2.) Escape; The Savage Beast

Story by Drataya on SoFurry

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If you are below the age of 18, or are uncomfortable with forced sexual scenes, get out of here now because things about to get really messy in my story.

Everyone else, Hello again! This was certainly not something I had the courage to write before. But, times change, and I thought, for heavens sake I'm sick of all my stories being so... so.... clean? Character buildup, haha! Even though...well... poor Lilliana, she knows not what her writer will type up next. Anyway.

Feeeeedbackkk! Is always super welcome, even if it's just weather or not you liked the story. :P

*Escape;The Moon's Calling *

Part 2: The Savage Beast

Lilliana had stared at the exit of the hut for a good while after H'ria left, debating whether or not to try and escape while she had the chance. However her morals, irritatingly, made her dismiss the idea as she thought of the small woman's kindness, and eventually she had succumbed to sleep.

The following morning, it was her hunger that woke her up this time. She hadn't eaten since early afternoon the previous day, but had been so distracted with her dilemma that she had paid no mind to it. Now, after a long, -if restless- nights sleep the full pangs of hunger wracked her stomach. Lilliana did not have to wait long before her stomach's wishes were answered. H'ria came in shortly after those hungry thoughts with a wooden plate of fire-cooked meat, bread, and a flask of water.

"Thank you..." she said, offering a polite bow of her head as the plate was set before her. Again the woman said nothing, just studied her with that searching green eyed stare as she had the other night. Her silence was starting to make her somewhat uneasy. Lilliana studied the meat on her plate, it had been cut into strips juicy rare in the middle that made her mouth water. But she saw neither fork to eat it with nor a knife to cut it. After a moment she just picked up a piece and took a bite, chewing slowly to savor the taste. It was delicious, and, it was venison, her favorite meat. The juices dribbled down her fingers as she ate. A little rare for her liking, but she didn't know what else to expect from Wargs. It was surprising enough that they cooked it, though that might have been Lilli's own benefit.

Lilliana was halfway through her meal when a thought struck her; in her hunger she hadn't even thought about the possibility of the meat being drugged. Then again, what purpose would that serve, so she finished her meal and water and looked for a place to put the plate. It was then that she looked up and realized H'ria was still standing there, a slight upwards quirk to one corner of her lips. She blushed, feeling rather rude. "I umm...have you...been standing there this whole time?" she asked, wondering why she hadn't noticed her presence.

The shape shifter only nodded, and Lilli's awkwardness seemed to only make that smirk grow a little more prominent, her eyes lingering on her chest for a moment before returning them to the human girl's eyes. H'ria's deep green eyes merely watched, amused.

Now she felt completely uncomfortable under that gaze. "You...could have umm... sat down... you know..." she shifted awkwardly, feeling something wet trickle down between her breasts. Lilli looked down, using her hand to both quickly wipe off the moisture and wrap the fur blanket around her. She must have spilled some of the venison's juice on her while she was eating, and she hadn't even thought about the fact that she still wasn't wearing a tunic. Her face was likely as red as an apple.

H'ria's eyes gleamed, and still she was not speaking. Something was giving this tattooed woman great amusement, and she was enjoying Lilliana's discomfort in it.

She averted her gaze, thinking hard about what was so funny. She mentally smacked herself for not thinking about it sooner. The other night the pack was treating her like a lesser. She remembered from long ago, hearing a village hunter talk about social structures in wolf packs. Omegas were below every other wolf, even the pups of the pack were above them. Did that mean that a stranger coming into the pack was above them too? She thought it was worth a try.

"Do...I have to give you permission...?"

The woman's eyes lit up with mirth, nodding.

Despite that knowledge, Lilliana felt awkward about the thought of ordering someone around. "Umm... you may sit down...if you want..." she paused a moment, adding as an afterthought, "and speak, if that's why you haven't this whole time..."

The lovely women approached her, sitting directly in front of her and close enough to make Lilliana shift uncomfortably. She spoke quietly, her voice holding barely any trace of a growl. "I was beginning to think you were not enjoying my company..."

She shook her head, speaking quickly. "Oh no! You are much more kind then the others seem to be. I do enjoy your company. Greatly!" Lilli regretted her over enthusiasm the moment she caught the feral smirk that crept across her face.

