Everyone Does It on the Weekend: Part 3

Story by Simplified on SoFurry

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#23 of Everyone Does It


It's here! The last part of this longest chapter in Everyone Does It, accounting for a total 71 pages worth of porn and plot. I pulled out all the stops for this third part and I went hard on this one!

This is without a doubt, the most purest porn thing I've done since... French Kissing or Procreation Inc. Prepare for over the top contrivances and plot twists because I wanted to make this as insane as possible and if that proves to have been a bad move... screw it!

This has everything! Underaged sex, incest, cuckolding, unprotected sex, girlfriends being stolen, there is little else in the porn book I could have covered in this!

I will not even write a synopsis; I want this to be a surprise; I want the reactions!

Read on and don't hold back, friends!

Earlier, when Joe, Kevin and the girls went to sit outside, Amanda had used the opportunity to get Omar alone.

She was pleasantly surprised to find him swapping kisses with the otter, Fisher. She hadn't realized the two of them were _together_together. She dragged the two of them upstairs to her room and things went swimmingly from there.

Amanda got both Omar and Fisher out of their clothes then watched the two bisexual jocks as they kissed in front of her.

They started frotting and it made her panties wet to watch a big male like Omar dominate a smaller male like Fisher.

Her clothes came off and she showed her bare ass to the boys.

Of course, Omar was the first to pounce her, jabbing his red rocket inside her pussy.

Fisher came around to her front, thrusting into her long muzzle.

Mandy held the otter's rump in both paws, kneading his buttocks while she took his boyfriend's cock to the knot.

She would occasionally look up and she would see how the males looked at each other even with a sexy rodent like her between them. She laughed on the inside, these two were so affectionate.

She was the first in their trio to climax. Omar followed, jamming his knot inside her and tying with her while Fisher pulled out and squirted his stuff all over her face.

It was about then when Joseph suddenly came in.

The rat stopped in his tracks after seeing his big sister tied with his canine friend while he and Fisher kissed in the ensuing aftermath.

The otter was casually rubbing where the dog's knot could be felt inside Amanda.

The rattess blushed at being seen like this by her brother, "Does no one knock in this house?"

Joe laughed while he hid the boner he got from the sight and smells, "I know you're a little busy now, Sis. But, there's now even more people downstairs, we'll need money for a shitload of pizzas and I'll need the liquor key Mom gave you."

Mandy groaned while she could still feel Omar twitching inside her, "My wallet's in my pants somewhere on the floor there, you can use my credit card. But the liquor's my responsibility, I'll get it out as soon as Omar's done."

Joe fished the wallet out of her pants, his nostrils flaring from his sister's heat. He found one of her credit cards. "I'll put this right back as soon as I'm done with it and Mandy?"

She groaned "What?"

The teen laughed, "Nice tits."

She growled, "Just go!"


Kevin laughed after hearing from Joe, "So, you've fucked one of your sisters, how's the other one look?"

Joe snickered, "I doubt Mandy'd ever let me try. I used to peak in on her when I was a kid and yank my cock to her doing stuff with her boyfriends."

Kevin giggled, "So you were hot on your sisters before you got Georgie."

Joe kissed Kevin, let their tongues twist, teeth click before the pizza delivery place picked up. The rat placed his lengthy order for pizzas, pepperoni, barbecue, meat lovers, Hawaiian, all the favorites plus hot wings and cinnamon rolls. He hung up and groaned, "Looks like Mandy's gonna have to say goodbye to this card. And I can't even think of the bill Mom'll be dealing with when she gets home."

Kev shrugged, "That's then, this is now." He kissed Joe some more and the rat's worries melted quickly.

A gentle push from Kevin put Joe against the kitchen counter.

The young lovers got deep enough if any of the team saw them, they'd keep going. Their crotches ground together making wet spots in their pants. The two hummed in their embrace, tongues tickling each others' lips.

Kevin about lost his own self control when a paw sneaked around his waist groped his crotch. He broke contact with Joe and gave a lusty bark before he realized that paw belong to neither him or his lover. He traced the brown paw holding his balls up to the pervy ferret, Matthew. He kept molesting his two friends. "Everyone's gettin' restless, guys."

