Pokémon: Darkest Taboo, Pt43

Story by Logan Storm on SoFurry

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#44 of Pokémon - Darkest Taboo

Sorry its a tad bit shorter than the others, any way hope you enjoy it I know Jack and the Buneary did! ^_~


Looking down in to those innocent sparkling eyes looking up at him as if the lewd act she was performing was someone else doing and not hers, the Buneary's little moans and whimpers only endeared herself into heart as her small warm tongue snaked around the partly engulfed bulbous head of his boy-hood between her thick black lips.

Jack could not help but feel a strange mixture of arousal and a soft gooey sensation of looking upon something so adorably cute she was so sweet....sweet like cherry pie and she could have done anything she liked to him and he would not have been able to deny her a single thing but he could tell by the way her small rabbit like head bobbed slightly just what it was she wanted.

"Mnnnnnnn so good, please...please take me next...make me evolve to please!"

The small Buneary whimpered releasing his small yet thick member from her embrace, with a few cute grunts and squeaks she eased herself off of him before getting down on to her hands and knees where she presented herself to him.

"Please...please Jack please I can take it I swear please put it inside of me please!"

Came her soft pleading voice again, it was like a soft angelic caress against his very soul, how could he say no to her how could he be mean and make her wait any longer than she already had.

Taking a slow deep breath he rolled on to his side before pushing himself to his knees and shuffling up behind her, his erect muscle bouncing slightly as he does so until he was pressing himself against the large puff of creamy fur which made her give a sudden intake of breath as if she half expected him to unceremoniously just ram himself up inside of her like most male Pokémon would and had done to her in the past.

Instead she suddenly felt his hand gently running along the fur between her ears sending a wonderful relaxing sensation running through her tiny body, a slight churring sound left the Buneary's muzzle as she nuzzled up against his hand almost instinctively while another hand gently eased it way under her as if to help hold some of her own weight.

She blushed brightly wondering why he wasn't just rutting her like some horny animal then she felt his hand replaced by his lips caressing the base of one ear before kissing it way towards the other.

The petite Pokémon wanted to ask why he didn't just slam himself in and blast his load inside of her after all that was how thing where normally done in the wild then she remembered he was a Human and perhaps they did things differently.

The adorable sounds escaping her lips seemed to encourage him more as she felt her head being turned slightly as his own face leans around her to kiss her thick yet small black lips, the Buneary's ears drooped while her eyes glazed over.

It felt so magical so mystical as her heart began to pound while every touch of his fingertips felt like the touch of Arceus himself, her head felt light and giddy while her stomach felt as if a swarm of Buttefree where fluttering around inside of it.

Leaning in to another kiss she raised her tiny paws behind her head to softly clasp his cheek not wishing to let this moment end, it was at that point she felt his blunt bulb like gland touch and press through her creamy puff of fur until finally touching her lower lips sending a sudden thrill of pleasure rippling through her.

Breaking the kiss the small Rabbit Pokémon returned her paws to the ground grasping at the grass as she steadies her trembling body, her haunches still presented to Jack as the sensation of her entrance starting to stretch around the sheer girth of his bulbous head as he applies more and more pressure made her grit her teeth and squeeze her eyes tightly closed.

She could tell he was trying hard to be gentle with her but still the pinching sensation had become a sharp burning pain as she was gradually opened up and his tip forced in through her tiny vaginal entrance, oh she was by no means a virgin but she may as well have been since he was bigger than any of male Pokémon she had put out for.

Panting deeply she kept her head facing forwards her eyes still closed not daring to look back to see just how much more he had left to ease up inside of her, it felt as if he had eased a good foot or two of man meat inside of her until at last she felt his bulb push past her opening and into her tight hot passage way.


She squirmed realising just how little was so far inside of her, Jack paused a concerned look upon his face only to have her partly open her eyes and smile slightly to him with a reassuring nod for him to continue.

"If you're sure?"

He whispered taking a deep gulp of air before drawing her small frame towards him while pushing his hips in towards her firm little rear, his hands easily enclosed her waist as little by little he fed her all most painfully tight passage more and more of his length before stopping at her minuet cervix.

Panting hard her small chest heaving with rapid deep breaths she could feel the thick rock like intrusion deep inside of her parting her inner walls further than she even though possible, the Buneary was completely at her limits in her body's ability to accommodate the Human.

"Shhhhh it's okay!.....It's okay!"

Jack softly hushed her with a soft tender tone to his voice, his hand gently running along her back stroking her fur to reassure her as even then he didn't start to hammer into her, even if he had be inclined to he doubt he could have she was just too tight to even try such a thing.

After a few minutes he could feel her passage way loosen slightly though nowhere near enough for him to do anything but move slowly though the vice like grasp of her inner walls, her back arched up towards him as she tried to make it more easier on him but even this did little to help.

Thankfully he only had two inches to ease out before his bulbous head was all that remained inside of the panting tiny whimpering bundle of fur before grasping her hips firmly drawing her towards himself as he applied only as much force as was necessary.


