Pokemon Commission: That Extra Push

Story by ReynartWrites on SoFurry

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Cellidor had been traveling a long time with his best pokemon and friend; a fluffy red furred Delphox he had named Willow. The two had been through many battles together against other trainers, and even challenged a league or two in different regions, but now they traveled out of the enjoyment, the rush of seeing different places rather than traveling for competition. Honestly, Cellidor wouldn't really have it any other way. He had been with Willow ever since the Delphox had been a young Fennekin fresh out of the egg. Cellidor supposed the fact that he had basically cared for Willow as an egg made their connection just that more fulfilling, but lately their relationship had been a bit strange. Affection was something common between the two, as they spent lonely nights huddled together for warmth and companionship, but lately his pokemon had been making certain advances that he wasn't entirely comfortable with. Little surprise tongue baths while they were in bed together, paws reaching for places they shouldn't.

Cellidor shivered under the moonlight, placing another stick in the crackling fire. Just thinking about the fact that his Willow may have wanted something more than friendship was concerning. Not only was it basically socially strange for a trainer to be attracted to his pokemon and vice versa, but Willow was basically his brother, almost his son really. Worse yet, he found himself growing steadily more fond of his pokemon in ways that he would rather not admit, in ways that he couldn't possibly express without breaking his own morals.

Cellidor closed his eyes, shuffling uncomfortably. A certain tightness in his pants further added to the sense of shame he felt as he fantasized enacting those taboo acts with his precious pokemon. With a sigh he stretched and yawned. It was too late to be thinking of such things and he needed his strength to walk the rest of the forest to the next town in the day. With a grunt he took his place at his sleeping bag where he felt the warm fur of Willow against his back. He shivered, knowing that he so longed to have his hands under that soft red fur, caressing the skin underneath. Closing his eyes tight he forced those thoughts away and himself asleep.

Willow laid there on his side, still and deep in thought. He had been traveling so long with his master that only when Cellidor was by his side was he able to sleep properly. Sometimes certainly he had slept alone, but true comfort only met him when his trainer was nearby. Taking a light breath he closed his eyes, but sleep would not find him still. A throbbing warmth continually stirred him from his sleep, a deep seated shame that he had carried for a long time that radiated from his crotch. Ever since he was a young braixen he had been deeply in love with his master. Following and wishing to please his trainer out of some sick obsession, but he knew that it would never be accepted, never be given back in return, because of how wrong Willow's obsession was. Even if his master returned Willow's feelings, how would the world accept the union of a pokemon and its trainer?

All of these years Willow had managed to push his feelings deep inside of himself, but he could never forget about them and recently they had begun to surface in the most terrible ways. At times he found himself indulging that shameful heat at his crotch, rubbing at it until it disappeared, but now instead of just hiding his shame away, he had on many occasions shown his erect cock to his master. At times he would turn over in their resting area and nestled against his master, stroking that shameful stick against his master's body, closing his eyes praying that he wouldn't awaken. In their travels he had kissed his master, held his master for far too long and refused to leave his side. Willow's mind was in a haze, a breeding frenzy which made no sense since his master was male.

Willow's master understood perfectly what was going on, and yet he did not respond in any way. A tear fell down his cheek and he shivered. He wanted so badly for his master to shame him for his actions, to push him away and abandon him for being such a dirty creature, but instead his master said nothing. The silence, the nothingness, the wait caused such an ache in his heart that he could feel himself ready to burst into tears and fall to his knees, and tonight he could take no more of this feeling. He knew that his master was at least somewhat interested, he had seen the tightness in his pants, the way that his master stared at Willow's feminine curves that showed through his thick robe-like fur. Willow knew that they were both ashamed of it, but he couldn't take it anymore, and so he would be the one to initiate their first, their shameful connection that neither wanted.

