Commission: Boys will be Boys

Story by Liariv on SoFurry

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This was a commission done for JenrisSoul. It contains a lot of stuff I wouldn't normally write because I am not really that into, so it was a good chance to stretch my muscles creatively. Despite not being into a lot of the content, I found it surprising easy to write, maybe because the specifications were vague and I was allowed to be creative and have fun with it.

In the story, a pair of Orca twins are dropped off at the house of a sexy dragon babysitter, and it turns out they all have huge cocks, and you know what, just give it a read! It tells it better than I can here.

If you are interested in commissioning your own story from me, then note me! There is not a lot of stuff I won't do, and it doesn't even need to be Digimon, like this isn't.

Google Drive Link is here for anyone who still reads my stuff there:

Warning: This story contains some pretty weird things I would not normally write about. The main things are hyper boobs, cocks, and copious amounts of cum. It also contains oral, vaginal, and anal sex, as well as breast play and underage and herm characters. There's no Digimon either. You have been warned. If any of these are your thing, you might still want to check it out though.


Todd and William sat in the back seat of their mother's car as it drove down an unfamiliar street. The day was hot and the ride had been long, and the two young Orcas were not in a very good mood. They didn't even know why they had to stay with some lady they had never even heard of for a whole weekend, so they behaved like brothers typically do when confined together in a small space for any length of time.

"Mum, William's leg is on my side" whined Todd.

"Not my fault" said William in response. "Todd's tail has been on my side this whole time, my legs are getting cramps, and this car is hot!"

"Listen you two" their mother- Ruth, interjected from the front seat. "I want you both to be on your best behaviour. Ms Soul was very kind to agree to take you for the weekend, and I want you to treat her with respect. You're both ten years old now, so act like it!"

Todd gave a loud sigh "I don't understand why we should have to stay with some lady we've never even met just so you and dad can spend the weekend fu-"

"Todd Davenport!" snapped Ruth. "I don't expect to hear any of that sort of language from you, and I certainly hope you don't say anything of the sort to Ms Soul when you meet her, and anyway, you have met her before back when you were younger. You don't remember?"

"Fine..." Todd sighed without an inkling of sincerity in his voice.

"I expect you'll treat Ms Soul with respect, right William?" Ruth said. "Be sure to keep your brother right too!"

"I will mum- Oww!" exclaimed William. Todd had just elbowed him in the ribs.

"I've had it up to here with you kids. Thank god we're here." sighed Ruth. The car pulled up outside a decently large two story house. She stepped out of the car, and Todd and William stepped out after her. Todd, who was usually not that fussed about his appearance, wore a black t-shirt and a pair of jeans. William, who had wanted to put a bit more effort into his appearance for Ms Soul wore a nice shirt and a pair of formal trousers. Each of them carried a small suitcase with their clothes for the weekend in them. They both dragged their feet as they walked up the driveway. Neither of them particularly wanted to be there. Their mother rang the doorbell, and after a few seconds, the door opened to reveal Ms Soul.

Both Todd and William were immediately struck by her beauty. She was an orange dragoness with large ears, curved horns, and a pronounced muzzle. She wore large earrings and a necklace, as well as a pair of reading glasses. She also wore a purple blouse which complimented her skin colour, and a pair of tight stretch pants. Todd and William had not noticed any of these features, as their eyes were focused squarely on her enormous breasts. The boys were both tall for their age, and Ms Soul was rather short, so her breasts were almost right at their eye level. They both glanced up and down her body, she had a very voluptuous and curvy figure.

"Hi Ruth! Nice to see you! Come in, come in!" she said, ushering them into her living room. The boys sat down on the sofa, while Ms Soul and Ruth remained standing.

"Thanks so much for taking the boys this weekend Jenna. You're a lifesaver." said Ruth.