Joe blushed, "I've just called for pizza, my sister will be down soon so we can have some liquor. I don't know what else I can do. I've never hosted a party before."

Matt patted his shoulder, "I've got an idea... a little somethin' I did a couple times back in New Orleans. Took my fair share of ass and pussy that way."

Joe shook his head, "How is it you're our age but you've had more sex than both of us?"

Matt laughed, "That's bayou livin'."

Amanda came downstairs after cleaning up following her interlude with Omar and Fisher. She stopped when saw 8 more teenagers in her living room now, plus her sister, brother, sister's girlfriend, Kevin and Matt.

She did not hesitate to voice her exasperation, "What the fuck? I thought this was just some friends, Joe!"

The rat grinned sheepishly, "This is... it's two more of my friends, Matt" he shamelessly hugged the ferret, "and Masha." he finished as the polar bear waved happily to the adult rattess who seemed she was about to explode.

Kevin added, "The rest are some guys from our basketball team. You already met Omar and Fish..." He winked, making her blush. "There's our team captain, Jake" The hyena nodded cheerfully "Reggie" The lion sat between his mongoose twins as they looked around "and Eric." The eagle rose up a beer that Reggie had brought "'Sup?"

Kevin continued, "The pretty ladies here are all their girlfriends, um..."

The spotted hyena bitch on Jake's arm introduced herself, "I'm Sheila, hey!"

The pine marten with Eric sat up proudly, "I'm Russell, which I know that's a boy's name, but my mama always said it was a pretty enough name for a girl."

The identical twins chirped up, first one "Isis!" then the other "Lenaia!"

Amanda shook her head, "And I'm dead when Mom finds out."

Georgie came up to comfort her big sister with a big hug, "Mandy! You're hardly the one to worry about what Mom's gonna say about anything. And if there's any mess, me and Joe we'll help you clean up."

Amanda sighed, "Fine, but now I'm staying down here."

Joe walked up and held her, "One more thing, we still need that liquor key."

She groaned with both siblings touching her now. "I'll get the beer, you two sit down!"

And they sat as their friends quickly surrounded them.

Eric, slightly inebriated, was starting to warm up to the situation. "This is a very calm, quiet get-together... kinda nice actually, but are we actually gonna do something?"

Joe and Kevin each looked at Matt and the ferret smirked, "I've got somethin' in mind, but I'm gonna wait until the beer gets here. I need ya all properly fucked up."

Eric chuckled, "Nice."


While in Austin, the party was just getting started...

In Padre Island, the Romanovs were already in the swing with their clients, Herb and Carol Brennan.

Thelma elected to stay out, it was none of her business and she needed to go for a walk and catch some fresh air.

Nicolai was crouched behind Carol, thrusting mightily into the naked mousette.

She squeaked wantonly when his long, veiny cock put her pathetic husband to shame.

Her husband, Herb was across from Carol, flat on his back while Esther rode his cock, wrapped in a condom since mice and bats tended to crossbreed and she wasn't looking to have any unplanned pups. She would later take her birth control pill so he gets to cum in her bare. As he was now, she liked a male who was willing to let her call the shots. His one downside was he had a lower endurance than her husband; after one climax from her, he'd gone over the edge and filled his condom.

Nicolai, meanwhile, was pounding orgasms regularly out of Carol, making her moan as he kept himself on edge. He wasn't wearing protection, she wasn't on birth control, but he'd had his vas snipped a long time ago. In truth, Vlad was never planned. They'd been the new age couple, fucking around with all their best friends and even some total strangers Esther would pick up at bars in New York.

When his wife became pregnant, it was the only time to his memory they'd ever fought. Their free-loving life they wanted would come to an end and they'd be saddled with a pup they never wanted. It was the one time they had ever been apart since getting married. He got drunk, woke up in bed with an unfamiliar female and without his wife to greet him. He was too ashamed to come home; he stayed out as days turned to weeks then to months.

