not be aware of that I cannot in good conscience allow to pass untold."

"Yes, their necklaces are enchanted in such a way to keep them firmly under your control. I'm quite aware of your efforts to constrain their will and bend it to your own." Such funding no doubt afforded the lupine information the public was not privy to. Or so Randle assumed.

"Well then you are aware that I have to remove those enchantments before they can leave, yes?"

Sirius chuckled, collecting whatever things the girls might want to bring with them, "And a fellow such as yourself is able to do that?"

"Not exactly sir. I commissioned a powerful mage to create those trinkets. I would have to pay him for the removal as well."

The wolf had run across such blatant avarice before. He usually took it in stride and turned it against those who held money in such high esteem. A mage of some sort naturally was involved but he didn't have time enough to look into who it was. That would have to wait for another day. Time was running short and his original plan was forced into a rough improvisational concept.

"As if the gold filling your private chamber wasn't enough, now you want more?! Let me guess, it would cost another small fortune to have this sorcerer fellow undo his work?"

"Well, yes actually. The materials he requires can be costly and he expects fair compensation."

The wolf sighed, no longer amused by this fellow's unscrupulous nature, "I'll have my own expert in such matters handle it. Now do we have a deal or not?" The hard close, a term Sirius picked up from the future, but it was a tactic he was all too familiar with.

Randle thought quickly, trying to formulate another strategy but unfortunately he was out of dirty tricks. Beyond the money, he frankly didn't like the idea of selling his whole court. It took him three years just to collect the six he had and he didn't take kindly to the thought of going on another journey to find more. He crossed his arms sternly and stared at the wolf, holding his ground.

"I'm afraid not. I'm going to have to ask you to leave. Without my girls."

Sirius rubbed his eyes in annoyance while Joselyn and Ferra watched in worry. They had been promised excitement and freedom outside the small chamber but it was beginning to look like it may not come to pass. The ferret's unwillingness to part with his 'pets' solidified his guest's decision.

"Mr. Randle... Do you know why it's unwise to anger a wolf?"

The stubborn portly fellow raised an eyebrow, not willing to submit to intimidation, "No Master Nocturne. Why is it I should be wary of angering a little pup like you?"

In most any other situation, that would have brought a hearty laugh from the wolf and though he did stifle a bit of a giggle, he fought to maintain his harsh stare, succeeding brilliantly.

"You never know how hungry he might be."

Randle made no attempted to withhold his amusement, laughing full and hard, "Is- is that supposed to scare me mister half-breed?" His comment caught Sirius off guard slightly, forcing the wolf to raise an eyebrow, more for show than irritation. Randle took it as a sign of gaining the upper hand, "Yes, that's right. I could tell you weren't a pure wolf the instant I saw you. That flopped ear is a dead giveaway. It tells me your bitch of a mother was just some stray mongrel."

Ah yes, the lineage insults began. Sirius knew them all too well. Most of them rolled off his back but in cases like this, he felt a responsibility to correct the ferret's mistake. His face softened and his tone eased into a matter-of-fact timbre.

"Actually you've got it backwards. My mother was the wolf and my father was the stray. It's a common mistake made by many foolish and ignorant people. And no, that wasn't supposed to scare you. They're just words and aren't meant to truly inspire fear," He maintained the more settled posture, allowing Randle to relaxed his stance slightly. It seemed as if the tension between them was beginning to melt away, "But this is."

The wolf parted his jaws wide, making the ferret's heart begin to race as they slammed down around his head. Darkness claimed his vision as Sirius made a meal of him, the odious little man struggling in futility. With little care for Randle's comfort, and with unparalleled shock from the two nearby ladies, the wolf ravenously devoured his host, wasting little time in stuffing the overweight rodent down his throat. The ferret's feet disappeared into the canine's maw, the lump they made in his throat gliding easily downward. A mighty belch filled the room shortly thereafter. The ferret was now a great, wriggling swell in his abdomen. Randle shrieked in unbridled fear, beating furiously at the walls of the slick prison he feared would be his final resting place.

"Let me out!! You can't do this to me!! Please!! I don't want to die!!"

The snowy lupine eased onto one of the large cushions holding his squirming middle, now far larger than before, as the girls tentatively moved closer, somewhat scared of their new owner now. He pulled both zebra and gryphon into a warm hug, all three delightfully swollen.

"I did warn you. Had you been willing to deal, we wouldn't be in this situation now would we?"

"But this is going too far!" The trapped rodent pounded his fists against the wolf's flesh as the stomach holding him hostage gurgled away around him. Sirius chuckled, encouraging Ferra and Joselyn to feel over his tightly packed tummy pressing it against their own wriggling bellies.

"Oh I think it's just right. Now quiet down. I'm not fond of indigestion."

Over the next half-hour, the complaints died away, replaced by a few gurgles and churns. Nate had slept through the whole experience surprisingly enough, offering only a light kick now and again as he snoozed in the canine's secure womb. Eventually, one of the girls worked up the courage to ask what was on both their minds.

"Did you really have to kill him? Not that I'm really complaining. He was a bit of a brigand but, that wasn't too much?"

Sirius chuckled quietly, giving the lovely striped equine a kiss on the nose, "Nonsense. Go have a look in Nate's room and then gather your things. It's time we departed." A soft stroke of his palm passed over her delightfully full belly. It sent a tickle up her spine, a distracting one, but she managed to stay on point while Ferra climbed to her hooves, clopping down the secret corridor to the bedroom. Joselyn furrowed her brow. She started to stand but then stopped herself, opening her beak to ask something else but the wolf answered before she could get it out, "I took care of the necklaces already. Yours and all the other girls' are inert. With one exception you'll find out later. Don't worry."

That satisfied her. The gryphon nodded, turning her head sharply at the cry of surprise echoing down the hall.

"Joselyn! Get in here!!"

She frowned as the zebra shouted, expecting something horrible, "What's wrong Ferra?"

"Nothing! But you have got to see this!!" The tone of the equine's voice was one of elated amusement by this point. The wolf chuckled once more, reclining a bit as the gryphon followed.

"Don't dawdle now. We've got a long trip ahead of us!"

Darkness swirled about the ferret. It was not pleasant in the least, but he envisioned Hell to be a far different place, full of fire and brimstone as legend and myth had described it. This was far more disconcerting. Crushing, suffocating blackness all around, disorienting him. His voice failed to obey his commands. Indiscernible yet terrifying sounds lower than a whisper echoed almost inaudibly in his straining ears, almost as if his hearing had gone as well. Was he blind, deaf, and mute thanks to that wretched wolf? No! Something appeared, floating there in the abyss before him. Eyes. Fearsome, crimson eyes in the dark, harboring some sort of indescribable, indiscriminating, inescapable rage. A great pain filled his chest as if his heart were being squeezed by a vice. A great, fanged mouth, wreathed in the same horrible light formed just below the jagged, piercing gashes in the blackness, breathing a noxious poison of smoke and cinder over the ferret as he clutched his chest. He was unable to die, unable to end the suffering as he coughed and sputtered in irrepressible silence. A monstrous growl filled his ears as the infernal mouth opened wider, not moving to speak but hanging there menacingly.

"Punishment!" it roared in a strange deafening laconism, "Punishment for the wicked!"

"What have I done wrong!?" Randle had managed to find his voice, his throat burning with every forced, fruitless breath as he feigned ignorance of his sins.

"Your keeping of the slaves! You were a cruel master! Even more so to the one named Nathanial! Your manipulation of his memory and how you crushed his spirit! For this your punishment comes now!" The terrible mouth gaped wide. An invisible force dragged the screaming ferret towards his doom. The mighty jaws came crashing down upon him as he shrieked in terror once more.

"No!!" Randle bolted upright in bed covered in a cold sweat. The bedroom he had imprisoned Nate in filled his vision, as did the piles of gold. The pain in his chest and lungs was gone. His senses had been restored. It had all been a dream. That bastard half-breed must have knocked him out and his overactive imagination filled in the rest. It was the most logical explanation he could come up with. The ferret flopped back onto the pillow, sighing in relief. Something felt odd though, as if two small, hard objects were between his head and the pillow. Randle sat back up as he ran a hand up over his head. Instead of fur, there was a smooth hide and two protrusions that felt like tiny nubs of horns. It was incredibly confusing. What was more, a tightness persisted around his neck just bordering on uncomfortable. His other hand explored this curiosity to find a collar with a chain attached, anchored to the wall just above the headboard. What on earth happened while he was unconscious? And where was Nate? This was his position. Did that blasted wolf make off with the little dragon too? If so, Kraven would have his head on a platter!

He began to panic, gripping the chain and yanking in hopes of dislodging it. The anchor held fast, refusing to be shaken loose. As the ferret tugged, a piece of parchment caught his eye flapping in the air hanging on the jostling chain. He tore it from the link and unfolded it, skimming quickly over the text. Much to his disdain, it held an explanation he dreaded even considering to be possible.

Randle -

By now you're no doubt wondering how you managed to survive a wolf's stomach only to wake chained to your bed. I'm sure you're also wondering what has become of your little dragon whose place you seem to have taken. Suffice to say he and the girls are now safely within my custody. The expert I mentioned earlier was already present during our conversation and he found some rather disturbing images locked away behind a mental barricade it would appear you erected to prevent him from remembering too much. Specifically, his past and more over how he came to be in your service. My companion took it upon himself to place you in the state you now find yourself. I hope you like your new look. It will be quite difficult to remove thanks to Brian. We were both in agreement you should spend some time in Nathanial's place. To this end, you'll find a mirror on the nightstand so that you can admire the little costume Brian has outfitted you with.

Since we are not as heartless as those like yourself, should you end up in a situation similarly uncomfortable to where you last passed out during this little disciplinary action, you will wake just as you did this time, unscathed and made whole should it be required. I cannot say just how long this will last but I would recommend you gain a greater respect for your employees as soon as possible. It could very well be the key to your salvation. I would also like to take this opportunity to apologize for the nightmare. Brian is fond of theatricality and his attachment to Nate has resulted in a grand distaste for you. Be glad he is as peaceful a man as he is. I hope you learn well your lesson because others will not be as forgiving as us.

  • Sirius Jeremiah Nocturne P.S. - Enjoy your gold while you can. Such treasures rarely linger in one's hand for too long.

The ferret's heart sank and he began to feel ill as he read the note. A tight knot formed in his stomach. The last line sounded almost like the wolf was laughing at him. Hesitantly, Randle reached over to the nightstand to grasp the mirror. His first glance into the looking glass crushed his mood into an even deeper level of depression. He had been garbed in a rusty-scaled dragon suit, looking and feeling skin tight. He reached up to feel over the mask held on his face, intrigued that he could see out of it as well as if it had not been there at all. The entire costume was rather interesting in fact. The second skin felt like just that. It seemed as though he could actually feel through this costume as if it were his own flesh. As per Sirius' note, it refused to allow itself to be pulled free, his skin tightly bound to it underneath.

Randle whimpered. His imagination conjured up all manner of nasty things Kraven would bring down upon him. The only comfort he found was the gold. Reaching with the maximum length of the chain, the ferret strained to allow his fingertips to brush across his glittering coins, the mound just far enough out of reach to keep him from being able to collect a few pieces for him to examine and fawn over. Fortune smiled briefly upon him as a single, shining coin fell from above into his grasp. Randle palmed it, locking his fingers around it quickly to keep it from sliding out of his hand. He then retreated to a comfortable distance where he sat admiring the one little gold piece he had managed to grip.

