When World's Collide: Chapter 5

Story by Cee-Jayy on SoFurry

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#5 of When World's Collide

Chris is interrogated by the humans about the mass killing, but also learns about Drake's dark past. Alvanax seeks his revenge on Sareth.

Chapter 5

Drake smiled to himself, looking at Chris' peaceful face and the soft rise and fall of his bare chest as he slept quietly. He dragged his hand over his hair, caressing it gently. It perplexed him how strongly he felt for him. The holographic clearing slowly faded into darkness, the stars going out one by one. Then a door slid open, and in walked Sareth.

"Put some clothes on, we have a problem. Clean yourself up first, you're a mess".

Drake slowly got out of bed, trying not to disturb Chris. His old soldiers uniform were still in the storage unit, untouched since the day he left. He put them on, the material reminiscent of darker days.

He looked at a holographic screen on his forearm, pressed a button and the uniform turned black like the night sky. He had a feeling he was going to need this.

When he walked out he was greeted by the worried looks of Sareth and his father. "From the smell of that room I'm guessing the merge is complete" Said Sareth, turning her nose up at Drake.

"It is completed, so you can do no harm to Chris. This whole ordeal has already taken a toll on him, and I won't subject him to any more suffering than what he has already endured". Bringing harm onto a merged Dragon was one of the most heinous crimes in the Dragon World.

The Councillor stepped in, "I'm afraid it's not that simple. The humans are demanding to question him. Did you think slaughtering twelve men would just go unnoticed? They found his belongings where you tore through them. We can't keep him here; the contract forbids it. We can't afford to start a war, Son".

"To hell with the humans! You know how barbaric they can be, if they even suspected anything going on between Chris and I they would_bury_ him! I'm not letting them near him. They fear what they don't know. Which is one thing we have in common with them it seems" Drake protested, looking at the disgusted looks on their faces.

"We are not going to jeopardise our chances of getting off this planet over one measly human, whether you are merged or not" Sareth spat back, which was met by a growl from Drake who stepped towards her. Sareth moved closer to him, baring her teeth, never afraid to back down from a fight with her brother.

"Stop! She's right, Drake" Chris said, walking into the hallway with nothing but a bed sheet wrapped around him. Sareth wondered how he even understood the conversation; they were speaking in the Dragon tongue. In the same moment she found her answer, looking at the small translator in Chris' ear. Her idiotic brother must have given him one.

"I'll go. I don't want anymore fighting". Drake began to protest when Chris put up a hand, silencing him. "I've made up my mind. Unless you're going to keep me locked up, I'm going. Tensions between humans and dragons are high as it is, and someone needs to answer for what happened in that clearing. My family will be wondering where I am anyways".

Chris stepped towards the councillor "How many did you say were in the clearing? Twelve? I counted thirteen of them, what happened to the other one?"

The councillor folded his arms, refusing to indulge the human on Dragon affairs.

"Wait" Chris said, looking away absent-mindedly. "That was Alvanax's guest he was talking about. Is he still alive? You can't keep him here, if the humans find out that Alvanax has done anything to him..."

"Don't presume to think you have any right to be meddling in our business, human" hissed Sareth, getting annoyed at how comfortable Chris seemed around them.

Drake held his hand, trying to reason "At least let me go with you, I can't leave you with them by yourself. Whatever happens to you happens to me remember? I don't trust them, you're a target out of association". Drake had never had to plead like this before; it felt strange. He couldn't help but hate how this merge forced him to be so vulnerable.

Chris laughed, "It hasn't even been a day merged and we're already threatening and guilting each other. We're a dangerous combination, you and I". Drake felt a little stung by that remark, but smiled in agreement "Two stars inevitably destined to crash into each other" Drake snickered, his fears of being vulnerable seemed to fade away when he looked into Chris' eyes. God, the urge to take him was never stronger.

"Ahem" Sareth interrupted "Before you two start fucking in the hall, let's not forget about the situation at hand". Chris smiled, still looking into Drakes eyes and never broke eye contact "Tell the humans you found me injured by one of the hunters, and you were treating me, that'll lull them over for at least one more fuck, no?"

Sareth let out a slight smirk. The human's unabashed attitude was growing on her. The High Councillor chimed in "This is no time for games, get dressed. We leave within the hour". He walked away, wondering why he wasted his time with these sex-crazed younglings. "I need to go speak with my father, I'll be back" Drake kissed Chris on the lips and followed the councillor.

"Wait, Sareth" Chris called after her as she began to walk away. "I need to talk with you, please" he opened the door to Drakes room and motioned her inside. With a stern roll of her eyes she walked into the room, arms crossed. "This better be quick, or I won't be as nice as the last time you asked me to talk".

Chris walked in and dressed in front of her; unashamed as there was nothing of him she hadn't seen before. "I wanted to thank you, for helping Drake get to me. I know Alvanax would not have been happy with that". She scoffed at the thought of her helping him.

"I didn't do it for you, human, I did it for my brother. And don't pretend like you care what Alvanax does to me".

Chris frowned "I do care. Besides the fact that Drake is your brother, I don't like the thought of you being hurt because of me. Why haven't you told anyone? Drake and your father probably don't know, or Alvanax wouldn't be alive right now".

"What do you know of anything? You spend one night with a dragon and presume to know how we are? Or see one little exchange between the general and I and think you know our relationship? I don't need advice or help from you. I've dealt with Alvanax long before you were born and I'll deal with him now".

She began to storm out. "You like it, don't you? The way he treats you. But you don't know what he'll do now. I'm willing to bet you've never disobeyed him like this before". She stopped dead in her tracks, back turned to Chris. The rage trembled through her body, and she had to do everything in her power to not pounce.

"Don't you fucking dare" she turned around and faced him. Chris had his arms folded. "Don't you even try to analyse this situation... You're out of godamn depth, human. Did you think because my brother unwillingly got stuck with you that we would become the best of friends? You just... Just stay out this" she stumbled for words, which was never like her.

"Be angry at me if it helps. Just do whatever it is you need to do to keep yourself safe" Chris thought of placing a hand on her shoulder, but his better judgement decided against it, in fear he might never see that hand again.

"Know that I won't say a word. And it probably doesn't help coming from such an inferior creature as myself, but if you ever need to talk, I'm here. You can have this hardened exterior; I get it. But I barely got a glimpse of what kind of evil that dragon is capable of, I can't bare to think of what you've seen, or endured'.