She found him, in a homeless shelter. She wasn't mad with him, just sick without him and five months pregnant with their child they'd made together. She took him home and he never left again.

His memory of his past was interrupted as Carol bucked back hard against him. He shook his head then kept going.

He bent over her, wrapped his wings around the mouse and let himself go.

Carol muffled herself in their bedsheets as the bat filled her, so much more than her husband ever did. She looked up in triumph ready to mock her husband and saw him pounding away at Esther after having caught his second wind. He'd never gone more than once with her before.

Nicolai was kissing Carol on her neck, "You don't know a man can go longer after cumming, darling?"

She blushed, "I never heard of that."

He gripped her small hips as he started to move his still erect cock inside her, "Consider this a learning experience." Then, he started back up.


In Austin, Amanda had gotten the liquor and spirits for her brother and his friends. She decided she'd sit and drink with them.

Matt, in the meantime, had revealed his wild card. They were all going to play Strip Truth or Dare.

Eric balked at the idea. Truth or Dare was a kid's game. Omar and Reggie both reminded him they were all kids anyway.

Everyone else was for the idea so the eagle begrudgingly agreed to play along.

Everyone formed a circle as Matt explained the rules, "We play the game as we normally would play it. You ask someone truth or dare. If they say truth, you gotta ask them something personal and they have to answer it. Dare, and here's the kinky part, if someone says dare, you dare them to do something, anything and..." he paused for dramatic effect "You must also ask that person to give you a piece of their clothes. It can be anything from shirts, to underwear, even accessories like earrings." He jingled his own pierced ears. "Last, there are no passes and no matter what the dare is, you cannot leave the room, it must be done here where everyone can see. You all got it?"

Everyone agreed.

Matt nodded, "Good, now Joseph, you're the host here, so you get to go first. Truth or dare?"

The rat didn't have much clothes on him, just a regular shirt, some pants. He had boxers on underneath. He cleared his throat, "Truth."

The ferret nodded, "Joseph, what was your first sexual experience?"

The teenaged rat blushed, "Um... last year, during Christmas, my brother Taylor and his boyfriend, Vlad... Vlad gave me my first blowjob, then Tay pulled me on top of him and we frotted until we both came... then I got to watch him fuck his boyfriend, but they never touched me back there." He held hands with Kevin, "They said to save that for someone I cared about."

The meerkat kissed Joey.

Matt nodded, "That's sexy, and I see incest just runs in this family."

Joe let Kevin kiss him as he turned his attention on the eagle, "Eric..."

The predatory bird had been preening his girlfriend's shoulder. He looked up, "What, nerd?"

Joseph cracked his neck bones, "You've been the most against this weekend, so truth or dare?"

The eagle shot a rebellious glare to Joe, "Dare!"

The rat grinned, "Alright, I want your jersey, Eric. And I want you to give Reggie a big kiss on the lips, tongue and everything."

Eric narrowed his eyes at him, "Of course you'd ask for that."

Russell nudged him, "Come on, Eric, don't be a spoilsport. I wanna see those abs!"

The eagle snorted, "Fine..." He drank his beer then pulled his jersey off, showing his buff chest and tight abs to the whole room. He tossed it to Joey then beckoned Reggie over.

The lion eagerly crawled over.

A suddenly nervous Eric scratched his neck, he started, "So how should we do-" he was interrupted when Reggie dove in for a kiss. First Eric felt the wet pressure on his sharp beak, then felt the lion's rough tongue pry it open, then their tongues made contact.

The unflinchingly straight eagle found it to be a whole new experience to be dominated in a kiss. He could not ignore the small tingle of arousal he felt when the lion's barbed tongue brushed his own.

Reggie took it a step further and started playing with the avian's nipples, pinching and twisting while Russell giggled.

Eric let out a big breath when the kiss ended and blushed when he realized he had sprouted a very visible boner in his shorts. He tried to cover himself, "He-he just caught me by surprise..."

Russell held her boyfriend's covered cock, "It's fine, babe. You looked really hot just now." She kissed his beak and it snapped the bird out of his stupor.

Reggie had a boner, too. He did nothing to hide it; he reclined and let the twins play with it.