Taking a breath Willow shakily pushed himself up and let out a low trill, a nervous and anxious sound. Willow sat himself upon his knees and gripped tight to his stick, reciting the plan in his mind again and again. It was simple enough, but he had to do it just to keep himself from chickening out and making the problem worse. Shakily, breathe quickening, he reached over to wake his trainer from slumber, praying that he had the courage to finally enact his plan. Willow grabbed on to his trainer's shoulder, gently tugging, heartbeat so audible to his own ears. Cellidor, his trainer, woke up and turned around to face Willow who leaned down to press his lips against his trainer's, tail wagging as he finally was able to taste his master for the first time.

Cellidor's eyes widened. He had woken up to his Delphox shaking his shoulder. Turning around he met with Willow's lips against his own, soft tongue flicking out to force its way into his own mouth. Cellidor allowed this only because he was so shocked, unsure if he was in the waking world or dreaming, but soon he had regained control of his mind. He pulled away, placing both of his hands on Willow's shoulders unsure of what to say.

Willow had another plan in mind, not wanting to stop at all. Willow bit his lip and looked away before turning to stare at Cellidor with deep glowing purple eyes. The effect was immediate. Cellidor moved his lips to question Willow's actions, but all that came out was a gentle sigh. Willow purred, his own senses clouded by the success of his plan, the hypnosis had taken hold of his master's mind. His paws moved to grab on to Cellidor's cheeks, his trainer's soft cheeks. A thumb moved to stroke at his trainer's cheeks, feeling over soft skin that he had wanted to touch for so long now. Leaning in he closed his eyes and again found his trainer's lips, this time suckling upon them before parting them, his tongue invading that space to touch on to Cellidor's tongue. That spellbound trainer obeyed the movement of Willow's tongue, pressing his entire body in closer. Willow's paws then moved to begin tearing the clothing off of his master's body, claws making short work of Cellidor's clothing. Willow knew he should be more careful, that when the spell ended he would be in trouble, cast out and punished, but he didn't care. He knew he would be caught, but tonight he wanted it to be about his needs, and his master's hidden lust.

Willow commanded his trainer to sit up allowing him to kiss down at his master's strong chest, going lower against that small rounded stomach. Flicking his tongue out to taste his master's skin, he purred, trilling happily as he continued down towards what he really wanted. A scent that was sweet to his nostrils soon filled his senses as he continued down against his master's crotch, burying his face in it before bringing his tongue over that already erect shaft. A paw then moved to cup those sizable balls, rolling them around gently while Willow's tongue flicked against that shaft, wetting it nicely before going over the tip, warm breath dancing over that thick shaft. Soon his other paw was at the wet shaft, stroking and spreading over his saliva all over that cock as Willow opened his maw to let that beautiful cock head push against his tongue, tickling his taste buds with salty-sweet pre. Willow slid that cock further in to his maw while stroking what he couldn't get inside, whining as he wanted more of that beautiful thing inside of his throat.

Cellidor may have been hypnotized, but he wasn't completely passive. His hands moved to the back of Willow's head, gripping tight at soft fur before he suddenly shoved into Willow's mouth with a groan, savoring that moist warm tongue against his hard shaft. Willow nearly choked, closing his eyes tight as Cellidor began assaulting his mouth. Again and again Cellidor thrust, as if he were breeding with that maw of Willow's, shoving in so deep his balls touched Willow's chin each time he pushed in. Willow began whimpering now, his own cock growing harder and harder from the abuse, loving that thick cock passing against his tongue and into his throat, even though he wasn't quite ready for it.

Willow could feel his master's cock throbbing inside of his mouth, twitching and oozing just a bit more pre. He knew then that Cellidor would be letting out that thick liquid that Willow had been hungering for. Willow's cheeks flared with heat when he felt that sudden rush of thick liquid pour out into his maw against his tongue. He let out a muffled moan as it stained his tongue, passing down his gullet. Even as it went through his throat he could feel the warmth all the way down to his stomach, sputtering just a bit as Cellidor pulled out to let out the final part of his release all over Willow's muzzle, drowning his senses in that primal scent.