She looked at him, the thrum of her heartbeat reverberating in her ear. She could feel heat radiating off her shaky body, nothing could get under her scales as much as this human could. The audacity of it! Clenching her fist, she stormed off in fear that she might do something regrettable.

"Father, I need to do this" Drake pleaded.

"Absolutely not. I will not have you spark a war when we are potentially so close to achieving our goals. I'm sorry that you've merged with Chris, but whether you're my blood or not, I will take appropriate action if you so much as step one toe off this ship. I won't have you jeopardising what I've worked so hard to put in place".

"They won't even know I'm there, I'll take a handful of soldiers and shadow them, just to be sure he is safe. Has it been so long you can't even remember what it feels like to have that connection?"

That last sentence rang through the Councillors ears, and hit him at his core. In an instant he stretched his arm out and landed a solid backhand on the side of Drakes face, the audible contact echoing through the empty halls.

"You ever speak of that again, and I will have you locked in stasis. You are to stay here. That is final", there was venom in his words as he hissed them through clenched teeth. He composed himself, turned and walked down the hall.

It didn't really hurt, Drake was physically stronger than his father, but it was the gesture that stung all the same. He was not going to let Chris be handed over to the humans by himself, unprotected. He was going to protect Chris with or without his father's help.

Chris hugged Drake tight, pulling himself closer into his warm body. Drake buried his maw into Chris' hair, kissing him lightly and caressing his head. They looked into each other's eyes and Chris could see the anguish on his face. He placed a hand on Drake's cheek, and as always Drake leaned into it, calming himself slightly.

"Don't worry, if I can handle a psychotic Dragon General I can handle some puny humans. We've only been going out for a week, I don't want to call in couples therapy for separation anxiety already" he smirked, pecking Drake on the nose.

"Shrinks are the least of my worries. If you're in trouble, you yell as loud as you can, you hear me? Because I'll hear you. I will come to you. I will always come to you" he pulled Chris in for one last kiss, and it felt like it lasted forever, but it wasn't long enough.

"Time to go", said the High Councillor as he placed a hand on Chris' shoulders, leading him away. They stepped out of the large airlock and began to walk down a hill, at the end of which sat a hummer, with a tall man in a black trench coat leaned against it.

He took his hand out of his pocket, "Detective Carter", he stretched his hand out, and the Councillor reluctantly obliged and shook it. He looked down at Chris, who was a lot calmer than he thought he would be.

"And you must be Chris", he offered his hand and Chris took it, "you've caused quite a stir down at the station. Why don't we go and have a little chat".

Chris saw the entourage of military personnel that was behind the hummer; there were at least three more, all with soldiers in them. Tensions really were high. He hopped into the door that the Detective held open for him, and looked at all the surrounding vehicles.

Every eye was stuck on him, and he had never felt more alien in his life. The car started to move, and the ship slowly faded away into the night.

"What happens now?" he asked the detective.

"Well, I'll be taking you into the station for questioning. We'll go from there".

A police station? Chris didn't think so. This was much bigger than local police, and much bigger than a local detective. Something was up, he could feel it.

"Seems like an awful lot of manpower for one Uni student" Chris asked, testing the detective for how much he would divulge.

"It's not your everyday missing persons case, if you haven't noticed"

"H-how long have I been missing for?" he asked, the sudden reality of time hitting him hard.

Detective Carter turned around in his seat, looking at Chris with worry "You've been missing for over 72 hours".

WHAT?! 72 hours?! Chris thought, suddenly very aware that he hadn't even given thought to how long he was unconscious for. There were no windows in the ship, so he had no concept of day/night and no idea what time it really was.

Carter was teeming with questions, but he had to wait until they were in the proper setting. This meeting definitely needed to be recorded.

"So when did the local police get access to military support?" Chris questioned.

"That's enough questions until we get to the station".

Chris started to the think about his parents. He felt sick. It began from the bottom of his stomach and worked it's way out, guilt slowly took over him and all he could think of was what a horrible son he was. They probably thought he was dead.

Unbeknownst to the humans below, above them silently gliding into the night sky Drake followed them. He kept out of sight, his scales and uniform making him basically invisible from those on the ground.

Eventually they arrived at Crestwood police station, and Chris was escorted inside into an interrogation room. He sat down on the chair, under the cold harsh light, suddenly aware of how sweaty he was.

"So", Detective Carter started, placing some unopened files on the table as he sat down.

"Let's start at the beginning. Please state your full name for the record".

"Christopher Robertson"

"Christopher, can you tell me why your bag, which had your I.D in it, came to be in Georges Forrest 3 days ago, on the 13th of August?"

"I go to Georges Forrest all the time to relax, almost once a week".

"It also happened to be in the middle of a mass murder crime scene. Can you tell me how that came to be?"

Chris shuffled in his seat, and placed his hands on the table. "I was talking to a friend in a clearing, when these men showed up with guns, and were threatening to kill us".

"Who is this friend?"

"His names Drake. He's... He's a dragon"

"A dragon" Carter repeated, looking at Chris suspiciously.

"Yes, a dragon. We met in the clearing, and we've been talking for a few days. It's unusual, but not illegal last time I checked"

"No Mr Robertson it is not, although murder is" he opened the file he had on the table, and they were photographs of the mangled corpses, or what was left of some of them.

"Mr Robertson these were not done by humans, those wounds were inflicted by a dragon. Now as much as I pressed the issue I don't have clearance to request the dragon for questioning, for diplomatic reasons I'm not concerned about. But we can question you"

Chris leaned back into his chair, and folded his arms "They tried to kill us, and he saved us. That was self-defence. If he hadn't, they would have shot and probably mounted both our heads above their fireplace. That's all there's to it. One of the men injured me, and the dragons took me in and treated me until I was better"

Carter wasn't convinced. "Then why not take you to a hospital, why did they take you to their ship? Over a decade and only a handful of the most powerful people in the entire world have stepped foot onto that ship for more than an hour and you managed to get in there for over two days"

"I don't know what you want me to say, I was attacked, Drake saved me and they took care of me. You're not going to find any thing going on here; I'm not a dragon spy. You know as well as I do that the dragons aren't stupid enough to give me any real information and I don't have information for them that they couldn't Google themselves. There's nothing to learn from this"

A voice from the intercom interrupted them "Oh I wouldn't say there's nothing to learn from this, Christopher" the anonymous man sounded English, he had a pretentious tone about him. Chris looked passed the Detective to what he assumed to be a one-way mirror.

"I don't like talking to faceless men" Chris said, he had enough of strangers on the other side of one-way mirrors, so he turned his attention back to Carter. "I told you, I've done nothing wrong, and unless you have something to charge me with I'd like to speak with my parents".