Eric sat up, "Alright, if that's how we're playin' this, Reggie! I want you to take off those shorts right now, then I want you to suck my dick!"

The lion raised a contradictory paw, "You didn't say dare, bud."

The eagle's feathers ruffled, "Fine! I dare you to do all that stuff I just said!"

Reggie chuckled, "Didn't think you'd jump that fast into the gay side of the pool, but eh, this is nice." He hooked his thumbs in his shorts then yanked them off, popping the button, busting the zipper and letting his uncut cock jump out at full attention, accompanied by a heavy sack beneath and a reddish-brown bush around his base.

Eric did the same, "I'm not gay, but I do like gettin' sucked and I didn't say you had to make me cum."

Matt interrupted, "Actually, any sexual dare has to end in a cum."

The eagle chirped, "What?"

Reggie pounced him, pinning Eric's waist with his strong arms while he nuzzled the eagle's veiny cock. He licked the plump balls beneath the tapered rod then dragged his tongue up the exposed birdhood..

Eric chirped and wiggled in his teammate's strong paws while the lion licked him, "I said suck it, fag." He muttered in a heated erotic tone.

Reggie laughed at the bird's failed attempt to sound macho. He put his mouth directly over the tip and went down on Eric.

Russell watched with a paw down her short shorts while the strong lion sucked off her boyfriend who she'd always suspected had a little gay in him. No one protests so much if they didn't somehow wonder what it was like, she thought. She liked to see him open up and let the feline suck him off. She laid her head on his chest and breathed in his musk as the bird drew close to a climax. She reached down to cradle his balls while Reg worked the shaft.

Eric gave an animalistic caw as he unloaded his hot baby batter in that lion's mouth.

Reggie had clearly gone down on a few other guys, because he didn't protest the salty flavor flooding his mouth right now. He also didn't seem to mind his naked ass sticking up in the air letting everyone see everything.

Mandy, Yutani, and Masha all collectively blushed.

Georgie and the mongoose twins both had thoughts on what they'd do to that lion. A silent gaze between herself and the twins made it clear they had agreed on a plan, for later... as an evil grin spread across her muzzle.

Eric gasped as his cock fell from Reggie's mouth, "Fuck... that was intense." He remembered he was trying to be a macho jock here, "Well, what're you waiting for? Get back to your side, Reg?"

The lion opened his mouth to show the eagle his own seed, "I'll be right here where you can see me, Eric." He plopped himself between Isis and Lenaia, the latter of whom kissed Reggie and let him snowball her with the eagle's sperm. She gulped some then kissed her twin on the mouth, feeding her Eric's sperm too.

The eagle started to pull his shorts back up when Matt said, "Uh-uh, Eric. You gotta leave them off now."

Eric blushed, "What? But I wasn't dared..."

"No, but they did come off during a dare... and the rules are once your clothes come off, they stay off until the game's done."

Russell was licking her boyfriend's cock clean, "That's not a bad idea for me." she said while lapping his semen.

Eric gulped, he hadn't expected to be the first all naked in the room.

Matt turned to Reggie, "Well, Mr. Courageous Lion, it's your turn."

Reggie grinned, "Jake!"

The hyena smirked smugly, "Yeah?"

The lion eyed Sheila, even though he already had two pretty twins on each arm. "Truth or dare, Jake."

Jake cleared his throat before speaking, "Truth... bitch."

The lion suppressed a growl, "Alright, Jake, why're you still in high school at 19?"

The spotted hyena shrugged, "I got held back twice, simple as that. Sorry if there's nothin' kinky to that story, I'm a shitty student."

Matt shuddered aside to his friends, "Ooh, drama..."

Jake put his beer down, he wasn't the type to hold a grudge, but Reggie didn't have to go after his personal life like that. "You two, what're your names?"

The mongoose twins answered, "Isis" and "Lenaia."

Reggie shot a suspicious glare at his captain.

The hyena scratched his mane, "You're twins, that technically counts you both as one person..." He grinned a sinful grin. "Truth or dare?"

