Pokemon Commission: A Stable Job

Story by ReynartWrites on SoFurry

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A commission for a naughty dog that just wants a good romp with some pokemon <3

An excitable blue furred wolf stood just outside a stable where three pokemon had been gathered for a very special day. Azure stacked containers meant carefully hefting them up with a grunt as his prized pokemon and helper sylveon sat upon his shoulders. Today the pokemon daycare center was earning its keep from their breeding program. Top contenders for pokemon show contests had been made using their breeding program and the only payment the daycare asked for, was a sample of champion level pokemon's semen so that they could sell the prime samples to breeders in the nearby region. This little project had earned the daycare a hefty sum of money and so it was handled with the most care. Even though Azure was excited about milking studs for their seed, he also had to be careful not to over indulge himself, after all the semen was meant for the success of the daycare, and not his fun time. Azure entered the stable with a silly grin on his face, even though he was going to be milking the studs for their semen, he wasn't exactly going to be using the proper tools necessary to do so. Setting the containers down and separating them, he dusted his hands to look over the three very special studs he would be handling today, his and his slyveon's tails swishing from side to side in near unison.

Three pokemon stood in the stable, two equines and a single canine which huffed and puffed, all ready for their milking. A zebstrika with defined jagged white stripes against dark black, a Rapidash whose white coat had been polished to a sheen and fire burned bright, and a lovely looking arcanine whose red fur and white mane puffed just a bit due to the heat. Azure chuckled, all of them including the arcanine seemed to understand the prize they were in for, all of them stamping their feet, shuffling either out of discomfort or more likely, impatience. Azure hummed a small tune as he stepped in front of each pokemon kneeling beneath them to set the container down. All of them stood there so obediently, only ever shuffling just a bit as they awaited their milking, the tamest studs he had seen in a while. Azure so treasured the fact that they were so eager and trained to love their little sessions. He decided that he would tease them just a bit though, walking back and forth before finally choosing his first winner, making a show of it by closing his eyes and leaning in to kiss the zebstrika's snout. Kneeling down next to the now excited pokemon, he grinned just a bit as he heard the other two huff and snort in obvious annoyance that they had not been chosen to be first.

Azure started on the one he figured would be the quickest to blow. He had seen the zebstrika before and he knew that the big guy was actually a quick trigger despite the pokemon's blustering personality. Azure brought both his paws up to touch at that thick equine cock, feeling over the already erect flesh slowly, licking at his chops as he moved one paw up to that flared tip while moving the other slowly to cup and squeeze at those sizable balls that felt so heavy in his grip. Indulging his playfulness just a bit, he pressed his nose against that thick shaft, basking in that beautiful musk, loving that bestial scent that told him the pokemon was ready to mate. Breathing it in once more he passed his tongue along the length, taking his paw off those smooth balls to collect the container, prepping it as he stroked at that thick member, his soft paw moving up and down, gliding against that beautiful equine cock. Already the zebstrika was thrusting and snorting, cock twitching and swelling. Just as Azure said, during these little events this pokemon in particular was a quick shot. With a loud cry the pokemon thrust one last time, flared tip just inside of that container allowing all of that thick semen to spill in. While Azure held that beautiful twitching shaft he sighed happily, watching the thick liquid pour through. When he felt that the container was becoming heavy with that thick seed he pulled it away giving the pokemon's flared tip a soft kiss, savoring that thick semen as he licked it off his lips. Azure blinked tasting over that semen again, it felt so electrifying little good, a little sour but that taste was drowned out by a tingly feeling he caught on his tongue, goodness he wondered how that delicious semen would feel flowing through his rear. With a silly grin he got up, sealing the container to give the zebstrika's rear a gentle slap sending him off to wait while Azure worked on the others.

Azure of course had to move quickly so that the semen wouldn't go to waste; he had to get the stuff in to cold storage or else the seed would be useless, and well his job would be lost which was more important. Luckily enough, he had an expert helper to make the process go a bit smoother. His sweet sylveon had been warming up the other two with those soft ribbons. Reaching up at those thick shafts to rub and caress them, warming both the arcanine and the rapadish, both of which were panting and snorting while the sylveon was sitting back mewling happily, proud with his work. When Azure knelt between the two he found both of their cocks already dripping pre and twitching, the arcanine's canine cock thick and red, swollen at the knot while the rapidash's cock was practically oozing that pre, spilling forth what looked to be semen already. Azure grabbed the container quick, placing it just over the rapidash's cock, using his other paw to grip at that massive member. It certainly didn't take long with how sylveon had warmed up those two. The rapidash's cock twitched violently, spurting that thick semen out in to the container. The rapidash reared his head and stamped at the ground as he continued to release that thick load, nearly overflowing the container. Azure blinked, pulling the container away, wondering just how much his sylveon had teased the poor thing. Taking a breath he leaned in to give a lick of that thick semen, some of which was staining the side of that container. He breathed out warm air, that beautiful semen so hot, so hot that it put a warm spot in his stomach when it finally it, he loved his job so much. Shivering from the taste of the rapidash's semen, and with a small smile he moved over to the arcanine who seemed more intent on resisting giving them the daycare's payment, something that would never do.