"I am glad you are so...pleased...in my company." she said smoothly, her eyes not leaving hers.

Something in her voice and the way she was looking at her stirred something close to lust in her body, and that alone unnerved the daylights out of her. "Ahh...yes umm...a-anyway..." she scooted back, looking for an excuse to get farther away, wincing at the sharp pain of her bruised ribs.

H'ria's brow furrowed as if worried, but the smirk remained on her lips. "Is something wrong? Do I need to tend to your wounds?" she edged closer, reaching for the fur blanket that Lilliana had clutched against her chest with one hand. "I noticed the bruises on your sides last night... I know Alpha can get caught in his hunting instincts sometimes..." Her fingers grasped lightly at the blanket covering Lilli, though she made no motion to remove it.

Lilliana tightened her grip on the fur, not sure she liked where this was going, or the thoughts running through her head. "No, no it's alright. They are just bruised... nothing to worry about..." Lilli looked away, getting to her feet to cross the room towards the fire pit, trying to think of an excuse. Instead pain shot through her body with only the second small stride, sending her to the ground with a cry.

H'ria was at her side in an instant, her hands gently resting on her arms. "You really should not be moving so suddenly, your body is still recovering. Now let me see you, we don't want to leave them be if they are broken or fractured." H'ria ignored Lilliana's protest and lowered the fur from her chest. The shape shifter's eyes scanned over her sides briefly before she laid her hands gently on Lilli's skin, barely touching her save for a gentle prod at her ribs to check for breaks. "I believe you are just bruised. I hear from the scouts you gave them quite a chase... I do think you should have stayed put. You would be less damaged if you had." she said quietly, eyeing her over. "Lie down and get some rest. You'll need it to help your body recover." She laid Lilli back onto the pile of furs with a gentle touch, eyes locking boldly with her own.

The flap to her hut opened, letting light in, the silhouette of a Warg showing. A growling bark had H'ria nodding, covering Lilliana back up and rising to walk towards the entry. "Someone will be back later to check on you. Now rest before you harm yourself further." with that she left, the familiar cracking sound of her form shifting following suit. She willed herself to sleep before she lost her breakfast.

====================== =======================

Lilliana woke with the uneasy feeling that she was being watched. Heeding H'ria's words about her wounds, she did not get up right away; instead she closed her eyes and pretended to be asleep, listening. She heard nothing, but felt instead a presence looming near her, and she resisted the urge to open her eyes, hoping whatever it was would just leave the hut already. She cracked an eye slightly open, looking through her lashes. It was a rusty grey-brown Warg, his massive frame taking up most of the light peaking from the slit in the hut's hides. She shifted her eyes and made a tiny groan as if she was dreaming, hoping that would make him back away. Perhaps he was only coming to check on her, and indeed soon he was sniffing over her form curiously. Alright... time for him to leave now... Lilli thought, waiting for the creature to leave.

Instead she startled 'awake' at the feeling of a smooth wet tongue lapping against her bare nipple. She exclaimed in surprise and screamed out as the motion of jerking upright stabbed a pain in her side. He looked down at her with triumph in his eyes, seemingly pleased with her reaction. If she were not so outraged, she'd have likely marveled how a canine could convey such emotions through eyes alone. The grey Warg extended his head forward, taking another teasing lick at her breast, whimpering excitedly.

Lilliana, in her anger, looked him straight in the eyes and glared at him, which was likely her first mistake. "Can you not wake me up like a normal dog?! For the sake of the gods if your going to lick me lick my face!" she yelled, thinking back to the dogs her village kept back home. At least they would lick her face, not her breasts. Her choices of wording however, were not the right ones.

The Warg opened his maw directly in front of her face and snarled, placing his front legs on either side of her legs and forcing her to lay back or risk being bitten. He loomed above her, and to her further fury her body had responded to his lick, nipples perking and secreting female juices between her legs. He leaned his head down, nipping at the muscle that connected her neck to her shoulder in discipline. The sensation was a mix between intense pain and a wave of pleasure, and despite the knowledge that he may very well kill her, she lashed out anyway.

