Alyth the Pokemon Tamer

Story by Naga Shark on SoFurry

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#1 of Alyth the Pokemon Tamer

A little bit of a story I wrote a long time back that I think people will enjoy.

It is a beautiful day not a cloud in the sky as a woman of almost unrivaled beauty is walking down the road wearing an outfit consisting of a black leather thong bikini thigh high black leather boots and black leather elbow gloves. A long flowing cape and spiked shoulder guards. As she walks she is humming and whistling a lovely tune. As she sees you she walks up and says.

"How are you today? My name is Alyth the Serpent Calypso and you are?"

Shi asks as shi gives a Ninetails a bow and hir huge 56 KK cup tits that are firm and perfectly shaped and yet as soft as marshmallows almost pop out of hir black leather bikini top. As the Ninetails looks further down she sees hir tight tone stomach and down a little further she come to hir tight firm and very plump butt that is perfectly framed by a pair of black leather thong bikini bottoms and a set of legs that are to die for. Now up to hir hair she sees raven black hair that by some is referred to as a midnight waterfall. hir eyes are a beautiful duel shade of blue light Cerulean blue on the outside and a sapphire blue on the inside just around hir pupil it almost seams that one can see into the very depths of hir soul just by looking into hir eyes. Hir voice is so angelic and musical that any one could fall in love just from hearing it. Hanging loosely around hir waist is a belt that has 6 Pokeballs and a Pokedex yet from the way shi carries hirself one can tell shi has no Pokemon and that would be due to the fact that shi has just became a trainer on this very day.

The Ninetales looked up from where she had been sleeping, revealing a small charm made of what looked like an emerald dangling from her neck. This was clearly no ordinary Ninetales, as one could tell from the way in which her regal sapphire eyes rose to meet the new trainer's, immediately passing over her features, but not missing a single detail.

"Secure your Pokedex, people like to steal them around here. It betrays your inexperience as a trainer, and wild Pokemon will be more likely to trust someone if their empty pokeballs weren't hanging loosely from their belt. Although you look rather..." she paused for a second to search for the right word before continuing her sudden speech, which was not very common among Pokemon, especially among fire types, "Mature? To be just starting your journey. And you say that they call you a serpent? May I ask why?"

The Ninetales paused, awaiting a response a look of curiosity spreading over her vulpine face as one of her tails twitched.

I pull my cape around to where you can see the opening in the cape and I then open it and you can see a whole lot more stuff than even the most top of the line pack could hold in an area that seems small and very flat. "I am a true Sorceress Supreme. Also if you really want to know why I am called Alyth the Serpent Calypso use your nose and tell me what you smell.

The Ninetales sniffed the air for a second before turning to Alyth with a look of curiosity on her face. "Your scent is... Different. What exactly are you?"

Two near-identical clones of the fire type appeared on either side of her as she used Double Team, clearly as a defensive precaution.

I am neither male nor female but both. If that makes any sense to you wise Ninetales. I am what is called a Hermaphrodite. I am not here to harm you or bring harm to you. Instead I would like to ask if you would be my starter Pokemon?

All three Ninetales shook their heads in unison, not content with the stranger's answer. "You don't seem completely human either. And you haven't explained your name." The three mouths moved in unison, perfectly matching each other in every way. The illusion was high quality and even a practiced warrior would have a tough time telling which one was the original. "Answer these and I will consider my answer to your question."

"I am a Sorceress Supreme. As for my name it would be easier if I was to show you instead of trying to describe it to you. Please do not attack me." Shi reach to hir waist and undoes hir belt and lets it drop and then takes a deep breath and pull hir thong bikini bottoms down and a massive 26 inch long 6 inch in diameter cock pops out into plain sight. Shi point at hir male member and says. "This is why they call me the Serpent."

The left Ninetales' jaw drops as the other two fade from existence. Her eyes are drawn to it immediately and she has to tear herself away from it after a few seconds. "By Arceus... H-how i-is that even physically possible!?" The fox stood slowly and began to inch towards the large-cocked lady. "I-I s-see now."

I look away shyly. Yes Arceus blessed me with male and female gender at the same time and made my male member much larger than normal. I also lactate from my breasts.

Blushing softly, Cynder looked away. "Y-You might wanna put that away before someone sees you and starts asking questions* After a moment, she looked up into Alyth's eyes, her blush quickly fading. "I'll be your 'starter' or whatever on two conditions."

I redress and look you in the eyes and nod. "What are your two conditions oh wise Ninetales?"

The wise old Ninetales turned around, swishing her tails behind her and started walking into the forest. "Follow me. For the first one, you have to pass a test. One that no human has passed in the past few centuries.

