Tales in Taboo: The Cave

Story by minatek616 on SoFurry

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This is another little story brought to us from Taboo, the wild wonderland. In it a mare warrior intent on slaying a troublesome dragon gets far more than she ever wanted, shoved up her ass.

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Your sharp ears pick up footsteps near the harsh rocky outcropping in front of your cave. They're assertive and steady in their rhythm, another slayer no doubt. You don't bother rising from your relaxing nap, don't even open your eyes, just listen. The footsteps get louder as they get closer to the entrance. Your cave isn't terribly deep but you are far enough from the entrance to remain completely in shadow, even during this late hour when the sun is falling to the horizon directly in front of it. The footsteps slow as they make their final approach; even this lone warrior is weary of a dragon's lair.

"Dragon! Come face your death! You have plagued this land for too long!" Hm, oh really? You think. "And now the introduction," you mumble to yourself as you shift into a full body stretch._ "_I am Perdita Sandmane, first daughter of Groff Sandmane, chieftain of the Stonehoof clan." You open your eyes to find a young athletic anthropomorphic mare standing in the much larger mouth of your cave. With the fading sun at her back, you can make out few details but you gather that she has a rather viscous looking spear pointing in your general direction.

You silently drift to her right, never leaving the shadows, as she roars a challenge into the darkness, "Come face me, putrid spawn of a lizard!" From this angle you can see her better, and she is quite a sight. Tall for her kind, maybe as much as seven feet, strong too, visible muscles pulse over her body, though not enough to cut away her femininity. She has long blonde hair done in a tight braid down her back, reaching nearly to her butt. Her thin coat is a hazel color with blotches of milk white. Her face is long, as horses tend to be, and her cheeks are firm and round. Large brown eyes search the shadows, finding nothing. She has a bare peach nose and nostrils that flare as she heavily breathes, maybe from the climb up, or maybe from fear. Her teeth clench as her frustration builds but you remain silent, observing.

The mare holds her spear before her in both hands, ready to stab the first thing that dares approach. The point of which has a long sharp blade with hooks near the base. She wears leather armor over an ample chest and her midsection. Various bits of leather also protect her forearms, shins, and thighs. A skirt of leather strips, studded with metal, hangs over her groin. Even so you can tell she has a very admirably body. She stands on two bare hooves the color of granite. Impatient, she shouts again, "Come out! Or die in shadow you cowardly reptile!"

"A chieftain's daughter, hm?" You rumble in a low tone, letting your voice bounce around and distort in the cave. Jumping, tear drop ears twitching, she turns toward you spear raised, but from her searching gaze you can see that she still can't find you. With your tail, you flick a few loose rocks to the other side of the cave. They bounce off the wall and she follows the sound, still searching blindly. "I'm not here for games dragon, I've come for your head!" she bellows. "Well if that's all," you grumble back, maneuvering back to in front of the cave's mouth. "THEN COME AND TAKE IT!" you roar, before taking a deep breath before spewing a wave of fire at her.

The mare shows impressive agility and sense by screaming and fleeing the flames. She manages to take cover ducking around the outer edge of the entrance. You follow her out onto the cliff in front of your home, rising to your towering height of fourteen feet. The moment your head leaves the cave, the mare warrior charges at you, her long hooked spear going straight for your eyes. You recoil your long neck, evading the first thrust, then a second. So focused on your head, she doesn't notice your forepaws reaching out and grabbing the extended shaft of the spear before she can pull away. You reel her in with your forelimbs, and snap at her with your large jaws and she wisely let's go of the long weapon. You toss it into the cave thinking it might make a fine toothpick later, while she pulls a curved sword from a sheath on one hip.

The blond beauty wields the sword with grace and skill, whipping it at your jaws or claws, which ever tries to come near. You continue putting pressure on her, keeping yourself just out of the blades reach. She is forced back but bravely defends herself against you, until you snap your tail at her left hoof, bringing her to the ground hard. She slashes at it as you pull away and the moment she does, you have a clawed forepaw on her sword arm, pinning it to the ground. The mare warrior struggles shouting, "I will kill you, beast!" Positioning your other forepaw on her stomach, you put a little weight on and her breath is forced from her lungs. Her eyes bulge a little as you put your large jaws a few inches from her face. "Not this time," you rumble and with another flick of your tail, the sword flies somewhere behind you.

