Mantra Brutes

Story by TiranMaster on SoFurry

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#49 of Adult Story One Shots

A Commission for Xeralt.

Story Description: Waking up in a box wasn't on Oengus' list of things to be doing, being enslaved by a mage was even further than that.

I hope you all enjoy, I would love to hear what you all think! ^_^

Awakening with a groan Oengus rubbed his head and attempted to get up before ramming his horns right into the roof of the small space and falling back down. "Fuck..." he growled. The charr's deep voice filling the small space that he occupied as he rubbed his head. Giving the room a quick feel around with his palms he found that he was incapable of discerning some form of handle or knob to open up his small space. "Where am I?" he asked himself. Part of the charr wanted to strike out and destroy this little prison, the more reasonable part of him told him that he needed to stay calm and conserve energy.

Smacking on the wall in front of him got a slightly hollow sound where every other wall had heavy sounds that could only mean that there was nothing behind them. Knocking on the hollow wall Oengus pressed his ear up against it and tried to listen for some sound. He heard a deep breathing from somewhere in the space before nodding to himself and with some coordination he kicked out at the hollow wall and struck it hard enough to break it open. There was a grunt of shock as Oengus pulled himself out from his small space and turned his gaze up to see a naked dragon standing there looking at him with shock.

Oengus stumbled to his feet and shook himself off before realizing that he himself was completely naked as well. "Is this your doing?" he growled, giving the dragon a death glare.

The dragon was quick to shake his head as he lifted his hands up a bit to signal his surrender. "No! I woke up just a bit ago myself. I was in that small room," he said, gesturing to a small space that had been opened rather than smashed like Oengus' was.

The Charr snorted as he brushed himself off and gave their surroundings a look around. The room they were in was a slate grey stone room with each wall being inlaid with a different magical glyph. "Can you read it?" Oengus asked, pressing his palm up against the wall as he inspected them. Looking at the glyphs closely didn't give Oengus much details though as he was more of a fighter than a wizard.

"I can't discern any of this," the dragon said. The charr frowned as he tried knocking on the walls but none of them presented any hollow points behind them. As far as Oengus could tell they were trapped for now. "I'm Aren by the way," Aren said. Oengus gave him one look over and snorted, from what he could tell the dragon wouldn't last long in a fight. He had some decent muscles on him, his scales a deep ebony with a mixture of gray. He carried a scar on one eye that stuck out from the black, but other than that Oengus wasn't intimidated by him in the least.

For a few minutes Oengus left the dragon in silence as he attempted to find some way out of the room, feeling at the walls and attempting to find some weakness or crack. After ten minutes of walking around and knocking on different parts of the walls he decided to take a seat for now. "Name's Oengus," he replied, Aren starting a bit as he realized that the Charr had given him an answer.

The pair sat there for a while waiting for something to happen. After an hour Oengus decided to give the coves they'd started in a second look over to see if there turned out that there were other rooms, but they also gave no sign of changes. Stepping out he grimaced as he looked down at his nude body. Everything seemed alright... save for a piece of metal slid around the base of his cock, Aren had the same piece of metal wrapped around his own. "What are these?" he asked the dragon, Aren could only shrug.

For a while Aren grew more and more fidgety as it was apparent he wanted out and Oengus was growing tired of his rather excitable attitude. At least he was until all of the symbols started to glow with a green glow. The pair hopped to their feet as a shape formed in the middle of the room. The glow fading as in the middle of the room a cloaked jackal stood there with a confident smile. "Fantastic. You're both awake," the jackal said, observing them with a smirk.

"Are you the one who's stripped us down like this?" Oengus growled, he felt a quick burning rage rising in him as he started towards the jackal. It proved quickly useless though as the jackal had created a shield around him with a simple flick of his wrist that prevented the Charr from even getting close to him. "Get out here so I can knock your head against those runes of yours!"

