Everyone Does It on the Weekend: Part 2

Story by Simplified on SoFurry

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#22 of Everyone Does It

Not as long as the last one, but here's part 2!

Omar, Fisher and several more guys and girls from school join Joseph's weekend party while his mother continues to enjoy her weekend getaway with the Romanovs.

Not much else to say as in this restless bat brain of mine, I'm already trying to come up with a suitable way to end this weekend with a big bang, possibly gangbang who knows!? If anyone's got ideas, let me know in the comments!

Read on and enjoy, please! big batty grin


The very next morning, Nicolai lay comfortably between two lovely ladies. He was asleep, but Thelma was awake.

The mature rattess looked up into the fruit bat's sleeping face while she rested her head on his chest and listened to his heartbeat. She looked across and saw that Esther was awake too.

The vixen bat fluttered her eyelashes at her friend before descending. She threw back the bed covers to reveal her husband's 12-inch circumcised penis standing at full attention.

Thelma blushed as she finally saw just what she'd had jammed inside herself last night. That morning wood was a tree branch off of a red oak tree. She watched Esther as the bat took the tip in her mouth, then simply let her long tongue do the rest of the work. When she felt she'd lubed it well enough, she straddled her husband's tight abs then pointed the tip to her vulva, still leaking of the gift he'd left her the previous night. Then, she let the shaft travel a little further up until it was prodding her anus.

Thelma gulped as she watched her friend slowly, carefully push herself down on her husband. Thelma had done anal, with Rupert, she always thought he stuffed her but Nicolai... why hadn't she slept with these bats before? Oh that's right... responsibilities.

The male bat was already beginning to stir as soon as he felt the familiar pressure around his prized malehood.

Thelma had an idea. She climbed on top of her friend, facing towards Esther as she presented her hindquarters to a now fully awake Nicolai.

The fruit bat stared directly into the pink star of his friend's tailhole, the moist slit of her pretty vulva and her playful gaze when she looked back down at him. He took the hint and pulled her down as he quickly began feasting on her as if her whole rear were a big, juicy apple.


Back in Austin, in the Rifkin household

Joseph was again the first one awake. He was still on the couch and a warm body, obviously female, lay pressed against him with a big blanket thrown over himself and Yutani. He looked upon the sleeping cheetah and saw how beautiful she really was up close. She always hid her face behind hair, behind that dark makeup. Without all that stuff, she was a knockout.

Her eyes fluttered open as he petted her. She saw where she was, saw Joseph with his hand in her long, red hair. Her first instinct was panic, but she remembered last night. She had initiated it, she had started it. It was the best experience she'd ever had with a male. She saw Joseph's kind eyes staring into hers. She felt safe. She put her head on his chest, then pulled him close and whispered "Thank you."

Georgie was next to wake on her end of the couch with Kevin cradled in her arms. The meerkat was still adorable, despite his less than stellar performance. She peppered little kisses on his face until the meerkat woke.

He smiled the cutest smile when he saw her. He nuzzled her bare breast as it lay before he asked, "Was I good?"

She didn't want to hurt his feelings, but a girl just can't lie sometimes. "You were... fine."

His smile diminished, "Fine?"

She held his face, "It's not a bad thing. Last night, that was your first time with the opposite sex, I know. I wouldn't expect you to be great on the first try. You were mostly just humping which I don't find hot, but don't feel bad... I've heard I'm a good teacher." She planted a kiss directly on his muzzle.

Kevin kissed Georgie back, "Teach me?"

She giggled then flicked his nose, "Later. It's morning and we need to eat something."

Amanda's voice rang loud from the kitchen, "I already beat ya there, Georgie!"

All four teens sat up as soon as they heard the rattess.

She was in the kitchen cooking up breakfast for all of them. She looked up and smiled, unfazed by their nudity, "Hey y'all! Ya put on such a good show last night, I just had to watch." She giggled.

Joseph gulped, "You saw us, Mandy? And you're okay with it?"

She scoffed, "Ey! If my kid brother and my kid sister wanna have themselves an orgy, I'm all for y'all expandin' your horizons." She scooped scrambled eggs onto plates then came out to the living room. She set up tv trays and put the plates on there, "There! I could only make enough for two, so you four will have to share."

The doorbell rang.

"I'll get that, y'all four get to eatin'." Amanda went to answer the door. She opened the door and there was two of Joe's friends on the front porch with bags packed for the weekend. She looked the two young males over, "Hey, you two friends of my brother?"

