Horrors Of The Night

Story by KayrinSF on SoFurry

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3 boys looking for a little side-fun at a midnight beach party quickly find out they're not the only ones looking to fill their mouths with meat.

Another quickie that didn't turn out to be as quick as I'd expected it to be. Was planning to do it in an hour or two, then it turned into an 8 page story that took on a bit of a life of its own.

They were gonna get grabbed, abused a little, then eaten. Easy peasy. Then I decided why not highlight a different aspect of vore and tentacles in each death!? The simple grab and gulp, the choke-out, and digestion!

Then I added a Lovecraft-style monster, because fuck it, I didn't feel like deciding what kind of pred it'd be.

ANYWAY. Long story short, this is written as a quickie--even if it isn't quick--I didn't spend a lot of time planning it, and didn't pore over each sentence looking for the best words; I just wrote it as I wrote it!

Anyway, enjoy guys!

Favs & Comments greatly appreciated!

Hinom (c) RyuDragnier (on FA)

Conri (c) Conriwhelan (on FA)

Zavis (c) handofblades (on FA)

Story (c) KayrinSF

"I fucking hate parties."

"Then why do you keep coming to them?"

"...I got my reasons."

The two voices floated carefree across the night-shaded dunes of the white-sanded beach. They danced over the softly lapping kisses of the ocean waves rolling across the sand, and quickly joined the raucous shouts of a group of barely clothed party-goers.

"You wanna fuck, yeah? You told me that's why you were coming. Now you're trying to puss out; come on!"

The voices' owners lay some distance away from the flickering orange light thrown far and wide by a towering bonfire. The party-goers danced to rock music blasting from a large set of speakers, unaware of the two stragglers.

"Well, yeah, but a threesome? I dunno, man."

A third voice now joined the other two. It was lighter, sharper, but tinged with a lilt of bemusement.

"I'm feeling like I should be a little insulted here."

"Look I---" the reluctant voice grew silent.

The three shadows lay stretched beneath a fan of palm tree foliage, the moonlight creeping along until it shone on their practically nude bodies.

The largest was a Bangaa, his hairless body hiding a sheath of heavy muscle. Tan coloured skin covered the boy's chest and belly, spreading down to his inner-thighs before running along the underside of his tail. The rest of him was a dull crimson; the four tendril-like appendages sprouting from his skull, like drooping rabbit ears, were no exception. A single gold ring glinted brilliantly as it caught the light of the moon. Despite his size, he seemed almost sheepish, glowering in an attempt to hide the embarrassment he felt.

The Bangaa wore nothing save a dark green speedo. He lay stretched out on a towel, staring straight up as he spoke to his two companions. Already his cock had grown hard, thinking he'd come here to sleep with the python who lay beside him, but now anxiousness had stunted its growth.

The python smiled a smile which beamed both empathy and a cruelty reserved for an embarrassed friend. Running a single scaled finger down the other boy's chest, he finally spoke.

"Look, Hinom, if you just think you need to be a little drunker..."

The Bangaa huffed loudly, turning his gaze to the python.

"It isn't that, he's just so goddamn fuzzy. You know how I feel about furs, Zav." The Bangaa sat up to look to the slight-built blue-furred otter who lay on the other side of the python. "No offense. Just ain't my thing." The otter didn't seem particularly offended.

The python shrugged lightly, turning to face the otter. "Maybe getting him drunk ain't the answer here. Maybe we just need to get him horny." Zavis tipped a wink that the otter caught immediately. "Let's say -we- at least have a bit of fun, Conri."

The otter's muzzle split in a grin. His lean body, wider only at the hips, twisted to face the python. "How about..." slowly he leaned in, tasting along the edges of Zavis' snout before catching the diamond-backed python in a kiss that seemed to hold the same ebb and flow of the nearby tide. It grew fierce, only to retreat before renewing its attack. Like the Bangaa, both of the boys were dressed only in speedos. Conri's firey pink brief-cut swimtrunks held a tent in them already, and the longer he held that kiss, the closer the tip of that pink-clad prick grew to python's body.

Zavis surrendered to the kiss immediately, tracing his claws across the blue-furred otter's body before letting them rest against one of the other boy's feminine-esque hips. He made no attempt to protect himself from the first explorative stab of the otter's cock against his gut, and countered with the stiff rod trapped in his own white swim briefs. Though he was larger than the otter, the athletic looking serpent allowed himself to be overpowered.

Finally the kiss broke, and the snake let out a shuddering gasp as he slipped into his role as the tender lover. Their hands explored their playmate's body, Zavis grasping Conri's ass through his pink speedo even as the otter tenderly caressed the back of the python's neck.

