Tune Up

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Not sure what to say here other than that this was a gift for Narsassus. I think the content speaks for itself.

Tune Up








by Iscin

This is a work of erotic fiction.

All characters portrayed within are 18 years of age or over.

All rights reserved © 2015.

Activity in the mechanic shop has been winding down for the last hour now. As the sun sets on a Friday evening the blue collar staff of Freestyle Autos have been clocking off and heading out. Some will be going to the clubs, some to bars, and the rest home to their families. All except one, who has told hir boss that shi will be staying behind and working late. Narsassus is a hermaphrodite kangaroo in hir early twenties, and hir role at the mechanic shop is administrate the constant flow of paper going in and out of the business; a critical task that everybody overlooks until there is a backlog or a larger problem, compromising their supply of parts and more.

Empty cans of cheap energy drinks clutter the edges of hir desk as the marsupial rubs hir eyes in front of the glaring light of the computer monitor. None of the spreadsheets and associated invoices strictly need to be done tonight, the final cut off is not until the end of next week. However by getting the work done now, as opposed to later, means that they can order all of the parts they will be needing on Monday. It also means that there is a good chance of a bonus for this month. However as much as it pains hir to admit, the kangaroo is starting to feel the fatigue of doing this well passed the point of having gone back to hir apartment.

Catching hirself once more rubbing hir eyes, Narsassus decides to get up and stretch hir legs a bit. Shi stands up and involuntarily groans from the sensation of hir extremities waking up. The various creaking adjustments of muscle and sinew along hir back and tail nearly distract hir from remembering to duck so as hir head clears the doorframe leading out of the office, hir ears scuffing against the edge. Most of the people who work here are not so tall as the twelve foot kangaroo, and although the mechanic shop floor itself has an impressive height clearance, the offices are still a little on the cramp side for someone like hir.

Narsassus makes hir way to the staff room, a worm and dirty place with more scuffs on the walls an floor than the mechanic shop floor itself. There are a couple of vending machines, a sink and coffee machine, along with the communal fridge. Shi goes for one of the bending machines, slipping a bill into it and selecting one of the glowing options on the flickering display. Servos whir inside the machine before a loud bang sounds and shi bends down, tail waving far enough to reach the table behind, and picks up the can that has dropped down.

'Just you and me tonight.' Shi tells the caffeine and sugar rich energy drink, turning and heading back the way shi came.

At the precipice from the staff room and back onto the mechanic shop floor the kangaroo trips over something adept at being an obstacle. All at once hir senses wake up, hir long and heavy tail straightening up so as to help balance hir back, even as the weight of hir tits are actually helping to drag the marsupial forward to face-plant on the ground. It takes some small amount of gymnastics-like ability but Narsassus manages to stop hirself from continuing to fall and stabilise son both feet before looking over hir shoulder at what tripped hir up.

'Late night?' A voice with a moderate British accent asks. The fact it belongs to smiling menacingly.

'What the hell are you doing here?' Narsassus says, hir voice full of surprise and annoyance, but no anger.

The twenty foot tall anthropomorphic ankylosaur must have been here when the kangaroo went to get hir drink. His mostly dark blue body must have helped him to blend into the shadow corners, his clothing also dark. Narsassus reasons that he deliberately snuck in and waited until he could surprise hir, as he just did. The only question that remains is why has he come to hir workplace at this hour and what the saurian intends to do in order to make up for being so discourteous. Crossing hir arms shi stares him down and demands an apology.

'Oh it's not me who is the one who has to apologise. Especially after what you agreed to at the start of this week.' He chides.

Shit, that's right. Narsassus' expression melts from annoyance to guilt even as shi starts remembering. There is always so much to do, so many things to juggle that shi invariably becomes disorganised and absent minded about hir own life. Tonight was supposed to be their night, in preparation for the entire weekend together. But shi is still here doing work and obviously the ankylosaur has come to take care of hir promise breaking personally. Hir lips are already trembling as shi starts to apologise.