Willow shivered and trembled, his own canine cock twitching in the cold night air. He wanted so badly now to mate with his master, to breed his tight virginal rear. Breathing out, nervous, he called out the order, his heart and body trembling as he said those shameful words, "Get on all fours now...show me your rear, be a g-good slut" and Cellidor obeyed, bending over to present his rear on all fours, an invite which Willow took immediately, pressing his muzzle against that tight star to lick and flick his tongue against, soon pushing his tongue in to properly lube up the insides. While he did this his trainer groaned out, shaking, cock growing hard again. Willow purred as this happened, reaching to grip and stroke at that firm cock while licking. Finally he could take no more though, he rose to his feet, breathing lowering himself just enough to push the tip of his firm canine pokemon cock against that soft tight hole, pushing in slowly, whining as he struggle to get inside. Upon breaking the entrance, pushing in slowly, he gasped, letting out a loud purr as his claws sunk into his master's hips. Back and forth Willow's hips moved, pushing his cock farther and father inside that warm tight hole until finally that knot kissed at his trainer's star. Willow groaned out, whimpering as he began thrusting, desperately trying to knot that hole.

Cellidor could barely handle his pokemon's lust driven pounding. Every thrust caused him to jolt and sent a wave of pain and pleasure through his hypnotized mind. He panted and groaned, occasionally moaning out Willow's name, that spell slowly being broken by the intensity of Willows thrusting. His senses were coming back to him, but he was still just as driven by lust as his pokemon and so he did nothing, groaning out and pushing his hips back to that thick canine cock that dug so deep inside of him, his own hand moving to stroke at his cock. Cellidor cried out as he suddenly felt that thick knot digging deep inside of his rear, swelling to trap that hole as if he were another pokemon to impregnate. Gasping he scratched at the ground feeling that thick thing inside of his rear.

Willow panted, face stuck in lust as he moved his hips purely on instinct, not yet realizing his master was free of that spell. Again and again he pushed, grinding his cock inside of that tight moist hole until finally his cock began twitching, hot semen pouring out into that hole. He let out a yowl as his cock blew hard, so much of that semen pouring inside of that sore used rear. Willow leaned over panting, licking and biting at his trainer's neck while his claws began scratching at his trainer's back.

Cellidor moaned, nearly collapsing from such treatment. He held himself as best he could until finally his pokemon's thick cock was done staining his insides with that thick semen. Finally he allowed himself to collapse and he began muttering the words, "...We're going to need to talk after you get out of me buddy..."

Willow's ears perked and then fell back, he forgot that hypnosis only lasted for so long. Whimpering he laid upon his master's back, licking at the wounds that he had caused with his fangs and claws. Neither was up for a talk after their fun though, both of them collapsed, still in that same position, eyes closed now.

The morning came and Cellidor was extremely sore, sometime during the night Willow had pulled out so Cellidor was free to sit up just then, looking around for his pokemon. He found Willow sleeping soundly next to him, curled and occasionally whimpering in his sleep. With a sigh he placed a hand on Willow's head, stroking through the fur softly. He hadn't realized that Willow was so pent up, neither had he realized how good it would have felt. Still, it was rape, but he would rather not talk about it as such. Looking down back at Willow he noticed that a single eye was peering up at him sleepily, a small tear falling down his furry cheek. Cellidor closed his eyes unsure of how to respond. At first he was going to give Willow a stern talking, or just a small lecture, but upon seeing that sight his heart melted. With a sigh he brushed that single tear away and cupped Willow's cheek to scratch underneath the fur gently earning a tired purr, "Come on buddy. We've got a long road ahead of us."

