The Dragon's Choice

Story by ReynartWrites on SoFurry

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A village sacrifices a young girl to the might of a dragon! Little did they know the dragon wasn't interested in females.

Each day from a castle covered in vine and moss hidden deep in the forest a gold scaled dragon would emerge from the gates to take flight. Each day a village not far off at the base of a mountain would spot the dragon high in the sky, its people fleeing inside their homes as the dragon circled the village. The villager's lived in fear their sheep and other sources of meat and comfort would be taken, their homes burned and their lives ended. Desperation set in during the first week and the night before they gathered any gold or jewel in the village to the center, clear in sight of the dragon, but still the beast refused, instead it circled around and around until night came. More than anything the villagers were confused as to why a dragon would be targeting their village of all places, perhaps they had something it wanted? Regardless it caused them a great deal of stress and steered traders far away from their path, even if it wasn't directly harming them it needed to go. A sacrifice was suggested, a willing female would be taken to the center of town and offered up to the dragon, and so the Shepard's daughter offered herself, a young red headed youth with big blue eyes and larger breasts. The village agreed it was for the good of the village, the Shepard's wife and the Shepard himself already began mourning, but the Shepard's son wasn't ready to let his sister go without a fight.

The next day Ein watched his sister kneel in prayer at the center of the village with the rest of the villagers in the town hall, waiting for the dragon to take her. Murmuring villagers suddenly became quiet as the dragon came into sight. Glorious gold scales shining in the sunlight. As usual, the dragon began circling the village, letting out a terrifying roar that sent a shiver even down the bravest man's spine. When the dragon saw the girl kneeling in prayer, it hovered in the air for a moment before descending to land at the center of the village. Up close the dragon was fairly short, not even the size of one of the nearby trees, but it was still a terrifying sight to behold of sharp claws and fangs. Standing on its haunches it flapped its wings and tilted its head reaching with a hand to take the offer. Just then Ein came into the view yelling with a simple butcher's knife in hand, the villagers unable to stop him from leaving, "Take me instead demon lizard!" Without looking the dragon swatted the boy aside with its tail and it turned letting out a screech that rattled the homes around it. With shocking speed it scooped up the boy with its hand and spread its wings taking flight, Ein's sister screaming as her little brother was taken away to the lord knew where. From the blow, Ein hung limply in the grasp of the dragon, his world already gone dark, there was not a single thing any of the villagers could do, and hopefully it would at least sate the dragon's curiosity in their village. They would celebrate the boy as a hero.

