Chapter 1: Kaigor

Story by jlmdragon on SoFurry

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#2 of The Marvellous Misadventures of the Cursed Band

The first chapter featuring my character kaigor.

The golden scaled dragon anthropomorphic blinks as he looks around himself in a sea of light, he is wearing a plain standard open faced steel helm of European design, along with hard leather armour, gauntlets and boots. On his back is slung a simple heater shield between his vestigial wings and at his side hangs a simple longsword in its scabbard, the dragon stands at about 6 foot tall.

"where am I?" the dragon asks to no one in particular.

"Welcome Kaigor. I am the star child eve and I am here to guide you" says an angelic voice and suddenly a beautiful female angel appears in front of Kaigor clan in a simple white toga.

Kaigor would have taken a step back in surprise if he was not seemingly floating in the sea of light.

"" Kaigor tries to find the words but before he can he is suddenly falling slowly and lands in a peacefully looking forest, eve seems to have left but Kaigor still get the feeling she is watching over him. Emboldened by this he confidently strides out into the forest.

"ooooo! What have we here? He looks yummy." call out a voice from above Kaigor, the owner of which them promptly lands in front of him. Its a female Lamia, the skin of her human half is dark, he snake half has the colour and pattern of a king cobra and instead of hair she has a scaly snake hood. Despite how much of her tail has to lay on the ground she still towers over Kaigor at 10 foot tall.

Kaigor quickly takes a defensive stance raising up his heater shield and drawing his longsword.

"oh? What's this? The prey wants to be feisty?" the Lamia giggles clearing not considering Kaigor no threat what so ever.

Before Kaigor can do anything else the Lamia's tail lashes out and coils around his waist and lifts him up as if he was a rag-doll

"Gah! You bitch!" yells out Kaigor as he tries to swing his sword out at the Lamia's tail but the blow just bounces off her hard steel like scales which gets another giggle from the Lamia.

"Aww. Are you trying to tickle me with that toy? Lets see how you like to be tickled" with that the lamia's tail tip slips under Kaigor's armour and begins to rub over his male slit before rubbing slipping inside to rub his hidden cock and soon get his maleness out from the slit and begins to slowly stroke it.

"Grrrr you! Tease!" Growls out Kaigor as he tries hard to ignore the stroking and figure out a way from this situation.

"hmmm? Still resisting? Well I have a cure for that." the lamia opens her mouth wide and shows off her snake like fangs "My venom is special, it will make your cum instantly and keep you cumming for hours" with that she draws kaigor closer ready to bite into him.

Kaigor sees this as his only chance to strike her and he takes a one-handed swing at the lamia with his longsword. The blow makes a nasty wound in her chest cutting off one of her breasts but this only seems to make her mad as the wound begins to rapidly before his eyes.

"That... was a bad move!" the lamia snarls her face contorting with rage as he tail begins to constrict around Kaigor. He gasps out dropping his sword and shield as the breath is squeezed out of him. He tries to struggle to get free but the tail has him gripped too tight.

The lamia gives him a sinister smile "hush little prey, soon it will be all over" helplessly trapped in the coils of the lamia Kaigor eventually blacks out from lack of air.......

Chapter 2: Makari

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The teachings of Ela tell us of 6 great events. Before Ela came there was only darkness cold and the formless ones. Then came Ela with the eternal fire and suddenly there was light and heat, the formless where driven away and the cold and darkness was...

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