The jackal merely smiled though as he traced his finger across the surface of the shield allowing ripples to travel through the air. "So close, but no cigar my wonderfully muscled Charr. No you see, you and the dragon over there are my property from today forth. You both have the unlucky pleasure of wandering into my very own traps which transported you here."

"What's your name? I need it so I can claim you as another enemy who fell at my feet," Oengus demanded. The jackal merely gave him an amused smile as Aren knocked a few times on the barrier looking for some entrance or weakness.

"For you all you need call me is Master. After all, from today on you will be my slave. Feel free to bow at my feet and I may even forgo the initial enslavement ceremonies and allow you to keep your personality," the jackal said. He gestured at his feet with a smile though all he received from the two other parties in the room were cold glares.

Oengus merely folded his arms as he merely sneered at the jackal. "I'll be escaping soon enough from this hole. When I do I may allow you to call me master if I'm feeling generous."

Aren stayed silent as he attempted to punch the shield a few times though it proved fruitless as his scales on his fist cracked from the impact. "Well I did attempt to be generous," the jackal said. With a shrug he traced a symbol in the area before him and his body started to shimmer with an emerald gleam. "I'll be back soon enough and by that time you will be far more inviting I assure you."

The pair were forced to watch as the jackal vanished and the shield that had encased him faded as soon as he was gone. Aren and Oengus shared a glance before the Charr let out a deep growl and slammed his fist into the wall. "Damn him! I'll have my hands around his neck soon enough!"

"It won't help to hurt yourself. He's already sure he has us beat from the way he spoke. Let's not prove him right by falling to pieces," Aren rationalized. Oengus didn't appear to be listening though as he continued to take some of his rage out on the wall for a while longer.

Watching the charr beat on the wall for a bit Aren decided to take a seat against the wall for a bit and allow Oengus to beat out his frustration. Oengus felt his rage growing stronger with every punch as he watched pieces of the wall get ripped away by his savage punches. He was a proud Warband leader and yet he'd been put in such a shameful situation... The burly Charr's fists started to bleed as he ground his teeth together and took one more punch at the wall which scattered stone all over the floor. Oengus panted heavily as the wall glittered with magic and any damage he'd done was wiped away into the smooth concrete. "Damn it..." the charr panted.

The large male sat down with heavy pants as magic traveled over his damaged knuckles and healed them. "At the very least it doesn't appear that he wants us in pain..." Aren said. Oengus gave the dragon a glare that made him drop his gaze while Oengus twitched with the need to be doing something. It was obvious to Aren that at this rate that Oengus may very well pick him out as a sparring buddy to get rid of his tension.

The room suddenly lit up with a green haze as the pair snapped to attention just to see a small green orb fluttering through the air above their heads. "What is that?" Oengus asked. Aren merely shook his head as he watched it flutter through the air while part of him wanted to tear away from it he couldn't quite bring himself to look away.

The ball fluttered around in a circle causing green streaks of light to hover in the air above their heads. While the pair watched the ball they both heard a small chatter by their ears though they couldn't quite discern what was being said. If they had been able to pull their gaze away from the ball they would've found that a small imp had appeared on both of their shoulders whispering words into their ears. Oengus felt dizzy watching the orb and that made the Charr rather annoyed as he let out a heavy grunt and shuddered nearly knocking the imp off of his shoulder but it didn't do much as his eyes continued to stay on the ball.

"It's magic... need to... stop looking at it..." Aren moaned. The dragon's words betrayed his rather stoic expression though as he looked blankly at the ball with his eyes glowing a slight green as it broke down the dragon's mental defences. Oengus didn't need a whole lot of convincing to break his mental defences as he'd always been far more into honing his muscles rather than his mind so as the charr's jaw fell down slightly with the imp whispering into his ear he shuddered as his dick twitched between his legs.

As the imps whispered some of their last words they gave one another a grin before they snapped their fingers. The light went out before the imps vanished with Aren and Oengus both slumping into a slumber while the room dimmed.