The road was indeed long. After packing in an awkward silence, Willow was unsure of how his master was receiving the fact that he had raped him. As he walked behind his master, his ears were constantly back against his head. The silence was eating him inside. He felt a deep aching hole build in his stomach and heart. Perhaps this was his master's way of saying that he wanted no part in this relationship, but wanted to stay as companions? Perhaps that was the best he could manage between his master and himself, but still he hungered for more. Now that he had mated once with his master, he felt closer than ever to him, even though he had hypnotized him.

Cellidor was trying his best to collect his thoughts. Willow was behind him, walking and occasionally sighing, and whimpering like a hurt fennekin. He was upset, that much was obvious. After that initial kiss Cellidor had planned on having a long talk with his pokemon about taking it slow, but instead Willow had raped him, nearly breaking his rear in two. Wincing he felt a bit of that pain as if on cue. With a sigh he paused, looking back at Willow whose ear's finally perked up. With a snort he turned around fully and crossed his arms, "Ok, I'm ready to talk about what happened. First I have to say...I didn't hate it entirely." Those words certainly coaxed a reaction from his pokemon. Willow clung on to his master's shoulders, licking and letting out little purrs against his cheek. With a small smile he winced, avoiding getting slobber in his eye as he cleared his throat, "That being said...you are in trouble for using hypnosis against me, and...I'm not sure if we should continue this Willow. We're...species apart after all"

Willow's ears drooped back to their position from before and he whimpered gripping at Cellidor's shirt. He was nearly heartbroken now. Not only had his trainer teased him with the fact that apparently he enjoyed it, but now he spoke as if they should stop, as if they truly were never going to be together. He wanted so badly to just have that little bit of acceptance, but now here his master was rejecting him, telling him it would never be.

Cellidor could see the desperation on Willow's expression, the fact that his claws were pinching into his skin was another tell. With a sigh he placed a hand on Willow's head to stroke through that fur, speaking softly now to defuse the situation, "Easy boy. I just meant that I have to think about this. I love you, I really do...far more than I should, but I need time to think about this. Especially after you pulled that stunt off. You get it? I can't have you doing things like that, but...don't get me wrong Willow, I'm not...I'm not rejecting you just yet." Cellidor's own heart was beating quickly. He wasn't sure why he was being so tentative. Already they had fucked, they had gone through that forbidden act, but he wasn't fully committed, he was forced into it, he needed time to adjust, to really accept it, or else it wouldn't be genuine. He hoped that Willow would understand this. He was also extremely bad at communication. He needed his time to assess the situation in his own way, something that he hoped that Willow would understand by now, but maybe that didn't matter, maybe Willow was already at the point of breaking. Turning his back on his pokemon, he began to walk.

Willow seemed to calm down after their talk, just a bit at least. Occasionally he would hear a small whine come from behind, or feel Willow place his cold nose against his cheek. Really it was kind of cute in an odd way. For some time on their trek he wondered why Willow had suddenly become so grabby, gripping on to his arm and clutching tight. He had told Willow that he wasn't going to reject him just yet, and so why was he so clingy still? Occasionally looking back at Willow revealed a pathetic face. Eyes drooping, nose trembling. Cellidor could barely stand to look back at that face. With a sigh he yet again stopped in his tracks placing an arm around his poor heartbroken pokemon and giving him a tight squeeze, "Buddy its ok. I'm not gonna leave you behind. I've always cared about you, and even if I don't return this love of yours I'll always care for you. His pokemon seemed to calm a bit at this, Cellidor let out a sigh of relief. He couldn't stand to see him crying. Certainly the walk to the nearest town was going to take far longer than he thought it was going to. They arrived when the sun was falling. A small town among the trees that had just enough to offer. Signing in at an Inn Cellidor took a single bed room along with Willow.

Willow stayed outside of that room uncertain if he was allowed to room with his master anymore. He stood there, waiting obediently for Cellidor to give the word. Cellidor only looked back at him with a quizzical look and waved him in. Willow of course stepped in, his tail wagging, glad that he was still allowed to at least stay in the same room as his master. When time came for sleep he noticed that his master was disrobing, taking off his shirt, and yet again that disturbing heat between his legs began, his cheeks flushing, his eyes becoming half lidded as he stared. Willow absent mindedly moved his paw to his crotch, stroking and caressing at his growing erection.

