A Fortunate Misfortune

Story by Ages on SoFurry

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I live! Hey anybody who still keeps up with me I'm back with a story to boot. Been working really hard on this one between any free time I can get. College and work tend to eat up a lot of free time, so getting the free time to be able to work on this was difficult to say the least. Anyways thanks for keeping up with me after all this time in silence! Now to move onto what the story is actually about.

A traveling bard find himself stranded in a terrible storm, and only with a beast to help him. This wolf's intention are less than pure however as our bard quickly finds out.

In recent months it has come to my attention that the beast races across the four empires are being treated worse by the day. My readers, I urge you to reconsider your stance on this situation, because in my many travels across this world I have come across many races; and while some may have misunderstood my intentions at first I can say with the utmost confidence that these people I have come to know would never think about harming me. I know this may be hard to believe for some, but the social stigma that the beast races are violent creatures meant only for ripping the civilized to shreds is false.

It is for this reason I have decided I will give you details about the more personal parts of my travels. Now it is worth mentioning now that I may have dabbled more with these races then is socially recommended among the capitals, and for those who may have trouble reading through the lines I mean sex. My fair audience I say this not to scare you away, even though most likely will, but to show you just how human these people are. So without further delay let us begin.


Now every tale has its beginnings, and this one is no exception. But as I have explained before these stories in particular jump around through my life. So to start with I have chosen the first time I gave one of our kin (for calling them beasts will not help this stigma fade any faster) a fighting chance.

It was my fortunate, misfortune to be caught in the worst storm this generation has ever seen. I was traveling to the capital of Serrince when a cold gust of wind nearly took me off my feet. Now normally in the dead of summer such a blessing would have been welcome, but I knew this storm had been coming for a while now. And being the cautious person I am I worked all the harder to close the distance between Serrince and myself.

The gust of wind was the only warning I was given, because immediately after rain poured down towards the earth. It took only a few seconds for my body to be drenched head to toe. Great flashes of lightning crashed down towards the earth a few miles ahead of me followed by thunder loud enough to shake the earth itself. If I had not been caught in the storm it would have been a beautiful sight to behold, but alas I had to find shelter before the lightning became more acquainted with me.

For those who have never been, shelter is usually not a hard thing to find on the road to Serrice. There are many outposts scattered along the road for travelers and traders alike. Unfortunately with the rain as thick as it was the road had managed to loose itself from me. The ending result was myself ending up further in the woods with no shelter in sight.

"Is anybody out there," Occasionally I would yell for help hoping to hear a response and know that I was still on the right path. The answers, as you may have guessed, never came, and my hope of finding any practical means of shelter faded very quickly. Well, I shouldn't say a response never came, but it was not one any human would have expected.

I felt a leathery pad connect with my hand, and fingers close around me. My heartbeat quickened as at the time I was still pitifully unaware of the inaccuracies of the stigma against the other races. I couldn't make out specifically what race the creature was, but it was only a few inches shorter than me and had a canine appearance. I had little more time to figure out what was going on as the kin was tugging on my arm signalling that we needed to get moving.

Now I consider myself rather competent when it comes to hiking through the woods, but being guided by my newfound friend I felt little more than a child walking for the first time. We crisscrossed through trees, jumped over the many crevices formed over time, and at one point I would have tripped over a fallen log if the kin hadn't stopped to catch me. After what seemed like hours of stumbling through the forest we made it to our destination.

A cave only a slight bit larger than your typical trading outpost. At first glance it looked like it could fit four people comfortably, but there were no signs of more than one person living here. Strangely enough the cave floor was almost flat, and the walls had been decorated with drawings, very similar to ones historians have speculated early humans drew. Shelves were carved into the walls holding trinkets both from hunts and what I can only assume were interesting to my new found friend.

My thoughts were interrupted as water splashed towards me. I heard a sound similar to laughter in nature, and I remembered how I ended up in the cave in the first place. A female Wolfkin stood beside me. I could tell because she was discarding her garments, and while I usually consider myself a gentleman I had decided it was necessary to know the gender of the person who managed to save my life.

She laughed and put a hand on my chin. The pads on her hand were smooth and soft as she raised my gaze back towards her face. She had a beautiful set of emerald green eyes that contrasted with her solid grey fur pelt. Even with all of her fur wet I knew I was standing in the presence of a beautiful woman, comparatively speaking of course.

I wasn't given much time to admire the She Wolf as she motioned for me to take my clothes off as well, and walked towards the center of the den where an inviting fire waited. At first I thought it strange that she wanted me to strip down, but as adrenaline left my body tremors began in an attempt to keep me warm. Having no desire to die of hypothermia after I was saved from the storm I began to strip my wet clothes.