I follow you with ease and staying right beside your right rear flank. "I will try my best to pass your test."

After walking for a few minutes, they reach a clearing far out of earshot of the road or any nearby towns. Suddenly, the Ninetales split into eight identical clones, using Double Team flawlessly. "Your test," they said in unison, moving at the exact same time, "Is to determine which one is the real me."

One of the clones' mouths moved a fraction of a second more quickly than the others, but another's tails waved slightly in the wind as a third blinked out of turn. It was a hard call, to be completely honest. Cynder was probably trying to throw Alyth off the trail of the real one.

"You have seven tries." A fourth spoke while the rest remained motionless and silent.

I have a question before I try wise one. If it is allowed.

A fifth spoke out of turn as a sixth sniffed the air twice before sneezing. "What is it?"

Is my magic allowed to be used to help me? Or must I do this with out my magic?

"Naked eye." the seventh spoke, followed by the eighth "Period."

"Tap me on the nose and you win." All eight spoke at once, simultaneously as an air of mystery descended upon the clearing. "Touch a fake and it vanishes"

I smile as I calm myself and enter a slight trance and I enter the astral plane and look around seeing only one Ninetales there I mark its location and return from my trance and walk over and tap YOUR nose on the very first try all with out using magic and using the naked eye as well.

The one you touches smiles softly as all of the others vanish, but freezes in place as a voice calls from behind you. "That's the closest that anyone has ever come, but you must remember: A kitsune has nine tails. Nine illusions. Nine paths." The last one crumbles to dust beneath your finger, leaving behind a small mound of clay. "They normally don't suspect the clay replica, it's normally the most obviously fake. But my illusions can make it seem real, soul and all. Good thing I didn't underestimate your range." A Ninetales walks casually out from the woods in the direction you had come, sporting the same emerald necklace that the others had been wearing and a small satchel of berries. "Are you human, young one?"

I am a Human Sorceress Supreme Wise One. Meaning that I am a Human whom has studied real magic enough to hold ones own in a fight with almost anything. I have mastered almost all magic known to Human kind and allot that had been lost over 1,000 years ago.

The Ninetales laughed casually, tossing her head back a bit. "Then know, two hundred and some odd years ago, a Lucario did exactly what you did. I can only replicate souls, auras, and whatnot if I have something to use as a base, such as a clay model. You are the first /human/ to lay eyes on me in over three centuries. I hide myself well." Cynder paused before strolling up to the Serpent and brushing up against her leg. "And the first to touch me since I was one-one hundredth of my current age. My mother may have known some of the 'magic' that the humans lost. I learned quite a bit from her, so I may have a thing or two to teach you down the road. If you accept my second condition, that is."

"What is your second condition Wise One?" I ask as I look into your eyes it almost seeming to pierce your soul.

The Ninetales turned her head to hide her blush, ashamed of what she was about to ask. "Well, it's mating season... If you were to be my trainer, I would like you to seek out a suitable mate for me."

Does it need to result in children Wise One?

She shook her head "I'm sterile, actually. I would just like a mate. Someone to care for. Someone to care for me back... I-I guess I'm just lonely on my own..." She sighed, still rubbing against the sorceress's legs.

Shi looks around and then back to her and leans down and whisper huskily into her ear. "I would be honored to be your mate Wise One. But first I need to know your name so I don't continue to call you Wise One."

The Ninetales let out a short, sharp laugh. "The name is Cynder. You can call my Cyn. And you would want to be my mate? A human? My mate? That's so absurd that it's almost funny. Since when do humans take interest in the forms of Pokemon?" She paused for breath before continuing, "Wouldn't it be taboo for your species to mate with me? That was a good joke. Do you have any more?"

I was serious Cyn. As for it being Taboo I do not care. You see me being a practicing Sorceress Supreme automatically is a sever taboo. More so than sleeping with ones Pokemon.

Cyn looked up seriously into Alyth's eyes. "If you're serious, then mate me. Here and now. And I'll help you on your journey."

Shi smiles as shi strips naked exposing hir full heavy lactating breast and hir massive member to the Ninetails and shi leans down and shyly kisses her on her muzzle.

"You're pretty serious about this, aren't you?" Cynder ducks out of her bag, keeping her necklace on as she wagged her tail end in the air below her new trainer. "Depending on how much I like this, I may have to use my necklace to increase your pleasure as well."

Alyth lines the head of hir member up with Cyn's opening and then right before touching a thought goes through hir mind and instead shi leans down and give her pussy an experimental lick and loving the taste shi sets to eating her out with a ravenous hunger.

Cynder lets out a small yelp and a moan from the surprise oral. "I-I was thinking that you'd want to get that 'snake' of yours wet in me." One of her tails coiled lightly around one of her new mate's breasts and started tracing circles with the fluffy tip around Alyth's nipple.