"At least it's not a total loss. With this much gold I could buy any girl I want. I just need to get out of this place and get this damn costume off. How to deal with Kraven though. Pretend I was stabbed? Maybe poisoned? Whatever the case, I can't let him in here. If he sees all this, he'll take it for himself," As he sat there scheming, a soft hissing sound tickled his ears. He scanned the room for the source only to find it in the palm of his hand. The gold coin was melting! It hissed and bubbled away as if it were boiling water, but no heat was felt coming off of it. Randle balked at the sight, rather distraught by this new happening. His precious money quickly vaporized right out of his hand, just as the note warned, "No!! No, no, no!! That damn wolf tricked me!! Damn him to hell!!"

A long series of obscene slurs escaped the irate rodent in dragon's clothing, slamming his fists into the bedding. In his rage, he jerked on the chain again, almost beginning to froth at the mouth. It took a good hour before he finally wore himself out and collapsed out of breath. He lay there for some time, chest rising and falling dramatically. In the great huffing, a glint caught his eye from down below. A hand slipped up over his smooth chest, gripping the object resting there. It was a necklace identical to those he used on his 'pets' but how did he end up with one himself? The question was quickly pushed out of his mind as the whole room shook violently, stillness returning in brief order. The confused ferret shot a glance towards the vacant doorway into the private room, utterly terrified. He knew who it was.

"Randle!!" The great booming echoing through the chambers struck renewed fear into the trapped slave-trader's heart, "You better let me in this instant you flea-bitten rodent!! Don't make me break down this cheap piece of scrap you call a gat!!"

The cowardly ferret swallowed hard, diving for the side of the bed, immediately trying to slip underneath. Only seconds passed before a great crash filled the room as Kraven muscled his way in, stomping heavily and angrily down the stairs and through the foyer, leaving destruction in his wake. Randle cowered under the bed, cursing Sirius for his predicament.

"I swear, if I ever see that wolf again, I'll do to him what I did to Nate!" His voice quieted swiftly as a great beast burst into the private room, growling deep in his throat.

"Randle!! Where are you!?"

Several miles away in another town, a delightfully odd trio strolled into one of the local pubs. The wolf, zebra, and gryphon, all strangely bloated, drew a number of stares from the locals but they didn't seem to mind in the slightest. After a few drinks and another rousing song from the bard, the party adjourned upstairs to one of the guest rooms. Once in private, Ferra and Joselyn practically smothered the wolf in affection. The bed groaned under the weight of not just three but eight.

The striped female pulled away, reclining on her back as her tummy wobbled visibly, "Ooo, I think the girls want out."

The feathered lady tilted her head ever so softly, looking down at her own gravid bulge, "Really? Tiku and Kiara haven't complained once."

Sirius watched Ferra's tight dome shift about, studying how it moved carefully.

"Actually, I think they're having a spot of fun in there," he leaned forward, pressing an ear to the zebra's belly. Gentle moans of passion could be heard, bringing a grin to the wolf's muzzle. He smirked and moved around to Ferra's crotch. Silently, the canid pressed his nose against the equine's moist folds. She shuddered and moaned quietly as Sirius inhaled, drawing in her scent and subsequently that of the coyote and kangaroo held behind those swollen lips. A soft lick ran up over Ferra's drooling vulva before the wolf sat back up, "Yeah, they're having fun alright. I think they've even found out how to work their necklaces."

The exotic horse shuddered once more, surprised by just how stimulating the movement was.

"What do you mean? How can you tell?" Her middle continued to shift as she squeezed it, feeling a mild heat building between her thighs.

Sirius moved back up to lay next to the zebra, pressing his own swollen belly against hers and giving her cheek a tender lick.

"Have you ever had a customer who wanted you to be male?"

Ferra nodded, cooing softly as her tummy wobbled this way and that, "Yeah but only a couple of times."

The wolf grinned, hoping to help her recall with greater clarity those experiences, "Did you like it?"

"I suppose. I wanted to try being both but they wouldn't let me." She moaned again as the activity under her skin quickened, brushing against more sensitive regions within.

Sirius traced his fingers across Ferra's dancing belly, chuckling quietly as he listened to the noises of pleasure emanating from within.

"Remember back to what it felt like, but don't picture yourself as you were. Picture yourself as you are now," He lowered his voice, whispering huskily into the zebra's ear, "but with a nice, thick, hard, throbbing cock between your legs ready to go off at any second."

Ferra trembled visibly, the thought doing wonders for her libido. The image in her mind was quite pronounced. It was as if she could feel those memories again. The thrill of the thought made her silently wish she could feel it as more than just a memory; wish that she could be the striped horse standing out in her mind. The instant that wish entered her thoughts, the pendant hanging from her neck, held comfortably in her cleavage, began to glow bright red. A shiver passed down the equine's spine as a tremendous pressure build between her legs. It grew and grew as climax raced towards her.

Just as she thought she would burst open, a great, fleshy formation erupted from the smooth crotch below, quickly taking the shape of a powerful male symbol of fertility she desired. Two heavy swells ballooned outward, sagging down onto the bed with their heavy load obscuring her still dribbling petals. Ferra's mouth opened, hanging agape as shi cried out in ecstasy. Hir nethers gushed behind hir new scrotum as those pendulous orbs tensed. Their own offering fired skyward from the monolithic shaft pressed against the lower curve of the horse's proud belly. The white rain spattered on hir bloated middle, staining the black stripes around the great pearly swell with an ivory taint. The change and ensuing orgasm finally complete, the stunned equine lay there, feeling down over hir new appendage.

"How... How did this happen?"

Sirius giggled quietly as he moved to the musky stain, licking the breathless pony's belly and groin clean oh so very slowly, savoring the masculine flavor.

"You made a wish," As he spoke; an ear-splitting avian shriek of erotic surprise filled the room. The equally swollen gryphon found her own button, making use of it to work a similar alteration for herself. She collapsed to her side, wings fanned out behind her, as her hands felt over her own new protrusion. The wolf laughed and finished cleaning the first lovely lady, whose belly had begun to calm, and moved to the ravishing Joselyn, giving hir new features a similar treatment, "And another one. Heaven help me if you all figure out what else those necklaces can do."

"Is that so, master?" The gryphon grinned broadly, hir equine cohort sharing the same scheming smile.

The moon rose and fell, passing across the sky, chased by the sun as morning greeted the denizens of the sleepy little town. By the time morning's light managed to peek over the tops of the trees down on the village, no longer resting lazily on the shoulders of the distant, dark, proud mountains, Sirius and his ilk were already well on their way. Something was different though. Joselyn was nowhere to be seen, at least to the untrained eye. Ferra had managed to undergo yet another interesting change. Shi now stood on four strong legs, taller than shi had been on two. The striped equine trotted through the trees, enjoying hir new shape and various passengers curled up under hir flanks and just above hir hips. The new tauric beast found hirself unable to keep from grinning, and the snowy lupine riding on hir back was rather amused as well despite a slightly sore rump, well used the previous night.

"I've created a monster. You just can't get enough people inside you can you?"

Ferra snickered and turned to peer back at hir owner, "Let's just say you're lucky I don't know where we're going or else you'd be in there with the rest of them." Shi giggled, nickering softly as the swell sagging down underneath hir lower half shifted, the gryphoness inside growing restless.

"When's it gonna be my turn to be the noble steed?"

The mightily swollen zebra smirked, giving hir tightly packed sides a firm patting without changing hir pace, "When master says and not a minute before."

Joselyn rolled hir eyes and turned hir attention back to hir own occupied tummy. Sirius rode along quietly, one hand always resting on the swell little Nate made. He had remained asleep all day yesterday and today wasn't shaping up any differently. Brian had done all he could to restore the small dragon's memory. It was up to him now to remember if he really wanted to. The fox linked himself between the two, ensuring that Sirius would continue to benefit from his presence and that he could continue streaming pleasant thoughts into Nate's dreams until he woke again. The vulpine paused as his acute senses detected something disturbing, relating the feeling to Sirius once he was more certain of what it was. The wolf frowned softly before giving Ferra's shoulder a light tap to stop hir.

"Hold up here. Someone's coming and I should deal with him."

The zebra slowed to a halt, already concerned by the news. Shi had a pretty good idea of who it was, "What do you plan to do?"

"Talk. With any luck, I'll be able to hold a civil conversation and avoid as much violence as possible. Just to be safe though, I want you to take the girls and go somewhere to hide."

Ferra frowned as Sirius hopped off hir back, "You're going to face him alone?"

The wolf chuckled softly, attempting to sooth the zebra with a soft lick. He ran a hand over his rounded stomach gently.

"I won't be alone. I've got Nate and Brian with me remember?" He had explained about the kitsune earlier and even offered proof.

Joselyn wriggled deep under Ferra's pelt, the gryphoness deep within attempting to make hir voice heard, "What if you need us? We can help!"

Sirius smiled, giving the gryphon-filled swell a loving pat.

"I'll be just fine. Trust me. Now scoot. He'll be here soon," The tall equine nodded softly, embracing the plump wolf in a tight hug, mashing his face into the horse's great, soft chest. Amused, the lupine hugged back, pulling away once Ferra let him. With one last glance, the equitaur turned and galloped away. Sirius watched as his friends disappeared into the woods, taking a light breath, "Well, that's that. We're on our own now, just you and me, honey."

~Yep. Now be careful. You've got a lot of power at your disposal. You'd be surprised just what kind of influence you can have or what effect a seemingly innocuous change can cause.~

"So this is part of my test, see if I've got what it takes to be like you and your family, huh?"

Brian snickered behind Sirius's mind quietly.

~You know me. I'm not about to let you grow old and die. I'd hate to need come after you. Now he's getting closer. If you're gonna do something before he shows up, do it quick.~

The wolf smirked as he gave his tummy a soft pat. He had an idea alright.

The sounds of heavy footfalls grew louder, mixed with the snapping of branches and the scattering of birds. The source drew nearer until a large figure emerged from the woods. It was a dragon; tall, muscular, and oddly colored. His hide was a stone grey and seemed to lack the gleam the rest of his scaled brethren shared, as if he had been carved from living rock. He stared harshly at the sight before him, not exactly certain of the truth of it. The white wolf he sought sat under a nearby tree in a comfortable chair sipping at a fine china cup containing a sweet smelling tea. In front of the lupine stood a small table holding all the makings of an early afternoon gathering of tea for two. How all of this had been prepared to perfection so far from civilization puzzled the great beast.

"Sirius Jeremiah Nocturne I presume?"

The wolf looked up from his tea, putting it aside for the moment, "You presume correctly Mr. Kraven. I would ask what brings you here but I'm fairly certain I already know why you've come."

The dragon stepped closer, growling at the canid, standing at least two heads taller than the relaxing wolf, "I believe you have something of mine. I demand you return it."

Sirius frowned as he rest his hands, fingers interlaced, on top of his belly.

"Oh come now, we can discuss the situation without needing to demand anything of each other. Now would you care to join me for tea?"

Kraven found it curious how this Sirius fellow did not cower before him like everyone else. It was rather refreshing. And tea did sound appealing. He nodded once and took the empty seat, surprised that it held under his weight. His cup was filled and the large dragon sipped it lightly. Civility was something he did not get to enjoy too often.

"As I said, I believe you have something of mine." The growl that had been present in his voice was still there, though more subdued.

The wolf nibbled lightly on one of the biscuits sitting on the table, waiting until his mouth was clear before speaking.

"If you are referring to Nathanial, yes I do have him with me safe and sound, but I hardly think he's 'yours' as you claim him to be. He is a person after all, not property."

Kraven frowned deeply, "I'm afraid your views on the matter are irrelevant. When I leave here today, I'm taking him with me."

Sirius sighed lightly, leaning back in his seat comfortably, "Under the current circumstances, I'm afraid I cannot allow that. I've freed him from one life of involuntary servitude. I shan't be delivering him into another."