She watched as I took each piece off her eyes examining my body as I did to her. It is worth mentioning, however, I never took my underwear off. After I had finished stripping she patted the ground next to her and waved her hand for me to sit next to her. "Thank you!" it seemed a small thing to say given what she had done for me, but I said it anyways. Not that she could understand what I was saying anymore then I could understand her.

She cocked her head for a moment before speaking in her own tongue, "Ke'grit het var?" it dawned on me that I was probably the first human she had ever been able to communicate with.

I laughed and repeated myself again, "Thank you." I pointed to myself, "it's something I say when I'm appreciative of what you've done for me." The She Wolf nodded slowly. I don't know if she really understood what I was saying, but at the very least she seemed to understand I was expressing a level of gratitude.

"My name is Seth." I pointed to myself and then pointed to the Wolf, "What is your name?"

The wolf looked up from the fire and stared at me again. She cocked her head and hummed slightly taking in my words. Slowly she reached out with her hand and pointed towards me "Veras, Seth?"

My eyes lit up. In all honesty I never expected her to pick up the concept at all let alone at this speed. "Yes, yes!" I nodded, "Now what are you called? I am Seth and you are?"

"Verosi, Kalla" The wolf pointed to herself, and a smile was painted onto her face. Her tail was wagging excitedly, so the breakthrough must have been as interesting to her as it was to me. At the time learning more of her language was not a concern of mine, but I wish I had spent more time doing so as it would help with my current argument. However, in that moment reality had caught back up with me.

I closed my eyes and took in as much air as I could, all the while, my arms were stretching of their own free will. Without giving it so much as a second thought I got up to make myself comfortable in a corner, after all I was a still guest and while my host was being most hospitable I had no desire to overstep my boundaries. That is to say I would have made myself comfortable in a corner if Kalla had not grabbed my arm first.

She jerked her head towards the pile of furs, "Setrom adamos," she growled softly, and while I wasn't paying attention she slipped her paws into my hands. The sudden sensation of her leathery pads coming across my skin caused me to shudder in anticipation. And for reasons I did not quite understand at the time she seemed to relish in that reaction.

Kalla had decided that the night had gone on long enough as well. She lay down just behind me on the furs, which were much more comfortable then my eyes first led me to believe. I could feel the wolfkin's fur brushing against my skin, and while I was appreciative of the warmth it did make me painstakingly aware of the fact I only had a pair of skivvies on next to this delightful lady who wore even less than me.

However, this wasn't the worst of events to break my compsure. As if she was intent on making this an akward night's sleep Kalla wrapped her arms around my chest. I exhaled sharply as her hands travelled up my chest to my nipples, her pads grazed over me in a circular motion.

"Kalla?" My voice came out weak and staggered, but it had the effect I wanted. She stopped, at least for the moment. I felt her shift behind me, and then her muzzle slightly graze against my ear, "shhh, Seth-ket. Adamos zo visay." Just like that her hands starting moving once more trying to stimulate a response out of me.

It worked.

I shuddered, I could feel a tight bulge beginning to form against my undergarments... Her right claw moved lower down my chest trailing down to my stomach and then to my hips. Her hand stopped at my underwear. It may have been the heat of the moment, but I could have sworn I heard a whimper come out of her mouth. "You really want to go all the way with this?" I turned and faced her as best I could.

The wolfkin stared looked dead into my eyes. She was already lost in another world of euphoria and passion; two things I often find myself longing for on cold moonless nights such as this one. She gave me a nod, and struggled to work at my underwear again.

"One second Kalla." I reached down and slid my garments off in one fail swoop, so I wouldn't give myself time to overthink the situation. My length sprung out free from its cloth restraints, and immediately I could feel the cold cave air hit my skin.

Kalla murred happily, her hand reached lower and lower until it reached the base of my cock. I groaned as she pumped my shaft once. I could feel her the edge of her claw moving up my penis. She gracefully worked her way up to the tip of my cock where she traced circles on my flesh.

My muscles trembled as waves of pleasure came through me. Kalla wrapped her hand around my entire cock. She tightened her grip around me and began to rub up and down. She started slowly at first drawing out each pump as she came to the edge of my length. "Don't... Stop..." I whimpered out.

Fortunately Kalla had no intention of stopping, and if my hunches were correct my desperate pleas only seemed to spur her on. Her hands started to move faster and faster, far beyond any speed a human could hope to achieve. I squirmed as pressure began to build up in my loins. My breaths shortened, and my whole body stretched out; I thrust forward I couldn't hold back any longer. My seed spurted out sliding down across Kalla's hand, and down towards my crotch.

"Sorry about that," I shifted off of my side to get a better look at her. I almost regretted that decision; the wolfkin pushed me onto my back and moved her leg over me. Kalla looked over me with needy eyes; her eyes locked with mine and she licked her lips slowly. I gasped as she lowered her hips and the heat from her loins enveloped me.