'Iscin, I'm sorry. Look it's not like I forgot, alright? There's just been so much work and, and, and...' Narsassus trails off in a blubbering mess.

'No, that's right,' Iscin says with an exaggerated shrug. 'I didn't come for an apology.'

'You haven't?' His voice is voice is far too chipper, something is very wrong here.

'Yep, in fact, I'm glad you're still on your shift.' The dinosaur advances at a gait that is far quicker than his size belies possible. 'In fact, I'm in need of a tune up.'

Out of the corner of hir eye shi sees his tail extending and coiling around behind hir. His arms are stretching out, strong hands coming around hir back tugging on hir worn and sweaty work clothes. Iscin is pulling hir towards him and hir body tilts to compensate, tail once more lifting up to balance even as his hands make a straight line down and around hir buttocks. The ankylosaur's face is against hirs, their mouthes parting and tongues extending. It is practically automatic for the marsupial, hir body responding and arching to grow closer to the imposing man as he greets hir with an embrace of dancing tongues and strong fingers wrapped around hir rear.

'I think I have another hour on the job.' Shi mumbles at the end of the kiss.

Narsassus starts by running one of hir hands over the raised outline of something traveling down from the tall ankylosaur's crotch and along his right pant-leg. It looks uncomfortably swollen and getting worse by the second as hir fingers try to fit around the girth of it. Iscin adjusts his position, leaning back against the brick wall, whilst his tail thuds gently against the ground in display of his own rising happiness. The ankylosaur is about to gesture at his belt buckle, but Narsassus already has hir hands around it. Hir expression is one of determined desire as shi flicks the latch and yanks one end of the belt away from the other.

'Easy, it isn't going anywhere.' The big dinosaur reassures hir, but the look that shoots back at him tells him to shut the fuck up and just give hir what shi craves.

With the belt open the button at the top is the next to go, and now the zip comes down too revealing what lies beneath. Hir tongue is now partly hanging out from hir mouth, hir breathing having grown heavy as with both hands she delves inside and reaches for the meaty reward inside. Iscin grunts at the instance of feeling hir furry fingers feeling around against his crotch before finally gripping the solidifying serpent and begin drawing it out before any damage can done to the reptile's strained pants.

It is hot and heavy in hir hands already. The organ is over sixteen inches soft but is already firming up. At full mast, the ankylosaur's endowment is some fifty inches long, a daunting size even for the big kangaroo. Hir fingers and thumbs grip around it as the dinosaur braces himself with his hammer-tail for support; he knows just how energetic the hermaphrodite can be. They tighten, pressing down on the ridged surface of the scaly phallus as it continues to grow in turgidity. Narsassus barely has to do anything as Iscin is already growing bigger by the second, his eagerness every bit as apparent as hirs.

'Damn, I can see you haven't had this engine checked for some time.' Narsassus says, whilst sliding one of hir hands back until reaching the ankylosaurs loins still bunched up inside of his pants.

'Mmmf, yeah I think I need a professional to give it a once over.' Iscin replies as shi scoops his balls out one at a time and feels their weight, each one large enough to fill hir palm.

Hir long, prehensile tail swings around, hooking in underneath hir shirt the kangaroo pulls at it until it squeezes down, tearing at the edges, and unveiling hir heavy bosom. Large, cream fur covered breasts bound out, slapping together like two happy beachballs. Narsassus now returns both hands to the dinosaur's dick, squeezing the foreskin back as it continues to harden to its full size, carefully resting the forefront of it against hir boobs. The male makes a low growling sound as shi bats hir eyelashes at him, looking playful as hir hands work the achingly hard shaft, causing it to spurt and drool over hir furry breasts.