Kraven suppressed another growl, trying his best to remain polite. Part of him thought it would be easy enough to tear this wolf open and retrieve Nate from inside; provided his nose was truly correct in discerning the other reptile's location. Surely that wasn't right. Besides, the manner in which he found the ferret carried its own weight.

"Considering that the circumstances are not subject to change, I'm afraid you have little choice in the matter. I like your style, Mr. Nocturne. How you left Randle for me to find was quite amusing. That alone earns you some respect. I would very much dislike causing you harm over a matter such as this."

Sirius grinned, wondering just how things went back at the exotic slave market.

"Enjoyed that did you? Tell me, what happened when you arrived and don't skimp on any of the details!" The wolf set his cup down and interlaced his fingers, resting his hands atop his knees with a grin.

Though it wasn't the topic he wished to ultimately discuss, Kraven began relating the tale, still entertained by it as he recalled the events.

"Well, I was quite angry at the little man for not letting me in but as soon as I saw him in costume and chained to the bed, I'm quite sure I scared some of the townspeople laughing as loud as I did. By the way, the dissolving gold was a very nice touch. That greedy little worm ran around the room trying to find any coins that would not melt in his hands."

Sirius laughed quite hard. He reached up and wiped a tear from his eye, "Oh dear, I can just imagine it. Please go on. I must hear more!" The wolf's jovial attitude encouraged the great stony dragon.

Kraven nodded, continuing the story, "Well before he could destroy all the gold, I yanked him back to the bed. He was absolutely terrified. He immediately began blaming you. I'm not ashamed to say I enjoyed shutting him up by making better use of his big mouth."

Sirius grinned, picturing what it must have looked like, "So free with information of a scandalous nature. You're not like most in this world."

"The same could be said for you. I assumed your 'custody' of little Nate would allow for a less inhibited, more relaxed stance on subjects of such a nature." The grey beast sipped his tea, enjoying it more than he expected. It was a very soothing blend and every sip he took seemed to melt more of his hostility away.

The wolf watched carefully, sensing the dragon's steady trend of relaxation. He refilled his guest's cup, sitting back down gently before resting a hand on his round middle, "Yes, the two do go hand in hand. Don't worry he's quite safe."

"I'm sure he is. I'm aware of a mother's security for her unborn child, but I must admit I never imagined the same protection could be afforded for an adult, or by a male for that matter." He thanked the wolf for the refill and sipped again.

Sirius dipped his head in a silent 'you're welcome', "You'll find I can surprise you on a great many things. So you gave Randle a first hand lesson in what you usually did with Nate?"

Kraven chuckled quietly. His wry grin betrayed something more than he was telling.

"That's one way of putting it. I prefer to think of it as poetic justice," he smirked, giving his own belly, which until now Sirius had not noticed was distended just slightly. The bulge shifted, an odd sight for what was supposed to be made of rock, "It would seem he's awake again."

"Ate him did you?" The wolf concealed his quiet sense of surprise.

The grey dragon nodded, chuckling quietly, "I used to do the same with Nate. I can't digest him, only minerals."

The wolf chuckled, walked over to his guest, and gave the wriggling ferret's form a pat, "So you eat rocks then?"

"Precious stones and metals are my favorite, but I'm not above munching on a pebble or two. I'll let him out eventually, can't keep him in there forever after all."

The lupine nodded, giving the lump another pat, "Must be interesting being a stone dragon."

Kraven sipped his tea again, shrugging lightly, "It's not all it's cracked up to be. Sure no one can really hurt you with conventional weapons but by the same token, you can barely feel anything."

Sirius nodded, refilling the dragon's cup yet again. Its sedative effect was beginning to really stack and spread. At this rate, not even losing an arm would bother the grey beast.

The wolf sat back down, "Sounds frustrating. I bet you'd give anything to feel the way an organic creature feels."

The dragon continued drinking; downing whatever was put in front of him, "I get by. Having Nate to ease the tension helps."

The truth began slipping out, exactly what the wolf wanted to see. In spite of the progress, he proceeded carefully just the same, "So that is why you visit Nate on a regular basis."

Kraven opened his mouth as if to answer, then paused, unsure of his response. He lowered his cup as he milled over the thought in his mind, struggling to comprehend the lack of reason behind his actions in the past few years.

"Honestly, I don't really know why I've been visiting Nate and no one else. It's rather expensive to use Randle's services, even more so for Nate himself. I can't tell you why."

Sirius nodded, growing more suspicious of the situation by the minute.

~I've got a feeling Nate's memory wasn't the only one to be manipulated. See if you can't get him to divulge a little more information. Maybe we can piece this together.~

The fox's suggestion was sound. Sirius himself had begun to question Kraven's demeanor. All those he had spoken to about the dragon, Nathanial especially, said he had a fearsome temper and could not be swayed into civility so easily, yet here the wolf had managed to enjoy a good half hour's afternoon tea with the supposed raging beast. True the tea itself was, in a manner of speaking, drugged, but only to relax one's nerves, sooth any irrational anger. Here it had seemed to completely transform Kraven's mood beyond simple sedation.

"If you don't know why you visit him, then why do you seek to reclaim him?"

The grey dragon was at a loss, unable to provide an explanation for his desire to take the little red-scaled fellow back with him, "I really don't know. It's just this powerful urge, something inside me telling me I should do it. I'm not exactly sure why."

"Well I'm sure Nate probably doesn't enjoy your sessions. His little bottom must be absolutely raw from being used as a rock warmer if you'll pardon the expression."

Kraven blushed, suddenly feeling regretful of the entire travesty. A displeasing rush of cold ran through his body unlike anything he had felt before as his remorse built.

"I... I never thought about that. The things I've done to him. He must be terrified of what I'll do to him next."

The wolf nodded, he and his hidden vulpine companion both sensing a duality within the beast, an ambivalence swelling under his hard skin. A distraught, bitter sorrow over his actions in the past rivaled by a deep, uncontrollable rage focused upon no particular source. It was clear he wasn't himself and that a foreign entity had gained control of this particular fellow, an unsettlingly powerful entity at that. Sirius removed the teapot from its resting place, pouring a new cup for the dragon but this time sprinkling in what appeared to be nothing more than a few bits of crushed herb. With Brian's influence at his command, the wolf ensured it would do more than simply add flavor and aroma.

"Here, drink this. It will help steady your nerves." He lifted the cup towards Kraven as the fox in the back of his mined chimed in.

~Careful honey, you're not sure what that might do to him. We should probably get a more accurate reading on what's actually happening to him before trying to cure it.~

Normally, his mate would agree but the situation had already gone too far in Sirius' opinion. He wanted it to end as soon as possible. Kraven took the cup and nodded, looking as if his stomach needed settling, and not simply from the irate little ferret trapped inside it. He sipped the tea lightly, then sipped it once more a bit more deeply, then quietly poured the rest of the cup's contents into his mouth. His eyes grew listless as the desired effect began to spread through him.

A new shiver claimed his form as the queasy, uneasy feeling grew further. The rodent in his gut squirmed harder, beginning to scream as if he were being attacked. A dark ooze had begun to seep into the tea-moistened chamber Randle had been imprisoned in, latching onto the ferret-in-dragon's-clothing and spreading across his entire form as if clinging to him. The grey shade of Kraven's hide began to give way to a faint crimson hue, spreading up from his hands and feet, growing more vibrant as it did so. The stony, dingy matte was quickly replaced by a gleaming shine in the sunlight as his face contorted, his hands moving to his belly as it shifted about and distended even further.

"Oh god... What's happening to me!?"

The dragon stood from his seat, stumbled forward a few steps to distance himself from the table, fell to his knees, and wretched. A storm of coughing and sputtering followed as his passenger was expelled unceremoniously onto the ground, trapped in a black stew of drool, drink, and some sort of tar-like substance. Kraven panted and backed away, horrified by the sight as Sirius tried to move between the two of them. The wolf frowned, glaring down at the rodent covered in the mess.

"This is all his doing. That black stuff was inside you, the physical manifestation of a curse."

The gooey mess coating the ferret slowly began to tighten, pulling around its new host until it had sunk into his flesh, making itself at home in Randle's form. He lifted his head and hissed loudly at the wolf, the costume no longer simply a layer of artificial material atop his fur but now part of him. He was no longer just a ferret but a hybrid of both rodent and dragon descent.

"You'll pay for that! You will pay for forcing me to separate from my host!! This wretched little body is only a temporary husk! Give me that dragon!! Give him to me now!! I must have his flesh!!"

Sirius stood his ground as Kraven backed away, his brute strength offering no consolation against such a dark force. Brian sighed quietly as he watched the disturbing imagery through his lover's eyes.

~I did try to warn you didn't I? We could have contained the curse and kept it from taking a new host. Now it's merged with Randle. They're inseparable now. His will and the curse's function are now one and the same. He wants to consume someone else and he wants Kraven's body because he thinks he's the strongest one in the group. This is why you need to be a little more analytical honey. Try to keep that in mind next time.~

The wolf whimpered quietly in the back of his mind, trying to apologize to Brian for not listening earlier. With a quick thought, he summoned back the vulpine's power to seal the evil thing into the ferret's body, a stopgap measure to prevent further possession. Sirius held out his hands, palms facing the little writhing monster before him, light shining forth from his fingertips as he bound both Randle and his creation into the physical form he had become.

"You're not taking anyone. I'll deal with you later, once I've figured out just what to do with you. Now stay down or so help me I'll give you a headache you'll never forget." Sirius turned back around to gaze at the brilliant ruby dragon backed up against the table, still in shock from what he had managed to cough up.

The snowy wolf walked towards him in hopes to calm him down as a great, terrible shriek filled the air, the ferret-dragon creature lunging forward at the wolf in pure, unadulterated rage. Randle's consciousness had allowed him to focus that hatred onto a single target. Unfortunately, it happened to be Sirius himself. Just as he turned around to glance behind, a blur of brown, red, and white smeared across both the wolf's vision and the dragon's, descending upon the hideous little imp.

He cried out in terror as a beak slammed itself down over his head, forcing over his shoulders and chest. His voice was quickly muffled by flesh as Joselyn, having escaped from Ferra's brig of a belly, defended hir master. Shi quickly gobbled up the near-demonic creature without regard to hir own safety. With one last powerful gulp, Randle's feet vanished into hir throat and the lump slid down to hir now even larger belly. Shi landed on hir rump with a plop, holding the wriggling swell in hir hands as shi licked hir lips.

"He might not have been much ta look at, but he was actually kinda tasty!"

Sirius sighed at the youthful gryphoness, walking over and sitting down in front of the beauty. He reached forward and gave hir shifting tummy a few soft pats, not exactly pleased with this turn of events, but it certainly could have gone worse.

"I appreciate the gesture honey, but I can't know for sure what this is going to do to you. I wish you had stayed with Ferra."

The avian belched softly as Kraven stood back up, walking over to examine the familiar feminine fowl curiously.

Shi chirred quietly as shi settled, "Yeah, I know. That's what shi said, but I wasn't gonna let that lil imp hurt you. After all, you managed to separate from the big dragon. If he gets stuck in me, you can get him out can't you?"

The wolf thought for a moment, not sure if that would indeed be possible. The situation had changed from what Randle had initially created.

~I suppose shi has a point, but without being able to examine him further, I can't say for sure. Just keep an eye on hir.~

"Brian says he's not sure. I don't want you climbing back in Ferra so I guess that makes you the new steed."

Joselyn giggled happily, patting hir round gut as hir innards went to work on the tortured villain inside, "Good! I finally get a turn!"

Sirius stopped hir before shi could go any further, "But we're not leaving right away. I'd like to stay put until we can get a better idea of exactly what sort of effect this is going to have on you."

The gryphon nodded, chirping cutely at the wolf before giving his cheek a kiss.

