Cocoa's Masterpiece

This one's for circ, who wanted something with cocoa icing, his mlp oc, fattening up his main fursona, adapted to the setting. the addition of the abyssinian race with the fim movie has made cat anthros canon to mlp, after all.

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All-Time High S1E4

Slacking Off "Class, we're halfway through the week and I'm still not seeing any progress from the same few of you. Am I not being clear enough or are you being defiant?" questioned Mrs....

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Stretto's New Suit

Hey there! This is my first attempt at a real MLP fic thing. I'm new to furry writing D; Hope you enjoy? (It's super short) * * * It was early one morning when the new fashion pony was walking around his fabric shop, straightening things and making...

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All-Time High S1E11

Strength in Numbers "Welcome to math class. I know it's often a boring subject for students, but I teach it a different way. I have a model featuring areas where I can insert numbers in various places....

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All-Time High S1E9

Jewel of My Eye "Class, we have a new student joining us today. Her name is Persephone. I hope you'll make her feel quite at home. You can sit here, Persephone," explained Mrs....

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All-Time High S1E13

Closing the Gap "Lunch looks really good this time around," stated Marcus. "Yeah, spaghetti and meatballs. What a treat," added...

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All-Time High S1E19

Making Waves (Part 2) Last time... "Today, we have a swimming class in place of gym class. The staff and faculty felt you could use some real exercise for a change. I hope you all packed your swimsuits. If...

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So it is Rewritten Episode 15

Mostly Funny \*At the Cotton Candy Café....\* "Yes, it's going to be a very nice day today. Highs in the upper 70s so enjoy that beautiful weather today because rain is moving in tonight," said...

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All-Time High S1E12

Photo Finish "School Picture Day is tomorrow. How lame when we're going to be when our parents see what we're wearing for this special occasion? My parents will definitely flip," remarked...

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All-Time High S1E10

Pound for Pound "You think you know why you're here. To stay in shape and learn the value of proper diet," began Stuart, the gym instructor. "Finally, someone who...

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All-Time High S1E3

Eat Up "So what's on the menu?" asked Sarah. "Nothing good from what I see," remarked Kelly. "You're such a Negative...

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Goddess Day

Goddess day by: blobskin contains: mlp, oc, alicorn, goddess, macro, cruel, blood, crush, destruction, rampage, death, vore, butt, insertion version: 3 --- the sun cast the city in a warm orange glow.

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