Cellidor saw this and closed his eyes, his own cheeks flushing a deep red. He knew that Willow was sensitive and he didn't account for that. This time it was his own fault that his pokemon was so pent up, or at least he would tell himself this. While they walked he had enough time to think, he had enough time to decide whether or not he wanted this relationship on their way to town. Truthfully Cellidor was a bit upset still that Willow acted in such a shameless manner, but he couldn't blame that face for long. With a sigh he moved to kneel in front of Willow, hand moving to grip at that thick canine member.

Willow gasped paws moving to cover his face. His master was kneeling before him, stroking at his cock. It was a dream come true! Was this his answer, or was his trainer simply teasing. Willow couldn't think for very long, his attention was brought to that strong hand stroking and tugging at his cock, his trainer's tongue flicking out to taste his cock. Willow cooed and purred, paws moving now to grip at Cellidor's shoulders. Certainly his master loved him now, certainly there was no way that he was teasing. Willow panted now, in total bliss as his master played with his cock unable to believe that it was really happening.

Cellidor could hardly believe it himself. His hand was moving almost as if some invisible force were tugging it, his mouth moved on its own as well, wrapping around that canine cock, tasting that thick masculine scent that oozed from Willows thick animal prick. Cellidor pulled his head back and forth, getting into the action while a hand moved under to cup those balls. Cellidor had never done this before, but he was already in love with that thick taste. In fact he found it hard not to lose his mind to it, his eyes closed shut as he concentrated on pleasuring his pokemon. He then pulled his lips away slowly, smiling just a bit as he heard Willow groan out. Ducking under he began nuzzling those thick balls, licking at them, not even caring about the small beads of sweat that came off of them. Again and again he licked, going further under to get the back of the sac, until finally he hit that taint. Willow's paws moved to scratch at his back while he purred, Cellidor urged on by those sweet noises to lick around to find that sweet little star. Again and again he licked, wanting to please and keep his pokemon happy, loving the noises that were coming from the pokemon's mouth. Suddenly something changed though, Willow pulled away leaving Cellidor blinking.

Willow was overcome by a new feeling, a feral instinct that drove him on his paws and knees, tail lifted high in the air as he panted, hoping that his trainer would get the idea. He was so excited, almost too much so, his heart pounding his chest, not letting him rest for a second. Willow's excitement only heightened as he felt that thick cock touch against his rear. They could have used the bed, but both were too excited by their forbidden embrace that had now turned into a full on relationship. Willow gasped and groaned out loud as he felt that thick member of his master penetrate his rear, heat enveloping his insides. It was almost too much to bear! Immediately his body wanted to collapse, but his master's strong arms held him up. Cellidor grunted again and again as he thrust inside of Willow who was moaning and letting out little yelps, tongue lolling out as his insides were thrust into. Willow had never dreamed his master would not only be the initiating it, but that his master would be so rough, so strong with him! It was as if his insides were burning from that thick meaty rod thrusting into him again and again. Willow cried out his arms collapsing from underneath him as his master thrust into him again, balls touching. Pain shot through his rear as he felt his master going wild inside of him, but still he only whimpered and bore with it, loving how feral his master was being.