Her knees came up and with all her might, and she kicked out, knocking the Warg back only a foot, if that, he was so large. She scrambled away from him, managing to get to the far corner of the hut before he pounced on her from behind. The weight of him pinned her to the ground and rushed the air from her lungs, her scream cut short. With his front paws holding her down, his teeth angrily gnawed at the leather belt holding what remained of her trousers up, biting through it and using a back leg to scratch them down. She felt him leaning forward, his mouth close to her ear and growling as he bent his hips and brushed his fur against her bare skin. Lilliana struggled, furthering the creature's frenzy. He sank his teeth into her left shoulder just enough to pierce the skin, pressing down with his chest and belly so that all she could utter was a winded, squeaky scream. She felt something hot and wet against her sex's entrance, recoiling from it as she immediately realized he was trying to mount her.

"G-get off! You h-heathen!" she gasped out, feeling the tip of his member prodding at her wet slit. She jerked away, or at least tried, though to no avail. Using his front paws to jerk her back towards him, his throbbing, thick shaft pierced deeply into her sex, eliciting a pleasured rumbling snarl from him as Lilli cried out. She strained hard to scramble forward, and the agonizing pain of his jaws clamping down on her shoulder was nearly enough to knock her unconscious. Her grunts and groans of panicked protest barely escaped her mouth as tears flooded her eyes, the pain of him diving into her previously untouched, taunt depths overwhelming. He rutted into her, hard, fast, his whimpering groans of pleasure filling the hut, mingling with her muffled squeals. Over and over his quickly thickening shaft plunged into Lilli, and her sex was slowly widening, adjusting to accommodate his pulsing member.

This was obscene, horrid, and unthinkable in all ways to Lilli; however despite such atrocities she was beginning to enjoy it, which, to her, that was an even worse thought. Slick with her body's own juices, the long, thick shaft plunged further and further into her with every thrust, the wet sound of his cock sliding in and out of her slit driving him into frenzy. Soon he was rutting into the human female with everything he had, a hard knot forming as the Warg came close to his climax. That hurt. The hard pulling sensation of the wolf's knot, unable to fully break away as that shaft slammed into her over and over had Lilli's muffled squeals in new pitches.

Her fingers clawed at the hard packed dirt floor, soon realizing, -and in the back of her mind she was horrified- that if she leaned back against him, the pull of the knot against her was not as painful. Lilli's body trembled, the tangy smell of blood filling her nostrils as it dribbled thinly down her inner thighs, though, oddly, she was past the feeling of pain. The Warg's body shuddered, and she could literally feel the pulsing thickening of the wolf's cock inside her as wave after wave of seed was released into her. Lilli moaned, her body trembling beneath the weight of the beast, he had partially collapsed upon her, his thick knot still stuck inside her slit.

Lilli was exhausted, spent, humiliated, and dripping with sweat. Why... The single thought-word rang in her head. She trembled, wishing to collapse but remaining on her hands and knees for fear of causing further pain, were she to try and part before that knot loosened. She was too weak to think upon what had just happened; only waited for the beast to go away. She winced, feeling his long, flat tongue gently lapping at her shoulders, which thank the gods, had somehow stopped bleeding. Why be so tender... the brutish creature had just raped her, why in the abyss was he being gentle now?

She had no idea how much time had passed, but with a huff the Warg finally backed away, the sloppy sound of his semi limp member sliding from her slit making her wince. She felt thick, hot liquid run down her legs, dripping onto the muddied floor. Lilli whimpered as she collapsed, weakly, and sorely, crawling away from the mess in the middle of the hut. She lifted a trembling hand up to brush a thick lock of ragged, plastered-to-her-face hair from her eyes, glancing towards the exit. The fur flap wavered, and all she caught was the sight of a bushy tail slip from the hut.

Lilli had been marked. Claimed. By who? She knew not the marking identification well enough to know which member of the pack had claimed her as his plaything. The hut was filled with the scent of spicy, musky wolf and sweet female juices. Lilli gagged, crawling to one far side of the hut, away from the thick muddy puddle of dirt, seed and blood that pooled by the crackling fire. Oh how she ached. How disgusted she was with herself, for having even the briefest feelings of pleasure during that monstrous interaction. She slowly curled into herself, bare back against the hide wall, and silently cried herself to sleep.

