Incestuous fantasy

Story by TheLagger on SoFurry

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#11 of Balto's family's love

Chapter 11 is finally here. As always, comment and tell me if something is wrong

Balto was wandering in the forest, looking for his daughter Aleu and his son-in-law Steele. They didn't sleep at the boat last night, so he assumed they found their new home the day before. Jenna was at home, waiting for some new, and Dingo and Saba were out somewhere. The old wolf-dog didn't fully understand why Saba and Dingo decided to stay together after what they did together. But he could accept it. It was their choice after all.

Balto was deep in the forest now. The forest was beautiful in spring. The trees were filled with green leaves, the grass was green and was dancing with the wind, the dirt was damp and soft under the paws, and the rays of the sun shone between the leaves and branches of the trees, leaving a beautiful scenery for everyone to watch.

Balto walked in the middle of a path he knew well. It was on this path that he brought back the medicine to Nome with the team, four years ago. Suddenly he heard some moan not far. Balto remembered there was a little pond not far. Him and Jenna often came there to have some fun in privacy. Looks like someone found their secret hideout. Balto looked around him.

"Well, it can't hurt anyone to see who is having fun." He thought.

He silently approached the place where the moans came from and hid in the bushes. He then looked between the leaves to see who was there. And what was his surprise when he saw his son Dingo on the shore of the pond giving a cunilingus to his sister Saba who was lying on the shore, with Dingo's dick inside her mouth, sucking on it with pleasure. Balto was left speechless. Here was his children in a sixty nine, pleasuring each other exactly where Balto and Jenna pleasured each other in the past. Dingo was thrusting his cock in Saba's mouth while Saba was thrusting her crotch into Dingo's muzzle. Both young dogs were moaning with pleasure. Their moans were going crescendo, meaning they weren't far from their orgasm. Balto was about to burst out of the bushes and stop them when Dingo and Saba cried at the same time. Dingo thrust his cock as deep as he could into Saba's mouth while Saba used her hind paws to bury Dingo's muzzle into her crotch. Balto watched his two kids have an orgasm with each other, Saba's eyes going in the back of her head due to the pleasure and Dingo howling into her cunt.

After two minutes, Dingo withdrew his cock and muzzle from Saba and fell on the ground next her, panting. Saba was shivering next him, her tongue out of her mouth, some seed dripping from it on the ground. Dingo looked at her.

"Ohh Saba.*pant* That was wonderful." He said.

Balto couldn't believe what his son just said. He was about to come out of the bushes and scold them both when Saba told something that stopped him right away.

"Ahh Dingo. I missed that tongue of yours. But you know what I missed more?" She said.

"No, what?" Dingo asked back.

"Your fucking huge dick fucking my tight cunt and filling my little womb with your fucking hot and thick seed. I want you now Dingo."

Dingo grinned and said:

"Your wishes are my order, sis."

Balto was left speechless. Dingo lifted from the ground, and Balto could clearly see his son's cock dangling in the air, ready for another round. The old wolf-dog couldn't believe it.

Saba got up too and came into the pond, the cool water drenching her fur to her chest. Dingo followed close behind, and gently licked Saba's butt. The female moaned and held her tail away for her brother.

"No Saba, don't do something that pervert with your own brother. Don't let the need overcome you." Balto thought.

But his prayer were vain as Saba said:

"Pond me hard and pump every drop of seed you got in my womb Dingo. Please, I need it so badly!"

Dingo gently mounted his needy sister and positioned his tip at her entrance.

"Be ready sis, I won't go soft with you." Dingo said.

"Fuck me hard Bro!!" Saba cried desperately.

And Dingo thrust his whole organ into his sister until his knot prevented him to go further.

"Oohh God!!" Saba shouted.

"Ggaahh! You're so tight and hot Saba!" Dingo moaned.

"Aaah!! You're already stretching my womb open Dingo!! Fill it up with your sperm!!" She added.

"Here I come babe!" The young male said as he began to rut his sister with furious hard and fast thrust.

