Torvik's Journal: Part four

Story by catprowler on SoFurry

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#4 of Torvik's Journal

A vulnerable dragon gets taken in... Torvik is heading places.

Torvik hurried to the front door wondering who was knocking so loudly. The door opened to reveal Alexander standing there staring at him. "Torvik?"

"Uh... Hi."

The skunk let his backpack drop off his back and stepped into the house as the other backed up. "What happened? Are you, okay?" Alex asked before the door had even swung shut.

"I'm fine."

"NO Seriously Torvik. Exis and Jade almost had a fight because he wants to go after your dad right now. You need to tell us what's going on and where you were at lunch." Seeing the dragon flinch and remembering the fox's warning he added. "We're really worried about you."

Torvik gave a shiver as the silence lengthened while he tried to figure out what to say. "I, it's just..."

"Were you serious when you said your dad hasn't touched you?" *Nod * "Did he hurt you?" *Shake * "Why didn't you see us at lunch?"

"I umm. There were these football guys." He started quietly.

"You had lunch with them?!" Alex stated with more than a little disgust.

"No, no, I didn't have lunch."

"Did they hurt you?" *Shake * Torvik waited as long as he could but seeing Alex scowl when he finally did look back at him he spoke.

"They were taking me to see Lacy." There was shock on the skunk's face and a bit of awe.

"What did she want?" He finally asked.

"She wanted to..." Torvik couldn't quite say she wanted his sperm so he ended up touching his crotch and looking down.

"Sex?" The word was spoken in quite awe. The young dragon shook his head violently but then there was a thump and the front door flew open behind them making both jump.

"Alexander, grab your backpack and leave.... I'm sorry but Torvik has a meeting tonight and he need to go get ready." Both stepped aside as the older dragon walked past. "Torvik upstairs and take a shower."

The pair of teens looked at each other before one turned with wings sagging slightly as he headed for the stairs.

Alex closed the door on his way out scooping up his pack. What was he supposed to tell the others, that Lacy wanted.. what? To touch him? To offer him sex? He knew it wasn't just a joke by the way Torvik had looked down at his privates fully embarrassed. Suddenly he had the thought, maybe she had jerked him off like his dad. The teen's mind buzzed as he walked home getting more horny as he went thinking about one of the hottest girl in school. Who wouldn't ditch their friends to spend lunch with Her!

"They'll be here any minute. Go wait by the front door and do Everything they tell you, understand?" Again the young dragon gave a little nod as he walked by. The large paw that fell on his shoulder stopped him after the second step. "This is for you Torvik. Your mother is not here anymore so I need to look towards your future. You've got a chance to make a lot of money AND enjoy yourself. I'm doing all this for you." The hand pulled away and his father left him there. A few minutes later he could see a van pull into the driveway and the side door slid open, waiting for him.

It took several extra minutes for Torvik to wake up the next morning but finally he was able to climb out of bed. Even though he was dead tired he had to give a little smile to himself. Today he felt better inside than he had since his mother died. Last night he had given up on trying to understand or stop the things that were happening. Accepting that these were things he could neither control nor stop made him able to really enjoy last night.

This time it had been a little mouse girl. She had told him that she had just turned eight and he was one of her presents. He still didn't know how to feel about that but they had loads of fun jumping on the bed, running around it, and had just as much fun during sex. She had only sucked him off once but had him in multiple other ways in some of the strangest positions all over and around the bed. They tried several different ways before he would pump a load deep in her womb, then he would rest until she got him going again by giggling and enticing him into another game which would eventually end with him inside her again.

There was no question in his mind that last night was the best night of his life and he still had a smile on his face even though jocks around him once again started harassing him. He was also able to honestly tell his friends he felt great, even though he was tired and only smiled when they asked him what had happened.

He did finally admit to them during the first break that he got a blow job from Lacy leaving them doubting until one of the many football players pasted by stating, 'Be ready at lunch Mr. Lucky.' Torvik nodded and walked away to his next class leaving his friends shocked behind him.

Torvik had thought leaving fourth period to visit the bathroom before lunch was a good idea. That was until he was stopped stepping up to the sink in the mens bathroom as four guys moved up behind him two grabbing his shoulders as he was ordered to follow without even being allowed to wash his hands. His complaints about leaving his books behind in class were ignored as he was jostled through the school and up the back staircase near the auditorium.

"Where are we?" He finally asked walking down the upper hallway he had never before been in.

"The music department of course." One finally answered with a snort as another opened one of the double doors on the left side.

Torvik walked through first looking at rows of chairs with music stands. "About Time!" His attention was drawn to the lynx girl who was sitting on the first tier of the risers at the far end of the room.

"Crysta?" Torvik asked surprised.

"I told you guys to get him back before the class started!"

The four males shuffled behind the dragon before one spoke. "One of the football guys was leading him into class. We were lucky to even get him... especially since we had to cut class." He stated.

"Over here Torvik." Crysta stated patting the metal next to her. "The rest of you can leave, Now."

"But you said.." One of them had started to protest but quickly stopped. After several moments of silence the first one spoke again. "You made us a promise."

Her laugh brought nothing but frowns. "So you want sex? All four of you, now? I'm not sure if we have the time but if you meet me here after school, I'll let you all have a turn. What's wrong?" She finally asked seeing them exchange glances.

"We have practice after school."

"So skip it. The play isn't until the end of next month. Just make some excuse besides, I have a key to lock up." She told them pulling out a ring with several keys. "I'll lock us in and we won't be disturbed until we're done." She laughed again at their confusion as they sputtered 'What' and 'How'.

Lacy could play her game with the entire sports department if she wanted to. All Crysta needed was a few loyal, smarter, and more importantly, desperate males to beat her at her own game. She realized that until her father made a decision Torvik was obviously up for grabs. She knew he had plans for the dragon but until he told them otherwise they could play with him all they wanted.

"You swear you'll be here after school?" The one who seemed in charge asked.

