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A bit of a different one here. It contains elements I've wanted to toy with in different ways, this happened to be the idea which gave me the most immediate inspiration. You might see more of the "dragon struggling to control himself" in other works over time, if I can get the jump on them.

OBLIGATORY CONTENT WARNING: This story contains sexual acts between multiple males, non-consensual sex, rough sex, domination/submission, and highly unusual physiology.

"The fridge is fully stocked, your medication is on the counter, our phone numbers are written down on a post-it on your dresser, as well as the various emergency numbers you might potentially need. Daiger will be back around 3:30, I'll be back around 5, and Pierre should be around 6, 6:30 depending on the buses. We'll try to stay out of your way while we're around, but if you need help from us you'll know when you can find us around-"

"For fuck's sake, Kitt, I'm not an eight-year-old," growled an orange-scaled dragon, folding his arms irritably. "I can take care of myself for a few hours, sick or not."

"Now now, Chazen, I'm only trying to help." The crow talking to him seemed to be interested in more than help, judging by the cheeky grin he was giving Chaz. "You're not well and who knows what kinds of crises you might run into during your recuperation?"

"I've already run into one, a wiseass crow. Don't you have a job to get to?"

"My boss doesn't care if I'm a bit late. Besides, I need to enjoy this. When else am I going to look like the healthy one compared to you?" The disparity between them was obvious - Chaz was built, big and brawny, and often looked the very model of health, while Kitt was short and didn't look like he'd worked out a day in his life. Yet it was the dragon in bed, diagnosed with a parasitic infection that was notorious for persisting for weeks. He'd been put on a battery of medications and was looking forward to at least six weeks before he was allowed back into work - they were already cleaning up after the person who had brought it in in the first place, and they weren't going to let him back until he had a clean bill of health.

"Not what I need now, Kitt."

"Fine, fine. Just make sure you take all the meds. You sure you don't want me to run through them for you?"

"The doctor knows what he's doing, Kitt, I'll be fine."

"All right, Chaz. Rest up! I'll see you later!" The crow ducked out, and a few minutes later Chaz heard the front door shut, leaving him alone in the house. He grumbled a bit, cursing the fatigue in his body; he wanted to be up and about, not laying in bed doing nothing. But that was beyond his help, his tiredness simply wouldn't let him do as he wanted.

"Least I don't have to listen to that bird chirp around me for a while..." he said to himself. Truthfully, he was glad that Kitt cared enough to want to make sure he was all right, but the crow just got a little overbearing in his caring. Chazen was exhausted and not feeling great, but he wasn't disabled. He just wanted to be checked on, not treated like a child.

Still, he supposed he was lucky to have anyone around for him at all. Although only 22, Chazen was financially secure, benefactor of a healthy inheritance and some lucrative acting and modeling contracts as a teenager. He had gotten rich and gotten out, tired of the atmosphere of that lifestyle rather quickly, much more satisfied with his current job as a fitness trainer at a prominent gym. He'd bought the large house when he was 19, but soon found that he didn't like living in it alone.

It was a problem for a dragon. They were so naturally inclined to dominance that living with other males triggered chemical responses in their brains and bodies that drove them to express that dominance in a sexual fashion. Obviously, that was not considered acceptable behavior for a roommate, but there were only two ways to keep it under control - being sexually dominant with them or taking medication to suppress the urges. Chazen had opted for the latter. It wasn't exactly pleasant, but compared to coming home to a big empty house with no one to share it with, it was preferable.

Since he owned the house outright, he was able to offer a good deal, good enough to make the risk of living with a dragon seem less of an issue. Through that he'd gotten three housemates which he'd been living with for nearly a year and a half. Daiger, a 27-year-old wolf who was a naturalist, worked as a guide and ranger for the parks service, also a runner and fairly athletic in his own right, not nearly as built as Chaz but presenting a nice fit, lean figure. Kitt, the brainiac crow who'd been hassling him, was 24 and worked for a big tech company, as a computer geek obviously. He was tiny, about six of him wouldn't be enough to match Chazen's size, but his brain seemed to have much more capacity - Chaz didn't think he was stupid, but he sure felt like it a lot compared to Kitt sometimes. Last was Pierre, a human and still a college student, only 20, an engineering student at the local university who couldn't have been happier to not be living on campus. He was only slightly larger than Kitt, and often seemed intimidated by Chazen's size, though the dragon did his best not to seem aggressive or forceful in any way. They had their differences, but overall got along well enough, and everyone seemed happy with the arrangement, and Chazen made sure he didn't jeopardize it by taking his medication religiously.

