Patient Zero

Story by Joshiah on SoFurry

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#4 of Transformation Stories

Just in time for TF Tuesday, we have a commission ready for a good friend of mine, one DizFoley!

In his latest commission, a veterinary assistant by the name of Chandra gets a late night surprise when a stranger drops a dog off outside of her office just before she can leave work. The car drives off in a cloud of smoke, but the dog stays behind, with no clues to his owners other than a red bandanna, and a name tag that says "Diz." Doing the right thing, Chandra escorts the pup into her office and gives him a quick examination, but before she can leave that night, strange changes start to take place, and she feels a growing connection to her new friend. When she wakes the next day, she can't believe what she sees when she looks in the mirror.

Please go check out and favorite the original artwork that this story is based upon, by limonpi!

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"Another night, another coworker having to bail early..."

It was a rather common occurrence for one of Chandra's coworkers to have to duck out of work early, leaving her to close down the veterinary office that she'd been working for several years. It had become such a regular event that she'd long since gotten past being upset about it, and found it little more annoying than a fly buzzing around her head.

The quiet, electric hum of the lights in the office were the only sound in the night air, giving the building an eerie atmosphere after dark for some. It was no big deal to Chandra, who actually found the solitary noise a welcome and comforting sound, one that signaled the end of a long work day. "Maybe one of these times, I'll be the one to have a kid come down with the flu, or have a family member in town..."

Even if I don't have any kids, and barely any family.

A lonely life was actually well complimented by the career path Chandra chose, as animals were greater friends to her than people had ever been, and her interactions with her family rarely went past small talk. Her time spent with the animals, however, was something magical; they actually listened to her, and just the look in their eyes said that they cared about what she had to say. She found it fascinating the way that their ears perked with her cheerful voice, and drooped when her tone turned depressed...the way their tails wagged not just because they were excited to see her and get a treat, but because they truly enjoyed her company. As much as going home after a long day of work was a welcome respite from the bustle of the world, it was a sad moment for her, as well, knowing that any animals staying overnight would miss her until she returned.

Before Chandra could turn off the lights at the office and finally make her way to her car, she heard the familiar roar of an engine, and looked out the window just in time to see bright red tail-lights glaring back at her like an angry demon in the night, and the stomach wrenching screeeeeeeech of tires spinning against asphalt kicked up a small cloud of dust, leaving a silhouette in the particles and making a shadow of a small animal.

"...Damn it. If you're gonna abandon an animal, at least do it during the day when people can do something about it!" Chandra cursed, not upset at the animal for needing care, and not upset that she had to stay a little later, but she was blistering mad at the person who abandoned it. Chandra held a firm stance that if people didn't want or couldn't afford animals, they shouldn't have them in the first place, and this was just another example of someone skirting the duties of caring for an animal in the worst way possible.

Chandra unlocked the front doors to the office and rushed outside, keeping an eye on the dust until it fully settled. The shadow of a dog started to become clear as the dust faded, and despite being abandoned, Chandra could see a tail wagging through the filth, as if it were happy to be separated from the former owner. Chandra approached with quiet caution, just as she'd been trained to do, and tried to get a better look at the dog, who couldn't be more content to be where he was.

"Don't worry, puppy...I'm not gonna hurt you," Chandra said in her quietest, most comforting voice. Without even having met it, she already cared deeply for the canine, as she did for all animals. "We're gonna find you a nice home and take care of you."

Black and white patterned fur came into clear view, and a bright red bandanna hung around the animal's neck. It was a collie, and he did have a collar; the small, golden medallion around the loop read "Diz," and Chandra tilted her head at the unusual name. She knelt down and examined the name tag, all while Diz stood there patiently for her, panting and wagging his tail about like a puppy that was waiting for a treat. The soft, soothing touch of Chandra's skillful pawtips on the back of Diz's ear kept him from running, and the puppy showed off how grateful he was, leaning up to lick Chandra upon the cheek. Frustrated as she was with the previous owner, Chandra couldn't help a smile and a giggle at the friendly, canine gesture.