A door opened and in walked a tall, skinny old man wearing a dull grey suit. He had white hair, and little of it left. His circular glasses were gold, thin and hung off his big hooked nose. "Hello Mr Robertson, my apologies. I should introduce myself properly" He looked at Detective Carter, stepping aside to make way for him to leave. Carter looked at Chris, sighed and reluctantly got up and left the room.

"My name is Dr Ciril Anguis, one of the government's leading scientists on dragon physiology", he stretched his hand over the table, and Chris shook it. He was cold to the touch.

"Well I'm no expert on dragon physiology, and I don't think they've given me access to any medical data so I don't know how much help I can be to you". The Dr looked strained as he forced a smile at Chris, and Chris could tell there was something sinister behind it. He felt a cold shiver go down his spine.

"No no, of course they haven't. In this case I'm less concerned of their physiology and more interested in their sociology. You're an aspiring biologist from what I hear, top of your class. You understand how valuable any information on the dragons could be to us. Tell me, how did this friendship of yours start with the dragon?" he folded his pale bony hands on the table, awaiting Chris' response.

Chris looked at him nervously; he didn't want to give them any information that could harm Drake, or the dragons. "Well, I was going for one of my hikes and I stumbled across his Territory"

"Territory?" Anguis interrupted, cocking his head. "How big is this Territory?"

"I don't know. I hadn't bothered to ask. He approached me one day and we started talking"

"What did these conversations consist of?"

"Just every day nothing's, I told him about my university, brought him different foods to try. He was interested in us just as much as I was interested in him. He never really told me much about the dragons, except for stories they used to tell back on their home world"

The Dr looked at him suspiciously. "These are all things that he could have known, as you said, with a simple Google. For what reason did he have to talk with you?"

"I don't know, you'd have to ask him that"

The Dr was getting impatient. "You realise that who I work for can very easily keep you here for a long time. You're the only link in this massacre we have, and you've spent over two days inside Dragon City, undergone only God knows what type of medical tests and could very well be a risk to national security. So I'm going to try this again. Let's move onto the ship. What happened?"

"I don't know, the last thing I remember was being cut by one of those men after he had broken my ribs, the next thing I know I'm in one of their medical bays. They had told me I had suffered from a concussion but they had healed my ribs. They also said I had a brain haemorrhage; the man was kind of throwing me around like a rag-doll. From what I heard it was a pretty severe haemorrhage, and the best chance of me surviving was with them. They were more equipped than any human hospital"

Anguis just looked at him with his head tilted down and his eyes peering above his glasses. The light above casted a shadow over his eyes, making them look even hollower than they were. With a serious expression he simply said, "I don't believe you are telling me the truth"

He leaned in a little closer "You still have yet to tell me their interest in you. A plethora of people with far worse conditions than a brain haemorrhage have begged and pleaded to have access to their advanced medical equipment and every single one has been denied. Why. You."

Chris could feel himself getting warmer and sweatier as it dawned on him that he may not be leaving here for a while. Nothing he could say would get him out of this without divulging information about the dragons or his real relationship with Drake.

"I can't tell you the motives behind their actions, only what I saw and what I know. Its useless to play this game when I have nothing to give you"

"Listen, Christopher. Let me make this very clear to you, this isn't some high school interview with the principal. Either you give us something, or you can simmer on the fact that you'll be living in a six by eight foot cell for a while"

"I want to make my phone call"

The Dr smiled to himself, amused at how naive Chris was. "You don't get one. Like I said, this isn't an ordinary interview. It's not a very ordinary situation. We've tried the nice approach with Detective Carter. I'll give you one last chance before we try my approach back in my lab"

Chris didn't know if the dinner with Alvanax or this interview was the most terrifying moment in his life. The Dr sure gave Alvanax a run for his money. Chris' mind was racing a million miles a minute, thinking of what to do, what to say. He just stared in silence.

"Fine, as you wish" Anguis said, rising from his chair, beginning to open the door.

"DRAKE!" Chris screamed a little too loudly, just before the door closed. "That's what you want to hear, right? About Drake?"

The door slowly opened again, and the doctor stared at him. He closed the door behind him as he sat down again. His curiosity blinded him to overlook the fact that Chris' outburst sounded more like a call than anything else.

"I lied. He didn't tell me nothing. It was a give and take, I would tell him something, and he would reciprocate. He had told me of why they left their home planet"

"What? He actually told you about their home planet? What was their atmosphere comprised of? Their planets geochemistry will open so many answers to us. We've never been able to determine for sure but we've speculated from some autopsies they may be the only other non-carbon based life-form we've come across, yet seem to thrive in our atmosphere!"

The excitement in his eyes at just the mention of their home planet showed Chris an opportunity. "I've poked and prodded, but he's only ever given me the tiniest hint of information to their biology. That's just from one week of talking to him. I can find out more, as a scientist this intrigues me too. I'd have to be able to speak with him more obviously, and I can't really do that from in here. Rather, I won't do that from in here"

Anguis had shown his cards, and Chris knew how to play his now. All those threats were hollow, he was just blowing smoke. They needed Chris.

"You won't harm me. You can't. For whatever reason Drake has chosen to talk to me, I'm the only one the dragons have ever showed this much trust towards. You need me"

"Don't overestimate your worth, yes its true, you may be our best option at learning anything from the dragons. That does not mean you are our only option, nor does that mean there aren't ways of making you co-operate. Must you extend these matters on to your family?"

Chris got out of his chair and placed his hands on the table, staring down Anguis through his smug look "Don't you fucking dare bring them into this, or so help me-"

"What? You'll do what exactly? Listen here-" He was interrupted by a knocking at the door. Anguis turned around, visibly agitated at the interruption. "Do you people not even know the basics of interrogation?!" he flung the door open, and standing there with bared teeth and folded arms bursting with muscle was Drake.

"Wh.. How.." The Dr trailed off, his glasses almost falling off his face as he slowly backed away from the enormous black dragon that completely engulfed the skinny man's frame. Drake walked in and closed the door, calmly walking over to Chris who was smiling from ear to ear as he sat back down in his chair.

"Have a seat, Dr." Drake said, motioning to the empty chair as he stood behind Chris, placing his hands on the back of his seat.

"You took your time. I was beginning to worry" Chris said, looking up at Drake. Drake looked back down at him and smiled "Came as soon as you called".

In an instant, the door was flung open and troops flooded in, and Detective Carter pushed through them, hand on his weapon unsure whether or not to actually draw it. The soldiers had their rifles fixed on Drake. "Easy boys" Carter cautioned.

