Torvik's Journal: Part five

Story by catprowler on SoFurry

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#5 of Torvik's Journal

Caution: More or less Rape.

Torvik stated he wished to be taken advantage of, and at first I felt I went to far but it fit so well with the story and how things seem to be headed. Oh the PLANS!!

School Monday was an embarrassing horror for Torvik. By now everyone knew that his father had been arrested and what he was charged with, which left the students interested or repulsed, showing it in many different ways. The most notable was the bubble of silence that surrounded him in the hallways when there were lots of people. However the few moments before class started and the times there were less people he would overhear half shushed remarks and comments some which he didn't even understand. And the ones that were actually spoken at or to him made him feel even worse. ~ "I'm so sorry Torvik." ~ "Things will get better." ~ "Your dad is really fucked up!"

It went on all day with his only relief being the few minutes he could spend with his friends trying to catch them up on where he was, who Tiberius was, and try to find out what he had missed. He was picked up after school by the large dragon with his three friends keeping him company. They had plans to try and talk with the older dragon but got nothing more than a short introduction he ordered Torvik into the huge pickup and drove off.

"So what's wrong?" Tiberius asked realizing the young dragon was exceptionally quiet and withdrawn. As they pulled back onto the property he parked the truck and stared at Torvik. "I can't help you if you won't talk with me." After another moment of silence and a shrug Tiberius spoke loudly.

"Alright then!" his strong voice made the younger dragon flinch. "You Are going to go upstairs to your room right NOW..." The strong hand that fell on Torvik's shoulder made him try to pull away. "And I expect you to write down everything in your journal." He added in a much quieter voice. Squeezing Torvik's shoulder and giving just a small shake he continued. "Diane told me she replaced yours and that your last journal meant a great deal to you. I want you to use it, especially if you can't or won't talk with me yet." Torvik sat in the large pickup for a full minute before he followed Tiberius and headed upstairs.

The older dragon checked in on him a few minutes later looking to make sure he had his journal out in front of him at the small desk they had set up in his room. "You still haven't written anything." Tiberius stated softly.

"I just don't know where to start." He finally admitted.

He could feel those strong hands on his shoulders after they had moved one wing out of the way. "Start with your father destroying your journal. Then go through the days and what's happened. Finish with whatever is bothering you today. If you need more time that's fine just let me know and you can have your dinner up here."

The next day was the same more uncomfortable comments, whispers, and silence. Not even his friends could seem to cheer him up from the ugly feeling that held him now. Rather than continue sitting there at lunch he made the excuse and headed for the bathroom quickly slipping into one of the larger stalls.

He hadn't paid attention to the fact there had been several males in the restroom already and after sitting there for several moments someone knocked on the door. "Occupied." Torvik quickly called out glad he wasn't actually using the toilet.

"Oh we know it's occupied, we just want to make sure it's at full capacity." The door rattled on its flimsy lock making Torvik very nervous.

"Go away!" He called back trying to sound firm as he stood up and pushed his paws against the door to add support.

"Oh we can't do that." A voice answered. The dragon swung his head looking over his shoulder to a canine that was peeking into his stall from the next one. "There's all kinds of rumors around school, especially one from a few females who say you taste delicious."

He could only stare as another head popped up next to the first as he realized who it was, the hound pack. Not that they were all that bad, just a band of guys who were all hounds of some sort or nearly so, who hung out together. "What do you want?" It was almost a whimper as the door gave a sudden jerk against his hands making him push harder.

"Relax." The second head grinned, "We won't do anything more than your dad."

The slam on the door came as a surprise knocking the young dragon back almost making him fall back on the toilet while popping the flimsy lock open. Torvik didn't have a clue to any of their names but he could tell the one who stared at him now was their leader. "Pants.. Drop em."

Instead Torvik stepped forward some how hoping to slip past only to have a second canine join the first completely blocking the stall entrance. He felt like he stood there for minutes silently pleading with them to move and hoping somehow he would just be allowed to leave. They of course had other plans and he yelped in shock as strong arms wrapped around his waist. "Hey relax... were just gonna have some fun with you, we might even be better than daddy." the dog behind him spoke.

He was almost in tears as the alpha reached out and unbuttoned his pants and a moment later his lower clothing was piled around his ankles. "Now take a step forward and give Micheal some room." He was already being moved forward as the hound behind him stepped off the toilet letting his chest go. Torvik started trembling a half step away from the doorway as another moved in blocking the way forward with tree bodies before him and one behind.