The small Buneary screamed out as her body shook and clawed at the ground as her Human lover began to breed with her, gradually the burning pain was replaced with a intense pleasurable glow as her body began to finally adapt to the size difference of their bodies.

Her sexual juices began to flow more and more freely in her body's attempt make the transaction of the males seed that much more easier, she doubted she was going to last for more than a few more seconds as Jack's strokes began to sink to a rhythm now.

The Buneary's mind began to wander as mist seemed to fill her pleasure addled mind she was grunting and moaning between gasped breaths as her body jerked with each of grinding thrust of her lover's hips, the feel of that wonderful thick bulbous head moving inside of her little Pokémon body.

She could feel the hot pressure building deep within her loins as she bucked and trembled in unbridled bliss.


She never finished that sentence as she shrieks out loudly her climax hitting her with a force of pure ecstasy she had never felt before as for a third time a blinding bright light began to emanate from the Rabbit Pokémon as she began to evolve.

Her form grow longer allowing him to push all the way down to the hilt of his man hood, he couldn't see as much as he shielded his eyes form the light but her body was changing in ways that would be both awe inspiring and terrifying at the same time.

As she transformed her head lifted back as she was still in the throes of her climax with Jack, though he was unable to see he could feel the changes as he was accepted further inside of her as she became more capable of accommodating his girth and then the glow faded to reveal himself mounted no longer over a wild Buneary but a wild Lopunny.

At first the Lopunny seemed a little disoriented then as her senses began to reach an equilibrium she turned her head and fixed the Human with a wicked knowing smile that made the colour drain from his face and a shiver to run down his spine.

The first he knew of her plans for him was when she darted forwards grudgingly letting his member ease from within her before twisting around and lurching forwards to push Jack down on to his back with her astride his hips, her paws all ready levering his shaft in to position before slowly sinking back down over his bulbous head letting him watch as he stretched her lower lips into a wide 'O' shape.

In seconds the tip nudged and with a little effort eased in through her opening once more, a groan of lewd hunger leaving her lips as she felt the sudden satisfaction of reaching her orgasm when she had been just a small Buneary replaced by the need of a fully evolved and sexually active Lopunny.

"Mnnnnnn its fits so perfectly now...every last inch feels so good inside of me!"

She whispers leaning down to press her lips to his ear as she speaks to him, in turn he could feel her soft warm fur caressing his bare skin, softly with tender strokes of her thick black lips she kisses her way across his cheek before slamming her mouth to his forcing her tongue to dominate the Humans in a deep passionate kiss.

All most instantly Jack felt light headed as her hips raised up before slamming back down with so much force that his pelvis creaked loudly under the impact followed by the continued pressure of her hips leaning down against his then raising her pretty lift cotton tail once more she lifted up only to slide down over his twitching member again and again with long rapid pistoning motions.

While Jack had gone easy on her showing her gentleness she wasn't about to return the favour as she showed him just how Pokémon did it out in the wild, she could feel the Humans hands easing long her firm taunt rear as she hammered against him while her tongue continued to dance along his.

Finally breaking the kiss her paws slammed either side of his head as she looks down into his face enjoying the expression her Human lover made as she mated with him, her long beautiful ears draping down over her back as she grunted and let out cute lust full sounds from her slightly parted muzzle.


She cries out forgetting his Team where asleep the other side of the tent well save for two who had set all this up and where getting a better show than they had hoped for.


The Lopunny shouted in pure pleasure, she could feel the tell tale signs of his man-hood throbbing and jerking deep inside of her as she eased his entire length in and out back and forth through her moist slick opening.

Her hips slapped noisily against his as she hammered against him with all she had determined to make him release inside of her in gratitude before helping he revolve.

On her last downward thrust she applied more pressure adjusting her angle slightly as she felt her cervix begin to dilate then give way to his bulb like head, taking him up into her womb something that proved to be too much for him to handle.


Was all he could cries as the burning ball of heat at the base of his man-hood shot forwards through his length and into the very depths of her body flooding her with his warm virile cream trigging in turn her own no less intense orgasm.

Collapsing over him the Lopunny panted deeply her eyes glazed over and a stupid grin about her face as they basked in mutual sense of euphoria in each other's arms.

It would take them a good ten minutes before either of them would come down from their afterglow and another two before even having the breath or energy to speak.

"That...*pants* how...*pants* wild Pokémon...*pants*mate!"

The wild Lopunny whispers faintly her chest heaving rapidly over top of his as she chirrs contentedly, the fire in her loins having been extinguished with Jacks warm seed held safely inside of her.

She had no idea if Humans and Pokémon could have young but if it was possible she would gladly have his PokéEgg maybe she and her two other sister would ride him again as they had as Buneary's but this time as Lopunny's.

Meanwhile Toph and Bunny just sat there blinking neither of them able to speak their jaws wide open in surprise, they had expected a good show but this had excelled all of their expectations.

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