====================== =======================

A ferocious snarling bark woke Lilli with a start, harshly interrupting her fitful sleep. She looked over her shoulder, spotting the smallest member of the pack, H'ria, her nose hovering over the dirt floor, right by the now dried up remnants of Lilli's encounter. Lilliana shakily crawled forward and put her back to one of the wooden poles. The small wolf looked furious, hackles raised in severe agitation as she paced back and forth a few times before advancing on the human girl, who cowered against the wall.

Lilli squinted her eyes shut, feeling the hot breath of the small canine against her skin as H'ria sniffed all up along her thighs, between her legs, then to her wounded shoulder. The wolf snarled, and Lilli dared open her eyes a sliver to see H'ria spin swiftly in place and bolt out the fur-flap. She shook violently in place, hugging her knees to her chest as she waited for whatever was to come.

Nervous barks and growls could soon be heard outside her hut, and those heavy footfalls of the packs Leader swiftly approached the entrance, one strong arm whipping the flap aside as he strode in. One sweeping glance around the room, nostrils flaring at the faint stench that still remained had his fists clenched at his sides.

"WHAT HAPPENED HERE?!" his voice boomed, looking from the dark stain on the ground to H'ria, who stood behind him in a sort of slumped posture. His gaze fell on Lilliana's nude and cowering form across the room, then to the bite mark on her shoulder, and his icy blue eyes blazed with fury. He took two strides forward to Lilli's side, kneeling before her to place a firm hand under her chin, lifting her trembling gaze to his brilliant blue eyes.

"M-master... gently now..." H'ria spoke, softly, though her own eyes blazed with fury.

"Why was this not noticed?" he stormed, half glancing over his shoulder at the small female, his touch softening slightly at her words. "I would recognize this stench anywhere! Back to your old antics again, are you Breaol?!" He blazed, rising to his feet with a sound of disgust. "He thought he could force a female just because she belongs to our pack now?! Hrrrr! This will not go unpunished!" The man turned to H'ria again, who shrunk away from his gaze, immediately sitting down with a whimper. "And you! If this were any other situation I would punish you for being as careless as to leave her unattended!" the fire in his eyes remained, however the edge to his voice lessened a noticeable amount. "But I will not." he turned back to Lilli.

She pressed herself firmly into the pole, her angry brown eyes blazing with fury, paying no heed to his rank whatsoever. "This is how you treat your 'guests'?! By allowing one of your kind to dominate over them while they sleep?!" she yelled out in a choked out rage, tears streaming unchecked down her cheeks. "Why?! Why did you not just leave your wolves to rip my throat out in the forest?"

His bellow of an answer made her shrink against the wall. "I did not allow him in here! Nor did I authorize him to be anywhere near you! You should consider yourself lucky that that foul creature didn't rip you to pieces!" he breathed heavily with his anger, locking his gaze with hers, perhaps waiting for her to avert her gaze.

She did not. Lilliana had been scolded in the past for being stubborn, but that did not stop her from being so now. She stood up with a groan, clutching her abdomen at the pain which rippled through her body, her bare chest heaving with anger, taking a staggered step towards him. "If your 'pack' had just left me alone to begin with, instead of running me down, almost killing me, and bringing me here against my will, you wouldn't need to be explaining the actions of its members right now!"

He walked forward and backed Lilliana into the flat wall, glaring down at her. "And if you, you stupid girl, had remained in the safety of your village and surrounding land, you would not have gotten yourself carelessly captured in the first place!" his voice was dangerously low, growling out the words and emphasizing his statement by pressing himself into her, his form towering over her own. "As for how I treat my guests you are lucky that I did not take you for myself the moment I laid eyes on you! Instead I decided to play nice and let H'ria here tend to your wounds, that you brought upon yourself, and gave you a warm place to stay as well as food to eat!"

His first words stung her to the core. It was her fault that she was in this position. She was torn between anger and defeat. Customs were clearly different in a pack of savage beasts, but that did not drive from her mind the hatred at being even remotely subjected to such behavior. "So why didn't you just kill me where I stood instead of providing me hospitality? Or having your pack kill me when they found me instead of using up energy and dragging me back here?! You are all beasts! Why didn't you kill me?! Is it this pride in 'setting a good example for Warg packs everywhere' that made you do it?!" She spat out vehemently. She was becoming increasingly angry, trying to drive from her mind how attractive she found this wild, infuriated, and infuriating, man. Disgusting. How can I even think about it?!

