Identity crisis: Things that go bump in the Night

#2 of identity crisis identity crisis: things that go bump in the night by traveler tammy had just slipped into her pajamas and got into her bed. she gave a small yawn as her eyes drifted though the dark room.

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Identity Crisis

#1 of identity crisis identity crisis by traveler let's start from the beginning shall we......... it all started the freshman year of college. tammy, a black pantheress, had just begun to move into her housing room.

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Identity crisis: Feeding Time

#4 of identity crisis identity crisis: feeding time by traveler it was not much longer till tammy and brenda had breakfast, but first tammy had to settle down after what happened.

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Identity Crisis: A New Day

#3 of identity crisis identity crisis: a new day by traveler the rest of the night was rather uneventful. both tammy and brenda had a decent night sleep. the morning on the other hand was a bit different.

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Take Home Sushi chapter 2

Take home sushi chapter 2 by traveler "what the fuck just happened...." jacob said as he found himself thinking over the last few hours. he had come into fugi's expecting a restaurant, but then it turned out to be a stripper bar.

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Take Home Sushi

Take home sushi by traveler jacob was a man of the corporate world. he had just recently become a stock broker for a local firm, and now successfully secured a few new clients for the company. he was now on a little celebratory spree.

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The Bears go Marching on

The bears go marching on and on: by traveler based on artwork by dr. gonzo liana was a bright young girl. she had recently turned 18, and was finally happy to be a "young adult," as her father called her.

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Identity Crisis Chapter 5: Lost Mind, and Lost Control

#5 of identity crisis the last installement of identity crisis identity crisis chapter 5: lost mind, and lost control by traveler tammy looked up ad saw a eager grin on brenda's face, and she too couldn't help but give off that same grin.

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Take Home Sushi Chapter 3: We’re Here…… Now what?

Elizabeth had wrapped her arms around Jacob and began to press her large breast onto his chest. Jacob began to cough as her hug, although very pleasant, was squeezing the breath out of him. "Elizabeth can you ah \*cough\* let got a bit, your hugging a...

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Practical Magic (Parts 1 & 2)

"Practical Magic" - Travller --- --- --- Cody sat cross-legged on his bed in the corner of his dorm room, flicking through the heavy leather-bound book in his lap. It was an odd thing, and certainly not what the young fox had expected upon opening...

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Guardian of Time: Chapter I

Though, i haven't heard of real furry time travelers yet, so i guess there might not be much in the way of coincidences in that regard.** december 31st, 2006 it was a night that tyler would rather forget.

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If you think you can handle some traveling, we might fool around a bit more." he groaned openly when he squatted himself down to the knuckle.

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