"Yes! I'm already spared one stupid promise I shouldn't have had to make so you show up and I promise to show all four of you a good time." As the four boys finally made the decision to leave Crysta got up and locked the door behind them. On the way back she gave Torvik a shove ordering him towards the risers telling him to undress.

"Lacy isn't going to have all the fun understand. I got you until the end of lunch and I expect you to perform." He didn't do much to help himself undress besides open up his belt. Crysta had him stripped faster than he could himself and had slipped her own clothes off before he even got adjusted to the cool metal bench she had pushed him down onto.

"Good." She said kneeling down in front of him already seeing him rising out of his vent. Again Torvik confirmed this was just something that was going to happen and there was nothing he could do about it so he spread his legs a little further and began to enjoy the tongue that swirled around his head. "Don't keep me waiting." She told him gripping his now firm shaft and jerking it several times before aiming it at her mouth.

Before he could even think of a proper reply to such a comment his member passed her lips and slid into her muzzle. He could only watch as his shaft slipped further until her black nose pressed up against he opening of his vent, even nuzzling inside. A gasp was all he had as suddenly his sensitive organ was squeezed hard and milked from several different points before she began drawing back making him want to push back inside.

When she did push forward again he felt his insides tighten and tingle and realized he wasn't going to take much for her to get what she wanted. Another minute later and he was doing just that feeling his semen burst out the end while his shaft tried to jerk in the extremely tight space. Crysta had been able to wait him out downing the load taking several deep breaths in between pulses, then panting as she pulled off feeling his warm gift settle in her stomach.

She couldn't help the big smile at seeing his goofy looking post orgasm face. He was becoming more potent and plentiful giving her a meal that would easily satisfy her for the day and maybe more but that didn't stop her. The feline stood up pushing his shoulders back slightly as she climbed up on either side of him. She stepped down in between the next level keeping her hands on his shoulders as she squatted down into his lap feeling that still firm meat press up against her belly. When she wrapped her arms and legs around his body it was more of a possessive gesture but when he hugged her back dropping his muzzle over her shoulder giving a happy sigh Crysta wondered if there couldn't be something more for them.

He was a good meal, one worth fighting over, and if he was going to let himself be bonded to her all the better. Reaching up she grabbed his first wing joints and leaned back grinding her wet lips against his shaft. "Come on, we still have plenty of time."

Her sinister little smile was followed by his whimper as she pulled harder against his wings as she angled up and back then laughed at his groan of relief and pleasure as he slid inside her body letting his wings relax. Yes, this was going to be a good meal indeed!

She didn't stop until after he had washed her insides twice with his seed figuring she could allow him the last ten minutes or so to get dressed before lunch ended. There was no mess or anything to clean up as she pulled away and went for her clothes. "You need to head to the office from here. You should have a visitor waiting."

Torvik tried to push past the sluggishness he was feeling to sit up fully but he still made no to try and stand. "Lots of things are going to change Torvik, you better make sure you're ready." Looking back she could still see the young dragon sitting there as she unlocked the door. "Hurry up and get dressed! What if someone comes in." Crysta grinned as he scrambled forward for his clothes finally letting out a laugh as she slipped into the hall knowing that the larger band room was only used in the morning classes and after school, if there were music rehearsals. It was the perfect hangout if someone had a key to unlock the door.

Torvik walked into the office just as the second class bell was ringing. After a moment the secretary hung up the phone and asked why he was here. "I have a visitor."

"Not as far as I know you don't. Who told you that?" His only answer was to shrug which made her shake her head. "Go to class, and you're not getting a pass!"

As he tried to back out the door behind him opened. "Torvik."

The younger dragon turned to see the much older one standing there. "Jerome?" Torvik asked surprised.

"Why aren't you in class?"

"I was told I had a visitor." He tried to explain what was going on but the door opened again showing Mrs. Flast.

"I guess you didn't hear me calling you Jerome. I'll help you... oh Torvik, well that makes things very easy. I've already been informed of what is going on, you can take Torvik and leave. Nancy please note Torvik as leaving for the day, there are some family issues that need to be dealt with." He was trying to figure out exactly what that might mean waiting to ask as he was lead to a van and the two dragons got inside.

"What's going on?" He finally spoke after Jerome had started the engine.

"How would you like to spend a few days at my place?" Big eyes and momentary shock were enough of an answer before the rapid head shake and cries of 'yes, yes, YES' broke out. "Alright let's go get some of your stuff then we can stop off somewhere and talk."

Torvik had a hard time staying still for the short drive to his house asking three times if the older dragon was really serious. However that changed to worry when the van was parked across the street from his house. There were two police cars and several other vehicles parked in front of his own home along with people standing in his front yard. Before they even finished crossing the street Diane stepped out of the house to meet them. "I'll take Torvik up and get some clothes."

"What's going on?" The quick head shake alerted Diane to what hadn't yet been said.

"Lots of things are going on. One of them is your father isn't here right now and might not be back for a few days. Jerome is here so you have a place to stay and someone to watch out for you, now come on." It was a very business like manner that spoke of hurrying up and getting things done.

He followed the avian through his own house watching as she called to several people who were in his fathers study assuring them that Torvik would _ only _be taking some clothes. He was growing even more nervous and scared as she stripped a pillowcase off his bead and helped him stuff a few sets of clothes inside before rushing him back down the stairs.

It wasn't until he was back on the sidewalk that the large wings and arms enfolded him in a hug. "Don't worry Torvik. I promise everything is going to be fine. Jerome is going to let you know what is happening and we're all here to help you out, alright?" The wings finally pulled back and revealing the larger dragon standing there. "There's one more thing." She told him opening a satchel that was hung across her chest and strapped to her middle.

From inside she pulled out a pair of small silver keys placing them in his hand before going back for a leather journal that looked exactly like his own... except it wasn't destroyed he suddenly thought. "I know your mom wanted you to have one and I will make sure your father doesn't read or take this one away from you.