"Oh, it's nothing. Really! I love kids!" Jenna replied. She turned towards the two boys sitting on the sofa. "I haven't seen you boys since you were this high" She indicated with her hand around her waist level, which did nothing but draw the boys' eyes to her crotch. "You probably don't remember me, do you?" Todd and William were lost for words, they could only stare, their mouths slightly agape.

"Anyway, sorry to leave you so quickly like this, but I really gotta dash" Ruth said. "It's a long way back." She walked to the door and stepped out, before looking back in at her sons. "And you two be nice to Ms Soul, you hear?" she said, before closing the door behind her.

"N-Nice to meet you, Ms Soul" stammered William, finding it hard to tear his gaze from Jenna's breasts.

"Please, call me Jenna." she replied. "So, Twins eh? Which one is the evil one!" Jenna continued, and then gave a laugh at her own joke. Todd and William gave an awkward laugh along with her. Jenna eyed them as they laughed. They sure were fine young boys. Young.. Strapping... Sexy... She quickly pushed those thoughts out of her head, that was the last thing she needed to think about right now.

"So, let me guess..." she mused, stroking her chin and looking at the boys over the top of her glasses. "You're Todd" she said pointing at Todd, "And you're William" she said pointing at William. "No no no wait, You're William, and you're Todd" she continued, pointing at the opposite brother that she had before.

"You were right the first time" said Todd with a laugh.

"Oh, sorry. You must get that a lot" Jenna said with a sheepish smile. "Anyway, I should show you strapping young lads to your room! You don't mind sharing, do you?" Before waiting for a reply, she stood up, and walked into the hallway, her thick tail swaying along with her large rear end. Todd and William followed her without hesitation. She took them upstairs and entered one of the bedrooms. It was a rather sparse room with a pair of twin beds in it. The tops of the tables and dressers were bare, as if something had once covered them but had been cleared off. Todd and William set their suitcases down on the floor.

"It's not much, but it'll do you for the weekend, hopefully." Jenna turned around and went to the doorway. "Anyway, I think I'll whip you boys up a little treat. I've been pretty lonely ever since my sons left home, so it's nice to have kids in the house again, and if there's anything I can get for you boys, and I mean anything" she said with a seductive wink, "Don't hesitate to ask me!" She closed the door, leaving the orca boys alone in the room that had presumably once belonged to her sons. They must have taken all their stuff with them when they had moved out.

"Hey Will, did you hear that?" said Todd, once the trance brought on by Jenna's figure had worn off. "I think she was coming on to me!"

"Umm... I dunno..." William said. He was not as mature as his brother, and was not quite sure what constituted 'coming on' to someone yet. "She was pretty though, right?"

"Oh yeah, Beautiful!" replied Todd. "The things I'd do to her..." he said wistfully as his mind began to wander off once again.

"So, wanna go explore our new home?" asked William with a devious grin.

"You bet!" replied Todd. "Imagine what kinds of things a sexy woman like her keeps around her house." Todd and William stepped out into the hall and shut the door behind them. They opened the next door along from their room. Inside was another bedroom, just as plain as the one they were staying in. The room contained nothing but a bed, a desk with a computer, a chest of drawers and a door that could have been an en suite bathroom or a closet.

"Weird..." Todd mused.

"What?" asked William.

"There's nothing in here either, just like our room."

"Maybe she just doesn't like stuff very much?"

"Nah, that can't be it, lets snoop around."

"Are you really sure we should be doing something like that? Ms Soul, I mean- Jenna could get mad!"

"Nah it'll be fine. I wonder what's in here?"

Todd tried the door at the back of the bedroom. "Locked, damn." He opened the drawer of the computer desk and started to rummage. It mostly contained various official looking documents. William stood in the doorway. He wasn't sure they should be doing something like this to a lady who had so graciously let them into her home. Suddenly, Todd's face lit up.

"Aha!" he exclaimed as he pulled a key out of the drawer. "Just what I was looking for." He put the key into the keyhole of the door, and just as he expected, it turned and the door unlocked with a click. William was unable to contain his curiosity, and walked to in front of the closet just as Todd had opened it. Once they saw what was inside, their jaws dropped and they stood staring, lost for words.

