Everyone Does It on the Weekend: Part 1

Story by Simplified on SoFurry

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#21 of Everyone Does It

This is rated extreme not just for the content, but also for the length... this is without a doubt going to be the longest chapter I've done for Everyone Does It, and even the longest single-piece I've ever written for the internet. So long, I have to split it into multiple parts!

Tonight, part one!

The last chapter, Junior Year got such an overwhelmingly positive response, that again we're going to focus on these new characters. Joseph, his sister, Georgie, best friend/lover, Kevin, foreign exchange student, Masha, and so, so much more. There will also be focus devoted to a character I've wanted to put focus on since I've introduced her and that would be Thelma, the long-suffering, ever-caring, always-understanding, sweet, southern mom I'm sure everyone wishes they would've had growing up. As a widow, having to care for all of her kids, it is a hard life to live and one that doesn't allow her much time for herself, time where she can just enjoy being a woman in the most primal of ways.

So here we don't just take a look at the horny teenagers, but also the hard-working mother who devotes so much time and understanding to her children.

Read on and please enjoy! takes a bow as the curtain draws open

Everyone Does Iton the Weekend

Thursday Night in Austin, Texas

Joseph was the first to wake up. He yawned before feeling the warm body sleeping in his bed with him. He didn't have to look to see who that was, he could smell her scent, feel her supple breasts. A brother knows his own sister, especially once he's crossed familial boundaries with her.

The teenaged rat looked to his side to see the sleeping rattess that had shared his bed since their first moment on that first night at the start of his school year. He remembered it very vividly, her stripping for him, himself eating her pussy, then he'd put on a condom and they had sex, lost their virginity to one another. Not that he hadn't had sex before, but that was with his lover, Kevin and the meerkat had used his asshole. This, however, would this mean that Joe was straight now? The rat wondered. His sister had explicitly said in the past she was a lesbian. There was nothing lesbian about that night or this night for that matter.

He continued looking at his sister while she slept. She was very pretty. He watched the subtle rise of her breasts until a thought came to his mind. He pulled back the covers then placed himself between her legs. He sniffed deeply as his muzzle hovered over her feminine opening which he'd become quite familiar with over this past week.

Georgie gave a small girlish squeak in her sleep when she first felt the tongue brush over her vulva. She voluntarily spread her legs wider and let her brother get what he wanted. Her paws snaked down to caress his head while he ate her pussy.

Joe's bedroom door swung close slowly as Thelma left her two youngest alone to experiment. She'd caught on to what they were doing that first night. She was a mature woman and knew all the signs of sexuality happening in her house after all. She'd had the talk with them, made sure they were at least being safe then gave them her approval to continue as they pleased. If anyone else knew about this, she knew people wouldn't understand but Thelma remembered very well what it was to be a teenager filled with urges and hormones. She had been an only child and never considered sleeping with any of her cousins, but oh... those years in high school, especially with her late husband, Rupert. Then, those nights they crept into the local church and christened the pews with their young love. She hadn't had a lover since he'd passed away... oh she needed to scratch that itch so bad.

A sound downstairs shook the mature rattess from her musings. The front door had opened and someone came in, closing and locking the door behind herself. It was Amanda, her middle daughter.

The 22 year-old rat sighed while she began to undo her top before heading upstairs.

Thelma met her halfway. She smiled sympathetically to her child, "Another dud, Amanda?"

The rattess sighed as she untied her braids, letting her blond hair shake free. She accepted a hug from her mother, "Yeah, another dud. My big brother, big sister can find such awesome people, but when I go out, all I get are the assholes who just wanna fuck... sorry about the language, Mom."

Thelma shrugged, "I don't care 'bout the cussin', Amanda. All I want is for my babies to be happy, though I wish I could say that all gets easier as you get older; it doesn't. Granted, I met your father in high school and we lived in a small town so it was easy for us. These days, all you kids have so much freedom I think you all get lost in it sometimes."

Amanda nuzzled her mother, "I can definitely see where Taylor gets his smarts from."

Thelma kissed her daughter's cheek, "Go get you some sleep now."

Amanda smiled, "Thanks Mom." Then, she went upstairs.

Thelma wasn't the least bit tired herself so she went into the kitchen. She looked through her old book of phone numbers then picked up the phone. She dialed one specific number. It was answered after a third tone, "Hello?"

Thelma smiled, "Hey, it's Thelma. I'm thinkin' about comin' down to see y'all. I need to get out of the house for the weekend, get some me time with my friends." She listened to her friend as his handsome voice came through the speaker. The rattess cooed playfully to her unnamed friend, "You can get here by tomorrow in the afternoon? I'll be waiting for you, Nico."


The next morning, the whole Rifkin family was awake and having breakfast together when Thelma dropped the news on them. She was straight to the point as always as she explained "Nicolai and Esther are coming by this afternoon, children."