The two were uncertain but Lenaia was always the more forceful of the two so she answered, "Dare!"

Jake nodded, "Good..." He clasped his paws together then leaned forward, the gears in his head turning, "I want you both to take off your clothes, right now. After all, a sex dare means all the clothes come off right?" He looked at Matt.

The ferret shrugged, "I guess so."

The hyena nodded then continued, "So..."

The twins exchanged glances, then looked up to their boyfriend. He shrugged, "You got dared, you gotta do it."

The two tawny mongooses took off all their clothes, then passed everything to Jake.

The hyena was still grinning, "That wasn't the dare, Reg, only the clothes half. My dare for you two..." he waited to drop his lethal bomb on them, "I want you two to go over to Kevin and let him have sex with you. I mean sex, pure baby-making sex, no condoms, no protection, I want you both knocked up by Monday." He looked back at Reggie to gauge the lion's reaction.

Reg bit his lip, when his girls looked at him he groaned, "Just get it over with."

Kevin had only just realized others were looking right at him. "What's going on?"

Joseph whispered in the meerkat's ear.

Kev's nose bled, his tail shot straight up and he looked as though he may pass out. Meerkats and mongooses crossbred... this was getting real. He watched as the twins crawled up to him, their sexy, lithe bodies standing out from the plush white rug beneath.

Their species were very close, the mongooses looked just like him but were bigger with a darker fur than a meerkat's light tan. The stripes on their backs were very similar to the ones on his back.

His mind didn't dwell much longer on the biological repercussions when both twins laid small kisses on his cute muzzle. He looked around and saw Georgie.

She didn't seem upset in the slightest, more interested in the prospect of seeing him have his way with two girls he barely knew. He gulped then put his paws down between the legs of both twins.

Each gave gentle squeaks while he started fingering their vulvas. He could feel his tapered penis rising from its sheath. He shuddered when he felt their tongues on his dick.

The twins both looked up to him with innocent brown eyes, the type of look only virgins could give. He was going to be their first, and their baby daddy in one fell swoop.

Reggie tried to look away, he'd picked those two up after a game, took them home and they sucked his cock, then he'd licked them until they squirted. But, they told him they weren't ready for the next step, they wanted to finish school first.

Now his own teammate, one of his trusted friends was going to deflower them, and he would have to watch.

Lenaia lapped up her first taste of the meerkat's precum then let her sister get her share while she sat up and kissed Kevin directly on the mouth.

Joe helped his lover out of his clothes while the girls lavished their young affection on the horny kat.

Kev wrapped his arms fully around Lenaia. He deepened their kiss while her small breasts pressed into his side, he caressed her rump and fingered her private parts while Isis kept sucking his malehood.

Lenaia gave a particularly adorable squeak when he stuck a finger in her ass. She looked in his eyes then as her eyes softened, she backed up and let him go further.

Their kiss broke and he whispered, "You first."

She agreed with a simple nod before gently nudging her sister back.

Isis backed off and her vision was quickly filled by her twin's cute butt.

Lenaia dragged her wet slit back and forth over Kevin's pointy tip.

He sucked on one of her nipples while his paws on her butt guided her to his prick.

She sank down on him, a little too fast, he broke through her virgin barrier and she yipped in pain.

Kevin was suddenly worried he'd hurt her, "A-are you alright?"

Georgie had crawled around and now held the mongoose female, "Shh, you're over the hard part." She petted Lenaia then looked at Kevin, "It's not your fault, babe. You've never had a virgin before. It always hurts our first time."

Lenaia calmed under the older female's comforting arms. "Thank you, miss..."

Kevin pulled out of her, there was blood.

Georgie calmed him, "It's natural, Kev. All girls bleed the first time, it has to happen." She kissed him then kissed the mongoose. "Go on, but be careful, she'll still be tender down there." She let them go then backed away, though not entirely.

Kevin nuzzled Lenaia, "Ready to try again?"

She kissed him, "Ready." And she put her head on his shoulder then tightened her grip.