Things are heating up as the ankylosaur's massive erection is squeezed in between the marsupial's weighty burden on hir chest. The fur is soft and smooth, despite a little sweat from a day working on the stuffy office. Shi inclines the erection so that it arches up, pointing at hir chin until shi inclines down and meets it with hir lips. However, only half of the dinosaur's erection is covered within Narsassus' expansive chest, there is still so much more to go. This is not a challenge that Narsassus is unprepared for however as shi greets him with a kiss, before now opening wide enough to swallow whole the fat and drooling head.

As the kangaroo begins sucking down on him, shi can taste his prehistoric juices washing over hir palette, creating new and exotic flavours as it mixes with hir saliva. A muffled groan is made by the marsupial as shi continues to take more and more of the big male inside of hir mouth. At the same time shi is pushing hir tits together, making sure that they slide down along his mammoth member, stroking it as shi chokes down the vanguard portion, the head already tickling the back of hir throat. Unfortunately due to the shear amount of cock that shi has to deal with here Narsassus has to pull back occasionally, ensuring that hir lips are moist again and getting a quick breath of air before going back down.

Iscin mumbles and groans, his hands inexorably placed atop the hermaphrodite's head, encouraging hir to keep going forward, just as eager to have hir swallow him down as the greedy kangaroo hirself is. The dinosaur is so thick that as his dick travels down along hir throat it can be seen from the outside, visibly bulging out hir throat underneath hir chin as Narsassus' eyes begin to tear up. Almost there now, shi surges ahead, sucking and slurping every step of the way, until hir breasts are not pushing against the ankylosaur's thighs.

'Woah there, I think you got it.' He tells hir as he feels the hermaphrodite's breasts having reached his crotch, every spec of his four foot fuckstick either buried within hir bosom or disappearing past hir lips, down hir snout and enjoying hir throat as it swallows and clamps down around him. 'Holy fuck that's tight!'

But now that shi has done hir disappearing trick the marsupial wants to move on to the next phase of hir act. Shi pulls back, slowly, deliberately, whilst hir tongue plays a one-sided dance over the edges and between the grooves of the reptile's ridged penis. The noise of sucking and moaning, the scent of his own arousal and, of course, the feeling of hir lavishing and engorging hirself over him is driving Iscin wild. He pulls the kangaroo by hir ears, ostensibly helping hir draw back as his spit covered sick rubs back from between hir breasts. The experience is wonderful for him, though rough and not entirely pleasant for the marsupial.

Once shi has reached a measured length, to the point where the head of his cock and glans are just inside hir mouth, Narsassus licks around it and changes direction going back down. In this way shi begins sucking him off, noisily and greedily. The room is slowly filling with the smell of sex and the echoing sounds of a happy kangaroo fellating hir boyfriend. Just as well that they are alone, as any bystander would be all but compelled to create a recording of the lascivious event.

Up an down, back and forth, Narsassus is doing hir best to keep a steady and electrifying rhythm going. However, there is so much of him that shi wishes that shi had another set of hands. The feeling of his heavy loins coming to slap down against hir bosom is by itself far too distracting and impossible to ignore forever. Regrettably shi stops squeezing hir breasts together and reaches back for those seed rich orbs, getting a hold of one in each hand to begin squeezing them together and rolling them around as shi pleases. Noticing this change in where hir hands are focusing their attention Iscin helps hir with the titfuck instead, letting of hir head and reaching down to play with that heavy bosom.

'You're one of a kind.' The ankylosaur tells the joyful kangaroo as shi feasts upon his meat.

The words are not hollow. Interspecies relationships for any saurians can be difficult due to their size and sparse but intense passions. It has not helped the ankylosaur that has always wanted to find that right boy or girl possessing a layer of soft fur, of which his options in dating have always been limited. But then there is Narsassus. The hermaphrodite is as talented as shi is beautiful, able to keep up with the large reptile and even demanding more. Something that shi is once more proving here and now as shi builds up a speed that is greater than the dinosaur's thresholds.