Disarmed, you shift your paws around, rather than on the mare. She coughs and sucks in air, but doesn't rise. "Take off your armor, girl." You command. "What?" she blurts incredulously. "Take... off... your... armor." You repeat, enunciating every word. "Why?" she says again, nervously. Annoyed, you open your jaws and place them on either side of the young mare's head as she screams, "No! Please!" When you remove them you see her chest heaving with panicked breaths, her eyes wide with horror. You glare intently at her then, and slowly she begins to undo the straps of her forearm braces.

Next, she awkwardly reaches down, undoing her shin guards and thigh protection, while trying to keep as much distance from you as possible. After she manages them, you command her to stand. She does so, staring at you angrily. "The rest too," you order, waving a claw up and down at her. She wraps her arms around herself in defiance and growls, "Why? What do you intend to do with me?" "Whatever I want to little one, now take it off." She undoes the straps and practically throws the remainder of her armor to her feet, revealing that she has nothing on under it. She stands naked, crossing her legs and holding her forearms over her breasts, keeping her modestly. "There, happy?" she asks angrily, clearly not enjoying this.

You're beginning to get aroused at the sight of the nude mare. Her armor made her seem a bit bulky, but without it, you can fully appreciate her very feminine curves. She is rather lovely for one of her kind, sturdy yet slim, and her defiance only making her all the more desirable. "Turn around," you command. She glares at you and doesn't budge. So you snort, letting smoke coil up from your nostrils. She tenses, her eyes losing their steel for a moment. Stamping, she turns her back to you. The mare shifts her neck around to keep you in her peripheral vision. As you suspected, she has a marvelously firm rear, her cheeks taunt and smooth with muscle and youth. Her tail matches her mane, long and full, braided nearly to her hooves.

Feeling yourself becoming more erect, you nonchalantly reach for that tail, intent on lifting it to the side to unblock your view of her fine posterior. The moment you're in reach, the mare blurs, turning and stabbing at your forepaw with a dagger. You recoil the moment she shifts, and the dagger clangs off one of your claws. The blade shatters against your naturally durable appendage. The mare gawks at the hilt of the small weapon in disbelief, her mouth hanging slack. "That was not nice." You growl venomously. Her glance flicks to you before she turns and flees.

You give pursuit and she doesn't get far. The young mare manages to sprint only a few yards before you nudge her from behind with your snout, causing the warrior to sprawl to the earth. Frantically she gets to all fours and begins crawling, but your body is already looming over her. Hooking your long neck you bring your face down in front of her, snapping your jaws. She throws herself backward, further under your body and bumps alongside your massive and fully engorged erection. You watch her, upside down, as she takes a moment to process what she ran into. The shock in her face is well worth the slight pain of her back handing your cock away. It wobbles, batting her rump as she tries to crawl away between your right fore and hind paws.

You lower one of your leathery wings, making a wall before her. She turns and heads for your left, and you do the same with your other wing, boxing her in. Trapped by wings, cock, and jaws, she turns frantically looking for an out. She has none, and finally screams her frustration at you, "What do you want of me, monster?!" You cock your head to one side, still looking at her upside down and reply, "It should be obvious by now, girl." She looks back over her shoulder at your pulsing red erection and a small burst of precum spurts free and onto her back and hair. She gasps and falls forward, reacting as if burned by it. Once she realizes that it is merely warm and not scalding, she roars in disgust and outrage, "You are both mad and fowl, beast, to think I would mate with the likes of you!"

"Oh, come now, I wouldn't call it mating. I'd call it, me using you as a tight little cum dump." You reply matter of factly. The woman's fear and frustration combine into rage and she rushes your face, a fist balled and ready to strike. You stop her clumsy charge by lifting yourself on three limbs and placing a forepaw on her back, pressing her into the ground. She struggles, screaming her anger but unable to move further. "Now, enough forplay. Would you be so kind as to lift your butt a bit, it'll make things so much easier for me." You say uninflected to your captive. After a moment the mare, manages to get some measure of focus and using all her limbs tries to push herself off the ground despite your weight on her back. She makes an impressive effort, but can't manage to free herself before collapsing back down. She breathes hard, her nostrils kicking up a bit of dust as she exhales.