Georgie cooed, "Oh, Aunt Esther and Uncle Nicolai? Oh, I love seeing those bats, they're always so full of energy."

Joseph took a bite of his pancakes, "What are they coming out here for?"

Thelma always wanted to be honest with her family, so she just let it out, "Kids, you know your mother loves you with her heart and soul but lately... I've been feeling lonely. Ever since your father died I... I sorta put my own love life on hold so I could raise all of you." She sighed then said as bluntly as she could, "Your mother hasn't fucked in years and needs to knock out those old cobwebs is what I'm saying."

Amanda blushed to hear her mother curse.

Both Georgie and Joseph giggled. Georgie spoke up, "Is our sex life getting you horny, Mom?"

The mature woman laughed then gently nodded, "It is increasingly hard for a Catholic woman to keep up her beliefs when everyone else around her is gettin' it instead."

Georgie quickly put the pieces together, "So you and the Romanovs are gonna go have you a little three-way back in Corpus?"

Thelma seldom blushed as she did just now, "I'll admit I've fantasized about those two in the past. They've always been good friends to me and I know Nico has made a playful pass or two at me in the past. That's his way, the two of them have always had an open marriage. Esther has maybe suggested something herself, I know she's as much into females as her husband is into males. Those two never let me go unless they could tell me some sordid details on what they've been up to."

She shook her head, "So I'm leaving for the whole weekend, children. I'm not going to be here so you three are free to do whatever the hell you all want. I'll leave money for fast food or take-out. If you wanna have yourself a little party with your friends, invite them, I'm allowing it as long as you all remember to be safe, got it?"

Joseph and Georgie both nodded at once, "Got it!"

Amanda was not so enthusiastic, while her mother gets to go have sex with some geriatric bats, she's stuck at home with a bunch of teenagers doing god knows what. She put on her best fake smile, "Got it, Mom!"


Joseph told Kevin about the free weekend as soon as he got to school.

The athletic meerkat had a big grin on his cute little muzzle, "A weekend alone with you and your... hot, hot sisters."

Joe laughed at his lover's reaction, "Not just them, we've gotta have all our friends there. Mom's letting us have the whole house to ourselves with no rules."

Kevin hugged the rat close, "Have I ever said how cool I think your mom is?"

Masha was the next to hear from Joe. The polar bear nearly dislocated the rat's spine when she hugged him, "Bozhe moy! Masha gets to have first sleepover party with boys!" She made the hallways thunder as she jumped up and down excitedly with the helpless rat swinging like a ragdoll in her arms. She calmed down and gave a big kiss to Joseph before she groped his groin, "Masha hopes little Joey gets to come out and play, hah?" She teased before kissing him again.

The ferret, Matthew shared Joseph's English class as the rat had learned over the week. He was next to hear about the weekend party. The ferret was eager to agree, "Yeah, that sounds cool. Is it gonna be all of us? Will there be females?" He grinned like a true predator at the end of that last question.

Joe shrugged, "Might be more guys than girls, but Masha's gonna be there, and my sisters live there. Georgie says she might get that cute cheetah friend of hers to come over."

Kevin, in the meantime, let his whole basketball team know about the upcoming weekend. Fisher and Omar were definitely pumped to go. The rest of the guys... an eagle on the team scoffed, "I don't know, Kev. It sounds like it's gonna be a total sausage fest and... that's just not my thing." Most of the rest of team agreed.

The spotted hyena captain spoke, "It sounds cool to me."

The rest of the team all looked to their senior captain. Jake the hyena hardly said anything outside of game-time so if he spoke up, they definitely listened.

The eagle shrugged, "Well, if Jake's for it I guess I could go, but if there's any gay shit, I'm gone."

Omar put an arm around his boyfriend, Fisher. The rottweiler grinned at the avian, "Gay shit like this, Eric?" Then he kissed the otter full on the lips in front of the team.

Fisher reciprocated and opened his mouth so the guys would see their tongues slithering together.

The eagle, Eric groaned, "Yeah, shit like that... not that it's wrong when you do it, I'm just not into that."

Jake chuckled, "I don't give a fuck." He proved his point by throwing an arm around a buff lion standing next to him and locked muzzles with the feline who accepted the kiss fully while groping the 'yena's ass.

Eric sighed, "Fine, I'll come, but I'm bringing my girl with me so I don't get pulled into none of your shit."

The lion chuckled, "I'll bring my girlfriend too and I know Jake's got some females he can invite so it's more even."

Now Eric was confused, "Wait, ya two were all kissin' each other just now and ya got girlfriends?"

Jake had a smug smirk on his dark muzzle, "It's called being bi, Eric. You should try it sometime."

Kevin, Omar and Fisher were all laughing at the revelations going on in their team.

Gym class came by and the six friends reunited in the locker room which had become their sort of hangout. They all got naked and shared a shower while they all talked about the weekend and what it might bring.