Inside the closet was a veritable treasure trove of sex toys. It was stacked to the ceiling with dildos, buttplugs, whips, cuffs, bondage gear, lube and aphrodesiacs. If you could name it, it was probably in the closet. Not only that, but there were several cameras, and even a few professional level studio lights.

"Oh my god..." gasped William.

"And I thought she was hot before..." mused Todd. "You know what this means, right?"


"That she loves sex! She's gagging for it!"

"Do you think we should... do stuff to her?" asked William sheepishly.

"Yeah! Of course! Look at all this stuff! Of course she'd want it!" replied Todd enthusiastically. He shut the door and locked it behind him. He replaced the key in the drawer. Todd and William went back to their bedroom and sat down on one of the beds. "Alright, here's the plan," said Todd to William in a hushed tone.


In the kitchen, Jenna was busy putting some home made cookie dough onto a baking tray. She thought that these would make a lovely welcome present for the boys! Just as she bent over to put the baking tray into the oven, Todd and William entered the room. They were greeted by the sight of Jenna's large butt and tail as she was bent over, which caused both of them to stammer as they spoke.

"Umm, Hi Jenna" William said. Jenna closed the oven and turned around.

"Oh, hi boys!" said Jenna cheerfully. I just put on some cookies for you, they should be ready in a bit!

"That's great! Thanks Jenna!" said William. "They smell delicious already!"

"Hey Jenna, we have some questions." said Todd. "About the house and stuff."

"I'd be happy to answer any questions you have, shall we discuss it in the living room?" Jenna said before heading to the living room. The boys followed her. Once they arrived, Jenna sat down on the sofa, and each of the boys sat down on an armchair. "So what do you want to know?"

"Where's the bathroom?" asked Todd. He didn't need to go now, but he wanted to know for later.

"It's right opposite your room upstairs" replied Jenna.

"How do you know our mother?" asked William.

"We were friends at school, after that we kept in touch, although we didn't talk as much once we had our kids."

"What do you do for a living?" asked William, a devious grin across his face.

"Umm.... can you ask something else?" said Jenna, trying to divert the topic. The boys were all too happy to comply.

"Where are your sons now?"

"Where's Mister Soul?"

"Why are your boobs so big?"

"Why is your closet full of dildos?"

Jenna was a bit overwhelmed by the barrage of questions, and didn't really know how to respond. She was taken aback by the last two, and how had they gotten into her closet? She had taken extra care to hide anything naughty before their arrival! "Well, Uhh..." Jenna stammered, but she was quickly cut off by a yell from Todd.

"Now!" cried Todd, as he and his brother both stood up and pounced on Jenna.They both grabbed her chest, roughly squeezed her large breasts, and began trying to unbutton her purple blouse.

"Stop this at once you fiends!" said Jenna, although her face showed the slightest hint of a smile, and she made no move to resist. Her voice didn't even sound that harsh. Once the orca twins had unbuttoned her top, they pulled off her blouse, she even leaned forward to allow them to get it off without ripping it. "You'd better stop, or I'll tell your mother!" threatened Jenna, but now that she sat topless in front of Todd and William, they didn't care.

"Wow, you've got really nice tits!" exclaimed Todd. He clambered up onto the sofa next to her, and took one of her breasts in his hand. William sat on the other side of her and played with her other breast. She made no move to stop them. Todd and William squished and kneaded Jenna's huge breasts in their hands. They had a scaly texture, and were incredibly soft. Todd leaned down, and took her nipple in his mouth, which caused Jenna to give a small gasp. William followed suit and began suckling her other nipple, while still groping her breast. It was like they were her sons and she was breastfeeding them.