Ein awoke with a start in a courtyard surrounded by stone walls, soft grass underneath his hands as he sat up, his head still reeling from the blow he took. After a moment to stop his head from spinning Ein stood to find the gold scaled reptile behind him. With a gasp he looked around for anything he could use as a weapon while backing up. He fell upon his rear, his face paled further and he closed his eyes expecting the worst. He was caught off guard as the dragon's slick tongue touched his cheek, causing him to open his eyes and gasp, pushing the creature's muzzle away, "What are you doing you horrid creature?! Playing with your food? Are you a child?" "No, I am not a child, my name is Rok, and I'm just enjoying the taste of my new wife and slave." answered the dragon much to the surprise of Ein. For a moment the Shepard's son stared at the dragon with wide green eyes, his wispy brown hair a mess. Closing his mouth, he gulped while summoning the courage to speak, "Wife? I'm a man, no woman and certainly not a wife, you'd enjoy my sister more if that's what you want" he said his cheeks burning up as the dragon continued to lap at his cheek and neck, "Yes, but I like men as well, and you're as pretty as they come" the dragon responded while stepping closer, coiling around Ein, trapping him. Ein backed up into thick hide, his cheeks cherry red now from all of the undo attention. He was about to protest again when suddenly he felt a claw pass down his shirt, tearing it off along with his pants in one fell swoop causing Ein to yelp and fall on his rear, his limp cock exposed to the elements now. The dragon's tongue then moved to coil around that small member, bringing it and massaging it until finally it grew fully erect, the hesitant boy letting out a pleasure groan, "P-please, stop. This isn't right! I'm not some slave, certainly not for sex either." Ein protested, though his heart thumped in his chest from the dragon's touch. Now the dragon was ignoring him, continuing to lick and tease his sensitive flesh. Ein lost in his own pleasure gasped when suddenly he was pressed on to his back, the dragon over him, thick bestial cock against his comparably small human member. Ein gripped the thick cock in his hands and stared up at Rok with a frown, "You've got to be joking, you can't possibly want--" again he was silenced as the dragon rocked his hips forward shoving the tip of that thick prehensile member into Ein's mouth. Ein frowned around the tip, but decided against biting, wanting instead to get over with his task as soon as possible. Licking the tip tentatively, he moved his hands up and down the thick member, gentle fingers squeezing softly while he tried to fit more of that thick cock into his mouth. Soon he pulled his mouth off of it, moving his tongue down to the base where the cock came out of slit on the dragon, before moving his tongue back up to the tip, making sure it was nice and wet. Suddenly his tongue caught taste of something incredibly sweet, his eyes widening at how honey like the dragon's pre tasted. Greedily he began lapping the pre from the dragon's tip while Rok taunted and teased him for his hunger, "Oh? Enjoying your master's flavor? I'll be certain to give you more, but first I want to break you in half, after all, might as well get it over with right?" Rok then pulled back grabbing Ein's legs by the thighs to spread them apart, the young man yelping and whimpering, "Please no, you'll tear me apart." The dragon ignored his pleas, placing the tapered tip of his feral cock against the boy's anus, cock sliding perfectly between those soft pale cheeks. Rok then growled and groaned as he pushed the tip of his cock inside of the boy slowly eventually letting out a satisfied rumble as he broke inside. At the same time Ein was still whimpering and whining his eyes closed shut as his insides were stretched wide to accommodate the beast that was violating him. Just then one of the dragon's hands moved from his thigh to the back of Ein's head, gripping hair while Rok's long serpentine tongue slithered into Ein's mouth. The young man's eyes opened wide and he stared at the dragon, his cheeks flushed red as his own tongue began to react and coil around the dragon's, searching for any semblance of comfort as more and more of that cock was buried inside of his virginal rear. His whimpers and groans now turned to little squeaks and moans, pleasure mounting over pain as Rok began rocking back and forth, pushing in and out carefully before suddenly thrusting in firmly one time. Ein squeaked at this, his entire body shaking now as the dragon began pushing to and from him firmly, growling as he did so, Ein gasping and whining from the mixed sensations. Unable to hold himself up Ein laid back gasping, panting waiting for the dragon to be done while his own cock twitched in response from the dragon's massive member shoving and pushing against his inner walls, massaging his prostate in the process, causing him to groan out, his tongue lolling out, his eyes glazed over with lust and his mind nearly broken. Meanwhile the dragon had moved both hands to claw the earth near the boy's head, his hips moving quickly to claim that boy's ass, growling, puffs of smoke and ember coming from his snout. Rok's cock twitched inside of the boy, swelling up, dripping more and more pre until finally it burst inside of the boy, the dragon letting out a mighty roar as his cock began painting Ein's insides with thick warm semen. Ein groaned out panting, crying out in his pleasure, his cock twitching and letting out his own meager orgasm over his stomach. Finally the dragon pulled free, only to drench the poor broken in boy's body with the thick dragon seed that had stained the boy's insides. Ein laid there panting, the dragon over him, rumbling proudly as it stood on its haunches to appreciate what it had done to its new slave. Ein breathed out trying to sit up, his eyes feeling heavy. Rok then nudged him on to his back gently the dragon cooing his words, "Rest, we'll get you clean and have some more fun...and then you'll tell me of more human villages, after all, I want to gain more slaves for my little vacation home here." Ein simply dropped back, breathing out heavily and answering before passing out, "Yes master. I live for you"

Ein had awoken in the castle walls, cleaned of any semen upon his body, and in a strange silk gown like some sort of concubine. His cheeks flaring at this he attempted to sit up but found himself extremely sore, with a sigh he remember what he had admitted and agreed to. He was now a dragon's slave, a slut for a beast far larger and greater than he was. Perhaps it wouldn't be so bad, and if the dragon truly intended to gain more of a following, he wouldn't be alone for long.

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