From the streets.

Story by DeathAvenged on SoFurry

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#1 of A lost princess.

I got bored....might do more with it but not sure yet.

"STOP THAT THEIF!!!" A large group of guards yelled as they ran down the streets between buildings and cart vendors. They were chasing a young feline girl down the street after she had been caught stealing a small loaf of bread from a street vendor. The girl hissed and looked over her shoulder at the guards as they chased her. She had to lose them if she wanted to keep her freedom as well as her head. She turned down one street after another, looking over her shoulder every few minutes. She thought she would be free from the chase soon but sadly right as she looked back again she collided with a fruit cart that was making it's way across the market place. She let out a yelp as she toppled over to the ground with the cart, melons and apples rolling down the dusty street while the cart owner began raising hell at her. The girl shook her head some with a groan before scrambling to get up. She wasn't fast enough and was soon grabbed by the scruff of her neck and pulled up by the lead guard who was panting hard as he glared down at her, the stallion huffing as he spoke. "Got you bitch..." The girl hissed and folded her ears back against her head as she was forced to drop the bread she had stolen so her hands could be bound behind her back. She was tossed over the guards shoulders and carried off to the large palace in the distance.

Once in the castle the cool air from inside the dark throne room hit her and made her fur fluff up. She soon let out a grunt as she was roughly dropped to the floor. Her grunt echoed through the throne room as she landed. She hissed and spit at the guard who only slapped her in response. She shook her head and growled as she slowly got herself to sit up on the floor, her tail thrashing around in anger as she looked around her before her ears caught the sound of boots on the floor. She looked to see two large male wolves walked into the room. The oldest one was covered in jet black fur, bright blue eyes with a coldness behind them, short brown hair that was messy dispite servants attempts at getting it brushed. The second was a brown wolf with white markings, bright green eyes with no emotion what so ever in them as if he was bored. His hair was longer then his brothers and pulled back in a low pony tail. The black wolf looked to the guard for a moment as the stallion stepped forward to speak to them.

"My kings...we caught this little flea bag stealing a loaf of bread at the market...we had to give chase to her to catch her." The wolves looked to each other before the youngest one sighed and looked to the girl who was glaring up at the stallion and getting ready to kick him in the back of one knee when the wolf spoke, startling her. "Don't even think about it cat...what made you think you had the right to steal some bread?" The feline looked to him as she growled softly, her ears flattening against her head as she huffed to them but refused to answer. The stallion moved back behind her, grabbing her by the back of her hair and pulling hard, making her wince in pain as he growled. "Answer the" The girl hissed and growled before she finally answered. " I needed was a small loaf...the only reason your moron guard caught me was because I collided with a fucking fruit cart!" Celeste kicked the guard in the leg after twisting her body around. The stallion grunted and was about to slap her when the black wolf stood and stopped him. There was a small grin on the males face. His brother rolled his eyes and mumbled something under his breathe and looked away as the wolf made his way to them.

The guard moved away after letting go of the felines hair. Once the wolf was close enough to get a better look he twitched his ears, walking around her slowly. Her fur looked to be a dingy shade of grey, dirty from her life on the streets, her hair was tangled a bit and fell down to her lower back and was jet black in color. After a moment of silence he looked into her bright emerald green eyes as she looked up at him with anger. " Hmm...normally we throw misfits like you into a cell for a few weeks or longer for something like this....but your spunky and amusing to you will be our pet." The feline blinked and looked just as shocked as his brother was. " Are you out of your mind? Who in their right mind would want this flea ridden cat as a pet?!" The wolf looked to his brother and growled. " is going to happen..." He looked to a near by servant, motioning her over. The little bunny walked over and looked up at him as he smiled some. "Take her to the baths...clean her up and dress her...then bring her back here." The bunny nodded and helped the feline up before ushering her out of the throne room.