It was a shock, that brought up to much emotion, as it was placed in his hands to allow him to do more than just nod and mumble a goodbye as they left clutching the new journal tightly to his chest. When they finally pulled in to McDonald's a while later it caused his stomach to respond.

"What didn't get enough lunch?" Jerome asked jokingly. The silent head shake when he looked over after pulling the van into a parking space caused him to ask. "What were you doing at lunch?"

"Crysta and I had sex."

The blunt answer took the older dragon by surprise. "You had sex at school?" With nothing but a shrug for a reply he continued. "Torvik... Did you use protection? And do you know you can get into a lot of trouble!"

"I don't know... It's not like I can stop her and it does feel good." Torvik replied quietly.

Jerome took a moment to think as he put the van in park and turned off the engine. "How old was she?"

"My age, she's in some of my classes."

""That is better at least, but still not good. Do you understand that you could be in real trouble just like your father if you have sex with girls younger than you are." He stated firmly.

"Why would... Dad's in trouble?" Torvik questioned changed suddenly realizing what had been said.

"Yes. Serious trouble. He was arrested this morning for child abuse." Torvik sat staring in shock feeling a true cold seeping fear that crept into his body.

"..what?" He asked weakly.

"Listen Torvik, your father is taking advantage of you. Not only that he's trying to profit off you as well. I know you don't understand and I'll try to explain it to you but there are laws against having sex for money. Your father did something even worse by forcing you to have sex with children younger than you and making money off it."

"He, he didn't force me." Torvik tried to protest. He could only watch as the other dragon got out of the van. He was still trying to figure out what was happening, or worse, going to happed when Jerome opened the door and helped him get out. The next second he was held tight by both arms and wings as he folded his own.

"Listen Torvik, this isn't going to be easy. I know you don't understand what is going on but I am going to explain it all to you. All you need to know is that Diane and I are here to help you out." He felt better with those strong arms and wings surrounding him but he chilly fear still held a tight grip.

"But what about Dad, what's going to happen? How long before he can come home?"

He was squeezed even tighter as the other tried to comfort him. "I'm not sure. Come on I bet you're still hungry. Let's go inside and eat and talk."

It was as dark inside the room as it was outside and Torvik just couldn't fall asleep. He had spent hours with Jerome talking, crying, and even begging but the best he could get was that they would try to let him send his father a letter or perhaps a phone call. Either way he was told they wouldn't allow him to see his dad right now no matter what. He rolled onto his wing again lifting up his head so he could flip the pillow hoping the other side would be dryer. There wasn't anything he could do and he kept shivering in from the cold that seemed to have lodged deep inside.

Feeling the tears start again he tried to hold them back as he rolled back and sat up wondering if Jerome was awake. He had promised that no matter what if Torvik needed something, no matter the time, he was supposed to ask. And what the young dragon wanted right now was to not be alone. All the magic and excitement of spending a night had been lost and right now he wanted nothing more than to have his mother be right there and give him a big hug, he even wanted his father back even if it meant he would be touched and shoot into a cup.

His privates gave a throb of anticipation at the thought grabbing the young dragons attention. Torvik hadn't even realized he was already stiff and even leaking as he pulled back the sheets feeling himself in the dark. Much of what was worrying him was forgotten as he pulled on his stiff skin dragging up to the head before slipping back down as his hips tried to raise up in answer.

He made another pass squeezing just behind his bulbed head before pulling down again keeping his mouth pressed shut to stay quiet. In no time his second paw joined the first tweaking the tip and rubbing circles around with his palm leaving it coated with the fluid leaking out. His mind worked though flashes from lunch, the night before, and the previous times stopping as he imagined his father's own paw stroking him up and down as his seed burst forth.

One shot, two, four, he lost count when it splattered back down over the top of his muzzle and eye making him pull back. But that only caused his hand to move as well coating his chin, throat, and chest with his sperm as he continued to ejaculate. It still took several more pulses and even a few more jerks of his hand to get it all out collapsing back onto the bed panting.

"Leave him alone..." Exis spoke quietly to Jade. It had taken most of the morning including the first ten minutes or so of the first period to for Torvik to explain why he had been dropped off so early. He had been on the verge of tears and had started crying when Alexander when to hug him. The fox had quickly guided them off the path and next to a tree while Jade had glared at anyone who had shown interest.

Now that the others were in class the hybrid ignored his friend with a slight snarl moving closer and hugging Torvik's other side making Alex look a good deal more relieved. "I'm going to get Mrs. Flask." Torvik gave a little moan while Jade turned to growl at the foxes comment. "Listen we're all late and Torvik needs more help than we can give, and she has to be told especially if his father is gone."

"I want... dad back!" It was a choked mumble and likely would have been a wail if he had more energy.

It took most of first period but Exisho, Jade, and Alexander were sent back to class with passes leaving the counselor's office and promising Torvik to see him at break, lunch, and even after school until he was picked up.

At first Mrs. Flask left the young dragon alone hugging the over sized plush, crying or moaning quietly until he pulled himself together. "So, do you want to talk?" She finally asked when he looked up. He was silent as she asked several more questions on his friends, his health, and Jerome finally getting a response.

"When is dad coming home?"

"I don't know if he is." She stated queitly.

"Can I call him.. Pleassseee" He begged.

"I don't think that is such a good idea. I know it's hard to understand but what he was doing was very wrong. He should _ never _have been touching you like that."

"I don't mind." Torvik quickly answered. "He was right, it does feel good."

"That's not the point!!" Mrs. Flast took a deep breath actually biting her tongue seeing him cringe from her forceful voice. "You need to understand Torvik. It's not good for adults to force children into sexual things, nor is it right for young men to force themselves on to little kids. Even if it does feel good." She added on.

"So... It's okay with Lacy and Crysta?" He asked quietly as he held the big plush dog closer to his face missing her eyes widen.