"Hehe! Well, aren't you an affectionate little guy!" Chandra giggled, sliding her hand down over the small of Diz's back and petting him as if he was her own dog. "I'm glad to see you're a friendly little thing, Diz. How about I get you inside and find you a place to sleep so I can go home for the night?"

Chandra knew she was tired, but she could have sworn she saw the dog nodding in agreement to her idea. Not wanting to put off sleep any longer than she had to, she leaned over and beckoned at him, seeing if he had any formal training; he obediently followed with a slow swish of the tail, and it made Chandra curious as to what kind of home life Diz had. He seemed to be very trusting for a dog who was just abandoned, and the look in his soft, sweet green eyes was just so happy.

Diz quickly followed Chandra to the door and walked right into the veterinary office, looking and acting so familiar with the surroundings that it seemed as if he'd been there before. Chandra was surprised to see him running ahead, but when she figured that he must just smell some sort of food, she was completely shocked to see him running into an examination room. "Uhm...Diz? That's not where we sleep, buddy..."

Though...I suppose I should give him a quick look over before I let him sleep in the pens. Make sure he doesn't have any fleas or anything... She thought, before reaching under Diz and carefully lifting him up to an examination table. With no one else at the office, she didn't bother shutting the door, figuring that privacy wouldn't be necessary.

Diz made her regret that within seconds.

Chandra quickly came to find that Diz was a very excitable dog. It wasn't the way that his tail wagged on and on endlessly, or the fact that his eyes, big and bright, were locked upon hers in a way that hinted at an intelligence far greater than that of a normal canine.

"Diz! What...what's the meaning of that!"

It was the bright, fiery red tip of his canine manhood that was poking through the soft, plush fur of a white sheath that showed Chandra just how happy he was to be there, that night. Despite her many years in the industry, Chandra always found herself completely flustered at the sight of a dog's member, and instead of reacting to the scold of her voice, Diz just stepped closer to her, the length continuing to grow and spout out a little bit further.

_Definitely going to have to erase some of the security footage,_Chandra thought, as her cheeks continued to shine a brilliant red under the flowing locks of her raven hair. Having been a veterinary assistant for so long, Chandra was used to being run through the gauntlet of jokes about why she always stayed so late, and why she was so fascinated with animals. It was rare that anyone ever came out and said it, but she knew all too well that people were alluding to her sleeping with the animals, and while it always bothered her, she'd never once considered actually going through with such a lewd fantasy.

That didn't mean she never had it, though.

"I don't know what's gotten into you, Diz, but this is an animal hospital, not a whore house," she said, speaking to him with the same respect and dialogue that she would to any young man. "You'll have to take care of that on your own, tonight."

It didn't dissuade Diz one bit; tiny droplets of precum were already spilling from the tip of his engorged length down onto the examination table, and Chandra lamented her bad luck, knowing she'd have to clean it off all over again. She pushed it to the back of her mind, at first, opting to focus on the important things. She managed to hold Diz still long enough to examine his eyes, nose and gums, making sure he was clear of any obvious diseases, and rolled him over onto his back, looking for sores and spots that might be hiding under his fur or on his underbelly.

It wasn't fair that the bright red, stiff pecker was just staring at her the whole time.

"Christ, Chandra...get a hold of yourself..." she groaned, glad to find that Diz seemed familiar with the rigors of a vet visit. His quick examination was over in short minutes, and at the end of it all, the dog was simply flat on his back, wagging his tail and looking up at Chandra. It was a late night, and she was already questioning her sanity due to the depraved thoughts floating through her mind, but as she looked into the soft, milky chocolate eyes of her patient, she could have sworn she saw a look of expectancy, as if he anticipated that she would give into her twisted, concerning thoughts.

Go home, Chandra. He's fine. Lock him in a kennel really quick, stop thinking such weird things, and go. Home.

She might have stayed even later, just in her confusion, but as Chandra saw the clock ticking into the early hours of the morning, she knew she needed to get some real rest before coming in for her shift tomorrow. She didn't have the most understanding boss, and in his mind, a lack of sleep was no excuse for a poor work ethic. With a gentle heave, Chandra helped Diz back down to the floor and guided him out of the examination room to the back, where they allowed dogs to stay overnight after procedures. Diz was so familiar with the routine of walking into an open kennel that Chandra found it unsettling, but there was something of a relief to it, as well; her shift was truly at an end, now, and she desperately needed sleep. She just had to clean the examination table, and she was home free.