Once the bunny got the girl to the bathes she stopped in her tracks and looked around. The bathing room was large with a marble floor. A large pool like tub was in the middle of the room sunnk down into the floor with steps down into the water and nude servant girls in the water waiting. They all looked to the girl and then to each other knowing it would take a while. The bunny behind her cut the bindings on her wrists. The feline was about to run off when the bunny stopped her and stripped her of the rags she was wearing. The girl tried to protest and push the girl back but she was gently pushed to the steps. The water was warm against the girls skin as she was forced back. The water only came up to around her hips. the servant girls soon surrounded her and began scrubbing her fur roughly while the feline tried stopping them. The last thing they done was get her hair cleaned up. When she was done with the bath they got her out and dried her off before brushing her hair free of tangles then pulling it into a low braid with a thin gold chain worked in. She was dressed in a thin harem style outfit that was bright red with gold chains around her hips and around her neck. When she was done the bunny led her back to the throne room.

The bunny walked back into the throne room, looking up to the kings while the stallion stood beside the oldest of the brothers. "My lords...looks are deceiving..." The wolves and stallion looked to her confused before another servant gently pushed the feline into the throne room. She hissed at the girl while the bunny grabbed her wrist and pulled her along. Both brothers looked floored. Her fur wasn't grey at all it was pure white and silky, her long tail fluffy and twitching in anger as she looked away from them. The oldest shook his head and stood up, moving to her. He walked around her slowly, looking over her, looking at the outfit that was sheer fabric in some places while darker around her breasts and crotch area. "Whoa.....flea bag huh?" He looked to his brother who grumbled. "Oh shut up Eric..." Eric grinned and shook his head some, waving his brother off before moving to gently lift the girls head by her chin to look at her only for her to his and bite his hand. Eric growled and shook his hand after pulling it away. "Damn...looks like a flower but bites like a snake..." The feline hissed and stepped back from him as the stallion started to make his way over only for Eric to stop him. Eric looked at the girl and spoke softly. "What is your name?" She folded her ears back against her head as she stared at him in silence for a moment before she spoke softly. "Isabelle..." Eric smiled faintly and slowly moved to her. "Take her to my room for the night...make sure she can't escape." The stallion nodded and moved to her, using his sword to nudge her towards the door leading farther into the castle.

The stallion soon locked Celeste in a large bedroom after going up a few flights of stairs. She growled as she heard the door lock from the outside. She growled and sighed, crossing her arms as she looked around the room seeing several paintings on the walls. She looked to the large bed that was against one of the walls covered in beautiful blankets with a canopy over it. She twitched her ears and huffed a bit. "Royals..." She walked around the room as she looked around, a few swords hung from the walls by one of the paintings of the two brothers with their parents. She folded her ears back and moved to the large glass doors that lead out to a balcony. She pulled one of the doors open and stepped outside, looking to see a huge garden that spread out from the back of the castle. She stood her ears up and looked out at the garden as she put her hands on the railing of the balcony. She swayed her tail around slowly as she leaned on it some as the smell of the flowers hit her with a breeze. A few minutes later Eric walked into the room, closing the door behind him. He looked around the room before spotting the open door to the balcony. He raised a brow and walked outside, the boots he wore hitting the floor softly as he slowed his steps down. Isabelle twitched her right ear before it flicked towards his direction. "Your not as silent as you like to think..." She turned her head and looked at him over her shoulder before looking back out at the garden.