Kevin slid himself back in her and the first thing he felt was how tight she was. Now that he could feel, it reminded him of his official first time with Joseph. The rat had been really tight on the first time. He stayed nice and tight all of their subsequent times through the summer break. Now he realized they haven't quite had a moment like that since getting back to school. Oh well, emotional stuff later. Irresponsible baby-making sex is now.

The meerkat began rocking his hips slowly in his seated position with Lenaia riding his lap. He petted the pretty mongoose as he did so, trying to comfort her as Georgie did. It worked. She started to move with him and it started to feel pleasurable for her.

The circle around them was entranced by the slow, tender mating taking place.

Matt had unashamedly taken his boner out and was stroking it to the pair while Masha watched him. The ferret spoke up, "There's no reason to hold up the game while these two are goin' at it. Let's keep it up. Twins, it's your turn."

Lenaia was too busy kissing Kevin to speak so Isis had to, "Okay well..." She thought of something and a playful smirk came to her face. "I pick Kevin."

The meerkat heard his name. He spoke, "Dare..."

Isis smiled, "I dare you to fuck Jake in the ass, once you're done with my sister." She stuck a defiant tongue at the hyena who was honestly trying not to laugh as soon as he heard that.

Kevin laughed, "Naughty girl. Right, but until then," he grunted with Lenaia rocking against his thrusts, "I pick Georgie."

The rattess smiled like she'd expected to be called upon. "Dare" was the only word she said.

Kevin looked right at her, with a pretty mongoose impaled on his dick and another on his left arm, nibbling on his neck. He beckoned Georgie over, "I dare you to come join in on this thing, baby!"

That was all she needed to hear before her clothes flew off and she collided with the trio, kissing Kevin as deeply and strongly as she could.

Now the meerkat had three females who wanted to please him.

Georgie eventually broke the kiss when she had to catch her breath. When she could speak, she immediately turned to her brother who, like her, looked like he was just waiting. "Joseph..."

The male held Yutani close, kissed the cheetah before answering his sister, "Dare..."

George giggled, "And I dare you to fuck Isis while Kev's busy with Lenaia."

The other mongoose blushed as soon as she heard that, but when she looked at the rat, she could only smile. He's cute, she thought.

The rat laughed, kissed his girlfriend goodbye.

Yutani growled playfully, "Go get 'em, tiger!"

Joseph stripped naked then he crawled over to Isis who readily let him pull her away. He laid the female flat on her back and started right off, eating her pussy and making her squeal.

The game just broke down from there, with Joe daring Yutani to let Isis eat her out, Yutani daring Omar to fuck her, Omar daring Fish to take Joe's ass, Fish daring Eric's girlfriend Russell who consequently dragged Jake's cousin Sheila into the fray.

Eventually, there were three dateless jocks sitting on one side, Matt on the other between Masha and Amanda, both of whom were stroking his malehood as the ferret laughed, "Well... I'm surprised they lasted this long."


In Padre Island, the Romanovs' marriage counseling session had drawn to its close.

Herb and Carol showered with the bats following the thing. Herb with Nicolai, Carol with Esther, Herb consequently discovering a new side to himself as Nicolai frotted the mouse during their shower.

The mouse was pinned, but not forcibly, by the bat who expertly thrust his cock against the mouse's smaller length.

Nicolai would explain later this was part two of the counseling session, after fucking his wife, now he got to fuck the husband.

Herb didn't complain, he enjoyed being positively dominated by the older male.

Esther tried the same with Carol, but the mousette was most adamant about not letting herself be converted to gay by some hippie, nudist, nymphomaniac, lesbian bat like her.

That simply earned her another stern cussing out from Esther.

The two married couples met in the living room afterward.

Nicolai was most cheery of the four while Esther continued to glare at Carol. He happily bid the couple "Farewell, and do remember to come back, next week, same time."

He closed the door when they left and gave a hearty sigh, "Oh, they were a nice couple."

Esther shook her head as she embraced her husband, "But that wife... ugh, she's a piece of work."

He chuckled, "Occupational hazard..." his smile disappeared into a smirk before he pulled his wife into a gallant kiss fit for a big, romantic drama.