"You're a good puppy, Diz. Thanks for being such an easy patient," she whispered to him, leaning down to the kennel and giving his cheek a quick nuzzle before urging him inside. Diz lapped at her cheek a couple times, drawing a quiet giggle from the tired assistant, but he almost immediately thereafter went to rest. Chandra locked his kennel with a smile and walked back to the examination room, only to look over the small, drippy mess that had been left before.

Oh. Right. He was really excited.

The stirring in her tummy and concerning tingling in her womanhood was easy enough for Chandra to ignore, at first. She grabbed a couple antibacterial wipes and was about to get to work on cleaning, when she felt another tingling, much stronger than the one before, and this time, it was creeping up the front of her body, radiating from her sex. It wasn't crippling, but suddenly, Chandra felt so sensitive along her torso that she was fearful to lean over the examination table. It was as if her entire stomach was as sensitive as her clit after a wild and powerful session of masturbating, and no matter how hard she tried to deny it, the sensation was turning her on. "W-what...what is this...?"

The antibacterial wipes fell right to the floor.

Chandra leaned over the table without a second thought and drew her tongue through the dormant precum, dragging it right over the table and leaving a smeared trail of canine juices in her wake. There was an unnatural hunger about her, and with each taste of the unique, salty-yet-sweet precum that she took, the sensitivity in her tummy only worsened, until it bordered on painful. She didn't groan or complain about it, however.

She whimpered. Just like a dog.

The only moment of clarity that saved her came as Chandra felt her ears ringing, suddenly picking up on noises and sounds that she never imagined being able to hear before, causing her a bit of a headache and bringing her back around to reality.

" God...what am I doing?"

Chandra swallowed back what she'd already sampled, keeping that delightful flavor on her tongue, but with her sanity temporarily restored, she quickly picked up the wipes and swept them over the examination table, wiping up the mess in a flustered haste and tossing the wipes as soon as she was done. She knew that no one ever checked the security tapes unless there was a theft, but even so, she was blood-chillingly nervous at the prospect of getting caught on camera, doing what she just did.

There was no reason to do it. There was no logic in her action.

There was only lust.

"Weird...this whole night has been way too weird...I just need to go home and rest my head..."

A good night of sleep seemed like the only remedy for Chandra at the moment, but as she turned off the lights a second time that evening and walked out to her car, she found her eyes immediately adjusting to the darkness of the night...just like a dog's eyes would. "Coincidence. Has to be a coincidence," Chandra muttered to herself, locking the front doors of the office and jogging briskly to her vehicle. She felt an irrational excitement to get in the car and turn it on, feeling a new set of sensations in her tummy as the engine rumbled and vibrated her body, and her ears were picking up on subtle hums from the engine that she'd never noticed before. "Just another coincidence. Doesn't mean anything."

She spent the entire drive home trying to convince herself that nothing was changing, but in her rush to get back to her house, and her exhaustion from working so late, she barely remembered rushing up the stairs and crawling into her bed. She was so tired by the end of the night that she was sure she'd forget everything by the time morning came, and that all of this would be nothing more than a moment of hallucination, brought on by working far too late into the evening.

First thing in the morning, she'd find out just how wrong she was.


"Why...why do I have to pee so damn bad?"

Chandra didn't remember having anything to drink the night before. She didn't recall even having a glass of water before bed. As far as she was concerned, she should have been running on empty, and yet, she was filled with an overwhelming compulsion to urinate. Figuring that maybe she'd just set the air conditioning too low, she decided not to argue with her body and regrettably stumbled out of bed, just moments before her alarm went off.

She was still trying to recollect the events of the evening before, feeling as if she had a hangover, even though she didn't touch a drop of alcohol. She found that the sensitivity was no joke; her stomach was dotted along the front with tiny bumps, and each one was every bit as sensitive as her breasts, which were unusually tender that morning. They were so symmetric upon her torso that they looked fake, but each time Chandra brushed a hand over them, she felt a delightful tingling inside, one that she couldn't explain.