Saba shouted and moaned under him, pushing her hips back to meet his hard thrust.

Balto couldn't believe it. As the situation in front of him became more and more embarrassing, he slowly walked back and came back to the path. He decided to come back to Nome for now. He felt so embarrassed. Lot of other animals surely watched the whole scene. He was even more embarrassed as the whole thing excited him. The tip of his own member was three inches out of his sheath, a drop of precum at the tip. He was horny by seeing his children have sex with each other. And for him, that was sick.

Balto quickly made it back to Nome. By the time, his cock retracted in his sheath, and his horniness had subsided. He went to Jenna's house. There was people in the streets of the little town. Some man told good afternoon to Balto as he passed by them. Balto always replied them by looking at them and smiling widely, often making the men around laugh. He reached Jenna's house and came to the shed behind the house. Jenna was here, apparently tidying their bed.

"Hmm, hey Balto! You're already back hun?" The red female said with a wide smile as she saw her mate enter the room.

"My dear, you will not believe what I just saw." Balto said, closing the shed's door behind him. "I saw Saba and Dingo have sex together at our secret pond!" He whispered then.

"Ooh. I hope they'll clean up after." Jenna said.

"It's all it do to you? Your children are fucking each other and you think about the place?" Balto said, shocked by his mate's words.

"Of course not Balto, I'm shocked about what they're doing. But it's their choice. We don't have to barge in the middle of their life." She said.

"Ooh, I see. So, it doesn't bother you if they do other litter of pups together after this one, it's what you say, right?"

"Balto." Jenna chuckled. Just let them live their live how they want to live it. They're young. They got all their life in front of them. And beside it..."

Jenna came to Balto and slid her tail under his stomach, softly rubbing his sheath.

"We're still young too you know. And I'd like some of my fantasy to be... realized."

Balto looked his mate straight in the eyes.

"What fantasy?" He asked, sounding a little too interested than he wanted to sound.

"Well... One of them concern Saba and Dingo actually." Jenna grinned, massaging Balto's sheath with her strong husky tail.

Balto winced to suppress a moan of pleasure.

"Aah. You always have the right arguments, don't you?" He said panting a little.

"You know me, I like to have what I want." She replied, licking his cheek.

"So, w-what that fantasy is about?" Balto asked shuddering.

"Well... It's a kind if role-play. You play Dingo, and I play Saba." Jenna said, sliding her tail under Balto's chin.

"That's a dirty fantasy so."

"Yeah, but in Saba's body, I'll feel... younger. Can you do it for me please?" She asked, bending over and uncovering her wet slit.

Balto sighed at the great sight he had in front of him.

"Everything for my sweet lovely lady." He said then. "But you know, for me you're still the young bitch I married four years ago." He added.

"Hmm, I know. Now, 'Dingo', come take your sister." Jenna said.

Balto approached his mate and slowly licked her hot pussy with delight.

"Hmm, you taste wonderful as ever, 'sis'." He commented.

"Oohh!*gasp* Again. Call me sis again." Jenna moaned.

"Does my sluty sister want more?" Balto asked, licking her clitoris to pleasure her and tease her further.

"Aahh! Yes brother! R-right t-there!"

Balto suddenly stopped licking her, he took her tail from the base of her butt and slightly tugged back on it. Jenna gasped loudly.

"You've been a bad girl sis." He growled. "And bad girl need to be punished."

Jenna looked back at him with an hungry smile, one that only a needy she-wolf would do in her Heat cycle. Balto understood this look right away.

"Fuck me Dingo. Fuck me like the wild beast you are." Jenna ordered.

A big grin appeared on Balto's muzzle and he mounted his mate's rump. Jenna widened her stance and spread her back paws a little more, giving better access to her lover. Balto licked her head tenderly, then he caught the scruff of her neck in his maw and tugged on it, forcing Jenna to back a little. The female felt her lover's hard member rub softly the entrance of her sacred cavern, precum oozing from the tip on her wet pink vulva. She felt it and moaned.