Oengus stood before his fellow warriors with a confident grin as he placed the traitor before them all with a savage grin. "I've proven myself as the greatest warrior! I claim a chance to grow in ranks as my sire did before me!" the charr roared. There were many agreements from the gathered crowd as one of the higher ups approached him and placed his paw on his shoulder. He gave the speech of ascension of the ranks to the charr warrior who grinned in excitement.

"Do you accept the responsibility of being put in charge of a warband of charr?" the charr asked. Oengus nodded with respect to the elder charr who then granted him the position he'd been shooting for since he'd first joined the ranks. The other charrs roared in acknowledgement of his new position as they prepared a feast.

Oengus noticed a female off to the side gesturing for him to follow and Oengus knew that it'd take some time to get prepared. While the others pulled the traitor away the charr followed the female into the sidelines as she pressed up against him. "Such a strong Charr..." her voice rumbled. Oengus chuckled as he flexed one of his arms while she traced her finger up his chest. "Such a perfect addition..." Oengus figured she meant addition to the upper ranks so Oengus nodded as he grew closer to the charr. He was starting to notice something was wrong though with how "she" felt so close to him. Like the fact that her breasts were completely non-existent.

"Wait a minute..." Oengus said. Pulling away from the charr he found himself now looking at a grinning jackal who sparkled with green energy. "Who the hell...?" Oengus started.

The jackal put his finger up to his lips as he grinned. "Don't worry, Oengus. I'll treat you very nice... now be a good kitty and take a cat nap," the jackal laughed. The world started to blacken as Oengus tried to growl but a whimper merely came out as he collapsed at the feet of the jackal. While the charr fell unconscious the jackal merely smiled as he pulled out a small piece of paper and marked off one of the boxes. "One down..."


Snapping awake Oengus growled in agony as his head throbbed in pain. "Fuck... feels like I was hit with a brick..." he groaned. The dream he'd just had snapped to his memory as the memory of how he was caught by the jackal came back to him. "Damn him!" he roared.

There was a moan from across the room as Aren sat up wincing in pain as he plugged his ears. "Don't yell so loud... fuck it feels like I drank a few too many ales..." he moaned. The pair vaguely remembered the green floating orb from the night prior though they didn't in the least remember the whispers that had been spoken into their ears.

Glancing around the room Oengus saw that something new had happened to the room while they'd been unconscious. The room had grown larger and in the center of the room were a variety of metal weights. "What's all of this?" Oengus grunted. Standing up he swayed a bit as he still felt dizzy from his sleep.

Aren staggered to his feet as well as he rubbed the back of his neck and glanced around the room. "They're weight... why are they here though?" the dragon asked. Oengus seemed to have an idea though as he approached them and picked up one of the heavy metal weights.

"This could be a good weapon," the Charr chuckled. Aren let out a sigh as he rolled his eyes. Oengus glared at him as he hefted the heavy object in his hand. "Don't be such a whiner. I'm planning on how to get us out of here. All you've done so far is a whole lot of nothing!"

"What do you have in mind then? That jackal's a sorcerer, and I don't know about you but I don't have anything that can break through his forcefield," Aren said. Oengus' eyes burned brightly with rage for a moment before they simmered and he let out a annoyed grunt. The room lit up once more with a green sparkle and the pair stiffened up as they found a green ball hovering in the room once more.

The jackal's voice spoke from the little orb as it hovered through the air with its eerie luminescence. "Finally it's time to get you two trained, today I will break the both of you. I'll admit that I've been looking forward to this for a while... Though for now I'll just have you ignore that workout equipment. That will be used a little bit later..."

The pairs' eyes were locked on the ball just as before but this time they heard words echoing in their minds. Words that sounded like they themselves were saying them aloud. "Weaken my mind, speak the Mantra, repeat the Mantra. Weaken my mind, speak the Mantra, repeat the Mantra," the words rung.