Cellidor had lost any semblance of shame as he thrust into his pokemon. His cock was burning both from the heat of his own body, and from the hot insides of his pokemon's rear. It was nearly unbelievable at how searing hot he felt. Somewhere in the process his hand had moved to grip at Willow's head fur tugging and pulling, taking him as an animal would a breeding bitch. He panted and breathed out hot air against his pokemon's back, shoving and thrusting his hips against Willow, each thrust sounding off with a little slap from their connection. Already he felt his pokemon tremble beneath him. Moving a hand quickly he felt over Willow's cock just as it began to spurt, twitching as Cellidor continually thrust against those plush insides, pushing them against Willow's prostate. Now he could cum, he could thrust inside and breed his precious slut pokemon, but he wanted more than just that. He wanted to show Willow just how much he had been holding back. Pulling free from Willow's tight rear he pushed the delphox on to his back and knelt over him, stroking his firm cock against that petite muzzle. Willow could only watch with lust drunk half-lidded eyes as his master stroked that thick meat rod again and again. Not even blinking as a blast of thick semen poured out on to his nose, staining his fur and his senses yet again with that thick semen. Willow squirmed and moaned, loving that scent, that warm feeling all over his fur. It was a primal feeling of being marked, of being forced to recognize who he belong to.

Willow wasn't done though. He whined and thrust his hips, his cock still twitching and hard. Cellidor had notice this and was kind enough to position his rear over Willow's twitching hungry cock, letting it touch at his warm anus. Willow breathed out, toes curling, paws moving to grip at those hips as he thrust in firmly. Cellidor yelped and grit his teeth hands moving to wrap around Willow's shoulders as Willow rose to sit up and shove inside of his trainer. Willow pushed and thrust up inside of his trainer, bouncing him on his lap, thick canine cock spreading Cellidor's insides again. Willow finally was fucking his master the proper way, without that disgusting hypnotism, without having to hide his true feelings and be disgusted with himself. Finally his cock was piercing those warm insides without need of being guilty. Willow panted and bit at Cellidor's shoulder firmly, drawing blood as he pushed in harder. He was overly excited and couldn't control himself, claws yet again coming out to claw and scratch. Cellidor winced and bore with the scratching and biting, concentrating on that thick piece of meat inside of his rear, controlling his voice, trying not to scream out Willow's name from the immense pleasure and pain he felt. Cellidor winced, closing both eyes then hard as he hid his face in Willow's shoulder not wanting to cry out to let everyone know what he was doing. Willow didn't care though. He panted and yelped letting out his cries as frequently as possible when not biting on to Cellidor. His heated cock was already swollen, his knot already piercing Cellidor's insides. Now again he came, but this time Willow came inside of his master with Cellidor's consent, with his love and with his approval. There was no shame in that thick liquid that painted Cellidor's insides again, that thick liquid that flooded his insides, making Celidor wish that he was female for that one moment to feel that thick liquid impregnate his insides, what a waste of seed, but at least it was inside of him.

With a sigh the two of them collapsed back on the ground, panting and sweating. Cellidor grunted, still feeling that thick thing inside of him. Doing his best he sat up, wincing at Willows claws still in his side, "First....first of all buddy...we're going to have to talk about your clawing and biting, second off....I hope you understand now that I love you a-and I accept you." Cellidor breathed out, his cheeks flushed red both from their act and his words. Willow could only look up at his master with a smug smile, eyes glued to his. Cellidor's cheeks flushed further at this and he sighed leaning down to press his lips against Willows, their forbidden embrace continuing, but with love radiating.

After a quick shower, Willow laid upon the bed, eyes closed, lips curled into a smile. When Cellidor stepped out of the bathroom from his own shower he saw Willow laying their and smiled just a bit. His pokemon who had been whimpering and clinging on to him now looked so satisfied with himself. He was practically glowing literally. When Willow noticed that Cellidor was watching him he let out a cute little trill and put his paws out to Cellidor begging for his attention. Closing his eyes Cellidor looked away, opening one eye to see Willow still smiling, arms still begging for that hug. With a small sigh he moved to lie upon his pokemon, gentle fuzzy arms wrapping around his back. He was extremely sore now, but his heart was fulfilled and his mind was put at ease. With a yawn he nestled into his pokemon, really unsure of what to do now, but whatever they would do, they would do as a couple. Closing his eyes he decided that sleep was the best option, smiling a bit as he heard gentle snores already from his sweet pokemon.

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