The Bangaa tried not to look, but as the pleasured moans of his friend grew louder, he couldn't help but peek. Like a honey-pot, once the boy looked, he was caught. His eyes seemed to resist what they were seeing, but softened slightly as Zavis rolled onto his back, exposing the height of his jutting cock in the suddenly too-small swimsuit. His own impressively sized shaft began to take notice as well, rising in his green briefs like some zombie freshly risen from the grave. His hand tried to push it down, perhaps even tuck it into the waistband of his speedo and pretend it wasn't there, but as soon as he felt the touch of his own fingers he simply began to stroke it instead; maybe this wasn't such a bad idea after all, but for now... he'd watch.

Zavis smirked, tilting his head to glance over towards the Bangaa.

"Nuh unh, no play? no look." Another wink and the snake rolled back over towards the otter; all but his squirming back and flexing ass hidden from the Bangaas sight.

The Bangaa muttered under his breath; his earlier doubts still plagued him and now that it was time to put up or shut up, he still couldn't tear away from the allure of simply shutting up. Opening his mouth to speak, the boy was surprised to find it suddenly full of something else.

A wriggling mass of flesh dived into the boy's open mouth, and all he could get out was a muffled moan of fear.

"Keep it down unless you're looking to play, Hinom." Zavis' smooth, playful words drifted from him, but his focus remained on Conri.

Right before the wide-eyed Bangaa's face, a wavering tendril of some unknown green fleshy substance, wavered and wriggled in the air. It had climbed into his mouth before he'd even known it was there, and stretched out to some unknown source above his head. As the boy reached out to grab for Zavis, another one appeared and grabbed his arm, stopping it with a strength that dwarfed the Bangaa's impressive power.


_ "_Moan all you want..." teased Conri, his eyes closed as Zavis showered his many-whiskered muzzle with hungry kisses.

More tendrils appeared, climbing across the Bangaa's neck, cinching it tightly as another curled around the forearm of his left arm. Both arms now restrained, the furless male could only wriggle against the force of those grasping tentacles. Certain that at any second the other two boys would turn and notice his plight, the Bangaa fought bravely. As another tendril latched itself around his waist, he knew he was in trouble! He was yanked roughly backwards, ass sliding in the sand as he was pulled closer to a nearby pond. A small stream ran from it down towards the ocean, and the music of its tinkling flow seemed out of place as the Bangaa fought his unseen attacker.

More tendrils quickly grabbed him now. They were as thick as hot-dogs, but seemed to be unbreakable as the Bangaa kicked and fight.

"I'll catch you later then, Hinom." Zavis' voice was again unaccompanied by a glance, though he rolled his eyes, thinking the sudden movement behind him was the Bangaa's abrupt departure from the situation; he wasn't entirely wrong.

"_FAAAABBBIFFFFF!!"_The Bangaa tried to call the python's name, but it was too late.

Already the boy was nearing the edge of that pond. His body bucked and heaved in grasp of the increasingly numerous tendrils. His head craned backwards, hoping to see their source, the boy was met only with the moonlight reflecting off the rapidly approaching pond. Despite his danger, or perhaps because of it, the boy's already erect shaft seemed harder than even Zavis could have hoped for. Adrenaline coursed through his body, and in the darkest recesses of his mind, the Bangaa revelled in his helplessness. His hips thrust upwards as a tentacle slithered across his lycra-covered balls.

The pond yawned and took the Bangaa willingly as he was pulled into it. Water rushed around Hinom's head, plunging him into a deeper breathlessness than the tentacle in his throat already provided. Bubbles rushed from the boy's nose as his oxygen escaped him slowly but surely.


_ _ The Bangaa's eyes rolled about in fear and shock at what was happening. The tentacle that had found his balls had already found his cock and it clinched the needy meat as tightly as the appendages holding his arms and waist. His arms were pulled up, stretched out above his head as he was dragged through the water like some kind of flesh-covered torpedo. The inky water pressed against his body from all sides, and dimly he could see the moon from even this far below the surface.

Only when something closed around his entire head, did the boy realize he'd found the source of this strange attack. Something like lips ran across his bare chest, his racing heart no obstacle for the progress of the darkness that was slowly engulfing him. The boy's lungs burned for air, and his feet kicked--as best they could--in desperation. There was nothing around him that gave a clue as to what was happening; only the blackness stared back at him. The tendrils held fast, joining him in whatever watery cave he'd found himself in. Still they pulled him deeper into it.

His belly vanished, the boy's hips eagerly awaiting the feel of that strange pressure that was rubbing all down the length of his body.

But oh. OH. He needed to breathe! The boy's chest was a furnace of pain and it was slowly blotting out his coherent thought. As reason left him, and the madness which lived at the edge of unconsciousness took him, the boy's crazed mind insisted that he was being eaten alive by something. That was ridiculous, of course. That kind of thing didn't happen! Not at beach parties where he's about to get laid!