Oengus gripped his head and tried to shake the words out but they rung clear as the imps' words from earlier did their magic. Oengus wasn't exactly the best at fighting off magi though and as the words repeated he found himself withdrawing inside of himself as he attempted to shut out the words. "Weaken my mind, speak the Mantra, repeat the Mantra." The charr felt dizzy for a moment and for a second was worried that he was speaking it aloud... he couldn't hear Aren saying anything and he couldn't look away from the green orb to check on the dragon.

It felt like time started to stretch out as the mantra continued in his head, his own voice ringing powerfully in his head. Some moments it felt like it'd be a good idea to repeat it just so he could drown out the aching echo of his own head. At one point the mantra switched from his voice to Aren's, then to the jackal's, just to confuse him as his voice started to echo once more. "Weaken my mind, speak the Mantra, repeat the Mantra."

After what felt like years Oengus cracked his dried mouth and started to speak the words, his eyes glazed as he stared at the green orb. "Weaken my mind, speak the Mantra, repeat the Mantra." The words sounded bitter and fell from his mouth like lead but he started to speak it if not to just possibly shut the words out of his head. Speaking them felt so good though... they felt sweet to say as his eyes glowed with the green light from the alluring ball floating above his head. Slowly in his head the words modified themselves just a bit but it was enough to change the way he said it. "Weaken my mind, speak the Mantra, love the Mantra, repeat the Mantra."

The charr could hear Aren repeating the words as well in an entranced tone. It felt like they were repeating it to one another and it strengthened the effects on each other until the orb vanished and yet they continued to repeat the Mantra. "Weaken my mind, speak the Mantra, love the Mantra, repeat the Mantra." It felt so sweet to them now, they loved it, their minds were near mush as they gazed off into the distance.

The Mantra modified itself even more as the magic worked its way down into the core of Oengus' brain. "Weaken my mind, love my Mantra, accept it with all of myself," the charr said. Oengus started to get hard as his meat started to fill up in excitement as he knew how much he loved this. Saying the Mantra over and over was getting him hard and he knew that by saying it he could get off as he accepted it into his very soul.

The Jackal's voice echoed through the room once more and Oengus felt like he could listen to the mage's voice all day... "My slaves, once you cum then you'll have accepted the message of the Mantra into you."

The words drilled into their minds and the charr nodded as he felt his hand wrap around his erect prick. Oengus could smell the powerful scent of the dragon's musk as well as he knew that Aren was just as aroused as he was. "My mind is open, I love my Mantra, the Mantra makes me hard," the charr growled. He started to jack himself off as he felt the words sink down into his very mind and he felt the climax rising as he was practically shouting the words of the Mantra now. "I accept my Mantra!' he roared. He felt a release of sheer bliss as his body glowed green as the magic entered into him and his juices flew across the room. Aren's juices splashed against him as well as the green orb vanished from sight.

After a few minutes of the orb being gone the pair sort of snapped out of it. They felt odd and tingly as they slumped down onto the floor. Oengus felt a deep shame in him as he realized that he was covered with another male's cum. He saw Aren wiping off the charr's cum with a scowl though he also looked confused as his dick dripped from the explosive orgasm. Oengus had to admit though, he had felt so much better without his thoughts cluttering his own head. "Hey..." Aren grunted.

Oengus wiped off the dragon's cum as he felt annoyed that he'd cum so easily. "What?" the charr asked. He'd been so mad earlier but now it felt like it had been put out after the Mantra and the orgasm.

"You okay? That was... all really weird..." the dragon grunted. He seemed confused and Oengus didn't blame him. His mind felt like a foreign thing now, his memories from earlier seemed blurred by the experience...

"I'm... not sure..." Oengus growled. He was getting back some of his aggression but it wasn't directed at anyone but himself. He'd allowed himself to become entranced so easily....

"Such a good pair of slaves. I'm very glad that you both submitted. I'll admit that you, mister charr, held on far longer than expected," the jackal chuckled. Oengus felt a minute amount of pride at that though he still didn't quite feel like he was exploding with happiness over the fact. "Now here comes the good new boys. With my magic I can revitalize your body, including your cum. So for the next few hours, you're going to be repeating your Mantra until you can cum without touching your cock."