Omar nodded while Fisher spoke up, "Yeah, he said we could come and stay for the weekend so, we've got our bags and we're here."

Mandy grinned a seductive grin, "Well, I never knew my brother had such cute friends." She rubbed the rottweiler's muzzle then the otter's. "My brother's right inside though, he's a little under-dressed."

Omar and Fisher each let the rattess pet them as she pleased before the otter spoke again, "We appreciate the sentiment, hon, and maybe we'll take you up on that, but we gotta get settled in first. Omar..." He called attention to his boyfriend who was panting while he still let Mandy pet him. "O!"

Omar shook his head, "Uh, sorry, Fish."

The otter smirked at his tall, dark, canine boyfriend, "I woulda done the same, it's fine." He sauntered in, swaying his hips in a positively feminine manner. Fisher stopped in his tracks the moment he saw Joseph sitting with a nude female cheetah while the two of them kissed and shared food.

Omar stopped on the same sight, but also on Kevin doing the same with a younger looking female rat.

Joseph saw his friends and happily waved to them, "Hey guys!"

The rottweiler's advanced sense of smell caught the sex in the air, "You guys got the orgy started without us?" He joked while checking out Yutani who blushed as she let Joseph comfort her.

Joe chuckled, "Well, someone here started kissin' me and then it was all just a big chain reaction from there."

Yutani giggled, "I was trying to get you back for stealing my girlfriend, then I guess you stole me last night."

"That is kinda funny." Joe kissed the cheetah on the lips while he could feel another part of himself waking up.

She put her paw on it and let the kiss progress.

Fisher, meanwhile, sat with Kevin and Georgie.

The meerkat eagerly accepted a friendly kiss from the otter, then watched as Georgie caught Fish in a kiss of her own.

The otter's tail wagged from the pretty female kissing him. He was even more excited when she took one of his paws, placed it on her bare breast.

Kevin suppressed the giggle as he watched his friends kissing just inches away from his face.

Amanda had slipped back behind a corner to watch the eroticism unfold in her house.

Yutani gasped and broke her kiss when she suddenly felt meaty, dog paws on her hips. She turned and her pupils shrank when she saw Omar naked with his red cock sliding out of his sheath.

Joseph held her, "Omar..."

The rottweiler nodded, "Yeah?"

Joe sat up feeling protective of her now, "Omar, let up, man... she's just getting over her fear of men."

The dog heard then saw the fear in the feline's eyes. He backed off right away, "I-I'm sorry, I..."

Yutani sat up, "It-it's okay... you couldn't help yourself. I'm starting to realize that while there are bad men, like my stepdad, most of you guys, you're just dumb guys that can't help themselves." She gave a weak form of a smile.

Omar felt his rocket going down, "I really am sorry, I saw you, me and Joe are friends, I figured... fuck... I'm sorry."

Yutani looked at his crotch then back up to him, "You didn't hurt me, you only startled me. You do have a pretty cock."

Omar laughed, "No one's ever called it pretty before."

Yutani smiled as she looked at Joe with a most suggestive flutter of her eyes.

He got the message and while it surprisingly stung him a little to be thrown aside this quickly, he figured it was for the best. One good night with one guy isn't nearly enough to help a phobia of the opposite sex. If she wanted to explore her new sexuality, who the hell was he to stop her? "Go ahead."

She kissed him lovingly, "Thank you!" Then, she raised her hindquarters for Omar while she also licked Joe's semi-flaccid penis.

Omar took the offer and once again, he put his paws on her hips while he carefully prodded her tight slit with his tapered glans.

Joe watched with the biggest surprise as Yutani licked him until he had a full, throbbing, veiny erection.

She giggled at his expression, "Aw, you didn't think I'd just leave you out like that did you, Joey?" She kissed his tip. Then she squeaked a bit as she felt Omar jab himself inside her. "Oh! Careful, back there. Joey just broke me in last night and you're a little thicker... Omar?"

The rottweiler withdrew himself, "Yeah, Omar Jackson... what's yours?"

The cheetah positioned herself a little better so she could take the rottie's rocket, "I'm Yutani Wilson." That was her real dad's last name, not that asshole who hurt her and her mother. She braced herself for the next thrust.

Omar slid a little deeper and he stretched her a little wider.

This time, there wasn't much pain, just a little discomfort but nothing she couldn't get over. Yutani turned her attention back to Joseph and started licking his cock all over.

