The Witche's Heart P1

Story by ReynartWrites on SoFurry

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#6 of Needs Rewritten/Old works

A witch finds herself smitten with a beast even though her hand has already been given away.

The woods just outside the stone walls of Yaarl were full of medicinal herbs making it a center for the art of healing. In particular, the witches of Yaarl were respected and renowned across the realm. Karin was an apprentice of these witches and held herself with pride. Wild red hair and skin pale as the moon marked her as the beauty of the village as well, a beauty that was given freely to another man by her family as a part of a deal between two clans. After the marriage Karin was still just as free, frequently going out the walls to gather herbs and mushrooms for her concoctions, determine to pass her apprenticeship despite the nagging of her husband.

Today Karin was knee deep in the grass collecting milk thistle for her mistress. She spent a good hour there gathering for her basket and when it was full she stood to return home. When she rose though, she heard a growling from the bushes and out stepped a brown furred demon, a gnoll of all things dressed only in a loincloth. Such beasts typically left the village of Yaarl alone, and should they venture nearby they were slain. Before she could turn and run the gnoll spoke with a snarl and whine, "I see, I see you gather herbs, I need you please. I need you to save my son. He is ill, he dies he cannot hunt he cannot eat. Please" Upon hearing this she bit her lip, it could have been a trap, she could very well end up as a slave, but the creature had approached her rather than ambushing her and so she asked tentatively, "...What are his symptoms."

It was difficult speaking with the gnoll, his speech wasn't perfect and he was near panicked, but she was patient with him. After all, he was a father with a deathly sick child and as a healer she had seen many human men in the same situation unable to speak in tears. After doing her best to diagnose the child's disease she told the gnoll to wait until night and she would return with the cure. Being careful with her preparation, she delivered her herbs before retreating to her quarters to make what she knew would help the gnoll's son. As promised, she returned at night to the same spot they met and found the gnoll sitting against the tree. When he saw her he stood his tail wagging like a puppy as she handed him a small basket with several bottles. She told him doses and how the boy would react when given the medication and shooed him off. He thanked her and without giving his name he left, and so she figured that would be the last time she would ever see him again.

A week had passed and she was yet again gather milk thistle when she heard a familiar rustling behind her. Turning her head she saw the brown furred gnoll with a toothy grin staring at her. Before she could stand to react he hefted her up into his arms and squeezed, "You are a good human, good witch! My child is well and I am indebted to you." Her cheeks turned red as her face was pressed to the strong chest of the beast before her and her lungs tightened as she had trouble breathing in his vice grip, finally she was able to answer, "You're welcome, but can you please let go" Realizing his mistake the gnoll let go of her and snorted, "I apologize. My name is Ra'thuul Ra will do, how can I repay?" Typically she would ask for a sum of gold, but the Ra was a gnoll and she doubted that he had any money. She dismissed him with a wave and returned to picking her herbs while speaking, "I need nothing from you Ra, you may leave" Yet again she was hefted up into a vice grip of a hug and the gnoll spoke, "You are a saint, a goddess incarnate thank you human witch" She blew hair from her face and managed to grunt a response, "My name is Karin, now please set me down."

Every day after their third meeting, Ra would find her in the woods to speak with her to ask her questions about other humans and her life. It was a bit touching how he seemed to actually care about her words rather than just shut her out like her husband did. Finally the day came when Ra asked her something she could not answer, "I would like to see, how humans mate" she nearly choked as she heard his words and she stared up at him wondering if he was daft. She stared and watched him looking at his eyes which had narrowed and her heart skipped a beat. She realized that his seemingly innocent question was actually an advance. Her cheeks flared in response and her hands clutched at her chest as he approached, was he going to take the initiative? She knew he had a wife and that they weren't mating anymore since their child was born, but would he cheat on her, and would she allow herself to be taken when she herself already had a husband. Karin closed her eyes as a strong paw passed through her hair to grab at the back of her head gently. She opened her eyes to look up at Ra whose tongue brushed against her lips softly causing her to shiver. She still wasn't able to respond to his question and so she looked down and let her hands speak. She pushed his loin cloth down to reveal Ra's already firm canine cock red and thicker than anything she had seen from a human. Karin gripped on to it with both hands stroking and leaning to kiss and lick at the tip, her cheeks flushing further at the odd salty flavor the coated her tongue and lips as she did so. Already pre spurted out on to her tongue which she greedily lapped up to drink. She then took his cock into his mouth bobbing back and forth while Ra lifted her dress to grip her rear and tear her underwear out of the way. He was a beast and a foolish one at that, should her husband see her bare behind in her dress he would know something was wrong, but Ra didn't care, he was a beast and he was driven on instinct to mate with her; to impregnate her. That thought caused her pussy to quiver and drip. Karin yelped as her mouth was brought off the cock she was so hungrily sucking. She was then brought on to her hands and knees the massive gnoll mounting her to drive his shaft into her pussy. She groaned and sobbed as his too large girth entered her human pussy. Hearing her sob caused Ra to slow down and lean to lick at her cheek softly. The warm wet flesh that touched her cheek caused her to smile a bit, the foolish dog was softer than she thought. Letting out a shaky sigh she began moving her hips back to him digging his cock further in. Soon she rolled her hips and let a moan out, her pussy stretching accommodate the large gnoll. Ra felt her stretch and began thrusting inside of her with purpose, his paws gripping on to her hips as he filled her. She yelped and groaned as she felt his knot tie her, anchoring her to the beast who had caused her to be unfaithful, the beast that had taken her passion and heart. Soon she felt warm liquid pouring through her and the strong arms of Ra holding her up. She groaned as her pussy was filled and she heard Ra whisper in her ear, "and now you'll have my child" Ra then sat back allowing her to rest against him, and she did not struggle, she sat there on him leaning back to cuddle against him sighing happily as her pussy was filled with thick gnoll semen. Hopefully she could find a way to be with her new love, her tender heart had found a man worthy of her time.

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