"O-ooh please Dingo, I can't stand it anymore." She pleaded.

Balto grinned, and then he thrust his whole thick organ right into his mate's warm cavern. Jenna gasped and howled as intense thickness spread her walls apart and the tip of Balto's hard cock tickled her cervix. He hadn't his knot inside her yet and he was already at her cervix. He was really made for her. Sometimes Jenna thought that if she knew Balto was the biggest of all the dogs in town in the past, she would have accepted him the second she met him. He was really the best dog she could chose.

Balto didn't waste any time. He began to pump his thick dick in and out of Jenna at a fast and hard pace, giving no mercy to the female. She was shouting and gasping under him, pushing her hips back on his. Balto was rutting her beautiful ass hard, pounding her tight vagina with all the vigor and the strength he had in his muscled body. His hips where a blur, sometimes lifting Jenna's hips off the ground. The female was impressed by Balto's speed and stamina today. Was it their little role-play that got him this excited. She'll have to try it more often. He was really a sex god right now, rutting her like a mad dog, his knot slowly growing and hitting her outer lips with strength. He was already stretching her tight entrance, trying to put his godly knot where it belonged.

"Oohh Fuck!!*gasp* Fuuuuck!! Knot me Dingo!!*pant* Knot me hard!!" Jenna shouted in ecstasy.

"You're gonna *pant* take my knot Saba!! Huff *pant* You'll take my whole cock inside that tight heavenly canal of yours sis!!*pant pant*" Balto shouted out of his lungs.

"YYEEESSSS!!!" She cried as her orgasm went wild through her body, her legs shaking and her vagina tightening around the mighty cock inside it.

But Balto would have none of it. He thrust inside her with all his strength, forcing her tightening vagina to gulp his length inside it's warmth. Balto growled dominantly and Jenna groaned in pain as her spasming vagina splayed open to receive the huge meatball.

"Take... it... ALL!!" Balto growled as finally, his knot popped into her with a wet *squelch*.

The knot finally inside her, Jenna could finally feel great pleasure fill her body. The tip of Balto's huge cock was inside her womb, sending warm precum into it. Her cervix was stretched wide open for the red organ. The silhouette of the whole member could be seen through Jenna's white underbelly. Balto was fully filling her.

"Oohh God Balto!!" Jenna howled as an incredible orgasm shook her body.

But Balto wasn't spent yet. With his knot now fully lodged inside his mate, the tie kept the two canine's crotch hugged tight against each other. Balto was still thrusting into his mate, dragging her hindquarter with him. The male could fully feel her soft rump's fur rub his belly. His ballsack was snuggled tightly on her quivering crotch, her juices flowing around it and tickling its skin. Balto was biting his lips to keep himself from cumming, but Jenna's shuddering walls around his cock were too much for him.

"Jenna!! I'm... YES!!" Balto shouted before literally jumping forward on Jenna, making the female fall down on her chest, her rump still in the air tied to Balto's crotch.

His balls shuddered on Jenna's clit, making her cum again as Balto filled her womb with fresh warm seed.

"Oooohh!!!*pant* AAAOOOUUUHH!!" Jenna howled as she felt her belly warms up and expand as semen quickly filled it.

Jenna thought about Balto as a true breeder. He was the alpha of the alphas of the breeders. He could fill her so fully with cock and semen, Jenna always wondered how he could keep going after it. He was able to fill her like that at least six time in the same night, expanding her belly so that she would look like she had a whole wolf pack inside of her. She never got tired of his huge wonderful dick and his warm creamy semen. He was just the best. As long as he'll give her the best times of her life, she will give him all the pups she can give birth to. After all, Balto deserved it. He protected her human family, he gave her a big and happy doggy family, and he always attended to every of her needs, without never complaining. He was the best lover, the best breeder, the best father she could dream to have as her mate. She never regretted anything since she married him. Aah, their wedding. A lustful memory. Thinking about all that made her vagina tighten harder around Balto's huge cock. Balto moaned, his dick buried deep into his lover, endlessly stimulated by her spasming vagina. Their united crotch were stained with their warm mixed juice. Balto was speechless. It's been long time since sex was that good between them. The last time was at their weeding day. What a memory.