Eric grinned and gave a bit of a shrug before moving up beside her, looking out as the sun began to set for the evening. "I have to at least try to be sneaky..." Isabelle glanced to him before shaking her head some and looking down at her hands, grumbling a bit before she finally turned to him with her hands on her hips. " I'm not a pet..." Eric looked to her and grinned faintly before looking away. "It is either be a pet or a prisoner....the guards like to play with the females that get locked up and I will tell you know they are not gentle." Isabelle hissed softly and growled as her tail curled around her legs tightly while she crossed her arms and looked away from him. Eric laughed softly and turned to face her, moving a bit closer to her as he used his fingers to turn her head to look at him. " isn't as bad as you think it will be...depending on if you end up in my brothers care for a while." Isabelle stiffened up as she glared at him before he led her back inside, leaving the door open before moving to light a few lanterns. Isabelle looked down at the floor while Eric began moving his clothing, tossing it over a chair by his closet. Once he was down to nothing but his pants he looked to her, watching her before moving over to her and gently running his fingers along the back of her shoulders as he moved behind her. "Take your clothing off Isabelle."

Isabelle growled and shook her head a bit. Eric grinned some and gripped the bottom of the top, pulling it up and off of her, exposing her breasts before she realized what had happened. She covered her breasts with her arms and whipped around to look at him, the fur on her cheeks turning a bright shade of pink as she backed away from him. Eric slowly moved towards her, chuckling when she hit the bed and fell back with a mew. Eric moved to her and pinned her down, his hands pinning her wrists down to the bed after pulling them from over her breasts. He looked down at her as she struggled under him, trying to get him off of her. He stopped her when his lips pressed into her own. Isabelle went wide eyed when she realized he was being gentle even with keeping her pinned down his grip wasn't tight and she wasn't feeling pain from his grip. Isabelle hesitated but slowly started to relax as she returned the kiss, blushing when he pulled back and licked at her cheek. He kissed down along her neck slowly until he was now over her breasts. He let go of her wrists and cupped her breasts, kneading the large orbs of flesh in his hands before taking one of her nipples into his mouth and suckling gently on it before giving it a light bite. Isabelle shuddered in pleasure, blushing more and letting out a soft gasp. "D..Don't...Please stop." Isabelle tried to push him back but he stayed firm, hearing the hesitation in her voice as he suckled harder on her nipple while his tongue rolled over the hard nub of flesh before he let go and whispered. "Do you really want me to stop?"

Isabelle growled a bit when she heard the question then shook her head that she wanted him to continue. Eric grinned and began licking his way down along her stomach. He buried his nose into her fur, taking in her scent that was mixed with the jasmine scented oils from the bath water she had been in. AS he got down to her pants he gently pulled them down then off of her body, leaving her bare under him with the exception of the gold chains decorating her body. He looked down at her, smiling faintly before his head went between her legs. His tongue came out and began licking along her slit slowly as he rubbed his finger tips along her inner thighs. Isabelle laid her head back with a soft gasp coming from her when she felt his tongue against her slit. She let out a soft moan and lightly gripped at the bed covers under her. Eric wagged his tail a bit as he began licking at her pussy a bit more then before, his tongue rubbing over her clit a few times before using one of his hands to pull open her pussy. His tongue soon pushed into her pussy, beginning to slowly rub around against her inner walls only drawing more moans from her as her hips moved against his tongue some while her back arched up a bit. She growled a bit and curled her tail around his chest lightly. He shifted and pushed his tongue deeper into her for a moment before slowly pulling back and licking her pussy softly a few times. When he stood up he uncurled her tail from his chest. He pulled his pants down soon after, his thick ten in cock fully erect. He threw his pants off to the side and moved up over her body, pressing his lips to hers once more.

Isabelle blushed as she returned the kiss with him, growling softly as he pushed his tongue into her mouth, giving her a taste of herself as he did. Eric gently spread her legs a bit more as he pressed the tip of his cock against her pussy, deepening the kiss with her before he pushed his entire length into her. Isabelle broke the kiss with a moan coming from her as she laid her head back, her blush as bright as it could possibly get. Eric began thrusting into her hard and slow, leaning his head down to bite along her shoulder a few times before licking where he had bitten. Isabelle let out a little purr that was cut off by another moan. Eric grinned as he looked down at her while thrusting his cock into her a bit faster, the dull thud sound of his hips hitting against her as he thrust filled the room along with her moans as she arched up a bit, her own hips beginning to push against his as she wrapped her legs around him lightly. Eric let out a soft groan as he cupped one of her breasts in his hands, squeezing and kneading his fingers into it hard a few times before he pinched her nipple then twisting it lightly. Isabelle let out another moan before suddenly flipping them so she was on top, the movement catching Eric off guard and leaving him a bit stunned. Eric wasn't used to a girl taking control and it showed as he stared up at Isabelle who looked down at him with her hands against his chest, her hips grinding on him hard and slow making him grunt a bit.