On that note, he pulled himself out of bed and trudged downstairs to the kitchen. True to Kitt's word, his medications were on the counter, all four things he needed to take before he headed back to bed. The first was a sickly-colored pill for his hormone control, something he'd gotten well-familiar with since hitting puberty. That went down easy, but he made sure to take extra. Even despite his sickness, his hormones were going through a hot period, a time when they were especially strong and having a bigger effect on his body, and thus requiring stronger suppression. His dose-and-a-half was only just keeping it down...he was considering going for a full double dose, but he'd need to talk with other dragons first, because that stuff could have nasty effects if he overdid it.

The other three pills were for the infection. Two were smaller, one was larger than his usual medication, and all three had a rather unpleasant smell. Well, they were supposed to be toxic to the parasites, and probably were mildly toxic to him as well, though his body would be able to process it without too much ill effect. He didn't really know why he needed three different medications for this, but the doctor had been pretty insistent on it, and he wasn't about to question that. He gulped them all down with water, starting with the largest, just to get it out of the way. The smaller ones tasted more foul, but they didn't have the chance of lingering like the big one did.

Even this extremely mild activity got him feeling quite beat. He slowly worked his way back upstairs and into bed, yawning wide as he laid back down. Images of being back at the gym pumping weights danced in his head for the brief minutes he remained awake, before he drifted off into a slightly uncomfortable slumber.

The moment he woke up, Chaz knew there was a problem. He was sweating, hot, his head was buzzing, and he had a raging erection, one that he could feel throbbing constantly. This wasn't like anything he felt normally - the drug suppressed his sex drive in general, and though it wasn't eradicated completely, it was low enough that he could ignore it. This he couldn't ignore, it was more than just an erection, it was a pervasive lust that burned through his whole body.

He knew what must have happened. One of his new medications must have interfered with the drug he was taking...there were some meds that were strongly discouraged for dragons due to that risk. But the doctor would have known that...he wouldn't have prescribed something Chazen couldn't safely take, would he? At the very least, not without warning him...

His mind briefly went to his meds, taking an emergency dose, but he knew it was futile - if something interfered with a dose-and-a-half it was almost certainly going to block anything more. He didn't have much chance to lament it, as his mind was quickly taken over by lustful thoughts...in a hot period, he didn't have a prayer of throwing them off...

The clock was just short of reaching 3:30 when Daiger walked in the door, throwing his bag on one of the chairs and wiping his brow. He was dressed only in athletic shorts, having just finished running a couple of miles after work. That was his typical routine, or as close to a routine as he could get with his scattershot hours. Running after work was a great way to destress and keep himself in shape, even though his job kept him fairly active as well. He definitely kept in better shape than everyone except Chaz, and was more liable to try to get the others engaged in some exercise. Typically it was ineffective, but every now and then he got Kitt or Pierre to go running with him or doing something out of doors. That kept him at it.

He chugged a glass of water to get himself cooled off, and then started wondering about Chaz. Kitt had told him that he should check in on the dragon when he got home, see if he was still doing all right. Daiger, however, thought the crow was being silly - all Chaz needed was his medicine and rest to recover, the infection had been caught a bit late but not at the point where complications were likely. For the wolf's money, leaving Chaz alone unless he felt like getting up and moving around was a better idea. It was best not to disturb him.

He decided to head down to the basement and entertain himself. Chaz's basement was spacious, larger than most houses, with nearly a dozen full-sized rooms, some of which weren't even ready for use. Great for house parties, which they threw every now and then, but unnecessary apart from that. Why the builder had gone that way was a mystery, but Chaz loved it. Well, Daiger was just living there, so he had no problem taking advantage - he had one room all to himself, with workout equipment and entertainment stuff all for himself. As he headed down, his mind wandered, trying to decide what he would do. He had some nature shows recorded, perhaps get through a couple of those...or maybe throw a National Geographic on the treadmill and run another mile or so, he still felt pretty energetic...

His hand was almost on the door when he felt a massive arm grab him bodily. He yelped and instinctively tried to fight back, but when a second hand grabbed him tight he looked down and saw a familiar orange color. "Chaz? What the hell?"