Anticipating his movements all three raised a paw up holding onto his chest or arm and with a cry he pressed himself into their hands as Micheal forced his muzzle under his tail. He stiffened and looked back as something soft and moist touched his anus. It took him several seconds to realize the head half hidden under his tail must be licking his asshole. Torvik stared mostly in shock as the rimming continued, too surprised to do anything till that tongue pressed hard trying to move inside him.

He turned back straining against their paws as one spoke. "See it will be just like daddy only we're gonna do it better."

Torvik let out a short cry shaking his head violently as the slippery muscle invaded and began touching areas that had never been tasted before. A strong paw pulled on his muzzle stopping his head from looking back as the alpha male stared at him. "What's the matter, daddy usually use lube?" Torvik was able to respond with a little head shake. "Don't tell me he's never gone inside you before." He was barely able to pull his head back getting free only to nod hitting the paw that had held him several times starting to cry.

"Micheal that's enough." The order was given.

"Why, There's no way I'll get in if he's still this tight."

"You aren't going to." "WHAT?!!" the canine barked growling as he stood up only to stop suddenly seeing the glare the other had. "We are NOT going to have someone screaming as class starts and we don't have a whole lot of time left, let in Runt."

Another hound quickly slipped in and squeezed past Torvik. He wasn't any shorter than his buddies but he was much thinner, stepping right past Micheal and taking the toilet seat as he slipped his pants off at the same time. Looking seriously upset Micheal forced his way past Torvik making sure to not push into his leader but still muttering. "I loosen him up and get screwed."

"Well if you're lucky you'll get first servings instead of seconds." The alpha responded as he moved in pushing Torvik backwards.

Torvik whimpered, he didn't have a clue what was going to happen now but he did try to look over his shoulder knowing he was backing up into someone. "Relax you're going for a little ride but don't worry there is a reason why we call him Runt. Now tuck back your wings." Torvik looked straight at the canine wanting to find some way to protest suddenly going stiff as his tail was lifted slightly and a finger poked around his rear. "Tuck back your wings." The order was given again with more command and he saw little choice but to comply. "Now sit back slowly." He was whimpering and just starting to cry as he realized what was going to happen as two strong paws on his shoulders helped force him to submit while one paw on his hip and that one finger inside guided him down.

His whimper turned into a full throated whine as the finger yanked out and something else took its place. With a little extra shove his butt went down and that pointed object went right in bringing a yelp and a sting. "See its not so bad." The leader told him still pushing him firmly down.

Torvik would fully disagree since there was still a sharp stinging in his butt and he whined again in protest. "Don't worry, in a little bit you won't feel a thing." A few seconds later Torvik tried to jump up and might have succeeded if the strong arms that wrapped around his waist hadn't held him in place. His eyes were now locked on the alpha canine's large paw that was roughly digging into his vent trying to pull his member out. "There we go." He stated giving the floppy shaft a few squeezed forcing the young dragon to whine loudly again. "Adam you're up. Try to make it quick."

As the alpha stepped back another hound slipped forward dropping to his knees and slathering Torvik's orange cock with his tongue. "I get the second mouthful." Micheal stated pushing forward again to stand next to Adam. "Then ME." Called another.

As Torvik's firming shaft slipped inside the canine's muzzle he was pushed forward slightly then pulled back feeling the dog under him shift. The next move was stronger making the penis inside shift slightly out and back in. In a slowly growing, rocking motion Torvik was fucked while the hound in front of him picked up the motion and began sucking him hard while his fingers traced around the edges of his vent.

The young dragon was now in an unknown world, one full of strangeness, fear, worry, pleasure, and sounds. Torvik had squeezed his eyes shut trying to block out the lump that moved in his butt and the moist suction that had gotten him rock hard. But the sounds seem amplified, he could hear the plastic seat click back and forth underneath him accompanied by soft grunts. The wet sounds and sucks and the heavy breathing seemed to be growing all around him.

"See isn't this better than daddy?" The hand on his face snapped his eyes back open looking at Micheal as he paw ran up and down his nose. "Make a big load so we can all get a little." Torvik's mind had been tripped up by the first question. This certainly wasn't what his father had done, but now that he was aroused it definitely felt good maybe even better yet all the while feeling so much worse.

"Fuck he's still tight." The young dragon gasped as the paws moved to his waist giving a particularly strong shove stuffing the muzzle in front of him before he was yanked back hard. The shaft inside had nearly slipped free causing him to clamp down as it drove smoothly back inside. "Come on dragon.. MOVE!" the voice behind him urged pushing him off then back again.

