Crush (Electro~Dream Remix)

Story by Klauser_A_Bateson on SoFurry

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Another version of Crush, this time with King Bowser Koopa and the playable Lakitu from Mario Kart.

The Electrodrome was super busy tonight. The club being busy every night was nothing new but this night was special because Bowser's team won the first Team Mario vs. Team Bowser Kart Race. So of course, they just HAD to celebrate this occasion and Bowser's minions came from far and wide to be at the Electrodrome, and they were gonna party hard.

The center of attention tonight was the red-shelled Lakitu that gets to participate in the kart races. Despite being hit by every item and bashed around by other racers, Lakitu managed to pull ahead and take the lead in each race, earning the most points overall. Many of the screens in the club displayed Mario Kart TV footage of each race. The patrons made sure he partied the hardest. Lakitu enjoyed the attention he got that night, but he was most excited about being able to spend time with the King of the Koopas himself in his private VIP room. It wasn't everyday a minion got to go into that special room. It was hard for even the Koopalings to get in. It made him proud that he was going to get access before the Koopalings.

Meanwhile, Bowser was in his private room, looking down at the rave happening below. His eyes locked onto the partying Lakitu. This Lakitu was really special, and a special minion deserved a special surprise. A surprise of the sexual variety. It made the Koopa King hard just thinking about it and he started fondling himself in anticipation. He was glad the window stopped at his stomach so nobody could see him touching himself. He then stepped away from the window to prepare for his meeting with Lakitu.

There had been rumors spread around the Mushroom Kingdom that Bowser would occasionally have sexual encounters with random members of the Koopa Troop. Bowser knew of the rumors. He also knew that the rumors were bullshit. He never had sex with any minion. Though that could change this very night.

Bowser wasn't sure when it happened, but he began to develop feelings for the goggles-wearing Koopa. Feelings he never felt for anyone. Lakitu turned him on in ways the Koopa King never thought possible. Lakitu's vehicle of choice was the Sport Bike and Bowser thought Lakitu looked so hot riding it. Bowser was excited to find out if Lakitu rode dick as good as he rode bikes.

As Lakitu headed to the bar for another drink a Hammer Bro walked up to him to let him know he could see Bowser. Lakitu followed the Hammer Bro through the back of the club through a long hallway, coming to an elevator with Bowser's insignia on the doors. The doors opened and Lakitu stepped inside. He jumped a bit when the doors closed with a loud thud, similar to the sound Thwomps make when they hit the ground.

As the elevator made its ascent and Lakitu looked down below, he wondered how this meeting would go. He began to get nervous, what if he said the wrong thing and got punished by not being able to race anymore or worse, killed? What if Bowser...wanted to have sex? Lakitu heard the rumors about the leader of the Koopa Troop and had wondered if they were true. Maybe it wouldn't be too bad, it beat getting punished. Besides, who didn't want to fuck Bowser? As far as the bespectacled Koopa was concerned, Bowser was super hot.

Lakitu was about to contemplate how big Bowser's dick was when the elevator came to a stop and the doors opened. The room Lakitu saw seemed like a completely different world compared to the rest of the Electrodrome. Soft couches, entertainment system, a bar, hot tub, pool table, and other small amenties. It looked like a room in the most expensive hotel.

"Hello there, Lakitu. Welcome to my private room."

Bowser gets up from the bar and walks over to Lakitu, drinks in both hands and a cigar in his mouth. Lakitu blinked a few times, he was surprised to see the Koopa King wearing a leather harness similar to his spiked collars. As Lakitu took the drink in his hand he took a short glimpse at Bowser's groin. _Holy shit, Lord Bowser's freakin' huge!_thought the red-shelled Koopa. He was in awe of the large uncut piece of meat and the pair of plump balls dangling from Bowser's legs. Lakitu also noticed he was wearing a cock ring which also looked similar to the black spiked collars he usually wore. It took all his strength to look Bowser in the eyes again.

"T-Thanks for the drink, Lord Bowser, sir," Lakitu stammered.

Bowser laughed. "You can just call me Bowser." Bowser noticed that Lakitu was smiling. He seemed to be at ease now.

"I'm really happy to be a kart racer," Lakitu said. "When I was little I watched your races from the old days. It's what inspired me to be a racer."

Bowser rubbed the top of Lakitu's head. "I'm glad I could influence you in some way. You were really great out there."