Drake started to talk calmly "I'm here to clear up what happened. We were in a clearing when we were approached by armed men. They threatened to kill us and opened fire. I was able to stop them in self defence, but Chris was injured. I took him to our medical bay on our ship because that was the best course of action in his state. I'm sure you'll find all the evidence is there. We had no weapons, and all the shell casings would have belonged to their guns"

The soldiers all looked on nervously, fingers itchy on the trigger. Carter was the only one with his head on straight. "How did you get in here?"

"I haven't killed anyone if that's what you're thinking. Walked right in. Well, flew more specifically. Don't bother yourself on the details. Too complicated. But now that everything is cleared up, i'm sure there's no reason to detain Chris. Unless there's something else you wanted from him that maybe the Senate should know about?"

"N-no. Of course not. We're glad that this was settled. Although there are a few follow up questions that need to be answered" Anguis squeezed out. Drake looked at him with such ferociousness that Chris could swear he heard the Dr squeal.

"And what may they be, Dr?" Drake growled as he spoke to the doctor, slowly teetering forward as he bared his teeth with each enunciation, the last word seemingly echoing inside Anguis' ears.

"I.. I.." the weasel was lost for words.

"Well then, unless there's any more questions. Do you have any charges to detain him detective?"

"No, but in the interest of this case i strongly suggest you do not leave town. I'll be keeping in contact, Chris. And Drake, am i to assume you'll be in town as well?"

Drake nodded once.

"Good. I can't officially ask, but i'll be having a chat with you, too. Unless there's more to this case than either of you are letting on"

"Of course detective. Now, are we free to leave?"

The detective moved aside, and the soldiers followed suit. Drake and Chris both walked out of the room, and outside the station.

Chris knocked on the door, rattling his brain for what to say when it opened. His mother, Val, a heavier set lady with slowly greying shoulder length hair opened the door and immediately grabbed Chris. She hugged and kissed him, crying her eyes out with each passing second.

"Val? What's going on?" his father Michael, a taller man with a beer belly and a receding hairline stepped out from the hallway and began to run towards them. "Chris!" he screamed in joy, holding both Val and Chris in his arms as he began to shed silent tears, holding his son tight.

"Can we go inside? There's a lot I need to explain" Chris said as they walked inside and closed the door, Val refusing to let go of him as she held on to him like he would disappear if she didn't. They sat down in the living room, and her tears began to slowly subside as his parents sat on either side of him.

"Are you ok? Are you hurt? Where have you been?" Val began to sound frantic, on the verge of crying again. Being her only child, she was always overprotective of Chris.

"It's a long, long story.. And before I start you guys need to understand that I'm safe, and nothing bad happened to me.. You have to promise to hear me out before you go nuts, ok?"

Val nodded, trying to prepare herself for the worst.

"I was in Georges Forrest like usual and I met someone. We started talking and began to hang out every day after uni. He... Well, there's no easy way to say it - he just happens to be a dragon"

"A dragon? Are you crazy?" his dad began, and Val continued "You know we're pro-dragons but.. But why would you.. That can be dangerous for a thousand reasons!"

"We agreed on going nuts after I finished, guys! I mean he seemed pretty normal to me, we talked about humans, dragons, it was really interesting stuff! Dad you have to see the sort of medical equipment they have on their ship, you'd geek out" Chris said, knowing that his Dad being a Biotechnology scientist would be intrigued.

"Their SHIP?! You've been to Dragon City?!" Michael yelled in shock. Uh oh. Not the best transition ever, Chris thought.

"I-I'll get to that. Probably shouldn't have skipped ahead. Ok, so this is what went down.. We were in the forest talking when all of a sudden we were approached by this group of guys.. They were dragon hunters"

"Oh Jesus, Chris have you talked to the cops?" his mum asked, concerned. Chris smiled at that, thinking it funny seeing as that would be the last people he'd contact in an emergency now.

"They threatened to kill us, but luckily my dragon friend, Drake, was able to take them out and save us"

"Take them out?" his father repeated suspiciously, "What do you mean take them out?"

"... It was either them, or us, Dad"

"Chris!" shouted Val in terror, horrified that her baby boy talked about killing so calmly.

"Good" his dad said, glad that the bastards who dared threaten his son were dead.

"Michael!" Val continued to shout hysterically "I.. I don't even know what to say. This is all so much to take in.. The main thing is you're safe, sweetheart" she hugged him again.

"You are never stepping foot into that forest again, and you are definitely never seeing that dragon again!" wailed Val, her emotions were too scattered for her to land on any one, so she thought outrage was most appropriate.

"There's more... I was injured, not badly, just a broken rib. Drake took me to their ship and within a day or two I was completely healed. The police found my belongings in the forest.. Next to their bodies. So they demanded to question me, and they interrogated me. They thought I had information on the dragons, and wanted to use me to get more. I don't want to think what would have happened if Drake hadn't saved me, again... I got the feeling i might have been met with a terrible 'accident'"

"Those bastards. They won't get away with treating people like this, I'll make sure every news station in the country here's about this" Michael began to rant.

"No dad, please. I don't want this getting out to the public. Tensions are high with humans and dragons, the last thing we need is public outcry. Because if news of our meeting or Drake gets out the government will use what happened in that clearing against the dragons. Riots will start again, remember how it was when they first came?"

His parents fell silent. Trying to process the bombshell after bombshell Chris dropped.

"I know you think it's reckless, but he saved my life, more than once. And with everything going on, it's not safe for any of us here without some protection. We can't get that protection from the police.. But we can from Drake." Chris looked at them, trying to figure out what they were thinking from their reaction.

"You guys need to understand that he's tied up in this thing just as much as I am. At the very least, can you just meet him?"

They both looked at each other in complete silence but seemingly tossed up between meeting the one who saved their son's life, or making Chris swear not to see the dragon who put him in this position in the first place ever again. "Ok, we'll meet him, but that doesn't mean were allowing you to continue to see him" Val finally spoke.

"Drake" Chris called softly, as if he was talking to someone sitting right in front of him. The door opened and Drake walked in "Hello Mr. and Mrs. Robertson, it's nice to meet you. I'm Drake" he offered his hand to both of them.

"What have you got my son into?" Michael asked with a threatening tone, ignoring his ploy to appear harmless.

"Dad, don't", Chris began to protest.

