Chapter 2: Makari

Story by jlmdragon on SoFurry

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#3 of The Marvellous Misadventures of the Cursed Band

And here is Chapter 2. This chapter not only features kaigor again but introduces 2 new characters, Demonette's character Amber and Makari as.... well, himself, really....

In a dank jail cell dimly lit by small single bared holes in the walls that are the only windows the jail cells have an anthropomorphic folf stirs.

The folf is wearing only a simple bit of cloth around the groin area for some modesty. He has mainly light grey fur with a white furred underbelly or would if the dirt and grim of the jail cell had not darkened and discoloured it slightly.

The folf is roused from his own stupor by some new activity, the door to the jail has opened and a big burly green skinned male orc comes in dragging a golden scaled anthropomorphic dragon behind him, the orc is wearing heavy leather armour and has such great strength that he can just toss the dragon into a cell as if he was a toy before locking the cell and leaving the jail room shutting the door with a loud slam.

In the cell next to the folf the dragon simple groan stirring only a little, even in the dim light the folf can see the marks that have been left on the dragon showing the beating that they have taken. The dragon is clothed in the same way as the folf which is to say not wearing very mush at all either.

"are you going to be ok?" ask the folf trying find out how badly off the dragon is.

The dragon grumbles a few curses before answering "I'll live" he then raises his head to look at the folf

"so... who are you? And more importantly can you fight at all?" asks the dragon

"I am Makari, the greatest warrior in the land" replies the folf taking a stance that he thinks is dramatic and impressive but really it just makes him the silly and also flashes what is under the scrap, a vagina.

The dragon's eyes go wide when he sees that "soooo.... your a girl?" the dragon asks makari.

This makes makari's face flush "um cunt boy actually..... so what your name?" he asks trying to change the subject quickly

the dragon looks down gloomily "my name is kaigor, I'm just a simple warrior who foolishly tried to make a name for himself and ended up getting way in over his head"

suddenly the door opens again with the orc returning followed by a naked cowgirl holding a wooden club and a shield made of wooden planks. The cowgirl is 5 foot 3 inches and her skin is a caramel colour with pacifier shaped mega teats. Her hair is long black and wild, L cup breasts, and butt and hips of equal mass so she is not top heavy. She has green eyes over a button nose and large plump luscious lips. Her finger and toenails are pure black made of the same hard material of cow hooves. Her lower lips (vaginal) are just as plump as her upper (mouth) and yet her clit is still plump and puffy enough to peek out of the hood and folds.

Both kaigor look at the cowgirl with big wide eyes as this is the last thing they expected to see especially as as the orc seems to be following the orders of the cowgirl.

A point that is soon proved when she orders the orc to tell her is there is anything valuable in this jail room, to which there clearly is not apart from the captives, the tone and posture of the orc clearly unusual making it quite obvious that magic is being used to control the orc.

The cowgirl then orders the orc to free both the dragon and the folf.

"ok, thanks, but now what? This whole place must be crawling with monsters" asks kaigor.

The cowgirl simply just shrugs as if that was not concern at all and asks the orc to take them towards to closest monsters

This comment makes kaigor and makari exchange a look as if to say "this chick is crazy"

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