Alyth moans deeply as the tip of Cyn's tail feels really good and as shi moans the vibrations go straight into her clit as shi suckles licks and lightly nibbles on it.

Another tail does the same with your other breast, cupping it and teasing your nipples as I moan softly. "This is gooooood...... Mmnh~"

Alyth shudders as the pleasure mounts as does hir hunger. Shi continues while suckling, licking, and nibbling just a little harder while moaning louder sending even more powerful vibrations into her core.

Cyn's pussy starts producing quite a bit of precum, lubricating her inner walls well as a third tail stretches down to wrap around Alyth's enormous shaft and starts sliding up and down it, with the two tails still rubbing hir nipples.

Alyth moans loudly as Cyn's third tail takes hir by surprise. "At this rate I may not be able to control myself until after you cum I may have to take you early." Alyth says with a deep lust filled voice as shi continues upping the urgency at which shi pleasures her.

Cyn moans loudly as the muscles in her sex start contracting around Alyth's tongue as she builds up to an orgasm. Two more tails wrap around hir cock and join the first, sliding their soft, fluffy warmth along hir full length as a sixth starts rubbing around hit urethra. "Oh god, I'm going to cum!!"

Alyth hits a wonderfully pleasurable octave in hir moaning that sends powerful vibrations through Cyn's core as hir right hand comes up and shi slide a finger inside and finds and press' on her G-Spot sending her over the edge into orgasm.

Cyn's tails tighten around Alyth's cock as they slide and she releases an extremely loud moan as she starts to cum into Alyth's mouth and all over hir hand, squirting a bit. "OH, ALYTH, YES!!" She scream as her tails loosen and fall off as her orgasm subsides.

Alyth laps up all the tasty juice shi can and then shi stands up and line hir cock up with Cyn's twitching and grasping snatch and then eases the tip inside it alone stretching her further than she has ever been stretched before and slowly works inch by agonizing inch inside her so as not to hurt her.

Cyn moans loudly as two tails reach up to tickle the underside of hir shaft and a third to rub along the soft lower lips of hir pussy. As Alyth penetrate her, she half howls, half moans hir name into the air. "Oh god, you're so huge! Mmnyh, keep going! I want all of you in me!"

Alyth moans at how insanely tight Cyn is as shi manages to work every single inch of hir length into her tight pussy and leans against her as shi catches hir breath. Having held it while shi entered Cyn due to the need to fight cumming it felt so good.

Cynder moaned softly and pressed back against the herm's crotch and leaning her front half down more to allow full penetration.

Alyth moans louder as shi starts to build up a steady rocking thrusting motion building up speed till shi is steadily jack hammering into her vulpinehood with almost brutal power and speed. Yet still gentle.

Cyn moans loudly as her sweet, delicate insides try to tighten around the enormous girth as she's sent towards a second orgasm.

"Oh Cyn I am going to cum soon and I am going to fill you with my seed my beautiful Ninetales."

No longer capable of coherent speech, Cyn moan loudly as her second wave of cum washes around the gigantic member, soaking it with her sweet boiling hot juices as her pussy clamps down on it. "OAHHHH!" She screams as she finishes, panting from the exertion of just going off twice.

The very instant Cyn starts to cum Alyth cums as well firing off so much jizz that even from around the near sealed opening of her pussy a flood of cum gushes out with the power of a fire hose and her womb is filled to near bursting with the thick seed. Yet to Cyn's astonishment shi keeps thrusting never slowing one little bit.

Cyn starts to grunt a bit as shi thrusts, rocking back into Alyth to match them as she's sent directly into a third orgasm from the end of her second, pleasured so intensely by the seed. hir girth becomes completely constricted as her walls clamp around it, flushed tight and sealing hir inside. "AAAAAANNHHH!!" Cyn screams, nearly fainting from the third release.

Alyth powers through Cyn's climax as shi moans loudly rapidly climbing to a second climax hirself.

Cyn collapses, falling to the ground panting as her tails go limp. "Mmnnh... I-I can't go on..."

Alyth cums hard filling Cyn to the absolute limit and then pulls out and sits in front of her cock sticky with their juices and Alyth smile at her. "Want to taste our combined juices my sexy Cyn?"

Cyn shakes her head softly and reaches out for her bag that she had set down. "Bag... Please... Need..."

Alyth hands Cyn the bag as shi smiles and Cyn notices that shi is still full of energy. Shi reaches into hir cape and pulls out a full restore. "Want a Full Restore?"