As her panties dropped to the floor and she stepped into the shower, she saw something else she couldn't begin to explain.

"W-what the...? I just shaved down there two days ago! Why am I already so full? And why is it white?!"

Soft, plush and bushy, it seemed that Chandra's more delicate regions were already fuzzed over again, despite how well groomed she kept them. The fact that everything was coming in a shade of snowy white instead of the black she was used to was extremely concerning, and her mind immediately started racing, looking for logical explanations. She turned on the shower and jumped right under the stream of soothing water, hoping that maybe the white would just wash out, but it didn't even start to fade. The water coursing over her chest and tummy was so delightful that she worried she might end up climaxing just from her morning routine, and suddenly, fear and concern were replaced with the flood of memories of the night before.

That bright, throbbing red member that she almost tasted.

The slick, sticky, tasty precum that she cleaned up with her tongue.

The way she was simply dying inside to go just one step further.

Her hand was down to her labia in a flash, and her fingers were rubbing feverishly at her moist slit on command. She was delighted at just how soft the growth of hair around her nethers felt, finding that it was more like fur than human hair, and even her womanhood seemed to appreciate the change; it was unusually warm, even as aroused as she was, and it felt as though she didn't need to spread it as much as usual.

W-wait a minute. That...doesn't feel like my pussy...

Chandra almost didn't want to turn and look at her foggy reflection in the glass of her shower door. She was terrified to do so, just at the feeling of how her slit spread around her fingertips. In her line of work, she'd encountered more than a few female dogs that needed to be sexually examined, and the feeling was so familiar, so similar that she simply had to look. Even if she could feel the difference, she wouldn't believe it until she saw it.

Nothing could have prepared her for her reflection.

She arched her back away from the glass, pushing her hips forward and bringing the sight of her slowly changing labia into view. Her clit seemed to be hidden by thicker lips than were there before, but it was still apparent when she pried them open. They were _definitely_thicker, and their shape had changed just a little bit, resembling more of a triangular shape, as if they'd be better at accommodating something from a lover.

Just from experience, she knew it wasn't for a human lover.

"I...I can't go to work like this..." Chandra panicked, stuck in a whirlwind of indescribable pleasure and terrifying worry. The slow rain of her shower head upon her sensitive torso and transforming sex had her body nearing a climax, but her mind was still in control enough to keep her from going through with the act. She knew she had to find a way to reverse the process, but she couldn't even begin to figure out what started it. She only knew that the best way to get to the bottom of things was to head back to work, and look for clues from the night before. There had to be something to give her a tip...

And there was someone prepared to give her a lot more than that.


Chandra couldn't have spent enough time in front of her mirror, trying to use makeup to cover up the fact that her face felt a little bit swollen. Her nose seemed to be poking out unusually far, and her cheeks were narrowing in, giving her face an unusual and unnatural look. She tried to convince herself that she was just suffering from paranoia at this point, but no matter how hard she tried, couldn't ignore the obvious signs that something was happening to her. The drive to work that afternoon was filled with unusual scents and aromas that she'd never noticed before; there was an enhancement of what she'd already known, like the delightful, smoky flavor of her favorite barbecue joint as she drove past it, and the settling, soothing smell of fresh cut grass as she went through her neighborhood, but there were also things she couldn't explain, like the fact that she could almost envision a dog peeing on a fire hydrant as she drove past it, just from being able to smell the ones that had done so before, and the unsettling stench of filth that came off of a homeless man as she neared the office.

Get a hold of yourself, Chandra. You're making opinions of things you can't even see based on what you smell...

Chandra's soft, supple breasts rose up, and then fell again as she took a long, deep breath, trying to keep her composure. She knew that she was going to struggle to get through the day without ever stepping foot in the door, but she was at least trying to go into things with a positive attitude. She still loved her job; nothing would ever change that, but she was already starting to worry about how the slowly progressing transformation would change her ability to do that job.

The struggles started as soon as she stood up out of her car, and felt like she might fall backwards. She could feel her center of gravity shifting painfully slowly, so much that it was hard to notice at first, but there was an undeniable growth of mass on the small of her lower back, and while she could adjust her pants to hide it at first, she couldn't hide the fact that something was clearly wrong with her.

