The Dragon and the Fiddler

Story by ReynartWrites on SoFurry

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A girl who only wants to get away from her family and relax finds herself playing music for what is to be perhaps her first crush.

Aida had her eyes closed, trying her best to drown out the noise. She stood there between her parents who were arguing back and forth about her future, without for a single moment considering to ask her opinion on the matter of her own future. Aida's father wanted for her to take on the family business, learn blacksmithing and become a powerful contender in the region for the best. Truthfully Aida was good at craftsmanship, but it just wasn't something she wanted to do all her life, or maybe it was the fact that she felt so pressured by her father who was considered world class despite living in such a small village. Her mother, on the other hand, wanted to coddle her, treat her like a princess and sell her off to the highest bidder, rather, her mother wanted Aida to be more feminine and marry into a rich family to bring further success to the clan. Aida certainly wasn't into that idea, while she wasn't a tomboy, she preferred to live the way she wanted to, and she had fun helping daddy. She wasn't opposed to being in the forge, she just wished her father wouldn't pressure her so much about it, and now her mother was becoming a nuisance as well. With everything so chaotic she decided it was best to take a little trip out of the village to take a break from it all. Her arguing family, expectations, all of those things didn't matter when she was outside of the village, and so going to her room she retrieved her precious fiddle, a viola her father had bought for her when she was younger. Taking the fiddle and the bow in hand she left under the cover of her loud parents making her way to her special field near the mountains where no one would ever bother her.

Going through the woods around the village was a hassle, but she had made the trip enough times to know her way around the thick of it without running into anything dangerous, or falling into any odd pits. What was terrible about the trip to her special spot was the fact that she was alone, alone with her thoughts. Every second was another eternity spent in her mind thinking about all of the negativity that was at home. Certainly she was a girl, definitely, but her mother didn't need to coddle her so much. If she wanted to do blacksmithing then she could do whatever she felt like, but at the same time she wished her father would let her pace herself, let her enjoy her teenage years while they lasted. Gritting her teeth she continued through the winding woods, her steps becoming rushed until finally foliage gave way to the base of the mountain and the field just before it. A beautiful grassy field with wild flowers aplenty. Aida took a deep breath, the cool breeze blowing her troubles away for a moment. Stepping out into the field she closed her eyes bringing her fiddle up to her chin, plucking each string gently once and making her adjustments just right before running the bow across each slowly. After she was finished with her little preparations she breathed out and with a smile began playing, all her troubles melting away with each little stroke of the bow. Little did she know her small recital had attracted the attention of a creature she had never known to exist anywhere nearby.

Cool green eyes watched the young girl playing her fiddle from the trees. The sleek figure of a dragon perhaps no taller than a full grown man appeared from the trees, crawling low to the ground like a feline stalking prey. Aida heard this and stopped playing immediately to find herself face to face with a large red scaled lizard, but no, she knew better, it was a dragon, a creature of immense power and something she should have been running from. As she stopped playing it reared up on its hind legs tilting its head to let out a strange chirping noise. Aida herself was frozen in place, she had never seen such a creature, nor even believed in their existence, but here it was. She should have been running, but instead she stayed, watching the dragon just as it was doing to her. Finally she was able to move, but only a step, a step back and away from the dragon which caused it to huff and approach yet again its nostrils flaring. Closer and closer it came and yet again she was frozen, unable to run from such magnificent horror! Finally it reached her, but rather than bite or roar or anything frightening at all, it nudged her hand still holding her fiddle. She brought her fiddle away which caused the dragon to rumble in protest. Stepping away further Aida realized that perhaps her music had brought the beast from its slumber, or from wherever it was. With a breath she began to play, a bit more shaky than usual, but with just as much passion. She wanted to live of course, but she also wanted to see if what she thought was true. Upon beginning to play the red scaled dragon brought its wings out and let out a purr of sorts. Folding its wings back in it circled her quickly before lying on the ground curled around her, making those strange purring and chirping noises as Aida played. Aida continued to play her music looking down at the creature before her, blinking wondering what she was going to do, if she stopped playing would it suddenly attack her, or would it still be such a friendly overgrown lizard. Regardless she played for a bit more before taking a deep breath and pausing. She felt the dragon's tail thumping against her leg, perhaps as a sign that it was still pleased with her and at this point she felt just a bit more comfortable. Leaning down she looked over the dragon and to her surprise it spoke, "You know, I do love a good performance. You're an amateur, but a good one at that!" This caused her to yelp and fall back over its tail, getting grass and weeds in her hair and dress. She scrambled up to her feet, nearly falling over again and she pointed with her bow to the dragon exclaiming in a hushed voice, "You're not supposed to talk, let alone speak human, you're a...a beast a monster a creature!" The dragon huffed, smoking coming from its nostrils, tail lashing against the ground before it replied to her with some pride, "I am a dragon, not a common beast, and my name is Rel. Now...may I set up a date with you tomorrow? I can pay, I do so love music and no one is willing to play for me usually." Aida paused, her lips curling up into a small smile. This creature, dragon rather, wanted to hear her play music for payment? Such a thing was weird, perhaps weirder than the fact that she he had used the term, "date" whatever the case she cherished the compliment and decided, why not? With a breath to calm herself she breathed out, "I guess I can come here tomorrow again to play. My parents will be doing the same as always no doubt, and you are quite the sight and some inspiration for music I'm sure, so I'd be happy to dragon...I mean, Rel." Rel's tail lashed against the ground and he got up on all fours stretching claws digging into the earth before he began trotting away into the forest, "Good! I'll see you tomorrow then princess!" What an odd dragon? But the compliments had her cheeks ablaze and her heart pumping, such a strange way to feel about a beast she had just met, but he was the kindest thing she had ever known. Tomorrow for sure she would see him again.