"Whatever you say, master!"

Ferra trotted out of hir hiding place, sighing with hir arms crossed, "I tried to stop hir."

"I know you did honey, don't worry. Whatever happens, it'll be okay."

Kraven looked over at the modified zebra, then back to the gryphon, blinking several times in disbelief before turning his attention over to the wolf. He knew these girls all too well, "Did you do this to them?"

Sirius laughed quietly, standing up and walking to the fiery red dragon's side.

"Actually, all I did was remove Randle's control over them. After that, they did the rest of this to themselves."

Kraven nodded lightly, amazed at such a display of power, "And, you did that to me as well," he felt a sense of relief as the wolf responded in the affirmative, "As well as Nate?"

"That's a little more complex. Yes, Randle's hold on him was removed, but there was more to it than that. Randle had done something to his memory and my companion, Brian, attempted to undo the damage," He paused, looking off into space, "Brian? Care to come out and say hello?"

The vulpine's answer was apparent as the same light Nate had seen yesterday morning emerged from the wolf, taking solid form once more. The silvery-grey kitsune smiled up at the red dragon, offering a firm handshake.

"Greetings, Brian Xavier Darkstar at your service Mr. Kraven."

The reptilian beast was stunned once more, chuckling quietly as he recalled Sirius' claim to be able to remain unexpected, "Just full of surprises aren't you Mr. Nocturne?"

The wolf laughed and gave his tummy a pat, "Just call me Sirius."

"Very well, Sirius, Brian. And Ferra, Joselyn; it's good to see you two again. Now, I think this all merits a bit more explanation."

The twin-tailed fox nodded, guiding the red beast back to his seat while his lupine lover attempted to corral their new 'pets' into behaving, "I should say so. Feel free to ask whatever you might."

"I suppose I'll start with... what did your friend do to me?"

Brian chuckled as he filled his own cup of tea, sipping from it lightly.

"Randle here seems to be one greedy fellow. I believe he cursed you and Nathanial in order to create a regular customer for himself. I take it you recall nothing prior to your first visit to his slave market?"

Kraven nodded, frowning a little, "I don't believe so. The wolf said you helped Nate with his memory. Could you do the same for me?"

Brian reclined lightly in the chair Sirius had been sitting in, enjoying the residual heat he had left, "I suppose it couldn't hurt. After all, you're the dragon you're supposed to be thanks to Sirius. All that's left is to decide how to arrange it."

Kraven's visage pulled into an expression of mild confusion. He didn't understand just how this feat was to be accomplished, let along realize there were a variety of methods to choose from.

"I beg your pardon? How to arrange it? Arrange what?"

Brian nodded softly, "Yes, you see, it's far easier to examine someone's mind while they are asleep. And the best way to guarantee that you remain unconscious is if you are put in a similar environment to little Nate. He's been asleep since just moments after curling up in my boyfriend's womb."

The red dragon chuckled, not having expected to hear such a phrase, "Well, while that does sound intriguing, I'm afraid I'm just too big to fit inside someone. And even if through your incredible abilities you manage to squeeze me in there, wouldn't I end up crushing Nate?"

The grey kitsune's lips pulled into a coy grin, already considering various options, "Oh come now, Sirius' belly isn't the only place you can occupy. And there is no need to worry about Nate. We wouldn't let anything happen to him. I promise you that." The vulpine smiled, exuding a strange sense of purity of intention. It was very easy to trust him, and Kraven did have both canids to thank for ridding him of Randle's influence.

"Very well, if it will help me recover my memory, I'm willing to try whatever you suggest."

"Excellent!" Brian turned to call his beloved over only to find him at the mercy of two very large, very pregnant, and very amorous ladies. The poor wolf was trapped under Ferra, hir hindquarters pistoning away behind hir, thrusting with incredible strength into Sirius' rump. Joselyn was on hir back, legs spread, with hir master's muzzle wrapped around hir rigid length. The lupine grunted with every push but made no protest.

Brian snickered quietly as he watched, his eyes rolling in amusement, "Those girls are going to wear him out. Come to think of it, that may actually work in our favor. If he's tired," The fox's lips returned to that mischievous grin that came so natural for him, "Then I can have a bit of fun with him myself." He chuckled again as Kraven sat in confusion, unaware of the kitsune's scheme. He looked to the wolf as he was made into little more than a sex toy. His concern for the little dragon tucked away in the swaying belly sagging beneath Sirius grew in the back of his mind. Brian said they wouldn't let anything happen to him but it was difficult to believe seeing the 'pregnant' wolf in such a vigorous position.

"Are you sure he's alright in there? They're getting pretty rough." Kraven found it difficult to look away.

The silvery fox dismissed the concern with a casual wave of the hand. He stood and moved to the red dragon, sitting down in his lap, "He's fine. Sirius could take a punch to the gut and Nate would hardly feel anything. Don't worry your pretty little head about a thing. Now, while we wait for the girls to finish up, why don't I reintroduce you to your body?" He began running his hands up along Kraven's firm, muscular chest. Though it wasn't literally rock hard anymore, it was still very unyielding. The soft fingers sliding over the smooth, armored hide brought with it a sensation the red beast had not felt in ages. A deep purr rumbled away in his throat, the loud thrumming translating its vibration through his chest to Brian's hands.

"Oh that feels nice..."

The fox snickered quietly, moving his hands wider across the dragon's chest, "Like that do you?"

Kraven nodded. Neurons that had lain dormant for so long were instantly brought to life, overloading his mind with sensory information. Such subtlety! The variations in pressure, warmth, skin and fur texture, and the light scratches of his claws, it was all quite wonderful. A soft tremor passed down the dragon's rippling form followed by a deep relaxation. Brian took advantage of the sedated state, moving lower along his chiseled form. Before too long, the fox was on his knees before the beast, licking his lips as he worked to remove the loin cloth blocking his access. It was fairly easy to uncover him, exposing his bulging swell. Without a second thought, Brian leaned forward and pulled the dragon's heavy scrotum past his lips, suckling softly on the weighty orbs, tracing circles about them with his tongue. The great red beast gasped loudly, locking up immediately. Lightning streamed up his spine.

"Gods above! That feels incredible!"

The kitsune snickered, continuing his efforts with great gusto. His eyes widened, lighting up brilliantly, as the dragon's member stiffed up, and quite quickly too. Within the space of half a minute, Kraven's proud length stood like a great monolithic spire of flesh. The fox pulled his lips from the pendulous swells, replacing them with the dark, slick rod. He slurped quietly on the first inch, giggling around the pulsing appendage as its owner shuddered powerfully. A few thin trickles of musky ooze seeped free into the vulpine's mouth; only but a hint of what was to come. The dragon's mind reeled under the practically alien sensations. A deep, long groan rose from his throat, his arms and legs tensing up, his claws digging into the wooden chair holding him up.

Brian's lips pulled back along the smooth, rigid organ, his teeth grazing against the tender mast. With a firm push of his neck, the fox consumed Kraven's member down to the hilt, suckling with great strength. Under such expert attentions, the great red beast would not last very long. A tremor passed through him, reflecting back up his spine while a heat built between his thighs, his scrotum seeming to swell. A soft upsurge in the musk dribbling onto Brian's tongue told him he was close. The fox was quite tempted to add another dimension to the experience but withheld it for now. Any more than this would no doubt push Kraven too far, too fast and render him unconscious. There would be time to practice his craft on the beast later.

A pair of delighted screams blasted away from the two ladies occupying the white lupine, unleashing a mighty torrent of masculine essence. Somehow, Sirius managed to fair quite well under the flood, spilling very little of the milky white filling onto the ground. The wolf was now out of breath. Zebra and gryphon alike removed themselves from him, moving in close to lick his face clean as they watched the grey kitsune work for his own creamy treat. Sirius chuckled quietly as Kraven groaned and squirmed in his seat before he loosed his own potent batch which Brian eagerly slurped up. The great firm tower bucked away, spurting hard as the beast slowly relaxed, shivering softly. The kitsune gently removed Kraven's great mast from his throat, the visible bulge just under his chin retreating. He licked his chops and covered his mouth as a soft, musky burp escaped him.

The fox grinned broadly up at the crimson dragon he had just pleasured and gave his heavy sac a soft pat, "I take it you enjoyed my little public display of affection?"

Kraven nodded, out of breath and utterly speechless. He attempted to verbalize his answer, but it came out somewhat slurred, "Yu-yeah."

The silvery fox stood up, climbing into the scaled fellow's lap again, caressing his chest, "Well, feel like returning the favor?"

A soft nod came from the overwhelmed dragon, quickly regaining his strength. Brian grinned and leaned up, licking just under the beast's jaw line, seeming to whisper something to him. It was incomprehensible to the three watching, his voice far too low. Kraven seemed to understand though despite the curious, arcane words. A soft violet light flashed in the fox's eyes, a similar mysterious illumination followed from the larger fellow's own pair.

A smile crossed his crimson muzzle as he answered the vulpine, "Certainly."

Kraven was still somewhat dizzy. His first real climax in years had been quite powerful. The lingering sensation of euphoria combined with some hidden, exterior force made him more agreeable. Any possible hesitation he might have had was gone. The sneaky fox had managed to free him of his inhibitions without the other effects usually associated with intoxication. In fact, just touching the kitsune seemed to carry a strangely elating effect, as if just being near Brian made the red dragon feel better. The youthful vulpine was well aware of this, in fact, he was knowingly causing it. It was a favorite trick of his, learned from his mothers who in turn learned it from their mother. Free will was left intact, but it left the subject rather open to very pleasant suggestion.

"Now hurry up, can't expect to do a good job on an empty stomach can you?" The kitsune snickered.

The great red beast nodded, purring quietly as he leaned down, jaws agape. Quite easily, Brian's head slipped into the dark cavern of Kraven's maw, nuzzling against the slick tongue that awaited him. The dragon's lips sealed around his neck and shoulders as he swallowed, dragging the silvery fellow into his throat. He was absolutely delicious! Never before had Kraven tasted anything so succulent! His able oral appendage slathered this way and that around his meal, parting his jaws again to take another stout gulp. Down he progressed over Brian's chest, not missing a single inch as his throat bulged to contain the eager vulpine. A soft growl came from below as the fox grinned, ready to fill the stomach demanding to be fed. He pushed softly with his legs to help sink himself even deeper into the crimson beast's gullet, Kraven grinning around him as he gulped again.

Soon, the slender fox's hips were within his tongue's reach, snaking out to caress the silky furred fellow's groin. A quiet moan of delight rose from within his chest accompanied by a shiver. The vulpine spread his legs and pushed against the slick offender, practically humping against it as the great red beast slurped loudly at it. His jaws articulated in a soft chewing motion, not to tenderize the silvery kitsune but to aid in the inward pulling of his throat, swallowing again and again. He raised his chin skyward to let gravity drag his meal down, enjoying the willing victim's steady squirms until his feet passed Kraven's teeth. One final wet slurp saw the last of the fox disappear into the dragon's throat and glide down to join the rest of him, now curled up in the nice, tight, round bulge the well muscled predator carried.

Brian thrummed loudly deep in his fleshy prison as Kraven rest a hand on the gently wriggling bulge. His cheeks puffed out softly as a rather unceremonious belch escaped him. He gave the sizable dome a firm patting, his rigid member pressing upward against the great curve. It began to ache anew as if it were needing release already.

"Heh, never had someone so eager to climb in there, but I'm not complaining. What now my tasty little snack?"

The fox giggled and pressed outward against the soft walls containing him, the sphere of Kraven's belly seeming to illuminate faintly from inside with a strange, soft, pink light. A shiver ran up the dragon's spine and he purred, moving to his feet. Holding the great round tummy carefully, he walked over to join the other three, grinning at the white wolf sitting between the two rather large girls.

