Bound by Destiny 5

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The family is not getting to relax before Tenchi's mother arrives to attempt killing her daughter, but will she succeed or end up warned about her daughter's new allies?

This story IS connected to actual lore.

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Bound by Destiny 5 - Enter the Devil

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Since the day of facing her greatest fear and witnessing her tutor's surprising delivery of two newborn dragonlets to the world, Tenchi had begun to wonder whenever Peridot was going to give birth to their child. However, she knew that she couldn't keep her mind focused on that question, she had to train more in case her mother decided to attack her. But that could not happen, right? She was hidden so well from her, it was going to take atleast another five years before she found her.

"Flying Slash!" Alexander swung his sword as Tenchi parried it and attempted to quickly strike him with hers, "Not this time!" The days had been tough for her as she trained not only with Alexander, but also Maria. But knowing she did it for herself and Peridot, it was completely worth it, "Raging Falcon!" the swing seemed faster than the last as Tenchi parried it as well, only to feel the sheath hitting her on the side before she looked at him, "Always remember that a falcon has two talons. Now, lets see how you do in a stand-off against me." Tenchi nodded before focusing until both of them swung at the same time, ending up in a duel to see who would overpower the other.

Sitting a few feet away, Peridot was watching it all, sighing as she disliked not having any proper training in weapons. Unlike her sisters who were either specialists in melee weaponry, ranged weaponry or magical combat, Peridot's skills laid in her mastery of using spiritual energy to heal others. Her sisters always tried to comfort her about it, but she always felt like the weakest of them. She had not even noticed that she was joined by her mother sitting down next to her, "Caught in that thought again, hmm?" Peridot looked at Sasha and sighed before leaning against her, feeling her mother's arms wrapping around her, "Yes. Why can't I be like them? I wanna learn to use weapons too, but I am always so clumsy with using them." Sasha nodded and patted Peridot softly on the belly, "I know, but you cannot do any training if it means your future will be ruined." Peridot remembered that, she had been proud of watching her belly growing to show off her status as a future mom, a quick look at Tenchi soon catching Peridot off-guard as Sasha kissed her on the maw quickly, "So relax and just enjoy thinking of your future. Either way, it is soon time for dinner." With that, Sasha called out to Alexander and Tenchi about it before they headed back to the apartment.

Around the dinner table, it was not only the regular ones living there anymore, it was also the full bunch of sisters, including Jane's new mates Magea, a female fox, and Leona, a female ocelot. It had been hard for Leona to settle into the family since most of them for her were untrustworthy due to the fact they had an erection between the legs. Most had respected it and said that if she ever wanted to have a talk to atleast get to know them, which was probably unlikely to happen, she could just tell them and they would let her know them so she could atleast feel comfortable around them. Sasha had even offered to turn them all into females just to make Leona able to not feel uncomfortable with it, but a whole table of objections had made it clear that she was not going to do it.

Aside from all this, the dinner was another feast and Tenchi had begun to eat a bit less, but she did eat, since most of her time eating was spent on feeding Peridot while rubbing her belly, much to Peridot's delight. Today they had steam-boiled crab, rice and chicken nuggets. It was no time to spare to get your share as the plates were overfilled with food, except for Tenchi's. Tarja was smiling since it had been her turn to cook today and she had gotten help from Alexander in private to learn about how to steam-boil things, so seeing the entire family enjoying it was a wonderful feeling to her. She took a look at all of them until her eyes looked at her mother's and she noticed it clearly, just about to say a word before Sasha interrupted them, "Alexander, get your blade! Tenchi, gets yours too! The rest of you, go to your rooms!" Tarja seemed a bit annoyed, but Sasha was quickly looking at her, "Just do it!" No one could fight against Sasha when she was in this state, quickly finishing whatever they were eating at the moment, Tenchi and Alexander quickly retrieved their swords from their rooms before running out to the front of the building where a dark portal had formed, "We got guests."

Like a river of angry ants, half an army came running through the portal towards them, the trio readying their blades before charging into the group. Alexander's speed outmatching most of the spear users, Sasha's brutal power cutting through even the thickest armor and Tenchi's new-found strength shattering any shields, axes and swords they might have been using, turning the small army into nothing but a pile of broken metal pieces, bloody body parts and bones. "You two okay?" Sasha asked as she watched another army coming through the portal, only this time it was not Sasha, Alexander nor Tenchi that charged in. Instead it was Tarja armed with her pistols, Jane armed with a sledgehammer and Magea armed with only her fists. Sasha was about to yell at them until she saw how Tarja nearly vaporized half of the army in one shot, Jane turning the helmets flat on a few of them, but mostly at Magea who shattered armors with only her fists and killed with almost no marks left behind.