Thelma made it back and their threesome recommenced.


Sunday Morning

In Austin, Kevin yawned as he awoke, surrounded by furry bodies.

Lenaia was still on top of him, breathing softly. He shifted his hips and yes, he was still in her. He kissed the sleeping mongoose before another paw turned him to his right.

Georgie locked muzzles with the meerkat.

Joseph woke up to the very pleasing feeling of a female on his cock. She was too light to be Georgie... he opened his eyes and Yutani was sleeping next to him. He looked left and there was Isis. He looked up and it was Russell, Eric's girlfriend.

The pine marten had seen his cock standing up when she awoke and somehow felt this guy would be worth the risk of her boyfriend catching her. She put a finger to her muzzle when Joe saw her, then practically threw herself down so she could lock muzzles with this handsome, well-hung rat.

He knew it would be pointless to question it and anyway, now he'd scored his second, third and fourth female in the space of one weekend.

Russell broke the kiss when someone came up to them, she backed away but didn't stop riding Joe.

He looked up expecting to see her boyfriend. It wasn't, it was Sheila.

The hyena female smiled down at the rat, her bare breasts visible to him, "Got room for one more?"


Amanda had retreated upstairs to her room with Masha and Matthew.

She got naked and rode the teenaged ferret's long cock until he filled her.

Then, Masha let Matt have her, and Amanda laid down as she watched the ferret claim the bear's virginity.

The energetic ferret came twice in both females and now he was up again, plowing Mandy, ready to plant a third in her.

The rattess had greatly enjoyed Omar earlier today but, Matt had a certain something special about him to her. It wasn't just his hyper sexuality, though that was a plus, it was his smile, his jokes, his laid back attitude. She lamented to herself, where was a guy like him when she was in high school? Why couldn't her past boyfriends have been as cool as him? And why did he have to be sixteen?

Mandy came out of her musings once she felt the ferret's love bite as warmth rushed inside her to fill her womb with healthy, but incompatible sperms. She hardly cared about that, she didn't want kids until she was done with college and had a good husband with a good job in a nice neighborhood.

Amanda held a beautiful, trembling Matt as his stream tapered to a drizzle inside her. She comforted him and petted him.

Masha could see the untold love unfolding between those two. She climbed out of bed to give them their privacy. She still had to find Joe. She came downstairs to find the rat mating Sheila from behind. The polar bear kinda wanted him to herself, not for any selfish reason, but more practicality. Where would a large female like her fit in a cute harem like he had now? Well, number six in a harem wasn't bad and last night with Mandy and Matt made her more curious of other females now.

She got on her paws and knees then crawled right up behind Joseph. She stuck her cold wet nose in his taint and started sucking on his balls.

That broke Joe's concentration and he exploded inside Sheila, making the hyena howl in her ensuing orgasm.

The three jocks who'd soundly lost their females sat in Jake's van sharing beers. Jake laughed, "Well, this was a real fuckaroo..."

Eric shrugged, "Fuck it... I guess I'll try bein' a fag for a while then."

Reggie hugged the eagle, "Welcome to the herd." He looked across to his team captain and best friend, "And Jake... just to let you know..."

The hyena waited.

"I'm blaming you entirely for last night."

The hyena laughed, "Oh well..." He hugged Eric too.

The eagle felt warm suddenly, not in a sexual way, but a good warmth that his friends he'd played with for so many years were letting him into something he'd wanted to be a part of for so long. "So... how do we start this fuckfest, ya fags?" He playfully insulted his friends.

The hyena pressed his naked body into the eagle's; the lion pressed from the opposite side. Jake helped Eric out of hastily thrown on shorts which were tenting anyway, "Bein' naked's a good start, ya homophobe."


In Padre Island, a shiny black Cadillac convertible drove into the driveway of the Romanovs' family home. The couple inside got out, a rat and a bat, arm in arm, and they walked up to the front door.

Taylor fidgeted, "Are you sure this is a good idea, Vlady?"

The little fruit bat scoffed, "Tay, relax, we just got back from our three month honeymoon, we're refreshed and refilled and now we need some money because we blew most of it on that cruise. I'm sure Mom and Dad would understand."