Outside the shed, unknown to Balto and Jenna, Saba and Dingo had heard everything their parents done.

"They... They fantasized about us having sex!" Dingo whispered to Saba.

"That's weird. But I'm not complaining. It sounded like they had fun. Well, now, it looks like they're not the only one who had fun." Saba said, looking at Dingo's crotch as his cock was fully hanging out of his sheath, precum dripping abundantly from the tip to the ground.

Dingo looked at his sister, then blushed softly as he saw what she was looking at.

"Didn't you have enough earlier?"

"You know, us females have never enough. Lie on your back near this wall, so I can suck this huge thing while you're watching."

Dingo did as he was told, and soon his sister was between his spread hind paws, sniffing and massaging his length with her wonderful soft front paws. Saba breathed in deeply, sucking his scent inside her nostrils, letting the musky smell take over her body. She was soon horny as hell, wanting the big meat in front of her inside her mouth, the tip shooting precum in the back of her throat. And it's exactly what happened. She took the tip of her brother's huge cock, and in one swift movement of her head, his whole member was inside her mouth, the tip spasming in the back of her throat, precum slowly sliding down into Saba's stomach.

"Ggaahh!! Sis, you're the best at it!*pant*" Dingo gasped.

Saba grinned, and slowly got her head upward, her tong sliding slowly on his quivering member. When only the tip was remaining into her mouth, she looked straight into her brother's eyes. Dingo was looking straight at her too, his mouth open in a deep moan, his whole body shuddering. It was wonderful. She had him on the edge of an orgasm only with one move. She finally let go of the tip, and giae the whole organ a long sloppy lick from down to up, earning a big drop of precum on her tongue as she reached the tip.

"Now you are ready for the main part." Saba said, gulping the pre down her throat.

"You are really a slut, you know that sis?" Dingo said panting.

"I am your slut now." She replied, turning around and rubbing her wet pussy on his hard cock. "See? You feel how wet you made me?"

"Oohh Saba. You're my slut." The male said, catching Saba's tail in his maw.

Saba moaned when she felt her brother pull on her tail. She then adjusted her hindquarter on her brother's own hindquarter, and Dingo kept his length raised with his front paws. His tip gently rubbed Saba's wet slit, causing the young dog bitch to shudder.

"You like it, don't you bitch?" Dingo teased.

To punish him, Saba grinned and launched her hips downward, gulping his whole member, knot included, into her hot needy hole.

"What *ahhh* where you saying, bitch?" She moaned then.

"Oohh! That you are an amazing slut. Now shut up and fuck it like you want it." Dingo replied.

Saba did just as he told and began to move her hips up and down on her brother's laps, gulping inside her every drop of pre he gave her. Her womb was already full of seed with his earlier contribution, but she loved to make sure she was really stuffed, even if she was already pregnant.

Their lovemaking didn't lasted very long. Dingo's knot was already fully grown, and he wasn't far from his climax. Saba moved on his length at fast pace, letting no rest to her brother.

"Oh yes!! Fuck you're so big!" She moaned, hammering her brother's crotch.

"Grrr, so tight and hot!" Dingo growled.

"Gaah!!*pant* Knot me Dingo!*gasp pant* Knot your sister! Give it to me!*gasp*"

Dingo growled louder and put his front paws on Saba's furred butt cheeks.

"Take... It... ALL!!" He shouted as his knot popped into Saba's wet pussy.

He came after this, powerful jets of sperm being shot right into Saba's already filled womb. Saba came soon after, yelping, gasping and moaning as her juices flowed onto her brother's crotch. Her front paws slowly slide on the dirt under her, and she was soon laying down, her crotch stuck between her brother's spread legs.