Cyn reaches into her bag and pulls out a large, yellow berry with orange spots and starts nibbling on it, returning my vitality bit by bit. "No thank you, but it would help if you cleaned me out to make more room down there."

Alyth smiles as shi walks around to her vulpinehood and spends an hour eating her out and actually drinking hir cum and Cyn's juices from her pussy and womb.

For the next hour, Cyn is focused on eating a few berries. After finishing the first one, she nibble a large, red, spiky one, which takes up most of the hour. After a while, she starts moaning at hir lapping and actually cum again after she finishes the second berry.

Alyth stands up and walk around in front of Cyn and looks into her eyes and asks. "Cyn are you okay?"

She smiles softly and licks Alyth's nose "I just needed some stuff to pick me back up. It's why I carry my bag." Now, I have a surprise for you. Stand back.

Alyth stands back wondering what hir surprise could be. As shi does shi can't help but smile as shi realizes shi lost hir virginity with hir cock and mouth.

Cyn closes her eyes tightly, concentrating as her necklace begins to glow. Her body begins to morph into that of a young girl, about the age of 18 with nine yellow tails and a pair of fox ears at about 5'7" tall with about C-cup breasts. "Now lay down, I wanna get us even. I came four times and you came twice." The green necklace was the only thing on her body, hiding absolutely nothing as she smirked happily.

Alyth smiles as shi lays down on hir back getting giddy.

Cyn lays down on top of Alyth, letting her new, soft, human slit rest against the shaft while hir erection is still standing up in the air. "I've wanted to try this form for some time. It just takes a lot of energy to actually transform using the necklace. How do you like it?"

"You are beautiful!" Alyth kiss' Cynder with a wild passion and massive amounts of lust.

Cyn kiss' Alyth back, wrapping her arms around hir neck as her first tail wraps around the base of the shaft and squeezes lightly, wrapping it partially in the soft, warm fur.

Alyth moans loudly as hir hips start thrusting of their own will trying to sink into the velvet depths that more than likely will be even tighter.

Cyn slides up hir body a bit, putting herself out of the reach of the signature 'serpent' as a second tail does the same and starts pumping up and down the shaft, squeezing and loosening alternately as the fluffy warmth pulses around the cock.

Alyth groans and moans lustfully as shi kiss' Cyn with hunger.

Cynder slides her tongue into Alyth's mouth and moves one of her hands to one of hir nipples, which rubs it in small, tight circles as three more tails grasp the manhood and envelop it in the cuddly fluff that starts milking it for cum.

Alyth's eyes start to roll into the back of hir head as shi feels an orgasm coming on. "Oh Cyn your tails feel so good I am going to cum soon!" Shi says right before shi returns the kiss with passion. Shi reaches up and starts playing with her right nipple with hir left hand and hir right trails down Cyn's body and starts to play with her clit.

Cynder moans softly as her sixth tail wraps around the head of the shaft and the seventh tickles hir urethral opening. The first five tails rub their fluff up and down the remainder of the cock, gently wrapping hir in her furry warmth.

Alyth moans lustfully as shi continues to kiss Cyn moaning into her mouth as shi feels like shi is going to heaven due to how good the fluffy tails feel.

Cyn's last two tails simultaneously slide down to Alyth's slit, one rubbing the opening while the other thrusts itself deep inside her, to about a foot and a half. It quickly starts wriggling and massaging the inner walls as her other seven tails work at pleasuring hir member.

Alyth's eyes roll back and hir toes curl tight as an Earth shattering orgasm roars through hir causing a rain of cum to fall on to their nude bodies and she can see a change come over hir as hir eyes are vacant yet look hungry needing to fill her and cum.

Cynder smiles mischievously as her tails continue to work Alyth through hir orgasm, showing no sign of stopping. "How do you like my tails, Alyth? Do they suit your needs?"

"Oh I love your tails Cynder they are so fluffy and soft and warm and I want to mate with you in your tail hole sexy. I want to plunder that beautiful ass.

Cynder suddenly stops as a tense look, bordering anger spreads across her face. Her tails elegantly slide back to their normal position behind her before four dart out, one wrapping around each of hir limbs. "No. I see that you'll be with me always, but I have one thing to tell you. Tail hole does not happen. Ever. Don't get your hopes up, because that wall isn't coming down." Her eyes drop as the tension fades. The vice-grip of her tails slackens a bit and she falls forward, slowly morphing back into a regular Ninetales.

"I am sorry Cyn I didn't know and I would be more than happy to pleasure your vulpinehood if you will still allow me to. If not I understand and will wait till you want more." Alyth says sounding upset with hirself as shi lays there on hir back.

The Ninetales on hir chest quickly falls unconscious, only hearing bits and pieces of the sentence before passing into exhausted oblivion.