Jenna didn't have any milk, obviously, but that didn't stop the boys sucking her. She didn't say a word or offer any resistance, and just gave a contented sigh as the suckling on her sensitive nipples sent small twinges of pleasure through her body. Her nipples had grown hard from William and Todd sucking her breasts. She hadn't felt anything like this since her own sons had been babies. Once Todd had grown tired of sucking on Jenna's breast, he stopped, and reached down to grope her crotch, which caused him to freeze up.

"Wait, you're a boy?" gasped Todd in disbelief. He grabbed the waistband of Jenna's stretch pants and pulled them down, along with her panties, to reveal a massive, already semi hard cock between Jenna's legs. William too stopped sucking on her boobs and looked at the massive meaty appendage they were presented with.

"Well, no, I'm not, but I have parts for both sexes" explained Jenna with a sly smile. "Didn't your mother tell you it's rude to pull people's clothes off though?" The orange dragoness was now sitting completely naked on the sofa with the two orca boys sitting either side of her.

"How... Why... What...?" gasped Todd. He wasn't so much taken aback by the huge size of Jenna's cock, as he was somewhat used to such massive penises, being similarly endowed himself, but he just didn't understand how someone could have both parts. Meanwhile, William was eyeing Jenna's cock. It was huge and thick, and it was getting harder. Clearly Jenna had no problem with being naked in front of them, she seemed to be enjoying it. Without asking for permission, William reached down and ran his hand up Jenna's shaft, feeling her cock twitch in response. He slid down off the sofa, knelt in front of Jenna, and started to run his hands over her cock. Jenna smiled as he touched her, his soft hands rubbing over her huge cock felt wonderful.

By now, Jenna's cock was fully erect, and it was so big the tip was almost touching her breasts. William leaned up, and took the tip of her cock in his mouth. It was a stretch getting his jaw wide enough to wrap around the width of her shaft, but he managed it. He slowly moved his head down her cock, pushing down inch by inch, until her thick cock had almost reached the back of his mouth. He very much doubted he would be able to take it in his throat, so he began bobbing his head up and down, running his tongue over the shaft, and licking the head of her cock. Jenna let out a contented sigh. William sucking her cock felt wonderful. He was going slowly, and it felt like he was inexperienced, but in a way that made it all the better.

Meanwhile, Todd had recovered from his previous confusion, and had noticed what William and Jenna were doing. "Hey, you shouldn't get to have all the fun!" he said, but it appeared they were ignoring him. Todd unzipped his jeans and lowered them along with his underwear, revealing a massive, thick cock that was almost as big as Jenna's. He stood up, and stepped out of his trousers, and then stepped up onto the sofa. He stepped over Jenna so that one of his feet was on each side of her, and then put his hands on her shoulders and pushed his cock to her face.

"Will is sucking you, so you should suck me!" Todd said to Jenna snidely.

"Oh no, I couldn't possibly..." said Jenna with an innocent smile, but she was stopped when Todd pushed his hips forward and rubbed the head of his enormous cock against her lips. Without offering any resistance, Jenna opened her mouth and took Todd's cock as far as she could take it. Todd thrust his hips back and forth, pumping his cock in and out of Jenna's mouth, while Jenna sucked as best she could and ran her tongue over every part of his cock that she could reach.

William sucked vigorously on Jenna's cock, gradually taking it deeper and deeper. Having a huge dick fill Jenna's mouth was a pretty big turn on for her too, and she could feel her orgasm creeping up on her. Jenna licked up a bit of pre that was dribbling out of Todd's cock. He was getting quite close himself, he was pretty sensitive at such a young age. It only took a few minutes of sucking for Todd to cum. He pushed his cock as far into Jenna's mouth as it could go as his cock twitched and shot spurt after spurt of his cum into Jenna's mouth. Jenna had been expecting it so it hadn't caught her off guard, but she didn't swallow it. Instead, the cum flowed out of her mouth, around Todd's cock, and coated her front. It covered her boobs, her belly, her cock, and even William's head.