Sirius just smirked as he gazed at the dim glow in the dragon's middle, "So, not hungry anymore?"

Kraven grinned and shook his head, licking his lips again.

"Oh, I think I've got room for something else. Your little boyfriend wanted me to return the favor after all." And without hesitation, the great red dragon dropped to his knees, spread wide to accommodate the new girth sagging just so over his aching rod, and lowered his head to the lupine's crotch. A low moan rose from the wolf as his length was wrapped so quickly in warm wetness, shivering in delight. Kraven closed his eyes, finding the taste to be quite enjoyable, the salty coating suddenly seeming like a strange delicacy to him. Without any slow, tender consideration to the moment, the dragon began pumping his neck, his lips sliding back and forth along the smooth erection. Sirius shivered and spread his legs wider, his tongue hanging from his jaws as his grinned, mouth agape.

The wolf's hips began to shift, shoving back against the crimson beast's muzzle as he slurped away, almost viciously at the throbbing staff trapped in his throat. Under the rather vigorous approach to oral appeasement, the panting Sirius lasted only a short while, groaning as he loosed a rather sizable blast into Kraven's maw, the dragon slurping it up with gusto. The creamy white essence seeped down his throat and coated the grey kitsune giggling away in his belly, pressing out softly as he continued to entice the beast into other rather explicit actions. Without saying anything, without any audible commands or requests, he was somehow coaxing the beast into following his train of thought.

Sirius panted as he slowly began to relax, but his reprieve was all too brief. The dragon pressed harder against the shaft buried in his maw, fondling it with his tongue, articulating in such a way to focus his attention on the narrow opening at the very end. The wolf moaned and shivered under the new stimulation, gritting his teeth as the gap widened under the pressure, allowing Kraven access to the smoothness beyond. The dragon's tongue slid in easily enough, marveling at the intense flavor coating the walls. He needed to taste more! Harder he pushed, the rigid member easing free of his jaws as the opening stretched wider. The wolf already had an idea of what was about to happen, chuckling through his cries of ecstasy.

A gentle nuzzle from the very end of Kraven's snout brought a result he did not expect: the musky extension consumed his nose. He blinked, then simply laughed, wondering just how far along the wolf's member would get before he could go no further. It was a question he was willing to have answered. He nuzzled harder and the wolf's fleshy rod consumed his muzzle further, seeming to draw in him of its own volition now. Within moments, Kraven's eyesight was clouded by a rich pink; the walls growing darker the deeper he was pulled. His entire head was made short work of in the same fashion, baffling the beast. He was amazed by the wolf's ability to go so far without injury and still he wanted to go deeper.

His neck followed, and as his shoulders forced the groaning wolf's shaft wider, he realized he should probably take more appropriate measures for what might come. To that end, he reached down and removed his loin cloth, leaving himself completely nude. The rippling of Sirius' member reached further across his smooth hide, spreading down over his back and chest, resulting in a curiously enjoyable massage. Kraven purred loudly deep in the lupine's loins, his head reaching the destination below in short order. His thrumming seemed to speed his entry. The swollen belly offered little difficulty for the wolf, his length passing over the fox encased in dragon flesh.

The lupine panted and held both sides of his grossly stretched member, his chest heaving as he eased up to the dragon's waist, taking little time to pass up over the base of his tail and down across his firm rump, the rigid shaft in front seeming to slip in rather nicely. Once that delicious, slick heat consumed the dragon's still firm manhood, his hips began to buck, grinding himself at the innards of the lupine's spire. Something about this was far too enjoyable to not elicit as much pleasure from it as possible. Kraven shivered and groaned, now practically bathing in the wolf's essence while attempting to add to it, his bulk bulging Sirius' scrotum out to gargantuan proportions. It would be rather difficult to stand up, let along walk, with the great red dragon stuffed in those swollen balls.

Smooth thighs followed, the beast's movement never ceasing as he was devoured, never before having been dominated in such a way, or at all for that matter. It was an experience he would surely have to replicate sometime soon. His knees followed and just as his shaft reached the tight grasp of the lupine's knot, he roared in climax, unleashing a hefty torrent of his own musky leavings.

The fox still curled up in his belly chuckled, moaning softly as he pleasured himself to the scenario unfolding around him. A great howl came from outside as Sirius' entire form tensed, his shaft firming almost painfully as it 'swallowed' the last of the crimson beast's form, the bulge slipping down to join the rest of Kraven now trapped in his monstrous sac. A fountain of wolf seed was launched into the air, a steady stream of the stuff spurting forth, falling back down to cover not just the lupine from which it came but the two girls pressed against him.

Finally, after several exhausting moments, the climax passed and Sirius could manage to catch his breath again, kneading and squeezing his now tightly packed scrotum. The dragon within shifted about, curling up around his own bloated middle.

Sirius gave the vast bulge a pat, "Brian... W-was that your idea?"

A very muffled laugh came from between the wolf's thighs and the dragon's gut within, "Yeah. No point in stuffing him in there with Nate if we can put him somewhere more fun, right?"

Kraven chuckled tiredly, as did the wolf he was trapped inside, giving his stomach a pat, "You two are the most interesting people I've ever met. I would be lying if I said I didn't want to stay but I'm sure you've got places to go that someone like me would only cause trouble in."

The wolf chuckled, giving what he believed was the dragon's head to be a soft pat, "Oh hush, where we live, you'd fit in perfectly. Problem is, I can't stand up. Brian, care to work a little more of your voodoo?"

The vulpine snickered and nodded, doing just that as the beast who had devoured him gradually began to fall asleep. Kraven's middle shrank as the fox seemed to fade away, joining with his third host in three days. Once he had linked with the dragon, the crimson creature's form began to shrink as well, his muscle mass seeming to 'deflate' in a manner of speaking. But it wasn't simply vanishing. Sirius yelped softly as he felt himself begin to grow, actually taking on Kraven's old physique. Within seconds, the two had traded bodily structures and the wolf sat there looking over his new rippling figure, looking quite fit save for the smooth, round bulge provided by Nate's presence.

~How's that honey? Better?~

"I'll say! Damn! I feel like I could bench press a car!"

The two girls eyed the altered wolf curiously, feeling over his arms and chest with giddy laughter. Ferra continued to puzzle for a moment over the comment before finally inquiring.

"What's a car?"

The sun sank low in the sky, still shining down upon the travelers. Joselyn's stomach had long since done away with the cursed ferret-dragon and shi had assumed hir own tauric form. Ferra humbly gave up hir responsibility as their master's steed, content to climb in where shi had carried the gryphoness earlier. Sirius sat atop the feathered lady's back, comfortably reclined to suit the dragon shaped bulge in his much more muscular belly as well as the one between his legs. Brian was still busying himself with Kraven's memory but never turned his attention off the sleeping Nathanial. He would be done soon enough, now that he knew what he was dealing with. The sooner the better too. They were closing in on their destination.

"So how are Kiara and Tiku?" The wolf leaned forward, giving the gryphon's upper belly a loving caress.

Shi chirred happily and hugged the heavy bulge, "They're asleep. I think Ferra is too but not before shi let Hannah and Jenny out to play. They were moving around a lot about an hour ago."

Sirius nodded, chuckling quietly as he reached down to pat the gryphon's bloated sides, "Well we're close. I think you should let everyone out... or at least Ferra. Brian, I'd like you to join us too if you're not still busy."

A soft warmth spread up from the lupine's distended scrotum through the rest of his form as the spirit-like fox returned to his lover as a host.

~Of course. I'm not about to miss an opportunity to meet your tribe. How long will it be before we get there?~

"Just before sundown. About half an hour."

The vulpine frowned softly hearing the timing.

~I'll need about twice that to finish up with Kraven. But I guess I can slip back in tonight. That is if you'd prefer to hang onto him yourself.~

"You can take him if you like, I don't mind." The wolf shivered a little as the fox emerged, curling up against the much larger Sirius affectionately, caressing Nate's form in his stretched middle.

The white fellow smiled down at Brian and the gravid swell he was stroking, "Lil guy hasn't woken up once. He must really like it in there."

The grey kitsune grinned and nodded, noticing his mate's change in attire, "Who wouldn't? Warm, soft, safe, protected by a big, strong, sexy wolf. Nice outfit by the way."

Sirius laughed, adjusting the ruby beast's loin cloth, "My old clothes didn't fit. His did. Couldn't let them go to waste. Besides, this is closer to what they wear in camp than my old coat and shirt. I think they'd like to see me in more traditional attire."

Brian nodded, leaning up to give the wolf a lick under his chin, "Sounds good, now, shall I take Kraven off your hands and out of your balls?" He snickered, already having thought of just the right way to do it.

Sirius grinned right back at the vulpine, wrapping his new, powerful arms around the smaller fellow, "You go right ahead honey."

The two slipped off the gryphon's back as they pressed their lips together, locking themselves into a deep, passionate kiss. After several minutes, they pulled away. The fox moved to a nearby tree where he turned to face it, leaning forward to press his chest against the trunk. Both of his fluffy, silky tails swished upward, arching up to his back, revealing his spread thighs and the features between them. Sirius grinned and moved in closer as Joselyn gently eased the three girls below out onto the grass. A gentle tongue bath saw them cleaned up before the gryphon returned to hir original bipedal form, then carefully released hir other two passengers.

All six girls watched carefully as their new master slipped up behind the silvery fox, guiding his rigid length to Brian's soft, moist folds. This was going to be quite the show indeed. Already they were pressing together into a great pile, stroking one another, eyes locked on the pair before them. They were not about to miss one minute of the action, nor were they going to skip out on an opportunity to have a little fun during the event.

A quiet gasp came from Brian as he felt the wolf's intrusion below, melting against the truck of the tree with a soft coo. His tongue fell from his lips, dangling from the end of his muzzle as Sirius ever so tenderly pressed his way in, hilting himself in the fox. A hand slipped around in front of the vulpine's form, giving his own sheath a gentle massage while the wolf set a slow, steady pace. The lupine's rump flexed visibly, muscles rippling as he worked to keep from hurting the poor fellow. He wasn't quite used to the new strength after all. Fortunately, Brian was quite durable.

Coos of delight wafted up from the smaller canid, pushing his hips back against the larger with every inward push, moisture permeated the tight seal between the two, leeching out into both luxurious pelts. The same curious pale rosy light from before seemed to exude from the ashen vulpine.

The wolf already sunk deep into his folds shivered softly as it had its desired effect, "Ooo damn, I'll never get tired of that."

Brian grinned back at the bulky lupine behind him, offering him a coy wink, "It's why I do it honey. Now c'mon, show me whatcha got!"

Sirius growled low in his throat, his lips pulling into a naughty grin as he slammed home firmly, stealing away the fox's breath. He thrust again, adding his new robust pith to the mixture. His grip on the kitsune firmed, holding him nicely in place while the hapless 'victim' moaned oh so loudly. Brian arched his back to push even more firmly against the ravaging rod, wanting to feel every inch of it inside him. The great, sagging, dragon-stuffed sac swayed to and fro with every firm pound into the vulpine's heated form. Kraven remained asleep, blissfully unaware of what was to become of him in mere moments.

Agonizingly glorious moments ticked by as the wolf rutted his lover with reckless abandon, aching to gorge his beloved on his seed. Finally, at long last, a great spasm claimed Sirius' surging spire as a powerful gush forced its way deep into Brian's center. A great bulge formed in the intruding appendage, easing up through the confines of the fox's embrace. A great lurch pushed forward into his womb as the wolf unloaded his lower passenger into his beloved. The fox swelled outward swiftly, distending his abdomen larger and larger with every passing second.