Fisher was also getting his young cock licked. He trembled slightly as Georgie devoted such attention to him when they'd mostly just chatted in the times he would have seen her at school. Over the lovely rattess' body, he saw Kevin muzzle deep into her muff.

Wanting badly to make up for his poor performance, Kevin was cleaning out her pussy of his own leftover residue.

She appreciated the effort and even felt some tingles as his rough tongue contacted her sensitive flesh. Her tail wrapped carefully around his neck so she could keep him there.

Fisher then looked back down and she winked up at him with his uncut humanoid penis in her mouth.

Joseph, meanwhile, had let himself go and Yutani happily slurped what he gave her.

Omar had started pounding the feisty feline at his own pace even as the scent of his friend's orgasm came to his nostrils, it just drove him to go faster, deeper, harder.

Yutani took all that was given to her and she enjoyed the whole ride. She took her mouth from Joseph's prick then leaned back and locked muzzles with Omar, snowballing the rottweiler just before he slammed his thick knot up in her.

Her orgasmic yelp was muffled by his deep kissing, she squirted and trembled wildly around the buff canine while his knot swelled inside, locking their sexes together.

And Joseph could tell by the dog's own trembling that he was experiencing one big monster of an orgasm himself. The rat reached beneath the canine and feline, felt where their sexes met, then found the dog's balls, the skin around them tight as they pulsed, unloading the canine's puppy batter into the fertile feline. Omar was fighting to hold himself up so he didn't fall over, so he didn't crush the lithe female under his bulk.

Joseph scratched the rottie behind the ears, "Good boy, Omar." He whispered like a master would say to his pet. Joseph locked his muzzle with Omar's and the dog accepted the kiss, grunting throughout as he continued to shoot inside Yutani.

The cheetah lay between her male lovers in a foggy haze of satisfaction. She held Joseph's waist and nuzzled his flaccid penis while her legs were wrapped around Omar's hips.

Joseph's attention was then taken as he heard his sister's moaning from close by. He looked behind and saw Georgie riding Fisher's lap while Kevin penetrated her from behind.

The rattess saw her brother looking and winked as she egged her boys on a little more, enjoying the feeling of being stuffed two ways.

Yutani chirped when Omar's knot suddenly popped out of her, followed by a torrent of his generous contribution.

The dog hugged her and licked her all over, giving another wet doggy kiss to the pretty cheetah. He only looked up when a paw came down on his head. The paw did not come from Yutani or Joseph, but Amanda who pulled the dog up to give him a big kiss of her own.

Mandy gave him her most seductive gaze, "You and me, later tonight if you're not too worn out by then." She let him go before stepping away, whipping that long tail of hers right at him.

Yutani and Joseph were both laughing when they saw his expression.

Joseph explained, "Mandy's always had a thing for canines."

Omar got the joke and he started laughing too before he heard his boyfriend's climactic chirping.

Georgie came with the otter as he flooded her.

Kevin followed soon after, grinding his groin into her ass as his little white soldiers went off in her tailhole.

Amanda giggled as the orgy came to its end, "You all put on a pretty good display, now I think you all need to shower. You're stinking up Mom's favorite couch."

Everyone heard her then joined in a big laugh before doing as she said.


And on Padre Island, Thelma was showering with Esther.

The rattess sighed as the small bat worked diligently in scrubbing her body down. Esther was also proving quite handsy, groping Thelma at any chance she got. The bat, who was always proud of her own lithe, sexy body adored the taller female's body. Her bigger breasts, wider hips, tight pussy, Esther loved playing with everything Thelma had.

Thelma admired her friend's body as well. The bat was thinner, her breasts were a succulent B-cup, her pussy yielded wonderfully to the rat's curious fingers.

Nicolai was in the den, performing his regular stretch exercises to keep his 50-some year-old body from weakening with age, especially with his birthday coming in September. And like much of his activities, the fruit bat did his stretches in the nude.

He'd just finished a brisk 100 pushups when there was a knock on his front door. "In a minute!" He called out. Nicolai righted himself, cracking joints in his long limbs, stretching out his wingspan and giving a mighty yawn as he scratched his naked rear. He took a big gulp of water from a water bottle before going to get the door.

The mouse couple on the other side both squeaked in surprise when a naked bat opened the door, his circumcised bathood swinging proudly beneath him.

Nicolai smiled, "Ah, Herb and Carol Brennan, I forgot you were coming today." He looked down at himself, "Obviously..."

Herb cleared his throat, "It appears so... have we interrupted you and Esther in another of your... marathon matings, is that what you call them?"