William was taken by surprise when he felt Todd's cum raining down on him, and that distracted him, so when Jenna reached her own climax, he was taken by surprise when he felt cum hit the back of his throat. He gagged, and pulled his mouth away from Jenna's cock, but it was too late for him to get out of the way. Ropes of hot sticky cum splattered all over him, drenching him and his clothes. He sat on the floor in front of Jenna, looking up at her as cum dripped down his face.

"Wow, that was great!" exclaimed Todd as he sat down once again. "But we aren't done with you yet! Oh no! Poor William hasn't gotten to cum yet, and fucking your mouth felt so nice, I bet William would like to do it too, right Will?" he asked, looking down at his brother, who nodded in response. Jenna had thoroughly enjoyed the experience, even though she didn't want to let on that she had enjoyed it yet.

"How could you do that? Look what you've done to me!" exclaimed Jenna. "I'm gonna have to get the sofa industrially cleaned, you little monsters!" she scolded them. Todd and William were far past caring though. She was just too sexy for them to stop now they had started. William began unbuttoning his cum soaked shirt. It felt kind of gross against his skin. Once he had gotten it off, he lowered his trousers and underwear aswell so he was now completely naked. Todd pulled off his t-shirt as well. Now that they were both naked, Jenna could hardly tell them apart. William sat on the sofa next to Jenna, his cock standing straight up between his legs.

"Umm... Could you please... Suck it?" he asked tentatively, indicating his cock.

"Well, since you asked so nicely..." said Jenna with a grin. She slid off the sofa and got on her knees in front of William. She wasted no time in getting his cock in her mouth, sucking him just as he had her. He didn't thrust his hips like Todd had, instead he just sat there, gently moaning and panting as she worked over his cock with her mouth and tongue. Jenna was still covered in cum, and it slowly ran off her and dripped onto the floor as she knelt there.

Meanwhile, Todd had gotten hard again from watching Jenna suck off his brother. His gaze turned to Jenna's butt, bobbing back and forth. Her tail was swishing from side to side. He got down on his knees behind Jenna, and took her tail in his hands. He slowly lifted it up behind her back, feeling its smooth, squishy scaliness as he did so. He looked at Jenna's butt now that her tail had been moved out of the way, and gave a gasp in surprise. She hadn't been lying earlier, between her large, dangling balls and her puckered anus, there was indeed a set of vaginal lips, and her pussy was already sopping wet.

Todd reached out and placed a finger against Jenna's pussy. He could feel the heat coming off of it, and the slick wetness against his fingers. Clearly he wouldn't be needing any lube for this. He slid two fingers inside her effortlessly and began feeling around. Jenna moaned as he fingered her, but she didn't slow down with her sucking of William's cock. He was almost as big as Todd, so it proved to be quite a challenge, but it was nothing Jenna couldn't handle. Her pussy squeezed down on Todd's fingers as he moved them around inside her. Todd could only imagine how this would feel on his cock, and he decided it was time to find out.

He withdrew his finger and grabbed his cock. He placed the tip of his penis against Jenna's pussy and moved it around until he found the entrance. Once he did, he thrust his hips forward, pushing his cock as deep into Jenna as it would go. He didn't think she'd be able to take his full length, but to his surprise he didn't meet any resistance until his hips smacked against her butt.

"Is that the best you can do? I've taken toys bigger than you, and in my ass at that!" Jenna teased before going back to work on William's cock. Jenna's comment had made Todd pretty annoyed, he was going to show her! He began thrusting his hips back and forward as hard as he could, ramming his massive cock into Jenna with considerable force. Every time he thrust his hips forward, his hips slapped against her butt with a loud "smack" sound, and their balls slapped together so hard it was almost painful. Jenna's tight vaginal walls squeezing down on Todd's cock felt absolutely incredible. He wanted to keep going forever so this feeling would never end.