Brian cried out in elated orgasm, his whole form straining as he trembled under the intensity of the unleashed flood filling him. A great howl filled the air, joined by another as both were hurled aloft to the high of erotic ecstasy, only to slowly drift back down. Sirius wrapped his arms about the fox, holding him in a loving clutch. He panted and nuzzled against Brian's cheek tenderly, licking softly now and again as his mate panted, leaning back against him.

"Th-there you go... He-he's all yours honey... Have fun."

The kitsune smiled tiredly back at his companion, reclining against him as he explored his own bloated tummy, enjoying the added weight.

"I most certainly will." He turned to look back at the girls who had watched his sudden impregnation, only to find the majority of them had worn themselves out. Ferra giggled, hugging them all to hir as shi looked over at hir masters.

"I don't think they can make it the rest of the way on foot."

A fading orange light filled the forest as the dying rays of the sun struggled to filter their way through the foliage, casting shadow and light along the soft earth. The sky was afire with an array of colors; reds, pinks, yellows, and everything in between. It was a fine autumn evening and it signaled the coming of a the lunar feast for a tribe of wolves gathered out in the wilds, living as their ancestors did. Preparations were nearing completion as the larger members of the tribe helped arrange the wood for a grand bonfire. The young were running about, playing games that honed skills needed for the hunt and combat. Many of the females were tending to the food to be served.

One figure out of the entire crowd however, seemed somewhat distant, a quiet sadness preoccupying his mind. The elderly fellow sighed softly and cast off an ornate blanket that had been draped about his shoulders as he took a stroll through the campsite, leaning on a sturdy walking stick. The lunar feast just wouldn't be the same without his grandson there to enjoy it with them. It had been so long since he had gone wandering again, far longer than normal. What could it be that kept him away for so long? He tried to push darker thoughts out of his mind, hoping that instead he had simply gone further than previous trips, picturing all the exotic cities and lands he must be visiting.

He was quickly pulled from his brief daydream by a young female begging his attention politely.

"Canopus, sir, the watch spotted three figures in the woods headed this way. He says it's too dim to make out who they are from this distance."

The older lupine nodded softly, turning to head towards the short tower used as a watch point. They didn't usually have trouble with locals, but the past did seem to dictate that having at least one pair of eyes on the lookout seemed an appropriate measure. The chief padded quietly along the path until they reached the steps up into the stand, climbing to join the young male watching carefully over the three as they approached.

"There, just past the large elm. Three figures. If the sun were higher I would be able to tell more easily."

The old wolf chuckled quietly and gazed off into the distance, spying on the approaching guests., "Or perhaps if it were a bit lower. It's that time of the day that plays tricks on the eye. Have you picked up a scent from them yet?"

The younger male shook his head., "No, the wind has been against us. It's a fair bet they know we're here. Should we alert the others?"

Canopus shook his head, frowning softly at the idea of getting everyone upset over such a small party closing in on them, "Oh I hardly doubt we should raise so much fuss over three strangers. I would however like to have a couple of our strongest warriors meet me at the edge of the camp. There's no harm in taking a few minor precautions."

He turned to walk back down the stairs before pausing. The wind shifted in just that instant, blowing a soft breeze towards the village from along the path the three approaching were traveling. He turned back into the wind and closed his eyes, inhaling slow and deep. It would take a few moments to pick up on the strangers, but he was a patient fellow. Age had taught him the wisdom of giving himself pause.

Finally, that which he sought passed his nostrils. There was a fox, a curious smelling one at that, then there was an equine of unique aroma, not like the stallions and mares that were native to the area. And then there was a very familiar scent that caught in his nose. He knew that smell like the back of his paw. It brought a sizable grin to his muzzle and he turned, quickly trotting down the stairs, the news making him feel a bit more spry.

"Do you know who it is?" The scout was somewhat worried, concerned that the chief was moving a little too quickly for his feet and that he might take a nasty little fall.

"I know exactly who it is. It's been far too long since he's been home. Spread the word, my grandson has returned!" He grinned, slowing his pace as he turned to move towards the edge of camp to great the newcomers. Behind him, the scout's eyes widened upon hearing the chief. With glee, he threw his head back and howled to the heavens, the entire tribe stopping and turning to look to the baying 'watchdog' as they discerned the news. The chief's smile quickly spread among them all as the entire camp joined in the greeting. Dozens of voices raised to the sky, filling the woods with their music of the night. It was a greeting long missed by the one they welcomed home.

A smile spread across the white wolf's muzzle as he heard his pack howl as one, his smile broadening further as he closed his eyes, slowly picking out individual tones, finding the chief's in short order. Brian and Ferra blinked softly at the lupine, not having expected such a reaction to their presence.

"What's all the fuss about honey?" The kitsune, unaware of the local customs of his beloved's tribe, began wishing he had taken a closer look at his mate's memories when he had the chance, but it was of little consequence now.

Sirius just squeezed the fox's hand and looked to him, feeling a great swell in his chest, "They know we're here. They're welcoming me home."

With that, he tilted his head back and joined in. A loud, clear howl merged with the woodland choir, adding its contribution to their harmony. Brian snickered seeing his beloved acting more like a puppy then he had seen in quite some time. Without giving it much thought, he threw back his own head and offered his own vulpine yowl. Ferra, feeling somewhat left out attempted to produce hir own bellow of greeting, but hir whinny simply did not mesh well with the sounds of the pack. Shi quieted down before realizing shi was getting left behind. Sirius had taken off in a charge, Brian following behind him. Shi yelped in surprise and kicked hir flanks, galloping off after them.

The tribe continued their howls, signaling their utter delight to see the grandson of their chief finally returning from his long voyage. The distance was closed in short order. Despite his changed figure, the elder threw his arms around the much larger Sirius, the two hugging tight as the howls began to die down, turning more to yips and barks of excitement, everyone rushing forward to greet the returning wolf. When the two finally pulled away to address one another eye to eye, Canopus chuckled as he looked his descendant up and down.

"My word you've grown! You weren't nearly this big when you left!"

Sirius chuckled and nodded as a crowd formed around them, gazing out over them all, taking in all their individual scents and faces, feeling as though a weight had been lifted from his shoulders.

"I suppose I am. It's a rather lengthy story which I'll be more than happy to tell you later. First of all, I've more important news to share with you," He stepped back and to the side, holding out a hand towards his companion. The grey fox held his tummy as he chuckled, his tails swishing about behind him rather happily. Something about being amidst the pack satisfied a deep rooted desire in him as it did Sirius, "This is Brian. He and I have been sharing one another's company for quite some time and I believe you'll be happy to hear that he and I are mates."

The old wolf's eyes widened as he looked between both his grandson and the silvery fox before him, "Your mate? Truly!?"

Sirius nodded with a very broad smile, "Truly. Brian, this is my grandfather, Canopus Nocturne. Chief of my tribe."

The kitsune stepped forward and bowed his head in respect, but that would not do. The old fellow refused to let that be sufficient. He closed the distance between the two of them and embraced the fox, hugging him quite firmly, more so than one might expect from such an old fellow.

The smaller canid yelped quietly in surprise but grinned, returning the affection quickly, offering his own greeting, "It is an honor to meet you sir. Sirius has told me a great deal about you, but I must admit, none of it has done you justice."

The chief pulled himself back, just to arm's length, hands still on Brian's shoulders, "Oh hush, you've no need to call me 'sir'! You're a part of the family! You call me grandfather! And from what I can tell of you two, you've been busy!" He winked at Sirius, giving the fox's belly a firm pat, "You don't waste any time do you my boy!" He laughed and pulled the white wolf to him, wrapping an arm around his shoulders.

The bulky canid snickered and nodded a little, "You could say that, but like I mentioned, there's much to tell, and I'm extraordinarily happy we managed to get here before the lunar feast started. It was a close shave from what I can tell!"

Canopus nodded and walked along with them deeper into the camp as the crowd cheered and greeted, yipping and barking for Sirius to offer some attention to random individuals. Ferra trotted along behind the group, having stayed back a short ways. Shi felt oddly out of place, awkward among so many of the same kind who more likely than not had not seen one such as hir before, and then of course there were the two massive swells shi carried below, one encircled by hir arms, the other sagging just ahead of hir hindquarters. Would they welcome hir just as they had Brian? Or would shi have to stay at the boarder of the site? Insecurity claimed hir, partially due to the fact that being so far back had left hir relatively unnoticed, except for the more curious cubs who were poking softly at hir belly.

"Hey miss, didja eat somethin' really big? You got a really big belly!"

Shi blushed and smiled sheepishly at the children, unsure how to explain it, not certain if Sirius' tribe as as open about things of a sexual matter as he and Brian were, "Well, no. I guess you could say I'm gonna have a baby. Five actually."

They all stared wide eyed at hir two swollen bellies and giggled, feeling over the twin, tight domes inquisitively.

"Wow! That's more than mommy had! Does it hurt bein' so big? Are ya gonna hafta let'em out one at a time or do they all come spillin' out together?" They all rattled off questions for hir as the group ahead stopped and turned around.

Sirius strolled back over, feeling bad for having left the lady out, "I'm so sorry. Where are my manners!? Grandfather, this is Ferra. Shi is a friend of ours we picked up on our way here. Shi and a few others you'll get to meet later."

The chief chuckled and elbowed his grandson again, assuming something close to the truth but not quite on target, "You really have been busy! My goodness! Just look at her! She looks like she's about to pop! Come on over here and let me have a look at you dear!" The good-natured fellow approached the still rather shy zebra, giving hir a friendly squeeze as he had Brian earlier before he stepped back and felt over hir upper belly. He paused as he picked up on soft movement within, then moved to hir lower swell, finding similar shiftings-about down there as well.

Ferra blushed softly at the attention, trying to keep from moaning too much. It did feel rather nice after all, "It's a pleasure to meet you, sir. Forgive me if I offend anyone, I'm used to an environment where I don't have to conceal myself."

The old chief waved a hand dismissively, tugging softly on one of hir arms to guide hir forward, "Nonsense! Come have a seat by the fire! Your legs must be awfully tired! Same for you boys! You go have a sit and rest yourselves! You shouldn't be up and about in such a state! Someone, bring food and drink for my grandson and his friends!! Tonight our celebration is two-fold! The beginning of the lunar cycle and the return of our wandering son!!"

A great cheer rose from the crowd as the bonfire was lit and the party began. Drums began to fill the air as rudimentary wind instruments joined in, creating a lively tune that many began to dance to it. Sirius whimpered as his grandfather insisted he remain seated, wanting to join in the festivities quite badly. Brian chuckled and cuddled himself close to the wolf as they were served. Ferra was given a considerably larger portion, which shi didn't dare refuse. Hir stomach was angrily demanding shi fill it and the smell was far too mouthwatering to pass up. As the oddly stretched trio enjoyed their meals, Canopus pumped the young pair of canids for stories, wanting to hear every last sordid detail.

"So come now! Tell me what my grandson has been up to out there in the world, away from his tribe! I simply must know how you two met!"

Brian chuckled quietly and looked to the white wolf next to him, "It's a long story so you'll have to bare with us. And I will warn you now, there is much of it you may not believe. Sirius? Care to start us off?"

The white wolf nodded and began relating the tale as factually as possible, trying to avoid embellishments for credibility's sake. After roughly an hour, the old chief simply sat back and rubbed his eyes, laughing softly as he let the lengthy tale sink in.

"So, you traveled into the future and met a family of beings that are made of the very stars above? Forgive me but that all sounds incredibly ridiculous! In all my years I have never heard such a tale! And you say Brian here is one of these... these... star creatures?"

The fox nodded with a grin.

"One term we use is 'Chaos Spirits'. Not really sure where or when it got started but it just slowly worked its way into the public and it got back to my grandmother. She liked it and it stuck. And ridiculous why? You don't believe us?"