Eric let her have control for now, laying his head back and staring up at her as she began moving her hips on him hard and slow, her claws lightly raking into his skin as she kept her hands pressed into his chest. She closed her eyes and folded her ears back a bit as she began riding him a bit faster then before, her breasts starting to bounce with her movements on him as she bit her bottom lip with a muffled moan coming from her. Eric grinned some, his hands resting on her thighs and massaging into them as she began moving harder and faster then before, the fur on her inner thighs wet from their juices as she moved on him. Her pussy clenched and rubbed along his cock with each move she made on him, the wet sounds of her riding him beginning to mix with her moans and his little growls. Isabelle opened her eyes with her cheeks still a light pink as she stared down at him, panting softly between her moans as she began feeling herself getting closer to cumming. Eric grinned more and flipped them back over, pinning her down into the blankets as his hands gripped a hold of her hips. He began pounding his cock into her as it throbbed hard with each thrust he made. He let out a grunt when her hands gripped his arms and her claws dug right into him, her back arching up as she let out a loud moan as her hips slammed back into his own. By now his knot was beginning to form and hit against her pussy lips. He leaned down, pressing his lips to her in a deep kiss as he slammed his hips into hers harder then before until with a loud wet sound his knot popped into her, locking him with her. He growled into the kiss as she began bucking into his movements harder then before, her orgasm hitting her soon after as her pussy clamped down on his cock and knot, her juices washing over his cock as she broke the kiss with a loud cry of pleasure coming from her. Eric closed his eyes tightly, growling as he slammed into her once more, the tip of his cock pressing into her cervix as he throbbed hard with each spurt of cum that came from him. He soon went still over her, both beginning to pant heavily as she opened her eyes and looked up at him.

After a few minutes Eric rolled them so she was on top of him as he leaned back into the pillows of the bed. Isabelle let out a groan and relaxed on him, her tail swaying around slowly behind her as Eric reached up and gently rubbed the base of her left ear, making her stiffen up and begin purring. She closed her eyes and leaned her head into the rubbing which made Eric grin big as he watched her. She was beautiful now that he was laying there watching her, looking over the bright white fur of her body with the gold chains still on her and from the looks of it a bit tangled into the fur now. Eric stopped rubbing and sat up a bit more, beginning to slowly pull the chains off of her body, untangling them from her fur. Isabelle opened her eyes with a confused look but tilted her head some as she watched him. Eric looked to her and grinned some. "It will be hell if you fall asleep with them on...the tangles would be worse then they are now." Isabelle twitched her ears and nodded some, pushing some of her bangs out of her eyes as she looked at him the entire time. When he finished he let the chains drop down to the floor beside the bed then laid back again. Isabelle laid on him, her breasts pressing into him as she laid her head down on him, listening to his heart beating as she closed her eyes to rest.

While Isabelle and Eric were falling asleep his brother was outside the bedroom door having listened to the entire encounter. He folded his ears back and growled softly as he moved to walk down to his own room after summoning one of the female servants for the night. When he got to his room he paced around with a snarl. "Just bloody fucking great....that sap of a man taking in another stray...a beautiful one...but still...this whole sharing a kingdom is bullshit and will have to change..." As he spoke with himself he looked into a mirror on his own wall, staring at his reflection for a few minutes watching as his reflection smiled back to him while he stood there until a knock sounded on the door.

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