Meanwhile, Jenna was still sucking William vigorously. She obviously had a practiced mouth, so she knew exactly what spots to hit with her tongue. William was panting and gasping, and he moaned loudly every time her tongue ran its way over the head of his cock or some other sensitive spot. William couldn't take it anymore. He was so close, and Jenna's skilled mouth was only teasing him at this point. He grabbed the part of his cock that wasn't in Jenna's mouth, and started to stroke it. When Jenna saw what he was doing, she pulled her mouth off his cock. William could only manage another couple of strokes before he reached his climax. His cock twitched as it shot out strings of cum, which splattered across Jenna. It covered her face, back, and tail, and some even got on Todd. William kept stroking all through his climax, and by the end, Jenna's back was drenched in cum, just like her front had been earlier.

Todd didn't even mind that he had got quite a large amount of William's cum on him, as he was too caught up in fucking Jenna. He thrust faster and faster, desperate now to reach his own climax, and hopefully to impress Jenna. Jenna gave small moans and gasps every time Todd's cock drove its way into her. His thrusting was erratic, but for Jenna, feeling his inexperience just made it all the sweeter. Jenna reached down with one hand and began to stroke her cock. She was so turned on already it didn't take much until she came. Her inner walls clenched and squeezed down on Todd's cock, as her cock spurted and twitched and covered the floor below her with a pool of cum.

Jenna's vagina squeezing down on his dick was too much for Todd. He could feel his cock beginning to twitch, and he knew what was coming. He rammed his cock in as far as it could go, and then pulled it out. He knew better than to cum inside a lady. He let out a series of loud gasps as waves of pleasure emanated from his twitching cock and spread across his entire body as he came. His cum plastered itself all over Jenna's butt, and back. It even went as far as to splatter over William. Todd was now spent, and the three of them were now drenched in cum. Suddenly, Jenna stood up.

"Gosh, you kids are so naughty" she said coldly, with a twinge of mischief in her voice. "Taking advantage of a lady like that? Looks like you're going to have to be punished!" she continued with a maniacal smile.

"W-What do you mean?" asked William, nervously.

"I'm gonna teach you boys a lesson. Who knows, you might even enjoy it!" said Jenna, rubbing her hands together deviously. "William, on the floor!" she snapped, pointing next to where Todd was sitting. The sheer power and authority in her voice made William feel compelled to obey. He lay down next to his Todd. "Now, Todd, get on top. You're going to fuck your brother."

"Huh? Okay..." said Todd. He didn't really see how this was a punishment, but he wasn't about to complain about it. He climbed on top of William, who raised his legs to expose his butt out of habit. Todd scraped some of the cum off of his belly and rubbed it onto his already hardening cock. It was drenched in cum as well as Jenna's juices so lube wouldn't be a problem.

"Now, stick it in." commanded Jenna. Todd placed his monstrous cock against William's puckered hole and slowly pushed his cock forward. He looked down into William's face as his cock pushed its way inside him. It had taken William a long time to build up to taking his brother's huge cock, but now he could do it with relative ease. William still had his eyes closed and was panting and gasping from Todd's cock stretching him wide.

"Very good! Now, hold it there!" said Jenna once Todd had hilted himself inside William.

"Huh, what?" said Todd, looking around to see what she meant, when he suddenly let out a gasp as he felt Jenna's hard cock pushing its way against his back door. "Wait, no, I can't!"

"You didn't ask me permission, this'll teach you a lesson about consent!" hissed Jenna before ramming her cock forward as hard as it could go. Her cum provided sufficient lubricant, but Todd was still not used to taking anything so huge up his butt, so it was somewhat painful. Once Jenna had hilted inside him, she held still for a second, to let him adjust to her size. Todd panted, he had never felt so full or stretched in his life. The pain was ebbing away and being replaced with nothing but pleasure. He guessed this must be how he made William feel when he fucked him. "Now, I'm going to fuck you, and you're going to fuck William at the same time." explained Jenna.