"No, Chris, it's fine", Drake said, "I never wanted any harm to come to Chris, and the only regret i have from knowing your son was the fact that i put him in danger. But i swear to you i won't let anyone hurt him, or yourselves. I don't know what extent those people will go to in order to get information on us. That's why whether or not you permit me to still be apart of Chris' life, i will make sure you three are protected. I didn't want any of this to happen, i.. I just wanted to be friends with Chris"

Both Val and Michael looked at each other suspiciously and back at Drake, not knowing how to react to this. "I didn't know dragons had so much interest in a human companion" asked Val, sceptical about what this dragon wanted with Chris.

"I'm a Solitary, we're kind of like you, Mr. Robertson. We always try to acquire knowledge of anything new. We're very inquisitive, and Chris was just as inquisitive as i was. Reading what they say about humans is nothing compared to being able to talk to a person. We're not as different as everyone thinks. I can't really articulate why I feel a need to be around Chris specifically. Maybe that's because I just don't know"

"Mum, Dad. Please. I know it's hard for you to understand, and this whole situation is completely insane to comprehend, but when have i ever given you guys reason not to trust me? I've always been a good kid, always had my head on straight, i need you guys to trust my judgement. You need to believe that i know what i'm doing" Chris held both of his parents hands and squeezed them reassuringly.

His mum placed both her hands on Chris' cheeks "Oh baby, i'm so sorry all this has happened to you. And yes, i do trust you. I know there's really not much we can do to stop you once you've got your mind set on something, and I understand that he can protect us, but I can't in good conscience let you continue this... Whatever it is you have with this dragon".

"Thank you for taking care of Chris, but if you don't mind we'd like to spend some time alone with our son" Michael said, hoping Drake would take the hint.

"I understand. I'm sorry for all of this." Drake let himself out of the house.

"I'm.. I'm really tired. I've been missing my bed, I think I need to lie down. I know I don't say it enough but I'm really happy to see you guys" Chris hugged both his parents tight.

After a bit more crying from Val he made his way to his room, although his mum had to almost be pried off Chris to let him go.

Once in the room, he moved over to where drake was standing, waiting for him. He merely put his head down on his chest in exhaustion and inhaled deeply. Drake put his arms around him and they stayed there for a few minutes, both reflecting on the day's events. Eventually Chris pulled him into his bed, and they lay intertwined with each other, Drake barely making it onto the bed with his big form.

"I hope they're okay. I dropped some pretty heavy things on them... And they don't really even know the half of it. Should i have been completely honest?" Chris asked, looking up into Drakes eyes with worry.

"Well if you do ever decide to tell them the whole story, maybe not tonight. I think you've dropped enough bombshells for one evening".

"What about your father? I'm guessing he won't be happy you interfered with their questioning"

Drake looked away, obviously concerned about what would happen when he returned to the ship. "Honestly i don't know, he seemed pretty serious about me staying on the ship. I'm sure it'll be fine, i can convince him otherwise" Drake pulled Chris closer to him.

"How'd you get passed the soldiers?" Chris asked.

"Hmm, i guess you could call it amnesia gas. The chemical compound suppresses short-term memory momentarily, and when they come out of it all they feel is a sense of Deja Vu".

Even though Chris was burning with follow up questions about the gas, he had more pressing issues that needed answering.

"Did you notice something weird about the whole interrogation? I mean, why would military and local police be working together? And why would a local detective be in charge? Don't even get me started on Dr. Frankenstein"

"I don't know. Something is definitely going on there that doesn't add up. I might have to do a little recon. See what that doctor is up to".

Chris propped himself up, and pulled his hands away from Drake, into his lap. He looked down and twiddled his thumbs nervously. He didn't want to ask this, but he needed to know.

"Drake... What happened in that clearing? I saw the photos... It... It was so savage..."

Drake pulled himself upright, looking away from Chris. "I wasn't always Solitary. I used to be a soldier. A damn good one. When they attacked, i just sort of... Lost myself. My body reacted before i knew it was happening. I've done some bad things in the past, stuff that i don't think you're ready to hear"

Chris looked at him, he wanted to ask what he had done but was afraid of the answer.

Drake could feel him becoming uneasy. "But i've made a choice, Chris. I chose to not be apart of that life anymore. Humans aren't the only sentient species we've encountered, and we've done... Unspeakable things. _I've_done unspeakable things. That's why i chose to become a Solitary"

"What happened with that other species?" Chris dared to ask.

"Our ships are powered by an extremely rare element, the sheer energy released when inside a reactor can propel them at near-light speeds. It formed millennia before our existence, and we don't know how. Our probes showed very few planets with that element that weren't too far off our course. The amount of energy required at those speeds become exponential, we needed a pit stop to refuel. Only, our probes didn't recognise any signs of life on one of the planets we stopped by. They were only designed to determine if the planet was viable for life, and on the surface it wasn't. We didn't know..."

"You invaded their planet... " Chris said, trailing off.

"The surface of the planet was desolate. There were no signs of life, or any signs that life could have even started in those conditions. When we arrived our scans showed the geology of the planet, and it went against all planetary development conditions we thought we knew. It was like a beehive. Hollow, and honeycombed"

"That's impossible, that can't be naturally occurring..." Chris said, intrigued but still wary about how this story would end.

"Well it was, and after a few cycles it became apparent we weren't alone. They weren't a too primitive species, they had societies and languages, cities built underground. But it was too late, we had already spent most of our resources getting to that planet, and we couldn't leave without refueling. Communicating with them wasn't as easy as communicating with humans. They communicated through pheromones, slight changes in their internal chemistry. It was hard to duplicate, and by the time we had begun to crack their language, war had already begun"

Drake peered at Chris, watching his reaction, preparing for a look of disgust. He sighed, "It was more of a slaughter. The military ripped them to pieces. We thought after the first attack they would obviously know they didn't stand a chance, but they kept coming. Like they were an immune system for the planet, and we were the lingering infestation to be rid of they kept coming. And we kept killing..."

"Jesus Christ..." Chris exhaled, trying to come to terms with Drake's story of genocide. "Is that what's happening here? Are we just a willing host to your infection?"

"No! You know the story... We don't want to be on this planet any more than the humans want us here. Until we can repair our ship, which isn't easy to do with the resources we have, we're stranded here. We're close, though"

"Really? How close?" Chris said, undecided whether he should be excited or worried.

"We're developing ways to create the material our ship is made of. Humans used to call it Element X because they hadn't given it a name yet, and it kind of stuck. Creating a new element is relatively easy, but keeping it from decaying and stabilising it is the tricky part"

"What really happened to your ship? They always used to say that it was a malfunction, but why wouldn't you keep supplies to repair your ship on it?"