The bones in his hands cracked in anger and for a moment she thought he was going to shift forms, if he was what she suspected, letting her know her last statement had struck a nerve. But instead he snarled at her and then took a deep breath, letting it out slowly as if trying to calm himself. "This is what I get for trying to compromise. Look girl, I could stand here and argue with you all day, but it would be a waste of my breath, and my time. Do what you want. Stay with us. Try to leave. But leave and it will only be a matter of time before you die. It's a long way back to your village." he turned around, storming out of the hut, barking out orders as he left. "Track him down!"

H'ria waited until he was outside before she got up to walk over to her, sitting at Lilli's feet and looking up at her with an almost hurt expression.

"What." Lilliana snapped out quietly, slumping to the ground in an angry huff.

Her head tilted, her eyes a vibrant contrast to the blackened tattoos on her face. "Not all of us are like that..." she whispered out.

She sighed, and despite her anger forced herself to calm down. "I'm sorry... it wasn't my intention to sound like I hated your help... I'm thankful to you, really."

H'ria stood up without a word, walking over to the fire. She used a stick to roll hot stones into the water basin, the familiar hiss sounding. In but a moment, she was at Lilli's side, dripping hot cloth in hand, dabbing at the wound in her shoulder. "Apologies for the burning, but this will soon fester if I don't cleanse it." She commented softly as Lilli hissed through her teeth. Sufficiently tended, H'ria rose to rinse the cloth free of blood, and then left the hut, with stone basin in hand.

Lilli was beginning to think the woman would not come back, when she returned through the hut flap, basin sloshing with clean water. H'ria flipped more hot stones into the water, bringing both basin, and clean cloth, over to her.

The woman gently parted Lilli's legs to begin wiping clean the remains of caked on blood and seed from her thighs, her eyes narrowing sharply at seeing the dried blood upon her legs. "You were unopened? Before this?" she asked with a slight growl to her voice.

Nodding, Lilli felt tears stinging at her eyes again. Her virginity. Lost. To a beast.

"I am truly sorry this happened to you. I should have stayed closer to your side." she rumbled out, a tinge of anger in her voice.

"It's fine." It's fine?! she thought angrily to herself. "I am sorry H'ria... I did not mean to imply you were bad..." Lilli said softly, her throat tight at the thought of alienating the only kind being she'd met as of yet.

H'ria shook her head. "I know. But please, do not be angry with our leader for his ways. He may seem harsh to you, but really, the kindness he showed for you was more then he's ever done in the past."

"Kindness?! He had the rest of your pack hunt me down and DRAG me here, then told me I could never leave!" she was grinding her teeth in an effort to stay civil.

Again, H'ria shook her head, rinsing the cloth again before working on the other leg."No, he did not tell them to do so. They were out hunting when they came across your scent. It is only natural for us to investigate the presence of intruders in our territory." She met Lilli's eyes as she continued; head tilted slightly, her ponytail wavering in its metal clasps. "Despite the knowledge that humans cannot understand our canine speech, many of us expect them to understand when we try and ask them to leave. Likely, you reacted the same way most do; run. Running away triggers our instincts, so they chased you." she paused, fixing her with a calm gaze. "You should actually consider yourself lucky they brought you here instead of killing you. I know right now you might wish they had taken your life. However, by them bringing you here, and letting him decide what to do with you, they gave you a chance at continuing you life, rather then cutting it short. Had they chosen to end your life, you would have tormented in every second spent alive, the females would have torn your to pieces, right after the males did whatever they wished to you." She ended grimly.

Lilliana listened to every word she said, and by the end of it, was both horrified at what she heard, and perhaps a little sorry lashing out against the man. "I'm sorry H'ria... I hadn't thought of it that way... but... the way he looks at me, bothers me." her hand clamped over her mouth to stifle a pained exclamation at the feeling of warm water between her legs as H'ria, with all the tenderness she could, gently set the cloth against her sore slit.