The moment she walked in the front door, her co-worker Louise took notice of literally everything.

"...Girl, what in the hell is wrong with you?" she asked, not because Chandra was a couple minutes late, but because the changes were becoming more obvious. Even people sitting in the waiting room were giving her weird looks, as if they could tell something was wrong with her.

"I-I just didn't sleep well, that's all," Chandra replied, rubbing her hand over her eyes to try and hide some of her face. "I hope you don't mind working the desk today, Louise. I think I'd be better off hiding in the back where I won't bother people."

Louise wanted to inquire more, but Chandra hurried back through the office and made her way into the kennel area before Louise had a chance to protest. "Uhm...okay, I guess? Didn't really give me much of a choice..."

The young, annoyed blonde flipped her hair and went back to her computer, tending the front desk and taking care of customers, all while Chandra went through her daily rounds, filling out checklists of the dogs that had come and gone that day, doing a quick inventory on medicine and supplies and making sure everything was stocked, and giving the dogs that were just out of operation a quick examination to make sure that they were stabilizing perfectly. Each task took a little over an hour, and before she knew it, Chandra was back to her rhythm once again, and had herself completely distracted from the transformation that still crept along within her. The dogs seemed to enjoy her presence even more, in fact; as much as the animals always seemed to love Chandra, they were more receptive to her and seemed to engage her more fully that day, as if they recognized her more as one of their own than just another human being. She was remiss to admit that she felt like she was a member of the pack, instead of just another human that was forced into working for them; she was just the one who was capable of the task.

The sun was setting fast on the evening when Chandra lost focus for a final time, when she finally came back around to the kennel that she'd been avoiding on purpose.

Diz. This all started when you came here...

"Chandra! I'm heading home for the evening! The patients have all cleared out and the place is locked up, finish your work and I'll see you in the morning!" Louise called out to her co-worker, before covering her mouth to hide a sudden, surprising cough. There was something unusual about the sound of it, something that Chandra picked up on right away, but she was far past caring about Louise or her attitude.

She was focused entirely on the kennel in front of her, and the pair of milk chocolate eyes that peered at her with all of the same excitement and curiosity as they did the night before. Diz looked as though he'd been waiting for Chandra the whole day, and the moment she flicked open the door to his kennel and knelt down in front of it, Diz scampered out and jumped up into her arms, giving each of her cheeks an affectionate slurp as his tail fluttered around with wild enjoyment.

"Still so affectionate!" Chandra said through a quick giggle, unable to be angry at the dog when he was being so sweet on her. She didn't know for sure that he'd caused anything, or that any of her changes were even related to him...

...Not until she felt the saliva from his affectionate slurps sinking into her skin and speeding up the process that was already beginning.

"T-there...there it is again..." Chandra murmured, feeling a sudden spike in the sensitivity of her chest and torso. The small, symmetric bumps on her tummy, once looking like nothing more than mosquito bites, were starting to grow much larger and protrude out from her body. The flesh beneath them started to swell, and without a care in the world if she was caught stripping in the back, Chandra quickly lifted the waist of her navy blue top and glanced down in shock, her eyes shrinking down to tiny, terrified dots. "Diz...I'm...I'm growing nipples!"

Each of the bumps looked just like the breasts that were still held under the black lace of her bra, only turning a bit smaller with each row. Counting the ones she was born with, there were eight in all, and slowly but surely, the puzzle was starting to come together.

The way her labia were shifting still, in a way she could physically feel between her legs, adapting more to a canine's member...

The way small tufts of fur were starting to pop up over her body, not just around her nether regions, but slowly, patches of black and white were spreading over her...

And finally...

Riiiiiiiip! The back of Chandra's scrubs tore open as a two foot long protrusion of flesh and bone shot through the helpless fabric, thinning and straightening out before it started to grow spotted tufts of black fur, as well. Chandra felt like her spine was being stretched to its absolute limit as the new appendage came to a full length and started to sway of its own accord, a sensation that wasn't painful in the least, but actually extremely pleasant. She couldn't hope to describe it, but could only wallow in the unusual feeling as the tingling that came along with it spread down through her back side and into her thighs. Every inch of her body was ringing with sensitivity, and what she'd started in the shower earlier was fresh on her mind again.