Drake lay back, and rested on his hand as he pat the bed, motioning Chris to lie down as well.

"It wasn't a malfunction. We were shot out of space"

"What? By whom?" Chris started to sound alarmed, the more questions he asked the more he regretted asking but he couldn't stop.

"We don't know, but they were able to pinpoint our location so precisely they shot our ship down at relativistic speeds so fast we can't even begin to fathom how. We lost a lot in the attack, including most of our repair cargo. We would have gone straight through your solar system without you noticing if it wasn't for the attack".

Chris stared at the ceiling, trying to wrap his head around everything. There was so much to take in, so many things left unanswered, and the questions that had been answered merely raised more.

"What of the rest of your fleet? Did they make it?" Chris asked, placing a hand on Drake's chest.

"I don't know" he said, sighing heavily, "Our long distance communicators were fried, and they don't have our co-ordinates to send information on our ansibles. If they made it, our communications wouldn't reach them for decades..."

"So if you ever reach that planet, the rest of your species might not be there..." Chris finished Drake's sentence.

He looked up at Drake, and placed a hand on his cheek, stroking it gently. It was a long day, and even though he looked at Drake in a new light with these recent discoveries, he still couldn't help but need his touch. He wanted to feel conflicted. He wanted to be able to be angry and appalled at the atrocities Drake had committed. Alas, he could not bring himself to it. That's what scared him the most, he truly didn't understand how much he was invested in Drake, and how much power he held over Chris.

Regardless of the emotions he felt tonight, only one was most prominent; the incessant need to be close to Drake. Chris sighed and gave in, resting his head against him as he curled up close to him. Drake answered Chris with a need of his own, and held him in his arms.

"I'll stay with you tonight, but in the morning i have to go back to the ship and answer to my father. I'll try and get Sareth to do a fly over and watch you while i'm gone".

Chris chuckled, "There is no way she would do that", he let out another chuckle.

"She's the only one i trust, and she'll do it for me. I know my sister, she can be hard-headed but she's always been there when i need her. Wish i could say the same thing for me... Anyways, i'm going to keep watch outside. Wouldn't want your parents walking in during the night" he began to rise up but Chris held him down.

"No, Drake. Please, just give me five more minutes", Chris drew himself into Drake, inhaling his scent and reveling in his warmth. Drake smiled, happy to oblige as he lay his head against Chris and enjoyed the quiet moment.

Sareth sat at her desk, looking over footage from one of the soldiers who was part of the team that recovered Chris from the forest. She saw the way Alvanax pummelled through that man. She didn't care too much for the humans, but the thought of the dragons going to war with them was unsettling. That could cause massive problems with their efforts to get back to their fleet. If there was a fleet left to get back to. Alvanax had to answer for this.

She sighed, rubbing her eyes together. The council took too long with these matters. While they deliberated the proper course of action Alvanax roamed free. It wasn't easy working with him, he was one of, if not the best of generals in the army. That made it harder for them to control him, because as sadistic as he was, if they ever went to war, they would need him. After the attack he knew they needed him now more than ever, and he played on that.

Amongst all that happened, she couldn't help but feel a slight sting of regret. She didn't want to disappoint Alvanax. In the back of her mind she still hoped that he would allow her to pay penance for her disobedience. It sounded twisted, but the urge for her to feel accepted by Alvanax was embedded so deep in her core she didn't know what she would do to get it back. There were boundaries of what she'd do; to this point there was never anything conflicting she's had to do between Alvanax and her family. But those boundaries blurred, and that's what scared her the most.

A holographic screen appeared on her desk showing a soldier outside her door. She got up and walked over to the door, opening it.


"The High Councillor requests to see you in his office", the soldier turned and walked away.

Good, they've landed on a decision with Alvanax, she thought. She made her way to her father's office, and stepped inside. The long, dark room was illuminated by a long but short wall of fire that hugged the right wall, behind some glass. It casted her long shadow across the room. She walked over the black marble floor, peering at the large white desk at the end of the room. Only half the desk was illuminated, the fires light did not reach the chair where her father would sit.

"Father?" she called into the darkness, wondering why he was hidden.

Slowly creeping from the shadows, she saw the light flicker dimly across the red snout of The General as he leaned forward, revealing himself.

"Not quite, my dear", he said with a snide grin, and with that two soldiers sprang from the darkness, grabbing her from either side. She roared and kneed one of them in the stomach, knocking him over. The other soldier landed a bone crushing punch to her stomach that sent her flying towards the general. A third soldier appeared from the shadows and grabbed her, slamming her against the table.

He held her face down on the table, the other two soldiers began to stand on either side of her, awaiting their orders. She struggled to move her face under the black dragons strong hold, but positioned herself so she could see Alvanax.

"This is the price you pay", Alvanax began, "your disobedience will not go unpunished. And if I decide to let you still keep a shred of your sanity after tonight, I might let you continue to be mine".

He nodded to his soldiers, who began tearing through her clothes, exposing her naked, slender body. They undressed themselves, pumping their dicks in their hands. The soldiers were dragons of war, they were built to fight, and only wanted to fuck. They weren't gentle with her, pulling and grabbing at her with their muscled arms. The soldiers began to lick all over her body, the green one who had flipped her over began to work her mouth, slithering his tongue down her throat. The red dragon suckled on her tits, lathering them in his saliva, groping at his growing member.

The biggest of them all, the black dragon, worked over her exposed slit. Pressing his thick tongue deep into her, tasting her and inhaling her scent. He pushed with such eagerness into her, his mouth covered her entire crotch so his tongue could wriggle deeper inside her. Her body shook, all these sensations coming together all at once hit her in waves.

"Enough!" said Alvanax, still in his chair watching his little game play out, "She doesn't deserve too much of that, continue".

All of a sudden the tongues were removed, and she felt so exposed and cold. The soldiers began to undress, showing their hardening cocks.

"I get to have this bitch first", said the green one, whom she kneed in the stomach.

He flipped her on her stomach, her robust boobs pressed against the table and her face, giving the general a pleasant view. The soldier pressed his hardening prick between her round and plump butt cheeks, grabbing them harshly in his hands. He slapped it so hard she let out a small squeal.

He placed the tip in her slit, moving it up and down with his hand, "Oh I'm going to enjoy this" he grinned, thrusting half of his girth into her, which was welcomed by her internal screams, and the warm walls of her pussy clenching around his thickening length.