Canopus shook his head defensively, not wanting to offend his new in-law. Whether or not it had been made official made little difference to him.

"Oh no, it's not that, it's just... well... I don't suppose you can offer a demonstration of what you can do? I must see. I'm too curious to stand it."

Brian smirked and moved around between his lover and the chief, eyeing him coyly, "You want a demonstration do you? Alright, I think I can arrange for that. How old are you grampa?"

The old wolf furrowed his brow, uncertain of the relevance but he answered just the same, "I've seen the lunar cycle come and go several hundred times. I've seen the seasons pass many times as well. I've lost count of the winters. Dozens."

Sirius chimed in, "I would guess somewhere in his late sixties."

The vulpine nodded, scooting closer, resting a hand on the old fellow's thigh. His age had not diminished his scent, both his musk and his hidden femininity. Sirius had been telling the truth when he said he inherited that little trait from his grandfather.

"You don't look a day over fifty. But I trust that walking stick of yours isn't just for show?"

Canopus nodded, chuckling as he tapped it on the ground lightly, "Yes, I'm afraid I'm just not as young as I used to be. I gave up the hunt ten seasons back. This old leg of mine just refuses to work as well as it used to. Why do you ask?"

Brian's grin widened as he looked to Sirius, silently asking permission. The chiseled lupine rolled his eyes softly in amusement and nodded, permitting the fox go ahead with his trickery.

"How would you like to feel young again? Have that bum leg holding you back made to work as well as it did in your youth?"

The old chief laughed heartily, others around him joining in as they listened just as intently, "Oh you are quite the character. I don't think there is anything that anyone can do for me. It is just something that happens as you grow old. In fact, it's one reason why I'm glad you've brought my Sirius back to me."

Sensing where Canopus was headed with a comment like that, Brian lifted a hand, placing the tips of his fingers softly to the old wolf's lips to silence him gently.

"If it were possible, you would like to be able to join the hunt again would you not?"

The chief blinked as he was hushed by the vulpine but did not protest, nodding softly to his question, "Yes, I suppose I would. I did very much enjoy the thrill of the chase. But it is a matter best left to those who are able to perform."

Again, Brian touched his fingers to the lupine's muzzle to gently coax him into silence, but this time something more happened. A soft light seeped from his digits, a brief little flash that only those who were expecting it might notice. The light left Brian's hand and disappeared into the old man's mouth, vanishing completely from sight. Suddenly, a powerful shudder passed over the wolf, his once white fur having long since faded to a distinguished grey pelt in several places. His eyes widened as he felt the stiffness in his leg fade away and a renewed energy flow through him. In seconds, he felt a good twenty years younger, and to the outside viewer, he looked the part as well. He gasped softly as he watched the grey in his fur disappear, replaced by purest white just like his grandson's fine coat. It was miraculous.

"How does that feel gramps? Better?" Brian smiled.

The older fellow, left speechless, could only nod as he looked over his younger form, a collection of gasps and whispers surrounding the fire. Brian only grinned wider as he watched the spell continue its work. After all, he would not be a fox if he weren't at least playfully mischievous. Canopus shivered again as he felt himself suddenly begin to shrink, his proud height diminishing quickly before everyone's eyes. His hard, toned figure softening until finally, the spell ended and what had once been an elder closing in on the sunset of his left sat a young pup looking no older than ten. The tribe was in utter shock at the display of power.

The now youthful Canopus sat with his jaw hanging agape, struggling to comprehend what had just happened to him. His efforts to understand were quickly demolished by a sudden tackle. The other cubs charged in and pounced, dragging their chief into the fray of their playful battle, giggling and scuffling about as he began laughing just as heartily as the rest of them. Sirius rolled his eyes and chuckled, giving his tummy a soft pat as he felt his passenger kick softly. The sight had reminded him that he was still carrying and that he might need to 'birth' the little dragon soon.

"How long do you plan on keeping him like that, Brian?" Sirius reached out, beckoning the fox back to him.

The kitsune giggled as he watched the cubs all chase one another about, Canopus finding himself unable to resist, plunging into the middle of the game, "As long as he wants. In fact, if he really wants to, he can just stay that way and grow back up naturally."

"Oh I don't think he's really that interested in starting life over from the age of a cub. At least let him hit puberty if you're going to keep him young."

The fox smirked back at his mate, shaking his head defiantly, "Not if he says no."

The tribe all joined in with their laughter as they watched the children play, clapping and returning to the festivities. Finally, the moon rose and the noise died down, young Canopus moving to the center of the group as he did every time they celebrated the lunar feast, able to hearken back to his maturity and give the same speech he had offered for years.

"My children," a few snickers came from the crowd which he dismissed with a bit of a grin, "My children, tonight, we give thanks to the spirits that watch over us from on high, to the forest for providing its bounty, and to one another. For decades we have celebrated the moon and it's coming and going, the light it provides and the comfort it gives to those who sing to it as it reaches its peak. Tonight, we raise our voices to it, wishing its heavenly glow safe journey across our lands." He paused, letting the silence spill out across the tribe before slowly lifting his chin, howling just as proudly and clearly as if he were in his prime. The single howl echoed through the trees for several minutes before the rest of the tribe joined in. It was a different song than before. Earlier it was a light hearted cry of happiness, pure emotion flowing to beckon their missing pack member homeward. Now, it was reverent, steady, and harmonious. Dozens of voices lifted as one to the heavens, paying homage to the full moon.

Finally, the chief lowered his head and quieted himself. The others joined in short order, remaining respectfully silent. He gazed across the entire tribe, his eyes stopping on Sirius before speaking again.

"It is with a glad heart that I welcome my grandson back among us. Let his companions be treated as equals among our people. Eat, drink, sing, dance! Enjoy the feast! We are creatures of the night! Let us bask in our heavenly mother's loving glow!" He lifted his hands to the moon once more and cheers rose from the crowd, the music resuming as the party picked back up. The childish chief padded over to his now older grandson, beckoning him and his two friends to stand and join him, "Please, come with me. There is still much we have to talk about."

Sirius nodded, "Indeed there is."

They all climbed to their feet and followed the short-statured wolf to his tent, seating themselves comfortably within. Once the flap was closed and the sound of the festivities outside was filtered, Canopus sat as well, taking a more serious attitude.

"I cannot tell you how glad I am that you have come back to us Sirius. My heart has never known any greater happiness to see you again, and with one you love and wish to spend your life with. While I am grateful for Brian's gift of my returned youth, it does not change my feelings on this matter. Sirius, I wish to pass leadership of the tribe to you. I have served long enough and even if I were to live out my life like this, to age once more as I have already, I feel it is not my place to watch over our people for two lifetimes. I feel you are ready. You have done nothing but surpass my greatest hopes and expectations of you."

The white wolf blushed and looked down to his swollen middle, feeling Nate kick again, resting his hands against the bulge quietly, "That may prove difficult grandfather. You see, the life I have made for myself back in the future, I've grown quite attached to it. I have friends there I could never leave behind, just as I could never leave you and the rest of the tribe behind. I am honored that you feel I should take over in your place but if you truly want me to do so, I would request something of you while you remain our alpha. And I would ask that you listen with an open mind."

The young Canopus nodded softly, listening in earnest, "By all means, please, speak. You've no need to hold back with me."

The swollen lupine nodded, looking to Brian for a moment before gazing to his grandfather once more. He took a soft breath, quietly fearful of what reaction might come.

"Come back with us. All of you. The entire tribe. I want you all to come and live with us at the Inn. There is more than enough forest to explore and hunt in. It is protected, from the ravages of those in this world who wish only harm on others. It is safe from disease, famine, drought, and more. The land there is sacred to us all. We go to great lengths to preserve it and its inhabitants."

The chief sighed quietly and furrowed his brow, considering the request just as Sirius had asked him to. What of it he had heard from the tale of the young wolf's exploits did make it sound quite appealing, but there were too many unknowns.

"I don't believe I can make such a decision for all of us so quickly. I know so little of this place and the people in it. While I do trust your judgment of the quality of their character, I must consider other difficulties. How would we get there? Would your friends be willing to welcome us into their lands? Would the land be able to provide for us and these friends of yours when we are all there together? We are many, and I would not have our presence damage the balance of the forest. But more than that Sirius, this land is our home. I cannot ask our tribe to simply abandon what we have so painstakingly cared for all these many generations." He wanted to give his grandson an acceptable reason for not being able to accept his request, but it broke his heart that he had to say no.

Still, it seemed there was more that Sirius wasn't telling him.

"Grandfather, there came a time when I realized I might not return. When I came to understand that, I began trying to find any trace of our people. I hunted through history books and records, it took months. I found none. That is, until I began exploring and mapping the land around the Inn. I found artifacts, relics from our people. I realized I had been home all along. I'm sure if we were to look hard enough, we could find something of the Aquatos clan's presence not far from here."

Sirius paused, letting his words hang in the air. Canopus frowned softly, slowly coming to the conclusion he had been given. The 'older' wolf saw that realization dawning and he continued.

"The land the Inn is built on is ours, and we had been driven from it. I found bones, bones of our descendants buried amidst the ruins. I found evidence of a battle, one that after careful study I determined is supposed to occur here within a month's time, before the rise of the next full moon. It's why we came back to this particular time. We came back to save you."

The news hit the chief quite hard. Could it be possible that he was right? Or was he just trying to garner sympathy to sway the old fellow to his point of view? No! Sirius would never be so petty! It was the truth. He knew it. His grandson had no reason to lie in such a manner. A sigh escaped Canopus as he considered the prospect once more, still uncertain about a great many things.

"Then can you not stay and defend us? Your mate has great power, he could protect us, hide us, confuse the attackers, drive them away from our lands. We would be forever grateful and you would never be without your people's care ever again. There must be something we can do to avoid simply uprooting ourselves."

Brian decided it was time for him to enter the conversation, offering his own supporting information.

"No one said you have to uproot. It is the same land. All you would be doing is changing when you live there. We have already discussed the matter with the Inn's owner. Smokey is more than willing to welcome the entire tribe and offer any assistance or supplies you might need. 'If it's their land, I've no reason to keep them from it.' Those were his words. We can offer you a better life, free of danger. Your ways would be respected and honored. You would have complete autonomy within the inn's borders. You have my word and Sirius' on the matter."

Canopus sighed again, rubbing his little eyes as he thought the matter over. He felt a great deal more tired than he expected, standing and stretching his arms quite wide before moving to stand directly in front of his grandson.

"As I said, in all honesty, I cannot make that kind of decision for the entire tribe. I do not have information enough to determine if it would indeed be best for our people," He watched as Sirius' ears drooped and he lowered his head, submitting to the chief's decision should he outright say no, "But you do. If you accept my position, you would not have to ask me to consider such things. You are young and know much of where it is you wish for us to go. You could better put to rest any fears the tribe might have. And if that is where you wish to lead us, I would not protest. I leave the decision to you should you accept the title as alpha of our pack."

Sirius' eyes lit up, widening as he lifted his gaze to look at the short boy before him, rather stunned by the unusual means of acceptance.

"Really? You wouldn't have a problem with it?"

"If it's as wonderful a place as you say it is, and if it is in fact our land this... 'Smokey' has so painstakingly preserved, I would have no reason to complain. Now, I'm tired. I should bed down for the night. Children need their rest after all." He chuckled and lifted his arms to Sirius, expecting him to pick the young chief up. The plump wolf chuckled and did so, collecting the pup and hugging him to his chest.

Brian grinned and nudged his shoulder softly, "See? I told you it'd be alright. Now c'mon, let's get some sleep. We've got our work cut out for us in the morning. Ferra, care to let the others sleep out here tonight, or are you gonna be greedy and keep them all to yourself?"

