Wuff on the Edge

Story by Gruffy on SoFurry

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SecondGruffy debuts.

Wuff on the Edge


Hehehe. A little quickie for all to enjoy, featuring avatar?user=153004&character=0&clevel=2 Aaron Blackpaw and in his first outing, *gasp* , the infamous SecondGruffy, who demanded to be released into the general public. Hope you'll find this very interesting, and I look forward to your comments!


Grrr! (Aaron says)


One day, Aaron thought, one day he'd develop enough self control so that he could stop getting so damn sloshed every time he went out on hunt for some sweet tail for his ruff attentions. As he came to, now, in a room he didn't know, he had trouble remembered just how he had ended up into this space that seemed way too civilized a place for him to be while in such a condition as he was at the moment. Drunk, his muzzle tasting rather bad, rumpled leather pants, harness, leather jacket, collar, cuffs...he'd been wearing a lot of good stuff when he went out to the club for his whiskey and his tail-chasing.

The room was weird. There were books everywhere, in tall shelves, and it was dark, almost like a dungeon. Velvet carpets, a leather couch, a stereo set, a piano, all sorts of fancy ass shit present in his field of view blurred by alcohol.

His nose itched, too. Aaron snorted. He wanted to scratch his muzzle. It felt like he was sitting on top of his paws or something.

"Fuck," Aaron said.

He began to scratch his nose but felt a strange tugging pressure on his wrist. His ears flattened with the associated rattle.

"Fuck," the black wolf grunted.

Yank, yank. There was only more rattling, and tugging on his wrists. The other paw gave the same reaction, too, and a little twinge of pain, all the way up to his shoulders.

Someone had cuffed his paws behind his back.

The wolf's neckfurs spiked up, despite the inebriation. His tail smacked against the leather of the seat and he let out a dark growl and a loud, pissed off bark.

"HEY WHAT THE FUCk!" the wolf hollored.

He kicked against the carpeted floor. At least his footpaws were free, though when he took a quick glance down, he noted that his pants were down along his ankles, a mass of rumpled leather out of which his heavy steel-enforced boots protruded from.

"Fuuuuck," Aaron snarled.

The chair he was sitting on creaked under his quick side to side to side motions, attempting to tear himself free. There was no give, and his paws gained no more freedom from it, either.

Why didn't he remember...

His ears picked up footsteps. Aaron's teeth were bared under his curling lips. Time to stand up to whoever had thought it was a good idea to ever put a wolf in chains...

A door into the room opened and a tiger sailed in, wearing some kind of a red silk robe the wolf could've only ever declared as 'faggy', a long loopy tail, flickering ears, the whole packet, and no shoes as far as Aaron could tell from the noise of the pawsteps on the carpet.

"Ah, you are up," the tiger spoke in an excessive voice, "I thought you'd gone to sleep...that'd been a shame."

Aaron snarled and tried to spit, but it only mostly managed to run off his chin and over onto his chest fuzz. His eyes bore onto the annoying tiger.

"What's this?" Aaron grunted.

"Oh, just a little game I thought you'd like," said the tiger, "didn't I tell you at the cab that I like games?"

The wolf seemed to remember a vague discussion about 'sex games' while in the taxi, but that felt like it'd happened ages ago.

"Did you spike my drink or something you cunt?" the wolf snarled.

The tiger snickered.

"I think you did it all by yourself, friend," said the tiger sweetly, "downing those snifters..."

"Like whisky," the wolf said, "don't like tigers and cuffs. Unless cuffs on tiger."

The tiger in his robe kept on smiling while looking at the pantless, pissed offwolf tied upon his drawing room chair.

"Well, maybe you'll like this at least..." the tiger murmured.

The red robe was tossed off to the couch nearby, to reveal the feline's striped body, at least most of it, that is, the parts not covered in leather. He wore an X-shaped leather harness with a big steel ring on the front, leather cuffs, a studded leather collar, and a leather jockstrap that looked more like a codpiece, really, with its highly moulded, shaped crotch. All in all, the get-up was outrageous, and wouldn't have looked amiss on a go-go dancer at the club where Aaron hunted.

Somewhat to Aaron's displeasure, the sight of the leather-wearing semi-clad tiger made his own cock begin to grow hard, anger and alcohol aside. Without his pants on, the commando-going wolf soon had the tip of his ruddy member peeking out of its piss-scented, musky sheath and seek the air of the outrageous tiger's boudoir.

"I see you like," the tiger purred as he approached. The wolf on the chair tensed.

"Don't like cuffs," Aaron said, "release me."

"I intend to...eventually..." the tiger licked his lips, "first, something else, however..."

There was a small table next to the chair Aaron sat on, one with a fancy ass lamp, some book whose title he didn't see, and a pump bottle labeled "UNCLE BOB'S AXLE GREASE' . Aaron snorted when his brain registered that, although his cock gave an involuntary jerk when the bottle splurted some of its white contents onto the tiger's palm.

"I no ass wolf," Aaron said.

"Your wuffbutt is safe," said the tiger, "I have other targets in mind."

"I no like,"Aaron growled.