Taylor still felt wrong running to his in-laws for money. He raised his fist to knock on the front door, then hesitated, "Are we sure they're even awake? It's 6:AM on a Sunday morning, people like to sleep in."

Vlad giggled, "Not them, they're probably up already fucking each other or some other poor sucker they managed to drag into their web of sexual deviance."

Taylor joked, "Like parents, like son, like son-in-law..." His eye twitched at the mental image. He exhaled then rang the doorbell.

Nicolai's voice came loud and clear from the other side "The door's unlocked! Come on in!"

Vlad recognized the strain in his Dad's voice, "Told ya."

Taylor turned the knob and was taken completely off guard by the sight of his mother, naked on her back, big breasts jiggling obscenely while Nicolai plowed her with the energy of a male half his age.

Thelma was unfazed, she'd walked in on her children enough times, it was about time they saw her in the act.

Nicolai was nearing a climax as he greeted his sons, "Hey you two, you're home from your Caribbean trip?"

Taylor only nodded.

Vlad waltzed right in, so he could get a better view of his father sinking into the lovely Thelma.

She winked at her son-in-law, "Howdy, Vlady, sorry if ya caught us at a bad time."

Taylor was about to say something when wings wrapped around him.

Esther pulled her son-in-law close so he could feel her naked body press against him.

Vlad only just looked up in time to see his mom molesting his husband. "Mom! At least ask first if you wanna borrow Taylor."

Esther was in the process of taking off Tay's pants for him, "May I use your husband, son?"

The young bat laughed in exasperation, "Yeah sure, whatever."

Then, she pulled Taylor down to the floor, just as Nicolai was unloading his seed into Thelma. Esther got on all fours and spread her vulva for Taylor to see the healthy pink between her legs.

Taylor got on his knees behind her, held her hips then happily guided himself into his mother-in-law.

She moaned delightfully as the rat stuffed her pussy, deeper than that cute mouse did the other night. She looked forward and her son was taking his clothes off before presenting his circumcised bathood to her. Nicolai was right, he was as big as his father. She backed into one of Tay's thrusts then started licking her son's penis.

Nicolai saw his wife between their sons and saw an opportunity to make things even kinkier than they already were. He whispered his plan in Thelma's ear.

The rattess blushed, but looking at the trio over there, and considering everything she'd done since she got here, she'd do anything now.

Nicolai got on his knees next to his son, presenting his own cock and Vlad's side by side to his wife.

The battess purred at seeing them together. She reached forward, pulled them forward and went down first on her husband, then on her son.

Tay nearly lost his own rhythm when he felt an extra unexpected warmth slathering his privates, precisely where his cock glided in and out of Esther.

Thelma had shamelessly stuck her muzzle underneath and was licking her son's cock as it periodically drew out of the female bat. She knew she'd finally transcended she had been taught as a good Catholic woman and now, she couldn't give less of a fuck. She would sometimes pop Taylor out long enough for her to gulp a few strands of his pre then guide him back inside her friend.

Tay had to try and pace himself so the compounding stigma of his mother sucking his cock, his mother-in-law's pussy clinching tight around his cock, his husband and father-in-law sharing Esther's mouth, none of this made him blow too fast.

It wasn't to last as long, though. As Esther climaxed around him, his mother compounded the feeling by licking his tightening sack. He threw his head back and slammed himself tight into Esther's rear as his seed flowed through her birth canal.

Vlad and Nicolai nearly hit theirs in unison, spraying bat cum all over Essie's open mouth and face.

Thelma pushed her son down on his back and impaled herself on his still spurting cock, she took what he had left, then began rocking her hips to make him give her more.

Esther turned and did the same for Vlad, letting her son mount her, knowing full well, unlike Nicolai or Thelma, she was still fully intact and capable of breeding more pups.

Nicolai sat back and watched, stroking himself to the sight before him, "Fucking around..." He looked aside to no one in particular, "Everyone does it..." He laughed to himself as his son bred himself a new brother or sister with his own mother.

The End

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