Bowser put his feet on the table and laid back, giving Lakitu another view of his dick and balls. The red-shelled Koopa couldn't help but stare again. He wanted to touch it. Badly. Bowser also wanted him to touch it. Badly. Bowser could tell Lakitu wanted him, but he thought better not to rush it and let things happen naturally.

They continued to talk about nothing in particular, with Lakitu doing most of the talking. Which was okay for Bowser, since it meant he could be more seductive. When the small Koopa wasn't looking, Bowser would touch himself for a bit then stop whenever Lakitu turned his head. Sometimes he would just leave his hand right there on his crotch. The Koopa King noticed that his minion would stare for a while, then go right back to talking. Bowser wondered if Lakitu caught on that he was trying to get him to have sex. Judging from how Lakitu wasn't talking as much and staring more, and seeing how the Koopa began to move closer, all the signs pointed to yes. After a while the Lakitu had moved as close to Bowser as he could, his face against the king's stomach, his small hands rubbing his thigh. His eyes were pretty much glued to the big Koopa dick in front of him.

"See somethin' ya like?" Lakitu didn't say anything, just looked up.

"You're starin' pretty hard at my dick. You wanna touch it?"

"You'd let me?"

Bowser smiled. "Go ahead. You want to. I want you to."

Lakitu hesitated for a while, but eventually gripped Bowser's sausage and gently stroked it. The touch of Lakitu's soft delicate hand made the big Koopa shudder. They both watched as Bowser's dick began to stiffen.



"Is the rumors of you having sex with members of the Koopa Troop true?"

Lakitu's question did not faze the Koopa King. He expected him to ask about it. Bowser remained cool as he spoke.

"Those rumors ain't true, I've never had sex with any of my minions...though we could do it if you want."

Bowser then started to fondle Lakitu while taking the cigar out of his mouth, blowing smoke into the air. A moan escaped the minion's lips as Bowser's moved his head toward Lakitu's kissing him hard and licking his face and neck. As they kissed, Bowser slipped a finger inside of Lakitu's ass, sliding in and out. The smaller Koopa yelped as his body shook with pleasure watching the meaty finger go in and out of him.


"Yes, my red-shelled buddy?"

"I want...your mouth down there." Lakitu blushed. He felt silly to ask the big Koopa King to pleasure him orally.

"Hehe...of course...anything for my minion."

Bowser leaned forward, pushing his nose against Lakitu's cock inhaling the smaller Koopa's musk. He noticed that the goggles-wearing Koopa had a larger dick and balls than the average Lakitu. But then again, he wasn't some ordinary Lakitu, and that's what Bowser loved. Bowser thought that a cock like that would look good in a cock ring. He couldn't wait to get one made for his (his?!) special Koopa buddy.

Instead of sucking Lakitu off right away, Bowser decided to tease him a bit. Bowser began licking the smaller Koopa's rock hard dick up and down, then taking each ball in his mouth and sucking on them for a while.

"Ahh...Bowser...I love your hot mouth..." Lakitu played with Bowser's lava-colored hair while the big Koopa continued to tease him.

Having enough of sucking on balls, Bowser thought it was time to suck his minion's dick. He took Lakitu's cock into his mouth and sucked on it hungrily. Lakitu let out a loud gasp when he felt the warmness surround his organ.

"Ahh Bowser, good,"

Bowser growled a while continuing to finger fuck Lakitu, pushing in and pulling out a bit faster and a bit harder. The king watched as Lakitu squirmed and shivered in pleasure, moaning his name and begging for him not to stop. A slow lick from Bowser to the underside of Lakitus dick had the bespectacled Koopa instantly humping his face. It was satisfying to know how easily it was to turn Lakitu into putty in his hands. Though Bowser couldn't take all the credit. Lakitu being so willing was a plus. Eventually Bowser started to suck faster and harder, making Lakitu gasp again, a little louder than before.

"Bowser, please...ah please, stop...I...,"

Lakitu's body stiffened up as he did one final push into Bowser's mouth and shot a load of Lakitu cream down the Koopa King's throat. Bowser gobbled it all down and even sucked Lakitu's cock clean. After the small Koopa's orgasm was dying down, he takes the cock out of his mouth. Bowser sees Lakitu covering is face with his small hands.

'What's the matter with you?" asked the Koopa King.

"I'm so sorry...I was trying...not to cum," Lakitu said.

"And deny your king the opportunity to taste such an amazing member of the Koopa Troop?"

Bowser ran his tongue on the side of Lakitu's neck, the bespectacled Koopa giggling to himself. He let out a sharp groan when he feet Bowser wiggle his digit around Lakitu's insides.