He pulled out and thrust back in, almost hilting her. She moved her hands forward, trying to grip onto something to steady herself as the soldier began to fuck her with more fervour.

"Daddy's out on a diplomatic meeting. He can't save you", snickered Alvanax, groping and squeezing his hardening dick.

She could only let out slight screams as the green dragon slammed into her, a knot beginning to slightly form at the base of his cock. Sareth shed a silent tear, the only thing to be heard was the wet smacking sound of the dragons juice-covered cock hammering her soaking cunt.

The other two revelled at the sight of this dragoness whore being fucked. They stroked along their lengths, grinning with anticipation.

"Get her over here", the red dragon said, "lay the bitch on me, I want her ass".

He pulled out of her, repositioning themselves on the floor closer to the fire, the red dragon laying down with Sareth resting on him, as the green dragon placed himself over her, wanting to look at her face while he fucked her.

The red dragon poked the tip of his member into her ass hole, feeling the muscles retract around him. He grinned menacingly. With a strong thrust and a blood curdling scream from Sareth, he hilted himself in her. He began to fuck her immediately, not allowing her a chance to draw breath as he mercilessly violated her abused pucker.

The green dragon started to fuck her too, in rhythm with the red dragon. He held onto her plump breasts tight in his hands, using them as leverage to delve deeper into her stretched pussy.

"Did you forget about me?" The black dragon said, standing over her as he looked down into her pleading eyes. He was in front of her face now, his large balls sagged and swayed with each jerk of his cock. Placing a hand around her throat, he lowered himself so his hips were at the same height as her face. "Open up, whore".

He pressed his musky member on her lips, and parted them with the tip of his penis. Pre-cum painted her face, and with a squeeze of her throat she was coaxed into opening her mouth, taking the incredibly thick member. He eased it in, tears beginning to stream down her face as she struggled to accommodate his wide girth.

She started to resist, trying to push his legs away so she could breathe, but he only continued to force himself down her throat. His large cock made a visible lump in her throat as he buried his entire length in her mouth. Sareth began to push back frantically, trying to breathe, but not stupid enough to bite.

"What's the matter slut?" he grinned as he slowly pulled out, letting her breathe.

She gasped for air but still held onto his legs, the only thing she could grab to steady herself as she continued to be raped by the other two dragons. The black dragon took hold of her throat again, and pushed his way down her mouth. He began to thrust into her, his hefty testicles slapping her nose with each movement of his hips. He fucked her throat like it was her pussy.

She could do nothing else but try not to scream, and voice her shame. Closing her eyes, she would repeat to herself that it would be over soon, as the three dragons violated her. They slammed, pulled, fucked and spat on her abused naked body. Letting out their angers, frustrations and pent up lust all at once. She could hear the growls and moans of the three dragons; they were close.

They began to fuck her with such force she thought she would pass out, her entire body aching from inside and out. They became more aggressive, grunting and snarling as they reached their climax. The green dragon looked down at the red dragon, "You ready?", he snickered.

In response he started to jackhammer into her sore ass, his balls hitting her butt cheeks with a smack. The green dragon began to do the same, putting all the force he could muster behind each thrust. Her body shook violently as they pounded her, the first roar coming from the green dragon as he thrusted forward with all his might, emptying himself inside her.

The red dragon followed suit and forced his knot upwards and into her as he growled loudly, cumming hard. They both poured their thick juices into Sareth, the copious amounts of semen escaping around their cocks as they filled her to the brim.

The black dragon halted his throat fucking, pulled out of her mouth and started to jerk his monstrous penis furiously. He held her mouth shut and pointed his enormous length at her face. With a loud moan he sprayed his thick semen all over Sareth's face, cumming all over her body, string after sticky string of thick cum splattered on her bruised form.

The other two dragons' climax subsided, and they pulled themselves out of her, their semen flowing out of her abused holes. The black dragon smeared his cock across her face, wiping his wet prick on her. After he slapped his meaty thickness on her face, spreading his thick jizz over her, he was satisfied and done with her. They threw her to the floor and stepped aside, she coughed and heaved, trying to pick herself up.

Alvanax slowly walked over, and placed his bare foot on the back of her head, forcing her back down to the floor. The pressure on her head was almost unbearable.

"Are you going to be a good bitch?" Alvanax said, looking over her naked form.

"Y-yes", she managed to spit out under the crushing weight of the General.

He pressed down harder on her head "Yes what?"

She let out a scream, her face feeling like it would explode "Yes master".

"Do not forget your place, whore. This evening will be between just us, won't it? Lest I pay you another visit that won't be so nice" he warned.

She was lost for breath, but managed a feeble "Yes master".

With a sinister grin he removed his foot off her, and grabbed her by the neck and slammed her against the glass wall, the fires light flicking across her body.

He pressed himself up against her, his gigantic penis rested in between her legs. She moved her face off the glass, looking at his reflection. All she could see in his eyes was the dancing flames of the fire.

He yanked her head back by her horns, and kissed her, his tongue slithering deep into her throat. "Say it" he hissed.

"P-please master... Fuck me" she began to shed silent tears. Her body was physically at its limits, her mind was almost pushed over the edge. Why did she continue this? Because it's what you are, a voice inside her answered. But it's not what she is... Is it? Pathetic.

He forced himself into her, his wide girth sliding through with little resistance. He placed his hands on her hips and began to bring her down onto his cock and impale her as he thrusted forward. The room filled with the grunts of the general and the slapping of his member into her dripping pussy.

He became more aggressive with his thrusts, she could feel him beginning to hit her cervix, she screamed in pain with each damaging movement. Alvanax lifted up one of her legs and rotated her on his cock so he could face her and see the pain on her face as he fucked his little toy. He suckled on her breasts, licking them all over as they bounced up and down with each smack of his hips.

He felt her legs, rubbed all up her body and squeezed her tits tight. What a specimen this cum dump was. He continued to fuck without mercy, not caring if he raped the life out of her. Her small whimpers only turned him on, and urged him to hammer into her used vagina even more. He bit down on her shoulder, and rammed his hot prick into her with an anger that even surprised himself.

She held onto his shoulders, feeling as if he would fuck her through the glass. The pain of his long penis hitting against her cervix became unbearable, "N-no.. Please.." she managed in between her jagged breaths, placing a hand on his stomach, hoping to ease the pressure she felt inside.

He slapped her hand away, snarling savagely as he wrapped his claws around her throat, growling and beginning to violently slam his cock into her abused and stretched cunt. He dug into her hip with his claws, bringing her down on his member and thrusting with all his force. She thought he would break her pelvis.