The rubbery pressure of the unknown object pressing against him ground against the boy's cock, and as though it had pressed some hidden button, the Bangaa erupted. Cum gushed in misting rivulets, soaking through his speedo immediately and squirting against the 'lips' that had caught him. A breathless roll of the Bangaa's head was his only visible reaction to the orgasm, heightened intensely by his state of oxygen-deprivation.

Tongue lolling from his mouth, the boy died still bound in the tendrils, his eyes open and sightless as his legs were slurped up by the lips of some unknown--and inconceivable--predator.

"You think your friend is coming back?" Conri finally glanced up from the heated back and forth he was sharing with the python. The Bangaa was nowhere to be seen, and the track his body had left in the sand went unnoticed; why would the otter be looking for any such thing, after all?

"He probably just went to get a few more drinks. He seemed pretty into it near the end there. You hear him moaning?" Zavis giggled out a short peal of laughter unsuited to his appearance.

"I guess... hope he comes back, he was cute." Conri smiled a little wistfully, as if thinking of the faceloads he could have taken from such a fine specimen of his species. Zavis rolled onto his back, his cock still hard and needy as it pressed out against his white briefs. The python's eyes closed as he sighed.

" I suppose we could wait. Wouldn't do to finish so quickly and leave him hanging if he DOES come back."

Conri let out a short snortgiggle before climbing to his feet. "I'll be right back. Got some... otter business... to take care of." Another snortgiggle punctuated the joke, which only drew a pained-sounding groan from the python. Conri basked in the sound as he moved towards the edge of the sand, his slowly softening cock eager for a quick piss before he got back to the fun.

As he reached a low row of bushes, the otter let out a wistful sigh and looked upwards; this spot was as good as any. Ready to release the beast, the otter was surprised by the sensation of something looping around his neck. It felt like rope, but it was warm to the touch, and it was growing tighter. Both hands moved upwards as the otter's half-erect shaft bounced and jiggled in front of him.

"The fu---HRRRAACCK!"

The rope tightened to the point that the boy could no longer breathe. Redness clutched at his cheeks as in his panic the normally strong-lunged male found he had no air in them at all. As his fingers tore at the squishy noose that had caught him, he was pulled forward violently and taken right off of his feet.

Conri landed on the grass in front of him silently, no air able to escape him as he collided with the ground. Trying to dig his feet into the soft dirt, the boy's attempts proved futile. Whatever held him stretched out before his eyes, leading into the darkness towards the still, reflective, surface of a nearby pond. It was in that direction that he quickly found himself being pulled, his chest, belly and cock, grinding against the grass as he travelled across it.


Conri's eyes were watering from the pain of being hauled so unceremoniously along by his neck. Spit ran down his chin and the red that had warmed his cheeks had begun to slink towards a nasty purple colour. He could see more of the snake-like... creatures... whatever they were, moving in the darkness. They were all around him! Hands still gripping at the one around his throat, there was no defense as one slithered into his speedo. It curled around the base of his cock and held fast there.

The water was growing close, and Conri could see ripples now moving along its otherwise mirror-like surface. As reality exploded in his ears, drowning out all thought and worry with the pervasive cacophony of rushing blood and his own thumping heartbeat, the otter was only dimly aware that he was being jerked off.

His pink speedo hung around his thighs, and the feminine otter's broad tail thumped against the ground. His head was only a few feet from the water's surface now, and still only the two tendrils held him. Despite this, he was still helpless. Trying to scream, but only managing to spit all over his own cheeks, the otter stared in blood-shot horror as something rose from the pond. It towered over him, water dripping down its gleaming sides; as close as he was, the boy found it impossible to focus on this strange sight, however, and instead seemed lost in a carrion darkness that even the moon couldn't pierce.

How could this...

A musk hit the otter's nose just then, cutting off his own crazed incredulity at what was moving towards him. It absorbed him into itself, the smell like some carnivorous blanket that seemed intent on sealing the otter away. The boy's arms fell away at last, unable to support themselves any longer. Still, the otter was alive and could watch the predator moving towards him. His final thought before a strange mixture of weightlessness and pleasure washed over him, was disbelief that any of this was real.

Conri's shaft spurted a thick stream of cum across his belly, the pleasure building in his loins unfelt until it was released all at once. He painted himself heavily with the cream, its musk easily subdued by the smell coming off the lumbering insanity moving steadily towards its prey. The semen trickled down the sides of the otter's belly as he finally succumbed to whatever had captured him, his body quivering and spasming as his muscles resisted their own impending destruction.