Kalla collapsed above me, and we both relished in each other's embrace. I let out a small chuckle as I felt her chest vibrating; a small growl of pleasure was escaping her chest, "I'm glad you're enjoying it too." I reached my arm out and stroked the tip of her ear. I was taken by surprise when Kalla reached for and gave me an affectionate lick across my cheek. Never one to lose out on an oppurtunity I pulled my current lover closer. I set my lips onto hers, and slipped my tongue into her mouth.

Kalla pulled back in shock with one of the most amusing expressions I've ever seen on a person, but it didn't take long for her to realize what I was trying to do. As for me, I got more than few strands of fur in my mouth, but the kiss was most enjoyable. I wrestled with Kalla for control of her mouth, and managed to win the ground for a few seconds. The wolf was a quick learner however; once I had let my guard down she pushed her tongue back against mine winning our lovers quarrel.

Kalla pulled back for air first, and while I didn't want our embrace to end my mind quickly went back to the matter of her lower walls tugging at my length. Kalla's lips pursed upwards to form a smile. She lowered both of her paws onto my chest, and slowly began to move her crotch upwards. Seconds turned into hours as she worked her way up off of my cock. I tried numerous times to thrust back into her cunt, but alas the she wolf was well prepared for my attempts as she pushed back down onto the furs.

Her tight walls pressed on me less and less until eventually she had pulled up to the tip of my member. Kalla spoke to me in a low seductive growl, "Kre-khet adamos verano." The growl reverberated through her chest and I could feel it rattle my bones. It was a unique feeling that I wish I had more time to enjoy, but a long moan quickly escaped my lips as her slick walls slid down my length.

She rose up again only this time without the wait. The she wolf humped into me repeatedly up and down, up and down. I looked into Kalla's eyes and they were glazed over with lust. Using the distraction I wrapped my legs around her waist and timed myself to thrust into her at the same time she did it to me. Her tail began to wag back and forth, and the hairs on it rubbed against my leg. A nice way to tell me to keep going.

A muffled thud could be heard as fur met skin. I could feel her juices sliding down my cock and onto the furs below us. Her thrusts increased, and she arched her back upward. Her smooth voice filled the cave as she let out a howl. Her walls tightened around me and in one final attempt she pushed against me as hard as she could her vulva constricting around my my member trying to milk every last bit of seed it could.

That was enough to do me in, I could feel a familiar pressure building up inside of me. My toes flexed outward and I thrust forward one last time into the beautiful wolf above me. My balls squeezed against themselves bringing forth the seed they contained. I gasped as the last of my semen splurged deep inside of the wolf-kin.

We both lay there panting for another breathe. I began to wriggle about in an attempt to free myself from her grasp, but she pulled herself close to my again, "Krin sedam corvo."

She wanted to stay like this, bonded in the most intimate of ways, and how could I refuse the soul who had saved my life. I wrapped an arm around her, and motioned for her to lay on her side. We stared at each other long after I had lost track of time. I stroked her ear lightly watching as her eyes began to droop down lower and lower. Kalla leaned forward and gave me one last affectionate lick, "Thaank yoo"

"You're welcome," I replied softly. I drifted off to sleep comforted in Kalla's warm embrace.

The storm ended at some point during the night, and I woke to the wolfkin already dressed watching me sleep. Her tail started wagging back and forth as I stirred from my slumber. She waited for me to dress myself, and barked in acknowledgment. A quick jerk of her head confirmed my fears that she was already going to lead me back to the road.

I've never felt regret before from leaving a woman the morning after we had embraced each other. Sadness yes, but actually feeling guilty about having to leave is something different entirely. Yet that's what I felt walking towards the road to Serrice. And while I wonder what would have happened if I stayed; I take comfort in the fact that it is this very regret that has opened my eyes towards the atrocities the beastkin are put through.

Again my fellow readers I urge you to learn from these stories. The beastkin are not savage, they wish nothing but to be able to live. Just as we do.

Author Note:

Big thanks for anyone who's made it this far, that at least tells me I've done something right here. This story is actually a lot of firsts for me. I got the idea for this story just by saying things in Dandelion's voice from "The Witcher" and then this idea kinda popped up to have a first person narrative take place. I've never done first person before, but I think this piece came out fairly well, and I've enjoyed writing in this style.

Along with that this is also the first story I've ever written with actions involving two people making weird noises without any clothes on. So if I did bad on that, than I've probably already found the reason. This is also the first story I've written that is over 3,000 words long, so yay writing skills!

Anyways if you've enjoyed this story, or thought it needed improving somewhere along the line please leave a comment and rate it to let me know. And if you really liked a favorite will make me feel all warm and fuzzy.

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