She could barely comprehend everything she was feeling, the pressure around her throat and the heat from his cock pumping in and out at an alarming rate was too much to process. She could feel every ridge, every vein, every tiny bump of his member as it impaled her sore vagina. His hefty balls kept slapping her ass, and she could only hope he was close.

A low guttural growl started in his throat, and slowly got louder as he could feel his climax nearing. She held onto the hand that squeezed her throat tight, barely being able to breathe.

"And this, my little broken whore, is for betraying me" he growled.

He began to fuck her so ferociously and with such intensity that in one strong movement, he broke passed her cervix and entered her uterus. Her eyes went wide in shock, the pain unimaginable.

No sound escaped her lips, his grip around her throat saw to that. He started to roar loudly, fucking his enormous meat rod into her uterus, his testicles tightened and gathered to his body, swaying with copious amounts of his pent up juice.

Her vision began to go dark, and she slowly faded into unconsciousness until she fell silent and both her hands dropped to the side. Alvanax gave one last final bone crushing thrust and let out a deafening roar, spreading his wings wide as he came directly into her uterus.

He pushed himself into her limp body more and more with each load of his never ending stream of jizz. It poured out the sides of his cock, down her legs and dripped on the floor. He placed his hands on either side of her head, panting loudly as he pushed every last drop of his fertile semen into her.

Eventually he pulled his cum covered dick out, and his sperm gushed out of her. He threw her to the floor with an audible thud, spooge still oozing out of her abused hole. He began to dress, not caring if anyone saw her. She was too broken, and would never give him up. What a pathetic creature, he thought.

Drake entered the council's chambers, escorted by two soldiers. He moved into the centre of the largely open room, the council seated on a circular table in front of him. It curved around him so he was surrounded by all members of the council.

"Before you left, I told you that if you stepped off this ship I would take appropriate action against your insubordination, did I not?" Asked the high councilor from his seat in the middle of the table.

"You did", Drake admitted.

"And not only did you disobey your council, you also took it upon yourself to break Chris, a human boy, out of custody from human authorities?", one of the other council members, a brown dragoness, chimed in.

"They let him go, I merely coaxed the decision", he replied snidely.

"This is not a joke" his father warned, "your actions have put all of us at risk, and there will be serious consequences. There is also the matter of you merging with the human boy".

The members began to murmur amongst themselves and became unsettled.

A door opened from behind the councillors, and in walked an old grey dragon. His scales were less taut and almost saggy, his horns were broken and old. He wore a plain brown robe, with a golden chain that bore a golden sun at the end of it.

It was E'ahgna, the eldest of the Seekers. Drake had only ever seen him once, when his mother was killed long ago. He stepped towards the high councillor, and bent down to whisper something in his ear. All eyes in the room were on him.

The high councillor stared at Drake as the elder continued to whisper. Then, E'ahgna rose and walked back to the door where he came. He turned around and looked at Drake, and motioned him to follow.

His father stared at him in frustration, "You are dismissed". The silence in the room was deafening, everyone stared at Drake as he hesitantly began to walk around the table and to the elder. E'ahgna walked into the door, and was enveloped in darkness.

Drake looked back at the council, who were all staring at him, just as curious as he was. The Seekers always advised the council, but rarely ever showed themselves, only in dire situations. He looked into the dark doorway, breathing sharply and his heart pounded heavy in his chest. He took a deep breath and walked inside.

Detective Carter walked into the Doctors office, it looked more like a library, surrounded by bookshelves on all sides. He walked behind the doctor's desk and closed the shades.

"Is this room secure?" he asked.

Anguis smiled and took a device out of his drawer and placed it on his desk. It looked like a flat, matt black disk, no bigger than his palm. He pushed down on the centre and four little rods about a centimetre in length sprang from the sides, with a dark blue light and a dim humming sound accompanying it.

_"_Now we are alone," Anguis said.

"Is... That dragon tech? Or ours?" asked Carter, looking at the strange device.

"Both" the doctor replied, pride gleaming through his smile, "It's a prototype, but it's been extensively tested. We had the best technical engineers in the world working on that. We were lucky enough that one of the solitaries we found still had some tech with him. Usually they have nothing with them".

The detective pulled out a cigarette and lit it, inhaling deep. "I'm not here to talk about tech, I'm here to talk about Darryl. I know he was a psychopath, but he was still one of us. There's no doubt in my mind the dragons have him. What are we going to do?"

"Hmph" the doctor gave a little chuckle and shook his head. "We do nothing. That's what we always do, and that's what we've always done if anyone asks. The whole point of arming those red necks was to keep our hands clean. Even with the weapons we gave them they still couldn't keep one alive. The idiots were just out for blood; they couldn't see the bigger picture. Besides, the dragons cannot know we're associated with them".

"What if he sells us out?"

"He has no information to give. Everything we gave them was false; they think they're apart of a small group of rebels that are made up of simple country folk. We assumed everything we told them the dragons would find out" Anguis said, getting up from his desk as he walked over to his drink cabinet, pouring himself a whiskey.

"So you're just going to let them torture him? You can say you need him for questioning. This isn't what you told me this organisation was about".

The Doctor smiled at his naivety, and sipped at his drink. "Sometimes you need to sacrifice a few pawns to get the king, Detective. Don't forget the big picture. We're trying to end the tyranny of those beasts. Too long have our people suffered, the answer to their pain behind the walls at dragon city. And too long has it been denied to them" he took another sip and sat back down at his desk.

"And besides", he continued, "That last dragon was not what we expected. He was no solitary, you saw him at the station with that uniform. Only a soldier could have done that to those men".

"What about the boy?" Carter asked, he already felt uneasy threatening the kid. He was just young and stupid.

"Yes, that boy is troublesome. But he still may be of use to us. That dragon is protective over him, we might be able to use that to our advantage", he looked at his drink, swirling it in its glass, then back up at Carter.

"Detective, don't forget why we're doing this. We do this for humanity. The dragons have stayed here too long, and we are merely servants to their every whim. What's worse is that most people don't even know that we are. Most people actually defend those creatures. Ridiculous, isn't it? I plan to break us free of their chains. I am so close to giving us the advantage we need. And we need all the help we can get to win this fight. Give me that dragon, and I will give you the means to reclaim our world".

The Detective looked at him sceptically. He had a bad feeling about this, and he's learned to trust his gut instinct. His thoughts went back to his wife, and her fragile, deteriorating form. All other thoughts ceased in his mind.

"I'll pay Chris a visit" said the detective, and walked out of the office.

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