'Both of them?' She thought wondering how big that problem was going to become. "It is better for you to wait until you're older and you should probably stick to one girl at a time. Also there are precautions you need to take..." Torvik once again had to listen to safe sex practices he had just heard the day before. Along with an explanation on how he should behave appropriately. The young dragon sighed earning a hard look for the adult. "Torvik this _ is _important. It's not normal nor right to have sex with children nor is unprotected sex safe!" He stopped and nodded agreeing just like before with Jerome, not that it would make any difference, after all he couldn't really stop what had happened.

It actually came as a surprise to Torvik how normal the rest of his day seemed to go. He started with third period and ran through the rest of his classed including lunch without anything else happening. Jade and Alex stayed with him after school playing basketball with him even though he wasn't that good waiting for the dragon to be picked up.

"Jerome?" His quiet voice quested into the dark bedroom. "Jerome!?" Torvik called again louder.

"Aaa what? TOR,vik? What's wrong?" The bed side lamp came on showing the young green and black dragon sporting a full orange shaft. "Torvik what are you Doing?!!"

Still slowly stroking his aching shaft he tried to explain. "It won't go down. I keep trying but it won't stop."

"TORVIK, go back to bed NOW!" He watched as the young dragon seemed to crumple, wings dropping to the floor as his shoulders hunched. He turned and left with one paw still on his shaft, the only thing that was still erect.

Jerome took several moments thinking before getting out of bed. He had been caught off guard and Torvik obviously need some guidance, or at least an explanation. He could hear low whimpers as he knocked on the door but after the second time knocking with no response he opened it to look inside.

He wasn't really surprised to see the young dragon on his back pumping away but the heavy scent of male musk and spent seed was astonishing. Still trying to figure out what was going on he took a closer look seeing what he had completely missed when Torvik had been in his room.

Besides the growing splatters of precum on Torvik's belly his arms, head, and every part of his wings glistened damply in the light of the room. "Torvik?" He asked, the older dragon hadn't said anything the previous morning when he found his charged splattered with cum when he woke him up, but this was far more.

"It won't stop." The younger one tried to explain again amidst a wet bed slowing his aching hand down. As Jerome stepped closer to the bed his foot stepped on something damp, looking down he saw a towel that also seemed coated with seed.

"How many... How?"

"Please, my hands are tired." The young dragon stated taking his own paw off and looking to Jerome for help. It only took him seconds to realize what Torvik was asking for, watching the shaft as it leaked.

"No.. I can't, won't let that continue."

"But it hurts." Torvik whined as his paw went back to rapidly jerking. Jerome was at a loss at what to do as he continued to stare at the other masturbating. He couldn't just stand here, that would be wrong on so many levels he told himself. Finally he got the idea to leave to leave only to be stopped half way to the door by Torvik's gasps.

"All, allmost... dad, keep going." He turned floored by Torvik who was obviously fantasizing about his father. A few more jerks and Jerome got to watch first hand as Torvik's paw dropped exhausted and his member began to spew out seed. It was like a water gun, Squirt, Squirt, Squirt, Squirt, Squirt. Again and again Torvik's body jerked, almost pulsed, each ending with a light hip lift and a hump from the orange shaft as it fired again.

Jerome could tell that the other was out by the time it was over. Eyes closed, mouth slack, and body rasping for breath as his own semen drooled down his neck and sides onto his wings. The older dragon finally snapped back to himself, he had no idea how long he had just stood there and stared in what he had to admit was awe. Torvik had covered himself in more spunk than a gang bang porno and that wasn't counting all that he was already laying in.

Beyond picking up the towel there was really nothing he could really do to clean up until he could get the younger dragon up and into a shower. But before that happened he need to make some phone calls in the morning and find some way to get some help, maybe even call the hospital. For a brief moment he thought that perhaps Torvik's father was doing what had been necessary to help his son till he remembered Diane's words on how he was trying to sell his son's seed. No! Torvik needed help, way more help than Jerome could hope to give.

"Take your time. We are going to have some visitors soon." Torvik looked out of the half closed bathroom door but the older dragon was already gone. He took his time cleaning all the dried cum off nearly every part of his body trying to not think about how hard last night had been and why he couldn't stop himself from masturbating.

Diane showed up about an hour later explaining that she had found someone who could help them out but all Torvik really got out of it was that he wouldn't be going to school today and a doctor was coming to check him out. The hard part after that was how they tried to explain that what had happened the night before wasn't normal which had begun to scare him some. When Jerome explained to Torvik how to check his own privates out and sent him to the bathroom it was with real fear as he locked the door.

Something was wrong with him... Torvik didn't even need to look very hard seeing a slightly bulging lump under his vent. It was a unsteady hand that felt the area knowing that what Jerome had stated must be true, his internal sac was still bulging, and swollen.

The heavy thump on the door came a while later, and when Torvik finally turned the knob and unlocked the door he was greeted by a truly imposing dragon who looked down at him. Those eyes that stared down at him left Torvik stunned and the size and power of the body left him in awe. He honestly wasn't able to do much but stand there as the other dragon quickly looked him over before he spoke not even really needing to look between the smaller dragons legs. "Don't worry, things like this do happen, but I have a feeling you'll be able to grow into them or we'll find another way."

Torvik couldn't help but feel better from the rich voice and strong arm that guided him back into the living room before he suddenly blushed pushing closer to the older dragon because he was still nude. "Dr. Routh I think a full examination is necessary and several follow up over the next few days. We can get started this afternoon and it might be best if we had him stay at my house which is closer to the clinic."

"Excuse me." Diane stood up protesting. "What Torvik needs right now is some stability and someone who can work with him. Let alone you doctor here just told me it's not just a clinic but a fertility clinic!"