The dragon didn't respond except with a harsh growl, and that had Daiger worried. In the year and a half he'd known the dragon he'd never acted like this. He struggled, but could no nothing as Chaz hauled him into one of the unused rooms. As he held Daiger close, the wolf could feel something long, thick, and slick against his back...

Oh, no...it couldn't be...

Daiger was thrown to the ground inside the empty room, hitting hard on the bare wood floor. As he gathered his wits he could hear a door slam hard, and as he turned Chazen was approaching from it. Indeed, his massive erection was jutting out in front of him, big enough to get Daiger on edge. He was no stranger to sex, he'd taken several knots before, but that thing looked thicker than those knots!

"Chaz! What's going on? Get a hold of yourself!"

But as Daiger tried to look him in the eyes, he got a chilling sight: the dragon's more pupils were dilated, and the rest of the eye was bloodshot. Instantly he knew that the dragon was either having trouble with his condition or with the medication, but he was not in his right mind...and whichever it was had broken down the barriers blocking his sex drive from going wild. Reasoning with him would be futile, and in the best of times he couldn't hold a candle to the dragon physically.

This was probably not going to end well.

Chaz grabbed him again, and with one big hand destroyed his shorts and boxers. Daiger barely had time to protest before the dragon had him well and truly pinned on the ground. One arm held him down on the ground, while the other pried one of his legs up, the other held down by a massive dragon leg. Squirming futilely, he felt the tip of that giant dick pressing up against his hole. It wouldn't fit, it was way too big! But what could he do to stop Chaz from using him this way?

He felt it push against him, but Chaz wasn't going in...Was he getting a hold of himself? That seemed unlikely given the state he was in...then he felt the tip squeeze in just slightly, and suddenly he was pumped full of fluid...it felt like a full load already, but it couldn't have been, not for a dragon like him...and then he felt it, his rear suddenly loosened up, relaxing and easing to the pressure of that cock against him, his body relenting to the dragon.

And when that happened, Chaz struck. Daiger cried out as he was roughly speared, that massive pole burying itself deep inside the wolf. His struggles renewed as the dragon began pounding him hard, futilely trying to break from the reptile's hard grip. Not that there was any challenge for Chaz, who had more than enough strength to keep the athletic canine subdued; when he felt Daiger try to break out, he only gripped and pushed harder, and fucked more ferociously. It had Daiger frightened that he was going to be broken apart, but Chaz seemed to be instinctively stopping just short of that.

But slowly a change was coming over the wolf. As the harsh screwing continued, his struggles seemed to fade to nothing, his body halting its fight against the thrusts and instead starting to accept them. His growls and cries slowly turned into moans and whines, an unusual heat flooding into him and triggering a newfound lust, one that he could feel viscerally, almost painfully. And the only relief was the contact of the dragon's cock on his insides, providing a sweet release from the need in just the right part of his body.

Chaz didn't lighten up as Daiger faded into his will, in fact he only pounded harder, driving dominantly into the wolf, almost as if trying to prove his superiority. As he relentlessly slammed into him, Daiger could feel a bulge an the base of Chaz's cock, stretching his hole further as he tried to work it in. There was no question to Daiger what it was, he'd taken enough knots in his time to know what one felt like...but this one was the biggest he'd ever felt, even bigger than that Great Dane he'd tried out in college. That had been a terrifying thing that he'd chickened out of taking at the last moment, but this time he couldn't imagine trying to stop Chaz here, he was almost on fire with need and it wouldn't be satisfied unless his body was wrapped tightly around that knot.

The dragon pushed Daiger's legs open wider, grunting fiercely as he drove into the wolf's tight hole. Each time it spread a little more around his knot, until with a vicious shove he forced it to split wide open, sucking in his swelling and snapping shut around him. A snarl signaled his climax, a hot flood of semen rushing into Daiger's body, quelling the need that he'd been feeling so fiercely since the middle of his ordeal. Each pump cooled him, sated him on the deepest level, and without any fanfare or preparation he came as well, shooting his own load onto the bare floor, able to distinctly hear each splatter as it hit.

After a minute the pulses inside him ceased, and he felt Chaz relax a bit. Daiger's head was spinning, his body was worn out and yet he could still feel the embers of the lust that had overtaken his body. But at least it would be a while before he was let go...Chaz would need time to recover, even though he was out of control there would be a natural limiter...or so he thought, until he felt that bulge recede just a couple minutes later, and Chaz slide out moments after, growling in warning as Daiger felt his body start to heat up again. All thought of trying to run or escape was rapidly flushed from his mind as Chaz pounced on him again...