"G-gotta...gotta turn off the cameras..." Chandra labored to speak, as the bulging of her nose and mouth continued, and now, far more visibly. The bones of her jaw and nose felt like nothing more than putty to be molded as her incisors elongated, growing so thick and sharp that she nearly bit her tongue without so much as trying to close her mouth. Everything was still moving forward, and as Chandra haplessly stumbled towards the small security room in the back of the office, she could feel her sense of smell growing powerful, even beyond the earlier changes; every dog in the kennels had their own unique scent, and she could pick out every single one as she walked by them, trying to keep her mind clear enough to at least get the far back door open.

She barely made it.

The room contained nothing more than a couple monitors and a little black box connected to all of them by a mess of blue and green wires, with a small chair and a desk for the security person that Chandra's boss intended to hire, but never did. Chandra reached down behind the box with her fingers, watching them closely as they started to shift, her fingertips widening and her nails growing longer as they reached for one green cord behind the box. A quick tug left it unplugged, and all of the monitors immediately fizzled out, leaving Chandra with all of the privacy that she could ever need for what she was about to do.

The part of her that questioned the sanity of her coming move was all but gone.

"Diiiiiiiiz..." Chandra called out, her voice like a drifting song for the eager dog. She stepped out of the security room, forgetting to close the door behind her as she could hear the pitter-patter of paws rushing her way, and in the heightened sensitivity of her transforming ears, she could almost hear how eager Diz was just by listening to the gentle scratch of his clawtips dragging along the tiles of the floor. Even as he got closer, the position of her ears changed as well as the ability, and Chandra could feel her face shifting once again; her skin was every bit as pliable as thin rubber, moving without her will and stretching just so that her ears could travel slowly up the side of her head and shift, tufts of dark black hair coating each ear until they were completely hidden in raven, the same shade as the flowing locks of hair upon her head. The lobe of each ear started to fold over, and Chandra felt as if someone was teasing her ears with a passionate kiss and pushing them forward, but they simply never bounced back. They stayed right in place, crested down and listening for the eager panting of the canine that she couldn't get out of her mind.

Still human enough to use her hands properly, Chandra lifted Diz once again and pressed a tiny kiss to the tip of his nose. "I think you need another examination," she whispered, her eyes narrowing slightly at the affectionate canine in her arms. "I'm sure that I must have missed something important..."

It was a quick walk to the examination room, and one that Chandra hurried her way through. Even knowing that the office was empty and no cameras were on, she took care to shut the door to the examination room with her foot, only then noticing that her toenails were starting to jut out and curl down over her toes. The entire shape of her foot was changing, and she was far past caring about the consequences of it, rather, she was fascinated to watch as her toes widened out and flattened down just slightly, before tufting over with sprouts of soft, plush, white fur. The sensation around her feet, now more like paws, was a ticklish one, and she set Diz down on the examination table once again so she could let out a quiet giggle and enjoy the feeling.

One quick slurp upon her cheek from the male canine brought her back to more important matters.

"S-sorry..." Chandra muttered, managing a tiny smile at Diz. "I should focus on yo- I mean, my, I'll give you a much more thorough_examination, Diz. I think you'll really enjoy it...but I'll have to get myself a bit more comfortable to do it. It could get a little messy, and I don't want that on my clothes!" Chandra found herself fighting through her words a little bit, as the still-changing shape of her mouth, shifting more fully into a muzzle, made it difficult for her to speak in human tongues. Diz quickly got her message, however, as tattered scrub pants fell to the floor, and using her thumbs before they changed as well, Chandra hooked them into the vibrant, cherry red of her panties and tugged them down and away, a small, darker wet patch sitting right upon the crotch. Acting as if she was posing for any male she'd court, she slid them down and away from her nethers slowly, pushing down further until they passed her knees, and finally, she stopped as they hung from her foot, right upon one of the newly formed pawtips. "We have to make sure that you're _plenty aroused for this test, Diz...and the scent of a horny female should do the trick, shouldn't it?"