"Ooh!*pant* Aah Dingo...*pant* You're like no one I fucked before." Saba panted.

"*Pant pant* You're such a fool Saba.*pant* Fucking your own brother in an alleyway in the middle of the town.*pant* Someone could have heard and seen us." Dingo panted then, his front paws stroking her butt cheek.

"Yeah, someone could have." A third voice said.

Both Dingo and Saba froze when they heard it. To their right, Balto and Jenna were standing at the entrance of the shed, with stern look on their face.

"Don't you ever think before acting?" Jenna asked sternly.

"You are in the middle of the town, you are brother and sister, and you are fucking each other brains out just next to your parents house. Do you imagine just the consequences if someone found you like that?" Balto said, adding gravity in his voice.

"Actually, someone have." A fifth voice said at the other end of the alleyway.

Steele and Aleu came out of their hideout and walked closer of the four other canines.

"I'm surprised we are the only one who heard all this." Steele said.

"It's surely because everyone else heard, but they are probably accustomed to this with Balto and Jenna. They probably thought it was them again." Aleu said sarcastically.

"And it's not like we are the only one at fault there. You were fantasizing about us when we got here." Saba said to her parents.

Both Balto and Jenna blushed madly at this. Steele turned to Aleu and said:

"You really have a weird family, you know this?"

"I know, hunky boy." Aleu replied, nuzzling him. "But I know you love it, don't you?"

"Hmm, oh yeah, sure." He said, nuzzling her chin, then her neck.

Aleu giggled from the affection.

"Hey, you lovebirds, we are still here." Saba said, trying to get Dingo's knot out of her tight dripping cunt.

"Don't listen to her honey, she is just jealous." Aleu whispered into Steele's ears.

"Jealous, me?" Saba exclaimed, her vagina suddenly tightening on Dingo's cock, making the male wince at the feeling. "Of who I'm jealous? You? You mated to a male that could easily be your grandfather!"

"And you're actually knotted balls deep with your own brother." Aleu said, looking darkly at her sister.

"You two just shut up!" Dingo exclaimed. "Saba, we are already in deep trouble. Remember that Aleu and Steele kindly offered us a shelter from the mean rules of the town. It is time you two start to act more nicely with each other!"

Both females looked at him with stern glance.

"Good job son, keep going like that." Balto said.

"What? I had to try something." Dingo said.

"Girls, your brother is right. You will soon live in the same pack, and you'll have to work together if you want to provide for your families." Jenna said. "Life in the wild is a lot harder than anything you knew Saba. You'll have to work with Aleu to adapt to such life."

"Your mother is right girls. You'll have to work all together if you want to survive out there. You are a family, you must stay close and help each other." Balto added.

"Alright mom, alright dad." Saba and Aleu sighed.

Soon after, Dingo's knot finally popped out of Saba's pussy. Both dogs cleaned themselves and then, all the family went for a walk in town.

"So, Steele and Aleu, you found what you were looking for?" Balto asked.

"Yep. We found the perfect place to settle the pack. There's enough den for at least five wolf families, there's a beautiful pond just next to the dens, and we found a herd of caribou not far." Aleu said.

"It's like paradise." Steele said.

"Well, glad you found your paradise." Jenna said.

"We just came back to take Saba and Dingo there to make sure they know where we are." Aleu said.

"Alright. I think I'm gonna eat something and kiss my mistress a last time before going with you." Saba said.

"Yeah, me too." Dingo added.

"Let's just hope you'll be able to adapt fast to your new way of living. Wild life is pretty dangerous and really hard compared to the lives you lived until now." Steele said.

"We're not stupid Steele. We know very well that it will be hard from now on." Saba said sternly.

"Saba, please, don't be so rude. Steele and Aleu are going to help us, remember?" Dingo said.

"Yeah, yeah." She said, annoyed.

"You see what you will have to cope with now Dingo?" Balto asked chuckling.

"She's a lot better when she's in Heat." Dingo replied.

All the canines chuckled except for Saba who groaned.

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