When Kitt arrived home, it seemed as if the house was empty. That wasn't terribly unusual, and he expected it even more with Chaz not feeling well. No doubt Daiger would be out of the way, doing his best not to disturb the dragon. Well, that was fine, but had he even bothered to make sure that Chaz was doing all right?

Probably not. Well, Kitt could handle that. Daiger was nice and all, but too casual sometimes. He didn't really think there was anything to worry about with Chaz, but Kitt knew there were all sorts of things that could potentially go wrong. Sure, it wasn't likely, but wasn't it worth being safe rather than sorry? That was Kitt's motto - check early and often, you can never be too cautious. Well, when one was a programmer, that was almost a job requirement.

He dropped his bag off on the couch, thinking he would check up on Chaz and then hang out there, watching some TV and doing a little computer work. He was dabbling in some projects, nothing serious, just practice for when he wanted to get serious. Every little bit helped. But first, the dragon. He climbed the stairs, walking quietly to Chaz's room, not wanting to disturb him if he was asleep.

Slowly he opened the door. Odd...he wasn't hearing anything. He looked inside briefly. The dragon wasn't there. That was curious...Chaz wasn't bedridden but he had said he wasn't feeling great and would probably be sleeping most of the day. He walked inside the room, checking around for any sign of him on the ground, just to be sure that he hadn't passed out or something in a place that wasn't obvious, though there weren't many places to hide someone of his size.

Loud footsteps behind him were the first clue that that wasn't the case. He turned to meet him, a snarky remark dying on his tongue as he saw the state of the dragon. Ferocious, insensible, and definitely horny as shit, and when he slammed the bedroom door, Kitt knew he was in for it.

He had the situation assessed in an instant. One of the medications must have interfered with his suppressants. And he had said he was in a hot period...pent up, overly hormonal, and suddenly getting the rush, there was no way he could actually handle all that. The illness wouldn't stop him from acting on his arousal, that drive was powerful and he'd have to be totally out of it to be kept down. Chaz had felt rotten, but not THAT rotten.

Unfortunately, for all he knew, he didn't know a way to get himself out of this. Chaz had him in his grip in moments, and his clothes were soon a ruined mess on the ground. He was thankful he didn't have any important business that day and only lost some casual wear, but he still had the problem of an out-of-control dragon. He was almost casually tossed on the bed, and a moment later one arm had him forcefully pinned down. It was almost too easy for Chaz, Kitt could tell he didn't even need his full effort to keep him pinned. The tip of his cock prodded at his hole; Kitt didn't bother trying to close his legs, if Chaz forced them open that would seriously hurt him. He knew he was in it for the long haul, no point in putting up a doomed fight.

The fluid started squirting inside him, and he felt his hole relax. Unlike Daiger, Kitt knew what was coming; he'd done plenty of research about this issue in the past, in case something like this ever happened. Dragons were big even for other dragons, but their fluids had the effect of preventing damage while facilitating their entry; he wouldn't have anything to worry about as far as Chaz breaking his tailhole, which he was thankful for because the only thing he'd had up there before was drastically smaller than what was coming. What he would have to worry about were the aftereffects...

And then Chaz rammed into him, hard, and analytical thought was driven from him for the moment. Damn, Chaz was huge, he could feel the stretch even though the pain was eliminated, and it was crazy! He cawed out, mostly in pleasure, the slight discomfort at adjusting to the unfamiliar intrusion rapidly dissipating. Good thing, too, because Chaz wasn't giving him time to adjust, he was fucking the crow like his life depended upon it. In his addled state, Kitt almost suspected that he might actually feel that way.

And he, too, was starting to feel like that. He was prepared for the hot burn in his body, the dragon's hormones establishing their dominion over him and making him need more...Kitt knew it all well, he knew why Chaz had been so careful for so long, precisely to avoid forcing this state on the three of them, this control that his body naturally drove upon those it wanted to submit to him. What he hadn't been able to prepare for was the potency of the feeling, a blazing mass consuming his body, compelling him to almost sing in pleasure at the very touch of the dragon, give himself over to Chaz in every way possible. He felt himself want to push back against Chaz, drive that thick dragon cock into him deeper, feel that knot pierce him as it started to bulge out, slapping against his hole dangerously.