H'ria frowned, placing a hand on her unwounded shoulder. "I am sorry, cold water will feel better, but heat will remove what remains here..." she apologized softly. "He is intrigued by you, our Leader I mean. We've not had any humans come to us and live another day. He may seem like a harsh man, but he is a good one. I know he has an odd way of showing it, but he is." H'ria sighed deeply as she examined the damage the one referred to as Breaol, had done. "As brutal as always..." she murmured.

She scoffed. "What about you? You are a Warg one moment, and a beautiful woman the next. Why not vie for his attentions?" she remarked, trying to change the subject; the memory of that forced entry and the indescribable soreness between her legs was reminder enough.

The woman shook her head, smiling. "I am an omega, a lesser of the pack. Most packs frown upon breeding with the lower ranking members, especially if they are weak or small. The vast majority of any group or pack type animal, especially carnivores, feel that the resulting young from such a coupling would be weaker, therefore weakening the pack as a whole."

Lilliana felt extremely stupid. "Oh! I uh...I'm sorry... I should have... So... is that why you have such a low rank compared to him?" What H'ria had said seemed to make sense in an animal way, however as Lilli cast her eyes over her form as the small woman tended her, she had to wonder how anyone could care about rank, when faced with one so stunning.

H'ria smiled sadly. "It is the way of our kind, and the way of our cousins, the wolves. I was born small and weak. It would be the same case if the omega was the alpha's sibling. As with wolves, no matter the rank of the sibling, if the weaker sibling cannot stand up for itself and hold a challenge, then he is deemed unworthy. When a pup in a litter is born so much smaller and not nearly as strong as its siblings, most parents, or whoever rears them, do not lift a paw to aid the weak. If it cannot fend for itself, if it cannot fight its siblings off for its share of the kill, then it is up to the makers to decide if it lives or dies." Again she rinsed the filth out of the cloth, the water in the stone basin clouded from what had been washed from her. "Alphas cannot play favorites. To give a weak pack-mate a high rank is unthinkable to the rest of the pack. To opposing packs, that is a weakness. You cannot play favorites as a leader, otherwise you risk causing resentment and eventually violence that would lead to your rank being challenged, or even your death." seeing Lilliana's look of sadness, she shook her head. "Do not pity me. If there is one thing an omega does not like, it is pity. I am who I am because of how I was born, and I cannot change that. I accept it, because that is the way our laws work. I would not change that even if I could."

Suddenly Lilliana's respect and liking of H'ria grew extensively so. She was proud of whom she was, and she respected the natural laws that her kind and many other species followed. Looking past her to the hut flap, she could see the light was still bright. Not much time had passed since she woke. She shook her head, sighing. "I am sorry... I always was quick to jump ahead of myself. If you were deemed weak, and therefore an Omega, why then does he treat you so kindly? And what of the other warg, Breaol?" she shuddered at the thought.

Her eyes grew stern. "Breaol, will be punished for his disobedience. He has already been given a chance to follow our packs rules, and now that he has broken them, he will either be killed, or banished from our territory." She shook her head, rising with cloth and basin in hand, to cross the room. "Either way, you will not be seeing him again. The only loss he will be to our pack is just another hunting member. But that will be no problem. We are strong enough without him." She paused at the entrance to the hut, though did not look back.

"As for how the Leader treats me. Notice around the rest of the pack, his words are harsh, sarcastic, or demanding? That, is so he does not lose face. I am still a lesser of the pack, being what I am, however I do have my skills. Any good omega has their skills, assuming they do not laze about. Just because I am smaller than the others, not as strong as the others, does not make me completely useless. He, as a good leader, recognizes that." With those final words, Lilli was once more, left to her thoughts.

Lilliana was baffled at the strength the smaller shifter possessed; even if it was not her physical strength, she was indeed strong. She possessed such grace and beauty, to think that despite the rank system, the intimidating man respected her, in a sense, was something to think about. She was glad to hear she was not going to have to face Breaol again. However despite his action, or perhaps because of it, Lilli was left with a lingering thought in her mind; part of that interaction, she had enjoyed, but knew not why. And though she had been planning on asking when she could leave the hut, after that incident, she was not sure she wanted to.

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