3.) Escape; Into Waiting Jaws

Story by Drataya on SoFurry

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Warning, if you are under the legal age, read no further than this. This section of story contains adult material likely unfit for underage eyes.

All others, Welcome again!

Part three of my story of Lilliana, and this time, Lilli may very well wander into a danger far bigger than her encounter with Breaol, the savage, lusty Warg.

The grey-brown Warg Breaol had the best of thoughts after his little encounter with the human female. When first his eyes lay upon her, he thought she was a lovely creature, by human standards anyway. So when he had been directed to check and be sure their 'guest' was comfortable, of course he accepted without hesitation. His member throbbed within the slick entrance of his current plaything at the delicious memory of what he had done to her. At first, he had been satisfied in lapping at her chest, but when uttering such insolence, comparing him to a revolting, tame hound, was too much. Oh, yes, he knew full well what most thought of that sort of interspecies interaction, but Breaol was different. He relished in the thought, and his tail twitched excitedly, longing to bury himself deep inside that human's tight slit again. But, he had to settle for this stray Bitch instead.

How he loved when single female wolves strayed from their own pack's borders. Oh he knew he was in for it when his precious "Leader" caught up with him, but he was going to thoroughly enjoy himself until he did. The wolf he had caught was small, much smaller than himself, the wild canine being a lesser of the species. Not a Warg, not a shape changer, just a simple, mindless Bitch in heat looking to be bred. The poor thing just had not anticipated being found by a creature so much larger than she.

His hips bucked hard into her, driving his thick, hard cock into her tight opening, jaws clenched on the scruff of her neck. Oh no, she wouldn't escape Breaol, he was not done with her yet. The female wolf's jaw gaped, tongue lolled to one side as she whimpered, squealed and panted, assaulted by such a huge male, herself seeming unsure weather to escape or endure his attentions. Breaol snarled, driving his hips downward, trying to stuff as much of his throbbing shaft into this female as he could, his mind wild with memories of the human, causing him to plunge mercilessly into the whimpering, squirming Bitch he was claiming.

Oh, Breaol would pay, but what would be done? Too soft... Leader would simply drive Breaol off the territory. The huge male bucked into her, and for once, didn't care if he knotted inside her, he just grunted as another thick rope of seed burst into the canine. He hopped off her, leaving her panting on the forest floor, white globs of his fluid leaking out of her tight slit.

His fur quivered as he padded off in no particular direction. "I'll have that human Bitch again... I marked her. She's mine." He snarled, disappearing into the shadows.

====================== =======================

He had only to wait three days before Leader caught him trying to sneak into the humans hut again. Oh how close he had come!

Breaol winced, his sides aching from the massive blow that his 'leader' had given him. Now, he was on the edge of the campsite, his teeth bared at the thought of how close he had come to burying himself into her once again. No one had a right to take him from his prey. He was her superior! And instead of being praised for showing a lesser 'member' discipline, he was challenged by a lowly omega and struck down by Leader! His hackles rose, growling his displeasure at the thoughts that coursed through his mind.

The sound of his pack mates moving towards him brought his angry eyes up to look. The alpha of the pack, as well as Leader were walking over, both appearing very angry. Breaol knew he would either be exiled or killed, so he did not bother to hide the fury in his eyes at their approach.

Leader loomed over him, furious. "What did you think you were doing Breaol!? You should know by now we do not allow that kind of punishment in this pack! Ever!" he boomed, bearing his teeth.

Breaol curled his lips back and gave a wolfish sneer. "Perhaps that is why the pack has grown weaker with your leadership! You are too soft! In my pack, we did things differently. We showed discipline when a lesser showed disrespect!"

The alpha leapt forward, snarling at him with his maw inches from his face. "That is not how we do things here Breaol!" he growled out in their tongue. "And you may be a Beta, Huntress knows how I regret that, but you know how our pack works! Only the Alpha's are allowed to mate with the rest of the pack, not you! And a human at that! She is not even one of us! What possessed you to try such a thing?!"

Breaol's eyes gleamed. "It would have been perfect punishment if that Bitch omega hadn't intervened. Her being human is exactly why it would have worked. That is a horror to their kind. And you let her off easy. Disgusting..."

Leader's fists clenched. "You do not deserve death by this pack! Four times now you have disobeyed our ways and tried to force your own upon us. You are hereby banished from our lands, and if you ever so much as step a foot here again, we will make sure you will beg us for a quick death!"

Breaol howled with laughter, turning his back to them. His lips curled back in a delighted snarl. "Do you long to feel yourself inside her, Leader?" He sneered, quivering in memory. "It was exquisite, feeling her writhe beneath my size. She liked it... I could smell her heat... once she grew accustomed to my size..."

"BEGON! CHASE HIM FROM OUR LANDS!" came the hulking, angry man's booming voice.

With a bark of huffed laughter he burst into a sprint as the growling barks of the other pack members chased after him. Trees and bushes flew by him as he ran, weaving and dodging around obstacles with the agility he was known for. He knew they would follow him until he was out of their territory. "In the end..." he panted under his breath, "It is you, who will be sorry I ever left..."

The hunting party chased him for miles, and only stopped when they reached their borders. Breaol disappeared into the morning fog, making sure the echoes of his howls lingered long after he was gone. One day, that human girl would pay for what she'd done to him.

====================== =======================

The following morning, Lilliana woke feeling slightly more rested, but still, she longed to leave this place and return home, especially given what had almost happened to her with Breaol, again. She shivered at the thought, a sick feeling in her throat, an image of Leader's true form forever ingrained in her mind.