It was a smirk followed with a heavy laugh. "What you don't understand Mrs. Attorney is that my clinic deals with both sides. I too had a similar problem and so have some of my family. It's not unheard of to be over productive, but it can become a problem. Besides that I've fostered several children beyond my own. Having a successful clinic is very profitable allowing me plenty of time and money to help others."

Torvik had to stand there listening to the adults discuss things but in the end it was a simple fact that Jerome was only supposed to keep Torvik for a few days and with his problem the dragon no longer felt comfortable keeping him while the clinic owner felt very confident even stating that they would teach him how to use a milking machine if needed.

Diane was left with very little choice knowing that Children's Services moved slow and there were no homes close that were currently open to taking in another child especially a teen dragon and true placement might take years. Finally she agreed promising herself to do a full check on the new dragon while stating one last complaint.

"How do I know you're not just after him for your own purpose? From what Jerome stated he is very productive and that would likely gain you a great deal of profit."

It was Dr. Roath that answered. "Actually most over productive males have a low grade even with excessive sperm counts. His body might be producing mass amounts but they are more than likely sterile. That is why it's so important to get him to the clinic and try to work out a solution now rather than wait until his body has possible complications and complete infertility."

It was again with a deep chuckle that the other dragon added in. "Beyond that you have my word and the law. It is illegal to sell or use any of his seed until he is a consenting adult. Besides, one of the reasons why my clinic is so successful is because we already have one potent dragon contributor, and I would feel rather upset paying another dragon for something I can give for free." It took less than a second for Diane to be repulsed by the comment and tone behind it but she couldn't find a way to argue against such a reply.

"Torvik why don't you go get your stuff... and get dressed." He had stood there waiting while the others discussed him and what might happen but when he was finally addressed he didn't move.

"Torvik?" The avian asked quietly.

The large dragon turned to look at what he considered his new charge or perhaps acquisition. Placing a large paw on his shoulder he spoke. "I know some of this must seem troubling and probably scary, but if you trust me... I promise everything is going to work our alright. I'll take care of you."

Again those eyes looked down at him leaving him feeling rather small and for some reason a sudden compulsion to hug the bigger dragon. "My names Tiberius." He smiled then letting out a much lighter laugh as the young dragon acted on his impulse getting a return hug that was far more comforting than he expected.

After she was sure Torvik was gone and out of earshot Diane put a few things out. "Tiberius, he needs extra guidance and care. He does have a few emotional problems but also some mental issues which his mother was working on to resolve." She spoke carefully hoping to forestall a possible outbreak from Jerome but this time he didn't seem to disagree.

"I understand. Believe me I do have some experience, with both easy children and difficult ones. Torvik's case might be different but not something that I wouldn't be able to handle." He stated confidently waiting for the avian to say more.

Diane still wasn't sure this was the best course as she looked Tiberius over, he could definitely show affection but was more than business enough to still call the young dragon a case. She was about to make a few suggestions when she heard a thump and a moment later Torvik came racing back down the hall with his pants on but still trying to get his shirt in place showing excitement and happiness when Tiberius smiled at him. Maybe a strong firm business male figure would help out more, she thought as he got the young dragon in a car and drove off to the clinic.

To say things turned strange for Torvik would barely scratch the surface. At the clinic he was poked, prodded, and examined much to his horrified embarrassment. They even went so far as to send a small lubed probe up his back hole making the young dragon whine and shiver long after it was removed.

Near lunch he was handed two granola bars and some juice and told he would get a real meal later. Torvik ate without question never once assuming something was up with the fact they tasted the same as the ones his father gave him. In the late afternoon he was following Tiberius down the street and over two blocks to a corner property with a tall security fence that was well over the bigger dragons head.

He watched as the gate trundled sideways after Tiberius entered a code in a little metal box. The larger dragon gave Torvik a nudge sending him in first to walk down the driveway. He had pictured a big building or business like all the others on the street but what he saw instead was a large two story home that was more than twice the size of his house and a property that was more than just the corner spot with a large lawn area next to a wide driveway and garage. "Welcome to your new home Torvik."

"Home?" He asked surprised suddenly feeling awful, full of longing and sadness for his real home.

"Yes your home." Tiberius stated firmly folding the young dragons wings down and pulling him back to press against his body. "My daughters have spoken very highly of you and your own father is too foolish to see your real potential. Come inside and I'll introduce you to the others." The body he was pressed against felt so warm and strong, and the confident strong words left his mind suddenly wondering if they were true.

The larger dragon stepped away and headed for the front door leaving Torvik standing there for several seconds until he looked back staring him straight in the eyes again. "Come inside so everyone can meet you." It was the sort of command he couldn't ignore shivering as he stepped forward, after all there was no place else he could go, Torvik told himself.

Just as one foot crossed the threshold Torvik was hit with a gray form that latched onto his waist and pretty blue eyes and bright pink ears looked up at him. "Hi Torvik!!"

He stared at the little mouse girl from several nights back that left him trying to figure out what was going on. "Hello..."

"Amanda." She supplied. "I guess I kinda forgot to tell you but I was so excited."

Torvik couldn't help but stand there and grin as the eight year old now wishing or hoping he could play the same kinds of games they did on that night. He shivered feeling her small paw drop down to his crotch and rub the front of his pants making him blush brightly.

"I thought you said _ I _was first!" A voice complained.

"No, I told you that you could be next." Tiberius stated. Amanda stepped aside helping him further into the house and letting the door close behind them but keeping one arm at his waist.

"This is Possta, Carol, and Malleia. Carol will be going back home next weekend and Megan will be here then. All my daughter take turns staying in my house." Torvik watched as Tiberius put a hand on each of his daughters shoulders showing him a Zebra, a dark Labrador, and a slender Hare. "Only Possta and Carol's mothers are here for now but that changes much more often due to their mothers schedules. Now I don't expect you to learn everyones name at first but for now..."

"How long do I have to wait!" Possta interrupted. "You told me I couldn't touch him at school and I've had to wait for you to bring him here."