Azure moved under the arcanine, chuckling at the large canine's attempts to show how much of a tough pokemon he really was, if that was the case. His paw moved to stroke over that red meat, gripping and caressing it, wanting to see just how long the canine could resist, almost as if he was accepting challenge. After a bit of stroking, he figured that the arcanine was intent on making his job tough. The large canine proudly stood his ground, grunting and growling while thrusting to Azure's paw only a little pre dribbling from the tip, and not a single sign that he was going to blow any time soon. Azure frowned at this display, after all he needed that semen quick, and so he decided to work his magic. Azure planted his lips on the side of the arcanine's thick cock, passing his tongue against it all the way up to the tip before dragging it back down to that beautiful knot. Still though, the arcanine refused to cum, growling and pushing against Azure's paw and tongue. He needed back up quick or else all that semen he had collected would go to waste just because of one pokemon's pride. His sylveon was happy to help, pushing over a stool allowing the tiny pink furred eeveelution to get up and press its soft tongue against the arcanine's taint, licking and lavishing that spot before moving down to the balls, nuzzling and purring against them soft ribbings moving to push inside the arcanine's rear to find that spot to push against the prostate, the little sylveon acting like a professional at milking adamant studs. This caused the large canine pokemon to close his eyes and growl, gripping and clawing at the ground before suddenly thrusting one last time to empty his balls. Azure luckily managed to position the container just right to catch that beautiful thick seed that would be sold off to impregnate some lucky bitch. Azure whistled watching the container flood and spill over with that thick semen, staring at that beautiful cock twitching and twitch again, each time sending out more spurts of semen. He was so distracted that he didn't care that the container was overflowing getting his hand all messy with that beautiful seed. Azure's cheeks flared as he set the container down, licking his paw clean before moving to suckling on that tip, accepting the last spurt of semen which was so spicy, a lovely flavor the tickled his taste buds. If he could have, he would have stayed there forever, feeling that beautiful cock twitching against his tongue. Azure pulled his lips away, moaning just a bit at the lewd act before getting up, smiling at his successful work before getting up to gather all the containers. Without a word he moved to rush out of the stable, needing to get that semen into the freezer quickly.

The sylveon quickly hopped on to Azure's shoulders, happy with his own work as a helpful little pokemon, but the pokemon that remained in the stable were still nice and hard, ready for more. All three of them stamped their feet, grunting and making their noises to let their upset be known. They knew Azure would be back, but until then they would have to wait, cocks twitching and begging for more attention than just that little milking.

Azure returned to check on the three studs with poffins specially made for each in paw. When he arrived in the stable the three pokemon stared him down with an intensity he could practically feel. Blinking he stepped around the three, their eyes following him. When he stopped he presented the poffins not sure what to expect, but certainly they went for it, scarfing up the poffins, however, that intense look in their eyes did not stop. Scratching at the back of his head he wondered what they were getting at when suddenly the arcanine stepped forward to nuzzle at Azure's crotch, a clear sign. Azure gulped, while he had certainly, 'handled' large pokemon he had never been fucked by three strong studs before in a row, he wasn't really sure he could take that. Not only that, but it was technically wasting company property to fuck these pokemon, to be drowned in their thick cum. That thought gave him a tightness in his pants, his cheeks burning now. Already he was surrounded by those three studs, their eyes burning a hole in his gut. A stupid grin touched his lips as he thought about it more and more, three studs, ready to mate, burning to breed his little slutty bum. His sylveon certainly already knew where this was going, hopping off of his shoulder to give him room to strip, clothing falling to the floor. Azure after all, was only doing his job of keeping the pokemon nice and happy.