Joseph was laughing after he heard from Kevin, "So now your team's captain and their power forward are... one of us?"

The meerkat laughed, "I know! It was so fuckin' weird! First Fish and O are kissin' then Jake and Reg got in on it. Eric was scratchin' his head the whole fuckin' time. Longest break his hand got from his balls I'm sure."

Joe had a thought, "And isn't Reggie Coach Nelson's kid?"

The meerkat had to stop scrubbing himself, "The coach knows that his son likes dunkin' other guys and according to him, he's totally alright with it."

The ferret whistled, "Whoo, my old man would definitely not be that cool if I told him I liked assholes as much as I liked pussy. He heard rumors that I was gettin' blowjobs from other guys back home in Louisiana, so he made my mom give me to him so he could 'straighten me out' here in Texas."

Kevin looked at Matt's flaccid cock then up to the ferret's hazel eyes, "And were you gettin' blowjobs over there?"

The ferret proudly puffed his chest, "Fuck yeah!"

Kevin traded glances with Joe, Omar and Fisher which Matt noticed but pretended not to.

Masha felt the tension shift in the room and watched as all of her friends ganged up on the ferret.

Kevin was the first on Matt. He locked muzzles with the tall male while Joseph got a hold of the ferret's erecting malehood.

Omar took the lithe ferret from behind, thrust his might red rocket between the ferret's legs so his own cock grinded the mustelid's balls.

Kevin and Joseph crossed their own cocks with Matt and Omar creating a rarely seen four-way frot.

Fisher got on his knees in front of the guys and began bathing their presented cocks with his hot otter tongue.

Masha watched the whole gay orgy unfold in front of her and fingered her virgin pussy while the boys played.

Fisher had Kevin and Joseph each in his paws while they thrust against Matt's cock as he alternated oral between the ferret and Omar.

The guys all shared affectionate glances with one another as their random interlude sped to what was sure to be a messy finish.

Matt was the first to shoot. Fisher put his mouth right over the ferret's glans when he felt his pulse quickening. He sucked on the tip until he felt that first salty strand shoot down his throat.

Feeling the ferret's balls tightening against his cock made Omar shoot and he sprayed the otter's belly with his hot puppy batter.

Fisher pulled off of Matt, letting the ferret paint his coat while he gulped down several strands of his rottie boyfriend's semen.

Joe and Kevin slammed their privates together then after Matt and Omar separated.

Fisher took them both into his mouth while they frotted.

The young lovers swapped spit happily as the otter worked hard to please the both of them. Their climaxes came in unison, flooding the otter until he had to pull off and inevitably they shot the rest of their hot investment all over the glowing otter.

The otter was so overwhelmed by all the pungent man jam warming his belly and his fur that he wound up painting himself in his own purchase.

Their attentions were all diverted then Masha suddenly walked over. She had been masturbating the whole time and she was about to burst. She squatted over Fisher and let her pussy explode, squirting her femcum all over the otter's head.

When she was finished she winked at all the guys.

Each one of them started laughing before high-fiving the bold sow for what she'd just done. She smiled while Omar helped Fisher up so the otter could get properly washed after his first group bukkake.


The friends all bid each other farewell after that. They all agreed to meet up later at Joseph's house for the weekend party.

Kevin went home with Joseph as always so he could get in a few bonus cuddles and kisses with the rat.

Thelma giggled, "Hi, Kevin, I don't suppose my son hasn't already told you about our special weekend."

The meerkat grinned, "Oh yeah, I'm really lookin' forward to some quality time with Joe." And maybe Georgie, the kat thought to himself. She'd been the sister he'd always had a crush on, not knowing his boyfriend had already gone all the way with her.

Thelma nodded, "Well, I already told my kids, and I consider you one of my kids too, Kevin, so I'll say the same to you. If ya feel like havin' a party at the house while I'm gone, you're free, just one rule."

Kevin nodded, "Condoms?"

"That and if you're gonna have alcohol, I'll give Amanda the key to the liquor cabinet, you'll have to ask her so you can get something." She parked her car in front of his house. "And if you do drink, don't try to go anywhere. The law is still the law and I can't help if they stop you. And the neighbors will definitely be nosing about if they see a bunch of teenagers at one house."

Kevin opened the car door, "I'll be right back, I'm gonna let Mom and Dad know where I'm gonna be, I'll get some of my things, then I can ride back with you guys."

Thelma smiled, "Be fast, my friends will almost be here to take me out of town."


Speaking of those friends, the Romanov bats had already made it to the Rifkin household. Amanda was there to let them in while Georgie was in the shower with her cheetah girlfriend, Yutani.

Nicolai brightened as soon as he saw her, "Ah, Amanda! Good afternoon, darling, good, good afternoon!" He kindly kissed the rattess' paw before walking in with Esther, his loving devoted wife. "And where is your dear mother at? We'd half-expected to see her as soon as we got here."