Lilli had woken in the middle of the night at the sounds of heavy panting at her hut's entryway. It seemed the beast had returned. She saw him, in the light of her small fire, huge frame stalking forward, maw open, drool dripping from his jaws. His member had slid from its sheath the moment he saw her, throbbing beneath his belly as he slowly prowled towards her. But this time, Lilli screamed, and just as she was knocked to the ground, Leader himself stormed into the hut, bones cracking and snapping to shift into something far more terrifying. A wolf, but this wolf stood on its hind legs, built much more as a human would in frame, but massive, still wolf in most ways, yet human in others. Lilli had done well to scramble as quickly away from Breaol as she could, for in the next moment the man wolf was atop the Warg, snarling as with a single clawed hand, threw Breaol out the front hut flap. Barks and growls followed as she heard the pack drive Breaol away, and as Lilli had huddled against one of the huts wooden beams, Leader had swung his mighty head towards her. Those piercing ice blue eyes locked on her nude form for more then a moment, his rust-red brown fur ruffled, angry. Lilli could not lower her gaze for even a second, that terrifying gaze held her, right up until he turned and bolted after the distant yelps of the pack.

She looked around, her eyes resting on the flap covering the hut that lead outside. It was still dark, light only just beginning to creep into the sky. She walked over, peering through the crack, seeing two Wargs outside, guarding the exit. Lilliana gave a sigh, pacing back and forth across the hut in thought. She began examining the perimeters, looking for any possibility of escape. There, towards the far end opposite the exit was a small gap between the ground and the hide. Maybe I can make it wider and squeeze out... she thought. One more time she looked and made sure the two Wargs were outside, before moving back over to the gap. She used her hands to dig, slowly making it big enough to fit her body. She went back to the fire pit where H'ria had put her tunic, quickly putting it on and quietly going back to the hole. H'ria briefly came into her mind, and for a moment she felt bad about leaving, but she had to get away. She crept under, cautiously, looking around and praying there were no other Wargs in the area. When she was fully out, she moved slowly, heading into the woods. Thankfully, this area of the forest was bedded with soft pine needles, so there were no crunchy leaves to alert anyone to her presence.

A good distance away now, she began to run, as fast as she could despite her injuries. She did not know where she was going but anywhere was better then the Warg camp. Lilliana could not believe her luck. It did not seem like they noticed her absence, yet, but she knew that once they did, they would be after her. And with their noses she knew they would follow her trail easily. I have to find a river...or a stream... If she could get to a long enough water source, she could enter the water and they would lose her trail. She heard one up ahead. Gods be praised! She picked up speed, bursting through the trees and bolted into the creek. On the other side, was a massive expanse of fields. No cover there. So she continued downstream, the opposite direction of the camp.

At least an hour passed, and Lilliana was sure that by now, the pack must know of her departure. Her bare feet were sore from walking on the rocks in the creek. Perhaps she was far enough downstream to move into the fields. She climbed up the short banks that lead into the valley, immediately running. She had no time to rest, those Wargs could move fast, and though she may have thrown them off her scent, they were much more intelligent then wolves and she was sure they would find her. Her days listening to the hunters of her village talking about how to throw off predators came in handy. When she was far enough away from the creek to spare some time, she began leading false trails to various clearings, dens, and the few straggled trees that dotted the valley; trying to be sure she stepped in her exact footprints as she moved backwards. It took longer then she wanted, but eventually she had a maze of trails in all different directions.

Another hour went by before the fields gave way to another pine forest. Good. Plenty of cover. She had to slow her pace, there was no way she could continue alternating from walking to running, she had to stick with walking and let her body rest.

Lilliana continued a ways into the forest before finally stopping at the edge of a small clearing. The sun was well enough in the sky for her to be sure that if the pack hadn't found out earlier, they knew now she was gone. She felt nervous though, not sure if she was being watched, or if it was the forest itself that scared her. It seemed darker then the one surrounding the camp, and put her on edge. Again she started making a maze of trails, coming back to the clearing when she was at least partially satisfied. She did not want to be on the ground. Something about resting there unnerved her. She climbed various trees, hoping to give herself a small chance of escape if something happened to find her, confusing them with multiple scent trails. Finding an adequate tree, she climbed up until she came to a section of the tree that branched off in different directions, leaving a hollowed out nook in the center. It was perfect for someone her size, and after settling down, she succumbed to sleep.

====================== =======================

Back at the camp, H'ria paced back and forth by the fire in her Warg form, worried about her Leader and the rest of the pack. Early that morning, she had gone in to give the human girl her breakfast, only to find her gone, and a gaping hole in the hut. The pack had been gone for hours now, and Leader had left her behind with one of the other omegas to look after the camp. She felt bad for the girl really. H'ria had lived the pack life since she was born, so she could understand the girl's desire to leave. Her thoughts were interrupted as a scout ran into camp, panting from a long run.

"We lost her trail by the creek. But one of the others picked up her scent again a ways down..." he paused, catching his breath.

H'ria caught a worried look in his eyes. "Well...? Where is she?"

He sighed. "She crossed the creek. We all had to split up again, she made multiple trails. Smart for a human girl, but we finally picked it up again. She's in Tslarn and Rajik's territory..."

Her eyes widened, not wanting to believe what she was hearing. "But...do you know what they do to... to females that cross over into their land...?"

The white Warg nodded. "Yes... I know. I've heard Leader tell us about them in the past. They are ruthless... I really don't know if we can get her back. Not without endangering the pack."

H'ria's heart sank. Tslarn and Rajik didn't care if an intruder was Warg, human, elf, centaur or any other humanoid creature. They did not tolerate trespassers. They would tear apart the males and keep the females as prizes to do with as they pleased. If her Leader wanted the girl back as badly as she suspected, it was going to be a deadly, bloody confrontation...and if they did manage to get the girl back, there was little hope of her leaving unscathed.

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