Those three studs that had been cooperating all that time to back Azure into a corner and coerce him into their game were now bumping each other out of the way, their own way of arguing who would go first. After a bit, Azure could handle no more of their petty little alpha male games. He separated the three and whistled, the three of them standing at attention, if a little frizzled. With a sigh he began soothing the three before giving them their reward. He kissed and nuzzled their snouts, rubbing and petting them to get them out of that frenzy. If they went at it like that, then he was certainly going to be broken in half. Once he had them basically eating out of his paw he got underneath his first stud, the zebstrika he knew to be a quick shot. He wasn't sure if he could fit that fat equine cock into his rear, but luckily his sylveon was there on his rear, licking and kissing at that star of his. Azure groaned and purred loving that little tongue flicking against his rear, digging inside to lube him up at least a little bit before anything could get inside. He would really have to reward his sylveon for being such a good helper. Once his sylveon moved out of the way he yelped as his rear was poked by that thick flared tip, already begging for entrance, forcing its way inside of him. Azure panted and huffed, gritting his teeth and clenching his eyes shut. It was a terrifying experience to have such a strong stud push inside of him raw, it was always a thrill when big pokemon made that first effort to shove inside of him, every single one just like this zebstrika over him, grunting and huff, moving their hips in desperation to get their thick cocks inside of his rear. Azure breathed out, whimpering just a bit, that thickness in his rear spreading him out just a bit much. He whined, breathing out with a moan as he waited for that dull ache to stop.

More and more of that thick equine cock pushed inside of him, he was certainly glad that the zebstrika was slow, but still his insides could barely take it. Soon enough that dull ache, that pain turned to pleasure and he let out a soft moan as the zebstrika over him began snorting and pushing in and out of his rear. Already he could feel that cock swelling inside of him again, ready to blow, but the equine pokemon mounting him wanted to go longer, slowly thrusting in and out until finally his balls touched Azure's. Azure groaned out, he felt so full, so hot as well. He could barely hold himself up, his own cock twitching and spurting pre on to the floor. Suddenly the pace of the zebstrika quickened, it thrust firmly now to his rear a soft plap sounding off with each push. Azure moaned and yipped, not expecting the sudden change in pace, but not minding it one bit. He groaned and panted his tail slapping against the side of the zebstrika as he was fucked like a little bitch underneath the large pokemon. Just like he had predicted the zebstrika was still such a quick trigger, letting out a loud cry and pushing in as hard as it could letting out a thick load of semen. That load continued on for so long making up for the short amount of rutting that the zebstrika could provide. He groaned out as that semen had such a strange feeling to it, that warm stuff painted his insides as usual, but it felt so tingly, like electric love flowing through his rear. Panting and nearly passing out, azure moved his hips, savoring that feeling just as the pokemon pulled free, finally satisfied, cock slowly becoming flaccid.

Azure was going to bring himself up to prepare for the next pokemon, to maybe even excuse himself for a glass of water and some clean air, but suddenly the rapidash stepped over him, that larger and certainly more heated cock slapping between his rear cheeks. He yelped and looked back feeling very nervous. He had no idea as to the temperament of this one, but was suddenly given a crash course in what that was. His rear was stretched wide again, made easy by the ramming he took before. The rapidash let out a loud cry as it began pounding into Azure with little mercy. Azure's mind practically broke from that initial thrusting, not expecting such a majestic creature to be so wild with him. Again and again the rapidash slammed on in, balls already touching as Azure was rutted. He grunted and cried out, clawing at the ground while he was bred like a bitch, a little slut meant for nothing more than collecting semen. This time he was sweating so much though, the heat he felt coming from the rapidash was nearly too much to handle, he couldn't believe how hot the cock itself felt though. The heat from that monstrous cock seem to grow with every thrust, nearly burning his insides! It was almost too much to handle, but at the same time that heated rod thrust in just the right spots, bringing his bouncing cock so close to blowing. Azure breathed out, trying his best not to pass out, his best to keep himself up and more importantly his best to keep moving his hips, wanting that hot cock to grind against his insides so badly.