Seeing as she doesn't plan to cooperate, you slide your long tapering tail under her hips and force her rump up a bit. You shift your hindquarters, cock wobbling about in search of the mare. You run into one firm butt cheek and announce, grinning, "There you are." The mare begins to panic, flailing about again but unable to move. "No, please, just eat me and be done with it!" She pleads. "I'm not really that hungry, my dear." You reply, rubbing your throbbing cock over her back and rump. Another spurt of pre splatters her back and you run your erection through it, slickening your underside before pulling back and feeling for her divide with your very tip.

The mare jumps, or as much as she can, at the touch and she wiggles her firm rump while kicking wildly. "No, NO!" She screams as you try to get a bead on her tight little button, but her flailing keeps you off course. This simply won't due. After a few thrusts you decide to give this venture up and try a different tactic. With a forepaw, you grasp the warrior's thigh, on which she immediately begins beating on with her fists. A swift twitch of a claw and you catch her small hand as well. Then you do the same with her other thigh and hand as you let yourself roll back to your butt. Now you have her legs and arms spread wide at her sides, she tugs fiercely but cannot get free. "Let go of me, filth!" she growls but to no avail.

You angle your captive over your cock directly below her tail hole, braided tail sweeping by your erection and twitching as she struggles. She faces away from you, but from the sounds she makes, she is gritting her teeth as she attempt to free herself. You bring your companion down onto your cock. The moment your massive pointed shaft makes contact, she freezes and as you begin to put on pressure she goes into a complete panic, even screaming for help. You build more pressure, but her incredibly firm butt will not yield to you, it's like trying to penetrate a pillow.

You lift her up as if to inspect her tight little bottom. "You see, monster, I am closed to you. Eat me and be done with it." She announces in nervous triumph. "No, you just need to loosen up a bit, here let me help you." And with that, you open your maw and plunge you long thin tongue into her unsuspecting anus. Thin to you anyway, about the width of her wrist. She gasps in surprise, then begins to scream, low at first but the pitch gets higher as the sensation registers. You feel her clenching around your tongue, but slick with saliva, you push on, deep into the girl's soft warm bowels. You plunge in over and over, wiggling your tongue to and fro, each movement causes the mare's limbs to spasm in your grasp as she howls in pain and anger.

Feeling her colon and intestines are thoroughly spit slickened, you pull your tongue from her ass with a wet pop. The mare glares as best she can at you, "How dare you violate me you filthy..." "Uh uh, let's save the name calling for later shall we, I'm rather horny at the moment." You interrupt while repositioning the mare over your cock. You put some pressure on her and slide up her back. Trying again, you manage to slide up her tummy, and your pointed head parts her rather large and lovely breasts. You try again and end up breast fucking her for a moment, which is really quite nice, her large firm breasts embracing you comfortably. The mare looks down at you, parting her voluptuous chest and unintentionally a spurt of pre blasts her right in the face. She jerks back and growls her disgust at you as you watch from above.

After several more tries, you finally hit you mark dead center. She gasps and tightens her anus with everything she has as you knock on her back door. Not wanting to wait for another opportunity, you pull her down hard. "Ugh, ughhh, ughhhh..." the mare groans as she tries desperately to keep you out. You massive cock begins to bend rather painfully from the strain. You're about to give up just before another spurt of precum bursts free. It plaster's the girl's ass, much of it shooting up her crack and all over her back, but it's enough as you feel her finally start to give.

As you shove the mare groans, "No, No! NO!" Her desperate clenching isn't enough this time and you can feel her o ring start to slide over the very tip of your massive head. Suddenly your entire tip pops into the horse warrior, her anus clamping hard on your shaft. The mare's head jerks up and she cries in pain, her eyes tightly shut as tears roll down her cheeks. You sigh in relief as the warm soft inners of the mare's colon sooth your aching need. Looking down at the mare's body, you see your head clearly outlined in the mare's taunt skin as it pushes at her insides. Her nether lips spread by the pressure, showing the beautiful pink of her mare-hood.