The room was suddenly thick with two different scents of arousal. With her heightened senses, Chandra could smell her own desire for the first time in a way she never could before, and she found herself enjoying the scent; earthy, but not too thick, and just a tiny bit floral and sweet, something that would draw any man to rest his head between her thighs...but she only had a dog, and with just a couple quick, curious sniffs at the air, Diz picked up on the aroma of Chandra's arousal and made his own desires known. Just like the night before, the bright red tip of his member started to creep forward, each inch coming forth slowly and effortlessly, a show that Chandra couldn't hope to look away from. Even the base of his thick, rigid knot was starting to show as Chandra leaned back against the examination table and Diz came closer to her, licking at her cheek in aroused affection as drips of precum fell from his tip once again, in much greater volume than the night before.

Chandra let out a quiet squeak of delight at the lick, but heavier thoughts still weighed on the very last vestiges of her inhibitions.

It was now or never.

"D-Diz...c'mere..." Chandra said, her voice a low, soft whimper as she backed up all the way onto the examination table and kicked her legs up on either side of the eager dog. The transformation was taking a toll on her body, but the arousal that it caused far outweighed any exhaustion she could ever feel. Her every nerve ending was blazing with sensations, and just once, even if it was all she ever did, she was going to let a dog do something to her that many others had tried to do before.

"Lick me..."

Diz didn't need to speak in human tongues to understand what Chandra wanted. Juices of pure, forbidden arousal were oozing out between her changed labia, her entire sex shifted to larger, pouting lips and less of an ovular shape. She'd been given entirely canine anatomy, and the first stroke of Diz's tongue upon it was nearly enough to send Chandra falling backwards off the table. "Ooooooh my God... So t-that's how it feels...for a dog..."

Her words were true in two ways; she'd never felt the long, slick, heated tongue of a dog upon her folds, but she'd also never had a female canine's anatomy. The very chemical structure of her body had changed, and her nerves along with it. It was only luck that she could still moan to the high heavens in praise of her canine lover, but she didn't know how much longer that, or any of their experience, would last. She was going to savor every moment of it, down to the very last eager, hungry sluuuuurp of her slit.

"DIZ! You''re _so_good at this...your old owner must h-have been a lucky lady..." she pondered in her arousal, figuring that such a well trained dog had come from a household were bestiality was the norm. As a full human, she might have felt some remorse at the knowledge, but as her body quickly faded into that of a hybrid, and each and every stroke of the tongue brought her closer to that state, she was past guilt or concern. She was drowning in forbidden pleasure and loving every moment of it, and the fullness that Diz's tongue could give her just with a few quick, teasing strokes. Her heightened sense of smell kept her completely enamored, as the drifting aroma from each drop of precum floated up to her nostrils and intoxicated her, the look in her narrowed eyes hazing over as her irises started to shift, fading into a golden color more fitting of the form she was taking. More and more tufts of fur popped up over her body until she could see more fur than flesh, and finding her top pointless, she cast it off to the floor, tossing her name tag along with it and leaving her identity as Chandra behind.

Her name didn't matter anymore. All that mattered was being a good bitch for the loving male that was courting her.


Laying on her back just wouldn't cut it anymore. Chandra had to do everything the way she knew a female canine would, and in the middle of a wet, slurping stroke of the tongue along her pouted labia, she flipped herself over on the table and stuck her ass right up and out in the air, acting so eager that Diz couldn't possibly resist the offer. The small pool of precum on the table would pale in comparison to what was to come, as the infectious male quickly hopped up against her backside. His paws hooked around her hips with surprising precision, closing around on the last bits of her exposed flesh, bits that quickly furred over as Chandra fully finished her transformation into something that was neither human, nor canine, but something perfectly in the middle. The white and black patterns upon her fur made her look just like the collie that had infected her, and with an intelligence in his eyes that said he knew this would happen from the beginning, Diz pushed past the short, curled tail of Chandra and eagerly humped his hips away at her, the precum-coated tip of his member poking and prodding at her lightly-furred rump and leaving dripping stains in her new coat until he finally struck gold, and stole the last of Chandra's proper humanity.

She panted. She gasped. She moaned and whimpered, but she couldn't speak.