It felt like it had been so long since the rapidash mounted him, but it was only a few minutes, a few minutes of intense rutting that had him collapsed, his cheek to the ground now, his tongue lolling out, and his mind barely able to comprehend the rush of pleasure he was feeling. Again and again he felt that cock push against his insides, stimulating his prostate in just the right ways. He felt that thick cock swelling, twitching, throbbing, growing so much hotter again, and he knew what was going to happen. Azure practically begged for it to happen, moaning out, but his moans were interrupted as the rapidash pulled out of him trotting around to his front where that cock hung low, twitching and dripping pre. Azure blinked, pulling himself up on to his knees, biting at his lip as he stared at that slick cock that had just been pounding inside of him. The large equine cock was twitching and the flared tip was swelling up further. Taking it with one paw he moved to press his lips against the tip before opening his maw wide to suckle on the tip, his paw moving along the length to milk that beautiful cock, this time for his own pleasure and greed. The soft pads of Azure's paws moved to work along the length of that cock, squeezing, massaging it softly even though he trembled so violently, wanting that heated semen to bath the inside of his mouth. It didn't take long for his wish to come true though. His tongue was showered with a blast of flavor as the rapidash's cock let out a thick load on to his tongue. That thick semen drowned his mouth and he could barely swallow it fast enough, no, he couldn't handle it. He had to force that cock from his mouth, coughing and sputtering as that thick seed was spilled all over his face. He whined at that while closing his eyes, he would need to sneak away from the stable after this, he had the daycare's money all over his face, but at the moment he didn't care. He loved the way that the rapidash's thick cum sunk into his fur, staining him with that masculine scent, marking him as a whorish slut who loved being marked by beautiful males. Azure kissed and nuzzled at that beautiful cock as it slowly became flaccid, suckling on those beautiful balls while the rapidash stood there, allowing the slutty wolf to get his fill of cock and balls before letting out a snort to let Azure know to back off. With a sigh Azure pulled away, licking his lips and wiping semen away from his face so he could actually see his next target, the arcanine whose eyes were burning with a certain lusty fire, a fire that burned equally in Azure now.

Azure was pleasantly surprised by his next stud. The arcanine was certainly lusty, but he curled around Azure first, thick tongue coming out to greet his cheek and head, cleaning him of semen, an act that he certainly appreciated. Azure chuckled as the big fluffy canine continued licking at him, that tongue eventually moving lower causing him to groan out. He bit at his lower lip as the arcanine began licking at his soar rear, nuzzling and cleaning off that star from the equine semen, apparently the arcanine was just as much of a cum hungry whore as Azure was. Brothers in arms he supposed. Azure let out a breath, a paw moving to stroke through the arcanine's fluffy head, when suddenly he was pushed on to his back, his legs hiked up high to hook on to the arcanine's side. Azure chuckled and kissed the arcanine's muzzle gently. He hadn't expected the arcanine to be this loving, but it seemed out of the three the arcanine was the most playful. Already he could feel that thick canine cock slap at his rear, but the arcanine only poked and prodded gently at his star, not yet pushing in. Azure was yet again surprised as the arcanine forced Azure's lips apart to begin a soft kiss, tongues twisting against each other. Azure's cheeks flushed red as he felt that strong pokemon kiss him, tongues intertwining so he could taste the cum that had been inside of his body. Azure's mind was being drowned in that sweet drool and tongue. He whimpered now as his breath was short, but the arcanine continued the deep kiss, parting only when Azure pulled away, lips connected by a line of drool. Breathing out, chest heaving, Azure pushed up to capture those soft lips again, loving how gentle and sweet the arcanine was. Never had he experienced a pokemon so skilled at lip work as the arcanine, he knew that the arcanine must have had quite the trainer who taught him that trick.

Again their mouths parted, but only for a short while as Azure began becoming hooked on to that sweet tongue and loving maw. He kissed and kissed again not even caring if he would be rutted, in fact he could practically cum from how sweet that beautiful beast was being, but then the arcanine's cock pushed inside of his rear, slow and gentle, sweet as his kisses. Azure whined to the arcanine's mouth, but he stayed still, only hooking his legs just a bit tighter on to the arcanine's side. Slow and steady the arcanine pushed in even though Azure was already stretched. Azure would have to make note of this, he had never experienced a four legged pokemon quite so...loving, so romantic! The other pokemon had treated him like a breeding bitch, but here was this arcanine that had him on his back, moaning just from kisses, cock pushing in slowly so that Azure could feel that beautiful meaty cock slide into his used insides. Truly now he wished that he had picked the arcanine first! That beautiful pokemon continued rutting him, no, rather that beautiful arcanine continued making him love to him in the sweetest way possible, rolling his hips while their tongues still connected and intertwined so gently. Every little ginger thrust caused Azure to groan and pant to that beautiful maw, wishing he could make this last forever. He couldn't have been falling for the arcanine could he? That was a stupid thought, a thought that would never work in reality as well since he didn't own the arcanine. His thoughts were distracted by the quickening of the arcanine's thrusting, that thick canine cock pushing far into azure's rear, knot kissing at his insides. Azure panicked just a bit, if he was knotted, he would either feel a lot of pain from that thick thing pulling out, or he would be stuck there for a long time, but he didn't have much room to think logically as those sweet lips were clouding his every thought. Again those lips pulled away from his, and his mouth suddenly felt so lonely. The arcanine knew this and took advantage of it, looking down at him with a silly grin while thrusting into him. Azure could barely believe that an arcanine was toying with his emotions so much. With a huff he reached up to grab the arcanine's cheeks, pulling him into a deep lustful kiss, tongue pushing far into the arcanine's mouth. Neither cared. They both kissed again and again, loving their sweet embrace as they had their fun on the floor of that stable.