Amanda let the bats take their seats in the living room while she explained, "Mom is out picking up Joseph from school, I know she so, so wanted to see you but, motherly duties."

Esther chittered, "Oh, I know that all too well, and we only had Vladimir to deal with."

Georgie came downstairs with Yutani, paws clasped lovingly between the pair. The cheetah had begun to wear her hair over her right eye like one of those emo girls. In fact, she'd begun to dress emo as well, which clashed with Georgie's tomboyish style but that just endeared the couple to each other even more.

The cheetah blushed when she saw there were new people in the house.

Georgie squealed happily to see her Uncle Nicolai and Aunt Esther. "Oh god! Uncle Nico, Aunt Essie, you both made it!"

The mature bat couple got up to hug their favorite niece.

Nicolai smelled the coconut shampoo in her fur, "Oh, Georgie, holding you right now reminds me of a cruise your aunt and I took to the Bahamas."

Esther added while leaning into her husband, "That room we had became our own little Bermuda Triangle. Servers who came down to see us wound up getting lost in the bedsheets with us and it was just spectacular." She kissed him, never shy about her and her husband's extramarital exploits.

Amanda tingled personally, she always loved hearing the explicit details of their sex life.

Georgie giggled.

Nicolai then noticed the blushing feline. "Oh, I remember you. Weren't you at our son's wedding?"

She pointed to herself then nodded without saying anything, her cheeks flushing madly.

Georgie broke of pull her girlfriend over. "Uncle Nico, this is Yutani, my girlfriend."

Yutani still fidgeted to be around any males, but the kindness in Nicolai's eyes seemed to break through.

The old bat saw her nervousness, "You don't like men do you?"

Yutani shook her head while clinging to Georgie.

Georgie petted her, "She doesn't even like to talk if there's a man close by. If we're alone, we can talk just fine but, she just freezes with men."

Yutani nodded sadly, almost ashamed that her prejudice seemed to make the bats feel bad.

Esther approached, "I can tell something bad must have happened, but I won't push it. I can assure you, from personal experience, men are not all bad. I would not still be with Nicolai after all these years if he were ever cruel to me or even to our son."

Yutani nodded. She looked to Georgie then back at Esther, and again at Nicolai who she admitted was being as nice as possible. She gestured for Esther to come closer.

The bat leaned in closer, "If you have anything to say, I'm all ears." She waggled her large pointy ears.

Yutani leaned in while still looking at Nicolai and she whispered in Esther's ear, "But they're so ugly."

Esther understood, "Then it's not fear, but pure prejudice, dear?" She wanted to shake her head at such a statement, but she could see where the young female was coming from. "Nicolai, to me, is the most beautiful, most caring and giving lover I could have asked for. As I'm sure Georgie is to you. Beauty means different things and I understand, but you can't let such judgement blind you to everyone. I was first upset when my son came out to me as gay, I had my own prejudices from my upbringing. I had to fight very hard to overcome those feelings for the sake of my only child."

Yutani listened, letting all of the bat's words sink in.

Esther looked to Georgie, "Yutani, that's you name?"

The cheetah nodded, "Yes. It's Japanese, even though I'm African... my dad was a total nerd and loved those Alien movies. Then, he died and my mom remarried. _He_still lives there in my house... I hate him. That's how I can get along with Georgina... we both had bad dads."

Esther nodded, "And surely you see that your Georgie, she's not scared of the boys, now is she?"

Yutani shook her head, "No... but..."

Esther had to deliver the hard question now, "So... if Georgie ever decides she might like boys... would you support her?"

She stuttered, "G-George... she doesn't like..."

Georgie held Yutani then, "I do, Yutani. I'm sorry, but I do like boys."

The cheetah's pupils shrank, "B-but... we..."

Georgie sniffed, "I'm sorry, Yutani. I was going to tell you. When I met you and we became such good friends, then I wanted to be with you, I thought that meant I was for sure a lesbian. Then, I still have those feelings when I look at boys. Earlier this week... I slept with a boy. I didn't even think at the time, it just happened and now... now I realize I am just like my big brother... in that I like both even though I'm already in love with you."

The cheetah felt her heart would burst there and then, she felt so betrayed, the only person she'd ever loved had cheated on her, had sex with a boy. But then, Georgie just told her she loved her. How can she love me if she wants to be with boys now? How can I even trust her now? Yutani broke down into Georgie and Esther's arms there.

Georgie cried too as the weight of what she'd done with Joseph hit her.

Esther even shed tears with them.

Nicolai and Amanda both stood on the sidelines profoundly silenced by the moment.

Nicolai crossed his wings as he quipped, "So this week on Furry Soap Opera..."