The tiger rubbed the greasy lubricant onto his fingers, squeezed it into a fist, and then spread his glistening fingers before he rubbed his paws together.

"You'll like this, I bet," he said, "I did promise you I was gonna make you bark..."

"By taking it up the ass..." the wolf said, "crawling on the floor like a pup..."

"I'm sure you would enjoy that, but don't diss this beforepaw..."


The tiger approached anew. Aaron considered kicking him, but his pants around his ankles made it difficult to do such a thing properly. He contended himself with a simple hiss instead.

"Payback soon," the wolf said.

The tiger was smiling all too sweetly when he wrapped his paw around the wolf's swelling cock and began to stroke his fingers up and down the thick shaft, slowly, manipulating the amount of pressure his pads exerted on the sturdy flesh he kept in his grip. Aaron snorted and let out a grunt.

"What you do," he questioned.

"See if you're all talk," the tiger smirked toothily, "or if you also deliver..."

The other greasy paw cupped the wolf's balls and began to fondle them while he continued stroking the bound wolf's straining flesh. Aaron's huffs and harrumphs certainly did not wane. He couldn't deny the pleasure he experienced under the paws rubbing at his meat, going at it like the pro slut the tiger probably was, at least in the wolf's opinion. He could feel his cock flexing in the grip that slid slowly up and down on his tool accompanied by the slick noise produced by the lubricant slathered between the bare flesh and the furry palm.

"Wuff like?" the tiger grinned.

"Grrr," Aaron said. His cock spurted out a canine dose of pre-cum that trickled down over the tiger's palm. The leather-wearing feline smirked, and gave Aaron's paws a tug. Aaron snorted.

"Isn't it so very relaxing to just sit back and enjoy..." the tiger murmured while he continued to work on the wolf's aggressive meat. "No need to worry about a thing..."

"Naw," Aaron grumbled.

The tiger cradled the wolf's orbs in his palm and gave them a good twist, for the wolf's hissing response. The cock in the tiger's other paw seemed to enjoy it, wordlessly, at least, judging by the renewed leakage of pre-cum from the slit on the top.

"Wonder the longest you've gone on like this..." the tiger mused, "just pawing away...feeling his big, hot knot grow and all..."

The bulb of flesh was already well visible as an aggressive protrusion on the base of the great canine dick in the tiger's paw, and his downstrokes were directed along its shape, fingers fanning away so that its entire surface could be stimulated with featherlight play that made the wolf's toes curl inside his leather boots.

"Ngghh," said Aaron, huffing away and breathing in musk, leather, cum, lubricant that smelled oddly like nothing. The feel of the fingers stroking away on him seemed to grow more intense with every pass over his sensitive knot.

"All those lil' leather twinks falling on their asses when they see wuff like you..." the tiger murmured, still intent on teasing the wolf as long as he could, "wanting to snif an armpit and gobble a cock and drive a stiff, hot, hard, knotted..."


"...dick..." grinned the tiger with his tongue poking out of his nuzzle.

"Ya," Aaron agreed, for one, which was not characteristic of him under such circumnstances.

"Ruff and musky..." the tiger said, "and soon about to forget his name..."

"Nevar," Aaron slurred.

The wolf's paws twisted behind his back when the tiger's pads tickled along his knot and made his entire cock stiffen and his ass rise from the seat of the chair when his entire body reacted to the feeling of an orgasm looming right beyond the elastic and treacherous frontier between simple teasing and oblivion.

"...never, huh?" the tiger sounded rather questioning when he relented on his pressure on the wolf's knot and let it simply throb and pulse in his palm.

Aaron grit his teeth together and tried to will himself to cum through muscle tension only, letting his asshole and all the muscles inside squeeze together in the hopes of coaxing the orgasm out of himself before that tiger could claim that prize for himself.

The tiger seemed to notice the look of determination on the black wolf's face, and countered this evil lupine plan by blowing air between pursed lips, relatively cool, onto the twitching meat on his palm. Aaron let out a displeased grumble.


"Thought you didn't go for that, wuff..." the tiger said, "no anal explorations for you..."

"Naw," Aaron grunted.

"But this..." said the tiger, before his teasingly raspy tongue lapped up a bead of musky pre-cum from the wolf's oozing tip, "this I'm gonna play with for a while yet...heh..."

"Nghhh...bad tiggy," the wolf said.

"And a bad wuff to a bone," the tiger replied, "but he's gotta need to learn sometime...heh..."

The tiger turned his paw about and cupped the knot from below, so that he could curl his fingers around it and play with it like it was a tennis ball he was just holding in his palm. The wolf's thick dick pulsed and curved towards his heaving belly with the devious pumping motion.


"I've got a lot of tiger tricks of my own," the tiger grinned, "my...counterpart is a rather innovative man, as you surely know."

The tiger snorted.

"Gruffs are made of trouble," Aaron said.

"Aren't we all?" SecondGruffy purred sweetly.


Thank you for reading! I hope you had an interesting time, and I look forward to your feedback! Remember that all votes, faves and watches will help others to find these stories to enjoy as well!



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