Of course, he couldn't do so; Chaz had him pinned so tightly he couldn't move his body at all, just his arms and legs, the former of which were almost forcibly clinging to that thickly muscled dragon arm and the latter swinging and swaying to the sides, incapable of settling. He almost wanted to beg for more, but couldn't form coherent words...within him he felt a deep desire to give in to Chaz, let him do what he wanted, which was exactly what this sort of treatment was meant to do.

So he laid there, letting Chaz ravage him brutally, seemingly endlessly, until he felt that swelling at the end push in, almost bifurcating him with as big as it felt. Kitt wasn't sure if it should have been physically possible for his body to take something that large inside it, but he couldn't have stopped the dragon even if he wanted to. Indeed, the only thing on his mind was letting Chaz fill him up, give him some release for a short time, and that's what he did, pumping Kitt's insides full of dragon cream, the best salve to the lusty heat raging through him. Kitt lost it too, his black feathers becoming splattered with his own white as he hit the highest high ever, an orgasm so complete that it utterly drained him, causing him to fall limp on the bed as Chaz finished stuffing him full of his seed.

A couple minutes later, Chaz's knot released its pressure and he pulled out, a trail of thick seed following out but most staying stuck inside Kitt. The crow could do nothing as Chaz lifted him in one arm, carrying him out of the room. No doubt taking him to wherever Daiger was...Kitt knew the wolf had to have been preyed on already, otherwise he would have warned Kitt about it before he ever got home.

He knew there was no way he was escaping it. Dragons in their hormonal states had a way of keeping their partners nearby - draconic addiction, a primal need for their fluids that would have some harsh effects if not sated. And in as severe a state as Chaz was, that was already hitting him hard, that burning desire already starting to thrum through him again, something that would be at top power until the dragon was relieved, which in this state would probably be days. Tough as his mind was, it had faltered completely to the dragon, and he wouldn't be able to stop wanting it...at the moment, though, it was hard to care.

When Pierre got back home, he was surprised that the house seemed so empty. He expected at least someone to be eating - most likely Daiger, he ate a lot, frequently having huge meals, sometimes even outeating Chaz, and yet never putting on a pound. Pierre would have been lying to say he wasn't jealous - runners got the best perks.

He took off his backpack and set it on a chair near Daiger's. Wasn't much like him to leave his stuff lying around like that, but he didn't think much of it. It had been a long school day, he didn't have any classes tomorrow and then the weekend was there...he'd have a few good days to relax, and that's all he wanted to do. He walked off to the living room, planning to see what was on TV.

He didn't even get there before he was accosted by Chaz.

He was shocked when the massive dragon grabbed him by the shirt, hauled him over to the living room floor, and tossed him carelessly on the ground. He certainly hadn't been expecting that - Chaz was supposed to be sick! But when he got a good look up at the dragon, he got an eyeful of a very different type of affliction...and he could tell, just like the others, that Chaz was not in a state of control over it.

Truthfully, Pierre's feelings about this were quite a bit different from those of the other two. At first intimidated by the dragon, he'd eventually gotten to the point where he was quite attracted to him; though he'd never admit it to the others, he'd been tempted at times to hide Chaz's suppressants and let him have a go at him, get a chance to feel the full force of the dragon's sexual power. He knew what to expect from it, having done plenty of perusal of that kind of material on the net, but he hadn't really expected to come across it himself...now that it was, he was feeling more thrilled than frightened.

He didn't fight it as Chaz ripped his clothes off, flipped him over on all fours, and lined up behind him, cock poised dangerously at his entrance. Unlike the rest of them, Pierre was a virgin, and it was a hell of a thing that he was going to lose it to the monster back there...but inexperienced as he was, there was no stopping the effects of Chaz's pre, squirting deep into him and leaving him with a nice relaxed, easy feeling back there. All Pierre needed to do now was wait.

And not for long. With a ferocious snarl, Chaz rammed his entire cock up to the knot into Pierre. Pierre's eyes instantly rolled back in his skull, the potent feeling almost too much for his mind to handle - that wasn't popping his cherry, it was fucking annihilating it. And it didn't stop, not even for a moment, as the dragon continued to violently force his hole open, driving waves of pleasure through the human and making him yell out for more almost incoherently.

He greedily welcomed the heat building inside him, ramping up his pleasure and lust even further. He very much wanted to be dominated by the dragon, forced to submit to his will and incapable of resisting him...he probably would have willingly done so anyway, but the power of the dragon's fluids making it an inevitability was even hotter. He pushed himself back into Chaz as the dragon pounded him, prompting Chaz to growl and ram harder, showing him who was in charge.

