He just watched as she bled out on the floor, face showing no emotion. He watched as the man pulled out of her, still dripping, and closed the straight razor. He continued to watch until the screen went black, then he shook his head. None of the...

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The Final Demonstration

An onlooker who may have interesting thoughts as he/she watches the snuff demonstration._ bidding is now open for the first snuff, and will end on tuesday, december 12 at 5pm pst.

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An infomercial for a snuff movie

I'm soliciting ideas for how a talk-show appearance by the star of a snuff movie might look. this "story" takes the form of an "informercial" for a movie. a snuff movie: the star ends up dangling from a gallows.

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The Snuffer Tale VI

The secretary, who was a well-built tiger, but not as much as the boar, made the boar sign a few papers and pay for the snuff service. "by the way" the daryl started "can you film my entire snuff section?

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Sample Snuff Chess Moves

When a capture occurs, the taking piece snuffs the taken piece. the snuff method is determined by the rank of the taking piece.

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The Demonstration (snuff)

I'm just going to do a little testing of my lay-z-snuff recliner garrote chair, and the handsome lizard furx here is going to test it. how about a round of applause for our brave volunteer while i get him ready."

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Snuff House

The first is that we have rules to make sure we don't snuff anyone who isn't ready.

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Double Snuff

Double snuff "are you sure you want to do this still?" lae asked his friend saila as they walked slowly together. the pink bunny tugged gently at one of his ears as the pair rounded the corner of a street.

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The snuffer tale VII

A couple of friends, both at the age of 20, walked towards one of the most expensive snuff houses of their town.

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Punishing Talia

You are the one i want to have me, to own me, to punish me, to snuff me. i saved one hole just for you, one place i'm still a virgin. i hope you'll take me there before you snuff me or right after, if that turns you on more. big bad folf.

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