Thelma made it home with the boys later. She was more than ecstatic to see her dearest friends, the Romanovs. "Nicolai, Esther!" She shed tears as she held the two bats in her long grasp. "Oh, we just don't see each other enough."

Both bats kindly kissed their rat friend on her cheeks before Nicolai interjected, "We're going to see more than enough of each other very soon, Thelma dear."

She laughed heartily from her friend's sexually forward joke, "That's the Nicolai I've come to love over these long years."

Joseph eagerly hugged his aunt while his uncle conversed with his mother. "Aunt Esther, this is my boyfriend, Kevin."

The meerkat had a suitcase with enough clothes for the weekend packed. He put it down so he could shake hands with the mature female.

Esther instead gave the meerkat a big hug that plunged his cute muzzle into her cleavage. She'd never had the biggest pair, but they entertained her husband well enough, as well as any of her male friends. Still she held the blushing meerkat between her bosoms, chittering as his whiskers tickled her.

Joseph blushed himself to see her molesting his lover.

Esther gave Joe a sinful wink as she went a step further and pulled her blouse down enough to expose herself to the teenaged meerkat.

He was thusly hypnotized by her milf-y knockers.

She purred, "It's been so long since I've had such a young man to hold against me as so. Do me a favor, dear... before we must leave." She moved Kevin's muzzle to one of her perky, pink nipples. "Make me feel like a mom again, dearie."

The hypnotized meerkat wrapped his lips around the bat's nipple, it filled his mouth and the taste, his first real taste of anything female had him tenting in his pants.

Joseph had already had sex so he wasn't so easily taken by Esther's brazen ways, but he had to admit she had a great pair for a woman her age.

Nicolai finally saw what his wife was up to. He chuckled while Thelma blushed, "Oh my..."

Nicolai kissed his wife's neck before petting the young boy nursing from his mate's breast. "Esther, always when I think I'm the animal in our relationship..."


Upstairs, in Georgie's room, Yutani had stopped crying but was still very upset over what Georgie did.

The rat sat on her bed while the cheetah periodically glared back at her.

Georgie hated those looks but knew she deserved all of it. She broke her lover's trust and had sex with her own brother.

Yutani's expressions didn't let up as she spoke, "How could you... after all the talks, after everything, how could you have even gotten into bed with one of those..." She felt her throat tighten as she hated even talking about them. _They_take everything that's precious and they destroy it. They hurt her mother, they hurt her. Her virginity, something that should have been special, her stepfather stole that from here. Then, they forgot her as her mother gave birth to more of them.

Georgie sniffed, "Yutani... I can't hope to imagine what you went through, but males, they're not all the same."

Yutani spat, "My stepfather raped me! He broke me! You should understand that! It happened to you too!"

Georgie shook her head, "No... my dad never raped me. I know he hurt my mom, I know I was... a rape baby, but, Mom's always loved me the same." She sobbed, "He would've hurt my big sister, but my brave, big brother, he killed Dad and he saved us."

Yutani shook her head stubbornly, "Because he wanted to fuck you! That's all they do! They fuck you and they hurt you and they make you carry their babies! I hate them!"

Georgie sighed, "Taylor would never touch any of us like that. He... Dad raped him too. He knows what it feels like to be helpless, he wouldn't do that. He almost locked himself out of his own house once when he thought he'd done that to Vladimir once."

Yutani clenched her fists, "Vladimir... he's..."

"My brother's husband, my brother-in-law. He's a real sweet guy too. He's always full of jokes, always smiling. He and my sister were best friends when I... I would've still been in grade school. He'd be real cool if you took the time to get to know him."

Yutani shook her head as more tears messed up her black makeup. "This boy..."

Georgie waited, "Yes?"

"Do you love this boy?" She looked right in Georgie's eyes.

Georgie nodded, "I've always loved him, as a brother."

Yutani blinked, "Taylor?"

She shook her head, "Joseph..."

The cheetah had seen him, she knew him, "Your brother... you fucked your own brother?"

Georgie sighed, "Half-brother, we're only related by our dad. He fucked some other bitch, the one time he couldn't get to Mom or Taylor. The chick decided she wasn't ready to be a mom so she dumped him on us after Dad died. Joe's lived with us ever since... and I used to think of him as such a brat and now... he's growing up, he's so not Dad. He's starting to look like him, but that's that."

Yutani nodded, "I guess I like him... he's nice. Did he force you?"

Georgie shook her head, "Nobody was forced... I started it really. I went into his room one night while he was having a wet dream about his cute boyfriend, Kevin. He woke up in time to see me eat some of his cum... I'd never done anything like that before, I even surprised myself but it happened and that next morning, I crept in his room while he was in the shower. When he got back, I put my hands right on his junk so I could feel him. Later that night, I'd fallen asleep in his bed wearing my robe. He got home from school, he saw me, I woke up, and let him see more of me. He ate my pussy, he was so gentle. The next thing I know, I'm helping him put on a condom, then it happened."