Taking it as an order he tried to stand slightly only to be yanked back down. It took several tries but the paws on his hips and the grunting voice dictated how he should move and when, leaving him squatting pushing back and forth as the school bell rang.

The others began to encourage him telling him to 'Ride the Runt' and he tried harder to please them. "Oh god... get ready... to stand up!" The voice behind him called causing the leader to bark, "Micheal steady him."

Half a minute later both the paws and body under him urged him forward with a bark of "UP!" He was pushed into a standing with the canine still pressed into his ass cheeks when Micheal's paws caught his shoulders pushing back hard stopping him just short of upright. Torvik let out a shrill cry which was cutoff by the hand that grabbed his muzzle as something bigger slammed into his tail home and pried its way inside.

There was a horrible burning sting as the hound behind him began hammering hard causing a muffled yelp each time he tugged back to hard. Torvik could feel what ever was inside him twisting and jerking around at first but the movement lessoned quickly and the humps became swift jerks as the knot expanded truly locking inside him.

The bite on his shoulder, the tighter gripping arms, and the sudden heavy grunts that were behind him all came together in the realization which was the start of his own orgasm. His rectum squeezed tight as his internal sacs contracted clamping down on the throbbing cock inside making his first heavy shot of cream that much stronger. It was followed by an even greater one gagging the dog on his cock as it shot into his throat. With an indignant cry Michel shoved the other hound out of the way as he choked and another jet of semen shot out.

He barely got the cock in his mouth receiving a heavy shot which he couldn't fully swallow leaving the next load to bulge his cheeks. "Holy shit!!" The third canine was trying to move in cupping his paws in front of Torvik. "FUCK!" Was the next exclamation as Runt gave one more hard push forward causing Torvik's orange rod to jump causing cum to splatter across the canines arm and onto the dog below.

"MOVE!" The alpha barked, he had grabbed a near empty soda cub that was sitting on top of a urinal dumping it's contents on the floor. The leader reached in and aimed Torvik's still spurting shaft into the paper cup.

Torvik was having trouble standing on his now shaky legs as the others looked at him in awe, seeing the railing he grabbed with one paw for support leaning against the wall and giving a little ip as the knot that still plugged his ass pulled before the canine behind him moved a step sideways.

"No wonder so many girls are talking about wanting to get at him." The lead hound stated as he gave Torvik a pat on the shoulder looking into the cup. It had to be more than a third full and with what had been wasted he might have filled the entire medium cup with what he gave out. He carefully watched the thick white fluid as it slid down the cup towards his waiting mouth.

After trying to drink half of what was there he was forced to stop and swallow several times to clear he throat before he could finish. "Damn it's almost like syrup, and sweet but just a little salty."

"I know." Adam stated still kneeling on the floor but no longer coughing. "I thought I was going to choke to death."

Micheal held out his paw for the cup and the alpha considered. "No. let the others get one mouthful then you and Runt can split the rest."

"Count me out." Adam spoke crawling out of the stall where there was more room before standing.

"Ready Runt?" / "Almost." Was his reply as he shifted forcing Torvik to face the wall. "Grab a hold of the rail." He instructed.

Torvik was in no way prepared for what Runt was doing as he grabbed his ass and pushed hard while yanking back as hard as he could. The young dragon was blinded by pain as the knot popped out of his rear. While no where near the fist size knots the others would have yanking it out of his ass left him wailing in pain once he gasped in a breath before his muzzle was once again clamped shut. "Quietly, more quietly." He was told as an arm patted his shoulder slowly sliding off his muzzle.

He was left shaking and whimpering still holding onto the railing to stay standing. By the time he was finally able to think a little he could feel a trickle that told him something was slowly sliding down his leg in two different spots. "Normally we would clean you up and see you to class, but since your a big strong dragon and all I'm sure you'll do just fine." The alpha told him. They left Torvik in the stall sniffing quietly as they cleaned up and enjoyed what was left in the cup.

Still feeling weak Torvik hobbled to the toilet dropping down hard when he tried to sit. He sniffed and moaned through wet fart after wet fart dribbling canine essence into the bowl unable to do anything more than just sit there and silently cry. It was the ringing bell that brought him partway back and the loud slam as the bathroom door flew open left him shocked and scared. It took him two tries to stand all the while knowing someone was walking closer. With his pants still around his ankles he shuffled forward slamming the door closed as he saw the back of someone moving to stand in front of the urinals. The lock slid back into place looking looser than it was before and the young dragon stood pressed up against the metal praying that the other would leave.