Jenna pulled her cock about halfway out, and rammed it back in, causing Todd to moan loudly. She pulled her hips back again, and this time, she waited. Todd knew what she was expecting, and he pulled his hips back, feeling his cock move back out of William's tight passage, while at the same time feeling Jenna's cock penetrate him deeply. Jenna thrust her hips forward again, hilting her cock deep inside Todd's ass, and ramming Todd's dick back deep inside William.

"Yeah, I bet you love that, you little brats" said Jenna with a grin, pulling her dick out nearly all the way before thrusting back into Todd so hard he almost screamed. "Now, Todd, kiss your brother."

"What?" gasped Todd. This was a pretty strange request, but he didn't want to disobey, who knows what Jenna might do if he did. He pressed his lips against William's and gave him a quick kiss.

"What on earth was that?" said Jenna. She sounded disappointed. "Kiss him properly this time." Todd did as he was told, pressing his lips against William's once again, only this time, he forced his tongue into his brother's mouth. William was not in much of a position to resist, so he opened his lips and allowed Todd's tongue to explore his mouth, while his cock pumped its way in and out of his ass. Todd wasn't even trying to thrust his hips anymore, but the force of Jenna fucking him was causing him to fuck Todd without even trying.

"Good, now tell him you love him." commanded Jenna, as she speeded up her thrusting.

"What?" gasped Todd in disbelief, not sure he had heard Jenna right.

"Tell your brother you love him! You obviously do if you love kissing and fucking him so much!" said Jenna, sternly.

"I... I love you William" Todd gasped. The pain in his ass was causing him to almost sob now.

"William, tell your brother you love him too!" Jenna said.

"I love you Todd, I love you so much" gasped William before wrapping his arms around Todd's neck and pulling him into another deep kiss. This time William drove his tongue into Todd's mouth. Seeing the two young sexy boys kissing so passionately was too much for Jenna, she pushed her cock as deep into Todd's ass as it could go before reaching her climax and blowing her load. Her cum shot deep into Todd's ass, squirting like a hosepipe. It was as if Todd was getting an enema. Feeling the warm slickness of Jenna's seed inside him and his brother's wet tongue exploring his mouth caused Todd's cock to begin to twitch itself. He tried to pull out of William, but Jenna's cock up his ass held him firmly in place. His hips spasmed as his cum shot and squirted into William's ass.

William had been close for a while, and feeling Todd's hard cock twitch inside him, holding him close and exploring his mouth as he moaned was just wonderful, and feeling him cum pushed William over the edge as well. His cock twitched as it was rubbed between the two brothers, and he came himself. His cum drenched both his own belly and Todd's, and the cum squished between the two of them as they lay, one on top of the other.

"Now, I hope you've learned your lesson" said Jenna as she withdrew her softening cock from Todd's ass. As she stood up, something clicked in her head. "Oh crap, the cookies!" she exclaimed before hurrying out of the room, still totally naked and drenched in cum. Todd rolled off of William and pulled his cock out of his brother's butt. His legs were shaky and his butt was sore, he was not used to bottoming.

"That was... Awesome!" he said looking over at William. William nodded in agreement.

"I'd let her punish me any day" William said. Todd put his hand up, and William high fived him. After they had got their breath back, they stood up. Todd found it a little hard to walk. They didn't bother getting cleaned or dressed. They walked into the kitchen, both stark naked and completely drenched in cum, their huge cocks hanging between their legs. Jenna was just putting a plate of well baked cookies on the table.

"I hope you boys learned your lesson about taking advantage of ladies. Now, for taking your punishment like big boys, I think you deserve some cookies" said Jenna, sitting down at the kitchen table and taking a cookie. She bit into it as Todd and William sat down. Todd found it hard to sit, and cum was still slightly leaking out of both their butts.

"That was awesome, Jenna, can we do it again soon?" asked Todd.

"Yeah, can we? I'd love to!" said William.

"Oh, you boys..." said Jenna with a chuckle. "We'll see, if you're good that is. Now why don't you have a cookie?"

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