Yutani took the time to mull all this new information in her head. "He has a boyfriend?"

Georgie giggled, "Yeah... Kevin Rein, he's a meerkat and he's got the cutest crush on me. Mmm, now that I like boys, I might let him have a shot. He's that cute athletic type even though he's a meerkat and they're all supposed to be short. He's as tall as Joseph, might get taller by next year."

Yutani sighed, "You like boys now, but we can still be together?"

Georgie kissed Yutani, "I like boys, but I love you, Yutani."

Yutani purred after that kiss. She nuzzled her rattess, "If that's how things are going to be now... I'll try. I respect that you want to be with boys, but you seriously should have come talk to me first about that."

Georgie nuzzled her back, "And I'll accept that as my worst failing to you, Yutani and I can only hope I can gain back your trust."

There was a light knock on Georgie's door. Thelma opened it and peeked her head in "Hi, Georgie. Hey, Yutani. Esther told me about the little drama you two have had. I can already tell you two must have had a big talk about the ordeal, and I'm proud that you have done so. I myself can plead guilty to aiding and abetting Georgie, but only because they looked so cute together." She bowed her head in apology, "But now, I would like for you to come downstairs. I'm about ready to leave with Nicolai and Esther and I wish to be able to hug my whole extended family goodbye before I go."


The whole family, plus Kevin, Yutani and the Romanovs reconvened in the living room and goodbye hugs were shared.

Kevin was introduced to Yutani and the cheetah, who had never personally seen a meerkat up close, was taken by how bashful he seemed around Georgie, yet how affectionate he was with Joseph.

The meerkat stumbled over himself when he saw Georgie, "Uh, hi, G-Georgie... I guess we're gonna get the whole weekend together, huh?"

Georgie playfully scruffed his perfectly combed hair, "I can only hope so, Kev."

Just her petting him like that was enough to make the meerkat pass out.

Yutani laughed, "Wow, he's adorable."

Georgie giggled, "I know right?"

Joseph helped his friend onto the nearest chair to let him recuperate before Georgie sat down with him. She kissed him openly to let him know now Yutani knew about their relationship.

Yutani, who thought she would be angry, actually found it touching how affectionate they were.

Georgie broke the kiss, "So what's the plan for tonight, Joe?"

He showed his buck teeth in a big grin, "We're having all our friends over, the whole weekend!" He then noticed that Yutani had joined them on the couch, that was a first for him. She normally stuck by Georgie whenever she was over, but now here he was between the female lovers, their monkey wrench. He spoke up, "Yutani... I know how you feel about guys... so I only feel right to warn you... there's gonna be a lot of us here for the weekend. Just letting you know." He smiled nervously as she kept staring at him.

The cheetah reached over then tickled his chin, "I guess I can see what you like so much about him, Georgie."

Georgie nuzzled him openly, "I keep telling you, there's a lot more to this guy than just good looks. He's also a great kisser."

Yutani smirked, "I'll be the judge of that." Then, before Joe could protest she'd planted her lips on his own. Her lips tingled electric from this first contact. She stuck out her tongue by instinct and it touched his tongue as he calmly petted her smooth backside.

Before even she realized it, the cheetah found herself really, really enjoying her first kiss from a boy. When she felt his hand on her backside, she arched and let him feel as much of her as they could without actually taking off clothes.

Thelma and the Romanovs took note of the teens' increasing hormone levels and so wisely decided to vacate so they would be back in Corpus, at least by nightfall. "See you Monday, kids!" Thelma called out to the distracted teens before leaving with the Romanovs.

As soon as they got to the Romanov car, Esther offered to let Thelma sit up front with Nicolai.

The rattess couldn't turn down such an offer so while Esther took the backseat, Thelma sat on the passenger's side. She closed the door, put on her seatbelt, then squeaked as Nico planted a kiss on his longtime friend's lips.

Thelma blushed even though she'd expected him to be quite forward out the gate, but so soon when they're just in the car? Not even Rupert liked showing such affection in public. She felt the tickle of Nico's tongue prodding at her lips. She gave way and the bat's long tongue easily dominated her own. They stayed locked in that kiss with the engine running before Nico finally broke away just in time for Esther to jump in and deliver an even more passionate kiss to her best female friend. And Thelma, an experienced mature female in her 50s, had just felt her first lesbian kiss. Esther went deeper but was more gentle, massaging the rattess' bust through the sweater she wore.

Nicolai watched the two women, a considerable bulge forming in his pants. He managed to still himself enough that he could step on the gas and get them out of there before any nosy neighbors got too curious.


Inside the house, Amanda had closed the door then turned to find her brother, sister, her sister's girlfriend and a passed out meerkat. She hoped deeply this would be all the annoying kids she'd have to deal with. She shook her head then made her way upstairs.