Hir ears twitch as shi catches the signature and slightly meek sounding noise made by the big dinosaur as he rapidly approaches his climax. His fingers tighten around hir breasts, pushing them even closer together, humping between them vigorously and not worrying about hir mouth that is functioning more like a sex toy than a living organism's orifice right now. Though hir eyes are teary and hir spine begins to buckle against the overwhelming ferocity of the reptile's hammering thrusting, Narsassus is determined to get him off in the heat of this kinetic moment.

'RRRRGH!' Iscin growls, guttural and animalistic. His balls lifting up, pulling away from the kangaroo's hands.

Yes, let it out. Give it all to me big boy.

Narsassus closes hir eyes, ears back and pushes as far down as shi can, pushing hir breasts down underneath the pulsating leviathan so as to make room. Shi can feel him tensing up, from head to tail the reptile freezes, his balls violently churning away as they begin to unload. The kangaroo can feel the first load boiling up, shooting past hir lips, surging down hir mouth and now hurtling into hir throat before it finally reaches the precipice. The first volley is stringy and copious, but the second is even more voluminous than the first, and the third that now comes is hotter still. Narsassus closes hir eyes, moaning in contended bliss as shi swallows hard and enjoys the sensation of hir stomach warming with the dino's taste rich baby batter.

Gulp after gulp, taking load after load the kangaroo does hir best. But there is so much and the dinosaur is aware of this as he feels his own hot seed pooling back around his dick. With just enough awareness Iscin pulls back, his hands pushing rather than pulling the swallowing herm. Still ejaculating, he fills hir mouth even as the reptile's massive dick pulls out with a wet pop and carries on erupting. Narsassus hears wet splashing behind hir as one load sails clear between hir ears before shi can get hir hands back around it and holds on tight.

Eventually the ankylosaur's orgasm starts dying down. His body relaxes as he looks down at what is now a snow white coloured face looking back up at him. The marsupial's tongue is gingerly licking over the broad head of his cock as the meat softens between hir fingers. Hir belly full and hir face awash with crusting crustaceous cum, the kangaroo is some ways to being satisfied. However, as Iscin already knows from their past times there is on more thing that needs to happen before the hermaphrodite is as satisfied as he is feeling right now.

'So where do I put mine?' Narsassus asks with a giggle, one of hir hands already into the terrifyingly large bulge at the front of hir pants.

The dinosaur has managed to use one of the hydraulic car lift as a support for him to rest over, bending at the waist with his pants down on the ground. This is his reward to the hermaphrodite as shi stands behind him with both hands over that prize. Narsassus runs hir still sticky hands over the reptile's wide rear and squeezes each cheek tightly. They are firm but soft enough to depress under hir touch and the scales flex inward, shifting the texture of their surface. Shi could play with this for days but there is more too.

Iscin grunts whilst feeling the marsupial's hand slide down from his wide, tail raised rear and to his dangling genitalia. Ignoring the once more half-erect and wet sex serpent, Narsassus starts playing with the saurian's large balls. Even after discharging once, each is still far larger than shi can reasonably get hir fingers around. Not that this is a problem for the kangaroo as shi knees down and nuzzles into them, enjoying the sensation of squeezing the dino's wrecking balls either side of hir furry face.

'Are you just going to play around back there or what?' The ankylosaur growls, growing tired of holding his heavy tail up whilst the herm amuses hirself.

'Settle down up there!' Narsassus says and takes a swipe at the reptile's ass, causing one firm cheek to ripple against the other.

The dinosaur closes his eyes and grunts again, more loudly than the last time. However, this is enough to draw the kangaroo's attention a few inches up as hir face now plants into the saurian booty that is still tensing up from the spank. Different noises are made by the ankylosaur now, far less manly as the marsupial draws hir tongue across his crack and teases his hole with the tip. They may be coming off of one orgasm already, but Narsassus always has time for a little foreplay with the large man's equally large behind.