The equine chuckled and hugged hir belly, posturing hirself in such a manner to answer without needing to speak, "I'm keepin' them right where they are. If you wanna snuggle them, you gotta climb in with them!"

Brian laughed and gave hir tummy a pat before leaning against Sirius

The boy in the new alpha's arms perked his head up curiously, "You can choose whether or not to birth your children?"

Sirius opted to field this particular question, "Actually, they aren't children. There were five others in the slave market we rescued Ferra here from. There was also a little red dragon named Nathanial, imprisoned in the same slave market under horribly cruel conditions. There was another dragon, Kraven, who had been manipulated similarly to become a regular customer. It's another rather lengthy story but I assure you. But as to where they are... Well... Do you remember how you used to take care of me when I was a pup and had nightmares?"

The former chief paused, his eyes widening a bit as he gazed down at Sirius's tummy, "So that's what you're doing! Is this something you do frequently?"

Brian snickered and grinned, interrupting the white wolf before he could respond, "The Inn we both work for is known for a number of adult-themed pastimes, including this. There, we call it unbirthing. Sirius and I have enjoyed it on a number of occasions, as both the 'mother' and the 'child' so to speak."

Canopus' eyes widened upon grasping the concept, laughing just as any child might at something naughty.

"Oh my, I've fantasized about that very thing myself on more than one occasion, more than just trying to pacify an inconsolable child. I didn't think carrying someone larger than that was possible though!"

Brian nodded, "Oh, it is. In fact, there are some back at the inn that pride themselves on how many people they can fit in them."

The little wolf snickered and poked his grandson's belly softly, finding himself suddenly quite curious.

"I'll have to try it out sometime, I don't think I could manage to get anyone inside me as I am now, unless you have some magic spell that lets me stretch. For now though, do you think you have room in there for one more?" He looked up at Sirius with a wide grin, his tail wagging rapidly.

The larger wolf laughed and rolled his eyes, not realizing his grandfather was just as perverted as he was, "I think I can squeeze you in. And I think Nate would be happy of the company."

Brian chuckled and pulled the large wolf towards him, laying him down as the elated cub climbed out of his arms and moved to his groin. He pushed Sirius' loincloth out of the way to give the new alpha's features a thorough looking over. When he was satisfied with what he saw, he ever so gently pushed his hind paws into the warm, moist petals of the bloated fellow before him.

Canopus paused only that far in, "I hope I don't hurt you. Surely this can't be easy on you."

Sirius shivered feeling entry below once more, a hand moving to his belly, "Ooo... You would be surprised. You'll just have to try it for yourself when you get the chance. Now, in you go."

He closed his eyes and pulled, slurping up Canopus' little legs with ease, reaching his hips in short order. Thankfully, he had removed his own little garment before attempting this as well. Brian hugged the burly wolf from behind as he worked up over the little boy's form, ready to assist should his lupine lover find himself too fatigued to finish the job.

Sirius grunted softly as he pulled again, passing up over Canopus' hips, working his tummy into the smooth, soft folds below. The little wolf laughed and grinned, wriggling softly to acclimate to the unusual sensations. He found it quite enjoyable actually, slipping in somewhere so warm and soft. He could only imagine how comforting it would be once he was sealed away completely. With how quickly the wolf was working, it wouldn't be a long wait to find out. Sirius moaned and arched his back, legs still spread wide as the cub's chest vanished. With his hands still free, Canopus, feeling some childish mischief consuming him, began to paw softly at the larger wolf's scrotum and sheath, remembering how he first learned about pleasuring himself. He worked his paws over the other wolf's masculine region as his 'mother' continued slurping him up, moaning loudly.

Just as he was about to lose the ability to tease Sirius with one last pull threatening to drag him in, he heard a low howl come from above as the plump rod that was now exposed above him throbbed and gushed forth. He snickered and watched as the white musky essence spilled out across the larger wolf's belly, a belly he would soon be locked inside. As Sirius lost himself to the throes of climax, he felt his inner walls convulse, jerking Canopus in with one noisy slurp. His little head disappeared under the wolf's plump scrotum and the larger masculine lupine panted, resting his hands on top of the now larger swell as his two 'children' shifted about, finding themselves in each other's arms deep in the secure confines of the wolf's belly. Sirius' eyes glazed over softly as he lay there, feeling not one but two curled up under his fur. It felt marvelous even if one of them was his grandfather in child form.

"Ooo... If that's not how you pass alpha status on to someone, it's a tradition I'm willing to start!"

A soft laugh came from his belly as well as the fox behind him. Ferra giggled along with them, shifting closer to cuddle with the two swollen canids, all three of them slipping off to sleep in short order. There was much to be done tomorrow, and they would need all the rest they could get.

Thick, green foliage rustled overhead as the tribe's campsite bustled with activity. There had been little trouble in the transition between times and much of the pack expressed a curiosity about the grounds of the Inn and how the land might have changed in the several hundred years they jumped past. Canopus, still in his childlike state, found himself spending his time among the other children, living out his life as he would were he not in fact the experienced old wolf he truly was. With a new world to explore, he was not about to pass up the opportunity to regain his lost childhood.

The six girls all found places to settle in about the resort, working closely with the demoness who maintained the new annex which suited their liking quite nicely. In the few days that had passed since their arrival, they had managed to spend only a few precious hours with the two canids that had emancipated them, learning the ins and outs of the grounds and rules, as well as their new supervisor. The lifestyle they found themselves settling into seemed much like their previous occupation, only far more flexible. As it stood, Jenny turned out to be quite the dominant roo when requested, teaching hir skills to the Joselyn and Kiara. The others seemed to prefer a somewhat more submissive attitude towards their work. Hannah hirself seemed to enjoy paying Sirius' pack as many visits as shi could squeeze into hir schedule. Shi resolved to increase the frequency of hir trips out to the tribe once shi had mastered the basics of the Inn.

Nathanial and Kraven both seemed to feel more at home among the wolves as well, perhaps because of the simple nature of their lifestyle. The two dragons, their memories recovered, pushed the years they had spent under Randle's influence out of their minds, only summoning back a few anecdotes for the sake of something to do in bed. They had been lovers before the curse. Nathanial had actually been female prior to coming to be employed by Randle. Brian offered to restore him to his original gender but Natalie as he had been called before had a different thought. Kraven himself had been relatively unchanged save for the transformation from organic to mineral and back. He permitted Sirius to retain his bulk during the pack's transition between eras to help smooth things along but after several days, he became anxious to have his old body back.

"I know I said you could use it for as long as you need but... I miss being the old me! You've got plenty of people from the staff to help out the pack, and I'd be more than happy to haul anything they might need. Besides, Nat's been wanting to see me back in shape."

Sirius chuckled and nodded, giving the slender fellow a pat on the head, "I'm sure. You two make a rather cute couple. I'm curious to see what you two do when you're back to normal."

Kraven's eyes lit up in hopes that the white wolf was finally returning his muscle, having been waiting patiently for it thus far, "You're giving it back!?"

The lupine smirked, crossing his arms over his broad chest, having taken a liking to being the big dog.

"Well I wouldn't say 'giving' it back. You want it? You gotta take it from me!" He snickered, always wanting to have a little fun in any situation that offered an opening for it.

The dragon smirked and poked the wolf's chest softly, pushing against him as he spoke, "Alright, just remember you asked for it!"

He knew exactly what was required to 'take back' what was his and the idea made him more than just a little excited. Sirius parted his lips to speak but before he could manage to rattle off his comment, the small crimson beast had opened his jaws and all but leapt at him. Darkness quickly claimed his vision as Kraven pushed hard over the canine's head. Thankfully, he had practiced stretching his jaw in the past and this was little more than an exercise to him. With a certain degree of difficulty, he managed to force Sirius' shoulders into his maw, bulging his cheeks out quite wide with the wolf's form.

The lupine snickered quietly and sat rather still, letting the little dragon make a meal out of him. Down Kraven slipped along that broad, toned chest, passing the brawny fellow's abdomen, his own stretching obscenely to contain the great canid. With a few more steady gulps, he reached Sirius' feet and came to rest atop his bloated waist, panting softly as he worked to swallow the last of his friend down. As everything began to settle, a few chuckles rose from his gurgling gut. Muscle pulled the wolf's paws deeper and Kraven snapped his jaws shut around them, cramming him down his throat before offering a labored belch.

"You're right, I did ask for it. Nice job by the way. Not too many people can swallow someone twice their size." The wolf snickered as he curled up deep in the fattened dragon's stomach who lounged there on top of the mound of flesh his hands roamed over liberally.

"Ugh, too much... I think I'm gonna pop. When do I get my body back?" Almost the exact instant he finished his question, he felt the bulge under him begin to shrink as the strength he had known for so long began to return. His arms and legs filled out as his smooth, flat chest swelled with sinew, firm and toned. Within a matter of moments, Kraven found himself on his hands and knees with a much smaller, but still nicely bloated, belly hanging under him. He leaned back into a kneel as he felt over his scaled hide, purring quietly with a grin.

"About that long, buddy. How's it feel to be a body-builder again?" Sirius grinned unseen.

The once more beastly dragon laughed heartily and gave his swollen, muscular gut a pat, "It feels pretty damn good! Now if you don't mind, I think I'll pay Nat a visit."

Sirius had no objection whatsoever. The walk made his world sway and bounce softly, and the ensuing moans and thrusts from outside jostled him about even more. After a good hour's worth of intimacy in the outside world, Kraven decided to let his lover have just as much fun inside. A number of wet slurps and noisy gulps saw the deep crimson wingless creature slip down into the wolf's lap.

Sirius grinned and wrapped his arms around the still relatively small Natalie, giving the much more effeminate dragon a kiss on the cheek, "Hello again. And how are you feeling today?"

The slender figured beast spun around to face the lupine, wrapping a pair of thin, elegant arms around him as their lips met, "I'm feeling just fine. But I've got a bit of an ache. Care to help me with it?"

The wolf smirked back at Natalie, one of his hands moving to caress the two supple orbs pressed against his chest, the other slipping lower to give hir as of yet unused member, plump and screaming for attention, a gentle grope.

"Well I've got a busy schedule, but I think I can fit you in somewhere."

Nat giggled and pressed hirself close, finding having the best of both worlds to be a rather pleasant compromise. It seemed to be a popular choice around the Inn, "Well if you can't, I'm sure Brian can."

As if on cue, probably from listening in through his lover's ears, a soft pink light filled the fleshy chamber. Kraven held his rounded stomach as it suddenly grew even larger, a third figure joining the party inside.

The kitsune quickly materialized, a grand grin on his face, "I think we can both find an opening for you."

Natalie grinned and pressed back against the vulpine behind hir, wriggling softly between the two as their captor reclined comfortably under a thick tree, several of the ladies from Sirius' tribe wandering over to give his heavy, gurgling, wobbling gut a firm massage.

He hiccupped softly every once in a while, savoring the attention as he closed his eyes, "I could definitely get used to this place."

The Treetop Inn - Chapter 6

The arid heat swirled about as the beginning of the storm season rolled in, demanding travelers to take shelter. The outer gates were closed, barred shut for the duration of the latest squall. Only the best outfitted dared to brave this weather. Still,...

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Tale 5-5 - Hungry for Glory 2

The sun had long since dipped low enough in the sky that the forest canopy cast great shadows across the ground below. It might as well have been night already for most. Elisha didn't seem to mind too much. Night usually brought better mobs to kill for...

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Tale 5-4 - A Different Kind of Hike

The mountain road stretched on, winding this way and that amidst the peaks and valleys. It was a terribly lovely view, and the pair strolling away along the side drank it all in. The air had turned just a little chilly and the smell of rain was in the...

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