Nicolai shook his head, "Actually I believe I called it marathon fucking. We don't mate as I'm sterile and can't give my wife more pups."

The mouse husband laughed awkwardly, "Yes, you did use... that word. Carol doesn't like words like those so I try not to offend her."

The mousette, who clearly was the type that kept her husband's balls in her purse, nodded curtly.

Nico whispered aside, "No wonder you two need counseling." He cleared his throat, "Well, you both are early for your appointment and my wife is in the shower at this moment, but you can come in and wait. I've made coffee." He started upstairs to fetch his wife, "And before you ask, no... I won't be putting any pants on. If you two came to us through your friends, then I'm sure they must have informed you on my methods."

Herb had heard the details, but conveniently failed to inform his controlling wife. He pulled on his collar, "I'd merely heard from our friends how you'd helped them in their relationship problems. Harry Yutsman, my co-worker said you're most effective and I'd do anything to keep Carol, but the work hours keep me away so much."

Nicolai remembered the Yutsmans, the very memorable couple of sessions he had with those rabbits. "Please make yourselves comfortable, Esther and I will be right down."

Esther and Thelma had finished their shower and were drying each other when Nico stuck his head in, "Essie, Dear. Our 12 o'clock couple is here early, they're waiting downstairs and the wife seems particularly impatient."

In the kitchen, Carol was already berating her husband, "Well, Herbie... not only have you brought us to see some quack doctor, but he also turns out to be a fucking hippie nudist. This is not fixing a problem, this is adding fuel to the flames, and frankly, you're not worthy of me putting you out. I should just go right now!"

Nicolai clicked his tongue, "Oh, Carol, but then you'd miss out on the group activities." He looked upon the mousette whose eyes kept drifting to his bare cock. Nicolai held hands with his equally nude wife who stood with him, "This here is my dear Esther." He kissed her cheek.

Esther laughed sweetly, "Charmed to meet you both. I'm sure you are both excited to be mending whatever wounds your marriage must have, darlings."

Herb had to adjust his pants to hide the reaction he got from seeing Esther, "I'm sure this is going to be an unforgettable experience."

Carol liked what she saw with Nicolai but was still skeptical, "I'm going to bet neither of you are licensed marriage counselors."

Nicolai chuckled, "You would win that bet. We have not gone to any schools for counseling, but we are happily married for 32 years."

Esther nuzzled her husband, "And we like to believe with such a strong, enduring relationship, we may know a thing or two about quelling problems before they got to big. We are originally from Brighton Beach in New York. There, Nicolai was... a yoga instructor?"

The male nodded, "A good paying job, good exercise and the hours were manageable. We did not have our son until five years into our marriage."

Esther held hands with both Herb and Carol, "I can tell just by looking, you must have been together maybe two years."

Carol stuck her nose up at the other woman, "Two and a half. This weak ass excuse for a man seduced me in a bar of all places and got me to come home with him. I tell you there are days now I wake up and tell myself, I should have walked out that first morning after."

Esther nodded, "That's actually understandable. Marriage from a drunken one night stand is not the most optimum start. You don't know your partner, he doesn't know you. The two of you jump into holy matrimony and now you feel trapped. But, instead of talking it out with your spouse, you take out your frustration on him."

Carol scoffed, "It figures someone like you wouldn't understand. You bend over for your master husband and you let him fuck you while you're making his dinner for him. It's women like you that make it hard for a real woman like me to get any respect."

Nicolai wisely stepped back.

Esther maintained an even temper, "First of all, Nicolai does all the cooking. Second, I'm the fucking alpha in this marriage. Third, yes I let him fuck me. The keyword is let. If he ever tries any fake macho shit on me, he's sleeping on the couch while I invite one of our friends over to make me squeal all night."

Nicolai laughed, "Sometimes I do it on purpose, I like that couch."

Carol threw her hands up, "Oh, so cuckolding your husband makes you better than me."

Esther laughed, "I just spent most of last night watching my husband fuck my best friend. So now it's only fair turnabout that I fuck your husband."

Carol grew flustered, "Excuse me?"

Nicolai walked over to her, "That's the method, dear. We bring couples over and we trade spouses. My wife gets your husband while I have you, Carol."

Esther walked up to Herb and openly groped the mouse's crotch. "Whatever tension is between you two, sex is a good way to get that all out into the open."

Nicolai nibbled the mousette's neck, "So, why don't you and Herb join us upstairs and we'll exert those negative feelings."