Hir fingers get a firm hold of both sides of the reptile's rump, squeezing even as shi pulls them apart. Hot breath beats down, warm tongue darts forward and Iscin finds himself unable to hold in a momentary squeal as he feels his lover's tongue drilling up inside of him. Shi really knows how to use it too, writhing not so much erratically as purposefully. Being sure to keep a constant amount of stimulating motion against his inner walls whilst helping hirself to a taste of hir reward here.

Mercifully, the hermaphrodite grows tired of keeping the reptile waiting and draws hir tongue, mouth and face away, whilst maintaining a firm grip on him. Shi rises up, in more ways than one, and with a momentary pause brings down the turgid, throbbing tower of flesh that has risen from between hir legs. Iscin cries out in surprise again as he feels the kangaroo's proportionally massive erection bash against one side of his butt, bounce off and comes back down with a light smacking sound on the other side. The roo rod is out now and Narsassus is an expert at wielding it.

Again and again shi strikes him, using hir own genitalia as an instrument of mild, stinging pain. With each hit, shi seems to be growing harder, firmer. Hir cock growing less flexible and more petrified. After only a dozen of so thwacks-by-dick the hermaphrodite is unable to really get a good swing out of hir stiff member as it pulsates and drools in hir hand. Narsassus will now need to use both hands as shi starts climbing up the dinosaur's back, hugging not his tail whilst hir dick drags from base to tip against his crack.

No words are needed now. Both of them know what happens next as the hermaphrodite draws hir hips back and hir phallus slides up into the right horizontal inclination to the saurian's rear end. Narsassus casts both arms up onto the edge of Iscin's shoulders as the hydraulic lift creaks underneath their combined mass. Primed and ready, shi gives him a small kiss on the back of his hard boney neck, before suddenly twisting around and biting into the softer edge of his shoulder.

'AAAARGH!' Iscin cries out as the marsupial drives into him, using all of hir strength to bury the painfully hard erection that the lurid reptile has engendered from hir.

Narsassus is encouraged by the dinosaur's desperate cry and thrusts as deep as shi can, all the way until shi can feel hir balls slapping against his. The ginormous reptile trembles beneath hir, his cock spurting on the ground below as the room fills with the echoes of his strangled gasping. All of this is only making the kangaroo firmer, hir tits rubbing against his armoured back as shi draws back and slams in again. Narsassus begins building a rhythm, in and out, in and out.

As relentless as shi is hung, the hermaphrodite is an overwhelming mix. From the pheromone like scent in the air to the feeling of hir long, thick member pounding into his prostate, Iscin's limits are gradually being stretched thin. His gaping and groaning cries are become more hoarse, less cultured as he is reduced to a shaking mess of bone, muscle and scales; flexing as hard as he can around the marsupial's instrument. He knows that he is going to burst, it is only a matter of when the kangaroo will.

'Go on, you dino bitch. Do it faggot!' Narsassus shouts as shi feels the dinosaur clamp down around hir, his body taking on a different rhythm beneath hir before finally locking up.

Long jets of white pour forth skidding across the floor below. Iscin's face is flushed as he unloads for a second time this evening, his seed spilling out over the floor and collecting in uneven puddles. However, it is the manner in which his rectum, sphincter and cheeks are closing in around hir bone. The kangaroo almost mewls with delight as hir arms tighten around hir lover and hir balls gurgle as they too begin boiling over.

Iscin's entire body shivers, his weighted tail swaying against the kangaroo's chest, between hir breasts, as he accepts the erupting contents of hir male genitalia. It collects deep within, creating a warm glow that the ankylosaur can feel as it starts spreading out, permeating the innermost core of his physical being. His eyes begin tearing up as his muscles finally start to relax, winding down in time with Narsassus' own bleed off. Their bodies seemingly melting into one another, bending and concocting in all of the right places.

'That's a good dino.' Narsassus whispers, forgetting all about the rudeness of the male's intrusion earlier.

'Anything for you.' Iscin mumbles, his arms and legs hanging limply over the hydraulic lift's edge.

'Got enough left in you for another round?' Shi asks hm, hir hands already reaching around.

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