She didn't need to.

_Yes! Fuck me, Diz! Mate me like a horny little bitch!_she cried out mentally, still having just enough of a human brain left to articulate her thoughts in such a depraved way. Her genitals were completely changed by then, and a perfect fit for Diz, who was plenty well hung for his middling size. The bright red, veiny flesh of his canine cock disappeared effortlessly into the shockingly tight, but deliciously wet passage in front of him over and over again as he chopped his hips rapidly, acting just like a dog should during a proper mating. Chandra could feel an orgasm rushing upon her body faster than any she'd ever had, and she wouldn't even blame it on the change in anatomy; she just couldn't get over how delightfully _raunchy_the whole experience was, and the fact that it was so forbidden made it even naughtier for her. No male would ever compare to Diz for Chandra, as his body moved faster than any human male could ever hope to, his hips slamming upon her backside with inhuman vigor and filling her as full as she could comfortably handle, and much to her delight, it seemed that her g-spot was still in tact, with each powerful thrust grinding the underside of his cock right over it.

Chandra was in heaven, and she never wanted to come back to earth.

"Nnnngh...rrrrr... D-Diz...c-cum..." she tried to moan out, desperately trying to let her lover know that she was about to climax. She was past the point of being able to communicate like a human, but as she looked back over her shoulder at him, the look in her emotion-filled eyes told Diz everything he needed to know. The deliciously thick knot that rested at the base of his length was already pressing against Chandra's transformed labia, and her vulva, hanging down and spreading wide, had changed perfectly to accommodate a canine lover. Diz was able to push the knot past the triangular vulva with no effort at all, keeping the stride of his humping, even as he felt Chandra curl her tail over his back, and even as he felt her own slick, heated inner juices pouring out over his knot, aiding the entry of it until the pair were fully tied, and Chandra experienced something she'd never dreamed of.

She'd never let a single male climax inside of her before, even with a condom on.

Just then, she felt a heat inside of her body even greater than the flames of her own desire. Thin, slick ropes of cum pumped deep inside of her, bursting within her vaginal cavity and easily pouring all the way up to her womb, giving her a fullness that she couldn't describe, and one she knew she couldn't replicate. It was as if she'd been filled with a swimming warmth that knew every way to touch her inside, a heavenly feeling that sent her straight into a second, aftershock orgasm.

And it didn't stop there.

Of course...he's a dog, I should know that..._Chandra realized, as the torrent of cum simply refused to stop. She looked up to the clock on the wall and watched as the minutes ticked by, and every few seconds, she could feel fresh seed pumping into her as Diz turned around and reversed himself, completing a perfect tie and keeping her filled as deeply as she could take it. Excess seed was already starting to spill down over the examination table when Diz finally started to pop free over fifteen minutes later, and with a messy, squirting **_plop** , the knot finally came loose, with a flooding rush of cum behind it. Just like a the proper canine he was, Diz whirled around and lapped up his own mess straight from the source, giving Chandra one last tongue bath until her wide, well-fucked labia were almost completely clean. And he's a gentleman, too! I...I could get used to this...

Chandra completely slumped forward, her warm, furry cheek pressing to the cool steel of the examination table as her body, finally spent, was apt to give in to the exhaustion that she'd felt from the morning before.

An affectionate lover through and through, Diz stepped forward and nosed at her side, and Chandra managed the best smile she could through her muzzle, curling an arm around his body and tugging him into her side to rest there for the night, blissfully unaware of the fact that she'd left her humanity behind.


" CHANDRA! What the hell happened to you?! Did...did you fuck a dog?!"

Louise found her coworker still slumped over the examination table, the last of her own juices and the cum of her lover finally drying on their bodies and making a terrible mess of their fur. Louise wasn't _actually_sure that she was looking at Chandra, but the long, swaying raven hair and the shape of her body made it obvious it couldn't be anyone else.

Chandra was still unconscious, despite the sudden outburst. Exhaustion allowed her to rest well for a while with the best lover she'd ever known.

The unusual sensitivity upon her tummy and the weird, whimpering cough she'd developed meant that Louise wouldn't be resting easy for a long, long time...

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