The mare is still trying to scream, though her breath is long gone and no sound emerges, when you thrust your tongue down her open throat. Her eyes open wide at the intrusion and you drive your tongue deep into the mare, bulging out her throat as you revel in its soft, slick, warmth. Spit roasted, you let her legs and hands go. She immediately tries to push your maw away from her as she plants her hooves on your hips in an effort to remove you from her anus, but you find it easy to overpower her. Placing a paw on her shoulders and the other at her hips, you pull her down, forcing more of her considerable length into the struggling mare.

You can feel her trying to form sounds, but with your tongue down her throat, she can only struggle. As her stretched anus slowly takes more of your cock, and the bulge in her gut reaches for her belly, the girl's legs seem to weaken. Her struggles lose their fervor as you push your cock further in. As the bulge reaches her belly button, she passes out. Legs and arms going slack and her eyes roll back into her head. A bit disappointed, you remove your tongue from her throat and focus on getting off., letting her head fall limply to her chest.

Even relaxed in unconsciousness, the mare is still incredibly tight, and you need to use your strength to pull her down your long cock. By the time her warm tight ass is mashed against your hips, your penis bulge has reached her ample breasts, parting them a bit from within. Finally, your entire dick can feel the wonderful warmth of the mare's body, soft, yet still her sphincter forms a tight ring at your base. You pull her back up, loving how her stretched anus' tight hold on you makes her asshole cone as she rises around your length and inverts as you move her down again. The bulge in her gut rises and descends with each deep penetration, forcing her breats apart at the apex.

You work her along your length for a time, slowly forcing the girl looser and allowing you to build some speed. As you steadily build up a rhythm, you can hear as much as feel her insides being squished around your girth. You feel yourself creeping to an amazing orgasm so you roll back over onto all fours while keeping one paw jerking the poor mare rapidly along your cock. Her limp legs and hands flailing at her sides as you get closer and closer.

Just as you feel the familiar tingle throughout your body, you mash the mare's firm ass harshly against your loins, taking her balls deep. Her limp body is forced erect just as your first blast of cum fires up your cock. The tightness of her sphincter makes it burn a bit as you empty a shot deep into your companion. The hot thick liquid invading her seems to awaken the mare as her body fills with your seed. Though you can feel it trying, the grip you have on her prevents her stomach from distending with your load and what little space is left within her is instantly filled.

"UghhahhHH!!!" The mare warrior cries just before she is cut off by a flood of cum firing with considerable force from both her nostrils and mouth. You watch, her eyes wide in shock as seed gushes free of her from the only places it can. Keeping her impaled you fire off several more powerful blasts, each bursting with intense pressure from the poor mare's orifices. She paints the cliff side with your alabaster plaster, her neck forced erect with each powerful shot.

As you feel yourself begin to taper off, you shift your grip to her hips and pump in swift short strokes to let off the remainder of your load. No longer holding her gut, she begins to swell with your seed. Looking well into pregnancy a moment later, but no longer spurting cum, she dangles from you, coughing, gagging, and groaning in discomfort.

Once you're finally spent, you leave the mare, dangling from your cock, the tightness of her own sphincter keeping her in place, and head back into your cave to rest. All the well-worth effort catching up to you seemingly all at once, you've become rather tired. Finding your spot in the shadows, away from the caves, mouth, you flop down on your side as not to squish your cock sock.

You begin to drift off but after a few minutes you feel the mare slowly slide off of your diminishing erection. The moment she is free she falls to her knees before you, a healthy amount of pent up cum bursting forth from her horribly stretched anus. It splatters wetly to the floor with her. She rises on wobbling legs, cum still readily leaking from her backside as she hobbles toward the mouth of the cave as quick and quite as she can, leaving a white trail. She keeps a hand on the walls to keep balance as she makes it to the exit. Just as she enters the diming evening sun, you say to her back, "Bring a friend next time." The mare stiffens for a moment, and then hurries the best she can away. You close your eyes and drift into a doze.

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