He could feel the arcanine thickening inside of him, that worry rising up again, but he felt that arcanine slowly pulling out, the pokemon's body shaking from the effort of not thrusting in. Again the arcanine proved just how sweet he was by tugging out fully and stepped away, panting, sitting there like a good boy that was waiting for his reward. Sitting up, Azure was panting and blinking, staring at the arcanine, "God...you've given me the best lay out of any of these pokes...you deserve a good reward. I can't let you knot my ass but..." Leaning over to that beautiful cock he opened his maw wide and pushed the arcanine's cock in. He bobbed his head back and forth as he took that beautiful member into his mouth, loving the taste of that thick canine cock, the feeling of his hot meat against his tongue. Again and again he moved his maw, kissing that knot until finally he could fit that knot into his maw, deep throating the arcanine as best as he could. The arcanine then let out a loud howl, shoving to Azure's mouth as he let loose a thick load of semen, a surprisingly spicy mix that had Azure's eyes watering. When finally that beautiful cock was pulled free from Azure's mouth, the arcanine moved to nuzzle and lick at Azure's mouth, giving him one last loving kiss before turning to move on.

Azure sighed, his sylveon moving to sit next to him blinking and looking up at Azure, "God that arcanine was such a sweetie...I'll definitely remember him from next time." Suddenly his eyes widened as he felt something rubbing against his cock, looking down he saw his sylveon pushing his body against Azure's cock, purring just a bit and turning to present his tight little rear. Azure smiled just a bit realizing that his helper hadn't been rewarded properly yet. Getting on to his knees he pressed the tip of his cock against his pretty little sylveon's pink star, pushing it in slowly, loving the feeling of that tight hot ass around his cock. Gripping at the sylveon's body he began pushing in and out firmly, occasionally pulling the mewling whorish eeveelution closer with every thrust. Already he was so close from all the ramming he had taken, his cock throbbing and twitching inside of that beautiful rear. Azure panted thrusting in faster, knot swelling as it kissed his precious sylveon's rear. With one last push he made a mistake, knotting his sylveon. They would be stuck for some time, but he didn't care, the mistake was already made so with a grunt he pushed and shoved to the tiny pokemon's rear causing it to mewl loudly, his tongue lolling out. With one last thrust Azure's thick cum began flooding that whorish sylveon's rear. His sylveon let out a loud cry, cheeks flushed red as he cherished his master's semen being pumped inside of his rear.

Finally Azure was done with his work that day. Azure sat back with a happy sigh. He had a lot of work still to be done that day involving checking on a lot of the other pokemon. Peeking his head out of the stable he gasped, his expressing sulking, "Oh god its night time sylveon." In response his sylveon began thrashing about attempting to pull free but finally it stopped with a wince and a whimper. They were stuck there for god knows how long. Both of them whined and Azure fell back against the floor. With a sigh he looked up at the ceiling of the stable, "How could we get so distracted...oh right, we indulged in our little game far too much. God...at least we can tell the boss that we were just taking care of the studs right? I mean...they are prized pokemon and we have to take care of them...unless he finds us like this, oh god what if he does!" this was a worrying thought, but it was a bit hard to be so worried when his swollen knot was still pulsing, occasionally giving him that extra bit of pleasure. Likewise his sylveon could hardly force itself to be huffy, a thick cock in its rear making it quite impossible. Azure realized then that perhaps the worst was yet to come, what if when they got free the daycare closed. He was going to be missing in action for the entire day! That was no good, he could get in a lot of trouble. Still he had to remember his excuse, dealing with the breeding program pokemon. Breathing out he laid flat out closing his eyes, fatigue washing over his body. His sylveon mewled cuddling up to him as best as he could. Azure smiled a paw moving to scratch at his sylveon's head. They had done a good job of pleasing those three studs for sure, and his sylveon's tight rear felt so good. Maybe the stress was worth it if he could experience such pleasure. Now, for a bit of a nap, and then he would worry about giving his boss the excuse.

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