That fat knot was quick to start trying to punch into him, and he reached his hands back to try to spread himself to make it go faster. This only got Chaz to snarl, and with a sudden motion he yanked Pierre's hands away and pinned them in front of his body. The message was clear, Pierre wasn't allowed to do things on his terms. That suited him fine, the pleasure only seemed to build in him as Chaz took complete control, thrusting like a maniac into him to finish him off.

Pierre yelled out in pleasure as the knot finally split him, his body drawing it in as much as it could. The two came simultaneously, Pierre's cock spitting onto the floor below them while his guts were inflated by a massive dragon load, feeling like it was endless as it shot over and over into him, giving him the best feeling he could imagine. It felt like it was going to make him swell up, he could swear there was a bit of a bulge forming in his stomach from the amount of cum filling him. And he couldn't have asked for anything more.

He fell limply into Chaz's arms as the dragon's knot softened, but Chaz didn't pull out of him, holding him on his dick as he stood up, keeping Pierre tight to his body. He didn't pay any mind to the mess that had been made on the floor, instead just carrying Pierre out of the room and down to the basement. As they entered one of the normally unused rooms, Pierre could see the prone, panting forms of Daiger and Kitt, both clearly having been used multiple times. It was clear to the human that he had plenty of catching up to do, and probably days to go before they were finished...

His only hope was that "finished" wouldn't mean for good.

"So...how did it go?" Kitt asked from the end of the bed. It had been three weeks since the incident and Chazen had just returned from the hospital for a legal meeting. The dragon was still infected but was looking much better these days.

Chazen sighed. "They settled, as I expected. $1.2 million. The doctor was fired and it sounds like he lost his license."

"Well, I should hope so. Deliberately giving a dragon something he knew would interfere with your suppressants, and not telling you about it? He'd better lose his license, if he practiced anywhere else..."

"It gets better. I talked to a few of the staff...apparently he had a habit of making disparaging remarks about dragons. One of them even said he wanted an excuse to make sure they were exposed as the monsters they were...so, yeah, racism probably was the reason for it."

"Holy shit. Well, I'm glad we're rid of him then. So, any plans for the money?"

Chazen nodded. "I'm looking into treatments for you guys. There are some specialized detox treatments specifically for treating draconic addicts...not cheap, but at least it won't put you guys out any."

Kitt chuckled. "Now why would you go and waste the money on that?"

"You're kidding, right? Kitt, you know what happens when you fuck a dragon! You won't be able to leave for more than a day without desperate cravings, you'll be super suggestible to anything I say, and you won't be able to restrain yourself if I get needy! And I was pent up, in a hot period, and doped up on something powerful enough to override the suppressants, add that all up and you guys might be addicted for months, or longer!"

"So what? What's happened has happened, and you haven't heard any complaints out of the rest of us. Besides, you still need to take the meds for your treatment - what's the point of detoxing us if we're just as liable to have the same thing happen?"

"I could set you guys up somewhere until the treatment ends-"

"Chaz." The dragon stopped cold as Kitt put a hand on his shoulder. "You're overcomplicating things. There's a simpler way to deal with it: just fuck us. Quite honestly, as sexy as you are, it's a small price for the three of us to pay. It may not have been part of the plan but we're all happy to roll with it...hell, Pierre already said that he'd been wanting this for a while, I think he'd be pretty bummed if you tried to stop it now."

"And how do I know that's not the addiction talking, or you projecting something I'm giving off?"

"Because you're the one trying to talk us out of it. Besides, you can deal with your urges through routine sex, right? I know you don't like those suppressants, and if the three of us are perfectly happy to let you screw us, that's your perfect chance to be rid of them."

Chazen stared at Kitt. That was a heavily tempting idea...ditching the suppressants in favor of acting on his urges was practically a dream, a bit on the too good to be true side of things. "And what if that only ends up exacerbating the effects? You've seen what my hot periods are like, and they come more frequently when a dragon's gone dominant. You're taking a risk of being more than just an addict."

Kitt snickered quietly. "Well...perhaps you could offset that with a little financial incentive. I happen to have heard that you came into a sizable settlement recently...an even split between the four of us would be more than enough to convince us all to not worry about the long-term consequences."

"Well...I think I can swing that." Finally, Chazen smiled. Well, the crow was the smart one, and there was no sense not making the most of a bad situation. If they could live with that, he certainly could.

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