The pair froze up as the green orb once more hovered in the air and they both ground their teeth. They wanted to not fall into the trance... but now that they'd done it once it was like the magic had a key right to their minds. Oengus' mind once again started to echo with the words and it didn't take that much coaxing to get him to start jerking his hardening cock as he spoke the words. "My mind is open, I love my Mantra, my Mantra makes me hard," the words resonated through his entire body.

Time started to get away from the charr as he continued to speak the Mantra with the jackal watching over them closely. Oengus more than once forgot himself as he became a mindless thing just chanting the Mantra over and over again. Every time he came though he remembered who he was, but the shame that came along with it was bigger every time. His cock became near hyper sensitive as it became easier to cum and soon he was doing it with barely any effort. Oengus couldn't remember how many times he had cum by the time the green ball faded and he came without even stroking his huge dick. He was panting as cum dribbled through his fur and off of the tip of his cock.

"Mmm... such a show. You two have finally passed my first test," the jackal chuckled. Oengus' cock was already hardening up again without him even saying the Mantra. Truth be told though he didn't need to say it anymore, it was as if the Mantra filled up his entire mind, like he was saying it every second between every breath he took. Oengus wanted to say something but most words failed him at that point as his body was shaking from the constant orgasms he'd gone through. "Since you two have done so well, I'll let you take a short nap. After that though, we'll go through another round of your Mantra before going getting started with those weights." Oengus had no intentions of taking a nap of any sorts... until a glimmer of green came over his vision and he fell asleep.


Oengus was standing up and chanting the Mantra before he really knew what was going on, his dick throbbing between his legs as he spoke the well rehearsed words. His hands were stuck at his sides as he didn't need to touch his dick at all to get off as he practically panted his words. As he came once more he let out a deep sigh as he basked in the afterglow of the moment. "Now slaves, during your last session I've put a new Mantra into your minds. You'll be compelled to use those weights over there, and I highly implore you to not resist. It'll be a lovely workout for your muscled bodies."

The charr grunted as he felt the Mantra rising up in his head and he started to flex his body a bit as he unconsciously stretched out to get ready. "I need to prepare my body. I want to get nice and buff. I will pump metal and get hard while doing so," he spoke in unison with Aren. Walking towards the weights he picked up two of the heaviest ones and with little hesitation starting to do reps as he continued to say the Mantra. "Prepare my body, get buff, get hard," the charr grunted with each rep. He found his cock throbbing with excitement at the prospect of getting buff for his mas... because of the Mantra.

Oengus' thoughts were twisted up as he did his exercises and he had to resist any mention of the jackal. He wouldn't be enslaved to anyone... he needed to fight. "Get buff, get hard, sweat hard," Aren groaned. He was pushing an extremely heavy looking bar so Oengus decided to spot for him as his cock dangled over the other male's face. Helping Aren out as he made sure the dragon didn't hurt himself gave Oengus some time to think as he tried to stop the trance, but it felt so good...

The process of sweating and the smell of their male musk was getting Oengus hard faster than he thought possible. "Sweat well, smell the maleness in the air, get harder," the pair intoned. Soon at one point as they were doing push ups next to one another the charr got so into it that he found himself taking a whiff of the other male's pit with a groan and a small squirt from his dick.

Never before had the male felt so powerful and sexual, he felt like energy was rushing through his system at a breakneck speed. Part of him didn't even care anymore that he was naked before another male as his dick throbbed and squirted a bit onto Aren's muzzle. The dragon merely continued to pump the metal for a bit longer before they switched off. Getting onto the bench the charr started to do reps as he gazed at Aren's meat above his face. Due to the magical influence on their bodies the exercise they were doing was affecting their body at a much faster rate.

Looking up at Aren's body Oengus could see that the dragon had already packed on far more muscles and even his own body was showing signs of growing stronger as he did reps faster and faster. All the while the pair chanted their Mantra, slight changes happening every now and again to fit all of the words into their minds. The jackal every now and again would have them cum and they felt themselves growing to adore doing exercise with a nearly mindless desire.