He heard the flush but not the tell tail footfalls on the tile saying the other had left. "Hey... What did you piss yourself?" Torvik let out a half gurgled whine followed by a sniff wishing he were anywhere else. Thankfully though rather than tease or make a big deal the other left leaving Torvik alone. He waited until the class bell rang again starting the final period before taking off his pants and stepping out of the stall moving to the sinks. He chose the lowest sink which was behind the half wall blocking the door in the hope it would provide him with enough time to make a dash back to his stall if someone came in.

It took several dozen wads of paper towels before Torvik felt half way clean. His pants were in worse shape as he spent more wads of paper trying to erase at least some of the mess and soiled spots. He felt he was close to done when the bathroom door started to open. The dragon was to scared to realize at first his name was being called as he fled back into the stall when someone called out again.. "Torvik are you in here?" his mind went blank for a second. The bathroom door had nearly closed when he tried to call out an answer. Almost immediately the door flew back open hitting the wall hard. "Is that you Torvik?" It wasn't a familiar voice but once again he answered yes. "Come out, the office is looking for you."

Several things went through the young dragons mind, the foremost being he was still half naked holding his spotty damp pants. "I can't right now." It took him a moment to realize the other had left and not come into the bathroom which left him wondering what was going on, he of course didn't know the hall monitor was to report back immediately if he came across the dragon.

Torvik stepped out and shook out the pants until his arms were sore trying to dry them some before trying them back on minus his ruined underwear. They were still wet in spots and extremely uncomfortable but he wasn't about to take them back off especially since the bathroom door once again opened. He was slowly inching his way back to the stall until he saw the larger form of Tiberius come into view. Torvik stood there for what seemed like hours trying to process who he saw before the others arms opened wide. With a full whine the young dragon launched himself forward holding on as tight as he could.

Tiberius had already taken it all in smelling and sensing every male that had recently been in the bathroom. His mind tagged each of those shadowed forms that had sexually aroused energies. He kept both his growl and anger in check. "Come on Torvik, let's go home." There would be plenty of time later to catch those that had taken something that he already felt was his. Although they might not do so willingly, they were going to pay him back.

"I don't think that is wise. We should take him to the nurses office first."

"He's physically fine." The large dragon stated flatly. "And even if he wasn't my clinic is more than capable of handling this. Right now he doesn't need someone else poking him!"

"Sir!" Tiberius turned flicking a wing out in front of Mrs. Flast pressing it towards the female to make her step back. "SIR!" She tried again even with the membrane blocking her view.

I am fully qualified to help him emotionally and already know what will be good for his health." Tiberius kept his smile where she couldn't see it even as he kept his voice level guiding Torvik out of the bathroom. "This is obviously NOT a safe place for him and it's not like I haven't dealt with teenagers and serious sexual problems before." he turned back staring at the canine as he moved his wing covering Torvik protectively. "I will have to consider fully before I send him back here or if I'll have him move schools or end up providing him with a tutor. Either way he IS going home Now!"

He moved away feeling Torvik move along even while he kept as close as possible to the large dragon. He kept his emotions completely hidden as he walked them through empty hallways. Perhaps he might even consider thanking those that did this since it provided him with several options now and was greatly deepening the bond Torvik had for him.

"You don't need to worry about anything Torvik. I'll make sure nothing like this happens again, unless you want it to." The words were quiet, consoling, and comforting even if the last part seemed a little weird. Why would he ever want this to happed again.

Torvik was lead all the way upstairs to the attic feeling a little nervous since he had to climb the narrow stairs alone with Tiberius several steps behind. There wasn't much light coming into the dim room from the windows which left more shadows and shapes than actual images. The paws on his shoulders turned him pushing him towards the far side and what he immediately recognized as a huge bed. The order to strip when he got close left him a little worried but those strong paws began helping him remove both clothing and resistance.

Tiberius moved around him pulling back the cover and sheets waiting on the younger dragon. Torvik still wasn't sure what was going on nor what was going to happen and he cautiously took a step forward. The drive home from school had been silent and lonely while Tiberius concentrated on the road saying nothing. Now he was lead up to the attic and stripped down and still hadn't been spoken with which left him trying to figure out what was going on.