Sasha looked at the bodies and sighed before Tarja, Jane and Magea moved behind the other three, Sasha giving them a very irritated look, "I told you three to stay in your rooms!" Tarja looked at Sasha with just a grin, "And miss out on protecting the family? Are you seriously born yesterday, mom? We can protect ourselves." No matter how many times Sasha heard those words, she still had trouble accepting them. Suddenly her earfins began to flutter a bit and she turned to the portal as her eyes widened from the massive dragoness going through it, the dark grin covering its face before Tenchi growled out, "Mother!" The others went silent before the big dragoness laughed, "I finally found you, Tenchi. You have really been a thorn in my side for a long time since that persistent fool ran away with your egg. Good thing I had him dealt with. And I see you got some friends. It is nice to meet you all. I am Elizabeth, the queen who surpasses even the gods! And now if you know what matters to you all, you will stay back and let me finish what I should have done all these years ago!"

Tenchi growled again before pulling out her hand-cannon, firing a couple of rounds at Elizabeth, only to see them being absorbed, "You think your puny toys will be enough to defeat me, then you are sorely mistaken!" Tenchi grunted before pulling out her katana, quickly leaping into the air in hopes to get an up-close combat with her own mom, "I will kill you! No one threatens my family!" Elizabeth's eyes narrowed before she charged up a fireball that hit Tenchi right in the face, sending her back onto the ground, "I am family too! I am your own mother! Do not dare to disown me!" Tenchi grunted from the pain of the fireball before another more powerful came flying towards her, her katana quickly aiming to hit the fireball like her practice with Alexander, only this fireball was proving to be too much and Tenchi was feeling it pushing her back until the sword began to crack and shatter, the shards being heated up and caught in the raging fire that soon hit Tenchi rather hard as her scream of pain filled the air when she flew back and Tarja could see that Tenchi had shards impaled into her face, but one had impaled itself into her right eye and was already boiling it due to the intense heat, as the loud scream from Peridot could be heard, "Tenchi!"

Alexander growled when seeing Tenchi in such a condition, quickly raising his sword and turning it so the sharp edge was pointing towards Elizabeth, assuming his stance quickly, "I cannot forgive you for injuring my student!" Elizabeth began to grin while witnessing his katana gathering energy before he leaped towards her, "Roku no Ryu Kindachi!" Sasha watched in awe over what was about to happen as Elizabeth prepared herself for probably small mosquito bites before Alexander swung the first strike, "Ichi - Hi no Ryujin!" Elizabeth noticed the blade turning into a flaming dragon's paw as it swung at her, barely scratching her before she blasted him away.

Watching her brother hitting the ground, Sasha looked at him, then at Tenchi before her eyes looked at Elizabeth, "Oh? Is it your turn now?" Sasha growled before her eyes began to glow, "You dare to come here, nearly kill my daughter-in-law, injure my brother and you expect to get away with this?" Elizabeth's grin began to weaken as Sasha's body began to emit a dark glow, everyone now looking at Sasha who was growing larger, her yellow body turning dark purple, her blue hair turning black and red and her green eyes turning completely red with yellow irises, two more eyes opening under her normal pair. Tenchi's eyes widened at the change in Sasha, who was now standing almost at the same height as her own mom.

Elizabeth was looking shocked and afraid before Sasha readied her daikatana, the gathering of energy almost being instant before she charged in faster than Tenchi and Tarja had done before as the words rung out, "Roku no Ryu Kindachi!" Elizabeth attempted to move out of the way, but Sasha was quicker and delivered the first strike, "Ichi - Hi no Ryujin!" The burning claws cut through her chest like a burning set of knives, Sasha quickly delivering the second strike which Alex had not managed to, "Ni - Mizu no Ryujin!" This time however it was as if Elizabeth had been hit by three very compressed beams of water as right across where the fire was still burning, three perfect cut marks made their appearance just in time for her to notice Sasha attempting the third strike, "San - Tsuchi no Ryujin!" This time however Elizabeth was ready and blasted Sasha with a fireball, only to push her off by a few inches, but more than enough to look for whoever that had called out her daughter's name.

Seeing Peridot running from the building, Elizabeth grinned while bleeding before a quick spell was thrown at Peridot and the distraction was enough for Elizabeth to run for the portal, "I curse you! Have fun living now, because it will not be fun for..." Her words were cut short as a round of incendiary ammo hit her straight in the face, making her growl in pain before disappearing through the portal and with that closing itself behind her.

Sasha began to return back to her normal self, quickly running over to Peridot, "Are you okay?" Peridot nodded, "Yes, but what about Tenchi?" Sasha helped her up and they both moved over to Tenchi who tried to get up, but all the shards were making it hard for her. Peridot couldn't hold back her tears over seeing how injured Tenchi was, "Please... do not die on me, Ten-Ten." Sasha looked over Tenchi's body and soon called out loudly, "Everyone, we have reached code red-beta! I call for immediate evacuation, now!" Alexander nodded to her as it was clear this would be needed. Leaning down, Sasha began to lift up Tenchi before Tarja opened up a huge portal for them, leading to what seemed to be a city hidden in a jungle.

The family gathered before one by one they stepped through the portal, with Sasha's final words on a communicator being in the language of one of the countries in the world they were entering, but to those in the family who could translate it, she said, "Azura, I need your help. Bring Azula too, because we are needing the best care for someone at my castle, now!" And with that, she was the last one going through the portal together with Peridot and Tenchi before the scent of her real home filled her lungs again.

The End.

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