Carol gulped, "Okay, whatever you say."


Evening fell on Saturday in Austin.

The teens had finished their shower.

Kevin, Joseph, Yutani and Georgie sat on the front porch together. The females sat in between Joe and Kevin. Yutani was still all over the handsome rat who she now wished were the one to have her virginity. Georgie still held hands with the cheetah but also arched her neck to let Kevin nibble on her neck.

Joe and Kevin looked across to each other while locked in embrace with their respective females. The two friends reached across and pounded fists with one another.

Yutani nuzzled Georgie as she spoke, "Earlier, I would've been terrified to think I might not always have you, George. But... now I have your brother here and I feel safe."

Georgie smiled, "This doesn't have to be an end, the four of us, we're still family." She locked muzzles with Yutani to strongly remind the cheetah who it was that first pulled her out of her shell.

Yutani let it happen.

Joe watched his new girlfriend kissing his sister. "We could probably work as a foursome." He suggested. "Our oldest sister, she's in a four way and she seems happy."

Kevin nodded, "That does sound cool."

Yutani giggled, "If we're a foursome, that means I gotta have Kevin too, right?"

The meerkat churred, "Anytime you're ready, hon."

"Hi, Joe!"

The group looked up and saw a tall, stout polar bear standing beside a slim ferret male.

The rat eagerly greeted his friends, "Hey, guys! Georgie, Yutani, these are our friends, Masha and Matt."

The rattess smiled at them, "What's up?"

The polar bear came closer and set her backpack down. "Just me and Mattie here, but we can go down if you want, Missy." The bear winked with her pretty blue eyes.

Georgie laughed, "Joe, where'd you find her? She's a doll."

Matt scoffed, "And what am I? A piece of meat?"

Yutani purred, "Maybe, depends on the meat your packing there, baby."

The ferret smirked at her, "Maybe tonight I'll show you how much meat I've got." He went into the house, brashly brushing Joseph's face with his tail.

Georgie looked up as the two walked in, "Well, we'd better be gracious hosts and make sure our guests are welcome." She started to get up when a big van suddenly pulled up in front of the house.

Kevin got up, recognizing his team captain's van with the Texas flag emblazoned on its side doors. "Jake! You guys are just making it, huh?"

The hyena was in the driver's seat, a sexy 'yena bitch clinging to him while also giving 'fuck-me' eyes to the meerkat. "Kevin! You remember my cousin, Sheila, don't ya?"

Kev was taken by the African female's sultry gaze, "The same cousin whose virginity you took at that one family reunion?"

Jake groped Sheila, "An' she's clamored for my big brown dick ever since." He kissed Sheila directly on her muzzle, before a pair of big paws shook the hyena.

Reggie, the lion that played power forward on the team, shouted "Hey! Don't forget us neither, Jake!"

Two pretty mongoose girls hung from the lion's buff shoulders, nuzzling their jock boyfriend.

Kevin saw the twins on Reggie, "Shit, the female to male ratio's getting better by the second."

The ear-splitting roar of a Harley motorcycle hit the meerkat's ears.

Jake looked back and laughed, "Add one more female and one more dick to that ratio, Kev."

It was Eric, the eagle who had been vocal against the gathering. He took off his helmet as he parked his Harley. Like the other two jocks, he had his trophy girlfriend clinging to him. She pulled her helmet off and shook her chestnut brown hair. She was a pine marten. Eric got off of his bike, "Alright, I'm here. Now where's this 'party' at, Kev?"

The meerkat smirked and pointed at the house right behind him, "Right in there. We don't have a pool or anything like that, but there's plenty of space, plenty of booze and we can have pizza down here in a snap.

The eagle looked at his pipsqueak teammate, "Whatever you say... but it's like I said, if there's anything not kosher about this, we're blowin' out o' here, right Russ?"

The marten jill purred and wrapped her long tail possessively around the strong, tall avian, "Don't be so quick, Eric. This might actually be fun."

Joseph joined Kevin, "This all your guests, Kev?"

The kat smiled, "Looks like it. Guess the rest of the team was too chickenshit."

Joe held the kat close, not caring about the 7 new furs looking at them, "It's their loss, Kev." The rat openly kissed the kat then looked to the jocks with their girlfriends, "Come on in! Make yourselves comfortable. My big sister, Amanda's in charge of calling for food and guarding the liquor key so I'll have to ask her, but she's real cool about this stuff."

And so the real weekend party was about to begin...

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