Yutani, meanwhile, was getting bolder, ten times more bold than she'd ever been with any boy. She'd taken off her top, letting her yellow, spotty breasts fill his groping hands while she felt his bare chest.

Georgie watched them with Kevin in her lap, lightly petting him.

The meerkat smelled Joe's musk as the rat was getting increasingly turned on by Yutani. The kat woke and found himself staring into the eyes of his crush.

Georgie petted him, "Glad you could join us, Kevin."

The kat's throat felt dry, he tried to sit up before noticing movement nearby. He looked then saw his boyfriend in the arms of... Georgie's girlfriend, the two of them beoming increasingly naked. Kevin only noticed he himself had lost his shirt and Georgie was petting his bare pecs. He didn't know what to say... on the one paw, this is what he'd always wanted, Georgie with her paws all over him. On the other paw, his boyfriend, it looked like, was about to have sex with that pretty cheetah he knew was Georgie's girl.

Georgie giggled, "It looks like our mates are about to mate each other, why don't we take a note and... vice versa."

Kevin didn't know what to say, also didn't try to stop Georgie as she unzipped his pants and fished his young, pink, tapered penis from its denim prison.

Joseph broke contact with Yutani who had similarly gotten him out of his pants and was stroking his uncut, humanoid shaft. "Come on, Kev. This is what you always wanted, you won't get a better chance than this."

Yutani relished holding a cock that wasn't pointy, wasn't all covered in those awful barbs that would scratch her insides. She liked the loose skin that pulled over him like a hood, the salty clear stuff that leaked from him. She wanted to ride him... bare. They were two complete different species anyway, no chance of getting knocked up that way. She pulled her panties down, flipped up her skirt before sitting on his lap, letting her wet slit grind against him.

Georgie, meanwhile, brought her mouth down to Kevin's groin and was lapping up whatever pre he made while close by, a nervous Yutani had placed herself at the tip of Joseph's cock. She kissed him, "You should have been my first, so be gentle." She guided his hands to her hips then let him lower her.

Georgie had Kevin down to the base of his prick, despite the shape, despite the hard baculum she felt as she gave oral to this handsome meerkat, she had to say he had a nice cock. Nice big balls to go with it too, she thought as she juggled his fuzzy pair.

Yutani gasped as she slowly, slowly impaled herself on Joseph's cock. She couldn't believe she'd made this fast a leap from hating boys to riding one, but she was going to ride this euphoria while it lasted. She kissed Joseph again, letting their tongues press while she let him in further than she'd let a male go before.

Kevin, who'd only had sex with other males in the past, was brought over the edge quickly by his crush. He blushed as he shot into Georgie's mouth and almost wanted to apologize for not lasting so long. But, Georgie happily slurped what he gave her, licked him clean then sucked on him some more. Kevin felt butterflies in his stomach then as he watched George kiss her way up his body, stopping briefly to tease his nipples before she locked muzzles with the young carnivore. Kev held George while she kissed him, tasted remnants of his own sperm as they swapped saliva.

Georgina broke the kiss before him, licked his nose then whispered, "I think you've earned this, kitty kat." She took his right paw, brought it to her bare crotch. She'd been naked the whole time and now Kevin just noticed her plump breasts pressing against him.

Kevin moved his fingers and they plucked Georgie's labia. He felt her moistness, the clinching of her vulva. He slid his fingers in, so much smoother, wetter than when fingering a guy... cleaner too.

She moved her hips and masturbated herself on his fingers before Kevin whispered into her ear. She grinned from what she heard then dismounted the young athlete's wet paw.

Joseph, meanwhile, had successfully sunk all the way inside Yutani.

The cheetah felt stretching, the only cock she'd had in the past was that of her abusive stepfather. He wasn't like this, his cock had barbs all over it and it scratched her, made her bleed. This, Joe's cock felt nicer, bigger, thicker than her prick stepdad ever was. She looked down in between and watched how her lips squished to fit around Joe's malehood. She looked back up at him, a kind, determined look on his face, he wanted to make this a good moment for her. She pushed him on his back, laid across him as much as she could without him leaving her warmth and she kissed him while he started to buck periodically up into her.

On the opposite end of the same couch, Georgie had bent herself over the armrest and presented her sexy rear to Kevin. The meerkat had always wanted to mate a female this way, the way he saw his parents do when he'd see them in the act, the ancestors' way. He stuck his muzzle under her pucker and lapped at her to make sure she was ready. She was... Kevin reared up, mounted George, resting his chin squarely between her shoulder blades while he held her hips. He thrust experimentally with his prick, occasionally looking to make sure he was hitting his mark. As soon as he felt her hot sheath slide over his virgin cock, instinct took over and the young rover thrust himself to the hilt inside his best friend's sister.