He climbed onto the mattress not realizing what it meant until his legs slid towards the foot of the bed. With an excited little sigh he spread out feeling the top silk sheet and cover fall over his body. He would have wiggles and wriggled more if that big paw didn't push on his shoulder. "My daughters will come up and comfort you. They won't take or ask anything from you unless you ask. Don't worry Torvik you will always be safe here as long as no one finds out."

By now he didn't need to be told what others couldn't find out about and he had already promised himself dozens of times that he would never tell another person no matter what. Tiberius left leaving the younger dragon squirming around in the silk sheets considering the next best course of action. Torvik was still near giddy when Malleia climbed up the stairs. She quickly stripped and climbed in on the opposite side of the large bed sliding over until she open his arms. With that done she leaned in and rolled over stopping with her back against his chest, fitting her slim body perfectly between his arms.

The hare pulled a pillow close for herself and wiggled just a little closer before crossing his arms across her chest. It was a little work but the sheets made it easier for Torvik to bring his wing around and cover part of their bodies. "Father said you had a hard day."

"Umm, not really." He replied quietly.

She was silent for several moments before she spoke. "So then, you're up here for no reason. and my Father is lying?" Her voice was soft but came out hard, making the young dragon shiver.

"I.. I just.." He stopped shivering over his experience before he fell silent.

"Father says he already told you but I'll repeat it. You are safe here Torvik, we won't let anyone hurt or harm you. No one will ever do something like that again unless you want them to."

"I don't want to." He said quickly holding tighter to Malleia.

"Of course not now, but maybe later." She told him feeling his slight head shake she added. "You were embarrassed and ashamed about a lot of this stuff at the beginning weren't you? Now you're more comfortable. Don't think it will be_never again_, after all what if Father asked you to do something like that... The difference Torvik is that you won't have to unless you want to. I saw the video between you, Mary and Rissa, she sort of half way charmed you and Crysta said she nearly wiped you but your body was able to handle it. I'd like to try that with you sometime, but I won't unless you say it's okay. I promise you're safe Torvik, none of us are going to let someone hurt you."

She felt warm and fuzzy against his body just laying there letting him hold her and after a while he started dozing off. He woke partway up when she slipped away and Carol moved in behind him helping him roll onto his belly and move his wings over so she could grab onto him rubbing against him a few times before she nibbled on his shoulder and let him relax again. He came fully awake a short time later when Amanda charged up the stars and flew onto the bed, crawling onto them both. "Dinner is soon and Father wants you both down stairs... dressed." She added rubbing the sheets against Torvik and watching him squirm.

During dinner, in which he was feeling much less embarrassed and much less icky, Tiberius made an announcement. "Megan is coming the day after tomorrow and I've decided she will be staying in Torvik's room for now." Torvik looked up wondering who Megan was. He looking around waiting for someone to say something but the only sound came from under the table where Amanda was servicing her father. "I understand that may not sit well with the rest of you but I believe it's for the best. Besides I'm taking Torvik out of school for now." The young dragon was just realizing there was only one bed in his room when Tiberius continued making his mind still and the two stared at each other for several seconds.

"You've had a difficult set of events happen and several of your teachers were expressing concerns that you might have trouble passing this year. Now with what has happened with your father and the fact you had more absence days ALL of them think you need a good deal of help. There is still nearly two months before school is over but you are behind in every class. I believe its better if we tutor you at home for now and get you caught up rather than have you fail a grade and need to repeat it."

"I would like, umm..." Torvik had spoken because he thought it was expected but he really wasn't sure what he was supposed to say. That he wanted to go back to school... especially how the last two days had been. He wasn't even really thinking or trying not to think of what had gone on in the bathroom he tried to keep his mind on how everything was so different and how icky he felt moving through the halls. The real problem he saw was the fact he wouldn't see any of his friends or the teachers... but then again it would stop all of their questions.

"Torvik." Once again that deeper voice interrupted his thoughts. "I'm not asking you. You won't be going back to school this year. I'll let Megan and my daughters look after you, we well have someone come in and help you catch up for school, and we will go for more tests at our clinic tomorrow so we can work on a way to help you. My family and I want you to be safe and happy."

It was Possta who moved first once he had finished speaking standing up from her finished meal and walking over to Torvik's chair giving him a good hug. The dragon happily hugged back wrapping half a wing around her as she leaned in and kissed his cheek and standing back up as Torvik continued to watch her. "Yes, I believe Megan would be best." It was more a statement to the rest of the table making his wishes known. At the same time to himself he realized Torvik needed to be a bit younger than he was if he was to be considered as a proper match for his seven year old bunny.

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