"Oh, I forgot your finger was still in my ass, Bowser," said Lakitu.

"You want me to take it out?" whispered Bowser.

"You don't...have to, it really feels good to have your finger in my ass...," Lakitu is interrupted when a groan escapes his lips after Bowser pushed into him again. "...But I want to be fucked. Actually would you let me ride you?"

It was music to Bowser's ears.

"I won't say no to that, but you better be ready, 'cause you can't stop until I nut in you."

"I understand, and I'm okay with that. This is what I want."

Bower said nothing more, and lays back on the couch, hands behind his head. Lakitu watched precum escape from Bowser's cocktip and leak down the shaft. The small Koopa took a deep breath and straddled Bowser, getting ready to lower himself onto the Koopa King's dick with his back turned.

"Hold it," Bowser said. "Turn around. I want to look at you while you're riding me."

The small Koopa faced foreword and slowly lowered himself onto Bowser's cock, immediately shutting his eyes and gritting his teeth when the monster cock forces its way inside, trying hard to ignore the pain. Bowser was impress at how determined Lakitu was. After taking some time to get adjusted, Lakitu began bouncing up and down, moaning as the pain starts fading.

"Ah yeah, that's it," Bowser moaned while pinching both nipples. "Ride my cock like you're riding a bike. Hey, open your eyes and look at me while you're fucking yourself."

It took Lakitu a bit more effort to do so, but he managed to look at Bowser while continuing to ride him. Bowser couldn't get enough of Lakitu's reddened face, the beads of sweat forming and dripping down, the heavy panting and moaning with his tongue out. Everything that was happening was just so perfect for the Koopa King.

"'re doin' great, keep it up," groaned Bowser.

"I'm...very're enoying this," Lakitu said. "I-I've always do's the reason I...decided to race with bikes." The minion then rode Bowser's cock faster. He even managed to take even more dick in his ass.

"Holy fuck, Lakitu...fucking amazing," Bowser bellowed out as he grabbed Lakitu's hips and began thrusting into him. He was glad this room was soundproof. If it wasn't, the partygoers would've been curious.

"Ah, Bowwwserrrr...please fuck me!" Lakitu squealed.

The bigger Koopa leaned forward to kiss his minion passionately, forcing his tongue deep into Lakitu's mouth. The smaller Koopa let out a series of muffled moans, clenching his ass as tightly around Bowser's dick as he can.

"Fuck yeah, that's must want my load in your ass. You ready to take my load?"

"Yes...give it to me Bowser," Lakitu whispered in his ear.

The Koopa King held Lakitu down as the bellowed out an almost deafening roar and emptied his nuts deep inside his minion's hole. Lakitu shivered in delight while he was being filled with such manly semen.

"Oh Bowser, so hot," Lakitu muttered as he jerked himself off. He started breathing heavily as he looked straight at Bowser again.

"Are you close, Lakitu?"

"I-Iam, I'm gonna...,"

"Cum for me, Lakitu. Cum for your lord."

Lakitu stroked himself a little bit more, and, with a squeaky moan, the goggles-wearing Koopa reached his climax, the first rope of Koopa jizz hitting Bowser in the face, the remaining shots pooling on Bowser's stomach. Bowser tasted the cum on his face, grinning as Lakitu watched. It almost made the small Koopa hard again.

"Did you have a good time, dear Lakitu?" Bowser asked. Lakitu blushed, surprised that Bowser would even use the word "dear".

"Oh hell yes," replied the minion. "Best night ever." His eyes became heavy, he was so exhausted. "Bowser, I...I love...,"

The smaller Koopa fell asleep before he could finish his sentence, still atop the larger Koopa dick. Bowser took the sleeping Lakitu in his arms and cleaned both of them up. He turned off everything in the VIP room and leaves, letting the Hammer Bro guards that he's calling it a night, but gave the okay to keep the party going. The guards watched Bowser carrying the red-shelled Koopa in his arms. They looked at each other and agreed that Lakitu was one lucky sonofabitch to be able to hang out with the Koopa King in his VIP room.

Bowser exited the Electrodrome from the back, the crisp night air caressing his face. He walked over to his Bowser Mobile, and put Lakitu in the back seat, using a spare blanket to wrap him up in.

"My sweet little Lakitu, I love you too," he said, followed by a small peck on the cheek.

Bowser started up his car and drove out in the night back to his castle, starting a new chapter in the book of his life, this time with Lakitu, the red-shelled Koopa kart racer.

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