Both mixed pairs of swapped mates moved together, working to pleasure and breed their lovers of the moment. Joseph tickled Yutani's swollen clit with his thumb while the eager feline rocked her hips against him. She moaned fitfully into their kisses as the rat showed his expertise in the act.

Kevin rolled Georgie's tits in his paws as he humped hard and slow into his female. He loved everything about this moment, the tight folds clinched around his cock; her long tail wrapped around his waist, those hips quaking beautifully with each thrust.

Neither group heard the footsteps as Amanda came down to get a late night snack. She stopped in her tracks to see a naked cheetah riding her brother's lap and a naked meerkat thrusting into her sister from behind. All four seemed sufficiently satisfied with where they were and what was happening. Seeing all this made the 22 year-old rattess envious. She tried so hard to find a good boyfriend, while all her siblings were having sex so freely on the living room couch. It wasn't fair... but damn it was a hot sight. She crouched down on the stairs, a paw between her legs as she watched her family getting laid.

Yutani came first, yowling her orgasm while her nails tore into the couch.

Joseph picked up his pace, sitting up so he could control his thrusts better while he could feel his cock bumping Yutani's cervix. The cheetah's tits bounced more wildly as the rat laid into her at his preferred speed until his tail curled and his seed exploded for the first time into the unprotected depths of a fertile, young female, one only two years older than him. Yutani kissed him through the gasps that followed, letting him push her to her back while he kept mating with her, intending to shoot one more load and in his mind, plant his offspring inside her.

Kevin was not far behind, the meerkat's instincts drove him to breed, to completely dominate what female he got his paws on. Georgie was nowhere near close to a climax; bless Kevin, he was trying, but she could tell he was only doing her for his gratification not her pleasure. She didn't fault him for it, it was his first time, more time taken to teach him and shape him would make him a better lover. She merely braced herself as she felt the meerkat stiffen against her back as he unloaded inside her, thoroughly planting his seed in an incompatible womb.

Amanda bit her lip at all that was going on... she could only imagine what her mother was going through right now.


The Romanovs and Thelma had made it to the bats' home on Padre Island. The night was darker than dark for the hour, but that did nothing to hinder what the trio felt at the moment.

Thelma let the bats escort her to their bedroom. Once there, Nicolai helped the maternal rat out of her clothing while Esther pulled back the covers on their bed.

The tall female blushed through dark brown fur and the limited light once she'd been exposed to her dear friends. She felt Nicolai's lips press into hers again and the rattess accepted this much needed affection.

Esther undressed herself, then helped her husband in discarding his day clothes.

Thelma squeaked when she felt a long thick something prodding her groin. She brought her paws down to hold it and knew what it was. "Nicolai... is this what my son gets to sleep with every night?"

The fruit bat stood proudly as he let his old friend fondle his long, circumcised bathood. "Yes, I am proud to say, my son Vlad is every bit as hung as me." He chuckled.

Esther held her husband's long penis from behind, "Thelma, you should have a taste, dearie. My husband's got a most wonderful flavor."

Thelma continued to feel the throbbing shaft, "Well, if you insist." The woman brought herself down to her knees before her old friend. She leaned forth and smelled his musk. His was not so pungent as many males, it was sweeter somehow. She flicked her tongue gingerly over her friend's glans. She collected some traces of his pre then gulped. It tasted salty, but also sweet. She licked up more as Esther stroked her mate.

Nicolai was in an interesting spot for sure: his wife holding his cock for another female. The bats traded kisses while Thelma worked on his shaft.

The action quickly moved from the floor to the bed.

Nicolai sat up in bed, his wings wrapped firmly around Thelma as the rattess took him to the root. Esther sat behind the rat, her own wings completing this erotic bat cocoon while she ground her moist snatch against Thelma's long naked tail. Thelma enjoyed the feel of being enveloped so deeply, so affectionately by these bats. She was a full head taller than her lovers, yet at this moment, she was equal in the passion she felt from this pair. She'd even lost count of the little mini-orgasms she'd had inbetween real orgasms as the couple both worked to make this her best night in years. Nicolai collected the rat's pretty muzzle in his gentle grip then he and his wife both stuck their tongues in her mouth, delivering the best and most unique kiss Thelma would ever experience.

When Nicolai did fill her with his love, it indeed made Thelma feel more loved than she'd felt ever before. Then, afterward as she recuperated, she watched the bats as they made love, still with so much energy in them to keep going like this. She saw their undying love for each other in their eyes, in his thrusts, in her kisses. At one point, Esther turned to her and kindly beckoned Thelma closer.

The rattess did so and the bat held and nuzzled her old friend even as her husband continued to hump her pussy into submission. Thelma almost felt like crying now that they'd so selflessly include her in a private thing like this.

And as Nicolai came to another strong, shriek-inducing orgasm, flooding his wife as thoroughly as he had Thelma, the rattess had to think to herself now, as this first night drew to a close...

What would the next day bring?

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