"Possta!!" The word was more a rumbling growl and the equine did hunch a little but tried to keep herself erect. "Just because you chose not to eat today doesn't mean you can pounce on Torvik the moment he walks in the door. You have shown a great deal of restraint so far, don't disappoint me now."

It was several seconds later before she dipped her muzzle slightly, "Yes Father."

Torvik had watched the exchanged suddenly recognizing her when she mentioned school. He had seen the girl in passing before, more for the fact she seemed to be the only zebra among the equines currently at his school. "Torvik," Tiberius stated getting his attention again, "Until we can figure out how to help you out, I think it's best to allow my daughters to help you. I know all about what you've been told but obviously you realize my daughters are just a bit different. Each of them is a cum vampire and needs to feed on semen to survive. You've gotten a small taste of some of their abilities but I've put down specific rules to make sure you stay safe and comfortable. Believe me I've had several teens boys and adult males here to help out but honestly you're going to be more helpful than any of them. Forget laws and what everyone's been telling you. My daughters would starve and go crazy hurting a great many people just to find food."

He paused waiting until the young dragon nodded. This was going to be much easier than he had expected, Torvik would be the perfect feeder for his daughters and docile enough that he wouldn't feel at all threatened. He doubted he even needed to dominate the younger dragon, in fact he couldn't help smiling as he continued. "Torvik I can not allow you to tell anyone else about what is happening. From now on school should be relatively normal and no one on the outside is going to know what happens in this house. Do you Understand?!" The question was passed in a very serious tone and Torvik quickly nodded. "Do you also understand that if people found out you will likely go to jail? You father is already in jail and if they find out your still doing these things they will take you and likely you will never see anyone again." Tiberius knew that type of threat would only help his cause and it seemed to have a very visible effect on the other as his face showed more shock than anything else.

"Can I... Will I see dad again?"

Tiberius saw no reason to skirt or avoid the truth. "Not likely. If found guilty he will go to prison for a long time, possibly the rest of his life depending on how he's charged." He watched as Torvik began trembling and Amanda tried to squeeze him tight for comfort.

"But I didn't want him to go to jail!! And he was right it did feel good." He called out nearly in tears.

"Torvik... Now you know why no one can ever know. Can you imagine what would happen to my family because of some stupid laws? Yes they are meant to protect children, but my daughters are very different. Even Rissa and Mary, however if you're willing to help me and my family out, I could try to help your father out. I'm not saying I can keep him out of prison bur perhaps I can get him out sooner."

"Can I see him?" Torvik asked nearly begging. "Pleeeeease!"

"Yes. I'll figure our something or at least find out his court dates so you can got there." Torvik pulled himself away from the mouse and partly pushed Carol to the side so he could hug the older dragon. Again he felt those strong arms wrap around him making him feel more secure and even hopeful. Tiberius continued to hold Torvik nodding as he made his decision. He would not allow one of his daughters to fully bond, instead he would be closer to one of the family. After all he had produced several daughters, maybe now he should try to adopt a son.

Skillfully he disentangled himself guiding the younger dragon over to his daughter. "Possta, why don't you show Torvik around the house and show him where he's going to sleep." It was a well hidden hungered look that the mare had letting the barest hint of her tongue run across her lips while she gave him a big hug. "Come on."

The tour of the house was quick, barely covering the main rooms on the first floor before she drug him upstairs to show off the eight bedrooms excepting her fathers stopping at the one he would be staying in. "There's also the attic which is just a big play area and where Father sometimes holds parties." She told him pushing him through the door and quickly closing it behind them.

Possta did allow him to look around checking the two beds and the small dresser and desk that took up most of the space except a wide isle in the middle. "Does someone else sleep here?"

"Yes of course, most of us share a room though not all the time." With nothing else but silence he nodded and continued.

"Umm.. the bed is a little small." In truth the two beds together would be as big as his own and he wondered if he could even fit on one and still keep his wings on the bed.

"Don't worry, Father has a bigger bed coming tomorrow so it's only for one night. Torvik... I'm very hungry." He didn't have a chance, nor did he try to protest as she stepped forward yanking on his pants trying to get the back button undone. She was polite enough to keep him moving backwards before pushing him to sit on the bed yanking the rest of his clothes down.

No preamble, no words, as soon as his underwear was past his knees she was digging into his vent making him squirm and whine from the rough handling of his flaccid penis. But there was no resistance, Torvik's body was already reacting and his member was preparing to serve up what was needed. Possta kept it simple, stimulating him enough to get him to feed her leaving her surprised and grateful for the amount he deposited in her stomach. After that she moved him to the floor riding him slowly until he fully creamed her insides leaving her feeling satisfied.

"Well?" The strong voice came from the doorway.

Torvik was still reeling from the last of his orgasm as she stood up letting him go with a pop that left him leaking the last bit. "He's good Father. Very tasty and he gives almost half as much as you do."

"Really... Then if he keeps going he very well could grow up to match me." The words were almost curious sounding.

"No one can match you Father." Possta quickly answered. "He's a little... sweet but your flavor is far more rich."

"He could gain that with age as well. I'll just have to make sure he stays sweet." Tiberius grinned at his daughter getting one in return, the young dragon seem to be producing far more than they had expected. He tossed a small bar at his daughter and spoke. "Get him to eat that then clean him up. Dinner will be soon."

Torvik had at first been horribly embarrassed hearing the older dragon at the door with his daughter still on him but there had been no shock, no one was upset or worried, in fact no one seemed to care he was still lying naked on the floor panting for breath. He knew they were talking about him but his mind wandered to what it might be like to live here and not have to worry about what happened, and of course it felt so good.

His orgasms now were so intense and it felt like his body was more relaxed now afterwards just laying on the carpet getting his privates licked... Torvik sat half way up staring at Possta's long tongue as it lapped up then down his orange shaft cleaning off the skin before she dropped to his belly licking up any speck of his essence that remained. She seemed to taste every part before her mouth muscle wiggled in between his shaft and hide exploring parts of his vent. Torvik continued to shiver and squirm from the attention until he was fully hard again.