He was dead by the time the monstrosity that had claimed his life began to devour him. It slid his lifeless body into its mouth--one of many--slowly, as though intended to savour the delicate flavours the dead otter's corpse elicited in its unthinkable tastebuds. As his legs disappeared, the boy's body spasmed a final time, toes splaying on his broad feet as they quivered, before they disappeared between the creature's lips. His pink speedos had been rolled off by the passage of those lips, and as the tendriled horror slithered forward, it left them behind as though marking the spot the promiscuous otter had become simple meat.

Zavis, meanwhile, was growing bored. His cock had softened without the expert attentions of the otter, nor the savory sight of his well-kept body.

"Con, you coming back?" Zavis' head lolled backwards so he could look--albeit upside-down--towards the bank of brush the otter had been heading towards. Heaving a sigh, the python looked once more towards the sky, "Damn. Conned again." He couldn't help but break a smile at his own wit, despite his disappointment that no-one else had heard it.

The sudden rustle of leaves drew Zavis' attention away from the star-studded expanse of sky above him. There was no further warning before something was grabbing him. It curled around his waist, lifting him from the ground like a seashell being snatched by a curious child. Arms and legs waving madly as the boy found himself suddenly hoisted into the air, he couldn't help but let out an alarmed cry. His body bending down into an involuntary arch, the boy was shaken violently even as he felt his arms, shoulders and chest, become encased in the vice-like grip of his unseen assailant.

"Help! Please! Someo--" The boy's cries were cut off by the invasion of some worm-like appendage into his throat. He could scarcely see the green girth of the tendril, its length running up his chest before vanishing into his mouth. Gagging on it, the python was helpless to stop it, one arm bent cruelly behind his back, and the other pinned fiercely to his side. Like a vomiting customer riding a roller-coaster, Zavis was stuck to revel in the unpleasantness of his situation with no hope of immediate escape.

His eyes rolled about frantically, seeking for some sign of his attacker even as his body shuddered and resisted the violent molestations of the vine-like grabbers which were slowly covering him. They slithered along his bulge, nestled between his balls, tickled at his straining belly, and stroked along the back of his thighs; they were everywhere. As he was spun, and moved, and squeezed, and shaken, by the horror that had found him, the bat was keenly aware of the starlight; in the dizzying haze of his peril, the boy could see something in the cold light of the watchful heavens.

"MMMFFPPH! FRARRRRRF!" Zavis' eyes took in the sight before him, unimpeded by the darkness--banished now by the light beaming from above--and at the same time, they rejected it. Shock, perhaps, from the unexpected attack, or perhaps something else, broke the boy's thoughts. Horror gave way to something new, something he could feel, but had no name for. Revulsion would have been been the first word an ever-intensifying chain of definitions, which may eventually lead to the sensation he now felt.

Blood trickled from the corner of one of the boy's eyes, as his blasted sight continued to rest on the monstrosity before him; though he didn't die immediately, Zavis ceased to exist at that very moment.

The creature was undaunted; it had no cares about the state of its meat, save that it was fresh. It devoured the boy bit by bit, lips--a different set of them than those which had devoured Conri--smacking against his twitching form. Though the python still showed the rudimentary signs of life--a pulse, breath, and the frantic rolling of his eyes--he put up no fight against his fate now. His feet kicked slightly, but simply as a response to some flickering of neurons that'd somehow outlived their massacred peers.

Drool ran down the snake's cheek, both the creatures and his own. It coated him as he was fed into the dark depths of the unknowable beast. Weird smells and an alien heartbeat--two of them, in fact--assaulted his nose; his brain was no longer able to register much of it, however.

Hot acids pumped from pores in the creature's inner-lining. It soaked into the immobile snake's scales immediately, softening them even as it snuck beneath them to attack the finer-meats of his body. Even his few remaining braincells understood pain, and informed him of it. Screams so primal in their agony tore from Zavis as more acid poured down his throat. His skin was melting, individual scales sinking into him as the flesh which had held them in place simply liquified.

Head rolling back, the darkness saved the already broken boy from seeing the damage unleashed on his well-kept body. Pockets were appearing in it, innards exposed to the acids as his skin ran off him in rivulets. The speedo was gone in seconds, and what lay beneath it was gone moments later.

Zavis' skull ensured his brain survived the longest, even as it tried to cope with the catastrophic damage being unloaded on the boy's rapidly shrinking body. His snout open, the boy died badly, but finally he did die. Bones continued to travel through the creature, bleached shimmering white by the thoroughness of the digestive acids, but that would be all that remained of the once virile python.

The creature itself remained in place, as though observing the party still on-going a short distance away. A few had turned to squint into the darkness when Zavis had first begun to shout, but they turned back to the fun quickly. It had eaten well already, but surely it could snatch a few more tidbits; it was, after all, a cheat day.


Cicadas had long played a secondary role to Gaisu's life. They had filled the silent air of the night of his first kiss. They had narrated his first act of mischief as a child. And now, they hummed a war-tune as he stood amidst the blowing tall-grass...

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