By the end of the exercises Oengus growled as he flexed his enhanced muscles and even his cock had grown from the experience. Though he and Aren didn't quite notice the fact that their facial features had also started taking on a more brutish appearance. Aren's facial features looked a bit more brutish, but Aren didn't quite notice anything wrong with Oengus' appearance since he had already appeared pretty brutal at first. "I've never felt this strong before," Aren commented. Oengus nodded as he flexed a few times and enjoyed the new size of his muscles, his fur still knotted a bit from the cum that had dried in it.

"You two do look very good, but stage two isn't quite done yet for you," the jackal said with a chuckle. The pair didn't feel too ectastic though about the way he said it as the glow surrounded the room once more and they started hearing the Mantra. "I'm sure at least one of you have noticed that you've begun growing a bit more brutish. Well I'm going to cement that nicely, you're to excercise more while cumming out those wits of yours. I'm gonna make you both into brutes."

Though Oengus didn't want to participate in this he was forced to as he started up the edited Mantra. "Grow bigger, become a brute, drop any IQ," he spoke aloud. They got back to doing exercises to increase their muscles, and as they worked out their minds started to drop in intelligence.

The charr found himself reflecting on memories before he had been taken in by the jackal. Everything beyond the entry of this room was becoming blurry as he forget the members of his warband, their faces fading from mind as his face grow thicker and tusks started to raise up from his lower jaw, almost resembling that of an orc. His dick grew larger and his thoughts slowed as he became more and more brute like. "Beef up, become brute, cum," the charr grunted.

The exercise felt almost sexual as the pair came several times while doing the reps with their weights. After a while the weights were hardly of any use as they grew so strong that they decided to just wrestling one another. The brutish charr had come so far that he barely remembered his name, Aren was the same as the charr glared into the brutish dragon and saw nothing but pure excitement and the rush of getting stronger. "I'll have to make more weights for you two as you've seemed to outgrow my little weights." The pair blinked as the Mantra finally stopped and they looked over to see the Jackal standing in the room.

Neither of the two quite could remember why but they both felt anger towards him. "You... what did you do?" Aren grunted. His voice was deep and rough as he spoke past his newly formed tusks.

The Jackal merely smiled as they both circled around his barrier. Though they weren't quite that intelligent anymore they knew the fact that the barrier hurt to touch. "I've done nothing but help you both become much better than you already are. You both are such a wonderful pair of growing slaves. We're almost done, I just wanted to bring you both this gear," he said. With a snap of his finger the pair both grunted as the magic slid across their bodies and formed new articles of clothing on their bodies. Large leather harnesses forming around their chests, studded collars and bracelets forming on their necks and wrists as well.

The charr attempted to pull them off but they refused to budge off of his body. Deciding that he couldn't get his off he gave a try at taking Aren's off but neither of them could get any of the bondage off. "It's pointless, boys. Just enjoy your new gear, this next mantra will iron out any problems you have with it... and a bit more," the jackal winked.

The pair didn't quite understand as they were still wrapping their heads around the "it's pointless" part of the jackal's dialogue. As their eyes glowed green with the spell affecting the once more they heard the mantra loudly in their heads, drowning out whatever dim thoughts resided in their heads. "I love males, I want to fuck men in the ass, men get me aroused," the thoughts blasted their minds. The charr gazed across the room at the dragon who looked equally interested as they slowly approached one another.

There some resistance as their biological side demanded for them to have sex with females, but the magic was extremely potent as the charr grabbed the dragon and started to jerk his cock off a bit. The dragon didn't desire to be the bottom though as he grabbed under the charr's armpits and dragged him into a kiss before planting him down on the ground and grinding their cocks together. "Leather wear on males is extremely hot, wearing it makes me feel horny and sexy," the words bounced in the brute charr's mind. Soon a nearly feral need for sex started to overcome them both as they fought one another to top the other.