"As much as I want to, Father was very clear." She told him gently squeezing on his penis. "Two no more." The equine moved up his body licking, kissing, and nibbling along the way pushing him back down until she was sitting on his tummy. He watched as she broke something in her hand and pressed ti to his lips waiting until he opened his mouth. "Now chew." She told him leaning down to lick the end of his muzzle. It took several moments for her to finish feeding him giving little pecks or licks after each bite but eventually she sat up rubbing her hands across her body stopping between her legs covering her crotch.

"I want you to spend the night with me as soon as you can Torvik. Father put up rules but we can sleep with you on the weekend and once during the week so don't make me wait." He watched as she got off and stood up finding her clothes.

Knowing he was still watching she deliberately stood with her butt facing him letting her sleek tail flick back and forth as she bent way over fumbling to et her panties on. Possta was proud to see him still unvented and firm when she turned back fully dressed. "Father wants you ready for dinner. I'll step out for a few minutes so you can get your clothes back on." She hadn't really intended to keep him stiff but that would simply go towards helping the next one who fed off him. Besides it was fun knowing he couldn't take his eyes off her. Perhaps it might be time to talk with Lacy, she thought, she was far better at making the boys follow and recently she had recognized her own body might do the same thing.

Dinner was not at all what Torvik dreamed, nor could he have imagined. The table was a large half circle with twelve chairs on the outside with just one chair on the flat end where Tiberius sat. He meet Mrs. Class and Rinsk, Carol and Possta's mothers who were both setting out the table and placing food as he came in. There was a small grace said and Carol whispered to him to wait as he went for his fork motioning to the alpha dragon. After serving himself and taking his first bite he nodded to the rest and then things really got strange.

Carol poked him in the arm and giggled as she slid her chair back and slipped down under the table. When he looked around to see if it was noticed he saw her mother had stood as well and followed behind her daughter. Utterly bewildered he finally looked to Tiberius who cocked his head and stared down at Torvik's empty plate.

He did his best to act like nothing was off as he served himself clueless as to what exactly was happening. At his second bite something brushed against his leg, he was just to curious to not look under the table as his leg was tagged again. What he caught from his glimpse was a brush tail as it just touched his leg again and two foot paws that moved away but he thought it was Mrs. Class. Looking back up he finally realized her head would be somewhere near Tiberius's crotch now.

"Torvik, as you can see my daughters do eat food, just not much." The large dragon spoke gesturing at Possta's plate which held three very small portions of salad, veggies, and the pasta like noodles he had yet to try. The zebra held up her fork taking a small bite as if to prove his point. "What they really need they get from me or another willing male. Although with so many daughters I can't feed them all so every night one has dinner with me, and if their mother is around she may join in."

There was a slurping pop that was audible from under the table. "Sometimes it's more of a game for some of them but usually they know better than to play when it's dinner time. Don't you think families should eat together Torvik?" he was all for nodding especially since his own times had been far better when his mother was alive and they had family dinners. Home, school, friends, Life... all of it had been better back when they had family dinners, that was the first thing to go after his mother died. He and his dad barely ate breakfast together let alone talked about their day over a meal.

"Father there's a class trip next week." Almost as if on cue the little mouse spoke. "Only... we won't get back from school until after five and I have to be there at six a.m."

"And that makes it a problem?"

"Well umm, Mr. Grovich caught me and Paul. I told him we were only playing around and I wasn't going to really give him a pawjob like Paul said but now... now he's watching me extra close. I don't think I can go the whole day without some extra help." She looked pleadingly at her father begging with her eyes and face as young kids do.

"I already told all of you. There will be no more extra meals no matter what. But, if Torvik is willing you can spend the night with him and be full when you leave in the morning." The younger dragon quickly looked at Amanda seeing her already watching him with those big blue eyes. He couldn't help smiling almost shivering at the thought. "I do expect both of you to keep it quiet though. There's no reason to keep the house awake." Tiberius stated firmly.

There was a gurgling gasp and a wet sounding splat under the table which made Torvik wonder glancing at the bigger dragon several times before the other pinned him with a direct gaze. They stared for several seconds before another wet sounding splat was heard followed by choking wheezing gasps as Tiberius suddenly grinned. He understood something messy was hidden beneath the table, he just couldn't figure out how the other could be doing That with out seeming to show or even acknowledge he was doing that.

Still staring at Torvik he spoke. "Negara you may help clean up if you choose or pick someone else to help." The older zebra nodded stating she was finished with dinner anyways and quickly slipped underneath the table herself while Carol's mother backed out still choking slightly with half her muzzle and neck along with a good deal of her shirt plastered with cum that almost dripped off her. Even through her coughing she tried to scoop off or lick up the mess keeping it from the floor.

"You should hurry up and finish Torvik." Tiberius stated after more than a minute of him just staring at the canine lick her face and paws clean before she started on her blouse. With that he pushed back his chair and stood up fully dressed waiting for Carol and Negara to emerge from the table on his side allowing each to kiss his muzzle before leaving. With that everyone else started leaving, Carol smiling brightly rubbing her slightly more pudgy middle.

Possta was the only one who waited long enough for him to finish as the adult women cleared the table. This time she explained the entire house a little better including meal times and even what chores he might have to do which most likely would include laundry and doing dishes. For a second time she mentioned the attic as a playroom which made Torvik curious but she quickly told him that he would have to have her father's permission to go up there.

They ended in the large living room down stairs where the other three girls were watching a movie. Amanda quickly got up and grabbed Torvik's paw dragging him to the couch and pushing him down so she could sit in his lap. Possta and Carol swiftly moved in on either side of him leaving the one girl who he had not really interacted with scowling at her sisters as she sat on the floor in front of him. He had fully expected something to happed but each of the girls just snuggled close and Amanda stayed fairly still once she got settled. The movie was rather boring and he almost nodded off feeling comfortable and safe with bodies pressed against him.