As she thought, the next day her parents were at it again, fussing and making noise about her future. A topic again, she would rather decide for herself. Taking her leave earlier than usual she made her way to her special spot to find the dragon lounging there, waiting for her already. Smoothing out her dress she approached. He stayed curled there, but his head raised and he watched her from where he laid, greeting her happily. For a small bit she gave him a show, playing her favorite songs and some new ones she had thought of on her own. After a while she sat down next to the dragon, eventually leaning against him as she played. The dragon was quiet for some time, only occasionally purring his pleasure through words of encouragement which gave her such a rush. She was happy to have someone to appreciate her passion. Eventually the dragon asked her to pause which gave her quite the confused look. Rel began asking her questions about her life, something she had not expected. His eyes were fixed on her, staring constantly and she felt suddenly very naked. Taking a deep breath she decided to tell him about her mundane life, her boring every day activities helping her father in the forge or her mother in the kitchen, all very boring to her, but the dragon seemed so interested in what she was saying. It was flattering to say the least, but after her own little story she wanted to know more about the dragon, but he seemed to have a similar reaction to hers at first. He talked about his own life in a bored town, occasionally rolling his eyes as he spoke about his upbringing and his abilities as a dragon. Aida's eyes were full of stars though as he spoke, she hung on each of his words and asked plenty of questions which seemed to flatter Rel and give a bit more life to his tone of voice. Time passed by far too quickly and already the sun was going down when they finally finished their conversation. She was curled against him, her eyes on his, her lips curled into a big smile. Aida then opened her mouth to speak again, this time a little mournful, "I...probably should be leaving soon, but we'll see each other again." Her smiled had turned into a frown as she said this, sighing occasionally, not yet ready to get up to leave. Rel then gave her another shock, the dragon leaned in close to press his snout against her lips, tongue flicking out in his version of a kiss. Rel remained quiet after doing this, waiting for Aida's reaction. Aida's eyes were wide, her cheeks were red. Closing her eyes she leaned in to return the kiss her own tongue coming out to meet his as the two shared their love for a moment. Before long she had to pull away, knowing she couldn't stay anymore. With a breath she could think of nothing to say, she bowed her head and turned away to run quickly. Rel's eyes followed her, his tail flicking from side to side and as she went out of sight, he chuckled. He would see her again the next day.

The next day came and indeed the two met each other in the field the same way, but Aida came without her fiddle. Rel was curious what she had planned. When she approached, rather than tentatively greet him, she rushed and wrapped her arms around his neck her lips curled into a big smile. She whispered to his ear what her plan was and Rel reared his head, still staring at her, unsure if she really just uttered the words he thought she said. Again she spoke, but this time louder, "Embrace me're the only man I've ever felt anything for, the only man who has genuinely spoken to me as a person, so please, even if it is just once. Embrace me." Rel's reply came in his actions. He pushed her over on to her back, his form over hers now, his fangs bared, but Aida's reaction only came in the form a small smile, her pale cheeks flushed red, her green eyes staring into his own. To his surprise she leaned up to kiss his chin rather than fear his threatening display. Raising a brow the dragon caved in to his desire and leaned to lick at her lips, pushing his tongue into her mouth as Aida began shuffling out of her dress underneath him. Once she was fully nude her hands moving to his cheeks bringing him closer into the kiss, savoring how gentle he was with her despise his size and look. For a while they laid there in the grass kissing, not moving away from each other at all. When their kiss parted, Aida took a deep breath and gasped as she felt something thick and meaty push against her stomach, looking between them she could see his thick cock. A thick piece of red meat planted on her stomach, already dripping what she figured to be pre. Her cheeks flushed further if such a thing was possible and she took a deep breath, her legs spreading for him. Feeling her do so underneath Rel moved himself to position the tip of his cock against her already moist entrance, grunting as he pushed inside, the tip breaching her entrance causing her to let out a gasp, her entire body shaking for a moment. Aida grabbed on to her dragon lover firmly around the shoulders, clinging tight and clenching her eyes shut. Rel allowed her to as he pushed in slowly, making sure she was ok with this before pushing in further, each time he moved further inside of her she gasped and squeaked, holding back pained noises as to not worry him. Eventually his soft entrance began to pay off as her little noises began to turn into groans and soft moans signaling the shift from pain to pleasure. Aida pulled her head away, breathing heavily to push her lips against his, her tongue searching desperately for his. This sent Rel off the edge, he began pushing inside of her faster rocking his hips back and forth. Already he felt ready to blow, but he wanted to make the moment last and so he waited. He wanted so badly to ask for permission to cum inside of her, to breed with her as mates would, but he couldn't ask, and in fact his question was already answered by Aida's legs which had clamped on to his side, forcing him to stay as deep as he could inside of her. With a slight growl he quickened the pace, causing her to groan out against his lips, her body shaking as her orgasm began, her climax causing her to shiver and cry out. Rel followed soon after, pushing in deep letting out a roar as his seed began pouring out into her pussy. Breathing out, the two stayed there for a while, connected at the hip, eyes closed, basking in the afterglow.

They laid there for the longest time in silence, enjoying their new found connection and love. Aida didn't want to go, and neither did Rel. The stars came out and still they laid there, as uncomfortable as it was, they cherished it, Aida loved it. Soon enough they pulled apart, Aida getting her clothes back on, only to hug on to her dragon lover again. She would be back again, and someday, perhaps they could live together, away from the world that they knew would judge them.

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