The brute charr grunted as he pushed the dragon down and started to press his cock up against the other male's ass. Before he was able to plant himself in though the dragon swatted him back and knocked him back before mouth fucking the cat. Sucking the other male's bulbous cock was delicious to the male as he now had an immense desire to suck the cock dry of its cum. "You are a cum slut, you want it in and on you so you can feel good and slutty," the jackal's words stuck in the charr's head.

It felt like another round of their wrestling as they fought for dominance over one another to see who'd be fucked first. Though the dragon nearly got to the charr's ass while he was jerking himself off soon he himself was planted down on his face as the other male planted his cock between his scaled cheeks. The charr grunted and growled as he shoved his cock up the dragon's still virgin ass. It took a minute to lube up the other male's rear with his own juices before he started to push in. "Fuck!" the dragon roared.

"Smell his manly musk, love the flavor of his maleness," the Mantra continued. The charr dug his muzzle down into the dragon's armpit and growled in arousal as he gave it a lick causing the dragon to moan once more in excitement.

For the charr it was like nothing he'd ever done before, the pleasure of fucking the other male was intoxicating. The magic corrupted him deeply as he found any desire towards woman fading completely as he only desired the male body. Images of the jackal came to mind even as he was fucking his dragon counterpart and that only turned him on more as he let out loud grunts and gripped the other male's hips as he pushed in up to his knot. "Once you cum there's no coming back," the jackal's voice spoke. The charr didn't care at all by this point as he shoved in past his knot and let out a heavy pant as he continued to push in, hitting the dragon's prostate a few times.

There was a heavy roar from the dragon as he felt the warm splash of cum on his knees as the juices puddled underneath them. It took a few more pushes but soon enough the charr orgasmed into the other male's rear as he used the harness for support as he squirted his juices into the dragon's ass. For a few minutes they both panted as they felt completely satisfied with their newfound sexuality. The jackal himself decided to have some fun as there was juices on his chest from where his cum had hit. "That was a wonderful show, boys. Now you're ready for your final test," he said, walking out of the protective bubble.

Though both could see that he was free to kill neither could will themselves to. Pulling out of the dragon, the charr grunted as his juices leaked off his hardening dick. The jackal grinned as he set his hands on both of their shoulders. "It's easy, this last Mantra will bind you both to me, your master."

They both nodded as the final words appeared in their heads and they bodies glowed with a dull green glow. The pair knew they were losing themselves and by this point they didn't care, their memories were practically gone, and their desire to pleasure the jackal was overwhelming their thoughts. "I give myself up, Master owns me, I am his loyal slave," the charr growled. Saying it once sent a shiver of delight to his core, though a small part of him felt horror. The small part of the charr that was still Oengus screamed out for him to stop this, but it wasn't loud enough to break through the magic binding his body."I give up my past, Master owns my body and cock, I will follow his every command" he spoke again. HIs cock was already quivering with need as he said the second part of the Mantra.

"One more, and then you cum your freedom out," the jackal said. His eyes sparkled with delight as the charr felt his body glowing brighter with the magic of his master.

"I no longer have free will, Master will decide for me, I cum out all that is left of my freedom," the pair spoke. A roar echoed through the room as they came with explosive results, their cum splattering around the room and the jackal licking some of the hot liquid off of himself as the pair's irises glowed with a now permanent green color.

The pair of brutes bowed before their new master as the charr felt nothing but unconditional love and respect for his master. Memories of his warband were gone, any ideas of being a leader were dashed as he now belonged to the handsome jackal, all straightness drained away by the power of his orgasm. "Now boys, I think it's time you accompany me to my bedroom. We'll decide what your first task will be after tonight's little round of sex," the master laughed. His two brutes grunted in approval as they flexed in their leather gear while following behind their master.

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The Wolf Neighbors

Looking for apartments was a giant pain in the ass since they'd moved out into texas. Donald and Dave had heard about a new college offering free tuition for the first three hundred applicants. Thankfully the pair had gotten in though as they were in...

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