The next morning was a shocking awakening. After spending the night trying to find a way to try and lay with out hanging off the bed while he slept, he was awakened from a mostly sleepless night by a squeal followed by a mass which landed on him somewhat painfully. Amidst Amanda's laughs, giggles, and hugs, which included quite a few gropes, she told him to get up cause they were going to pull the beds out.

Tired as he was Torvik got dressed seeing breakfast waiting in the kitchen which was just cereal, milk, and a glass of orange juice. "clean up the dishes when you're done Torvik." He wasn't sure which of the women called into the kitchen since they were gone before he turned to look but he did as he was told washing all the bowls and glasses that were sitting on the counter.

When he was done he went looking for everyone and found the girls in the hallway upstairs having already torn both beds apart and had moved most of the items into the hall. "Here Torvik you can help out." the slender hare called out pushing the larger wooden headboard at him grinning as she pinned him against the wall and dropped it in his paws.

"Malleia that's not nice." Amanda called trying to wiggle her way forward to help, and help he needed. Torvik gave a strained grunt the moment she pushed the headboard on him as it landed against his chest and pushed him into the wall slightly. A few seconds later he had to let it drop to the floor with a heavy thump.

"What's wrong? Is that to heavy? Maybe you can carry some pillows or the sheets."

"Malleia!!" Possta yelled as Amanda easily lifted the heavy thick wood pulling it back from the wall to give him room. "Torvik I think father wanted to talk with you in his study." The young dragon quickly left heading down stairs.

He had to knock twice, the second time hard enough to hurt his knuckles before he was told to enter. "Torvik..." Tiberius paused giving a small head shake before pointing to one of the chairs off to the side of the desk instead of the two smaller ones in front of it. Torvik sat down into the leather almost feeling to small with his wings folded against his body. "Your father is out of jail on a rather large bond. However he has yet to contact anyone concerning you, yet." He added on seeing the dragons distressed face. "I have been asked to keep you out of school for a few day so you won't go back until Monday. At the moment you're under my guardianship and the court has made it clear you can not go back with your father. But, they didn't tell me you couldn't see him so if I can get a hold of him I will invite him here."

"Why can't I go back home with him?"

"Sadly because many believe children even teens need protection and your father's crimes are considered very serious. They are afraid he will take you away and hide you, using you and making money. Honestly I'm not sure what he's done is all that good, however my daughters have profited even though I did have to pay a good deal of money for that first night. I assume you remember my two little girls." Torvik nodded having to wait a moment before he continued. "I suppose part of this is my fault, when I made some inquires on available dragon sperm. You father took advantage of you, preparing you and then sending you out, and I believe there is plenty of video of it." Torvik suddenly felt cold suddenly remembering the video cameras that were present his first time. "Understand my daughters don't mind all that much being recorded but I would assume you don't want people you don't even know watching you have sex."

Tiberius sat back relaxing as he slowly pushed on the young dragon turning both him and the truth to what he wanted. "Here..." He told Torvik removing a small cloth napkin out of the top drawer of his dresser leaning out so the other could grab it. Inside were three granola bars but these looked different with little white and black chips which Torvik guessed were chocolate. "Those will hopefully help with your overproduction. I found out your father gas giving you something similar to help enhance your output. Yes, I'm sorry Torvik but your father seems to have helped push your condition forward in the hopes of selling off your seed. Again to my daughters befit while you are the one who pays. Because of that I want you to stay here for now. I'll consider you a part of my family and you can stay here as long as you need, or as long as you want even."

Torvik had taken one of the granola bars giving it a small sniff before he bit off a small piece. "I'll give you three a day, one at a time during the day, maybe with meals or as snacks. Now my daughters have probably finished your room and Amanda has basically begged to be allowed to be the first one to use it with you. The whole day is yours, enjoy it... however I do expect you at dinner and I believe Helen, Mrs. Class wishes to teach you how to do laundry since it seems you have no other clothes at the moment."

The younger dragon sat there waiting when the other finished wondering if he was supposed to leave now. After several more awkward seconds the large dragon waved his paw to beckon Torvik closer. Tiberius pulling him close enough to pull him into a strong hug feeling the other lean in and relax against his seated body. "You will be safe here and no one is going to bother us." He stated helping the younger dragon back up.

He waited as Torvik headed hesitantly towards the door giving a nod of approval. When the young dragon finally closed the door he pushed the button on the phone allowing the speaker to reactivate. "You son is saying here. He is mine now."

"You won't get away with this!" The voice over the phone stated sounding strained almost pleading.

"You should have done what I told you! Be happy I got you out of jail. Now be smart, take the money and go where I told you." He pushed the button ending the call wondering if Torvik's father was going to cooperate. True he didn't have a whole lot of options but sometimes people chose to be dumb.

Torvik relaxed on his back with one wing curled over the young mouse snuggled against his side. Fun, playful, energetic, and a snuggler. It was more than the dragon had ever expected to happen to him as he twitched from the finger that traced his body. He turned hugging Amanda closer and feeling her small arm slide around his waist. The young dragon now wished it could always be like this, that he didn't have to worry and he could laugh and play all the games he wanted to all afternoon. He gave a little squeak and twisted away trying to bring his arm down to protect himself.

Tiberius watched the monitors in the open cabinet still in his study smiling as his daughter pinned his arms down with one hand while she went to work tickling the other watching as the young dragon twisted and squirmed soundlessly. No there would be no need to dominate Torvik nor even force him to accept his place. All he needed to do was push back time a little to make the child happy. Crysta, Possta, and most of the others were just to old to really consider a meal as a playmate but Amanda and the younger ones would understand. Tiberius smiled as the pair began making out that lead to them grinding against each other, it shouldn't be that hard, all the dragon needed was a few pushes in the right direction.

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